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Monday, August 2, 2010

What Is "Fat" To You?

I don't know, I guess everyone's opinion of what is "fat" is different. I always thought I was what someone would call "fat". Someone who is slightly chunky is what I call "overweight". I never thought someone who stands 5 feet tall and weighs no more than 100 pounds is what anyone would call "fat", but I found someone on YouTube that actually thinks someone of that size-frame is fat. He called himself ReverendJandea. To him, Katrina is fat. Katrina is NOT what I call "fat"!! Because the very definition of fat does not describe Katrina's body stature. She won't let me put a real picture up of her, and I have to respect that. The only one I can put up is one that she always uses on forums and social networks. It's one that I made of her:

Her hair is longer now, but she still pretty much looks like that. She does not put her pics on the internet, she said it's because she is such an asshole sometimes she knows someone will put her face on a picture of a horse's behind! LOL! She's got a cute sense of humor. But don't get your hopes up guys, she's married and has 2 kids now. Her oldest is starting school in September. But she takes a lot after her father, who is a close family friend, and is 5'5" and weighs about 120 pounds. He's scrawny!! Her mom is unfortunately dead, died of cancer back in 1991, and my sisters and I have been acting as her big sisters since she was about 5 years old. Sometimes I still feel the need to protect her, but I don't have to!! She's quite a spitfire herself!! But she is not what I call "fat"!! But to ReverendJandea, she is. I told Katrina that I think he's mistaken my videos for being her. I let her use one of my videos (the one I made to Hobofart) for the production of her own video. ReverendJandea saw that video and thought when he saw me, he was looking at Katrina. But my video has already been posted, and it is exactly the same footage she used in her first video.

Katrina said "Oh well, let him think what he wants." But I went to ReverendJandea's channel and told him myself that the fat woman in Katrina's video is ME! And I called him a stupid ass. I know I cannot expect Katrina to get on YouTube a lot, but it sure is fun when she does!! LOL! What she said next well, I want to keep that a secret. But this just goes to show everyone, I guess what one person thinks is a thin, slender, attractive woman, another person might think is a fat woman. But then I believe that to ReverendJandea, "fat" is not a reference to size, but to attitude. And he does not like Katrina's attitude because she is strong.

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