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Friday, May 15, 2020

Now CNN Hits Rock-Bottom

OMG!!! It looks as though CNN has hit an all-time low!! I warned this friend of mine to not listen to CNN, and her argument was she didn't want to listen to "Faux News". Well, Fox News may not be the greatest, but at least they would never do something like this! CNN named Greta Thunberg as an "expert" on a coronavirus panel. I'm serious!! If you don't believe me, look at these links...

CNN Gets Criticism
Greta Thunberg on Coronavirus Panel
Social Media Storm Erupts

That's just a few links! You can't make this shit up! Stephen King himself couldn't make this up! CNN has really lost it! They are going to put a 17-year old school drop-out, who has never had one single hour of scientific training in her life, in a panel with experts??? A 17-year old little girl whose only claim to fame is saying "How Dare You" at a United Nations conference?! A 17-year old girl who has been diagnosed with a number of psycho-analytic problems, one of them being anger issues?! Man! I can just picture that in my mind, and I'm laughing hard!

Expert #1: So Greta, How do you suggest we work to end this problem of spreading coronavirus?

Greta: Uhh, I don't know. Let me phone my parents and see what they say.

CNN: Oh boy! She's good! She knows just what to say!

Greta phones her parents, crying, and asks them the question. Then later gets off the phone and says...

Greta: My parents said just keep wearing masks when out in public.

Expert #1: Pretty much the same stuff people have been doing all these weeks? Can't you come up with a better solution?

Greta: What!? You don't believe me? Are you mocking me? How dare you!?

Greta runs off stage, crying and sobbing.

Expert #1: Next!

CNN: Expert #1, you've got a lot of nerve picking on a defenseless little girl like that!! Fuck you! Get off our panel!!

That's about how I picture this "panel" CNN put together to go. IMO, it's going to be a disaster!! You cannot put Greta up against a panel of people who have had scientific training in the past! It doesn't make sense. I think the only reason CNN is putting her there is because she's so brainwashed, she'll say only things CNN wants to publicize. Because you know CNN does nothing but lie. Well, the intelligent people of the world knows CNN lies. They've already been called out for televising fake news. People today are starting to get it. The democrats are losing too in this process. We're finally seeing it! And the leftists are panicking! HAHA!

Well, let them panic. We're sick of the leftists' bullshit! See, this is what happens when a group uses domestic terrorism to hammer in their point. People eventually get sick of that, and leave. The more people leave the left, the better. I'm seeing it more and more nowadays that the left is going absolutely crazy! All but the most loyal leftists are leaving. It's happening slowly, but surely. I wish the breeder I got Mya from would also open her eyes. She's a nice person, but she keeps listening to bullshit about Trump. She only posts bad things people take out of context about him.

I will admit Trump needs to grow up. But for the most part, he's been the best president we've ever had! Obummer wants to take credit for Trump's triumphs. But those of us who watched Obama during his presidency know better. Obama didn't care about this country! He left it in a mess! He won't admit it, but he did leave it in a mess. Racism was almost dead until Obama took over. I'll NEVER forgive him for that!!! Now, racism is at an all-time high, and I totally blame Obama for that! Black people today are out there killing white people just because they're white. The leftists cheer them on. Wait till the day they are targeted! Most of those leftists who cheer on these racist black people are little lily-white bitches themselves. Someday they will be the target of a black racist's rage. Then see if they still cheer them on!

I used to like CNN myself. Until I learned they don't actually report real news. Of course that is a new thing. CNN actually used to be quite reputable. Back in the 1990s. But these days all they do is spread bullshit and anti-Trump propaganda! They piss me off!!