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Friday, May 4, 2012

Just A Random Post

This is just a random post because I have a lot of time on my hands now and I am bored. My buddies are at the dog park, but I don't need to be there until 10:30 AM. It is now (as of beginning this typing) 8:32 AM. So I'll just be typing about things I am thinking about. No particular subject.

So yesterday I had to go to the City building and get pet licenses for my dogs. I never had to do that before! I had no idea how to actually handle it. The last time I ever bought a license for a pet was in 1984, after our dog Andy chased the neighbor's cat and the owner got pissed about it and called Animal Control. They said if we didn't get licenses for our dogs they were going to be impounded. So my ma and pa had to buy licenses for them. That was the last time we ever bought licenses for any pets! I never had to do it myself. So I was unaware of how the proceedure went. But the owners of this complex are now demanding that all pets get licenses, even indoor cats. One of the people who works for the owners is not an animal person. I was told if she had her way there would be no animals allowed in this building at all. She even told the office secretary, Deb, that there may be an extra $300 pet deposit on such things as birds and fish! Birds, I can see there being a pet deposit put on. I think of birds as pets. But fish?! That's dumb! I don't think of fish as pets. I think of them as living decorations. But I refuse to give up my fishtank! I don't care if I do have to put down an extra $300 I won't get rid of my tank! But I must say now that I think that stinks! Fish are not real pets, we should not have to put down a pet deposit on fish! The only consolation I have is that I'll be getting all of this money back when I move out.

Oh yes, and another thing, I was watching another video yesterday about the Westboro Baptist Church picketing the Oscars in Hollywood. Shirley Phelps was holding a sign saying that Whitney Houston was now in Hell. She was a fucking gospel singer! I highly doubt she's in hell!!! Well the person filming the protest is a user who calls himself XenuSmurf, and oh boy! Was he really laying it on thick with Shirley Phelps!! LOL! I think at one point I saw what looked like Shirley Phelps starting to cry. I hope I am right! She deserves it! One of their daughters was telling this guy that he was harassing them. Um, excuse me! That's as dumb a statement as it was for my old supervisor at the Puyallup Fair to say I was the one who was being rude! The WBC starts all this shit, they are the ones harassing! They are harassing the World with their stupid picket signs and dumb songs, and saying everyone outside their church is going to Hell. They have completely mistaken GOD's wrath with being hate. GOD does not hate! It's like when parents get angry with their kids. They don't hate their kids just because they get mad at them. At least not normal parents, maybe Fred Phelps does hate his kids when he gets mad at them. As full of hate as he is, I wouldn't be surprised! Well I can say that if I am right about Shirley Phelps crying because someone was giving her a dose of her own medicine, then it also proves I am right about them becoming afraid of their own actions. No one would be doing this to them if they didn't try to force their idiotic beliefs on everyone. I am a christian, but I don't feel it is my business to force anyone to believe what I believe. You'll never see me telling anyone "You'd better believe this or you're going to Hell!" I just tell people they have their beliefs and I have mine.

When I talk about GOD, I usually do it in a more respectful way. I know I cannot make everyone believe my experiences really happened. All I can do is tell people what happened to me, and they can believe it or not. It's their prerogative. I am a firm believer in GOD, I don't always believe everything I see in the Bible, but I do believe in GOD. The bible was written by monks in the 4th century. By then a lot of the language of the scrolls was loosely translated. So some things I don't believe were meant to be said in the Bible. Like the thing about it being OK to rape children. Or that eating shellfish is a sin. And there are others. But one thing I am not here to do is change anyone's opinions and outlook. No one sees the World the same way. And I am as different as they come! Everyone has their idiosyncracies. Not meaning everyone is an "idiot" LOL! But everyone has that one thing that is unique to themselves.

You know, maybe being called an "idiot" is not such a bad thing! People call me that all the time. I always thought it was a bad name to call someone. But you know, maybe it fits me to a T! The word "idiot" is derived from the Greek word "idios", which actually means "one's own". Yes, I am "my own" person. I follow no one's standards, no matter how much they push them on me. I haven't yet given in to fanatical vegans or panther fanatics. I never have and I never will! And I am proud of the way I stand my ground. I love being different. Even if I were the only person left alive eating meat, I would love that! My favorite animals are lemurs, and the animals I hate the most are lions, tigers and leopards and I love it that I am among the few that hates them so much, and loves an animal that few others even think of. I still say anything a cat can do, a lemur can do better. Except maybe kill a gazelle. But heck, a dog can do that! LOL! So I remain unimpressed by cats and panthers. On that note, I am proud to be my own person.

That reminds me, last night I was watching a movie about a girl named Haley, who said some shit about a popular girl I think her name was Angie, on a social network. Haley's friend Dana spilled the beans in the restroom and one of Angie's friends overheard about it and checked out Dana's page and saw all the bad things that Haley wrote about Angie and her friends. One of Angie's friends, named Cristin, has real anger-management problems. She was the one who told Angie about the things Haley said, then they decided to jump Haley and beat her up for the things she said. Cristin did most of the beating, and beat Haley beyond belief!! It was a sickening sight! It's also made me think of why I always take every threat seriously, even those people give me online. Someone wishes death on me, I take that as a threat! Someone comes out and says "I'm gonna beat you up!" I take it as a threat! But hey, if they want to try, I must remind them that I am a big girl! I can easily subdue them if I want to just by sitting on them. But Haley's case was different. She was smaller than Cristin. I was the same when I was younger, I was smaller than most other kids my age too. I'm still short, but being fat has an advantage too. The movie is called Girl Fight, and it was on LMN last night. It's such a good movie, I decided to order it. I didn't like seeing Haley get beat up like that, but I did enjoy seeing Cristin get her rewards in the end! It's based on a true story, and Cristin, whatever her real name is, I hope she gets some serious counceling! The movie depicted her as someone who'd really need it!

Damn! That's what I hate about teenagers! They take every emotion to extremes. In Ocean Shores, the teenagers were usually not that bad. Unless they were transients, but it was rare for a "native" to be too extreme. I still hate teenagers! No matter what. Because I know even the nicest-sounding teenager can snap at any minute. Well, maybe not all of them are bad. I've met some nice teens. But still there is that fear that they can snap! And sometimes do. I've seen it happen before. They can be nice and sweet one minute, and snippy and angry the next minute. And especially teenage girls, they can carry a grudge forever! You know they say a man can bash another man's head in and afterwords, invite that man out for a drink. Women slap, pull hair, and scream at each other and that grudge is carried for the rest of their lives. I never believed that was true, but I am slowly beginning to realize that is true! That is how women work! I must be different, as I always try to be forgiving. But usually not until the other person really repents.

Well, it's after 10 AM, and this post has gone around in circles long enough. It's time to put it to rest. Soon I have to go to the dog park with Minnie. I'm hoping we can get Brandi cured of her jealousy, which is why she always attacks Minnie. Minnie is so little and sweet! She doesn't deserve to have Brandi attack her like that! I just hope the problem can be fixed. I'd hate to see Lois lose Brandi, but at the same time I have to protect my baby girl!

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