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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The "Queer" TimmyHutchFan

LOL!!! I got this from some idiot last night on YouTube who is trying to pass himself off as a christian. I know he's not, but he calls himself "Christian Empire". Something is wrong with this dude. First, he's trying to pass himself off as a christian, when I can tell he's not. If he was a christian, he wouldn't be bearing false witness against his neighbor. LOL! False advertising if you ask me. So, that's one point he's lost already. Anyways, I decided to have some fun with him, just because he calls himself "Christian Empire" and he's very obviously not a christian. But he is a troll, so I am not angry at him. I don't take trolls seriously.

Well, the first time he posts to me on a comment, he says "Silence. queer. Dee TimmyHutchFan". So, obviously if he's saying someone he doesn't even know (and most likely never saw my videos) is "queer", then that must mean HE must be queer. Which, I have no idea if that's really true, but in my experience, most people who claim others to be something (especially people they don't know) out of haste especially, tend to be that thing they are claiming the other person is. So, this was my response to him...

@Christian Empire Are you saying you should be silent because you are a queer? LMAO!! I agree you should be silent, but not because you are a queer. If you're a queer dude, that's your business.

And OMG!! This just in!!!! How eerie is this? I found another one of his channels, and am I right about him being queer?

I think this is one of his other channels, it's linked on his profile. Look at that face and try to tell me he's not gay! In this profile, he calls himself "LilCheetahIsVamous". There's another link on his channel for the same character, only there he just calls himself "LilCheetah". So, this dude is obviously a pantherfag too.

Anyways, this morning I got a response from him. This is what he said...

No, I'm saying you should be silent because you're a queer. Nothing wrong with being gay, dude, but you should know your place.@Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan

I found this funny! So again, I decided to have a little fun with him...

Mmmm, I think YOU are the queer. LOL! You are just afraid to admit it so you try to pin it off on someone else. You should take your own advice. Nothing wrong with being gay. Even if you are pretending to be a christian. But it's not a good thing if you try to deny it and put it in someone else's face. LOL!! :)

I guess that is how people like Christian Empire cope with being gay and afraid to tell someone they are; by pinning their sexual orientation on someone else--a random stranger on the internet that they can't see. That's another point taken from him. He's gay/queer and afraid to admit it. Frankly, queers kinda do scare me. I've heard of so many men who wear women's clothing and go out to kill women. So yeah, in that aspect, queers do kinda bother me. But this guy, Christian Empire, is really creepy! Not only is he a gay queer guy, he's also into bestiality.

In another comment I made to someone else, bestiality came up, and I spelled it like "beastiality". Well, I am not into seeing people have sex with animals, so I don't know, or really care, how to spell it! Well, this was Christian Empire's response to that...

And it's bestiality, not "BEASTiality". You're welcome, noob.@Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan

"Noob"?? LMAO!!!! Does he even know what that means? I heard it's internet slang for "newbie". Does he realize what that implies?? It implies he is an expert in bestiality, while he thinks I am a 'newbie'. I'm not into bestiality at all. But apparently he's an expert in it. LMAO!!! Not something I would admit on the internet or anywhere else if I were him. But hey! It's his life. I'm just here having fun! I had a great deal of fun on him! This was my last response to him...

Ooohhhh You're into bestiality too!? Dude, you got some problems there! Being a gay queer who is into having sex with animals. LMAO!!! Keep talking dude. I'm finding this all funny! :) It says a lot about you too, and I never met you!
That's one odd way to get to know someone. But this Christian Empire, I'm getting the feeling, is not someone I want to get to know at all. He's really weird! So far, since I've met him on this video, there are 3 things I don't like about him:

1. He calls himself "Christian Empire" when he's not a Christian.
2. He's a gay/queer guy who is so afraid to admit it, that he prefers to put it on other people he doesn't know.
3. He likes to have sex with animals.

Three strikes and you're out dude! Those are 3 qualities I do not look for in someone I want to get to know! I'd have more respect if he

1. Called himself "Atheist Empire" or even "Catfag Empire" instead of "Christian Empire" and making fun of real Christian people.
2. Admitted he is a gay/queer guy, and just moved on.
3. Didn't have sex with animals at all!

As an endnote, I think "Christian Empire" blocked me on YouTube. LMAO!!! I can tell because on those quotes above, it used to say @Christian Empire. Now, those are gone. So what's the matter? Someone calling himself "Christian Empire" should be able to handle the truth! LOL!!! Ah well, I guess that's the last we'll see of him! hehehehe!!

Anyways, subject change*******************************************************

I got this awesome new laser engraving machine, and I want to make little trinkets with it. I already made a Christmas ornament for Katrina, it's got a picture of Chris Cornell, with a message that says "Merry Chris-mas" on it. I also made myself this key chain...

It's made of wood, and it says "Keep Calm and Love Your Sheltie", in reference to Mya. I even found a pic. This may even mean a new business venture as soon as I get better at operating this machine. The biggest problem I now have with it is getting the right size for the picture to cover the whole ornament. This is all new to me, and I need to practice this even more. But I admittedly got this one right! I love it too. Now, I can make anything; key chains, earrings, necklaces, other jewelry, Christmas ornaments, etc, all kinds of cool things! And I barely have to lift a finger! I'm loving this thing!

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