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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Miracle or Just Simple Kindness?

Wow! I don't know what to think! I never would have believed something like this could happen to me. Not me! Somebody else maybe. But definitely not me!

I went grocery shopping yesterday at one of our 2 local grocery-department stores. One of the reasons I needed to go yesterday was because I needed to get some peppermint sticks for some cookies I was going to make. Every year for Christmas, it has become a tradition to make peppermint meltaway cookies. It's a family favorite. I had my portable cart (what I like to call my "little old lady cart") with me, and I had some groceries piled up almost to the rim of this cart. I always go by dial-a-ride. I don't take the bus anymore because the construction in this town has made the buses so unreliable! I never know when the bus will actually get me to my destination. Besides, when I have a shitload of groceries, it's no fun taking the bus and walking from the bus stop to my apartment, and Mya hates the sound of that cart rolling. Besides, Mary is back. And I don't like her. She's a consistent bus rider. I don't like her because she is constantly shit-talking me and Mya. She doesn't even know either of us! I talked to her for maybe 30 minutes one time, but she still doesn't know me! And she sure doesn't know Mya. And now she has even shit-talked my sis. Katrina thinks she may have the beginnings of dementia, and I don't know maybe she's right. Or she may be shit-talking me because I don't talk to her. But shit-talking someone is not a good way to get someone to talk to you. It's a great way to get even more ignored and disliked.

Believe me, I know. hehehehe!!! 😁 I'm saying though, Mary could be shit talking me and my family to seek some kind of attention from me. Any kind. Maybe because I am the only one in this town who doesn't speak to her, that's the only way she can think of to get my attention. Some people are like that. They get bothered by that one person who does not talk to them, even though everybody else talks to them, so they seek to get that person's attention any way they have to. Even by being hateful. But what Mary doesn't know is that I am an introvert. I only talk to people I know VERY well. Not to be unkind. That's just the way an introvert is.

Anyways, yesterday I went to the local grocery store and I had finished all my shopping, paid for it, and I went into the area where the shopping carts were kept to wait for the dial-a-ride bus. I don't think I looked like a tramp, I had on a nice top. The pants were used but still clean. But anyways, while I was sitting there, I saw this woman approach me from outside. I'd never seen her before, but I saw she was coming up to me. She handed me something and said "Merry Christmas" and walked back outside. I looked at the object she put in my hand and saw it was a $20 bill! I thanked her! By that time, she was already walking outside. I was stunned though. That has never happened to me before!! I didn't question it though. I live here alone, so I don't get many Christmas gifts. I get all kinds of cards from family though. But no one has ever just handed me money like that before. I mentioned this on Facebook and my mom said "The LORD works in mysterious ways!" She's right too! HE does! I sure could use that extra $20! It'll come in handy!

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