Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Frequent Comments and FAQs

Here's some frequent comments I get all the time, and some frequently asked questions, including some of my responses.

Comment: "You are a joke!"
My response: And you are a dumbass! LOL!

Comment: "You are sadly a racist"
My response: If you had met my best friends from over the years, and men that I have dated, you'd know how stupid this comment is. I have dated men of many different races, and they were all great!

Comment: "You are a hypocrite"
My response: I look at both sides of everything, good and bad. If that makes me appear to be a hypocrite, so be it!

Comment: "You are so kind"
My response: Thank you. I always try to be kind and fair to everyone. :)

Comment: "You are weird"
My response: Thank you. I take that as a compliment and a merit badge that I am leaning towards being my own individual, and not trying to be like everyone else. To me, that would be like lying to myself and others which is FAR worse than being called a "weirdo". :)

Comment: "You never mentioned that you ever saw JD Fortune live"
My response: Um, of course I did you dim-wit! Look throughout my blog.

Comment: "You are delusional."
My response: The same as being called weird. I think I should take that as a compliment. Besides, I've seen people who are well-educated in mental illness (after I lost Groucho), and they all said there is NOTHING delusional about me. But people nowadays seem to refer to all people who are different as being "delusional". So, coming from you, that's not such a bad comment.

Question: Why do you hate show breeders so much?
Answer: Because I've met too many who were back-stabbers, shit-talkers, and very rude, nasty and evil people. And they seem to think they are above all other people and deities. To think I once liked show breeders!! But just because I hate them does not mean that everyone looking for a well-bred dog or cat should too! (This is me looking at both sides again). But they treat people like trash or lower life-forms, and then they hate it when the same thing is done to them.

Question: Why do you hate people?
Answer: Again, I've met too many who were bad. Many of them would be nice to you to your face, and then turn around and stab you in the back when you least expect it. And I've met so many people who absolutely LOVE those individuals. I will never understand people! If I'm going to stab someone in the back, I'm going to do it to their face too. And don't take my civil manner to your face as being a sign of weakness, that's just how I am. All-in-all my blog is a place for me to rant.

Comment: "You've said some bad things about me. Take it down or I will sue you!"
My response: First, make absolutely sure I really was talking about you! Then you will have to give me a darn good reason to take it down. And the fact you want to sue me is NOT a good-enough reason! Besides, chances are you've been on certain forums and have said worse about me too. :)

Question: Do you really not care what others say about you?
Answer: No, I don't. Because I've learned just in the past few years alone, that what you say about me is only your opinion! You may find a few others who might agree with you, but that doesn't have any influence on how those who really do know and love me feels about me. And that's all that matters. And I've also found that most people only spread bad rumors about me because I don't like them, or one or more of their friends or someone they support. Sorry but, I'm not going to be quiet if I don't like someone!

Comment: "You are evil!"
My response: That too is only in the eye of the beholder.

Question: Why do you like some people and not others?
Answer: The people I like are those who accept me the way I am, whether I am a little nutty, crazy, wary of others, or whathaveyou. I also like people who are straight-foreward and honest with me, and don't keep me in the dark about what they think of me. Whether it be good or bad. I can learn a lot from both sides. I also prefer people who do not let the rumors of haters tell them what kind of person they think I am, but instead get to know me for themselves. I can be really sweet, or I can be really hostile. It depends on how you approach me.

Question: Why do you use first and last names of people in your blog when you could be at risk of getting sued?
Answer: Because I know several people with the same first names, some good, some bad. So I use last names to distinguish them from others I know with the same first names. Like the name Kim. I know 3 people by that name, 2 of them are good, one is bad. And if I am talking about the bad one on this blog, I don't want the other 2 to read here thinking I am talking about them. I don't really care about being sued. One can only be sued when slander has been committed, and slander is very hard to prove in court.

Question: I cannot figure out how to post a comment on your blog.
Answer: Below each post, you will find a link that says "No Comments" or a number, like "1 comment". If you click on that it will take you to a page where you will see a comment field. You can type your comment there and post.

Question: Why do you call fanatics "fags" when it may offend gay people?
Answer: The "fag" I am referring to has nothing to do with gay people. I go for the word's original terminology, meaning a stick used to start a fire. Or a cigarette. I call radical fans "fags" as a nickname because they are hot-headed like cigarettes, and they stink like cigarettes too.

Question: What to you is the difference between a "fan" and a "radical"?
Answer: Using INXS as an example, because it is my most favorite band; An INXS fan says "I like (or love) INXS" and is not bothered by people who may not like them. A radical gets overly defensive because someone else may not like INXS as they would. A radical's attitude is always like "If you don't like what I like, then I don't like you!" The only people I would exempt from any status of this nature would be people who are family and/or close friends of INXS. I believe family should stick up for one another.

Question: How can I contact you?
Answer: My email address for this site is metazoica@gmail.com. Any questions or concerns should be sent there. I also reserve the right to refuse a response to anyone.