Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Monday, August 30, 2010


Would you eat a cat? Or a dog? Hey! The Koreans do it all the time! Cats and dogs are as much a delicasy there as chicken and pig meat is here. But did you know that there is actually a site that sells puppy and kitten meat?? YUK!! To me, that's horrifying! I heard about this site today and so I decided to check it out. I was definitely horrified by what I saw. It's a site called kittybeef.com. They also have a sister site called puppybeef.com. It's actually easier for me to look at cat meat, even though I think it's disgusting, than it is for me to look at dog meat. So I haven't even looked at puppybeef.com! I think of dogs as my friends. I have 3 of them. They act like my friends, they sit on my lap and give me kisses! I don't have a cat, and don't really want a cat, so I don't see them as much as friends as I do with dogs. Though I have to tell you, cats love me for some unknown reason! Seems they can sense if you don't like them, and they always come to you and make you like them! LOL! I think that's kinda cute actually. But I still don't want a cat! They stink!! I can't imagine cat beef tastes any better than the animal it's self smells!

The creepiest thing about this site, on investigation, I noticed PETA wrote about this site as well. I was dying to hear what they had to say about it! Just as I suspected, the site has been reported to them. And when asked what they are going to do about the site, they said they aren't going to do much of anything. Know why? To them, it's sweet justice for all the pigs, cows and chickens that we normally eat. They ask how is killing a dog or cat any different from killing a pig, cow or chicken? Well, let's us lay it all out. And this is speaking as a dog owner and lover. My dogs love me and they show it. They lay on my lap, or by my side, or in my bed, they lick my face, which is their way of showing love. When an intruder comes to the door, the dogs are the early warning system. It's obvious dogs love me and I love them. But how many cows, pigs or chickens have you seen actually show their "masters" any love? Outside of TV commercials, or the obviously lanky individual keeping a chicken in their home. Or the few people who have kept pot-bellied pigs before they became illegal to own in the city limits. And altogether in some states. Here in Ocean Shores, you can't keep a pot-bellied pig.

Now, if I grew up in China or Korea I may have thought differently about eating dogs and cats, but since I grew up here, this menu rather horrifies me!! Especially as someone who now has 3 dogs licking me all over my arms and legs!! LOL! And also the fact that I lost my Groucho. That was a huge turning point in my life. I don't even like jokes about killing dogs now. Whereas they wouldn't have bothered me before (as long as they were only in fun, and not meaning any harm). I'm sure the people who have cats would feel the same way seeing ground up cat meat.

How often have you seen a cow, pig, or chicken give it's life voluntarily for it's master? I don't think I ever have! I've never even seen a cat do that! So really, what use is a cow or a pig or a chicken? Except to be eaten? And hey let's face it, they taste GOOD!!!!!! I love chicken, broiled, baked or fried. Though I really try to stay away from fried foods! I don't eat much pork, because most of the time when I do, it's too tough! Though I do love pork ribs, country-style. Beef, I usually only like in the form of a roast. But because of the hormones and shit that is now being pumped into cows to bulk them up, it's best to stay away from beef!! I prefer bison meat now. One of the reasons I cannot wait to move to Montana is because there, bison meat is more readily available. There are no hormones in bison meat! It's usually all-natural. Bison are naturally bulky. But that's mostly why we have so many fat people now is because of all the shit that is being put in our food now, it's the reason meat has a reputation now of making people fat. They've got to be using it more now! When I was younger, you hardly ever saw a fat person! And really we ate no differently then than we do today. I think now, the FDA has just upped the amount of bulking hormones that is allowed to be put into cows these days. So really bison is the only way to go! I've even seen elk meat available!!! I'd love to try that! But eating a cat or a dog, that's disgusting to say the least!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Urine, The New Energy Source

It's true! Scientists are now working on a way to put urine to good use. They are considering it as a new source of energy. If this happens, then it will be the cleanest fuel we have ever come up with. In terms of for the environment. It's kinda cool. It is flammable and it can be acquired easily, and inexpensively. It may even start a surge in urine banks across the country, like plasma banks. And they may pay people to take a leak. How much exactly I don't know. I saw this in an article on Discovery News, it was titled "pee power". I hate the term "pee"!!! I never use it!! I say either "urinate" or "wizz". I don't know where the term "pee" even derived from!! Must have been made up from city slang! The only time I use that word is when I am talking about peas. I never use the word "poop" either! I can never see myself using that word! I think it sounds dumb! I say either "poo" or "dump". Or when I am referring to the stuff it's self, I say "droppings" or "feces". I don't know where either of those terms other people typically use derived from! But I think they sound stupid. So I never use them. But that was an interesting article!

The funny thing about that article, on the SE forum a couple of years ago, someone mentioned something about us running out of fossil fuels and how we won't be getting anymore energy that way. I said what we should do is utilize buffalo urine for fuel if we do run out of fossil fuels. Because I thought it would make a great substitute for fossil fuel-based energy. I thought of that after I found out that buffalo urine is flammable. Because basically that is all we need in order to jump start our energy-driven motors. We need a substance that is combustible. Urine would be perfect. Anyway, the people on the SE forum mocked and made fun of me for making that statement. Bet they're thinking different now! IF they have seen that article. Imagine the possibilities. It could start off as a fuel for running our electricity, maybe later our cars, airplanes, rockets. The possibilities are endless! People laugh now, but who knows what could happen? Read the article for yourself here: http://news.discovery.com/tech/pee-power-to-the-people.html.

I always get laughed at for my ideas, but then so did Van Gogh! Yes, I am using the "Van Gogh argument" again! LOL! I have a scientific mind though. I always take a minor thing, and I think about "What if you could take this and do this with it?" Like the thing about buffalo urine being flammable. To someone else, that was just a little piece of interesting information. But to me, I looked at it in my usual complex fashion. I thought about using it to burn lamps. Then I went further. Instead of just burning lamps with it, why not use it in our power plants for clean energy? Then on and on and on. That's the way I think! Crazy? Perhaps. We say that now, but look at the bigger picture, 80 years from now, will we still be saying that idea is crazy? I don't think so. 200 years ago, people said the same thing about flying. 100 years ago, going into outer space was nothing more than a dream. I look at viper venom, several species have blood-thinning agents. To someone else, they may see the production of antivenin, or basically look at it as something that kills. But to me, I see many possibilities. It can be used to help heart attack or stroke victims because of it's compounds that thin out the red stuff.

No, I am not a medium, I'm not clairvoyant nor nothing like that! I'm just a good thinker. A damn-good thinker! And a great listener. Let's be honest here, not modest. My mind is always working. Sometimes it goes so fast, it gets steered out of kilter. But that doesn't mean it gets totally derailed! At least not for long. LOL!

What I am worried about, I haven't made a video in 2 weeks!! UGH!! I think it's finally happened, I ran out of ideas! Either that or I've been so busy working on this book about horses that I just haven't had any time to think about what to make another movie about! My last movie was another little animated clip I did for Metazoica. It's Leptonosoma's screen test. Leptonosoma is a small, slenderly built lemur of the Metazoic. It's closest modern relatives are bushbabies. It came out not too bad! It could have been a little bit better, but for starters for a longer movie, it didn't turn out too bad! I saw other animation projects from other people on YouTube and I have become quite fascinated with them. Most of them do a lot better than me! But mine aren't too bad considering I've never had a lesson in animation in my life! I've just seen other cartoons, and also have seen movies in slow-motion before, and I use those as my guides when creating the motion for my little flicks. Anyway, here is Leptonosoma. If you want to learn more about this animal, I have this family up on Metazoica now. It is almost complete. I've recently added a few more new species.

Edit to add:
This version is better! These animals are supposed to leap so fast they appear to fly through the trees, much like modern bushbabies. So in this updated version, the leaping scene is much faster.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Darned Budget Cuts!!!

My apologies for not being on this site for a while. I haven't even written anything in my Metazoic blog, and I was to a point where every week, I was doing a Metazoic Family of the Week! All my viewers really seem to enjoy those! And they kept that blog busy. But I have been busy. Now that I have a trial with MS Office 2010, I am taking full advantage of it. I am back to work on my book about horse breeds of the world. That book has been sitting unfinished for the past year! And now I am back to work on it. I'm rather proud of it too! I finally completed the chapter with the light horse breeds (I finished the pony section last year), and I am currently on the draft horses. It is tough though!! I don't know horses as well as I thought I did! Oh, I know the common breeds, and in fact I have a morgan mare and a morgan/arab cross mare. They are staying with Katrina now, but once we get some acreage (maybe when we move to Montana), they will be moving back with us! But there are more than 300 different breeds of horses, and to find info about all of them, including on the internet, is quite a challenge! Some of the really rare breeds there aren't even any breeders of them! So, it's pointless to try and discuss these with breeders. It's not like it was writing the dog book, where there are many breeders, and kennel clubs that recognize multiple breeds. Horses are far more complex than that!! It's about as complex writing a book about horses, as it is with another one of our writers, who is working on a book about New York!! LOL! Well!! What the heck! We have a book about California, why not include a book about New York!!??

Well anyway, I hate these darned budget cuts!! And they are popping up in the worst possible places!! For example, I know someone who is on Social Security, and needs to have oral surgery done. Well, this person is on a very limited budget, and in fact relies on medicaid for health care. Well, when this person tried to make an appointment with the dentist to have the surgery done, the receptionist mentioned that anesthesia was going to be $300 extra, and Medicaid does NOT cover it anymore, as of this year!!! This friend told me about this, and I asked why not, and this person told me that the receptionist mentioned it is because of these budget cuts!! UGH!! So what if this was a life-threatening surgery? Like a gall-bladder surgery or something like that? Would this individual who is on Medicaid have to pay extra just to be knocked out, or if the $300 or so cannot be provided by them, do the surgeons just cut the patient open while they are wide awake, and screaming in pain? That is the worst place to put a damn budget cut!! People on Medicaid do not make that much! And in fact, $300 would be half of what this individual I know gets each month in SS. So it would be a choice between paying the surgeon and paying the rent. This person can either have this surgery done, and have this oral problem fixed, or pay the rent and still have a home to come home to and recover after surgery. I feel for this person, because I am this person's best buddy. At least I think so! LOL! I always put a lot of emotional investment in people I consider my friends, and I like to try and help them all I can. But I don't know how I can help this person, and this person really needs it.

I blame Obama for this, though Katrina said you can't really blame him. She said it's not his doing. What do you all think of these budget cuts? Let me know in the reactions. This country is messed up now! And now I heard Dino Rossi is the one responsible for sending all of our manufacturing work overseas! And to think, I liked him!! UGH!!! He's sending all that work to China, and leaving no jobs here! I have noticed all the big factories are closing down in this country little by little. The only jobs that are being left here are jobs that requires high levels of training! That is, university graduates and shit. Not everyone can afford to attend a major university! And grants are not given to people with a job and an income, no matter how little it is. If you make over a certain amount (just slightly above welfare levels) you don't qualify for a grant! You can get a student loan! But I would not recommend it. Trust me on that! The fact that student loan collectors will hound you for the rest of your life is as certain as night follows day!

So why are all the no-brainer jobs being sent to China? I'll tell you why. Because there, people can be hired for pennies a day. I know because I used to work in a factory. I don't want to make this sound too racy, but it's true. People hire individuals who are not native to this country, barely, if at all, speak english, and only interested in making whatever they can per day to send to their families in other countries, because all they need are just the bare essentials. Most of those people will work for peanuts. It's true! While the giving money to their families overseas is a nice sentiment, some jobs need to stay here, where the economy is worse!!

That makes me think of something hysterical!! There was this woman named Maria, that worked at the factory I worked at, and she got a couple of dogs from another long-time friend of mine named Nancy. Well, Nancy had been buying and giving Maria toys to give the dogs, but she suspected that Maria had not been giving the toys to the dogs because of the way Maria would answer whenever Nancy would ask how the dogs like the new toys. Nancy often got the toys from Petsmart or Petco, and give them to Maria to give to the dogs. Nancy suspected Maria was taking the toys back to Petsmart or Petco, just to get the money for them. Well, one day Nancy wanted to fool Maria, so she went to the dollar store and bought some cheap toys to give to Maria to give to the dogs, and told Maria that she bought them from Petco. Naturally, Maria accepted graciously. The very next day, Maria angrily confronted Nancy and asked "Did you say you got those toys from Petco??" Nancy said yes. Somehow, Nancy heard through the grapevine that Maria did try to take those Dollar Store toys back to Petco for a refund after Nancy gave them to her, only to have the Petco staff tell her that they didn't sell those kind of toys there. Really, you would have had to know the kind of person Maria was in order to really get that story! But it was FUNNY!!!!

Maria was money-hungry, all the time. She cared more about money than she did about any living things, including dogs and people! She was a known liar, and she was an animal abuser. After I left the factory, Nancy told me that Maria's roommate said that Maria kept the dogs she got from Nancy in crates because they had worms. She never let them out of the crates for anything, not even to go out and use the bathroom. And she never took them to the vet to get those worms treated!! This roommate said the dogs had been locked in those crates for 3 months! Never being let out! That made me angry!! I knew Maria's previous track-record, and I had no reason to doubt she did that!! She wanted to get a pomeranian puppy from me once, and I would not let her have one! She even offered to pay me double what I wanted for them, and I still said NO!! Even if I thought she had the money, I still would never have let her have any of those pups because of the way she treated the dogs she got from Nancy! I can, to a degree, tolerate liars (I always find out the truth anyway!) But I do not tolerate animal abusers! Especially in crimes against dogs! I have this thing, if my dogs don't eat, then I don't eat! I put them before myself. They go to the vet before I go to the doctor. They only go in their crates to sleep at night, or during my naps, and that is for their safety. Other times, they have free roaming of the house, or they sit beside me on my chair. In fact, I bought this chair so I can have more cuddle time with the dogs. I can't even fathom getting a dog and doing to it what Maria did to her's!!

Well, that's enough of my rant. Back to work on the horse book! Watch for it on the UMG Productions site!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Cryptic Creatures

I was reading this article of the day in the sidebar, and it's about a devilish creature that was observed in England in the 1800s that was said to have superhuman powers of leaping abilities and eyes shined bright red, and breathed fire. It was called the "spring-heeled jack". It was said to resemble a man who was tall and thin, and had a devilish grin, wore a cloak and had horns on his head. I've always been fascinated by cryptic creatures, but this one really struck a chord with me. It was probably the creature that gave rise to the theory of the bogeyman. I used to hear about him when I was little. My ma used to tell me that if I didn't go to bed when I was supposed to, the bogeyman would come and get me. Oddly though, he never sounded threatening to me! LOL! I always pictured him looking like just a regular man. In fact, I equated my image of him akin to a man that I used to see all the time jogging down our street! And he was a nice man. So I was not afraid of the bogeyman. But I always went to bed when I was supposed to anyway. But after reading this article, I figured he had to be the image my ma was trying to convey to me as a child. I don't know why parents do that really. The scare tactic doesn't work with all kids! It didn't with me. But then I don't really scare that easily. That may be hard to believe, me admitting I don't open my doors at night, and barely during the day unless I know the person behind the door! But hey! Better to be paranoid and not open the door at night, than open to a stranger, and be dead later. Or disappeared would probably be worse. But anyway! This was an interesting article! It got me thinking today about some other cryptic creatures I've always been fascinated by! I will look at some of those here.

Cryptic creatures have always been a source of fascination for me. I love watching shows like Monsterquest when I can catch it on television. They have done some fascinating stories on there. Some of these cryptics can be explained. After all, less than 100 years ago, the giant panda was thought to be a cryptic animal. Today, it is one of the most familiar animals on the planet, and the largest member of the raccoon family! Yes, raccoon! Though some people think they are bears. The mountain gorilla is another animal that only 100 years ago was considered a cryptic animal. Today, they have been extensively studied, and known to be the largest primate, but also the most gentle. Some cryptid creatures that keep me interested in this subject are:

Mothman: This is a replica statue that was made of the creature that terrorized a West Virginia town in the late 1960s. His eyes were said to have glowed deep red, and some people reported he had no head at all, but rather had his eyes affixed to his chest. But he was reported to have wings like those of a moth, and to fly at fantastic speeds! He never killed or even harmed anyone, but he was very scary to those unlucky enough to encounter him. Because the area he was first spotted in was the site of an ex-Federal Bomb and Missile Factory, it was believed for a long time that this creature was the end result of a military experiment gone wrong.

Mongolian Death Worm, also known as Allghoi khorkhoi: This is an interesting tale of a huge worm-like animal that lives under the sands of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. It is said to be 3-5 feet long, and spews out either sulfuric acid, which turns anything it touches yellow, or corroded, or stuns it's victims with electricity. It is said to be as thick as a man's arm, and to touch this creature means instant death, as the natives believe merely the skin is toxic.

The Jersey Devil: This creature has one of the most interesting stories of all. It was birthed from a normal (though what is today considered wiccan) mother. It was her 13th child, and someone wished the baby to be born a monster. The baby was born blond-haired and blue eyed, like a normal baby would be. Immediately after she gave birth to this baby, it grew wings, and grew a grotesque figure and flew up the chimney out into the pines and disappeared. This animal is said to be bipedal and have horse-like hooves, like the picture posted here. Hardly looks threatening! But those who encounter it say it is a terrifying creature! Though I don't believe anyone has ever been physically harmed by this creature, they were blamed for livestock killings in the 19th century. A carcass of a creature fitting the description of this animal was found in 1957, and in 1960, a local merchant offered $10,000 to anyone who could bring him a live specimen of this creature.

Bunyip: This is an animal of Australian folklore. Though the creature in this picture resembles a large dog, coming up out of the water to snatch an aboriginal man. There are actually as many different descriptions of this creature, as there are stories told about them. Literally! Some have said it resembles a cross between a dog and a horse. Some say it is a large humanoid primate, like Bigfoot. One of the reasons this creature fascinates me so much is due to a documentary I saw about it back in 1991. It told the story of a British explorer in the 1880s, finding a dead specimen of what was believed to be a bunyip. He took it back to England, and showed off the skull of the creature found. It had a long nose, long tusks, and a single eye in the middle of it's head. Others thought it was a truly new species, but the explorer told that it was not a new species, but in fact a deformed fetus of a horse. Today, it is believed that the bunyip is actually fur seals, which sometimes make their way up the Murray and Darling Rivers, where the legend of the bunyip began.

Chupacabra: This is one of the most fascinating cryptic creatures of all IMO. It's name is actually taken from two Spanish words, which mean "goat-sucker". This was derived from the fact that when this creature first started to rear it's head, goats and sheep were it's primary victims. Though they have never been known to target humans, they have targeted (besides sheep and goats) chickens, rabbits, horses, cattle, donkeys, and most recently, dogs and cats. They are evidently working their way up to human victims! There have been many sightings, most of them in Puerto Rico and Mexico. It has been said that any animal that falls victim to Chupacabra is completely dried out, and often some organs are missing. But the carcasses are almost never fully devoured. Descriptions of this creature vary by locale. Puerto Ricans tend to describe a creature that resembles the one in this picture. While in Mexico, a more batlike creature with wings is described, and in the southwest USA, a bipedal, doglike creature is described.

Cadborosaurus: Also known as "Caddies". I first heard about this creature on Unsolved Mysteries, where they showed the picture to the left here, taken in October of 1937, of a 30-foot long creature that was found partially digested in the belly of a sperm whale. The whale was taken on a whaling exposition in Cadboro Bay in Victoria BC. When the whale was dissected, they found the partially-digested carcass of what appeared to be a giant sea serpent. It had a camel-like head and an eel-like body, probably moved through the water in an undulating fashion. It had 4 flippers which also probably helped it swim, and a fanlike tail.

Well, there's my interesting list of cryptid creatures that I find most interesting. Of course we all know about Bigfoot. There has actually been so many sightings of Bigfoot, that there is now a motion in action to get the creature recognized by science. So what will be next? Anyone's guess!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Obama Losing Popularity And Credibility

I'm not surprised. Back in 2008, before he even took office, I predicted that he was going to be the worst president that we ever had! I knew it! But I was slammed by an Obama supporter on this blog, and I will always remember what she said. In fact, I still have it on this blog I believe. And I told everyone I could see the warning signs!! They acted like they didn't believe me. Not only did I have that premonition, but several others had it too, including my ma, who like me is an excellent judge of character. I get it from her ya know! :)

Well, when he was elected into office, which I also predicted would happen, I sat back and said "OK, let's see if this guy really can fix the economy like he said he's going to." It was more than just that, I wanted to see if he was really as spectacular as all these liberals were saying he was, and that included the INXSaries that came on here and slammed me because I didn't like Obama. I gave Obama one chance after another and after another. I even did searches every time I heard a rumor about him (or what I believed was a rumor), to see if what was being said was true. I found that the only people who denied that Obama has done any wrong so far are all his supporters. That is, people who have read his autobiography, and supported him even before he was in office, and refused to see the red flags that were up even then. Those are the people who are blind, the ones who are going to ruin this country! If I am still being slammed because I don't like Obama, well then that is just too bad for them. I don't care.

One of my used-to-be readers, Freckle Face, even said that she knew that the people of this country were going to wish in a couple of years that they hadn't voted Obama into office, and will be screaming to get him out. It looks like she was right too. Just as she stated, in a couple of year's time. But nobody listened to those of us who did not like Obama. I knew his spending money like crazy was going to lead to something horrible. He could not have kept that up for long and expect the economy to really bounce back. And what about putting the money into where it is really needed? Like I heard people on Social Security are not going to be getting any more raises for 2 years. Obama should be putting money into that, instead of paying for his billion-dollar vacations around the country!! Like I said many times before, he is using this country's money like it's his own private piggy bank! He's not thinking anywhere near about the long-term effects his constant spending is doing to this country. Before we know it, we're going to become like one of those third-world countries. It won't be pretty. Maybe this will be the beginning of the end of the world!

Well, I tried to warn everyone, but I am just one person. And I work alone. For me to try and convince everyone to look out for the warning signs well, it's tough! Especially when their minds are already made up that they are going to support Obama no matter what. I've seen just in one day, about 3 different articles implying Obama's impending demise. People don't like him like they used to. And that's what happens when you put an inexperienced person in the presidential office! But everyone wanted him, so all I can say is "you've made your bed, now you can toss in it!" Some people only wanted Obama in office because he is black. To those people I say "OMFG!!! If you want a person as president because they are black, get a more reputable person!!" MC Hammer would have made a better black president!! IF that's all that the public wanted!!

Well, anyway, here's one of the articles I found today. Don't just read the article, I say look at what the rest of the public says! It has over 80,000 comments now, and it was just posted today. Incidentally, the person who slammed me because I didn't like Obama, is the same one who said that INXS will never take JD back, which I also said from day one, was wrong! INXS and JD are still together now! :)


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Tim!!!!

I want to take this time to wish my most favorite musician of all time the bestest birthday wishes!!! I still love you LOTS!!! I hope you get this message Tim. I know someone from Australia looks in on this blog from the INXS website. Several people in fact. I think I am going to post the video I did last year on YouTube for Tim's birthday. I don't know if he saw it, but I think he'd sure get a kick out of it if he did. The thing is, the introduction was so LONG!!! Introductions should be no more than 20 seconds on YouTube. One video with an introduction that was slightly over a minute I completely lost interest in!! Plus it had rap music besides, and I do not like rap music. Although Timmy has done a rap before on a song. It was brief though. Tim can do anything! He is multi-talented, just like the rest of the guys of INXS.

Well, I've been a fan of Tim's since 1998, especially after I acquired the video "In Search Of Excellence". That was when I discovered what a funny guy Tim really is! But my love for him was overshadowed by a still lingering love for Michael. Even though at that time, Michael was already dead, I still loved him, as did many INXS fans. Some have never lost that love. I cannot say I lost it completely, though with me it has toned down considerably. I still see some pics of him that is worthy of a second glance. I didn't like him at all with straight hair though. I loved him better with the long, curly hair he had when he did Kick. But Michael with long, straight hair, he did not look good to me then! He should never have done that! He didn't look like himself. He didn't look like the man I knew and loved. He didn't look like the man I kissed at the concert in 1991. LOL! But Tim is a whole other story!!

I can't even think of a time when I didn't like how Tim looks. He was good looking in Simple Simon, just as handsome as he is today!! Michael wasn't even that good looking in Simple Simon. He looked like a pimply-faced little boy. I'm sorry, I hate speaking of Michael that way, but it's so true!!! He looked like that all the way through to the Listen Like Theives album. It wasn't until Kick came out that he went from being an ugly duckling to a gorgeous and beautiful swan! But Tim, he was a handsome man from day one in his career! I saw him in the video for Simple Simon, and he was still so handsome!! And he was only 20 then. There aren't many 20-year olds that can make me turn my head, in fact there are none! But Timmy back then, if I were a teenager when Simple Simon came out, I would have fallen madly in love with Timmy!!! But I was only a baby then. I didn't even listen to rock music back then. LOL! I was still listening to kiddie music, and watching Big Bird on Sesame Street. Now, I just watch the classic Sesame Street to rekindle old memories.

But enough about that, this is Timmy's day!! Well, it's actually on the 16th, but it will be the 16th tomorrow where he lives, and it will be the 16th again here the next day, and I want to make sure I've wished him well for his birthday. He deserves it. So I want to say....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIM!!!!!!! I love you lots, LOTS, LOTS!! May all your dreams and wishes for this year come true!! Also, I hope your wife, Beth, is doing very well, and continues to do very well! Hope she has a speedy recovery. :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Two Deinognathid Screen-Tests

I've been spending a lot of time working on these videos. The first one was fairly easy, it is Deinognathus roaring. It's always tough to get the sound just right, and the motion. I did these drawings first back in 2004, when Metazoica first got started. I wanted to make up more movies, but I never got around to it, and they were hard to do in flash. But rather easy to do in Windows Movie Maker. The only problem was getting the motion just right. I still think they need some work, and I will be trying to make up some more in time. But these are basic screen tests. They are not supposed to be perfect. Well, anyway, here is the first one, Deinognathus:

Here's the second video. It's Carnodorcas, another Deinognathid. This one took longer to complete, and it was a little more complex. Back in those days, I didn't label everything the same like I do now. This one took me all day yesterday to complete. The drawings are primitive, but the way I put it together seems OK enough. So here is Carnodorcas:

I posted these videos on YouTube, Katrina said about the Deinognathus that I should send that one to eat up Hobofart and his crew. LOL! I told her that even then, I believe they would be acting all brave. And then while the animal was swallowing them, they would still be pointing at the animal saying "You fail, I win! LMAO!"

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Holli Won!

I knew it was going to be her who wins on Hell's Kitchen tonight! I saw it in her performance. I hope Anna saw it, because it was a good show. She is still in Billings having what is hopefully a lot of fun! I always watch this program every year. Around June, I usually look for it to begin. I just love how Chef Ramsay is a combination of a tough and crusty coger, and yet he tempers it with gentleness and kindness. That's what I like about Chef Ramsay. I always watch all his shows, Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, and now Masterchef. I keep thinking I should enter Masterchef. I'm an amateur chef! Everyone raves about my cooking too. Especially my boyfriend (one of the ways I won his heart). No one can cook like a fat woman! I certainly live up to that fact. Some people have said that my cooking is not up to par, but then they have mostly been people who were not fond of American cuisine.

Katrina and I talked for quite a bit tonight. Mostly about her vacation over the weekend. I told her next weekend she should come here with the kids. Now that Anna is out of the house, I get rather bored easily. So bored, I spend literally hours trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my day (after I have my walk). I am working still on another chapter of my animal book. Amazingly, I found a program I am particularly fond of! I absolutely LOVE MS Publisher 2010!!!!!! It is AWESOME!!!! It has features I never thought Publisher would get! I can even add page numbers and begin on any other number besides 1! It helps a lot on those large books that have more than 100 pages and I have to break up the chapters. I recommend the upgrade! Publisher 2007 sucks by comparison!

I also want to give Jon Farriss a shout-out today! Happy Birthday Jon!!! I met the guy several times and he was always so kind and caring. I also want to congratulate him on his upcoming baby! I'm thinking (actually hoping) he's going to have a boy. I predicted he'd have a girl last time and he did. I'm thinking this one is going to be a boy.

Monday, August 9, 2010

So, Have You Read It?

Today, I noticed Hobofart visited the UMG Productions site. He down-rated the story written by me and Cairo about INXS going to Mount St. Helens. This is the second time he's done it, and he hasn't even purchased the story (Trisha, my supervisor, keeps track of all purchases from the site). I know it was Hobofart, or definitely one of his cronies. Well, when I noticed he had been in there, I actually posted a question to him asking him if he had actually read the story, or if he was just down-rating the story because I wrote it. I wrote the comment, but when Trisha saw it, she said she had to remove it because it really has nothing to do with the story. I told her about Hobofart and his cronies. Trisha really does not want anyone to rate any story unless they have read the story. She told me to let her know if it happens again, and she will make rating only available to members of the site. Or remove ratings altogether. She does not like stalkers any more than I do. In fact, it is against the site rules to stalk any member of UMG Productions. I told her about Hobofart being a pedophile and how he never follows the rules, not even on YouTube. She was disgusted by him just being a pedophile. LOL! I even sent her the e-mail message that I got from "Strope" yesterday, with the comment he left on this blog. That gives her an indication of the character of these "people" (and I use that term loosely). I even sent Trisha the link for Katrina's video, as well as other videos made by Hobofart and his crew. She took the words out of my mouth when she said they are evil. But still, as contemptible as they are, Trisha said I cannot respond to posts left on the UMG Productions site. She wants people to feel good about leaving their comments on the site, and she says it is a learning experience for all of us.

So, I will ask Hobofart here. Did you actually READ the story you didn't like? I mean, I don't mind that he didn't like the story, as long as he actually read it and knows for sure he doesn't like it. I put up my latest video about stalkers vs. trolls. In the video, I urged Katrina to block Hobofart and all of his toads, and to do it NOW!! Strope keeps subscribing to her and I cannot understand why. I think it's for far more than meets the eye! I don't think he's interested in seeing what other videos she comes out with. Katrina told me she has really no plans to make any more videos. As much fun as she had making that one, she adds, "It's just not my thing." I personally have fun making videos. Well, at least I know Hobofart saw this video. I can always tell when he sees the videos :) Simply by instinct. I wanted him to see this video. Well, he cannot comment anymore on any of my videos because I blocked his butt from my channel. Serves him right!! He can rate my videos all he wants, he just cannot comment. He should have listened when I told him to get lost! LOL! Like I said in my video, he just cannot handle rejection. Sad little toad he is. Well, I don't know what Katrina is going to really do with her account at YouTube. She hasn't been on there in a couple of days. Of course it was because she was on a little vacation over the weekend with her husband and kids. I cannot deprive her of that. Gotta let those kids have fun! Katrina's oldest starts school here soon. Then he's tied down for the next 12 years until he graduates!!! Barring any complications. LOL! Katrina did speak of just tearing down her YouTube account. I don't want her to do it because of the damn trolls though. She said it would not be that at all. She just would do it because she's not into making videos. I want to make that clear now! I say thank GOD!! I hate going to her channel and looking at that ugly guy in the mask!!! LOL! Looks very evil!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

YouTube The Unreputable Video Site

It's true. It may be hard to believe, but it is true! YouTube is not a reputable site. Google is becoming more interested in money than they are in their users. I'm slowly working my own way off of YouTube because it seems that they are not as reputable as I was led to believe. Not if they allow trolls to take over. This BWC Productions company seems to be taking the fullest advantage of the glitches in Google to power their own little shitty embassy. I don't really care that they have my address now because Anna and I are planning to move to Billings anyway here very soon. Been planning it for a few months. I didn't want to go, and I still don't really want to, but I have no choice. I can't really see any way out of it. I'm not going to stay there long anyway. No more than a couple years. After that, who knows where I will move to? :) It may be back here, it may be not. But it seems they have used all the glitches in YouTube to hack into peoples' accounts and shit. Yes, I said "hack", a hysterical word to the dirty dozen mob, but what Bill Waggoner and his crew do to people is not hysterical. They are going to get in trouble for it. But you tell them that, and they just laugh at you. But it's going to happen one day. Hobofart is in there under several accounts, some of them are different variations of the name "hoboctzarandco", like a letter is missing, changed or something (he does that to fool people into thinking he can unblock himself from their channel).

I really do hope one day YouTube hypes up their security and customer service measures, and comes down on this gang of bottom-feeders. One of my friends and subscribers was so upset about them hacking her account that she has given up YouTube altogether. I'd like to give up YouTube, I really would, but I can't. I have several people that I am subscribed to that I cannot find on another video site, and I really enjoy them a lot! Like Viperkeeper, SnakebytesTV, and ReverendBurn. I love their shows! I like FatRants too, but she hasn't made anything new in quite a while. I just can't give up YouTube. I've taken the first step in completely ignoring Hobofart. Though I mock him quite a bit because he is silly, and seriously disturbed.

I'm just going to let karma take over. Ya know, what someone does to someone else always comes back on them, and it always comes back on them 3 times worse than what they do to others. I feel bad because this friend decided she could not handle the lousy customer service and insecurity of YouTube, and she is giving up her account, and gmail and stuff. I told her that now the trolls are going to think they won. Yesterday when she posted a video, f-ing off Google, she was very upset because she has posted several complaints to YouTube about these damn trolls, and no action has been taken. That's why Hobofart and his stupid cronies are on YouTube, and wreaking havoc, because they know that YouTube will let them get away with it. They would not survive very long on any other video site. Most of the other sites are very reputable. I am on one now that has a higher ranking in customer service than YouTube does! YouTube is only interested in the money. This other site is interested in money, and cares about it's users. Not surprisingly, Hobofart has been reported many times before, under all of his aliases.

I remember once another friend, MzKillaNeden told me that Hobofart only does things like this because he thinks it's funny, and he doesn't mean any harm, and that he's holding a grudge against society because someone gave him coal for Christmas. The last one had to be a joke! Either that or the World really hates him. Having seen his online character, if he is the same offline, I would have just given him coal too! But you know what? I don't hate Hobofart. That may come as a shocker to some of you! I'm not even mad at him. I feel sorry for him. He's too young to understand that, but the only thing I can do is feel sorry for him. Because karma is going to kick in before long. Like I said, what goes around, comes around. And when it comes, it's going to hit him 3 times worse! That's the rules of karma! Hobofart and his crew absolutely HATE it when the same shit they do to other people, is done to them. They go to each other's channels and whine and gripe because "Timmygal shook her saggy tits at me!" or "MsRandomosity said I have MPD!" and yadda-yadda-yadda. But Hobofart not meaning any harm? I hate to say this to MzKilla, but that is bullshit!! He very much means harm! And it's going to come back on him someday. So, all I can do is feel sorry for him. Nothing more. I can't hate, and I can't be angry. I can only feel sorry for him. This whole Bill Waggoner crew are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites, cowards, and whiners. I feel bad for the whole lot of them!

Well, I told Hobofart that if he thinks I am such an animal abuser (which he still believes), he can call the PAWS office here in Ocean Shores (360-289-2924), if he has proof he can provide that I truly am abusing my animals (including witness names, phone #s and addresses), have PAWS raid my home. He can do it if he wants to. But then watch PAWS come here and see my dogs living the life of luxury!! LOL!! I have PAWS on the speed dial on my phone. LOL! I use them quite a bit myself. So now, for your entertainment, I will show you the video Katrina made. It features Hobofart behind a mask. This is the video that got Hobofart and his stupid cronies all pissed off. But you know what, they do the same shit to other people, so really they cannot complain!

Damn it! The video's gone!! Katrina told me she did not delete it before deleting her YouTube account!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Breakthrough

Well, Hobofart has a new identity, now he's a woman trolling around YouTube, who calls himself "MsLulzALot", and he has figured out my address. But hey! It's OK. Katrina was on lunchbreak at work and looked at her YouTube, and then told me about how they posted my address and everything on her homepage. I know what happened. Hobofart visited my MySpace and got my name, and there is a website where anyone can get the address of anyone as long as they have that person's full name. I know all about it, my stepfather told me about it and it is free. Of course he didn't have to go all the way to MySpace, he could have got my name on the UMG Productions website. I regularly use my name on my books.

I'm OK with Hobofart having my address, because I know he's not going to come here anyway. By the time he will be able to, Anna and I will probably be in Billings. Of course I don't plan on staying in Billings for very long, but after that, who knows where I will move to next? I might come back here to Ocean Shores. Or I might move farther north. Rialto Beach is nice! Or Vancouver Is. Or I might move south, Coos Bay is also nice! :) That's as far south as I dare go!! I hate California!! Well, I guess the cat's out of the bag, isn't it? hehehe!! Guess it's too much to hope for that Hobofart send me a Christmas card though. LOL!

I also know why he did it. He was hoping to get Katrina's address. Katrina and I share a lot of things, but her physical address is not among those things! LOL! She lives in Chehalis, 100 miles away from me. I live here. Hobofart can look all he wants, and he will never find Katrina's address anywhere. There are ways of having your info removed from those sites too ;) And Katrina knows it. And she does not put her address up anywhere. I let her use mine, Eva lets her use her's or Katrina uses an old address, whatever, but she does not use the one she has now. So, sorry Hobofart! LOL!

What's Interesting...

Today, I was looking through YouTube and Katrina got a rather ominous threat from someone who is subscribed to her. StropeFromBWC said that he contacted a man named Bill Waggoner today and apparently this man is upset because Katrina is mocking Strope and Hobofart on her channel. He said that if Katrina's channel was not taken down by midnight tonight, that Mr. Waggoner was going to brute force her password. I guess that means he's going to phish her password so he can gain access to her account. But first, let me give you a little history about this guy Bill Waggoner....

He apparently owns a movie production company, called BWC Productions, that operates on YouTube, and some of his members are Hoboctzarandco, and ReverendJandea, as well as this StropeFromBWC, which is actually Hobofart under one of his many aliases. Everyone knows he has more than one. If you go to his site, which I did (I made that mistake), all it is is a corny introduction and a chatroom with a webcam option. I posted on Katrina's homepage that this BWC Productions company cannot be a very reputable company if they send out trolls all over YouTube to harass random people that they do not know, and then gripe and cry when the same thing is done to one of their members. Katrina added "And also threaten to brute force someone else's password." You've all been reading these blogs, you know the kind of bullying and harassing hobofart has done with me, and Anna, and we are just the beginning. And let the record show, that I did not start any of this business with Hobofart. He started with me. He even continued to harass me after I told him I wanted nothing more to do with him, and stopped responding to any of his posts. I even deleted them unread. I had to go so far as to block him from my channel, which I always hate doing. Katrina's only on YouTube to "get in on the action", so she said last night. LOL! Because of that, ReverendJandea calls Katrina's account a "sock account", apparently still thinking Katrina is me. LOL! But still, I wouldn't want to become a member of this "company". It's only a matter of time before this BWC Productions company is raided by the FBI. They need to quickly find better things to do with their time.

I think it's funny that Katrina is so hard on them that they are now threatening her. I mean, "brute force her password"?? How does that make his company look? Report Katrina to the YouTube gurus, and maybe you might not look as bad, but to take the law into your own hands makes you look like Adolf Hitler! Well, Katrina said that if something does happen, she will just create a new YouTube account. And if anything happens to that one, she'll just create another account, and then another and another, until this BWC company gets the message that she is not going anywhere, and not bowing down to kiss their butts. This is what she told me tonight. I say, You go girl!! Hobofart is not the only one that can create multiple accounts just to harass people!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another Downed Worker Killing Spree!

I was looking through my e-mails and I noticed that there was another article about someone who worked at a beer distributing factory in Conneticut, and was fired from his job there then went on a shooting rampage! UGH! One has to wonder what this world is coming to. Why would someone do that? You know why? Because people are dumb, that's why! People cannot accept rejection. I was watching I Survived... the other day and one of the stories presented was the story of the Columbine High School shooting back in 1999. The story told was so sad! But one I know can happen all too often. Kids today just are not being taught right from wrong. Now, I was not one of those so-called "popular" kids in school. There was even a clique of teachers that did not like me in middle school, because of the actions of my sis before me. But it was only a clique of 4 or 5 teachers, and one of them seemed to be on the fence about me. But for the most part, I was loved by the rest of my teachers. :) But then they were ones that didn't know my sis. LOL! She didn't do anything particularly bad, she was just a little unruly in middle school. She wanted to do her own thing, and I think this little clique of teachers were expecting the same thing from me before they even knew me. I can tell you that because of them, and the people who used to make fun of me because I was smaller than the average teenager and had my own ideas of what makes a teenager, I sometimes felt like shooting the school up. But that was back then! And I knew better not to do it! Sometimes though, I would lie awake at night thinking of ways to do it, but I knew I would never do it. Because I had this little voice inside of me that said how wrong that is, and told me how bad I would feel knowing that that undetermined number of people were dead because of me. So, I knew not to do it. LOL! OK, so I got that story from an episode of Gomer Pyle, but still, I know what it feels like to be harassed, and made to feel unliked in school. Like I said, I've gotten harder in my old age, I no longer have thoughts like that. I treat everyone like equals, and if they like me, OK. If they don't then OK too!

I remember when I worked at the Puyallup Fair and Tracy terminated my employment there, I swear they look at you as if to expect you to stick a knife in their back!! LOL! But she would not have got that kind of trouble from me, because I did not care at all that she terminated me, that was what I wanted. I hated that job! I never wanted it in the first place. Why that section of the fair called me to begin with I will never figure out! I could live to be 100 years old and try to entertain every conceivable acumen as to why I was called in to that job, and I will still never come up with a reasonable explaination. I applied for a job with someone who was going to sell tropical fish there. But unfortunately I never got that job. When I applied for it, I was told to call someone in Canada, and I did, and got an answering machine and they never called back. And my pa was hounding me to get a job at that fair!! I don't even know how Tracy got my name and number because I did not even come close to applying for a job at her section! I applied everywhere except rides and concessions. Everyone warned me about the supervisors in that section, even someone who worked for the hiring hall warned me about them! That's how bad that job was! That's why I never applied. I wasn't that fricken desperate for a job!!! The only reason I took it when they told me I was hired was because if I hadn't, my pa would have razzed me something fierce!!! You would have had to know what my pa was like back then to understand.

I thought though it was kinda funny how Tracy was expecting trouble from me. I'd have bet if I went behind her and said "BOO!" she would have jumped a mile in the air! LOL! That's how tense she looked. Tracy was a 30-year old woman back then, and she argued with me like we were both in high school. I had just finished my run in high school back then, I didn't need to go back! Until I met her though, I never knew a 30-year old could be so immature. She was the first one I ever met like that. I've met many more since then, but I guess she is what happens when a person never gets laid and doesn't have children. Both Eva and Katrina have kids, and they told me it makes you grow up quickly!! Katrina is 24 years old, and even she is more mature than Tracy was when I knew her (she was 30 back then, she would be in her mid 40s by now). I'd bet she is still acting like a high school girl!!

Katrina's a funny character. She called me last night about her little run on YouTube, and we had quite a chat! LOL! She is mature until she gets on the internet, then she turns on the "Sadist Katrina". You know I think people think she is someone else. There is another person who calls herself TwiztedAsh that everyone seems to have a problem with now. I think people think she is her! I dunno. Her boyfriend sounds a little like Katrina's husband, he's into boxing and Katrina's hubby is into martial arts. Katrina's hubby is oriental, I don't know what nationality TwiztedAsh's boyfriend is! TwiztedAsh lives in Vermont (according to one of her videos) and Katrina has always lived here in WA state since she was 5 years old (before then, she and her pa lived in BC, but she was born in Sydney). There are some similarities there, but so few! TwiztedAsh is like me, and Katrina could get lost in my fat rolls!! Sorry Twizted, but it's true. Though Katrina would make a much better juggalo than me (or juggalette). From what I read about them. I told Katrina a little about juggalos, I couldn't say much as I am still not 100% sure what one is!!

Well, Hobofart and his friend was trying so hard to get the better of Katrina, and it looks like they couldn't. Hobofart doesn't seem to know it (probably because of a complete lack of intelligence), but every time he talks to Katrina, he's digging his own grave ever deeper!! Hobofart's most favorite argument is to tell everyone "you fail! I win!" And every time he says that, it digs his grave ever deeper. Katrina started telling him that his words tell her that she's actually the winner here. She told me on the phone that she feels so 'gorked' using his "win-fail" argument against him like that (to replace the word she really used with a better choice of words). LOL!! I told her that's because when you're good and you know it, you don't have to say it! Hobofart is too immature to know that! But Katrina loves it when he says "You fail" to her. In any way, shape or form! She said it just empowers her more. And I believe her. I feel the same way when he goes around YouTube trying to get me to respond to him, and I just delete his posts, unread! I made my point with him, and I know it. I don't feel the need to troll him back. But then to Hobofart, trolling is a thing he does to boost his ego, because he is lonely in life (probably still lives with his parents), and has never gotten laid, and probably never will, because from what I see, he thinks sex is disgusting. It's kindof a shame anyone thinks that because when it is done with the right person, it is FUN!!

The next paragraph is rated PG-13. Parental guidance is suggested, especially if this is Hobofart reading, and I know you are! ;)

There are some things I love about having sex and there are some things I don't love about it. Like I don't like having a guy stick his penis in my vaginal opening (the reason I never had kids!) But the rest of it is fun. But the last time I ever did it was when I was married. Haven't done it since. Then there was a long period I didn't have a boyfriend after my surgery. I just started up seeing men again after I moved here. I had one temporary guy friend, I still think I have him too, he is among my Facebook friends. I've been nervous about contacting him again, since I met this other guy. The one I have now. But I haven't yet got close enough to him to do 'it' with him. I've only known him for about a year now. It's not that I don't trust him or anything, it's just that I have to really REALLY get to know someone before I lie down with them. I've had fatal relationships before and they've kinda hardened my being. But I am keeping the last one in mind in case this relationship doesn't work out. And that's all I will say on this subject. :)

LOL! I can always tell when hobofart has been in here, even though now he's erased his IP. I can still always tell he's been here. Which is cool! He always gives every post the thumbs down. :) I seriously doubt he even reads any of the posts he down-rates! But that's OK! I'm doing my job! He can down-rate my posts all he wants to! It won't change anything. So far, he's been the only one that has even used the rating system on here. So, come on people! Tell me what you think!

Monday, August 2, 2010

What Is "Fat" To You?

I don't know, I guess everyone's opinion of what is "fat" is different. I always thought I was what someone would call "fat". Someone who is slightly chunky is what I call "overweight". I never thought someone who stands 5 feet tall and weighs no more than 100 pounds is what anyone would call "fat", but I found someone on YouTube that actually thinks someone of that size-frame is fat. He called himself ReverendJandea. To him, Katrina is fat. Katrina is NOT what I call "fat"!! Because the very definition of fat does not describe Katrina's body stature. She won't let me put a real picture up of her, and I have to respect that. The only one I can put up is one that she always uses on forums and social networks. It's one that I made of her:

Her hair is longer now, but she still pretty much looks like that. She does not put her pics on the internet, she said it's because she is such an asshole sometimes she knows someone will put her face on a picture of a horse's behind! LOL! She's got a cute sense of humor. But don't get your hopes up guys, she's married and has 2 kids now. Her oldest is starting school in September. But she takes a lot after her father, who is a close family friend, and is 5'5" and weighs about 120 pounds. He's scrawny!! Her mom is unfortunately dead, died of cancer back in 1991, and my sisters and I have been acting as her big sisters since she was about 5 years old. Sometimes I still feel the need to protect her, but I don't have to!! She's quite a spitfire herself!! But she is not what I call "fat"!! But to ReverendJandea, she is. I told Katrina that I think he's mistaken my videos for being her. I let her use one of my videos (the one I made to Hobofart) for the production of her own video. ReverendJandea saw that video and thought when he saw me, he was looking at Katrina. But my video has already been posted, and it is exactly the same footage she used in her first video.

Katrina said "Oh well, let him think what he wants." But I went to ReverendJandea's channel and told him myself that the fat woman in Katrina's video is ME! And I called him a stupid ass. I know I cannot expect Katrina to get on YouTube a lot, but it sure is fun when she does!! LOL! What she said next well, I want to keep that a secret. But this just goes to show everyone, I guess what one person thinks is a thin, slender, attractive woman, another person might think is a fat woman. But then I believe that to ReverendJandea, "fat" is not a reference to size, but to attitude. And he does not like Katrina's attitude because she is strong.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Open The Door

I was watching America's Most Wanted last night, and there was a story of an elderly couple. It was after dark in the story, and there was a knock on their door. So what do they do? The woman goes to answer it. Seemingly without even thinking about it, she goes to answer the door. She opens it up and is shot to death right there. For an older woman, that was really dumb of her!! I don't mean any disrespect but someone her age should know not to answer the door after dark!! I never do!!! I barely answer to strangers during the day! And I live in a town where crime is virtually unknown! My grandma knew better, in fact she kept her door bolted. She would always ask who was at the door, and if it was someone outside of family, she would tell them to go away. I'm afraid I'm getting to be like her! I don't much like strangers myself, and I will not open my door for them.

I remember one day I was here all by myself, and I was on the computer, and someone knocked on the door. I went to the window to see who it was and it was a guy I didn't recognize at all. So I opened the little window, and I asked him what he wanted. It turned out it was the guy who we used to call on a lot to fix our car! Apparently he moved, and he looked different! He'd shaved his hair! Once I realized who he was, then I opened the door. But I was a bit scared at first. But watching the story on AMW last night, keeps me in mind of why I never answer the door at night.

I remember when we lived in Lakewood, I used to hear people knocking on our door at night all the time! I never answered though. But that was scary! It happened more than once. Whoever it was would knock a couple of times, then turn around and walk away. I remember once it happened while I was reaching in the medicine closet for my meds. I heard someone knocking on the door, plain as day! And it was about 3 AM. It was a rather rapid knocking, and they did it a couple of times and then gave up. But I wasn't even coming close to opening that door!! Lakewood is a crappy town, and it was known for it's gangs and crime at that time. So I don't know who that person was, but obviously someone with a total lack of intelligence if he thought for one second I was going to open that door!!

Now I can officially say I have a stalker on YouTube. Hobofart (HOBOCTZARANDCO) has been following me around YouTube. I had to block him from my channel, and I knew it would lead to his getting angrier and following me to other videos I comment on and trying to get me to respond to his drivel. Most of the time, I just delete any posts from him that show up in my inbox, I don't even read them, I just delete them. I said as long as he doesn't show up at my house, I don't care what he does, or says, on YouTube! At least on YouTube, I have the option to delete his posts, and I never have to look at them if I don't want to, and I usually choose not to. It's probably all the same things he's always accused me of anyway: animal abuse. He's trying to convince me that I abuse all my animals. And I know I don't abuse animals. Everyone who knows me knows I never abuse animals either. So, what he says really does not matter. Some morons may believe him, but think about this: he's never met me or my animals, he's never been to my house (and never will), and he does not know any of my friends or family. So he's just speaking from his ass. He lives all the way on the other side of the country. For him to come all the way over here, for someone who does not care about him, and does not want to know him, and just to tell me to put on a bra, would be kinda dumb IMO. But then it wouldn't be the first stupid thing he ever did, I'll wager you! But on YouTube, if I see his name in any of my comment responses, I just click the little box next to his name and click delete. I don't even open them. :) That's probably going to piss him off more, but that's OK. :) I don't usually like blocking people. But when they become obsessed like Hobofart, I have no choice. Until he cools down, which I doubt will ever happen.

He says he is 22 years old, so he hasn't matured yet. Maybe he will mature in about another 20 years? Some guys don't mature until they are well into their 50s. Poor hobofart must be terribly lonely. The only time I've seen behavior like his is from obsessed men whose girlfriends decide they don't like his frenetic ways and leaves him, only to be confronted by him later with him carrying a gun and shooting them to death. Ever seen the movie "A Cry For Help: The Tracy Thurman Story"? It's a good movie! Hobofart (his real name is Lance) reminds me so much of that husband who just cannot accept the fact that his former wife just does not want him around. So he keeps harassing her. Well, the police in that movie would not help Tracy, but I've actually gotten to know the cops here. Just in case Lance tries to come here, I will not hesitate to do what I have to to get him away. :) I love how Lance complains so heavily that "my ma never taught me manners and decency", and look at what he does on a daily basis. LOL!!! I have to question what kind of person was his ma? Or did he even have a ma? Maybe his mama was a sea turtle that just left him on a beach to hatch, then swam away never to see him again.

Thankfully though there is no crime here. I love this town!! We only lived in Lakewood for a very short time, I could not stay there any longer than we did, because it is such a crappy town!! I have no idea who it was that always knocked on our door at night there. One night I was at work and Anna was home alone and that happened. She said she looked out the window to try and catch a glimpse of who it was, and it was a black guy in army duds. That was what she saw, and she had already gone to bed at that time and the lights were mostly off. She said that man headed for a car driven by a white dude. I told her I was so glad they gave up and moved on! Because I was still at work! What if that had happened and I was just coming home? I wouldn't have wanted to see a stranger on my doorstep going to a car with another stranger parked in front of my house!!! I was also grateful that Anna did not answer the door! I know she knows better. I think if I saw that idiot on my doorstep, and another car parked in front of our house at that hour, I would have pretended I didn't belong there and moved on, hoping they would not recognize my car! I really do not know if every time there was a knock on our door that it was the same person. I have no clue! I was not in a position to see the front door like Anna was in that house. And I wasn't foolish enough to look out the front window. That would have been like putting my bare hand in a rattlesnake cage!! Because that person could have had a gun!!

I just live my life day by day on one simple rule: DON'T TRUST STRANGERS!!!!! Strangers can turn out to be friends, but get to know them before you think of them that way!! Believe me, I've been down the road the other way before with strangers. It's no picnic!! Better to have a stranger hate you than for you to think they are a friend, only to get burned by them later on.