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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Amy's Baking Company

Located in Scottsdale, AZ, this company created a first in Kitchen Nightmares a week ago. It became the first place that Gordon Ramsay just up and walked out on. Don't believe me? See for yourself!

It's over 40 minutes long, but it tells the whole story. Amy, the owner, and her husband Samy, cannot take any form of criticism. Amy says she will stand up and fight for her restaurant, and she's not going to take no shit from no one, and that no one is going to bash her food in her own restaurant, and blah-blah-blah. I hear that and I think "How dumb can one person be??" Amy says the customers are not always right, and I heard in this video they were even saying to a customer that was complaining about their food, these two idiots told those customers "You don't know how to eat!" What a retarded comment! How can someone not know how to eat? I don't think it's that the customer doesn't know how to eat, it's that the chef doesn't know how to cook. We're born knowing how to eat.

If I treated our customers at UMG the way these people treat customers that come into their restaurant, my supervisor would be FURIOUS!!! Yes, the customer is ALWAYS right! They are the ones paying you the money! They want satisfaction. This reminds me of a little burger joint that was in the B&I back in the 90s. I only ate there once. It was run by Koreans. They had some good burgers, but the thing that bothered me most about their place is they had a sign by the cash register that read "Even if we make a mistake on your order, you still have to pay for it. We do not give you free food!" When I saw that sign, I said to the teller "OK, I'm going to give you my order slowly so you don't make a mistake..." They did not make a mistake, and the burger was good, but I still did not ever want to eat there again, because if they were to ever make a mistake on my order, and I had to pay for it, I would be pissed!!

Anyway, if a customer ever tells us that any story in the UMG site is bad, or what is wrong with it, we are not supposed to tell them, "You are insane" or "You don't know how to read". We cannot cuss them out because they don't like the story. Trisha says every critique is a learning experience. That's the only way we can learn what the customer likes about each story and what they don't like. That way we can improve our stories in the future. When you don't learn, you don't grow. Apparently, Amy's Baking Company closed down after Gordon Ramsay left them, that's what I heard Amy always does when she has a bad night. They are re-opening on the 21st of this month. From what I heard, they are already booked up for their re-opening. I was glancing through the comments on that page, and someone said that they know a couple of people who booked for the re-opening, not for the food. They're going for the floor show. They want to see Amy and Samy break down and yell at the customers like apparently they always do.

Well, I listened to Amy's story. I think I know what is wrong with her. If you listen, she does not have kids, she has cats. She calls those her kids. Then she goes on to say "I speak feline." Of course she has cats!! I knew that even before she mentioned anything about them in this episode! She's definitely crazy enough. Cats are known to make people go crazy. The funny thing is, cat people don't know they're crazy. But the rest of us, who don't own cats, can see it very well. It's a certain kind of craziness that no other individual would have, it's just short of requisition to an asylum. That describes this Amy chick to a T. Amy and Samy tell people who go into their restaurant and don't like their food to "leave and never come back again" on top of telling them they "don't know how to eat". They basically handle everything in a very unprofessional manner. They act like a couple of spoiled brats. In this episode, they fired one young waitress just because she asked Amy a question. Then Amy accuses the waitress of being obnoxious, just because she asked a question. UGH!! Amy and Sami kept sitting there, in front of Gordon Ramsay, arguing with each other.

I have the feeling Amy was never disciplined as a child. I think her parents probably just let her get away with anything she wanted to. Some things she says and does in this video kindof point out that possibility. And she talks a lot about GOD, like she probably should be running a church (a Baptist church) instead of a restaurant! I turn to GOD myself, but I am not like Amy! Amy is obviously very bitter. She needs to grow up. She needs to get rid of those 3 cats, get on some medications for the damage those cats caused her brain to have, and get a dog instead. She also needs to get rid of Samy, he's very controlling. Believe me when I say living with a very controlling person can ruin your psyche. That's why I am so glad to be out of Patti's house!! Staying there would have eventually ruined me. But the place is open. If you live anywhere near Scottsdale, AZ, go there that night. I bet you the place will be booming with anger, rage and hatred from the proprietors.

But seriously, after seeing this video, would you really want to eat there???? I wouldn't. No matter what promises these two make.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fans of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Who all is surprised by this?? I heard about this in a video and I started thinking "Oh my GOD! It's happening!" I am shocked, but not surprised by this outcome after the Boston Marathon incident that happened a month or so ago. But it seems the suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, has amassed a huge following of fangirls. I knew this was going to happen. First panther-worship, and now this. It had to happen! People worship panthers, so why not terrorists? Afterall, panthers and terrorists are of the same ilk. People love lions. Lions kill for fun. So why not love Dzhokhar Tsarnaev? He kills for fun too. He killed an 8 year old child and did not even flitch. Lions kill hyenas and don't give any second thoughts about it. Sure! It was bound to happen. That is why I am not surprised kids these days think Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is some kind of a hero. Panthers, as mindless killers, are seen as wonderful in the eyes of children these days. They've been over-embellished. So yeah, in the minds of kids, it's obvious that this was going to happen.

I still have to ask, what has gotten into kids these days???!!! If I had a child and she saw Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as being in some way "handsome", I think I would ask that of this child. The guy killed innocent people. People who were out to do nothing but have fun in their day. Instead they got bombed, injured, some people lost limbs, a few even lost their lives. How can someone think about the person who perpetrated this act being handsome? All I see is an ugly, vicious killer who deserves to suffer. He deserves to be put in jail and not have any admirers. Ted Bundy, yeah, he was nice-looking. But I would never see him as anything more than a mindless killer who deserved to die.

Ya know there is an episode of the Brady Bunch like this. Where the youngest boy sees Jesse James as a hero. Then in the show he meets someone who had a relative that was killed by Jesse James and it changes the little boy's mind about seeing that outlaw as a hero. I'm not so sure if talking to the parents of the child who was killed by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev would change the minds of these fangirls. Kids today just have no conscience. They'd be like "so what? Your kid got killed, it's your fault. Not Dzhokhar's." That's how I believe most of his fangirls would react. But all I can say is put yourself in the place of the people who got hurt, or lost loved ones. What would you say then? This is also how I can hate panthers with such passion, because I put myself in the place of people who have been attacked by them, or have lost family and friends to panthers of one kind or another. And even when I see a lion chasing a hyena. I can picture what is going through the mind of that hyena. If the lion was defending it's family, that would be different. But these days, lions seem to have gone psycho, and are now just killing hyenas for nothing more than the sake of killing them. Must be the result of inbreeding.

This was why, when we had a rat problem in the house, I was more willing to have a rat-hunting terrier than a cat. Cats torture rats. Dogs just kill them quickly and outright. I am not one who would want to see a rat get tortured. Besides, the rat might get away, and get back into the house. With a terrier, there is none of that to worry about. The rat is killed instantly and in a flash. But anyway, back to the point. I just don't understand kids these days. It kinda saddens me. But we have only our economy to blame. Parents are no longer allowed to teach kids right from wrong. Kids don't know that what Dzhokhar Tsarnaev did was wrong. We cannot punish our kids, and kids are learning bad things from playing violent video games. Though I have read that video games teach kids problem-solving skills. I am not too sure though that every kid who plays video games are getting the message. With what they see on TV, and the fact that parents can no longer discipline their kids, kids these days just cannot seem to make the connection between right and wrong. I'll tell you when I was  a kid, if I did half the things I see kids these days doing, I would have been slapped into the middle of the following week! Kids today have no fear of authority, and as a result, we are seeing more kids out there killing. Or thinking it's fun to kill, or seeing killers like Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as heroes. When I was younger, that was a sight that was rare! Kids rarely killed each other.

That's nothing. When my ma was a girl, she told me kids (this was the 50s and 60s in the South) used to carry knives to school. They never thought of using them on each other. That's just how kids were back then. Kids killing kids is not new, it's just more common now. It's sad. It's terrible!! It's one of the big reasons why I did not want to have kids. I would just die if my child died at the hands of some maniacal kid in school. The Columbine incident really changed my mind about that. At the same time, I would not want to see my child bullied.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Up Abercrombie's Ass!

I was watching a video this morning and it was about the famous mall chain-store called Abercrombie, and it's partner store Fitch. Mike Jeffries is the CEO, and guess what he said. He said he doesn't want no fat or ugly people shopping in his store. If a fat or ugly person walks into an Abercrombie store, they have workers who will escort them out. Jeffries says he only wants "thin, attractive and popular people" wearing his clothes because he thinks it will give his clothing line a bad name. UGH!!! People like him piss me off! Who gives a shit about the so-called "popular kids"?? And if you ask me, having known the 'popular crowd' when I was growing up, anything they do would be tarnished because they were the most stuck-up and mentally corrupt people I ever met in my life! I never wanted to be popular. I never wanted to hang with the popular kids. Because as  people, they sucked! They only cared about themselves. No one else, not even the people they considered friends.

Well, fat and ugly people are not the only ones not allowed to walk into an Abercrombie store. If you are over 50, you are also not allowed. Not only that, but also if you are poor, you are not allowed to wear his clothes. And any clothes that don't pass inspection are just thrown away. They don't even donate them to charity. So, just like the popular kids I remember in school, the CEO of Abercrombie only cares about himself. No one else. If you ask me, he doesn't need fat, ugly, unpopular, poor or old people to make his clothes look bad. Mike Jeffries is making his own clothing line look bad on his own. And ya know, after hearing these quotes, I was dying to see what little Mr. Mike Jeffries looks like himself. I found some good pics of him. Check this out:

So he doesn't want fat and ugly people going into his store. Umm, excuse me, I think I can tell what is ugly, and this dude is UGLY!!!! So, is he not allowed to shop in his own store? I mean really! Look at his eyes. Look at his lips. Look at his double-chins. He's not only ugly, he's fugly, and he's an old fart too. I think a guy in this video I saw this morning said what I was thinking very well. He looks like he's had so much botox injected in his face that it looks like his mouth is permanently looking for a dick to suck. Well, it's true!

Look at this other comparison I found:

Of course his head was photoshopped on that body. But this is his real face, seen at a different angle. He has eyes like a tiger (not a compliment). That's what his eyes remind me of. This was next to a picture of this:

IMO, they both look alike. Both look like something someone would spit up into the toilet, and then flush quickly. After reading all this, I have a good mind to go to the nearest Abercrombie store and just walk in, and if any of the workers put their hands on me, phone the cops! If they argue, I should argue back! Just see what kind of reaction I'd get. It'd serve them right if I did that! I would be the fattest, ugliest person they could encounter in their store. I should go in and give them a scare.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Why I Refuse to Go Vegan

I thought it would be a great idea to talk about why I refuse to go vegan. I have some vegan friends on (and off) Facebook, and they are always giving their reasons why they want everyone to go vegan. They say things like "eating meat and drinking milk is not a personal choice, it promotes cruelty". Well, they see things differently than I do. As a writer and an artist, it's in my nature not to see things the way other people do. I look at things in totally different prospective. For one thing, I don't listen to corporations like PETA, ALF or Gary Yourofsky. That's because I know they're biased. I don't listen to biased people. They want the world to stop eating animals, so they will say any stupid thing to get us to listen. It's no different than a car sales man trying to sell a car on it's last wheel to an unsuspecting buyer by saying "this can be very easily fixed with a few turns with a screwdriver".

Another thing, the vegans try to make animals sound like they are in the same class as humans. Most animals are not. Especially animals that we eat. Cattle, pigs, chickens, etc. They don't feel emotions the same way people do. I know, I've been watching nature shows for years. I saw a video the other day, purely out of curiosity. It was about a leopard in Sri Lanka attacking a small herd of wild pigs. The leopard took a baby pig. While the mother did try to defend the baby, the leopard got away with the little pig. After the leopard was gone with the baby, the mother went back to the herd and carried on as if nothing ever happened. She did not stand there and mourn her baby. After her baby was gone, it was like it never happened. This proved to me that animals do not have emotions like humans do. Because if that was a person and it's baby had been killed by a leopard, the mom would have been in mourning for days, and even years.

Vegans say animals feel just like humans do. That is untrue. Maybe dogs and cats do, but not pigs, cattle and chickens. Those animals are designed to live only in the moment. They do not reflect back on things that happened in their past. They don't look foreword to their future. They don't have hopes and dreams like people do. I'm not saying that because these animals don't have hopes and dreams that they don't deserve to live any more than we do. I'm just saying that we should not be made to feel guilty about eating them because vegans think these animals are emotionally on the same level as humans, when in fact they are not. Vegans call people like me hypocrites. Well, I call them ridiculous. I think some of them have been watching too many cartoons and reading too many children's books that put animals on the same level as humans.

I even hear vegans trashing zoos, when I've heard all my life that zoos do a lot of good for animals. Vegans call zoos "glorified prisons for animals". I can see them bashing circuses, I've never been to a circus in my life and I never intend to go to one. I know circuses abuse animals. I saw a story about that a long time ago on Hard Copy. I could not believe my eyes. But that was Hard Copy. That had nothing to do with like PETA, or any other animal-hippie activists. That's why even I bash circuses. But zoos, I've never heard of them doing bad. I have heard of some bad zoos, but most vegans get their ideas from PETA. One of my friends posted a pic of a polar bear in a zoo, and the pic was from PETA, and it was made to look like the bear was crammed in a small cage. I would not be surprised if PETA took that pic and made it look like it was in a cramped cage to get people to feel sorry for it. The compound it was in was probably huge. Most zoos I've been to house their animals quite appropriately. Though in some countries, like China, they treat animals far differently than we in the USA do. I would believe a polar bear would be in a cramped cage there. Not here though. Unless it was a private collection, where the owner doesn't know the standards of keeping an animal like that. The point is that groups like PETA and the HSUS and other animal activist groups don't tell you the whole truth. They only tell you what they want you to hear.

I told the people on this one thread that I thank GOD for animal breeding facilities. One person said if I want to see wild animals, then watch them on nature shows. Well, I usually do. I'm not downing nature shows. But it's one thing to see my favorite animals in nature shows, and another to see them in real life. I love watching lemurs race around with each other in real life, even if it is in cages. The sight of them is phenomenal! It's not like seeing them on TV. Besides, on nature shows, you're really at the mercy of the cameraman and editors. I once watched a nature show I thought was going to be about antelope. That's what the advertisement said! And what do they show more of? Panthers! Panthers chasing antelope. It SUCKED!!!! If I'd have wanted to see panthers, I would have watched a nature show promoting panthers! Which I usually don't do! When I am at a zoo, I don't even look at any of the panthers. Not even so much as a glance. I skip right past them, and go on to the next display. But I do thank GOD for captive breeding programs and zoos. Because I don't want to see lemurs disappear from the planet forever. It would be a sucky planet if they did.

Personally, I don't see zoos as being any more cruel than nursing homes, and that is what I told this person. That's how I see them. And I would wager you that animals in zoos are treated more kindly than a lot of people in nursing homes are treated. You see zoos with dolphins and killer whales doing tricks, well, dolphins and killer whales like to have their minds stimulated. It would be worse if they were in their tanks with nothing to do. There is a place, I cannot remember where it is, I think in Australia, but I saw it on TV the other night. The dolphins actually come into the lagoon to interact with people and do tricks, and they love it. The dolphins are free to come and go out into the ocean, but they choose not to, because they love doing tricks and interacting with the visitors. This tells me that PETA was wrong about imprisoning dolphins and "forcing" them to do tricks is wrong. One killer whale has an overabundance of testosterone, and kills a couple of trainers, and all of a sudden PETA is saying the killer whale was "getting even" with it's human captors for keeping him out of his home.

I don't deny that sometimes killer whales act out of anger. I once read an article where a bull killer whale attacked an adult male elephant seal for what the witnesses believed was no reason at all. Didn't eat the seal, just attacked and killed him. It's a terrible thing to watch, but it happens. I don't believe it was for no reason though. It could have been a territorial thing because the whale had his wife with him, and she didn't do any attacking on the seal. Anyway, this is why I refer to every argument the vegans have as to why we should all go vegan as being nothing but propaganda. Because that's all it is to me. They also say eating meat makes you fat. Well, that's not true either. My grandma's great aunt ate meat, every day of her life. Back in those days, you didn't have a meal without meat. She lived to be over 100 years old, and was healthy all the way. I think my grandma must have been the first vegan the world has ever known. When she was little, she never wanted to eat meat, or drink milk. All she ever wanted was rice, and baby lima beans. If she wanted a drink, she drank water. If she wanted a snack, she ate apples. But she experienced a lot of problems because of her diet. And even though she was never fat, she did suffer from pernicious anemia, which her doctor said was from not eating meat; and type 2 diabetes, even though the vegans say you cannot get diabetes if you are a vegan. Grandma was not born with either of these conditions. They came on gradually.

The vegans have argued with me that you cannot get pernicious anemia from not eating meat. But none of them are doctors, and probably have not yet experienced pernicious anemia in anyone before. My grandma got it, and that is good enough evidence for me. It's one of the biggest reasons why I refuse to go vegan. I still let the vegans have their way, they have a right to their beliefs and opinions. But when they argue with me that eating meat and drinking milk is not "personal choice", that it is "cruelty", sorry. I cannot see things the way they do. I see things my own way. The way nature intended.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Small Dog Owners Are Always Fat

Really? Would those people say Marilyn Monroe is fat? I found this pic this morning on Facebook. It's a picture of a very fat Marilyn Monroe with her pet chihuahua.

Yes, she owned a chihuahua. And no, she doesn't look fat to me. In fact, most people would agree she was one of the most beautiful women that ever lived. Yet, she owned a chihuahua. So do a lot of other rather nice-looking people. Admittedly most of them are women. Very few men own chihuahuas on their own. Those that do are usually married to someone who loves chihuahuas. So I think this kinda kills the theory that only fat people own small dogs.

But now, let's look at the other side of the picture, I can put my fingers on a dozen fat people, that I know personally, who own labradors, or golden retrievers, and even great danes. The weight of a person does not determine the size of the dog. I think the weight is more like a side-effect of our nation's current conditions of what's going into our food. Not the size of the dog they own. I will say I've seen more fat (and ugly) cat-owners than small dog owners. Of course I am fat and ugly too, and I don't have a cat. I do have 2 tiny dogs. But I am just one person. Every time I see someone say that everyone who owns small dogs is fat, lazy and ignorant, I shake my head. Because it is so not true! Then they go on to say that everyone who owns big dogs is fit, healthy and more intelligent. Again, I shake my head. The people who say that stuff is usually crazy, and not in a cute way.

I don't know, any kind of stereotyping makes any person look bad. Though I say I've seen more people who were fat and ugly owning cats, I don't make that the basis of how I see cat owners. I try to look at each person as an individual. I've known some very intelligent cat owners. Since cats do tend to make people crazy, I would also venture to say it's cat owners that are the most creative (Dougal Dixon is a cat owner, and he is the father of speculative biology). Same with small dogs. Judging a person by the size of dog they own to me is just simple ridiculousness! And it's an excuse morons use to judge another person that apparently no one else will defend, just so they can be judging that other person. Judgmental people just have WAY too much time on their hands. It's silly!

I remember back in Bozeman, Karen said Helga, when she was younger, looked almost identical to Marilyn Monroe. I dunno. I would have been able to tell the difference. Marilyn Monroe loved animals. Helga hates animals. There is no similarity there at all. Helga was just nuts. I don't like her. When I was a kid, and up into my teenage years, I hated people that didn't like animals. Now, it really makes no difference. As long as they are not abusive towards animals, they can love or hate them, I don't care. I even have friends now that are not animal lovers in any way, shape or form.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

UMG Plus More!

Well, I got the UMG Productions site up and running again, and a few more stories have been added. A couple I had to do some clean-up on, but I finished the site. I found a platform, Sellfy.com and am using that for digital sales. Actually the money for those goes to my supervisor. Not me. Some of the stories I put up are up on the site for the very first time. They are as follows:

A Tribute to Mount St. Helens

To Work or Dress

Futuristic Fight-Club

The Twister (yes, I worked out the slip-ups)

The Pendant

The Lemur and the Mouse

Adventures In Moving

I am also working on more stories. Right now, I am heavily engrossed on another St. Helens story. This one is St. Helens, 100 years from now. Well, from the year 2000, when the story was first written. That will be the next story to be put up on the site. It's a good story, IMO. About a Dyscampturus lemur (again, from Metazoica. Modern animals are boring to write about) female and cub, who live on the mountain. Mount St. Helens erupts again, and the mom is taken away. The cub is left behind and is rescued. At the rehabilitation center, he is bandaged up and meets another cub, a female, who also lost her mom in the eruption. But she is something of a bully. Well, I don't want to give the story away too much. It'll be available on the site soon.

Ya know with all these putting old stories together, and sometimes even tweaking them a little, I never have time anymore to write new stories. Just rehashing old stories. But I want them to look perfect for their debut on the site. If I am going to offer any story on the site, it's going to be one that I am proud of. Some stories I have on the site just for the hell of it. Some I wrote just to get everything out of my system! I put them in book form so that hopefully other people can learn something from them. A great example is Adventures In Moving. Most of that story is about the time I lived with Patti, the evil roommate (and check out the picture I made of her in the article). That pic is NO exaggeration! That is what Patti really looked like! Now that I am no longer living with her, the pupils in her eyes must have relaxed again, now that she can shoot up her street drugs again. She couldn't do that when I was living with her. But anyway, that was what I saw that third night in the kitchen, when she would not let me go back into my bedroom.

Another such story is Hutchess (A Picture Diary). The story really has no point to it. I am only offering it on the site because I am hoping it gives comfort to someone else who has lost a pet before. I once had a similar story, only less pictures and more story, I put up on lulu after I lost Groucho. But I don't offer that one on the UMG Productions site. It's just something I slapped together. But the story about Hutchess is more of a story. It has funny little happenings throughout the story, and goes into detail about what happened to her. And also what happened to me after I lost her. Like the strange dreams I had. Those were the worst!

Well, I also still have the INXS story, but only as an ebook. Ya know I went to the inxs.com site yesterday, and I noticed they have a tab on their online store for ebooks. But NO WAY am I offering this ebook on the site!! If INXS ever finds out I wrote a story with them in it, I could be in trouble. I hope to GOD they never find out about that story! One of the good things about them not looking into my website. But I still think that story needs some more tweaking. It took me 7 years to write that story. It'd be a shame if INXS asked me to take it down. One of the reasons it took me so long was because I am notoriously bad at endings! I still don't think I should have ended that story with Michael's death. But my friend who helped me write it said it's good. It should set the stage for a number of other continuing stories. IF I ever get around to writing them. HA!

Well, that's about all I have to say. Check out the UMG Productions site! It's better! This time, the ebooks are staying! No more dealing with PayLoadz!!