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Monday, December 31, 2018

Stereotypes Are There For A Reason!

I wanted to write about the Scandinavian girls who went to Morocco and were eventually caught by islamic terrorists and beheaded. I feel so sad for those poor girls and their families. Those girls were no doubt told by the left-wing media that the people of Morocco were going to be as tolerant and welcoming as Americans. Ya know I've always said, the most dangerous creatures on the planet are the liberals. I learned that first-hand with the INXS fans. Especially radical leftists. They'll pretend to be your friend, but really, deep down inside, they are not. They just build you up for a big let-down. That's the same thing that happened to these girls. They went to Morocco, thinking the people there would defy the stereotypes and be friendly people. But no. Their loyalty lies with only one thing; ISIS. Nothing else. People do not matter. Especially if you are white.

People hate it when anyone stereotypes another group of people. But I've always said, stereotypes are there for a reason! They are not there because someone pulled them out of their ass. Stereotyping is the basis of the survival of all living things. It's our nature to stereotype. And why? Because it is essential for our survival. This is why the leftists are so dangerous. They tell people not to stereotype other cultures just because of the actions of a few. Well, I am here to say, yes you can stereotype other cultures. Not all cultures are like American cultures. Some don't change. They don't want to change. We cannot make them change. It may sound like a selfish way of thinking, but it's necessary. If I see someone who even remotely looks like an islamic terrorist, you can bet I am going to judge them. I won't let them come near me.

Sadly, this is not the first time something like this has happened. I remember last summer, I wrote about a young couple who thought they could go into islam territory and not be harmed. They were led by the leftists to believe the islam nation would graciously welcome them. But they didn't. The couple found themselves, along with several other white tourists, being killed by the islamic terrorists. I totally blame the left for those killings. It should not have happened! It all could have been avoided if that couple had only told the leftists to shut up!

Well, I will say it here now and again. DON'T LISTEN TO THE DAMN LEFTISTS!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, here is a clip from Mark Collett on YouTube who did a video about these beheadings. Pretty much he said the same thing I have all these years.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Obnoxious Tranny Threatens Store Clerk

Oh my GAWD!!!! You know, this is why I have problems accepting trannies. This guy threatens a clerk at a GameStop store just because the clerk called him "sir". UGH!!! So what does this guy do? He flies off the handle and says to the clerk "Let's take it outside and I'll show you who's a sir!" He says "I'm a maam, and that's clear to see!" Umm, no it's not! You still look like a dude to me. I don't care what you think!

Anyways, here's the clip...

This guy is the reason I have problems accepting trannies. This guy is the reason I call them "trannies". Because there are transgenders, and then there are trans-trenders. This dude is clearly a trans-trender! The difference is a transgender person is someone who really suffers from gender dysphoria, which is a RARE condition. A trans-trender is a person who pretends to be trans for one of 2 reasons; either for attention, or for control. That's it! Nothing more. They either want attention because no one else will give it to them, or they want to be able to control what other people call them because they've been mistakenly led to believe "misgendering is an act of violence" just so they can react accordingly.

This is what I don't understand about the left. They will say teaching people about GOD and Jesus is teaching them mythology. They will say teaching children about Santa Claus and the Easter bunny is teaching them mythology. But telling a 1-year old child they can be any gender they want to be is based on "facts"??? Or saying that gender and biology are totally different things??? That is so STUPID!!!! That is the stupidest of the stupid! And definitely not good for the child. Here is a fact for you; NO MAMMAL can ever really change their gender. You are either a male or a female.

Now, there are some cases where a female mammal will take on some male characteristics. For instance, there is at least a couple cases where a female lion grew a bit of a mane like a male lion. But those cases were VERY few, and very far between. That kind of thing does not happen nearly as often in nature, as it does with people on the left. The only vertebrate animals that can really change their gender is fish, and some amphibians. But that only happens in single-sex environments. Human civilization does not have that problem. And humans can NOT change their gender. And a 1-year old child should NOT be given a choice whether it is a male or female.

This is why I dread reincarnation! I'm scared to death I'm going to be born again to leftist parents who will abuse me by calling me a "they", and saying I can be a boy, when I am really a girl. And then telling me there is no GOD. There's no GOD, but I can be born a girl and magically change into a boy? Oh man! If I am born that way in my next life, I hope I have sense enough not to listen to what would be my "parents". Because someone like that is going to be one dumb set of parents!

You know what is a myth? Gender fluidity is a myth. It does not exist in nature. It only exists in the minds of leftists. Magically changing from female to male (or vise-versa) is a myth. No mammal in nature can do that. GOD is not a myth. I've actually felt HIM before. Though I get accused a lot of being a transgender female, I can assure you all I am not. I am just a tomboy. I guess I still am.

You know how to tell the difference between a real transgender person and a trans-trender? A real transgender person generally does not care what "pronouns" you use on them. A trans-trender does care. The reason they care is because they are doing all this tranny stuff for either attention or control. I have always stated, I have nothing against transgender people. I won't ever date one, but I have nothing personal against them. But what I do hate are the trans-trenders, like this guy in the video! I can't stand those people! Another thing a trans-trender will do is deny that transgenderism is a mental disorder. Real transgenders don't really care to call attention to themselves. They recognize they have a disorder. Some will try to seek help. But not a trans-trender. They build their whole lives around making fun of people who have a real mental disorder, and then make that their whole identity.

I think it's feminism that is a contributing factor to this trans-trender generation! I'd love to go out and kick a feminist's butt!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Boxing Day Tsunami 2004

I know this is a day late, but I'm gonna write it anyways. I couldn't write a blog post yesterday because I was very busy. I had a lot to catch up with yesterday. WARNING: Some of the videos I used may be disturbing to some viewers. I don't often put a disclaimer like this in my posts, so you know this is going to be a disturbing post! But anyone remember the 2004 tsunami that happened throughout SE Asia? I remember seeing it on the news for several days after. I saw some clips that I'll never forget. One of the scariest scenes from that day was this one...

I don't know if that's a little boy who got caught on the beach by the wave, or if that was a grown man and a really big-ass wave! This video was taken in Kao Lak, Thailand. Of all the images of the tsunami, this is the one that haunts me the most. I get chills just looking at this footage now. That was one big wave! It was caused by an uplift of a section of the ocean floor, which caused a massive earthquake, which then triggered the tsunami. I managed to capture some of the videos taken by the people who witnessed the waves.

This is a video of the initial earthquake in Banda Ache, Indonesia. Sumatra to be exact. The quake was so strong, people who were moving around outside had to get on the ground to keep from falling. The quake was later measured 9.1 on the Richter scale.

About 40 minutes later, the wave hit, and some of these images, you can see people running, and there was massive screaming. Unfortunately, I had to mute the clip because the joker who uploaded this clip put in that horrible music.

Another scene I'll always remember, this was taken in Phuket in Thailand that same day. It took almost 2 hours to reach Thailand. Strange because the tsunami was traveling across the ocean at about 500 mph!

This guy's reaction to seeing this wave is almost as scary as seeing the wave it's self. Here's another video of the wave coming in to the island of Koh Phi Phi, which is just off the coast of Thailand. You can tell, Thailand was very hard hit by the tsunami. It's amazing though that only a relatively few people were killed by the tsunami in Thailand. Only about 8000.

Anyway, you notice that a lot of these big disasters only hit muslim countries? You know why I think that happens? It's because muslims worship cats. GOD does not like cats! I can tell. That's probably the reason why atheists love cats. But look at the history of worshiping cats; the ancient Egyptians were the first to worship cats. They are also one of the first human civilizations to go extinct. Muslims have been worshiping cats since Mohammed said they "welcome angels into your home", which I still think was nothing but a bunch of bullshit. Mohammed also said not to let dogs in the house because angels will not enter a house that has dogs. Again, a load of bullshit. Most of the countries that were hardest hit by the tsunami were muslim countries.

See where this is leading. Now, Americans are beginning to worship cats, and simultaneously, our civilization is beginning to deteriorate. See, this is what happens when we lose all connections with our real GOD, and instead worship a dumb, useless beast that is nothing more than a squatter in the home. And cats do NOT welcome angels in the house. In fact if anything, I'd say having a dog in the house would be a better investment, because they could chase away evil spirits. But there is a reason cats are not mentioned in the Bible, and I'm pretty sure it's because they are the devil's allies. And people/cultures that worship them will not last long.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

No Dreams of a White Christmas

Well, another Christmas has come and gone. But it was good. The prime rib roast came out great! So did the apple cobbler. Those were the only 2 things I made with my own hands. Everything else was pre-packaged. I even made a video of the whole thing. I treated myself to a bit of a Christmas goodie. I got this for myself...

hehehe! Isn't it wonderful??! Now, I can go to sleep at night cuddling up to my 2 most favorite pics of Michael. Yeah, I know! I'm pathetic. But I do love this new pillow. Not only do I get to cuddle up to my 2 favorite pics of Michael, but the pillow it's self is so comfortable!! Nice and poofy and soft! Katrina told me she loves her gift too. I sent her this picture...

It's Chris Cornell. I love this kind of art, so I figured she'd like it too. LOL! Funny that! She told me she loves it. So, this Christmas was good enough for everyone. But the one thing we don't get is snow. I've never seen a white Christmas. Not even the one year I lived in Bozeman. Living in Washington, I've seen it snow the day after Christmas. I've seen it snow the day before Christmas, and be totally melted by Christmas morning. I've seen snow every other day in December, but never on the 25th. So, I'm beginning to think Bing Crosby was full of shit!! He lived in LA. I don't even know how he could dream of a white Christmas!

When I lived in Bozeman, I fully expected there to be snow on Christmas morning. Or at least some time during the day. But no. I saw none. It was surely cold enough to snow, pretty much like it is today. There wasn't a speck of snow on the ground when I lived in Bozeman. It wasn't until after I left that it finally snowed on Christmas. How do you like that???

Well, someone was supposed to come and get me and have me spend today with them. But they never showed up. Of course I didn't expect them to. They were close friends with the one of my home teachers from church who is currently angry with me. I was going to ask him what happened, but I never even saw him at church last Sunday. Oh well. It's just as well, I couldn't have visited them anyway. She was supposed to come at 1 PM. By that time, I was just beginning on the apple cobbler, and the roast was still simmering in the oven. So, it's just as well she didn't show up. But I sure did like her.

Well, no matter what, I still had a great day today. I enjoyed myself. And I got a wonderful gift from me, to me. That's good enough. And I discovered a new hobby this year that I can work on. I still want to use my laser engraver to make cool little trinkets.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Alf's Christmas Special: My Take On It

Alf was a pretty popular character in the 1980s, he was really an aardvark-looking alien creature puppet whose answer to everything was comical quips. However, he never had a movie made. They just didn't do that in the 1980s. Which is kind of a shame, because when I got to know Alf, he was funny as heck! But his Special Christmas Special episode, which aired in December, 1987, was as close as the world ever got to seeing an Alf movie. That episode kindof became a family tradition in our household, we watched it every year at Christmas time. It's a good episode, filled with Christmas music and Christmas spirit.

I used to think the little girl [Tiffany] in the episode was really a dying child. But as I got older, I began to wonder if the same little girl used in the episode was really the girl the episode was dedicated to, or if she was just an actress. She had a lot of energy for a child who was supposedly dying at the time that episode was made! Well, I recently found out the little girl used in that episode was not dying. She was actually an actress named Keri Houlihan. However, Tiffany was a real little girl who was dying. She and Alf "met" due to the Make A Wish Foundation. It was her dying dream to meet Alf. Her full name was Tiffany Leigh Smith, and she passed away on January 4, 1987; actually several months before the episode was in production. She died of leukemia. I actually figured that out several years ago, because it was never mentioned in the episode what she was dying of. I guess her parents did not want it revealed. But so many children per year get diagnosed with leukemia, it's almost gained the rank of being a regular childhood disease. The thing is, it's one disease that not every child survives. It's not like measels or the flu. It's cancer. Which is worse!

I remember I first saw that episode in school. My english teacher brought it to school on a video tape and showed it to the whole class. I was not into watching Alf back in those days, but I sat and watched anyway. Though I admit at first, I only watched because I had to, but for the first 10 minutes or so, I was getting bored with it. Then there was a scene where Mr. Foley (played by Cleavon Little), dressed as Santa Claus, and Dr. Willoughby (Carl Franklin) were standing around after Mr. Foley gave out most of the gifts to the children in the hospital. All except Alf. Tiffany did take Alf, but gave him back to Mr. Foley. OK, so this scene is getting interesting. Dr. Willoughby told Mr. Foley that all Tiffany really wanted was to see him for Christmas because some other little kid told her there was no such thing as Santa. To which Dr. Willoughby's answer was to show her an article in an old book. OK, again this was beginning to spark my interest, so I kept intently watching.

It was then that Dr. Willoughby showed Mr. Foley what his answer was to Tiffany's question. The book had an article that began "Yes Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus", which really was an editorial printed in the NY Sun back on September 21, 1897. It has become a very popular article mentioned many times and became popular Christmas folklore. And it was the most famous newspaper editorial of all time. Well, Mr. Foley continued to read on. Somehow at the end of reading that article, he discovered something terrible about Tiffany. Dr. Willoughby cannot do anything to save her. When I saw that part I thought "Wow! This is really juicy!" Alf was in the background and looked in shock after that was said. But I think the most tear-jerking part of that scene was when Dr. Willoughby [almost tearfully] said "What are you supposed to say to a little girl, who's not going to see another Christmas?" Well, with that line, the episode finally caught my attention. I got into this.

After that scene was done, Alf was back in Tiffany's room to pay her a visit, to wish her a merry Christmas, and to see if she had anymore cookies. LOL! I'm sure the producers put the cookie line in just to make that funny before the real downer comes. That is when Tiffany is in bed with Alf by her side. It's then she reveals she's going to have to "move on to another world too". She knew she was dying. She tells Alf that she is afraid to go, but that she knows she's not supposed to be afraid. Alf assures her that it's OK to be afraid. I'm pretty sure those were the exact words uttered between Alf and the real Tiffany before she died. Being a child who knows she is dying, there's bound to be a little bit of fear. Tiffany then says "I'm so afraid I can't go to sleep at night. Because I'm afraid I'm not going to wake up." The little girl is almost in tears when she reveals that. Well, that would be the best, most merciful way to go. She falls asleep and doesn't wake up, at least she'd be in Heaven before she knows she's dead. And it's a peaceful way to go.

This whole scene is a bit of a tear-jerker too. I feel for that little girl. Even though she may go in her sleep, she is still just a little girl. An 8-year old girl. She'll never have the opportunity to get her first driver's license, or graduate from school, or get a career, or have children of her own. Its one of the saddest things to think of such a young girl dying like that. At the end of their little bedside chat, Tiffany says "I love you Alf." To which Alf pauses to caress Tiffany's hand and then says "I love you too Tiffany." Then the little girl falls asleep. After she is asleep, Alf slowly walks to the door, pausing for a brief minute to look back at her sleeping, with tears in his eyes.

After that, Alf tries to leave the hospital, during which you do not see much of Tiffany, but you do see a woman who is pregnant and in labor with her husband. After she gets into the hospital, she gets stuck in an elevator and she is about to have a baby. Alf is under the gurney she is lying on, and he is stuck with her. While he is stuck, he decides to try and help her by pretending to be a doctor. As I am watching this, I'm thinking "OK, this is boring!" Even today, this portion of the episode still is dull to me. However, I do see the point. The producers want to make this episode as funny as possible, so they get Alf to help deliver a baby. After which he offers a suggestion for the baby's name. He suggests the mom name the baby Tiffany, after his new friend. The mom agrees.

Looking back at that today, that kind of scene has become something of a cliché. I remember a lot of episodes, of a lot of TV shows, has one person dying (usually really dying, or already dead) and another person being born. I remember the episode of Sesame Street where it's announced that Mr. Hooper passed away. At the end of that episode, you see a couple walking into Big Bird's lair to show him their new baby. Something like that would never be shown on today's TV networks! It might trigger someone, or be taken off for causing depression. Well, today the Alf Christmas Special would never be shown, even if Alf was still running. One of the Christmas tunes you hear a lot of on that episode is "Away In A Manger", which has religious undertones. And the belief in Santa Claus today would also be triggering to modern day snowflakes. I'll tell you, I miss the 1980s, when kids were innocent, and the belief in Santa Claus was still going on. We had atheists back then, I was friends with one of them. But they had tougher skin than they have today. They didn't get outrageously angry over someone else believing in GOD, or Jesus, or Santa Claus.

I think that's why I don't like today's TV shows, cartoons and movies. Everyone these days wants everything to be scientifically accurate! If they're not, then they face severe scrutiny and criticism from the snowflakes of today. I think that also may be why we're seeing more cats in commercials today. It used to be you never saw a cat in a commercial unless it was a commercial for cat food or cat litter. Now, they seem to be everywhere! No doubt because the snowflakes complained that there were too many commercials with dogs in them. Even commercials that had nothing to do with pets. I miss the days when cartoons and movies were just fun. They didn't need to look so realistic, like you see in Disney/Pixar films. They didn't need to be so scientifically accurate. A good example of that would be like you see in Finding Nemo. In one scene you see Nemo and his father moving in and out of their anemone. Almost making a game out of it. Clownfish would not take that as a game, they do that for protection. To them, it's serious. The producers of Finding Nemo could have made that scene more like the scene in Bambi, where his mom takes him to the meadow for the first time. Bambi charges away from his mom to the meadow, but she stops him. Telling him never to do that because there could be danger. And the scene with the sharks. You never see sharks as the good guys. And one flips when Dory bleeds and he smells it. Why can't they just let them be their characters and not make them so scientifically accurate. Even on Ice Age, where Diego threatens Syd. Well, if you ask me, Ice Age would have been better if they didn't have Diego at all. Or on Madagascar when that stupid lion talks about how he's "the king". Now that is sooooooo damn stupid!!! Madagascar would have been 1000% better without the stupid lion altogether! But to call him, more than once or twice, "the king", it just makes the movie seem more corny. And that's not even scientifically accurate. It's just something that was carried on over the years by children's stories.

Anyways, back to the subject. Toward the end of the episode somehow, the Santa suit winds up on Alf, and he is finally wheeled out of the hospital by Mr. Foley. Well, Mr. Foley had a rough month that December. His wife died a few weeks before, and so he just wanted to end it all. So, he winds up on a bridge, and begins to climb over the rail when Alf gets out of the van and stops him, and proceeds to tell him why he should go on. He manages to change Mr. Foley's mind and asks him to take him to see Willy Tanner (Max Wright). Mr. Foley agrees to that saying he's always wanted to see how Santa goes down the chimney. Alf kinda fumbles there, muttering "Me too!" under his breath.

When they get to the cabin the Tanners were staying in for Christmas, Alf is already on the roof preparing to drop in on them by way of the chimney. Brian (Benji Gregory) believes the noises on the roof to be Santa Claus. But his mom (Anne Schedeen) tries to convince him that it can't be Santa. But when Alf throws snow down the chimney to calm the fire enough so he can get down there, Brian is convinced it is Santa. The two women get scared and try to wake the father, then Alf appears in the chimney. Well, all that time they had been looking for Alf, and now they found him. He was happily home with his friends.

Later, they go back to the hospital, where Tiffany and Mr. Foley are frolicking together, sort of. He is fixing her bed. It was then the Tanners walk into Tiffany's room and introduce themselves. They give her presents and say they are with Alf. After which Tiffany is happy to see them. After a brief chit-chat between Willy and Mr. Foley, the mom tells Tiffany to look out the window. She excitedly leaves the bed and looks down, and Alf is in their tan station wagon parked underneath Tiffany's window. She looks down at him and he looks up at her. She waves and mouths "I love you Alf." During this whole scene, you hear the studio choir humming "Silent Night" and Mr. Foley's voiceover reading the old newspaper editorial "Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus". This scene is a real tear-jerker. I remember when I was in school watching that, it almost made me cry. It was so sad! To this day, it still makes me well up. Then after that, you see "Dedicated in memory of our friends" and then "Tiffany Leigh Smith (1979-1987)". So that was proof this was a real girl, it just wasn't the girl in the episode.

Well, this was a special episode, it kinda made me look at Alf in a different light. During the 1990s, I began watching him, along with my sis. I still think he's funny. But every time I watch him, I always think of him in that Christmas special. It was how I got to know him. Paul Fusco was the uncredited voice of Alf, and he was written to by the real Tiffany Smith back in 1986, and she wanted to meet Alf so badly, it was her dying wish and she wrote to the producers of Alf many times before she was finally granted a video conference with him. Fusco admits now he has kept every one of her letters all these years, and still has them to this day. I'm sure it's a very sweet memory!

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Mystery Of The Angry Home Teacher

Well, it seems like one of my home teachers from church is angry with me. I don't even know what I did wrong to him. Last Tuesday, I asked him if he could take me to the post office and to the pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions, and I called him right after his wife left to run some errands. So, I asked him if he was free the next day and he told me he could do it the next day if I don't mind waiting and I said "I don't mind". So, he made arrangements to pick me up the next day. I thanked him and we hung up the phone. I was excited, because I'd let the packages accumulate there at the post office for about a week at that time, and I had 3 notifications with me. And the prescriptions had been ready then for about 4 days. I had no money for the bus or dial-a-ride. So, I was happy I got someone to take me.Then, about 20 minutes later, I got another call from him saying he forgot but he had doctor's appointments all the next week until Friday. He'd just remembered that. I was disappointed but I understood what happened. I asked him if he knew anyone who could take me. My other home teacher was doing a job in Portland, so I couldn't ask him.

Just so you all know, this "home teacher" business is a program set up at our church, where people are assigned to help those in need, like me. It's their job to take me where I need to go when I need to. And this is Christmas, so I got a lot to pick up at the post office, and prescriptions always come in in abundance after my own doctors appointments, and I'm all out of rides for the dial-a-ride. So, I couldn't take that.

Well, this teacher told me I could call someone, someone whose name I did not recognize. And I still cannot remember their name right now. But I did call them, and I asked them if they could take me to get my packages, and my prescriptions. Truly, I hate bothering anybody to do these things!!! I hate it!! I really should not have to! If only the postal service would get those damn parcel inboxes fixed I wouldn't have to!!! Though I'd still have to pick up prescriptions. Well, these people agreed to help me out. The guy I spoke to said his wife had to go into town anyways, and she would come and pick me up. I was grateful! She said she would be there in 15 minutes. Well, I waited longer than that actually. She didn't get here until 30 minutes after I phoned. I did not bring that up at all. I was not angry about it, though I do admit at one point, I was worried that something maybe happened. Well, she finally pulled up into my parking space, and just as she did that and was getting out of her car, my home teacher called me again!

I know I shouldn't have picked up the phone, but it was my home teacher, and I didn't want him to think I was angry at him. But he asked me if I had gotten a ride. I said I got one and she just drove up and is coming to the door. He said his wife got home and said she could come get me if I didn't already have a ride. Just then, the lady who came to get me knocked on the door. I was sweating because I had to answer the door, and at the same time, tell my home teacher it's all good now. I tried to say in a very nice way that I had to go now. But I guess he didn't take it that way. I didn't hear much of what he said because I was now talking to him and the woman who came to get me. I thanked him for referring me to these people and then I had to hang up.

Well, today a couple new prescriptions came into the pharmacy, and I have to go back to the hospital again on Monday. I got a ride through RideCare, which is another program set up by the Dial-A-Ride company here in town that takes me to doctors appointments and I don't have to pay them. Unfortunately they don't take anyone to pick up prescriptions!! I was going to have it take me to the hospital for my appointment, but I was going to go early enough that I could walk over to Safeway to get my prescriptions, and then walk back to the hospital in time for the appointment. That was the idea. The only real problem I figured I'd have is I have no idea how long I'd be waiting in the line at the prescription counter.

Well, long story short, it was supposed to rain today. The weather said there was a 100% chance of rain. Well, it's not raining and it's almost noon! So as of now, there is no 100% rain. Knowing the way my luck always is, it'll say it's going to rain today, but it won't. It won't rain today and it won't rain tomorrow. You know when the rain will come? I can almost guarantee it won't come until Monday! When I have that appointment at the hospital. And I really do not want to walk in the rain and be sick for the holidays this year like I was last year! I can't have that. So, I thought about this and thought, and really hesitated to do this, but I called my home teacher again today to see if maybe he could take me again to Safeway to pick up my prescription. I called and I told him who I was, and then the call fell silent. I thought "That was strange!" So, I called him again, I said hello and I heard a click. I began to get the feeling he was angry with me, but I could not figure out why. So, I tried calling him again and this time I got his answering machine. So, I began to leave him a message, then in the middle of leaving the message, I heard someone pick up the phone and hang up. By then, I knew that was not any accident! This guy was somehow angry with me. I still could not figure out why.

Now, I still wonder what I did to him to make him act that way. Maybe by saying the lady was there to pick me up back on Tuesday, I must have hurt his feelings or something. I was about to ask him that when I got his answering machine, but I didn't get a chance to. But I would think if I did hurt his feelings, then he would have said something. I sure did not mean to if that's what happened. Its just that he called me at the most inopportune time! I could not help it. It wasn't my fault! It wasn't his either. He couldn't know my ride was already at my doorstep at that moment. But why blame me!? Why get angry with me?? I just don't understand it.

Ya know, this reminds me of this one episode of I Love Lucy. It's the episode where in the opening scene, you see Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel all singing together and having fun! Acting like real friends. Then Ethel and Fred have to leave and they go down to their own apartment. After they leave, Lucy and Ricky have one last singalong before they go to bed, and Fred and Ethel call them and are angry with them for some unknown reason, and they tell them to stop making all that noise. My home teacher is normally a very nice guy. If there was a problem, or he was busy, I'm sure he would normally say something. But today, I guess he's just having one of those days where he just doesn't want to talk to anyone. We all have those days. I guess this is just one of his.

Well I did get someone to pick me up today and take me to get my prescription, my other home teacher is home today and has some free time, so his wife is coming here to take me to Safeway. But I still wonder why my other home teacher just won't talk to me? Well, maybe he'll be back to normal tomorrow, in time for church.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Why The LGBTQ Community Is Slowly Getting On My Nerves

I've said this before, I have nothing against gays and lesbians. I always feel a person is free to fall in love with whomever they want to. I have no problem with that. As long as they are not hurting anyone. Well, now they are attacking others. Jack Phillips is a baker in Colorado who owns his own bakery. You may remember his case a couple years ago where he refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex marriage. He refused it because he's a christian, and gay marriage goes against his religious beliefs. Well, that case went all the way to the Supreme Court, and he won that case. It is his right if he doesn't want to make a cake for something he does not believe in.

Well, this month, he is being attacked again. This time by a transsexual woman, who wanted him to bake a cake to celebrate it's transition. He is still standing his ground, something he must be admired for, but he said he would serve it any cake already made in his store. That wasn't enough for this "woman" named Autumn Scardina. Supposedly, it was celebrating it's 7th year of transition from male to female.

Seriously! Why don't these gays and trannies leave this baker alone?! Are they really just so butthurt by his religion that they think if they keep on bothering him that it's going to make him change his ways?? No. It's not. It doesn't work on me, and I don't think it's going to work on Jack Phillips either! I swear, the LGBTQ community acts like there are no other bakeries in the whole of Colorado! So they keep going back to this guy! The first time something like this happens it's like "OK, so we found out this guy doesn't serve gays. Let's sue him!" then he goes to court and wins. But when someone else from the LGBTQ community goes back there, and asks this same man to make them a cake to celebrate their "transition", then there's got to be a conspiracy! That's more like what an internet troll does. Not a mature person who has any ounce of decency.

Oh wait a minute!!! Look who I'm talking about! Since when are radicals mature and decent?!

I was watching a video someone did about this subject, and he said "These people wouldn't dream of doing that to a muslim bakery! They're only targeting this bakery because the guy is a white Christian male." You know another reason why the LGBTQ community won't do this to a muslim bakery? Because they know they'd get their heads bombed off. I personally do not see what is wrong with being a white christian male. But nowadays, the left has gone way too far! Anyone who is white, or male, or christian is a target. Maybe this is why we have so many men who want to become women. Because they know a man who follows his beliefs will become a target. Especially if he is white. That's so DUMB!!!! But that is what the left has become.

Well, I must say I hope this guy Jack Phillips continues to stand his ground against these attacks, and doesn't let any of this bullshit get him down. People can be so stupid sometimes. Remember when all the fags of the world got butthurt over Cecil the lion? It's the same thing here happening between one baker and the LGBTQ community. He's getting death threats and people coming into his bakery and harassing him. It makes me mad to see people acting like this. Stuff like this should be considered "hate speech". On the LGBTQ's side, it's not even considered honesty. It's just simple harassment. It makes the whole LGBTQ community look bad. And it feels like we're all dealing with a bunch of Jr. high school kids! Just like when Cecil the lion was killed by that dentist. He too got a lot of death threats, people threatening to report him to the ADA, people vandalizing his office, his home, threatening his children. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger got involved! I felt bad for the dentist. Because let's face it, the only reason the fags got so butthurt was because the animal he killed was a stupid lion! Had he killed a cape hunting dog, or a baboon, or an antelope, nobody would have said anything at all. But it was because he killed a dumb, stupid lion that he was publicly persecuted! Which I think is just stupid!! If he was a good dentist, what would reporting him to the ADA accomplish? I don't think they're gonna care that he killed a stupid lion! But I must say, before that incident, I used to like Arnold. After he got involved in that "protest", I lost all respect for him. People need to get realistic!!

This is probably the one big reason I hate people so much. People make such a huge deal out of such little things. Little things that should not matter. And it's only getting worse every year! I'm glad I left the left! I still say I can thank the INXS libtard SJWs for that! They opened my eyes to how the left thinks. And I must say, I don't like it. So I am glad I left.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

So Lily Was Offended?

Michael's daughter, Lily, is apparently angry with this one group for things that were said about her mom, Paula. She's angry about it. I looked for the "offending" thread in the group, it's still there. Poor Lily. I feel bad for her. If her mom is being bad-mouthed on Facebook, well, it's not Lily's fault. But she should expect this kind of thing to happen. It may seem horrible, but Paula put herself out there. She chose to put herself in the limelight. It's like me putting myself out there. Before I ever did that, I knew there would be people who would like me, while others don't. Again, that's just the way it is. That's how people are. Even long after I am dead and gone, I expect it to happen. After I am gone, my viewers are probably still going to be thinking I am a lesbian. LOL!

It's funny how people seem to think I am a lesbian. I wonder why? LOL! Is it because I have short hair? Or a low tone of voice? But the funny thing is, I really don't qualify as a lesbian. I've never been in love with another woman in my life. I have women friends that I love, but never been in love with them. I admire Dian Fossey immensely, but I was never in love with her. I am in love however, with the men of INXS. That doesn't make me a lesbian. LOL! At worst, it'd probably make me a whore. You know what I think? I think people just say I am a lesbian in hopes it will make me kill myself, because I've never mentioned, or hinted, I was. So they must take that as I am trying to keep something like that in the closet. So they think if they keep on telling me I am gay that I'll kill myself with the shame. But I don't have any symptoms of even being remotely gay. None that I feel anyways.

Oh well. Anyways, when I visited that thread, one person particularly stood out. Someone who called herself Renata Lowenstein. A real snowflake. I'm sorry I missed that thread, I'd have told her so. But everyone knows my opinion of Paula. I can't stand her. And it is partly because of what happened to Michael. But I also believe Bob had a hand in that. So, it's not just Paula that I blame. Either way, I am angry that Michael is no longer here, with his fans, his bandmates, his daughter. That's the whole sad thing about this. But yes, I also blame that goon, Colin Diamond. He stole Michael's estate, and his money, leaving nothing for the one person that really counts, Michael's daughter.

Ya know, there is a thing going around about the Illuminati. I may get killed for bringing this up, but I heard that they kill musicians, and then they tend to blame it on suicide. A lot of people believe it was the Illuminati that killed Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, and yes, even Michael Hutchence! Well, as I stated before, if I wind up dead, you can bet I didn't commit suicide. I'm not that type of a person. Just so everyone knows. And I still don't believe that bullshit that Michael killed himself. I don't care what anyone else thinks. But this Illuminati is fricken evil if they go around doing things like that! It is believed that's why we lose a lot of lead singers, because the Illuminati specifically targets them. I know being a musician is hard, being any kind of artist is hard work. No one believes it really is, but it really is! You have to keep working so you don't lose that talent everyone knows you to have. But I just cannot believe all those lead singers who died by way of supposed suicide, actually did kill themselves. I just can't believe that. Someone has to be out there killing lead singers, and it is possibly the Illuminati.

The "Queer" TimmyHutchFan

LOL!!! I got this from some idiot last night on YouTube who is trying to pass himself off as a christian. I know he's not, but he calls himself "Christian Empire". Something is wrong with this dude. First, he's trying to pass himself off as a christian, when I can tell he's not. If he was a christian, he wouldn't be bearing false witness against his neighbor. LOL! False advertising if you ask me. So, that's one point he's lost already. Anyways, I decided to have some fun with him, just because he calls himself "Christian Empire" and he's very obviously not a christian. But he is a troll, so I am not angry at him. I don't take trolls seriously.

Well, the first time he posts to me on a comment, he says "Silence. queer. Dee TimmyHutchFan". So, obviously if he's saying someone he doesn't even know (and most likely never saw my videos) is "queer", then that must mean HE must be queer. Which, I have no idea if that's really true, but in my experience, most people who claim others to be something (especially people they don't know) out of haste especially, tend to be that thing they are claiming the other person is. So, this was my response to him...

@Christian Empire Are you saying you should be silent because you are a queer? LMAO!! I agree you should be silent, but not because you are a queer. If you're a queer dude, that's your business.

And OMG!! This just in!!!! How eerie is this? I found another one of his channels, and am I right about him being queer?

I think this is one of his other channels, it's linked on his profile. Look at that face and try to tell me he's not gay! In this profile, he calls himself "LilCheetahIsVamous". There's another link on his channel for the same character, only there he just calls himself "LilCheetah". So, this dude is obviously a pantherfag too.

Anyways, this morning I got a response from him. This is what he said...

No, I'm saying you should be silent because you're a queer. Nothing wrong with being gay, dude, but you should know your place.@Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan

I found this funny! So again, I decided to have a little fun with him...

Mmmm, I think YOU are the queer. LOL! You are just afraid to admit it so you try to pin it off on someone else. You should take your own advice. Nothing wrong with being gay. Even if you are pretending to be a christian. But it's not a good thing if you try to deny it and put it in someone else's face. LOL!! :)

I guess that is how people like Christian Empire cope with being gay and afraid to tell someone they are; by pinning their sexual orientation on someone else--a random stranger on the internet that they can't see. That's another point taken from him. He's gay/queer and afraid to admit it. Frankly, queers kinda do scare me. I've heard of so many men who wear women's clothing and go out to kill women. So yeah, in that aspect, queers do kinda bother me. But this guy, Christian Empire, is really creepy! Not only is he a gay queer guy, he's also into bestiality.

In another comment I made to someone else, bestiality came up, and I spelled it like "beastiality". Well, I am not into seeing people have sex with animals, so I don't know, or really care, how to spell it! Well, this was Christian Empire's response to that...

And it's bestiality, not "BEASTiality". You're welcome, noob.@Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan

"Noob"?? LMAO!!!! Does he even know what that means? I heard it's internet slang for "newbie". Does he realize what that implies?? It implies he is an expert in bestiality, while he thinks I am a 'newbie'. I'm not into bestiality at all. But apparently he's an expert in it. LMAO!!! Not something I would admit on the internet or anywhere else if I were him. But hey! It's his life. I'm just here having fun! I had a great deal of fun on him! This was my last response to him...

Ooohhhh You're into bestiality too!? Dude, you got some problems there! Being a gay queer who is into having sex with animals. LMAO!!! Keep talking dude. I'm finding this all funny! :) It says a lot about you too, and I never met you!
That's one odd way to get to know someone. But this Christian Empire, I'm getting the feeling, is not someone I want to get to know at all. He's really weird! So far, since I've met him on this video, there are 3 things I don't like about him:

1. He calls himself "Christian Empire" when he's not a Christian.
2. He's a gay/queer guy who is so afraid to admit it, that he prefers to put it on other people he doesn't know.
3. He likes to have sex with animals.

Three strikes and you're out dude! Those are 3 qualities I do not look for in someone I want to get to know! I'd have more respect if he

1. Called himself "Atheist Empire" or even "Catfag Empire" instead of "Christian Empire" and making fun of real Christian people.
2. Admitted he is a gay/queer guy, and just moved on.
3. Didn't have sex with animals at all!

As an endnote, I think "Christian Empire" blocked me on YouTube. LMAO!!! I can tell because on those quotes above, it used to say @Christian Empire. Now, those are gone. So what's the matter? Someone calling himself "Christian Empire" should be able to handle the truth! LOL!!! Ah well, I guess that's the last we'll see of him! hehehehe!!

Anyways, subject change*******************************************************

I got this awesome new laser engraving machine, and I want to make little trinkets with it. I already made a Christmas ornament for Katrina, it's got a picture of Chris Cornell, with a message that says "Merry Chris-mas" on it. I also made myself this key chain...

It's made of wood, and it says "Keep Calm and Love Your Sheltie", in reference to Mya. I even found a pic. This may even mean a new business venture as soon as I get better at operating this machine. The biggest problem I now have with it is getting the right size for the picture to cover the whole ornament. This is all new to me, and I need to practice this even more. But I admittedly got this one right! I love it too. Now, I can make anything; key chains, earrings, necklaces, other jewelry, Christmas ornaments, etc, all kinds of cool things! And I barely have to lift a finger! I'm loving this thing!

Thursday, December 13, 2018

"Well Baby, I Guess I'm A Fake Person!"

I was watching a video earlier today and it was about how to tell a fake person from a genuine person. Well, the definition of a fake person fits me almost to a T. Although I cannot stand seeing people in pain, but it doesn't bother me as much as seeing animals in pain. Especially someone's pet dogs. To see a dog in pain hurts me deeply. Cats, not so much. Cats aren't as loving as dogs are. In the case of cats, I feel more for the owners if their cat is in pain than I do for the cats themselves. I don't do a lot of things to get the attention of other people. Only after I realize I have their attention, then my idea is like "Well, as long as I have their attention, I might as well give them something to talk about!" I learned that by being on the internet and keeping blogs. A lot of people talk about my blogs. Some in a mocking way, others understand what I am saying. But either way, they are reading, and that is what is important to me. Even the people who mock my blog, at least they're paying attention, and perhaps they'll pass my word along to others who might understand what I am trying to say on here. Maybe not the first person they speak to, maybe not even the second. But someone will.

But anyways, the rest of it would fit. Though I don't try to convince anyone that I am a nice person. I usually used to say "Well, I try to be nice", because I always used to try. But now, things are different. I tell people right off the bat that I am not a nice person anymore. I've been let down too many times by people. The last time, right after my father died, was the last time. It was the final slap in the face by people. So, I am not nice anymore. Though I still have my friends that I adore. I will not make friends anymore with INXS fans. If I do, I've become much more standoffish. Now, I can take them or leave them, and I don't care. I even left a couple more INXS groups on Facebook because I felt I was in too many.

Well, I am fake because I know living in society, I have to comply with some social norms. My mom taught me to be polite and respectful to people, and I am. But if I didn't have to, then believe me, I wouldn't. If I wasn't so darned reliant on modern conveniences, I'd pack up my dog, my INXS pics and everything else I value and move to the woods somewhere off the grid. Somewhere where I have absolutely NO other contact with people. But I cannot do that. I do the majority of my shopping on the internet, I have no car right now, and I like having good, clean running water. I could never survive if I had to live like they do on Little House on the Prairie. I don't like the idea of an outhouse where flies are swarming around your crotch while you try to take a dump. LOL! I couldn't live like that, ever! So, I have no choice but to stay in populated areas. That's why I try to stay where there are modern conveniences, but still a smaller population of people. I'd move back to Ocean Shores if I only could! But I can't. Not unless I had my own piece of land there, and a house there to move into. But I'll probably never rent from there again, unless I could get back into my old apartment.

I have been thinking of investing in some land in Ocean Shores, and maybe putting a house on it. There is a problem. I see a lot of land for sale, and I've seen some sold, but no one has put homes on those pieces of land. Then about 10 years ago, I heard someone say they did buy land out there, but that they cannot have a house built on it, because of the presence of some endangered animal in the area. So, I am afraid, if I did buy land out there, would it be a very good investment? Would I really be able to have a house put on it eventually? I loved Ocean Shores. I miss Ocean Shores. Ocean Shores is not like the rest of Washington state! It's more like another country. My neighbors were the deer, pheasants, and even bears. There was plenty of wide open spaces, and me and my sis lived right near the ocean. I loved it there! I never wanted to leave!! I cannot tell you how many times, while we were on the way to Bozeman, I wanted to turn that moving van around and tell my sis "We're not moving to Bozeman! We're gonna go back and get our key back and stay in that apartment until we die!" And if I had known my sis really had no intention of going back to the university, that's exactly what I would have done! And we'd still be there today! And I wouldn't have had to move around so damn much over the past 6 years! That is what is making me so miserable!

Well, now I've had to live in a complex with other people around. I've made some friends. But I was so much happier in Ocean Shores. I tell all my friends that now. And Aberdeen is growing. They even have a Super Walmart there. They had everything there! Even a Whole Foods store! I wouldn't be surprised if now they have a Winco there too. Or if maybe they'll be getting one in the future. But the more I think about what I left behind in Ocean Shores, the more I cry to go back there.

I wanna go back!

I wanna go back!

I wanna go back!!!

I want my apartment back! I want everything back! I can't stand this any longer. I like this apartment, but the one thing I hate about it is the parcel inboxes do not work! And they've not worked in almost 2 years! They cannot get them fixed either because of the kind of locks needed are on backorder. Who knows when they will arrive?! Meanwhile I have to go to the damn post office every time I have a package come in, and since I don't have a car, I have to rely on Dial-a-ride (which requires money) or the kindness of strangers (if I can get it) to get my package. But it's a low-blow whenever I get that notice in my inbox that I have a package waiting for me at the post office, knowing it'll be a while before I can get there to pick it up!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Christmas Is Dying

NO!!! I don't want Christmas to die! I grew up celebrating it and I want to keep it that way. Well now because of stupid snowflakes, even the schools are going to not allow the mention of Christmas in their classrooms. I would SO hate to be a child in today's world! Seriously! And you know who is the cause of all this? Atheists! A special kind of snowflake. They don't want it to be called "Christmas" anymore. They don't want people even using the word in the classroom. You can't say "Merry Christmas" anymore. Now they want people to use the term "Happy Holidays". I even saw a video about a school principal that wanted to ban candy canes from her school because its in the form of a letter J, which stands for Jesus. That is so DUMB!!

Modern liberals make me so sick! They want to ban everything that this country was built on. Of course the indians did not worship the GOD we know, they worship the sun, which is their god. But this country would never have advanced the way it did if not for the original settler's belief in GOD. People today seem to have forgotten that. Or they don't want to face it. I'm surprised they haven't forced all white people to move back to Europe. Well, with all the damn muslims who live there now, the only way you'd get me to move to Europe is with a gun in my back! Even then, I'd probably fight it. Because I would rather be dead than live side-by-side with muslims. They don't like dogs. I refuse to live with people like that all around me! And if any of them does anything bad to my dog, I'll break their necks!

Ya know, I've been bad-mouthed by muslims who say my attitude is why muslims cannot be accepted in this country. I told him the reason muslims are not accepted in this country is because they know they are all out to kill american christians. They want to start off with killing christians, then they want to progress to killing anyone else who will not worship Mohammed. And I refuse to worship Mohammed!! It was his stupid idea to ban dogs from muslim homes. Yet he says it's OK if you want cats in your home. Fuck that!! Fuck cats! I don't want them in my home!! A home with just a cat is not a home. It's a hell. I know because I lived with cats before and I hated every bit of it. They made the house smell worse than any dog I've ever had! They get into everything and knock things over and break things. Its like having a permanent toddler in the house! Only this one never grows up.

Well, Mohammed said something about angels not entering a house with a dog in it. Well, he LIED!! I feel the spirit of my grandma, my father, and GOD all around me! They are my angels. But when I had cats, if there were any angels in there then, they sure made the house stink! The only reason Mohammed said angels will enter a house with cats is because apparently cats were his "favorite animals" and he just didn't want to have to give them up. Not because it was true. He was probably one of those nearly gay men who preferred cats over dogs, with a high, squeaky voice and a limp wrist. Back in Mohammed's day, cats were seen as evil creatures by normal, thinking human beings. So, Mohammed wanted to make cats sound better than they actually are by telling his followers that angels will accept a house with cats, but not with dogs.

Besides, if cats are supposed to be near the ranking of GOD (or "Allah"), then why are so many cat people atheists? That's something I've noticed. Every atheist I know is a cat person. Not usually a dog person. Including one of my old best buddies, Cathy. Cathy is actually an agnostic, and she is a cat person. So definitely if Mohammed prefers cats, and cats welcome angels into the home, then why don't they invite some angels into the homes of atheists to help them believe in GOD? I'll tell you why. Because angels do NOT accept homes with cats in them!! Cats are Satan's advocates. Not GOD's. Dogs are really GOD's advocates. Almost every christian person I know is more into dogs than cats. Besides, there's got to be a good reason so many more people are allergic to cats than they are to dogs. I really and truly think cats were not meant to be domesticated.

I heard Mark Twain judged peoples' character by how much they liked cats. LOL! I had no idea Mark Twain was a wussy! I thought he was something of a genius the way he wrote classic stories. But if he judged people by how much they liked cats, then he must not have been very smart at all, and must not have had many friends. Back in his day, almost nobody liked cats. And nobody kept cats in the house. Yet serial killers were a rare thing then, and so was autism.

Speaking of which, I heard Donald Trump believes in that baloney about autism being caused by vaccines. I had to go to Twitter and tell him myself that vaccines are NOT the cause of autism. The rise in the popularity of cats is the cause of the rise in autism. Because cats carry parasites that affect peoples' brains. It's even worse if there is a cat and a pregnant woman in the house. THAT is what is causing autism in kids today. But people (especially vegans) don't want anyone to know that because they don't want to have to get rid of their "precious" cats. (that's sarcasm BTW. I'd NEVER call a cat "precious").

Well, I hate it that we now have to get rid of the phrase "Merry Christmas". Now they want us to just say "Happy Holidays". Which I am fine with. I used to always use that too, around Halloween. But I use it because IMO, it covers ALL the holidays during this season. Not just Christmas. It's like saying "Happy Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's" all in one phrase. But Christmas is one of the last holidays this season (until New Year's), so around this time of year, I usually use the term "Merry Christmas". But whether I choose to say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays" is MY choice, I wouldn't do either for anyone special. Too many people want to cater to others who are just not normal, thinking, rational human beings. I say fuck them! I wouldn't say anything to those people anyways!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Miracle or Just Simple Kindness?

Wow! I don't know what to think! I never would have believed something like this could happen to me. Not me! Somebody else maybe. But definitely not me!

I went grocery shopping yesterday at one of our 2 local grocery-department stores. One of the reasons I needed to go yesterday was because I needed to get some peppermint sticks for some cookies I was going to make. Every year for Christmas, it has become a tradition to make peppermint meltaway cookies. It's a family favorite. I had my portable cart (what I like to call my "little old lady cart") with me, and I had some groceries piled up almost to the rim of this cart. I always go by dial-a-ride. I don't take the bus anymore because the construction in this town has made the buses so unreliable! I never know when the bus will actually get me to my destination. Besides, when I have a shitload of groceries, it's no fun taking the bus and walking from the bus stop to my apartment, and Mya hates the sound of that cart rolling. Besides, Mary is back. And I don't like her. She's a consistent bus rider. I don't like her because she is constantly shit-talking me and Mya. She doesn't even know either of us! I talked to her for maybe 30 minutes one time, but she still doesn't know me! And she sure doesn't know Mya. And now she has even shit-talked my sis. Katrina thinks she may have the beginnings of dementia, and I don't know maybe she's right. Or she may be shit-talking me because I don't talk to her. But shit-talking someone is not a good way to get someone to talk to you. It's a great way to get even more ignored and disliked.

Believe me, I know. hehehehe!!! 😁 I'm saying though, Mary could be shit talking me and my family to seek some kind of attention from me. Any kind. Maybe because I am the only one in this town who doesn't speak to her, that's the only way she can think of to get my attention. Some people are like that. They get bothered by that one person who does not talk to them, even though everybody else talks to them, so they seek to get that person's attention any way they have to. Even by being hateful. But what Mary doesn't know is that I am an introvert. I only talk to people I know VERY well. Not to be unkind. That's just the way an introvert is.

Anyways, yesterday I went to the local grocery store and I had finished all my shopping, paid for it, and I went into the area where the shopping carts were kept to wait for the dial-a-ride bus. I don't think I looked like a tramp, I had on a nice top. The pants were used but still clean. But anyways, while I was sitting there, I saw this woman approach me from outside. I'd never seen her before, but I saw she was coming up to me. She handed me something and said "Merry Christmas" and walked back outside. I looked at the object she put in my hand and saw it was a $20 bill! I thanked her! By that time, she was already walking outside. I was stunned though. That has never happened to me before!! I didn't question it though. I live here alone, so I don't get many Christmas gifts. I get all kinds of cards from family though. But no one has ever just handed me money like that before. I mentioned this on Facebook and my mom said "The LORD works in mysterious ways!" She's right too! HE does! I sure could use that extra $20! It'll come in handy!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Michael's Statue Approved

Well, I heard this morning about Michael's statue being approved. That's wonderful!! I am actually glad to hear that. Even though it was the brain child of an asswipe, still it's awesome. I haven't seen that asswipe in a while, and I believe she deleted her Facebook account. But who cares?! All that aside, I still wanted to see this happen. Of course I haven't joined many INXS groups on Facebook. I have no intention of joining either. I'm even considering leaving one of the groups. I'm actually in too many INXS groups! I don't like that. So, I'm thinking of leaving one or more of them.

The other day, someone on a group posted a video of an interview with Michael. It was a bad recording, and was only a small piece of the interview. Well, I found a better version of the full interview and I was going to share it with the other people in the group. I came close! I had the link copied and I was on my way back to the group to post it. But then I stopped myself. I thought about back when I posted that full version of Michael's Rough Guide to Hong Kong on the Statue for Michael group. I thought about how much I now regret sharing that with that group of bozos! I should not have done it! And if I'd known back then how those people were going to turn their backs on me after my father died, I wouldn't have shared it with them! When I copied that link for this interview video, I said to myself "Wait a minute! What am I doing?!" I closed down the Facebook page, saying "Screw that! They can come to YouTube and find this themselves! I'm not sharing this with anyone!"

Well, I got the video now, in my own collection. That's where it's staying. I'll never post it to Facebook. Fuck that! I'm never posting anything I have to Facebook INXS groups again. Ya know something? I heard Delilah P. (or Violet Hamilton whatever the fuck it calls it's self now) is now taking credit for that video I posted of Michael's Rough Guide to Hong Kong. That stupid fuck had NOTHING to do with finding that video! She was originally one of the fans who complained because she couldn't find part 1 of that video, which had somehow been taken off of YouTube. I was the one who saved all 3 parts to that video. I was the one who put them together and made them a full video. I was also unfortunately the one who posted that video first on Facebook. Now, I wish I hadn't. Well, there is a special place for Delilah in Hell when she leaves this world. I just would so LOVE to punch that woman square in the gut before then.

Funny thing how I used to think INXS fans were the nicest fans of all. But no. I was wrong. Too many of them are liberals. I am also a member of another Facebook group of another rock group, and I've actually found the fans of that group are much more fun than INXS fans. They don't seem to be quite as uptight as INXS fans are. They know more how to cut loose and have fun. They also have their own little "class clown" in the group and everyone seems to have accepted him pretty well. INXS fans would see someone like that and cast him out as a troublemaker. Like they did me. I don't know. Maybe it's because INXS fans are getting too old. But they take things much more literal and much more personal than fans of other groups seem to. I think anytime you have a dead band member, the fans are eventually going to act so uptight. And even more so if the girlfriend of that deceased band member kills herself.

I still don't like Paula Yates. Nothing is going to change that. I still think Michael should not have gotten with her at all. He'd still be here if he hadn't.

Well, this morning the fans were asked what pose they'd like to see Michael's statue in. I remember when this first got started, people wanted to see Michael put up in that pose he's in on the album cover for Live Baby Live; with his arms outstretched and facing the sky. Personally, I don't want to see that pose for this statue. Think about it. This statue may be 10 feet tall. Who is going to be able to see his face if it's facing skyward? I think he should be in a pose where he's looking out into the world. Maybe something more similar to this...

With a microphone in his hands of course. But more like this than like that pose on the Live Baby Live album cover.

Well, regardless of what I think of that Statue for Michael group, I am glad to see this finally come to fruition. Of all the people who have statues in this world in their honor, few deserve it as much as Michael does. He had a natural talent for singing. That's rare for anyone. But shit! Why Melbourne??? Melbourne is a shithole!! I haven't been there myself, and have no plans whatsoever to go, but from what I hear from native conservative Australians, Melbourne is Australia's California. It's a place where the worst of the worst go to fester. So that must mean that there is no chance I will get to see this statue. But oh well! Just knowing it's there is good enough for me. Michael's sister seems to be really happy about this too, and that's what counts. She had this to say...

For sure! Her own baby doll will finally be remembered for the talented person he was! So many people seem to have forgotten how great Michael really was. People today remember the 1980s, but don't seem to remember how INXS shaped the 80s. That can certainly be visible in the Shabooh Shoobah album. In 1982 and 83, the music was corny!! To put it mildly! I remember hearing the songs from those years and they were more like something you'd hear on albums of children's songs, with someone who has a kooky voice singing. But not Shabooh Shoobah. Listen to Don't Change and try to tell me that song is not ahead of it's time!! You won't hear anything like it before 1984 at all! That is how INXS shaped 80s music.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Am I Losing Connection?

Man! On Quora, I've noticed that I'm getting a lot of shit from people for posting this one answer. LOL! The question was about what are some weird facts about animals that nobody else knows. I took some of the most interesting and unusual facts from a 2008 blog in this site (that I actually got from an old email I received back then) and posted them as my response to that question. I also added an extra one myself that was not on that list about Streaked tenrecs. Well over the past couple of days, several people have told me that several things I listed are wrong. LOL! I just sit back and smile at them, because the only one that nobody has said was wrong was the one I wrote about Streaked tenrecs. Only the ones I got off that old list. They were things I never knew of was right or wrong, but I listed them in my answer because they were the most interesting.

Anyway, people are going to see those and say I don't know shit about animals. I remember last year, Gabby Guthrie said the same thing because I said that a dog, someone claimed was a husky, actually looked more like an akita. Gabby mocked my opinion because she was an akita owner. Well, I believe whole-heartedly she was just a teenager (or an old fart who thinks like a teenager) playing games with me. That's why I have her blocked on Facebook. I'm not there to play games with kids. Nor with people who think like kids. Shoot! That was the reason I used to hate show breeders. Because the ones I used to meet acted like little kids on the playground! That's still the reason I hate ADS people too. But really, if the only indication she had that I don't know about animals is me seeing a dog, that looked like an akita, and saying so, then that's not bad. Really! I never said it was an akita. I just said it looked like one.

But anyways, all that aside. After seeing those people on Quora correcting the things I wrote in my answer, I wonder, have I lost my knowledge of animals? I really have not been keeping up with the latest findings about modern animals. That's because the new findings go against what I learned as a kid. For example, now the Malagasy carnivores have been taken out of the family of mongooses and civets. Modern scientists have found that they've been isolated long enough to perpetuate a whole new family. But I don't see it that way. I see it the way I've always seen it, that they look like mongooses, so they are mongooses. But then again, one could argue that because opossums look like rats, that they must be rats. Or that because koalas look like bears, then they must be bears. Or because lions look more like dogs, that they must be dogs. Which I know is not so. But now, because of new studies in DNA, people are finding out differences we used to think was just simply variety, now constitute these animals to represent different families.

I dunno, I will never get used to the new methods! That's why I stopped studying today's animals. I stick with my mammals of tomorrow. I'd rather do that than anything. At least I know if an animal is different, I can place it in a different group myself. I have a simple classification method I use in my Metazoic site; I separate animals in groups of Large Grazers, Small Grazers, Carnivores, Flying Mammals, and Pentadactyls (formerly primates). Although a family can be divided among those groups. For example the Metazoic kangaroo family. There are small grazers and large grazers in that group in the Metazoic. But there is also one carnivorous genus; Carnophalanger. It is Australia's top predator in the Metazoic. It reins above all else, even crocodiles. You'd never known it was related to a group of nearly 100% grazers. Unlike the majority of kangaroos today, in the Metazoic most roos are able to move their legs independently. So, Carnophalanger moves more like an ostrich. It only hops when it needs to.

Anyways, that is why I don't know much about modern animals. Not as much as I used to. I guess I've lost touch with modern studies. I still class the Malagasy carnivores in the same family with mongooses and civets today, and in the Metazoic, even expanded the family. I will always class them together. I see very little difference. I call it simple variety. And anyways, I prefer to keep going with my Metazoic animals anyways. As soon as I reach my goal of 5000 species of mammals in the Metazoic, then I will concentrate on birds of the Metazoic. I've already got a page dedicated to flightless birds in the Metazoic. As soon as I reach my goal for the mammals, I'll work on flying birds. First, I'm thinking of coming up with more Microchiropters. I should! In today's world, they outnumber the pteropods. Although I like the pteropods better. They're cuter. But I know cuter does not always mean they will outrank their uglier competitors. If that were so, then African wild dogs would outrank lions in Africa! Well, the dogs are better hunters. But they are also cuter than lions are. However, they are not as strong when they stand alone against a lion.

Well, in the Metazoic, I think I'll keep the main difference between the pteropods and microbats being that the pteropods are active during the day, and microbats only at night. We need some night mammals in the Metazoic. I don't have many. I'm trying to make tomorrow's mammals opposite of what they are today. Most mammals today are active mostly at night. Lately even some that have been active during the day are moving around more at night because of humans. But in the Metazoic, humans are gone. So, mammals can move around more during the day.

But anyways, I'm either losing touch or losing my mind. Well, I lost my mind long ago. LOL! But I am also losing touch with modern animals because I've been working too hard on my futuristic mammals. Even in my stories, almost all the animals I use in my stories are from my Metazoic site. Well, that started with the story "The Mischievous Mongoose". When that story was first written by a friend, and I used to take it to school to get other peoples' opinions of it. Most people saw it was about a mongoose and right off they'd think "It sounds like Rikki Tikki Tavi." Well, I got tired of that. So did the friend I had that wrote the story. Well, in 1994, after working on my Metazoic project for a while, I got an idea. How about use one of the mongoose species from that project instead and rewrite the whole story over again? And it worked! With the permission from the remaining family, I rewrote the story to accommodate one of the mongooses from my collection. I chose this guy...

Meet Tarboailurus, a giant mongoose of the future. Definitely NOT Rikki Tikki Tavi!! This is an 18-foot long version of Rikki Tikki Tavi. And his only prey is not snakes. Though they could take on an anaconda and win. Although Diana, the mongoose in the story, is a baby throughout the story, she does play with dangerous snakes and kills them. But in the end, she and her new friends, Jasper and Katie, meet "The Mad Anaconda", who takes Katie as his prey. And Diana rescues her.

Tarboailurus is BIG!! But it is also very fast, just like modern mongooses. It has 12-inch long canines that it uses to stab it's prey. It has retractable claws like a cat's, to subdue it's prey. It also has a long, stiff tail that is used for balance when it leaps onto the back of a large prey animal. And yes, if this animal were around today, it'd be very dangerous to humans! You couldn't imagine being chased by an 18-foot long animal that moves like lightening, with 12-inch sharp teeth and 5-inch razor-sharp claws, and sees you as prey. No human could survive that!