Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Positivity vs. Negativity

These are two words I've heard a lot of in the past 5 years! I never knew there was so much hostility about these issues. I realized my life was much more sheltered than I first thought! hehehe! Anyway, this is my topic for today. I remember way back when I used to get into the INXS Switchboard, I was almost forced to be positive with two of the most negative people on the internet. They were Catsredrum and Netrage. Apparently they were Vicki's "friends". I put that word in quotations, because I don't believe for one second they were really friends. Those two could never be good friends to anyone because they will be nice to your face, but then go into their private forum behind your back and slam you and you may or may not ever even know about it. At least my blogs are open for all to see. I've never closed off any of my blogs because of the things I say on them. I figure people might as well know who I really am and what I am really like. Well I said "screw you" to Vicki, I'd rather not be on that forum (or any forum) at all than to have to be nice to people who don't deserve kindness. This is why I am not on any forums now. No one can make me say or not say anything on my blogs. These are my blogs, anyone doesn't like what I say, they don't have to look! I'm a firm believer in the rights of free speech, which is why I accept ALL comments from anyone who comes in here to comment, whether they be positive or negative comments. I even accept comments that are not in my favor, simply because of that. I get people showing negativity towards me all the time on here. I just take them and go. I know I'm better than them, and I know what they are saying is just their opinion. And just because they think what they do about me, doesn't make it so. That's my views.

Well, I have this block against people who want nothing but positivity in their lives. I admit I prefer kind and loving people over those who are going to always be nothing but hostile. But in the past 5 years of being in INXS forums, I've seen people who just hate on someone just because they have their own views. They call it 'being negative'. When really that isn't the case. If you ask me, the truly negative ones are the people who slam someone just for having their own opinions. I talked earlier in this blog about leading a sheltered life. Well, those people who think someone is a bad person because they have their own views, must have been even more sheltered than I ever was. They may not realize it, but they have! It's like one of my buddies on YouTube told me, haters gotta hate. LOL! Good saying too! Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, and haters gotta hate. I truly feel sorry for those people. I can see not wanting anything to do with someone you have nothing in common with, but that does not mean they are a negative person. I think there is something really mentally wrong with someone who only wants nothing but positive people in their lives. Not everyone is going to be positive 100% of the time! And in order to be a good friend, you have to accept the fact that there is going to be some negative times with that person.

I remember when I was younger, I had this friend named Tara. We were friends since we were practically babies. I remember back in 1982, she and I got into a battle that lasted for 2 years! I don't even remember what I did! Except that I just didn't like her friend Mavis. But Mavis was baaaaaaad news!! She did street drugs! And she used to stomp on me and my sis Anna. I have a sixth sense about people, especially something as obvious as someone who does drugs! Tara just didn't understand that. That kind of person can't be good. So I wanted nothing at all to do with Mavis! Even my ma wasn't too crazy about her. Well, Tara eventually cooled off about that, and we were friends again. But I never stopped liking Tara. I knew deep inside she was still a good person. Some people I just cannot help feeling negative about. They've never even once given me a reason to think positively about them. Such examples are Catsredrum and Netrage, and all their dumbass friends. Even when they are trying to be nice they seem nasty. I guess because their evil shines through even over that. It's one thing to have an opinion, but those people never even knew facts to base their opinions on. Their opinions were based on only one thing, and that was that I did not like their friends DonnaG and Vicki. Almost like Tara's feelings about how I felt about Mavis. Only quite a bit of difference there. Tara and I were friends since babyhood. I've never been friends with DonnaG, Vicki or Catsredrum. They were just people to me. Well, Donna came close, but no cigar! Her negative can be REALLY bad!! And so she's just not what I look for in a friend.

Well, I have some negative points, but I also have a lot of positive ones too. And I tend to let an even amount of each show. I don't like being positive all the time! And I don't really care to see such in my friends either. Because we all have bad times. I will comfort and stand by my friends in those bad times. I always try to. I've seen people who abandon people they considered friends, when that person's time of need or dispair comes up. But not me! I will always be there. Like Michael said in New Sensation:

"Cry, baby cry, when you've got to get it out....
I'll be your shoulder, you can tell me all, don't keep it in you.....
That's the reason why I'm here!"

I love that song!! Another one of my favorites by INXS. I have a lot of favorites by INXS, my top 5 I think is:

1. The Gift
2. New Sensation
3. Beautiful Girl
4. Heaven Sent
5. Devil Inside (simply because I love Timmy's riffs on this song!)

"Don't Change" and "This Time" would be on that list, they are in my top 10, but they don't make the top 5.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Irresponsible Pet-Owners

Well, anyone reading this blog for any length of time knows that I hate people who have animals and are irresponsible about their care and well-being. There is this guy who calls himself Darkstalkerx (probably another anime-fanatic) on YouTube, and I first saw him via a comment he left on one of my videos, saying that I was killing one of my dogs, and get off him. Well, you know how I am, I like to visit every commenter's channel to get an idea of the kind of person they are. Someone like Darkstalkerx, I always figure to be very disturbed, hates everybody and everything. He had only 2 videos up, both are more than 2 years old. One video I found particularly interesting was one about his cat (a mongrel cat) that was in heat and he was bitching about the noises she was making. The cat should not have even been in heat!! She should have been spayed. If it were a breed of cat and he was planning to breed it to another of the same breed, it would have been different (as long as he would have done it responsibly). But it wasn't. It was a plain old tabby-type alley cat and should have been spayed before she got old enough to go into heat. I thought it was funny he was complaining because he thought I was killing my dogs, but there his cat sat in heat when she should have been spayed. I called him on it, and told him he is an irresponsible person who should never have a cat or any other pet!

Well, it led to another 2-day raging battle. Instead of taking responsibility for his own actions, he tried to sway my attention from his unspayed cat to my weight. I don't rightly remember what all was said (to be perfectly honest, his responses were so boring, I only read bits and pieces of them). But I am not that easily swayed!! In my mind, an animal's well-being takes precidence over everything else!! At least my dogs are spayed/neutered. I made sure of that before they got too old! Well, Minnie is a puppy mill rescue, so she wasn't spayed until I got her. But at least I made sure she was spayed when I got her as opposed to later on! I told Darkstalkerx that animal shelters are too full of animals that are there because irresponsible people like him are breeding their pets out of control. Then he said something to the effect of "what shelter did you come from?" and blah-blah-blah. I didn't really read the rest of his response. LOL! I told him I worked at a shelter in this state for a year and I saw what goes on. I told him I wasn't even going to express the significance to him, because it seemed to me he barely cared for his cat. Much less any other animal. He responded to that, but I didn't really read it, and when I went back to check on that video, I discovered he had deleted it! HAHAAAA!! I loved it!! So I wrote on his channel. This is what I said:

"I find it funny that you removed the video of your cat in heat. What happened? Felt some embarrassment for being an irresponsible owner and not spaying your pet?"

I don't think he looks at his own channel. I called him a coward on the video where he said I was killing my dog. I was mapping out and figuring what his comeback was going to be. I was correct for the most part! I know his type all too well!! LOL!! This is what I wrote on his one remaining video:

"Ya gonna take this video down too? LOL! I thought that was funny you removed the video of your unspayed mongrel cat in heat. :)"

And when I got up, this was the response he gave me. I was interested to know why he took that last video down, so this time I read the whole response:

"@TimmyGal no no i like this video. I just didn't like how you pick on animals that can't say anything back. I directed everything at you where you directed things at my animals i didn't want her to be subjective to your comments. But you may take me as a coward. But we all see you as a heifer. "

It's true, I do see him as a coward! I see him and ALL irresponsible pet owners as cowards! They pick on animals that cannot speak for themselves. BTW, "subjective" should probably be "subjected". If indeed that is what he meant. I don't know. Like I said, his responses were usually boring and presented the picture of an uneducated person. But then all irresponsible people usually are uneducated! LOL! And who is the "we all" he mentions? He's only got one friend and one subscriber on his channel. LOL! Doesn't look like a popular person to me! hehehe! I don't know about him, but I would much rather be thought of as a heifer than a coward. At least a heifer is cute, and is of some use to people, as well as a young bull, hehehe. Cowards are useless, and the world can live well without them. Gives me a cute idea of the next game to play with my boyfriend!! hehe!! But maybe he isn't too cowardly. He's the first troll I've ever had that has videos up of himself. Even though they are more than 2 years old. Maybe he doesn't have any recent videos because he himself has put on weight! If that were the case, it'd be funny!!

Well, I don't know if that's true or not, but I'd be willing to bet I am right about at least one of these things:

1. he's still living with his parents.

2. he has ADHD.

3. He's been institutionalized, or will be.

4. He will have gone to jail at least once by the time he is 40 years old.

5. He has no real friends.

Betcha I'm right about at least one of those things! hehe! Anyway, this was my response this morning to his last comment to me:

"@Darkstalkerx See me as whatever you want, it doesn't matter to me :) I just hate irresponsible people. Like you said, animals cannot say anything back. So it's up to people like me to set irresponsible people like you straight. Otherwise responsible people like me suffer irreversible damages because of you."

He probably doesn't understand that I really don't give a shit what he sees me as. I told him it does not matter to me! I've dealt with irresponsible people before, and they are all the same! I don't care if they hate me because I call them out on their actions! What I would love to do is take all the irresponsible people in the world, bare their asses, hang them up on a fence with their butts up in the air, and spank all of them good with a bamboo pole!! Nothing stings like bamboo!! That would teach them not to be so irresponsible!! I remember one of Defenseman's arguments was that fat people cost everyone else thousands in health care. Which I still don't believe to be true, because there are a lot of healthy fat people out there! I am among them. I've only needed health care for a few things in my adult life, NONE of which were fat-related!! But irresponsible people do cost the rest of us! By their actions. My favorite furniture store doesn't even have layaway anymore because irresponsible people used the layaway program, made a payment or two, and then didn't pick up the item they put on layaway!! That pisses me off!! And there is no doubt in my mind that show breeders are so mean, also because of irresponsible people. I know they are very jaded about the dogs and cats they breed, and it's probably because of irresponsible people! People just like Darkstalkerx. Like I said, I'd love to bare his ass, sling him over a fence and beat his butt with a bamboo pole! It'd give me a great deal of pleasure!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Anna's Graduation

Well, I finally got around to uploading Anna's graduation video yesterday. It was a great ceremony! Anna shook hands with Governor Gregoire and she wished her well. While Anna was happy with this honor, she said her biggest thrill was finally graduating from college. This was her big moment! We also received some pics, even though there is a watermark through the pics, they look great and they capture the memories.

Funny thing was that while all this was going on, and Anna and I were having fun celebrating her graduation, there was this idiot on YouTube, who called himself "Defenseman619" who had flipped his wig!! LOL! The funny thing about being fat is people like that think they know everything there is to know about you, just because you are fat. But this dumbass knows nothing. He got honked off at me because he quoted something I said, or rather MIS-quoted, and I caught him at it. I told him if he's going to quote me, to do it right, and that's when he got pissed. From that instant on, he led himself into a 2-day battle with me that would end in a complete obsession, and him going absolutely bonkers. He said that I "fattily" left a "blubbery" comment on his video. LOLOL!!! And he claims to be a university graduate. I never heard of the word "fat" being used as an adverb. Maybe I "fattily" go on 3-mile walks every day! LOL! Or I "fattily" play with my dogs! LOL! He can't fool me! He's no university graduate! He's just a dumbass teenager who has no life outside of YouTube, stealing other peoples' videos and claiming he had anything to do with them. He claims to be an artist. But really, he's the worst artist I've ever known!! Most artists are detail-sensitive. And if he had really had a detail-oriented mind, he wouldn't have misquoted me. He's called me a "coward", "tubby", and a "hypocrite", but from what I saw, his actions speak louder. He is everything he claims I am, and worse. And trust my word, I'm a darn good judge of character! He probably got pissed because I didn't answer him right away (because I was at Anna's graduation ceremony), and that's what led him to think of me as being "cowardly", and made him go nuts. Before he was done, he asked me "When was the last time you saw your pussy?" LOL! I just answered him "It was about the same time you last had a dick, which was maybe 20 years ago!" LOLOL!! Well!!! It was his idea to turn this into a sexual thing!! I was just giving him back what he gave me.

Well, anyway, here's Anna's pics, and a piece of her graduation ceremony on video.

Anna with Governor Gregoire.

Anna getting handed her diploma.

And here is the video I took that night of her going on stage. Sorry about it being out of focus at first.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Unusual Animals That I F***ing LOVE!!!

Ask anyone what is their favorite animal, and chances are very likely they will say they love elephants, dogs, cats, or some kind of panther. Everyone knows I love all birds and snakes, and most mammals (with the exception of most panthers). Well, here I decided to list some animals that nobody else seems to like or think of that I really LOVE!! For whatever reason. I thought this would make an interesting topic.

Mongoose. I have been fascinated by mongooses since I was a teenager. Though I do truly love snakes, and mongooses feed on snakes regularly, I am fascinated by the way they can overpower venomous snakes by being able to leap quickly out of the way of their strike. I am fascinated by kingsnakes for the same reason! If you are afraid of venomous snakes, and I am (at the same time fascinated by them), this would actually be a very handy animal to have as a pet. Unfortunately many mongoose species are illegal to keep in the USA. Except in Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

Gorilla. This is a mountain gorilla, my most favorite variety. I've loved gorillas since I first saw Gorillas in the Mist in 1989. I've never seen a more majestic animal than a great big silverback mountain gorilla!! Even the lowland gorilla males do not seem to be as majestic as the mountain gorillas. Maybe because the mountain species is so big and furry. It is because of them that I am such a big admirer of Dian Fossey's, always have been and always will be. She single-handedly saved the whole species from extinction. I'd love to be able to have a mountain gorilla as a pet. But the few who have ever been brought into captivity did not survive to maturity.

Rat. Though this african grass rat is not one of my most favorite species, there are some very fascinating rats. I think they're kinda cute! And I like them as pets. The most beautiful rats I've ever seen has been the Philippene cloud rats and the Australian water rat, also known as a beaver rat. They are so cute! Beaver rats have a lot of whiskers, and a flat, seal-like nose, which makes them look all the more cuter! Philippene cloud rats don't even look like rats at all. Their tail is covered with very profuse fur, more like a squirrel, rather than naked like a regular rat.

Crow. These are actually my most favorite birds. They may not be much to look at, and most species are solid black or charcoal colored. But they are very interesting because they are so intelligent. Some captive crows have even been taught to talk and it won't be long before these birds can even be taught to retrieve high items for paralysed people who are confined to a wheelchair. There is no doubt in my mind they might be capable of learning that! Plus they are part of nature's clean-up crew.

Dormouse. These are rodents, but only very distantly related to rats and mice. They look more like tiny squirrels. In fact, a lot of dormouse breeders called them "microsquirrels". I think they are beautiful little animals. I used to have a pet african dormouse (back when they were legal) that I named Meiko. She was so cute!! She was also taming down too, but she died. I had her tamed to a point where she was taking peanuts from my hand. Nowadays, african dormice are not legal to keep in most states. And most breeders have not discovered how to breed other dormouse species. Which is very sad because they are so cute!!

Fox. Many people do not like foxes and I don't understand that at all! I think they are beautiful animals! They have beautiful hair and adorable ears! And an absolutely gorgeous long tail! And the color, especially of these little red foxes, is just beautiful! My favorite foxes are the fennec and gray foxes. These foxes IMO are among some of the most beautiful of all carnivores! They have beautiful little faces, and the fennec foxes have such cute big ears! I'd love someday to have one as a pet! They are quite hyper though.

Giant petrel. These birds have a major bad reputation, especially with sailors who have been through the southern oceans. Most people don't like them at all. They are basically oceanic vultures. But they are also beautiful fliers. And think about this, if not for them, there would be dead and diseased seals, penguins and birds lying around everywhere. These birds are also a part of nature's clean-up crew. There are actually no birds that I dislike.

Flying fox. I may be the only person in the world that loves and understands bats. Flying foxes and other pteropods are my most favorite species! The pteropod family also makes up about 99% of the bats in my Metazoic world, because they are so intelligent, I feel they can take over a lot of the open niches that will likely be around then. Flying foxes have been proven to have more of a connection with monkeys, lemurs and apes than with other bat families. They sure look it in the face!

Hyrax. This is an animal that I don't think anyone else thinks of! No one except me. Though they look like big guinea pigs, they are in no ways related. Their closest relatives are actually elephants. I am not really wild about guinea pigs, but I think these little guys are very cute! I think their faces are actually more beautiful than that of a guinea pig's! These are excellent leapers.

Weasel. I love a variety of mustelids. It's actually one of my most favorite carnivore families. Many people don't like weasels, they think of them as being sneaky. And TV shows, cartoons and stories have all villainized these animals. But these animals do not deserve the bad reputation they seem to have gotten. They are no more sneaky than cats, or other popular carnivores like that. And weasels are a lot more beautiful, I think, than cats. Their little faces are so cute!!! The only weasel that is legal to keep as a pet is the european polecat, also more commonly known as "ferrets". Weasels like this long-tailed weasel, are listed as endangered, and not legal to have as a pet.

Skunk. As I said before, I love a lot of mustelids, and skunks are among them. Once you get past the fowl odor that these animals do emit, you can see they are actually very beautiful animals! This one is a spotted skunk. Most people who think of skunks think mostly of the striped skunk. But this spotted skunk is my most favorite. I think they're cute!! And the coloring is so mesmerizing! The color actually acts as a warning to other animals that if they get too close, these animals will spray with a substance that not only smells bad, but can also temporarily blind an attacker if it is sprayed in their face.
Well, that's all the unusual animals that I love in a nutshell. Hope you have enjoyed!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our College Graduate

Well, Anna is graduating tomorrow. Finally!!! After 23 years of going in and out of school, she is finally graduating from college!! So many things got in the way of her graduation. Among them, moving around constantly, dog breeding and switching majors. It's been a long road, but she finally reached the end. And I began preparing for it tonight. I made her a graduation cookie and decorated it myself. I did a crappy job, but it doesn't look too bad! And it should taste better than it looks. I've got to give Betty Crocker's decorating icing two thumbs up! That stuff is awesome!! It comes in a tube and you just spray it on.
 This stuff is so easy to work with! I love it! The problem is this thing is so expensive for what you get!! Even a cheap can from Walmart costs over $4!! I don't see what the point is in charging so darned much for an item like this! I mean, it doesn't last long. Though I have to hand it to this little device that it does make the cookies look and taste a little bit better! I am actually proud of the job I did on Anna's cookie, and she likes it. That's all that counts. Even though I think I could have done a bit better. Oh well!!

Anna's graduation ceremony is tomorrow, and it's going to be good. I know it is. Anna even told me that the governor is going to be there! That's really something. The governor didn't attend Anna's high school ceremony! But I think it's cool that Anna is going to finally be graduating from college, after 23 years of getting the run-around! She made it big here! She even made the honor roll last year. As an honor roll student, I wonder if she is going to be asked to give a speech. I decided days ago that I want to put Anna's ceremony on film. I am going to make it into a nice little movie. One that we can share with family and friends. Eva, Katrina and father are not going to be able to make it. Neither is Ephrata, Spencer and Diego, who live in North Dakota. So I have a lot of DVDs to create! I promised everyone I would tell them all about what goes on. I did take some pics of Anna and the graduation cookie I created.

I know I did a crappy job. It says "Happy Graduation!" and I put 2010 on it too. But that's the cookie! It's a double chocolate cookie. I asked Anna if she wanted a cake and she said she'd rather have the cookie. Which is fine by me! I'm just so happy she is finally graduating! I will post video clips here if I can once the ceremony is over. Just a few, like before and after incidents.

Well, in other news, I've been having problems getting Barney and my male radiated ratsnake to eat. They seem to be extremely fussy eaters! So what I did was I looked up some methods to use for problem feeders and tried the most logical method I could find. The Dixie cup method works best of all! Well, it was the one I tried this afternoon. And it worked! I had this frozen pinkie that I tried to feed to Barney and he would not eat it in his cage. So I took him and put him in a little critter cage I have (it's the closest thing I actually have to a Dixie cup) and put the little pinkie mouse in with him and put them in my closet, which is the darkest and warmest room in the house, and left them alone for a while. I took a little snooze and when I woke up I checked on Barney, and he had eaten the pinkie mouse! I was happy! At least I know he was not starving himself because he's ill or something! Then I had a little hopper, and I fed it to my radiated ratsnake. I had that baby for a couple of days and I had to put him in the cage with Malcom, Maggie and Melissa. I told that little hopper not to get himself too comfortable! LOL! Because as soon as I could figure out how to get my ratsnake to eat, he was going to be done for. I hated to do it, but that snake had to eat. I tried to kill the little mouse myself, but I didn't succeed. I was glad! Because if the ratsnake hadn't had him for dinner, I would surely had to have put him in my freezer. I have this thing that blocks me from wanting to put mice and rats in my freezer! I just cannot do it!

Well, now Barney has eaten and now also my ratsnake has eaten, and he's still in my closet digesting. I'm going to have to leave him in there for a couple of days so he can digest that mouse and not spit him back up. Out here, there are just too many disturbances. He needs the warmth, quiet and dark of my closet.

Fake People

You ever wonder why I hate people so much? Because I will never understand them!! I wish I could get out of this skin sometimes and become a forest-dwelling animal! LOL! People are the biggest hypocrites in the animal kingdom. Yes, admittedly, even I am sometimes. But I try to even keep that at a minimum. And sometimes I even get over those feelings because I ask myself "What would I really do about this if it were me?" Then I answer myself, and I say "Gosh! I am a hypocrite!!" LOL!!! I guess I'm just all human! I've found over the years that hypocrisy is actually a large part of human nature. We are definitely not perfect. That's for sure! There are times when we are going to be insincere.

Well, a friend of mine has lost some friends, and I know how that feels. Heck I like this friend. She keeps me laughing, in a good way. I'm a very loyal person. I pride myself on how loyal I am with my friends. And it takes a Hell of a LOT to break that loyalty. Someone would have to do something really bad to me personally, or to my family, to make me not want anything to do with them anymore. I don't sugar-coat anything myself, and I don't play "follow the leader"! I've lost friends too because I am so straightforward, that I make people feel insecure. People like others better that sugar-coat everything. But not me! I prefer someone to be honest with me. But I always feel that if someone is going to give an opinion, good or bad, they should give a reason why they think that way. I always do. I don't sugar-coat anything, but I also don't just dislike something for no reason. I don't stereotype anyone either, I prefer to get to know each person as an individual. I only stereotype racists! They are all the same. I admit too my initial impression of teenagers (and 20-year olds) is that they are all nasty, evil, and rude people. But I usually do not say anything unless they prove I am correct about them. Because in all honesty, not every person between the ages of 12-25 I've met was that bad. And show breeders I am the same with. My initial reaction to them is that they too are all evil, unless they prove otherwise. But only a few have proven otherwise (I can count them on the fingers of one hand). I wasn't always like that about show breeders! But it started when I "met" bischi back in 2003, and just escalated from there.

I'm usually very forgiving, especially if I really like someone. Just because someone is a little sarcastic, I don't hold that against them. I like people who have some sarcasm and wit. Even to a level that would seem overwhelming to others. The only things that to me are unforgivable is if someone disses my family, or disses me behind my back. I prefer if they are going to diss me, have the guts to do it to my face! Believe me, I can handle it. Though I tend not to take trolls too seriously. Or they kill puppies!! I've heard jokes like that and I always say "I'd rather you kill a kitten than kill a puppy!" I don't care about cats one way or the other. But a puppy has so much more to offer in the way of love! That's why Groucho's death struck me so hard. Harder than losing any other pet I ever had. Not only did I lose her, I lost her 4 unborn babies too. So unfair!! :(

I admit I have lost friends myself. But I just consider the fact that they were never real friends. I always say that if a person can not be a true friend to me, then they can never be a true friend to anyone else! Because I am the epitome of raw human nature. I just don't go around naked!! LOL!! I'd make several people go blind if I did. But I will say things out loud that others would be afraid to say because they don't want to get slammed or because they think it will hurt others' feelings. I don't say these things to hurt others, I usually say it to spare their feelings. Because if I don't tell them (I am usually friendly about it), someone else will, and they may be much more harsh about it than I would be. I also prefer this characteristic in my friends as well. I'd rather someone be honest with me than keep their feelings to themselves. As long as they don't approach me about it like a madman. Or a madwoman. But I usually like the straightforward approach. As long as there is no hint of malice. And as long as the other person doesn't slam at me for doing something they themselves can be accused of!! That's why I don't like the Dirty Dozen mob anymore! LOL! And they will always approach you with hostility. I don't. If the truth needs to be told, it needs to be told. But I find people listen better when you do it with finesse. Only those who have an ego problem will get pissed when you tell them the truth, and that is definitely not me!!

I remember when I first met Metalraptor, he asked me why I hate cats so much. I told him, and he told me that I get freaky when I talk about cats and why I hate them, and he said that it makes people not want to hang around me. No one had ever told me that before! Well, the delusional mods did, in a round-about kind of way. But I'd never listen to the delusional mods!! Because they got freaky themselves when they talked about me. There were times when I actually feared for my safety. So, what is "freaky" to them? Not much, I'd say!! Well, I shined up to Metalraptor from that moment on! I really like him a lot! And I like him because he was straightforward with me, and told me what he was thinking. And he didn't do it because of a big ego or nothing like that. Some people will, and I can always pick them out. They are the ones who get pissed when you are being honest with them. I am by no means modest, but I also don't have a big ego. I am completely honest, with myself and those I care about. There's a difference there.

I just don't understand people because they decide they don't like someone anymore just because that person is fun-loving, witty, tempers things with a little sarcasm, as long as they are not malicious, and I don't think this person is at all. I told her Don't change!! In the wise words of INXS. I like her just the way she is! Sarcasm and all!

Friday, June 11, 2010

INXS At It Again!!

Well, INXS are at it again, going on another concert date. This time to a place called Broome, WA. I first saw that and thought "Cool! They're coming back to this state!!" I saw the "WA" and thought at the first instant it meant Washington State. But no. I've heard of WA, but I never heard of Broome!! I realized in this World, "WA" actually has 2 meanings. There is a "WA" in Australia, too. It's called Western Australia. Then I thought maybe I should make sure whether it is that "WA" or not before I purchase tickets. So I looked it up. Sure enough, it was Broome, Western Australia!! That SUCKS!!! But honestly, I don't think INXS are going to be coming back here. They didn't in the last leg of the last tour they did. So I don't think they will be coming back here. More likely they will be going to places like Sacramento, LA, NYC or New Jersey, places like that. This state does not seem to fit into their repertoire.

I need to get back on inxs.com more often. I've been so busy the last couple of months, I haven't had any time to. Except for the very occasional post. I only take interest in threads where my friends post. I don't care about ANYBODY else except my friends. I just by-pass the posts of people I don't care about. I heard INXS.com might be getting a forum in the future, and I just said I'll pass that one up. Forums tend to give birth to cliques, and I don't want to be a part of any cliques, and I want nothing to do with them. I have my friends on MySpace and Facebook, that's all I need! People in cliques tend to kick you out when you don't agree with 100% of the things they believe in. And I refuse to give in to things like that. So no forums for me!! I miss my old days of chatting with my friends on the INXSweb chatroom! They used to say the people at inxs.com were a rowdy bunch! Now I know what they mean. But at least they are not as bad as the people in the Rockband Lounge! I still say that is the most useless forum there is on the internet! I never go in there. But from time to time, I notice them talking about me in their little "private corners" that no one can get into without special permission from the admin. They don't have the guts to talk about me out in the open, they have to do it in private forums, so you know what they are saying is not good! LOL!! Most likely are not true, either, nobody really knows me on that forum, not even DonnaG, who probably still professes to. Oh well! hehee! At least I have the guts to talk about them on here, where they can see it, and if they want to, even respond anonymously. hehehe! Know why? Because I don't care what they think of me! I only care what my friends think of me and that is it. No one else matters. With strangers I think "Well, she/he apparently didn't like me before, so I am no worse off now than I was before I met him/her!"

Well, tonight I had to clean the mouse cage. It was starting to smell bad, and driving the snakes crazy!! I saw action out of my African house snake that I normally do not see. I've noticed he's a very placid snake! Very docile too. No biting at all from him! My radiated rat snakes are a whole other story!! LOL! They've bitten me several times now. They are quite skittish and snippy. Well, even though I don't think of them as pets, I named my mice. Their names are Malcom, Maggie and Melissa. Melissa is a black pinto mouse. Malcom is a lavendar silky. Maggie is a wild-style brown (sometimes called Agouti). She's still a hopper. She bites too! Bit my latex glove tonight while I was trying to get her out of her cage. hehe!! She's a little powerhouse! She almost took my glove off when she bit it. I'm used to animals and all their snips and scratches. But their cage needed cleaning, really bad! I was going to put it off until tomorrow, but I decided to get it done and over with tonight. Well the mice are not pets, they are my breeders. I need to have a steady supply of pinky mice coming in. Otherwise it's too tough to go into Aberdeen every week and get mice for each of my snakes. Aberdeen is such a long ways away. I'm trying to beef up my snakes because I do intend to breed them, and that's one thing I learned. They have to be fed every week. Sometimes a couple times a week.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vote For Minnie!!

I entered my Minnie in a contest for the cutest dog. I think Minnie is very cute! Actually I entered a pic of both her and Vegas. If anyone out there agrees that Minnie is the cutest baby on the planet, please click this link: http://gapc-vote.com/?c=multi&p=53354. Hopefully she will win, though I know it's a long shot! There are probably lots of cute dogs out there! But even if she doesn't win, Minnie will always be a beauty queen to me!

Well, in other news, I think one of my friends has the hots for me! hehe! He's a nice looking guy, but there is a bit of a problem. He's allergic to dogs! That's a dirty shame! If it wasn't for that, he'd be perfect. He's a fan of the Great Space Coaster, and even has a petition out to get the show back up on the air. I hope he makes it because I would love to see that show again. He seems to be a very big fan of the show. He always asks me if I remember certain scenes of the show. I hate it that I actually remember very little of the show! I only remembered Gary Gnu's program because I found the video on YouTube. This guy would be great, except for the fact he's allergic to dogs! He's not allergic to cats though, but I would not be happy in a house that only had cats! Cats are just not as much fun as dogs! You can't cuddle with them while you sleep because they always want to be on the move. I would be miserable!! I told him I just can't give up my dogs. Plus, he lives all the way in Florida. While I would agree it would be a nice place to visit, I don't want to leave Ocean Shores. It's going to be bad enough that I may have to move to Billings! But he said I was beautiful, and I am a nice person :) I told him I'd like to get to know him better. That's why I would plan a trip down there. Well, I have always wanted to visit Florida, ever since I was a little kid. And he did promise to show me all the magnificent sights. I'd love to see the Ripley's Museum and SeaWorld. Disney World would also be fun, but I'm not too sure I'd enjoy it that much, I'm not into rides much and I hate parades! I think they're boring. But I'd love to see the Ripley's Museum, I've always been fascinated by that show and that kind of stuff.

Well, summer is always hard on me, so it may be winter before I can make it down there. But I'd better do it before we move to Billings. Anna would have to stay here and take care of the dogs. I cannot take them with me. He knows I have them, and he knows I won't get rid of them. If he still wants a relationship after that and after we meet, then he's got it! :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More Friends Today

Well, this batch is a little more skittish than the last. I got 2 Pueblan milksnakes, both very beautiful snakes! I also got 2 radiated ratsnakes, also both very beautiful snakes! A lot of Asian rat snakes are so beautiful!! Almost like Asian style art. Maybe that was why I was so attracted to these radiated ratsnakes. I got quite a surprise this afternoon when my sis came home. Ma and John took her to school today. Well, John said that he likes kingsnakes, like Bandit. I was shocked! I didn't know John likes snakes of any kind! I admit kingsnakes are beautiful and fascinating. That was what first attracted me to Bandit. Well, I have a lot of work to go with these snakes. The ratsnakes are very skittish, and snippy. They've already bitten me twice. But I intend to keep working with them. :) Cannot give up there.

For the most part, the milksnakes keep under the dirt I put in their tank. Either way, I am glad I got them. I will be getting some pics of them soon, and I will post them up on here.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Going Mouse-Shopping

Well, now that Bandit, Bud and Barney have settled in their new homes finally, it's time to feed them. So today I am going to town to get some feeder mice. I hope the pet shop here has babies to sell!! Bud and Bandit can only eat pinkie mice. Barney on the other hand, can have bigger mice. Though not too much bigger. I have a special trick up my sleeve, I plan to kill the mice myself. Or at least paralyze them so they don't hurt my snakes. There is a way to do it quickly, easily, and with no ill effects to the snake. I've heard of people suffocating the mice with CO2, but I've also heard of that killing the snake once the overabundance of gas has been released in their body. Not sure if that is really true, but I don't want to take that chance. I also don't want to keep mice in my freezer!! There is something very disturbing about that! My ma is terrified of and disgusted with mice, so I sure cannot do that. Of course she is also disgusted by snakes too. LOL! Some people are, and I understand that. But not all snakes are venomous or icky creatures. Actually, once you get to know them like I have, you'd see they are very beautiful and beneficial animals.

Snakes can be good pets like dogs or cats, only without the shedding of hair, and very little mess to clean up. They are non-allergenic too. And some, like my house snake Barney, are very docile animals. No snake ever "loves" people, but they can become docile to a point where they actually seem to. Some tolerate the company of their humans more than others. Some snakes are not tamable at all. I always heard that green tree pythons are very skittish and flighty, and are rather difficult to tame down. But I have seen some people who own them and have been able to interact with them regularly. I guess it depends a lot on how they have been raised. They are hard to tame though because they have such long and sharp teeth (they are non-venomous), but their bite packs something of a whollop too! It can be quite painful. But all it takes is patience, kindness, and some good, strong gloves, and you'll have yourself a lovely snake. I had one friend call me weird because I own snakes now. hehe! Which as many of you reading this now may know I take that as a compliment!! I remember last year I found someone who said all snake owners are freaks, except her daughter who owns a corn snake. Well, honestly, it won't be long before her daughter will be among us "freaks". Snakes are addictive! They are so easy to care for, that makes them almost the perfect pet!

My long-term task with these snakes is to turn them into a business. I want to breed snakes. Of course I will be starting off small, I got a good start now, with Bandit, Barney and Bud. All I have to do is get them some girlfriends! Of course it will be years before they will be able to begin breeding. I'll start in Billings, and later on, maybe have enough to move out here and keep my business going in this town. I hope!! Most of my business will be with reptile expos. I'll get myself an RV, and travel with my snakes around the country to different expos. Of course most people nowadays like morph colors, like albinos and hypomelanistics and lavendars. While man-made morphs are great on dogs and cats, I don't like them in snakes, lizards and birds!! I prefer natural colors in those animals. They are all naturally beautiful. I think messing with their colors totally subtracts a lot of their own natural beauty. That's something that should not be messed with! That's what I am going to specialize in, naturally colored animals. Not just snakes and lizards, but also birds. I saw a report from one person who said he got morph babies from 2nd generation wild-caught milksnakes. So, not sure how to keep my lines morph-free, but I will give it a try. I hope I have much better results breeding snakes than I did breeding chihuahuas!! Well, one thing I would have going for me is that snakes lay eggs. All I need is a mentor. I've read many books on the subject of snake breeding. I even found some literature on the internet. Fortunately, my snakes are all babies, and I don't need to breed them just yet. So, no worries for now. But they grow fast! Especially if you feed them several times a week, which if I am going to breed them, I need to do. Which is why while I am out today, I also intend to pick up some breeder mice.

Friday, June 4, 2010

New Friends Arrived Today!!

I got them!! They arrived today about noon, and I've spent all day trying to fix up a temporary place to keep them. They seem to be happy and contented. I'm happy with them too, they are so beautiful!! I will be making more videos of them as time goes on. This video I made is just basically a day-long journal of my wait for my snakes to arrive. They seem to be happy now, and alive and well! I've decided to give them names. They are all males, I sexed them myself. After I learned how. Well, I learned how at the last reptile expo I went to, which was back in 2000. That incidentally was the last time I ever had any snakes of any kind. But anyway, I decided to name my corn snake "Bud". The same name as the last corn snake I had. I named my California kingsnake "Bandit", mostly because he has black and white bands all over his body. At the time this video was made, I hadn't had a name picked out for the African house snake, but now I've decided to name him "Barney". He just reminded me of a Barney. I let him frolic around in my house plants earlier today, and BOY!! Did he love that!!!! He's a great climber!! I think the plants give him a bit of security. I'm going to keep going back to LLLReptiles! They are good! They have quite a few wonderful species available! I also ordered some snakes from Reptmart. That's where I got the Pueblan milksnakes and the radiated ratsnakes. I will also be making videos of those. I've also spent a lot of time today reading up on how to breed snakes. It all points to I have to get my own breeder mice!! I will get them next week. The snakes shouldn't be fed now anyway. The store recommends not feeding them for a week because it causes stress. Well anyway, I had a ball today waiting and unpacking my snakes. I cannot wait till the next shipment arrives!!

Anyway, here's the video:

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Well, my car was finally serviced. It costed me almost $260, but he also threw in a new battery. The guy I got was really good, and really nice too. He told me he also does his own karaoke, which is cool. He has quite a musical background, he even has his own band. He's also worked with Kurt Cobain. He also told me about a disagreement he's had with a guy named Michael Moore about stealing some of his movie work. This guy is cool! And he fixes cars besides! Does a great job too. I was like WOW!! I wonder if he can show me a few tips and tricks about making good reality movies. Well, I cannot ask him now. I've become an internet shop-a-holic!! Especially when it comes to snakes. I think I'm going to try breeding them for a while, see if I like it. I'm getting a couple of pairs I found of some pueblan milksnakes (I finally have some on order!! With luck they will be arriving soon) as well as a rather new species to the trade, called a radiated rat snake. Rat snakes are cool because they are so hardy. Great beginner snakes! And this particular species (Elaphe radiata) is rather new to the trade, and quite beautiful!!! I don't know what has possessed me to spend so much for these snakes!! I tried this this week for the first time ever, and now, I am literally HOOKED!!!! What I should do is get a pair of the African house snakes. People can breed those without even trying! They multiply like rabbits, and you don't even need to hibernate them.

Well, now that I have 4 new snakes on the way, I had to order some more cages to keep them in, so I did. At least shipping on those cages will be a lot cheaper. But I feel so bad going so crazy internet shopping and spending so much!! I lost myself, what can I say?? Anna's going to kill me!! So I have one set of snakes coming in tomorrow, and another that probably won't get here until next week. We shall see! I haven't even got any breeder mice yet. They may have to settle for F/T babies until I can get some breeders of my own going.

Well, At Least He Apologized

I heard from Tyler again from last night. He didn't like something I said on a video. He was the only one I let in on my secret. He obviously took what I said very hard. I told him in a PM that I'm only playing when I say what I say on YouTube. Not to take it personally. But since it affected him harshly, I thought I should point that out. I was going to have more fun with him today, but what I said obviously hurt him real bad. So it did become an issue. I dunno, I honestly think this whole thing is just one big plate of BS. I think Tyler has been reading this blog, and was playing back. hehe!!

Well, at least he said he was sorry. And I have other worries today. My car has been on the fix for a while, and someone is coming today to look at it. Our regular mechanic used to be a guy named Norm. But I think his wife got a little pissed off at us. LOL! Well!! I cannot help that!! The story goes that Norm used to fix our car at a cheap rate, he mostly did it to buy his wife cigarettes. I always hated that, but where else are we going to find a mechanic who would fix our car for only $20? Most of them want loads of money, and want it right away. Well, last time Norm fixed our car, he quoted $40 for labor and $20 for parts. I said OK. Well, we wound up giving him $70 because at one point, he had to get a particular part for the car and said he needed about $10 to get it. He had already gotten the other parts for $10, and now needed another $10 to get another part to fix the car with. We had nothing lower than a $20 bill at that particular time, and Anna asked for the change, and they didn't have it at that time. So we said OK, trusting that later on they would get $10 to give us back. They had always been trustworthy before. But I did tell them before they left here, I wanted the reciept for that part, and the change and they said OK, they will give them to us the next day. Norm and his wife were on their way out to Aberdeen at that time. Well, they never told us, but they got gas with the extra $10 we unwillingly gave them, and we were not told about that until we tried to ask Norm the next time he came around if he has our change. I realize they are not very well-off, but then neither are we! They don't seem to realize that. I did not appreciate them taking advantage of me and my sis like that either!! I even asked to see the receipt for the parts. He didn't have it, said it got thrown away. I felt cheated and angry!! I said that was NEVER going to happen again. I said next time we call on him, we're going to ask for a bill and give him money only AFTER the job is complete.

Actually, I didn't want to call him again at all. But what else could we do if the car breaks down? Not only did I not like the fact he was using our money to buy his wife cigarettes, but also, Norm was a victim of a back injury, and has had several surgeries to correct it. Made me feel bad actually calling on him to do heavy work like fixing the car. I always tried to not ask him to do anything strenuous. I really don't mind someone asking for gas compensation if they are going to get a part for my car, but I want to be notified first before they take our money! And neither he nor his wife mentioned anything about it before taking our $10 and spending it on gas for themselves. And they even had us thinking they were going to give us back the change, which isn't fair at all!

Well, after calling around to other mechanics now that our car needs fixing again, this particular problem is going to cost us an arm and a leg!!! So Anna recommended we try Norm again. I hesitated, saying "Can we really trust him?" Anna said let's try and see what kind of a quote he gives us. Well, we did call him and he answered and came right over, just as he always did. I told Anna about how this time I was NOT going to give him any money at all until AFTER the job was done, and then make sure he owes us no change! Just give him the exact amount. Well, this time Anna said she was going to ask him for a bill once he completed the work. And she did, she told Norm she didn't want what happened last time to happen again. She said he didn't look upset when she told him that. Well, 2 days ago, when I got paid, I told Anna to phone Norm and tell him to come on over, and fix the car. Well, she called but got no answer. She left a message on his answering machine instead. He didn't call back. So yesterday she decided to try again, and his wife answered the phone. Anna asked if Norm was there and she said "He doesn't live here anymore and I don't know how to get in touch with him." She was polite about it, but I knew she was bullshitting!!! Because before Anna could ask anything else, she told me that his wife said "Well goodbye!" and hung up. I know she was BSing us! How could Norm just disappear and not tell his wife where he's going? Didn't make sense to me. I told Anna that I believe she's pissed at us because we asked Norm to give us a bill and that we were not going to give him any money until we got a bill for the parts and repair. But if she has a hair up her ass now because of that, then that is just too bad!!

It's OK. I found someone else who will do a better job for the same price! I am right now waiting for this guy to come. But Anna already threw Norm's phone number away. I have a good mind to report them to the SSI department because he is collecting and working on cars and getting extra money. And if I was one of the dirty dozen mob, I probably would! But I am not! Never will be!! And I think that's cruel. So I've just let it go.

Further Proof of the Bad Influence of Anime and Video Games in Today's Kids

You want further proof that anime and video games turn a kid's brains into jello? That it makes them rude, nasty and insipid? Check this kid out. His name is Tyler, on YouTube he calls himself "shedwards89". He is the picture of what I know anime and video game lovers to be. How do I know he is an anime and video game fan? This is what he wrote of himself on his channel:

"hello my name is Tyler, I'm 17, my target audience are Naruto fans and video game lovers! well i hope you find my channel kick ass and you enjoy my videos! so subscribe you anime fans and video game lovers and enjoy my kick ass channel! "

I always said the worst kids out there are the ones who watch anime cartoons and play video games. I've mentioned that several times throughout this blog. Check out what this moron wrote to me in a video I commented on a month ago:

"i swear to god i will hunt you down you fat cunt and kill you and your 2 chiuahuas, your just a stupid fat bitch who will die alone and burn in hell, no wonder your divorced i can't see how any guy got with you in the first place you disgusting fat ugly bitch! god help the man went through hell with you, may i hope find someone decent."

LOLOL!!! I tried to make some sense of that last sentence, maybe it's the fact that it just runs on, with no proper punctuations, but I could not make any sense of it at all. But the "cunt", "kill", and "burn in hell" insets are typical of a very disturbed person who spends his life doing nothing but sit in his living room and play video games and watches anime crap. And this idiot Burnhart, who was also on YouTube, thought I was wrong in thinking anime has a bad effect on today's kids. He stated that western programs are "WAY more violent than anime". Those were his words. Well, you won't find rudeness like this in westerns' fans. Nor will you see westerns fans threaten anyone with harm like this either. Should I tell my ex what this kid said? Maybe have him explain to this stupid kid that he and I are still good friends? NAAAAAAHHHHH!! What Tyler thinks is not at all important to me or my ex-hubby! hehehe!! I'm just using Tyler as a great example of why I believe anime and video games are bad influences on children today. I told him thank you for that! Yet another example of what I always knew was true. I keep telling people, listen to me! I'm one of the best judges of character there is. Whenever I see a rude, dumbass teenager, I can always count on them being either anime fans or video game lovers, or BOTH!! This is what anime is teaching the kids!!! My sis Eva won't even let her kids watch ANY anime cartoons. She used to, until she noticed the shows were very dark and violent. And even her kids' attitudes changed for a while. She spent months trying to get them to revert back to the kids they were before they started watching that crap! That's why my favorite word for "anime" is "crapime". LOL!! Oh yes! And I do have another boyfriend. And my ex never remarried. Though he does have another girlfriend, who is also fat, just like me. :)

Well, I notice a bit of narcissism in Tyler's intro too. Check out what he says in his "about me" section in his channel:

"i love video games and i can guarantee i kick your ass in about any game, especially at Naruto games, i kick ass at naruto video games like ultimate ninja 3 and various other ones, the kind of people i like to be friends with are anime fans, and video game lovers"

tsk, tsk, tsk! He seems to think he's GOD's gift to video games. I'd bet there is a vast number of people who could kick his butt, but I don't care about none of that BS. I heard Ultimate Ninja is a very violent game. I'd be willing to bet that the 3rd edition would be even worse. Poor kid. Already his brain has turned to jello. But I love how hard he's trying to convince me that I am a "fat, ugly, disgusting bitch". LOLOL!!! hehe! Should I let him keep trying? Well, heck! He can if he wants to. I don't care what he says, he's not my friend. I don't even like him. I don't like him or the likes of him. So, I don't care. I just think he perfectly illustrates the point I've always made about anime and modern video games leading a bad example to today's kids.

Subject Change*****************************

I got no time anyway to dwell on the subject of dumbass teenagers, I got some exciting news, and it's got me on pins and needles! I did something I've never done before. I ordered myself some pet snakes over the internet!! I've never done that before! EVER!! I've always been antsy about ordering live animals off the internet. But my father and I talked while he was here this past weekend. He said you can order ANYTHING online, and get it shipped right to your door. I thought "how awesome is that?" Had me thinking, maybe I should get some snakes sent here. That would be SUPER awesome!! I love snakes!! I need some more!!! Most snakes I have are colubrids. This time, I am getting a california kingsnake, a corn snake (normal colored), and an african brown house snake. I think it'd be cool to get into vipers and venomous snakes and all like that, but I am absolutely NOT ready!!! Don't know that I ever will be either. Venomous snakes are indeed fascinating, but they are also very scary. That's the most dangerous animal you could ever hope to get. One bite can kill. Definitely not for me. Though they are fascinating to look at.

Well, the snakes I ordered are fascinating animals too. I happen to like colubrids. Natural colored corn snakes are getting ever more hard to find! Most people nowadays breed only morphs, and that is a shame! I don't go for morphs at all!! That's why there are some breeders I won't purchase from, because all they ever have are morphs. I may have to go to such states as South Carolina or Florida to find natural colored corn snakes before too long. Cuz if I don't, then I won't be able to find them captive bred anymore. To me, there is no substitute for natural colors and markings. NONE of the man-made morphs are as pretty as what you can find in nature. That's the whole beauty of snakes! Nature gave them such unbelievable beauty! Even people who hate snakes have to admit they are indeed beautiful animals. They have colors and patterns on them that you won't find in any other creatures. These manmade morphs just take all that beauty away. IMO, they look kinda ugly in snakes!! That's why I never go for morphs. When I look for any herps at all, whether they are snakes, frogs, lizards, or even birds, I get only natural or "normal" colors. It's the only "normal" thing I usually like in this world.

I wanted to get a puebulan milksnake, but unfortunately I couldn't. I had one on order, but I guess they sold it to someone else today, because when I called them, they said the milksnake had been sold already. I'm still very upset about that!! I wanted that milksnake so bad!! They are such pretty snakes!!! Well, hopefully some will become available again next month and I will get some then. I also want to get some pygmy chameleons. Those are so adorable!!! They do everything the big chameleons do, only smaller and cuter.

Well, my snakes come in on Friday. They are getting shipped off tomorrow. I cannot wait!! That's why I am so excited!! I even made a video about how happy I am! I got it on YouTube. I said I would make a follow-up video when my snakes arrive. I don't know when on Friday they will actually arrive, but I will be waiting!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Don't Want To Move!!

But I may have to. My sis wants to go to MSU, and now the only way she can is if she gets a student loan. She's heading for trouble with that one because student loans ruin your life!! I keep trying to talk her out of it, she has no idea what she's getting herself into. The only way she can get out of it is if she cancels now, before she gets out there. But she won't do it! She said financial aid has already gone through there and she doesn't want to cancel. I told her she should apply for schooling at WSU, at least there she can qualify for all the grants that will pay for her dorm room as well as complete tuition and supplies for her schooling. But she said too many people from Tacoma and Seattle will be going to that school, and she hates the people from those towns. We lived near Tacoma for a little while and hated every second of it!! The people were nasty and looked at us small-towners like cockroaches. Seattle was no better! We never lived there, but we did visit there a few times. It was always the same. People were rude, nasty and pushy! Nothing like Toutle or Ocean Shores. But Anna would only have to put up with those people during the school year. After that was over, she could always come back to the comfort of Ocean Shores. I don't want to leave here! It's breaking my heart!! But I cannot afford to live completely on my own. Anna and I share expenses around here and it makes things easier on both of us. And now my ma moved into the apartment upstairs, I was hoping she'd be there for at least a few years. But now she is contemplating moving out again, to Canada. She likes British TV and Canada has more British channels than we do here. She's about retiring age, so she's ready to settle down and watch nothing but her British soaps, which she relishes. If she wasn't moving away, I wouldn't mind living here without Anna. But since she is, and Anna is moving to Montana, I'd be lonely here. I don't take well to strangers, and I have no idea of the kind of people who would move in upstairs. I have calmed down considerably since I moved here. Partly because the climate here is easier for me to take. It never gets too hot here. Not like Olympia!! There it would get scalding during the summer. But the highest it ever gets here has been 80 degrees, and even then we have a nice cool breeze coming from the ocean. Heat puts me in a bad mood, all the time!! I can't stand too much heat!! Anyone who may have been monitoring my actions over the past 10 years, you'd notice my attitude is always worse when the weather gets warmer, the summer and spring months. Or if we have "indian summer". hehe! My attitude is never that bad during the fall and winter months.

Well, Montana gets HOT!!! And I mean hot like a broiler oven!! And the winters are extremely cold and dry. Not a good idea to mix that with the sinus problems I already have. I'd be having nosebleeds on a daily basis!! Part of the beauty of Ocean Shores is that it remains pretty much uniform in weather here. It never gets too hot, or too cold, and it stays pretty well cool and moist around here, thanks to the ocean. But if I stay here, and new tenants move upstairs, what if we don't get along at all, like the people in Lakewood? The neighbors always complained about my dogs. I'm not going to get rid of them. My ma understands our dogs, so she isn't going to say anything about them. But newbies may not like it if I happen to put the dogs out in the middle of the night and they see or hear something and start barking. Then the next day I hear from the police saying my dogs are disturbing the peace. I cannot avoid putting the dogs out at night. When Vegas has to go, he has to go! Minnie too. Anna makes Odessa wait. She always puts herself before anybody else, even her dog. And this is also one of those times I think Anna is being selfish! She could go to WSU, avoid the student loans and I can stay here. At least for a few more years. But she won't!! She would rather go to MSU and be in the red until the day she dies!! I keep telling her too she is going to regret it. And so will I.

But Montana also has some good points. They have absolutely NO limitations on exotic animals. So I can own a fennec fox if I want to! Those are so CUTE!!!!!!! Or maybe a bushbaby. I can raise them again. Though neither I nor Anna knows how long that will last. All it takes is one irresponsible owner to have problems with these animals and turn it loose, and blooey! There goes the lack of restrictions on exotic pets!!