Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Still Around The Block

I know I haven't written anything in my blog in quite some time. But I am still kicking. I just happen to have something wonderful in the works, so I've been incredibly busy. No time to sit and think of a blog post to type up, nor even any time to sit and type it. I won't mention what that thing is, as it hasn't happened yet, but it is something big, and my friends and family know what it is. So, I will be back shortly after this break. Once this break is over, I will be back permanently, as this is a once in a lifetime deal, and will not be repeated again.

Thank all you readers for your patience.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Nightclub Shooter Identified

Yesterday was buzzing on Facebook about the shooter being identified. It was a man named Omar Mateen. From his name, I could tell he was of islamic descent. So yes he was a muslim! I knew it! He pledged allegiance to ISIS, and as you may know, ISIS is a very radical christian group. If ISIS takes over the USA, anyone who commits a sin of any kind will be put to death. Much like in those islamic countries. That means if I am caught ogling my pics of Michael and Timmy, I could be put to death because that would be considered "adultery". LOL! I learned that when I was living in the van and I had to stay at this shelter that I hated! They too were a radical christian group, and in fact, I was kicked out of there because I refused to give up my pics and they said that looking at these guys was "committing adultery". But these guys are a source of comfort to me. If I had had my dogs, I would have been able to give up the pics, no problem. Just keep the dogs near me. But I didn't have them, so the only thing I could turn to was these guys. And all I have of them are my pics.

Well, believe me when I say that I am glad I was kicked out of that shelter. Not just because they were going to make me give up my babes, but they had a lot more rules that I would have found very hard to live with. Not being able to go out for one thing, without being accompanied by the house attendant, and she was big, fat and lazy. It was a lot for her to even walk down the hill to the convenience store with me, and I remember she griped all the way. Not that the house attendant was mean, mind you. She was actually a nice person. But she was fat and lazy. I'm not that lazy. I'm much more sedentary than my sis is, but I am not that lazy.

But anyways, Mateen killed 49 people and injured 53 in his attack before he was gunned down by police. Again I say I HATE RADICALS!!!!!!!! Even though I myself am a christian woman, I am not an islamic fag! It may have been a gay club that was shot up, but it is the shooter that I call a fag! Because he IS! He is what the very definition of a fag is. He obviously must have had a very fiery temper to pull off a stunt like that. So, he's a fag! And I hate fags. They're even worse when they go out and physically harm someone. But the reason he did it, just as I suspected, is because being gay is against islamic beliefs. That's exactly what fags do, they argue, fuss, and sometimes even kill when they meet someone who does not agree with them and will not bend their will to follow them. Some don't argue, as I've seen on Facebook. They just drop you and put you on ignore with no explanation and for no reason except that they are fags themselves. Well like I said, at least I don't have to look at them on Facebook! LOL! Hopefully I won't see them anywhere else either.

I was watching a video yesterday and I noticed there is another guy, MrRepzion, who pretty much said the same thing I said in my last blog post. He used to be religious. For a while there, he was even anti-religion. But he says he doesn't mind religion as long as people don't go out and harm others over it, and I agree with him. But like I said about radicals, most of them are under the age of 35. Mateen was 29! Those people have not completely come to terms with their fanhood yet. Most people, until they have reached 35 years old, do not know how to handle fanhood. Therefore, they do not know the difference between being a fan, and being a radical. Sometimes, even if they are over 35, it can happen, like if they are a newbie to that particular type of fanhood. The woman I spoke of in my last blog post, Kimberly. I found out she's well over 35 years old! In fact, she's older than me! She's older than my sis! But she is also a newbie amongst INXS fans. She's never seen them in concert before, she told me that herself once. So, obviously she has not come to terms with INXS fanhood yet.

It takes a while to come to terms with things like that. I didn't learn until I was in my early 30s, and a chat with Timmy changed my whole attitude. I used to feel like I had to viciously defend Timmy at all costs, and that anyone who didn't like Timmy was not my friend! But Timmy did not feel that way at all. He took everything in stride. I love that about him. So I said to myself "If it doesn't matter to him, then it shouldn't matter to me." So, that is how I handle fanhood. Now, I don't care if I meet someone who does not like Timmy or even INXS. As long as I stay loyal to my guys, that is all I care about. I even have friends who are not INXS fans, and that's fine with me. Of course there are other cases where a fan has not come to terms with their own fanhood and they are over 35, but those are like extreme mental challenges. That is to say, people who are psychotic, or schizophrenic. But those people will likely never come to terms with any kind of fanhood. They can't help it though.

Well anyways, I am sure such was the case with this Omar Mateen guy. He even has his smug little picture up on the internet. This is what he looks like:

Monday, June 13, 2016

Gay Club Shooting

So yesterday I heard about the gay club being shot up in Orlando, which killed almost 50 people. It is believed the shooter was a muslim. Just as I suspected! Another fucking radical!! GOD I hate radicals!! And you know how those muslims are, they push their beliefs on everyone else! Just like any damn radical!! For muslims, they push their religious beliefs on others. Gay people, as you may know, are seen as an abomination in the eyes of GOD (or for muslims, HE is called Allah). Now, don't get me wrong, I know there are some nice muslims out there. I don't mind them. It's the radical muslims I hate so much. Just as much as I hate every other radical out there! And Hillary Clinton wants to allow these people to come freely into our country! Once she takes office, we can all kiss everything we've come to know in this country goodbye! All the comforts and freedoms we once enjoyed, that'll all be gone. The people who were shot yesterday by an islamic madman were gay, people who were at a club to have fun, and enjoy the company of others of their own beliefs. I feel bad for the people who were shot, and my heart goes out to those who lost friends and family in this incident. It's all very sad! And what's even more sad is how it looks like this is going to become the norm in this country.

I gotta say, my sis believes this is a trick pulled off by the government to start the banishment of owning guns. But I don't believe that is what this is. She and one of my friends got into it this afternoon. LOL! When my sis goes off like that, I just don't get involved. She has her beliefs, I have mine. Just like when I discuss INXS, she doesn't get involved. I love my sis and I love my friends so, I stay out of it. I click "Like" on each of their posts and that's as involved as I get. But thankfully so far, this friend has not blamed me for my sister's beliefs. I think someone has though. LOL! I'm down one friend since that took place. I don't delete comments, and I think because I don't that people think I agree with them. But that's not always the case. I just don't believe in silencing others or censorship. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Whether I agree with them or not. I just wish radicals would learn to understand the same. But then again, if they did, they wouldn't be radicals.

Speaking of radicals, I found out yesterday one of them was still in my group, a woman named Kimberly. I got myself another mod and was in Facebook chat with her and said "I want that fag OUT of my group!" I don't want no radicals in my group! But if Hillary Clinton becomes our next president, people like that will be allowed to control everything. I used to be friends with Kimberly, but she changed that when she showed she was a radical. More likely another Yatesfag. I don't like Yatesfags! And they are not welcome in my group! So, together we got rid of the fag and hopefully now the group can be a bit more peaceful. One thing I noticed about the Yatesfags, almost all of them are young (no older than maybe 35), newer fans, who've never seen Michael in concert, or probably never even have seen INXS in concert, and never met Michael. I know that's not the case for all of them, I know of at least a couple who are older than me who did see Michael in concert, though I doubt they've ever met him. One such person even went to Wembley in 1991, so he said. But what I described constitutes at least 98% of what the radicals are.

Anyways, Kimberly is a classic example of what a fag is. I thought she was a nice person when I met her. But deep inside was the guts of a hater. I would say "there beat the heart of a radical", but then again, radicals don't have hearts. That didn't show up until the time I needed friendly support. I remember she even left me a comment saying "Hang in there." All along deceiving me into believing she was a good person and a loyal friend. Well, I wish I had known she was a radical or else I never would have asked her to become my friend. I would bet she'd even turn her back on Michael once she found out he was not like her. But people like Kimberly are what the people in this country are fated to become. I'd like to be accepting of all muslims. I know there are good ones out there somewhere. But just like Kimberly, they may act friendly and put up a front to your face, but once you let your guard down, they'll shoot you in the back of your head and not even think twice about it. Just as I learned from the radicals on Facebook, you have to learn who the bad people are by trial and error before you learn who the good ones are, and the bad people don't always appear bad at first. And sometimes before you can even learn from your mistake, the bad people will shoot you dead. I'm sure such was the case in this nightclub shooting. And it's sad this is what people today have become.

I blame this whole thing on political correctness. That's why Hillary wants to allow muslims into this country, because she's afraid she'll be called a bigot if she doesn't. But it scares me because of the radical muslims. We may never learn who the radical muslims are until it's too late. How many more people have to be killed before we can figure that out?? Like I said to all of my friends yesterday, this is the beginning of the end. We are heading straight for the apocalypse! It sure does feel like the end of our days here! All the good people are dying off, leaving all the bad ones here.

Anyways, on to a happier subject. Somewhat. I may be about to plan another move. I really wanted to stay here, I never wanted to move away from the coast again. I love it here so much! But I've been facing so many problems here. No busline is the biggest thing. I can't even get a dial-a-ride! And I want to go walking! Been thinking about this for some time, but I might consider moving back to Reno. Not that I really want to! I hated the heat there! And the dryness. But at least I will be close to ma and somewhat close to my pa. Somewhat. And he needs me. And I'd like to visit him sometime too. I need to see him. And ma and I can have our fun days every week again. I do miss that. It's not permanent. I am only going to move there for a while as I save up some money to get a car and a house. I want to get a mobile home and move back here to the coast. So, I am going to be saving my money while I am there. Hopefully it won't take long to at least save enough to make a down payment.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

So The Radicals Have Done It Again!

There is a new story going around this morning. A young singer named Christina Grimmie was unfortunately gunned down by a suicidal madman while she was handing out autographs in Orlando, FL. Why she was gunned down I don't know just yet. There has been not much of a release of information about this story. But she was still alive when she was taken to the hospital last night, yet unconscious. She died some time later though. The gunman died at the scene with a self-inflicted gunshot. Just like a typical radical coward to try to kill someone and instead of facing punishment, turn the gun on himself and kill himself! UGH!! Makes me think of that dumbass Matt Burney! Though I know he couldn't have been the gunman, it's the exact same mentality! I wouldn't put it past him to do something like this himself!

Well, I don't know this chick at all, I never heard her sing, and frankly, I don't care to. I have no interest in someone who got their start on shows like The Voice, or some other reality singing TV show! What makes me mad about this is this idiot that shot her while she was innocently handing out autographs! This is no doubt why it's getting increasingly harder to meet your favorite celebs. This is also why I hate radicals with a passion and I want to avoid them at all costs! One of my friends pointed out that Prince stated once that fans today have become fanatics. I agree with him too! And it ruins everything for everybody else. Even us non-radical fans. Everybody today is a fanatic! Or some kind of radical. I even saw a video this morning of a woman on an ESPN news show who was offended by the term "hard work". I heard that and was like "WHAT?!?!?!" The problem was she was an African-American, and she said that the term "hard work" makes her think of the old slaves who used to gather sugar cane and cotton in the fields, and she said "THAT was 'hard work'!"

Like I said before, people today are wussies!! There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that it was some radical of some kind that shot and killed this young woman. Whether he was just an obsessed fan, or someone who was pissed off because Grimmie took someone else's place in The Voice, someone that the gunman liked more, or whatever! No one knows at this time. But either way, I'll wager you this guy was a radical. People like him are the reason why I hate radicals so much! And people like me, who stand up for what's right, are what radicals fear and hate the most. I will always stand up for what's right! I say this young woman should never have been shot or killed! Whether you like her or not, that's a horrible thing to do!

I'm glad I am not one of those kinds of fans. I'm one of the more decent fans. I love Timmy! I love him to the moon and back! Maybe beyond. When I love someone that much, I want to see them happy. All I'd ever want is to see them happy. And I am not one of those kinds of fans that would say "I think he'd be so much happier with me in his life". No, I'm not like that at all!! I know Timmy has a family, and I know he's happy with them. And that is all I'd care about. If Michael were here, I'd be saying the same thing about him. But unfortunately he never looked happy with Paula. So, I don't believe he was happy with her. That's why I hate Paula Yates so much! She made him miserable. She hurt my baby and I don't dig that!! But I don't ever want to see Timmy dead. EVER!!! It'd break me physically and emotionally. It hurt me bad enough when Michael died. I couldn't stand to lose Timmy too. That's why I do not understand people like this guy who shot this Grimmie woman. If he was merely nothing but an obsessed fan, why in the world would he want to see Grimmie dead??? Why not be happy for her??? Why wouldn't he want to just see her happy? I always thought murder is what you do to people you don't like (not that I condone it, but it would make better sense). Not what you do to someone you like.

Ya know, I heard about the guy who was obsessed with the singer Bjork. Back in 1996, he sent a bomb to the singer (which fortunately never got to her) and made a video stating that he wanted to kill her, and then kill himself and then the two of them could live happily together in a paradise world. So he sent that bomb to her, intending to kill her, and then he shot and killed himself on camera. I just don't understand fans like that! Bjork had just gotten married at that time. Shouldn't this fan have been happy that Bjork found someone who makes her happy? That's what I would have felt. Besides that, you have no idea for real if a "paradise world" really exists! He could have meant Heaven, but you don't marry in Heaven. And you don't go to Heaven if you intentionally kill yourself or another person! You just lie in the ground and rot. That's not "paradise". And if Bjork had also been killed, then that would have been murder, which is a sin. And a sin like that sends you straight to Hell! Not exactly my idea of a "paradise world".

Well anyways, RIP Christina Grimmie. So sad your life was cut so short because of some dumbass radical! Believe me, I can relate!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Third Bathroom

The world is so full of wussies right now and everything has to be so damn politically correct. Well, this is going to be another brutally honest post. So if you don't like it, tough nookies!! I saw a video last night that gives me a good reason to fear this new trend going around now. You know how these transsexuals are now, they can be men who identify themselves as women, or women who identify themselves as men. OK, I get it already. But now, they want to be able to use the bathroom for the sex that they identify with, and now no one is allowed to stop them, or say anything against it. I completely call bullshit!! Now I don't want anyone to misunderstand my message, I have nothing against transsexuals, as long as they are legit. But how do you know they are actually legit? That is what scares me.

I have a real problem with a man who would claim to identify himself as a woman, when that really is not the case. Same goes for a woman who claims to identify herself as a man. But now I am not saying there are not female rapists, but the majority of rapists are indeed men who target women. Let's be honest here! How do I know for sure the man, who says he identifies himself as a woman, is really a person who does identify himself as a woman, or if he's just using that as an excuse to walk into a woman's restroom so he can kidnap some young, unsuspecting girl, haul her into his stall and rape her? This is something that has been bothering me ever since I started hearing about transsexuals now wanting to use the public restrooms of the sexes they identify with, instead of the sexes that they really are. But about a week ago, I began to hear of some problems with this new trend.

It all started with a high school boy, who identified himself as a girl, wanted to start using the girl's restroom. Well, the school was against it, because they did not want to make the other girls uncomfortable. The boy even wanted to start using the girls' locker room. A very big concern! The school was against that too. But they did allow the boy another option. He could use one of the staff's unisex, single-stalled bathrooms. But the boy refused. He wanted to be treated like an equal. OK, this is what gets me. Why would he refuse something like that? If I were that boy, I think I wouldn't give a shit about being treated like an equal! I'd be thinking "Wow! The staff must be thinking I am something special, allowing me to use their restrooms, where no other student can!" LOL! OK I know that's not really the case, but that is what would cross my mind. He would have had a bathroom all to himself. No one else had to look at him, and he would not have to look at another girl. But then again, maybe he's not really a boy who identifies himself as a girl. Maybe he's a young pervert who really just wants to make his way legally into a girl's restroom and locker room so he can look at nude, or semi-nude, girls and quietly ogle them.

That is what scares me! A man can claim he identifies himself as a woman, but how do you know for sure that he really does? How do you know for sure he's not just claiming he does so he can stalk women in one of their most private moments? Or so perhaps he can grab some young girl, take her into an empty stall and rape her? Then I saw this video from a friend last night. It is a video of a man who grabbed a young teenage girl and tried to drag her off...

I think Walmart has the best idea ever. Some locations have installed unisex bathrooms. They are single-stalled bathrooms with doors that lock, only one person can use them at a time. I think the transsexuals should consider using those where available. And I know I am definitely going to get a lot of hate for saying this, but if you are a man who identifies himself as a woman, and you don't feel comfortable using a man's restroom, then that's too bad! You were given a penis! Not a vagina! You still have to stand up, with your penis over the bowl, to take a piss. That is why they have urinals in men's restrooms. Not in womens' restrooms. You still have to lift up the toilet seat to piss. I, for one, do not want to have to put the seat back down because you cannot identify yourself as a man! That's not my problem! That's your's! If you don't want to use the men's room, then hold your piss until you get home! Don't bring your nasty male habits where I have to clean up after them. Or right your wrongs! Using a public restroom is bad enough. I don't want to have to put my hands on more than is necessary!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Status Symbol

ARGH! This is what I hate most, talking about shit like this! Well hell, I don't know if I will be able to go to this gathering, I've accepted a challenge which is going to cost me every month. Well, maybe I can get away with only getting the pills. But I would like to get both items. Trouble is, even with the discount they are still expensive! But I want to do this. My sis cannot be the only one of us losing weight! And I want to look good for my trip to Australia. I also want to help celebrate my Michael. I love that man so much! More than anything in this world!! LOL!! I act like I was married to the man, and I actually wasn't. Just feels like it from the way I fell so deeply in love with him. That was a love like I'd never felt before in my life. But the thing is, so many other people felt it too. I don't think I will ever understand why Michael believed he was not loved. I loved him! So did a lot of others. But you know the British press! They're dumb!! Michael should have learned to take anything they say with a grain of salt. I bet he'd still be here if he could.

Well, I asked my sis to come up here while I go to the gathering, and bring the dogs. I need something there to help balance out the number of strangers that will be in attendance there. Not to mention the damn fags. I'm sure some of those will be there too. My loony pig of a sister (sometimes) and I were chatting the other night, and she thinks I am going to be "using my dogs" to "get back at" the damn fags. In other words, she thinks the only reason I want to bring my dogs is so I can show off to the fags like "Hey. Look what I got that you don't".  I said to her "Not to get back at them you fool! More like to divert my attention away from them." I love my sis dearly, believe me I do. But she has a habit of totally misinterpreting everything she reads. It's not just the fags I need to divert my attention away from. It's the people too. That's what happens when you have social anxiety. If I were to go and not bring the dogs, I'd be paying for a ticket for nothing, because I would be too nervous to even walk through the door. Even if I had friends there. I'm just uncomfortable around so many people.

It was hard enough when I went to INXS concerts back in the day. I didn't bring my dogs, or any animals (although I did consider it once). But I knew once I walked in those doors, my Timmy (and in one case, my Michael) would be there, and seeing them would be comforting enough. That eased the social anxiety in those cases. But that wouldn't be the case in this gathering. But I do want to go, and support this friend of mine who is putting it together. And it sounds like fun anyways. But no, the reason I want to bring my dogs is not to say to the fags "Hey look what I got". It's more like this:

Me: Oh dear! Look at all those people. I don't think I want to go in there.
The dogs: It's OK. I'm here. If you get scared, just lean on me.
Me: OK babies. Then let's go.
Then I pet the dogs and walk in.

It's a proven fact that the simple act of petting a dog lowers anxiety. That is why I want to bring them there with me. That is why I don't want to go without them. Believe me, if my only objective was to "get back at" the fags, there are plenty of more reasonable ways I could do it. Looking good for one thing. Pepper spray would be another, but I'd only use that in cases where I felt really threatened. I never use my pets as a "status symbol". My sis knows that but she gets crazy ideas in her head about some messed-up shit. Other people may resort to using their pets as status symbols, but I've never been that kind. That's like those men who own rottweilers or pit bulls, and then laugh at those of us who own chihuahuas or pomeranians and say we are lesser people because we have smaller dogs. Like that dustingrey character. He uses his pets as status symbols. And you wanna bet, he probably does not even have a dog. I bet he really only has a cat. Which means he's all talk and trying to sound tough, when he's really nothing but a wussy.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Weirdest Deep-Sea Creatures

Well I really just love the ocean. That's undeniable. I love living here. Now, at this point in my life, wild horses cannot tear me away from the ocean. Well, to start this month off, I wanted to make an unusual post about some of the strangest deep-sea creatures I've ever seen. These are just what I believe are some of the strangest deep sea animals. Perhaps you know of some that you may think are stranger than mine. So let's begin...

Like many deep sea animals, this fish attracts bioluminescent bacteria to it's body. But instead of only glowing blue like all other bioluminescent animals, this fish also glows red as well. But it is a good thing. Most animals in the deepest parts of the ocean cannot see red light anyways.

Like many deep-sea fish, this is the stuff nightmares are made of! This is a highly-predatory fish that is obvious how it got it's name. The teeth on the bottom of it's jaws are so long, the fish cannot completely close it's mouth, so it is a permanent wide gape. Because of their long fangs, these fish are also known as "viper fish".

Fan-Fin Sea Devil
This is an unusual fish in the same family as the anglerfish also found in the deep ocean. This one has all kinds of extra "feelers" all over it's body. This fish uses a long lure-like appendage on it's head to attract prey to it's mouth. It is believed the "whiskers" all over it's body also aid in feeling for prey. Once prey is felt, this fish wastes no time in capturing it in their large jaws.

Gulper Eel
As you can see, this fish has the widest gape for it's size in the animal kingdom. The huge mouth is useful for capturing prey. They are also equipped with small, sharp teeth to also help them out.

Snipe Eel
Like the gulper eel, the snipe eel is not a true eel. But it is an elongate eel-like fish of the deep ocean. It has a long, narrow jaw, much like the beak of a snipe (bird), that does not close at the end. However, they still manage very well to capture small fish and tiny deep-sea crustaceans using their small, sharp teeth.

Goblin Shark
This shark has become quite well-known in recent years. Like all sharks, it can shoot it's jaws out of the socket, to capture prey. All sharks have this ability, but none to the extent of the goblin shark. It can shoot it's jaws out almost the entire length of it's paddle-shaped nose.

Though it looks a little bit like a cartoon owl, this fish is superbly adapted to see in the blackness of the deep ocean. The large eyes enable it to distinguish between sunlight and bioluminescence, which means the creatures of the deep that depend on luminescence as camouflage, are not able to put a fast one over on this fish!

There are actually 2 different fish that bears the name "hatchetfish". There are the tiny, freshwater fish that are popular aquarium fish, and then there is this guy. The deep-sea hatchetfish is an unusual sight. They use their slender, silvery bodies to hide from predators. However, this fish is a predator it's self, which feeds on tiny crustaceans. There are no vegetarian deep-sea fish, as no plants are able to grow in the blackness.

Deep-Sea Anglerfish
This is one of the most famous deep-sea fish. They are well-known for their glowing lures, which they use to attract prey close enough for them to grab and devour. One of the most notable features of this family is how much larger the female is than the male. The male lives his life as a permanent parasite on the female, feeding off her, and also fertilizing her eggs. There are actually several different varieties of anglerfish in the deep ocean. I think one of my favorites is this dog-faced variety: