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Saturday, July 4, 2020

The BLM Rally

I did something today I've never done before. I went to a BLM protest. But not for the reasons you're probably thinking. I went to oppose George Floyd and all the criminal black lives they seem to stand for. Because I noticed BLM never fights for innocent black lives. 20+ young black innocent people were killed in Chicago over Father's Day weekend because of BLM protesters. Some were as young as a year old! And just this past week, a 16 year old young black boy was shot and killed by the members of CHAZ/CHOP and his 14-year old brother was badly injured. So, I wonder what happened to the protests for their little lives? Didn't their lives matter too? It makes me mad when people like George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks get all these BLM protesters blocking the streets and destroying buildings, and it just seems nobody from BLM even cares about the innocent young black people who were killed by their own mobs. So, today I went out there and stood on the corner with a sign that read "Criminal Lives Don't Matter". Actually criminals come in every race. But they should not be the focus of our nation's protests.

I don't want to defund the police. We need them. CHOP is a good example of why. I will admit some of their tactics need reforming. But I don't want the cops to go away completely, and I don't even want them defunded! I especially do not believe that black thugs should have any special consideration just because they're black. But at the same time, I didn't think George Floyd should have been killed the way he was either.

Well anyway, I didn't go there with a chip on my shoulder. I went there to tell my thoughts. Sometimes I don't approve of the way people like Kaitlyn Bennet go out into the field. She does seem to go out with a chip on her shoulder. Maybe she doesn't mean to, but she does it, and seems to mock the people she meets. I didn't want to do it that way. I went there with my sign, and my flag, and held them up, ready to tell my thoughts to anyone who would listen. I also told myself I didn't want to greet anyone there with hatred. There are 2 sides to every story. Remember how I was treated by the SJW INXS fans back in 2016 just after my father died? They listened to one side of the story and ran with it just because they liked Kelly Poulter better (nevermind she's a fricken pathological liar). Well, I always swore I would NEVER be like the SJW INXS fans were to me with anybody. I don't want to be like them. So, I was willing to listen to their side of the story as well. As long as they were willing to listen to me too. So, I went there with the idea of treating them with respect. I even took my camcorder with me to document.

To be honest, I thought this was going to be a Blue Lives Matter rally. But I got my dates wrong. That one is next weekend. I'll be there too, to stand up for the men in blue. But I figured as long as I was there, I might as well be the opposition. LOL! I only intended to stay for a couple hours then go back home. I didn't want to leave Mya here for too long by herself. Besides, I knew my leg would not allow me to stand on the corner for more than a couple hours. I still struggle with this leg!

When I got out there, and held my sign, an older woman approached me saying "You look like you could use some company!" I thanked her for coming over. I thought she was going to be more talkative, or ask me about my sign. She did say it was an interesting sign. I just said "Thank you" and wondered where the conversation was going to go from there. She didn't say anything more to me. So, I shrugged that incident off. Another older woman approached me from across the street and asked me what my sign meant. I was polite. I told her I didn't want to defund the police and that criminals should not be the example of why we protest. Unfortunately I never filmed that conversation!! Dammit! I completely forgot I even had my camera in my hand. Anyways, that was when I found out I was at the wrong protest. The one I wanted was being held next week! I just said "Oh well, I'll hold this sign this week, and be at the next protest next weekend!" She was telling me I need to go home, and I told her I'm gonna be there a little longer and go home when I'm good and ready. She went back across the street.

I stood there, holding my sign and waving my flag. Then I was approached by another protester, a young woman. I was holding my flag downward when she came up and got a bit too close. So close my flag's handle went up her pants. Believe me, that was UNplanned! I didn't do that on purpose! LOL! This young lady just got a bit too close to me, to block my sign. I kinda chuckled a bit and took out my camera saying "Check out this chick here!" I was going to talk about how she came up to me and my flag went up her pants. However, she turned out not to be mean at all. In fact, I thought she was a very nice young lady. We got to talking, I told her about my sign and she told me more about why they were out there. They don't want to convey the message that black lives matter more than any other lives. That's what the media portrays. I will admit at first I was pessimistic. But who can blame me? Seeing all these videos I've seen where black people are forcing white people to kneel to them and kiss their feet. Or attacking white people, or even messages like this on Facebook...

More about that later!

Anyways, this young lady, whose name is Molly, told me they are not saying black lives matter more than any other. But that they matter just as much as white or brown lives. I agree with that statement too. That's why I actually prefer the term "ALL lives matter". Not to oppose black lives. But to say that all human and animal lives matter. We're all here for a reason. But I don't like seeing black people out there going around hurting white people. There was a video of a black man attacking a white employee at Macy's. When confronted, he confessed he did it for no particular reason other than he just felt like it. It's people like him that gives black people a bad name and makes others feel very wary of black people. They need to calm down and leave white people alone! I even told Molly, and I have it on film, that I think the first, and best, place to start with prison reform, is bringing fathers back into the family. There are more single-parent households among black families than any other race and it's sad! That is what is causing all these black people to turn into monsters. The more they do, the less respect they earn from other people.

Well, I told Molly that I am not a total right-winger, I'm more of a centralist. Though I do support Trump. But I've always been more of a centralist. There's some things I agree with the right on, and there are some things I agree with the left on. I'm just careful not to go too far left or too far right. Well, by the time our conversation was over, me and Molly had become friends. We started talking about other things. She told me she used to live in Oceanside, which isn't too far from here. She said during low tide months, you can go out on the beach there and there are tidal pools that have starfish and sea urchins and all kinds of other sea life! I've always wanted to find a beach like that!! So, the next low tide, I'm there!

Well, I'm glad I actually went to this rally. It gave me a chance to listen to the leftists' side. Though I'm sure the radical leftists don't feel the same way. I expected there to be more violence there. Which is why I took my camera. In case someone attacked me, I wanted to catch it on film. But that did not happen. Although there is no doubt in my mind that if Antifa had been there (the REAL radical leftists) it would have been a lot more violent! Antifa cannot talk. They just hit, punch, kick, and fight. But no one there was like that at all. So, it really was more of a peaceful gathering. I learned something new. I learned not all liberals are bad. I treated them with respect, so they did the same with me. I'm a very different person in life than I am on the internet! LOL!

Well, I can't use my regular Facebook for a week. Bummer! So, I've been using my alternate account. I commented on a rather hilarious video of a little antsy guy posting his Black Lives Matter signs all over someone else's business without their permission. The guy had a high, squeaky voice and was very tiny. Kinda reminded me of a little chihuahua dog. All yap-yap-yap, talking to a giant mastiff type dog and acting all brave. It made me laugh. Well, I said he sounded so gay, and he was a savage and Facebook didn't like it that I said that. So, I am now unable to post. So, I don't get where Facebook is coming from. A black person writes he would build gallows and hang white people, keeping them strung up "until they stink". He can write that on Facebook, but I can't call out a savage???? How is that fair??? How is that acceptable???? Facebook really SUCKS!!!