Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Michael's Mediums

LOL!! I gotta say, I saw 2 posts on this group for people who claim to be able to channel to Michael on the other side. I believe there are authentic psychics. But I am very wary of anyone who claims they are the "only" celebrity psychics. This woman says that very thing. She said not to believe anyone who says they are able to channel to Michael on the other side. She said he only converses with a very few people, and one person who he calls MJ. I laughed when I saw that, I thought "Michael Jackson"? LOL! These people always make me laugh. Anyways, this was the article that intrigued everyone on the site: http://divinechanneljacqueline.blogspot.co.uk/2011/07/michael-hutchence-here-to-tell-truth.html I read through it at first with an open mind. But then I came to a portion of the post that told me the whole article was nothing but bullshit. It was when she said: "He was a huge Jim Morrison fan on earth". Not true! Michael was not a fan of the Doors at all. He said that in an interview. He even hated it that he was always compared to Morrison. So when I read that, I knew this whole blog post was nothing but bull.

I think people like this should be horsewhipped, but I really think they are just attention-seekers. Kindof like that Amy Lee person. But I must admit, the blog was entertaining! Some of the things she said, if they had been true, would have been so nice to know. Like Michael is looking over his daughter all the time. Which I am pretty sure he is! But it would also have been nice to know he is not with Paula on the other side too. The way she schemed to get him, and killed him, and then killed herself, leaving Lily to fend for herself, Paula doesn't deserve Michael in the next life! Yes, I still believe Paula trapped Michael. I just don't say now she used Lily to do it. Apparently Michael had signed affidavits that said he was the one who wanted Lily. Not Paula. So I cannot any longer say Paula had Lily to trap Michael. But she did trap him.

I know a lot about Michael. Mostly from reading, and what has been said by other fans, the band members, his family, and my own personal experiences. Which are not many, but I have some. Some things are basically instinct. Like that premonition I had about him back in 1995. I have no idea why I had that premonition!! I even forgot I had it! But I remembered after an interview with one of his closest fan/friends. We were talking about connections with Michael once. I don't think I have any connections with him at all. But his mama was a Kennedy, and I have a lot of Kennedys in my background too. They may or may not be related. But if they are, it could explain the almost supernatural synergy I seem to have with Michael. The notion I got in 1995 was just one. About 2 months before Michael passed, I also was falling in love with him again. I didn't even know I was really falling in love! I never mentioned it to anyone. Just that whenever I looked at him, my heart would flutter. Now why that happened, after barely thinking anything about him in 5 years, I may never fully know. I don't really even like mentioning things like this because people tend to think those who write things like this are delusional.

Well, I cannot say for sure whether I am delusional or not. But I never claimed to have any love affairs with Michael. Though when I was a teenager, I did fantasize about marrying Michael. But I never would have really done it! I knew it was nothing more than a fantasy. I never stalked Michael. I didn't want to. I don't claim to be his medium. I never did. The only person who he would possibly be looking down on and communicating with should be none other than Lily. Though I do believe he does give signs to the fans that he is still there. One of my friends visited the bay where some of Michael's ashes were thrown into. She put a rose bouquet into the water, and she said she felt his presence all around her. I know even in spirit form, Michael cannot be everywhere. But I do believe he is with his fans, in small ways. But this medium doesn't want anyone to believe he communicates with anyone but her. That's OK. I don't believe any of what she says now either. Maybe that is wishful thinking. Or maybe it is true. No one really knows but Michael.

I remember after Timmy's accident, I wondered if Michael was angry at his band mates because of the movie. I thought about that and I got this sinking feeling in my belly after I said that. I then turned to my pics of Michael and I slapped one of them, like I would firmly, and gently, slap his lap, or something. I then said "Stop it baby! I mean it!" I was serious, even though I did call him baby. LOL! I was still crying over Timmy at that time, but that bad feeling I had in my belly lifted. Hopefully that meant the guys will no longer be suffering anymore bad luck. Only time will tell now.

Monday, March 30, 2015

What I Hate Most

Yesterday I felt the need to delete someone from my Facebook friends and I've felt bad about it ever since. This person, she was not the best friend I had on my Facebook, but she never did me any harm. When we used to communicate, she was very nice. Although for some odd reason, I don't know what, she hasn't said anything at all to me for about a year now. I shouldn't feel bad about deleting her from my friends. But I do. She was saying how she's going to block people who do not like Casey Nunez. I don't even know who he is. And if he's one of these young pop hopefuls getting a start on American Idol, I don't want to know him! I've said this before, I have NO respect for rockstar wannabe's who get their start on shows like American Idol, X-Factor or America's Got Talent, or any other show like that. I don't care how good they think they are, or how good my friends think they are. I have one friend on Facebook that seems to be hooked on Matt Cardle. She and her friends keep talking about how "handsome" he is! YUK!!! I've seen him before, and I don't think he's the least bit handsome.

Now, I have nothing personal against this friend, she can think he's handsome all she wants to. It's her choice. But I happen to think Matt Cardle is UGLY!!! To me, he looks like he should have one of those fire-proof suits on with the metal hood that covers your eyes, and holding a welding torch. Then I found out he got his start on X-Factor, and that did it for me. I have NO respect for him! To me, nothing beats good old fashioned pub and bar seasoning. After all, those potential fans are the ones who are going to buy the tickets to your concert. Who cares what the "experts" say?! It's like if Salvadore Dali taught me about art. I'm sure I could learn something from him. But in the long run, all I'd be doing is copying his style. Not developing a style of my own.

Anyways, back to the subject. I told this friend on Facebook goodbye. I have nothing personal against her either, but no one is going to tell me who I can and cannot like. I don't know who Casey Nunez is. But I won't have a friend on my list who is going to can me just because I don't like the same person she likes. So, I let her go without prejudice. But I have felt bad about it ever since. I just hate deleting people from my Facebook friends! It's not for me. Its a LOT less hard on me when they delete themselves from my friends list. Believe me it is! Some of the people I've had in the past that have deleted themselves, I actually cheered when I found out they were gone. One example was a woman from the Netherlands, whose name was Niki. Nothing ever seemed to satisfy her. She criticized everything I did. There have been a few times I've actually come very close to deleting her myself from my friends. So, when she did it herself, I was so happy! I actually cheered! She apparently didn't like me doing the cinnamon challenge. LOL! If I'd have known that was the way to get rid of her, I'd have done that long ago! That proved she had no sense of humor either. I should have deleted her after the first time she griped about a post I put up. My problem is I'm too kind for my own good.

Well, rather than even trying to deal with another "Niki" again, I just deleted this other friend from my Facebook friends. But I just felt bad about doing it, and I had to vent. I did not tell her she cannot be a fan of this Casey Nunez, but I just didn't like her saying she's going to delete and block people who don't like the same things she does. I had her on my Facebook friends for quite some time. I have quite a few friends who don't like the same things I do. I even have a few who are not INXS fans. Not many admittedly, but I do have a few. If they don't like INXS, then that is fine with me. I won't delete or block them for that. I didn't block this person. I just deleted her. Nothing personal.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

What If It's True?

I was watching some of My Favorite Martian yesterday. I used to love that show when I was a teenager. I still laugh when I see it! It's corny, but it's a cute series. But I was thinking, what if there really is life on Mars? It is possible. Of course we've sent robots to take photographs of the planet and they show there is no life on Mars. But really, how can we be positive of that? What if life on Mars is made up of tiny bacteria-like forms? Or perhaps it is more sophisticated than that of bacteria? What if they are life forms like we have here, we just cannot see them? I have a theory that perhaps there are creatures on Mars and we cannot see them because their molecules rotate at a different direction than what our eyes and photographic equipment can capture. Maybe we cannot see them because they are of a different dimension than we are able to see. Maybe there is a 5th or 6th dimension there, and we just cannot see it or capture it on film. Kindof like our 4th dimension here.

I totally believe when we die, we don't just lie in the ground and rot and do nothing. I believe our spirit leaves our body and we step into this 4th dimension. I like to believe my grandma and grandpa is there. Michael too. That is the "Heaven" the Bible speaks of. Now, I have no idea about Hell. I just have the feeling that Hell is basically this world, and when we are bad, we don't enter this 4th dimension. Our spirits just stay in this world forever. I don't think GOD banishes us to this firey pit for eternity. I don't think anything that we do in this life is worth being put into a burning pit of fire forever and ever. I just have a hard time believing that. GOD is supposed to be forgiving. And believe me, if the WBC doesn't think they're bad, then what is "bad" in the eyes of GOD? The WBC have become a bunch of cowards. They don't even answer their phones anymore. They're scared of people because of all the bad shit they've been doing. And if they think they're going to Heaven when they die, then there is a problem there. They treat people like crap and they think it's funny. I don't think GOD is half as bad as they portray.

Or maybe "Heaven" is Mars? And we all go there when we die and live as martians? Maybe that is the case. Who knows for sure? Maybe when I was born I was not born, per se. Maybe I was someone else before and I died and this is the afterlife. I was just "born again" into this afterlife. Maybe when we die, we just go on and on and on. When I go, maybe I will still be me again, just born again to someone else. I hope it won't be a vegan!! Or a nasty show breeder! Actually, I would rather be born to a show breeder than a vegan. Just not a hateful, nasty show breeder. I'd hope it would be a nice one (which is rare, but I have seen them before) that has morals and values and knows how to treat people with respect and dignity, and not like they are slugs that need to be squashed. And by "people", I don't mean just other show breeders either! I mean ALL people. The problem with show breeders is they think they are GOD. And us "mere mortals" (non-show breeders, or beginning breeders) must bow down and kiss their butt.

Well, those are just some ideas I figured I'd put out there at the risk of being thought of as crazy. LOL!! Well heck! People already think I am crazy, and I am anyways, so what's the difference? LOL! My sis is going to Phillipsburg this weekend. I cannot wait!! There is a chocolate shop there that makes the most awesome chocolate truffles!! I've never tasted anything like them, they are AWESOME!!! Anyway she is getting me a box of it and having it sent here. I love it!! That was one of the things I hated to leave behind there in Montana! I loved going to that shop and getting chocolates. They have some of the best outside of the Swiss Colony! Which I also used to love! hehehe! I have a weakness for chocolate.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Is It Art?

I am an artist. That's an exclamation, not an excuse. What is art? Art is different types of media. It is anything a person can take from their mind and make it tangible. My media as an artist is mostly line-drawing, and story-writing. My drawings are of the simplest form, but it is my style. Some people may love my art work. Some people don't. That's fine too. Every artist has their style. I do simple drawing. Others may look at my pictures and be able to add more detail to them. Others still may take those drawings and put even more detail to them. But either way, every artist has their own style. My drawings are simple because I mostly do my drawings for kids stories. Or that's how I started out. I've been progressing to doing more drawings for adult-type stories. Mostly women. I've had much more practice drawing women, and I guess I am more comfortable drawing women. Not that I couldn't draw men if I want to. When I was starting out, I couldn't afford a model, so I became my own. Fortunately when I started, I was thinner and prettier. I used to pose nude in front of a mirror in my room just to get an idea of how to draw women in different poses. It could also be applied to men too. But it took me a bit of research to figure out where all the bones and muscles in men are. I didn't have the gumption back then to ask my boyfriends to pose nude for me. LOL! So, I had to guess. To this day, I still think I make my men's bodies look too feminine!!

Another fact about artists, they are known for being crazy. Acting all loony sometimes. Well, I certainly have a reputation for that! LOL!! Everybody who gets to know me knows I am loony. But I love it! I always tell them I am supposed to be loony. If you want a fine artist or writer who is not loony, you're going to be hard-pressed to find that someone. ALL artists are loony. Especially people who are natural-born artists. My ma told me I was even drawing pictures when I was a year old. But the first pic I really remember drawing was when I was about 4 or 5 years old. I drew a picture of a kangaroo made from a simple teardrop form. Probably why I love kangaroos now, it's the first animal I remember drawing. I mostly do animals in my drawings, but I can do people too. What I don't like doing is scenery, landscapes, things like that. Not very much! I can do it if I have to, but I don't normally like to.

A lot of artists also have a bad temper. Or they are insecure. I remember in an interview, Bono from U2 said that Michael was always so insecure about his singing. I personally cannot understand why, because the man sings like a bird! Or a gibbon! Both animals hit all frequencies so well, just like Michael. I once heard a fan wrote Michael sings like a cat! Another cat-fag I'd wager made that remark! Cats cannot sing. They try, but what comes out of their mouths would be an insult to compare to a true artist like Michael. Maybe that's why Michael felt insecure about his singing! Too many cat-fags telling him that he sings like the most tone-deaf creatures on the planet! I know too, a lot of artists are like that. They are insecure about their art work. I used to be when I was a kid. It made me sad when someone would look at my drawings and say they don't like them. But as I got older, and learned more about art, I began to realize as different artists have different styles, different people have many different tastes. I thought Michael was a great singer! But Michael didn't think so, and there are many people who would say they don't like INXS's music.

Natural born artists are always very insecure about their work, because we were born with the talent, so often we are not aware of how good, or bad, we are. My work has been criticized many times by different people. Some love my drawings and stories, some hate it. Those that love it, I thank them for their compliments. Those who don't like it, well, I just figure their style is not my style and leave it at that. That is usually the case anyways. Especially today with people getting into this anime-style crap. I personally don't like anime-style drawings, and I think any drawings made in this style is ugly and repulsive. But that's me. Anime-fanatics no doubt think my drawings are ugly too. But I am beyond trying to impress anyone. I just do what I do, and figure only the proper people will appreciate what I am putting out there. And just for those who read that last sentence wrong, by "proper", I don't mean "good" or "upstanding". I mean like-minded people who enjoy simple-type drawings and appreciate them just for what they are. I came to terms long ago with the fact there are people who are not going to like my work. I remember when mcgillicutty went on one of her daily rampages with me on the Pluba forum, she asked me what I have against artists that I'd compare myself to them. My answer was simple, "My teachers, neighbors, friends and the general public all have compared me to artists." Of course mcgillicutty had never seen my drawings. And even if she did, no doubt she still wouldn't like them just because she doesn't like me. Which I don't think is honest, but hey! That's her prerogative. But just because one person doesn't like the other person's work, does not mean the other person is not an artist. Just the fact that mcgillicutty thought I was crazy was enough of a compliment to me and my work. hehehe!

Actually, the finest artists in history were always called crazy. Picasso was crazy, and had a bad temper too. Mozart was crazy, he had a fascination for butts and defecating. Van Gogh cut off his ear for his lover, you have to be crazy to do that!! DiVinci was considered crazy by the people of his time. He imagined flying machines and steamboats, none of which existed in his time. People called him crazy for that. But he was still a good artist. Most artists, like me, love it when people call us crazy. Some of my best drawings and writings were made when I just let my mind run loose, thus can be interpreted as "crazy".

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What About Luke Arnold?

Some of my friends invited me to like a page this morning about Aiden Turner. Very funny you assholes!! You guys know I can't stand that guy!! LOL!! Nah, just kidding. They're my friends and I love them. But I am right in saying I cannot stand Aiden Turner. He's not my type! To me, he still looks like a serial killer. And I don't think he looks anything like Michael Hutchence. Of course I said the same thing about Luke Arnold in the beginning, and he pulled it off so well. Never Tear Us Apart is still my favorite movie, and I still cry (though sometimes I try not to) at the end. Shoot! If I start crying, then I can't enjoy the very last scene, where Michael sings the song Never Tear Us Apart at Wembley. It's beautiful!! It's a great ending to that movie. But if I am crying I can't enjoy it. So, I try to stop myself, as difficult as that sometimes is.

Well, some of the people who were fans of Luke Arnold are starting not to like him, because they say he never responds to his fans, and has even blocked some of them on Twitter. Not good! He's not going to keep many fans that way! I'd hate to see that happen to such a promising young actor! And he is indeed promising, like him or not, one has to admit that. But that is why I don't converse with celebrities. Some do interact well with their fans. I like Ciaran Gribbin, who was INXS's lead singer for their last world tour. He does converse with his fans on Facebook, and has even liked some of my statuses on Facebook as well. He is the kind of celebrity that all of them should be like. On the other hand, I have tried on Twitter to converse with Jim Carrey, who I used to like in the early 90s, and he never responds, doesn't even acknowledge me or any of his fans. I guess Luke Arnold is the same. But to ban someone from your Twitter page?? Come on!! That's ridiculous!! Unless a person threatens you with bodily harm, or just generally being a bother, there is no reason to banish anyone from your Twitter page! Luke should learn this!

A great number of fans have said similar things about Luke Arnold. I haven't even tried to converse with him myself, but I hear what his fans are saying. Sometimes though, I think fans expect too much from celebrities. I've never been one of those kind of fans. But if all they are doing with Luke Arnold is saying a simple "hello" and then he banishes them from his Twitter page, then that is not good! No one deserves to be treated that unkindly. I don't know if Luke will ever read this, but he should know what his former fans are saying about him, and it can be spread around and taken the wrong way. I don't think his former fans are going to gather a lynch mob, but Luke won't stay popular for long if he keeps things like that up! No popularity would also lead to no jobs in his field.

I like Luke Arnold myself. He's got a cute ass! LOL! I loved his nude scenes in Never Tear Us Apart! I've never met the guy, but I do like him. For one simple reason; he brought Michael Hutchence back to life for me. Before I saw the movie, I was rather indifferent toward Michael. I did so well in getting him out of my mind, there was actually a time I didn't like Michael. I have proof. In my tour book for the Dirty Honeymoon tour, there is a picture of Michael that actually has what looks like claw marks all over his face! I think I did that with my own claws (fingernails). Must have been around 2009 or 2010 that I did that. I look at that page now, and I feel so terrible I did that!! But that's how I was for a while. Well, I am not like that anymore. My love for Michael has been renewed, and it is because of this movie. When I saw it for the first time, and I cried at the end, it told me I still love this guy. I still have feelings for him. Luke Arnold, I thank him for his portrayal of my gorgeous Michael. I thank him for bringing back that love I always felt for him before. I'm going to spend the rest of my life making up for that period in which I did horrible things like that to his pics and his memory. But I can promise right now to the world, those will never happen again!!!

Well, I like Luke Arnold, but I can never be "in love" with him. He's too young for me!! If I were 20 years younger, I might have fallen in love with him. I may have even fell in love with Aiden Turner if I were 20 years younger! But I am not. I don't know about Aiden Turner. He'd still remind me of a serial killer! And without the "Hutch hair", he's nothing!

I don't even think he looks good dressed up! UGH!! He still has those eyes that say "Don't trust me!" I'm not saying he is a serial killer. I'm just saying he looks like one to me. Surely not like Michael.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Mushmouth Or Davy?!

I was thinking and flipping back on some former posts of this blog, and I found an old post I made about Mushmouth. One of the reasons I thought about that is because I had a chat with Cairo last night on Skype. It made me look back to the stories we wrote together. I asked him if it's OK if I rework the story about INXS going to Mount St. Helens. He said it's OK. He doesn't write stories anymore, now he is deeply into poetry. Which is a shame, because some of the stories he wrote, and helped write, are some of the best of UMG Productions. Well, he put me in charge of the stories we wrote now.

Well, I am trying to bring Mushmouth back to UMG Productions. But I had to know one thing for sure. Are he and Davy the same individual? I always told everyone they are the same. They just look different. I always assumed (yeah, I know what they say about assuming anything) that Davy was basically Cairo's way of bringing Mushmouth back to UMG, in a different form. But he informed me last night that no, Davy and Mushmouth are NOT one in the same. They are two totally different individuals. Woa! Now that means I have to put an entry for Mushmouth on the Characters page of UMG Productions. I've been thinking of doing the characters section a little bit differently. I want an entire page devoted to each character, with more than one single pic of each character.

So, scratch all that I said about Mushmouth and Davy being the same character. Blast it! UGH! Oh well. Davy is in some ways based on me, and Michael Hutchence, and in a small way, T. Lily (Michael's daughter). Well, I thought a lot about her and what her feelings would be about her father's passing when I redid Gracie's Odyssey in 1999. Seems I was spot-on! Lily lost both her parents. Davy, well you never meet his father. But he is taken away from Gracie in the story. To be honest, I knew Paula would kill herself. She just always seemed that unstable. But big deal! The story is based on my feelings about Michael. I never had any feelings for Paula. Not even after she died. So this story has nothing to do with her.

The story could be interpreted this way; Gracie lives in a zoo, and she has a baby. She wants to keep that baby, but the zoo won't let her. Michael was trapped (the zoo) in London and he wanted to take Paula and the kids to live in Australia. Michael wanted kids very much, just like Gracie, but one thing stood in the way and that was Bob Geldof (represented at this point by the zookeeper in the story). Davy (Gracie's baby that she wants to keep) is taken away from Gracie when he is approximately a month old. Lily lost her father (Michael) when she was about 18 months old. When the baby is separated from his mother, he does not cry right away, he only starts crying after it sinks in that Gracie is no longer with him. Same as me the night I found out Michael died, I didn't cry right away. It wasn't until after I had a chance to think about him no longer being with us that I started. Then I cried all night and the next day too. Gracie went into a rage back at her zoo when she found her baby gone, which represents the frustration Michael must have been feeling when he found out Bob Geldof would not let Lily and the other kids spend the holidays with him. It could also represent the anger and rage I felt for Bob Geldof because he killed my beautiful Michael. Gracie and some friends set off to find the baby, which represents the struggles to cope that Michael went through that night after he got the distressing news. In the meantime, Davy was taken in by a father and daughter family. Lily was taken in by Geldof after her mom killed herself. Though at the time, that part was just speculation. Lily didn't have her father anymore, and Paula was unstable. No surprise when she killed herself.  Paula never was stable. She was always crazy, even when Michael was alive. I didn't even know about her when Michael was alive! But even what friends, family and other fans say about her makes her sound unstable.

In the end, Gracie had to let go of her baby, which could interpret the hopelessness Michael felt that last day. But Davy is happy. And say what you want about Geldof, and I just about choke when I say this too, but Lily was lucky in the end to have him, because he was all she had. Poor Michael, he should have had a little more patience, and that good-for-nothing mom of her's was not stable enough to stick around to raise her. So, Lily was indeed lucky Geldof was there to take her in. Looking and thinking back on this, I cannot even believe how many of my predictions was right. Of course we are talking about the revised version of this story, I completed that in 1999. Though it was perfected in 2012. But this was based on the story I did in 1999. At that time, Paula was still living, she hadn't killed herself yet. But as crazy as she was, I knew it would happen soon. So that's how that story goes. But Davy grows up in the story, and is happy living with Lisa and her father. I have many more stories with those two. They become like Timmy and Lassie. LOL! Gracie just moves on with her life. But that's where the similarities between Davy and Michael Hutchence end. LOL! Davy never becomes a poet or a singer. Though he does have the hair!! I love Michael's hair!

Here is a very condensed look at the story...
The proud mama, Gracie, with 2 of her babies born that night.

Davy, the littlest baby, has to be fed separately.

Gracie and Davy meet for the first time.

Davy has to be sold, but Gracie does not want him to be.

Finally he is sold to another zoo in Sydney. The keeper takes him away in the night.

Gracie discovers he's gone and runs to the front of her cage panicking. Note the pic of Michael on her wall.

Davy arrives at a quarantine station at the zoo in Sydney and is tired and hungry.

He opens his crate and climbs up a stool standing by the window and calls out the window to his mother.

When he discovers his mom is not there, he sits and cries deeply.

As he is sitting by the window, crying, the other animals in the room try to comfort him.

Meanwhile, back at the other zoo, Gracie goes crazy!

The keeper brings a tranquilizing gun to seduce Gracie with. She snarls and growls at him before he shoots her with a tranquilizing dart.

Having broken out of solitary confinement, Gracie's friends all agree to help her get her baby back.

The first idea to get to Sydney is to hitch a ride on a Megacollis.

Meanwhile, Davy is adopted by a family back in Sydney.

Lisa is happy with her birthday gift and Davy is happy to be loved by someone.

Gracie and her friends now have to cross the ocean.

Then she is reunited with Davy in Sydney. She tells Lisa she wants her baby back.

Lisa absolutely refuses to let Gracie have him!

Months later, Gracie is again back in Sydney, and sees her baby all grown up now.

She tries to take him back with her.

But now he refuses to go with her.

So Gracie is forced to give up this quest.
Catch the whole story here! Enjoy! http://www.umgproductions.com/2010/05/gracies-odyssey.html

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Peace, Love and INXS

I watched my favorite movie again last night, Never Tear Us Apart. Still my #1 favorite movie, I love it! It still makes me weep too. I've been missing Michael a lot lately. I don't know why! But this past week has been very tough on me, thinking about him and remembering him. I love him so much and miss him more than anything. But you know what? I am glad that I have my memory of him in my life, but sometimes I am so glad I did not formally meet him in person. Especially after he had his accident that ruined his sense of taste and smell. Everyone said he was more aggressive and being a dick more often than usual. Even some of the fans who met him after the accident, or came in contact with him.

One fan I've heard from, had met him several times, and even partied with him. She said her last meeting with him, he wasn't very nice to her at all. One of my friends met him the day Kurt Cobain passed away and she said he wasn't very talkative at all that day. He didn't say anything to her. And the band members of INXS all say after his accident he was a different person, much more aggressive. I keep thinking to myself "GOD! I am so glad I never met Michael under those conditions!" Knowing how I am, and drawing from my experience after meeting Kirk, knowing how I took him snubbing me the way he did, I probably would have thought the exact same thing about Michael. I definitely would have taken  his snubbing the wrong way, and probably would have wound up not liking him in the end either. So, I am glad I never met him after his accident. It's enough for me that I got to kiss him.

I'm just that way, if someone snubs me, I take it to mean they just don't like me. From someone I don't care about, it doesn't bother me. I wish more people throughout my life who didn't like me would have just snubbed me and let that be it! But coming from any of the band members of INXS, it would hurt me a great deal. Kirk did and it broke my heart. I used to love him! Almost to a point I loved Timmy. I was reading excerpts from my old MSN blog from 2005, and I saw where I wrote about the video for the INXS song, Time. I fell madly in love with Kirk in that video. I thought he was so gorgeous. That was before I ever met him. So I never said anything bad about Kirk, ever. Not in my early days of blogkeeping. Well, piss on it now! I've forgiven him. But I cannot ever forget what happened. But I can say if Michael had been like that to me, I'd probably be feeling the same way about him even now, as I do about Kirk.

Michael was shy. I can say that. Everyone who knew him very well all said he was very shy and sometimes even reserved. Many people take it the wrong way when you are shy, and nobody knows that better than I do!! If you're shy, most people either think you are stuck up or retarded. Shy kids always get the short end of the stick. I was extremely reserved as a child! And bashing from other kids only made it all worse. So, I never learned how to keep friends. The friends I do have are the strongest and most loyal people you'll ever find anywhere. When I was a kid, I didn't hardly talk to anyone. The friends I did make as a kid, I was always so desperate to hold on to, I guess. I became clingy to them, sometimes I guess it got to a point where they thought I was parasitic. My biggest problem I think is that I became too comfortable with them too fast. When I am so desperate to make friends, that's when I get in the most trouble. I let my guard down.

On the other hand, a lot of people who met Michael said he was a sweet, gentle person. When I kissed him, I could see that. When he smiled I could see how kind and gentle he was. He was always about peace and love. I love that about him. And for the most part, a lot of that seems to have rubbed off on the fans. Most INXS fans I've met have been nice. There are some bad apples out there, I've seen them. But most INXS fans are friendly and inviting. I try to be now. I can be reserved, but I can also be nice as well. It just takes me longer to become that nice friendly person. I "test the waters" to see if the other person approaching me is friendly or not. If they don't seem friendly to me, I don't waste my time on them. If they seem friendly, I'll be nice, warm and friendly in return. Per capita, the best people I've ever met were INXS fans. I was into dog shows and stuff back in the early 2000s, and show breeders are nowhere near as nice as INXS fans!! Even INXS fans at their worst is still friendlier than show breeders at their best. And before I went to dog shows, I used to think pet lovers were the nicest, kindest and most honest people out there. I was wrong!! My experiences with animal lovers have been some of the worst experiences of my life!

Although I have to say, I like animal lovers better than anime fanatics or video gamers. By far, those have been the absolute WORST people I've ever met in my life! I guess because most of them are teenagers, and teenagers don't know any better. But still! I think the reason show breeders are hateful is because their lives are all about dogs, competition, and health testing. They seem to forget they are people too. I think their constant thinking about getting that ultimate show dog blacks out their mind when it comes to being nice to other people. As for video gamers, besides the fact that the majority of them are teenagers, their lives are all about competition. Nothing else. They want nothing more than to get that high score on a video game, the highest score they can ever get, and they want it even if it means stepping on someone else's toes. So, they carry that angry, competitive attitude with them when meeting new people. So they are generally unkind. Whenever I get a negative post on any of my videos on YouTube, I don't even have to look at the person's channel, and I know it will be a video gamer or an anime fanatic. About 99% of the time I check, and I find out I am right.

As for anime fanatics, I don't know what anime cartoons are teaching them, but I have the feeling it is nothing good! Probably has something to do with being competitive as well, because the majority of anime fanatics are also into video games. Anime fanatics don't think anyone who doesn't look like an anime cartoon character is worth being nice to. So, they hate people like me who are not "perfect" in every dimension. Personally, I think anime cartoons are ugly! Uglier than I ever was!! So, IMO, if an anime fanatic thinks I am ugly because I don't look like an anime cartoon character, well I take that as a compliment! :)

But INXS fans are not like those people at all. INXS have always been about peace and love, and that is what I like about them. And will always love about them. I even saw a pic of JD recently and even he has changed!! I used to think he just looked like an overgrown little boy. Kinda like how Aiden Turner looks to me. And speaking of Aiden Turner, I think I saw his twin brother! LOL! Some kid from Duck Dynasty! Looked just like him! Even had the mean look in his eyes! Anyway, JD has changed! He looks more grown up now. Jon Stevens even sang with the band, and has been friends of theirs since Michael was around. But Jon Stevens is ugly!! UGH!! Some fans say he was sexy, well I never thought so! I always puke a little in the back of my mouth when some fan refers to Jon Stevens as being sexy. He was very far from being sexy! Bloated face and close-together eyes do not a sexy man make!! Face it, nobody will ever be as handsome as Michael and Timmy.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Stop Kanye West!

Oh GOD!!! Did you know there is a petition available online to stop Kanye West? Oh man! Well, I don't know if the music gurus will listen. I hope they do because I can't stand Kanye West!! I don't know why it is he is so popular!! We all know how outspoken he is about music. He thinks no artist in the world deserves to win the grammys more than Beyoncé. UGH!! I don't even like Beyoncé! She's a phony! She's what I call a plastic-label musician. She never writes her own music, she has a team of writers write for her. She has a hired team of musicians (not connected to her at all, except that she pays them) make the music for her songs. She has people who use computers and synthesizers to make her voice sound good. She has no talent of her own. Yet, Kanye thinks she is the only person on the planet that deserves any musical award.

I remember back in 2010 when Kanye made an ass of himself and got on stage at the grammys and took the microphone away from Taylor Swift because he thought Beyoncé should win the award. Made me so mad!! That was her moment! Not his!! He should have left her alone! Well, he did it again this year with another musician named Beck. Again, it was because he thought Beyoncé should win, and she didn't. Kanye just doesn't get it. The whole musical world doesn't give a shit what he thinks!! Well, unlike Taylor Swift, whom I am sure was not expecting such a rude intrusion from Kanye that night, Beck was better prepared. Beck did not let Kanye steal the mic from him. He held his hand out and kept Kanye from getting his hands on the mic. Kanye, for the first time I can recall, took the hint and backed off. A lot of people hate Kanye. I know I do! The man is nothing but one big ego. Face it, the only reason he intervened is because Taylor Swift and Beck were not African-American. That's it!!

Some people on the petition are calling Kanye "scum". I don't think scum is a strong enough word for Kanye. "Scum" is someone like me. I speak my mind yes, and some people may not like it when I do, but at least I am respectful to a point. Kanye has no respect, especially for non-blacks. Now, I am not racist myself, I personally couldn't give a rat's posterior if Beyoncé is black, or Beck is white, or Taylor Swift is Chinese, I don't care! Kanye sticks up for music only if it benefits his people. That is what I don't like! He makes me mad! He is not "scum". Kanye is the shit-smear that is stuck to the toilet paper when I wipe my ass after releasing a 5-pound dump! Kanye is the dingleberry that dangles from a persian cat's behind! Kanye is the nucleus of an e-coli bacteria. Get what I am saying? That is how low Kanye is. He is not scum. He is worse than scum! He's slime!

If I think that about him after he's insulted 2 musicians I personally don't care about, you don't want to know what I'd be saying now about Kanye if he had ever done something like that to my beautiful INXS guys!! Oasis did that to Michael and I want to scratch their eyes out!! I hate them with every ounce of my being! Especially Noel. I want to kick his butt so hard that he tastes his turds for a year!! I get mad just thinking about him. So I say yes, let's stop Kanye! Don't buy his "music"! Don't buy his merchandise, don't buy anything he endorses. Don't have anything to do with him. We need to get this parasite off the wavelengths!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Michael vs.....Michael?!

Lately, I've gotten to love Michael again, just as much now as I did in the 90s. I assume sooner or later this immense love will run it's course, but for now, I love Michael, as much as I do Timmy. That's how my life is, I love something and I can love it so immensely, it can seem like an obsession. The only real difference is that I have no desire to wait outside concert halls, or go to their homes and wait for them to come out, and approach them all kissy-faced. I'm not that kind of fan!! Though I would pay good money to see Timmy's boat! Just because I have a fascination for boats. The fact that Timmy owns it would make it worth more to me to see.

Well, I love Michael for just about everything. The way he looks, the way he sings, even the way he talks. He had a cute little lisp and it makes me smile every time I hear him. It only added to his sexiness. He's always swooned me when he sings. I remember when I lost Hutchess back in the early summer of 1998, she was my puppy that I had that died of parvovirus. I was so devastated, I stopped eating for 3 days. By the third day, I had gotten noticeably weak, so weak it took a lot out of me to pull myself out of bed. The only thing that made me feel better was to watch my INXS videos. Because of Michael and Timmy both, I was feeling 100% better by that afternoon. That strengthened my love for INXS. Though I do take periodic "breaks" from the band, I will always love these guys. They will forever be my favorite band. So far, no other band has ever come even as close to being in the same league as INXS. I don't like any of today's bands. They may seem to have talent, but I have no respect whatsoever for any bands that get their start on such programs as Xfactor or American Idol. IMO, nothing makes a good band like old fashioned seasoning from pubs, nightclubs and other small gigs.

Anyways, the reason for my title, Michael had 2 styles through the course of his career. I love Michael forever now, but I was so used to seeing Michael with long, curly hair, and that is how I made him look in my story, INXS Goes to Mount St. Helens:

The gang and their bus driver meets Gracie. Band members from L to R: Andrew, Garry, Kirk, Tim, Michael and Jon.
This story was supposed to have taken place in the summer of 1997, after the Johnston Ridge Observatory was completed. The funny thing is, I made Michael (and Tim) look like they did during the Full Moon, Dirty Hearts album era. That's because those were my favorite styles of those two.

Michael and Timmy during FMDH (1993).
But if this were a real and accurate story for the time period, Michael would have looked something like this:

Michael in 1997.
The reason I didn't make Michael look like this is because to me, that is not the Michael I always knew and fell in love with. I've heard several fans say that Michael switched to this style because Paula wanted him to. Now, I don't know how true that really is. Not saying these friends are lying. I'm just saying I don't know if that is true or not. So far, as much as I can tell, that could be a rumor. But it could also be true. I always thought if it is true, maybe Paula thought it makes him look more mature and less like a rockstar. But recently, I heard that Paula made Michael change his style to make himself look less attractive to other women. And if that is the case, it is proof positive that Paula was obsessed with Michael, and that she trapped him into her sick world. Baby or no baby! If I were Michael, I'd have left Paula. Just take the baby and leave!! I also heard Paula said if Michael ever left her, she'd kill herself and his baby. That is also messed-up! You wonder why I don't like Paula?!

OK, Michael was not perfect either, we've already established that! But did he make Paula change her style to make herself less attractive to other men? Did Michael threaten to kill Paula's other children if she ever left him? IMO, there is a line a person should not cross, and Paula crossed both those lines, IF indeed these things are true and she actually said them. So far, no one has proven these things yet. But also, no one has disproved whether or not they are true either. There is a big difference between being imperfect, and being outright, totally insane! Michael was imperfect. Paula was totally insane!

The saddest thing about Paula making Michael change his style to make himself less attractive to other women, is that it actually worked on me for a long time. For years, I hated that look on him. I used to joke (not in a good way) that it made him look like Marlo Thomas. But this was me! The same person who fell in love with Michael in 1990 on first sight. Love at first sight is supposed to be totally undying love. To this day, I feel bad I let all those years slip, hating Michael for coming up with that look. Well, I didn't "hate" him, per se. I hated that look on him. Because of that, I didn't love him as much as I used to. Well, that was 1998 to 2014. This is today, and for some reason lately, I've been finding myself more drawn to the straight-haired look. It looks a lot more attractive to me now than it did during those years right after he died. Maybe because it made him look more mature, and I am older and more mature myself.

Well, I still love the curly-haired look:

But I also think now there is nothing wrong with the straight-haired Hutch:

Well, now for the dramatic subject change, and I admit I don't like this kind of thinking. The other day, I got into a disagreement with someone on one of the facebook groups I am on, and something she said has bothered me since. Not so much the person who said it, it was what she said and how she said it. It made me mad. I'll tell you why. She posted a pic of Aiden Turner on a group about Michael Hutchence. I don't think it belongs there, but I said to her "Don't tell me we're going to bring this shit here too!" I did not say she couldn't bring it there, I just said "Don't tell me we're bringing this here". I don't go on a group about INXS to discuss Aiden Turner. But that's not what made me mad. What made me mad was when she said to me "You have no taste in men." Then she claimed of herself, "I have excellent taste in men."

Get what I am saying? I do NOT like people like that that think they're better than someone else. That's one thing I didn't do to her. I never talked back to her saying "I have great taste in men!" because what she said was just her own opinion. I just told her her taste in men sucks (a post which seems to have been deleted). This has been bothering me, because I should put someone like that on ignore. I used to like this person, and it bothers me that now, I don't like her anymore. It probably does not bother her (or no doubt she wouldn't admit it if it does), but I happen to remember she used to be a good person. I also have several mutual friends with her, but believe me, I've known her for a while, even had several private chats with her. As good as I am at spotting character, I never knew she was that kind of person! I have a few people on ignore on Facebook, but they are mostly the popular people, but one thing they all have in common, they think their shit doesn't stink. I just don't like people like that. So, I think I'm just going to have to put this person on ignore too. I hope I can!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Woa! This is Eerie!!!

And I thought Kit Harington looked most like Michael!! I was wrong!!! I think I found someone else who looks more like Michael than he does!! His name is Daniel O'Leary. But who the heck is he?? I cannot find anything about him nor any more pics of him!! There's only one pic in existence and I found it on the official MH website:

My Gosh!! If that is really not Michael, he sure does look like him!! Much more than Kit Harington!! And I thought Kit Harington was IT! Almost makes me want to kiss him!! Almost, but not quite! LOL! I think even the hardcore Aiden Turner fans would be impressed with how much this guy looks like Michael! Of course I never thought Aiden Turner looks anything like Michael. A serial killer, yes. Michael Hutchence, no! I'll tell you, I look more like Michael Hutchence than Aiden Turner does!! Aiden Turner looks far too mean! But this guy, he has that perfect blend of badboy with a hint of innocence in his eyes. Just like Michael had! I can tell that just from looking at this pic!!

But the thing that gets me about this guy is I cannot find anything more about him. I'd like to look at other pics of him, get a good idea of what I am looking at. I cannot even see his lips in this pic! I want to see more of him. I want to know more about him. Can he sing? Can he dance like Michael? Does he have the right moves? How old is he? I don't think Michael should be played by anyone older than 30. A 30 year old can pull off playing a 20-year old nicely. Much better than say a 40-year old, or even a 35-year old. Michael was 18 when they began performing. He was 37 when he died. A 30 year old person could do the part nicely. No older. It's easier to make a younger person look older than to make an older person look younger and still be convincing.

When someone mentions the name of someone who they want to play Michael, one of the first things I always do is google more pics of that person. But I tried that with this guy, and there is nothing! When I googled his name, all I get is a lot of info about some old dude who was an author born in the 1930s, which I know cannot be this guy, or some other dude that was a military general in the 1800s. Good grief!! There is also a Dan O'Leary in football, but I know this isn't him!! That guy weighs 240 pounds! This guy is small framed, like Michael was. If you ask me, he's perfect to play the part of Michael!! If he can muster the moves, he's won my heart!!! 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Average Day on the Internet

Yep, just an average day on the internet! LOL! I woke up, looked at my emails, went to Facebook and that is where it got started. The manager of the MH Fan page is not happy about the things said by a person that I am still friends with, but because I am still friends with her and "liked" the post she wrote about the page, now the manager thinks I shouldn't be on that page. Let me start off the rest of this by saying I have nothing against the manager or this friend. I am still friends with this person, and still on the fan page (as far as I know, LOL!) I did a little playing devil's advocate though. This friend's complaint was mostly that the page seems to have become more about Paula than Michael. Well, I admit the page is supposed to be about Michael's LIFE. That's what the title of the page is. And yes, Paula was a part of Michael's life. But there seems to be an imbalance. At least for a while there was. More posts were going up about Paula than Michael. Even I was beginning to question whether I was on the right page or not. I am still on the group, for now anyways. Anyway, I can honestly say I have nothing against the group myself.

Well, then the manager was angry because I clicked "like" on that person's post about the group. I told the manager it's not my job to tell someone they have to stay when they are just not happy on the group. That's not my business. My duty as a friend is to stand by this friend, in whatever choice they make. Even if I don't agree with it, I am still her friend. I'm not saying I don't agree with this person's choice to leave the group, but I have a lot of friends that I don't agree 100% with. I'm still their friend. When I like someone, I am very loyal! As long as they are not bringing harm to any person or any animal. So far none of my friends have done that. Not that I know of. hehehe!

Then this other member of the group, Karin, posts a pic of Aiden Turner on the MH fan group. I'm sick of seeing that guy!! I can't stand him! And he has NOTHING to do with Michael!!! He should not be posted on a group that is supposed to be only about Michael Hutchence and HIS life! Yes, I feel people who like him are putting him in my face! Like I said, Aiden has nothing to do with Michael. He was not part of Michael's life. So in a sense it feels like she's putting him in my face!! What she doesn't understand is that the more people try to put something in my face that I've already stated I don't like, the more I'm going to hate that thing!! Karin, ironically is the same person who takes pics of Michael and photoshops her own face in them. Well, I remember on another group, someone stated they hated it when she did that. I admit I did in the beginning. But that's how she has her fun! Who am I to say she cannot? As long as she hasn't plagiarized another fan's pic, and so far she hasn't.

Well, over the past week, I've had friends tagging me in posts showing off Aiden Turner, and trying to get me to see him the same way I see Michael and Timmy. I just got sick of him!! I think he's ugly. I groaned "Don't tell me we're going to bring this shit here again!" Well, Karin said that I have bad taste in men, that my comment was overstated, and she claimed her right to post "that shit" anywhere she wants to. I say, that's what her Facebook wall is for. Not a group about Michael and HIS LIFE. There must be a group somewhere on Facebook devoted to Aiden Turner. Go there and post his pic! I don't go to this group to see Aiden Turner!! I go to see Michael and INXS!! Karin also stated she doesn't care what I say. I told her maybe she is the one with bad taste in men as far as I'm concerned. Then I added, "If you're going to post his pic, I'm going to comment!" She argued "That's a shame for you Dee. I have excellent taste in men." Bullshit! How old is she? 45? She's ogling a man half her age? Sounds messed up to me. Well, she doesn't need to agree with me, or even care what I say, just know that if she's going to post a pic of someone on a group about Michael that has nothing to do with him, I'm going to comment. I also reminded her that I think her taste in men still sucks! At least when it comes to Aiden Turner.

Well, at least she likes Michael. I may have even been in something of a bad mood. Looking at Aiden Turner always puts me in a bad mood! And the fact it's finally sunny out and I can't go walking makes the mood worse for me! UGH!! I shouldn't care what Karin says either, and really, I don't. She and I haven't been getting along lately. LOL! I think it's either jealousy on her part because I actually got to kiss Michael in real life and all she has is photoshopped pictures she makes of herself kissing him. Some fans are like that! Or perhaps she found out I am not as big a cat-lover as she hoped I was. But that's OK. We were never friends outside the group. And if she's like this, then I say she needs to grow up. Perhaps she is just not the kind of person I should have for a friend. I'm loyal to my friends, but I can also take a person or leave them, doesn't matter. But I swear if I see another post about Aiden Turner on that group, I will leave!!

Then on YouTube, someone named Brent Lowe is making love to the sight of lions killing hyenas. Personally, I don't like hyenas or lions. Though I hate lions even more. I like the reply this guy AlexDraco gave him. He said "Let's have a blood orgy and get all orgasmic to the sight of animals killing one another shall we?" hehehehe!! He gave it to him!! That's one of the best replies I've ever seen!! Of course I know he was being sarcastic to a stupid person who wants to make love to a lion. I would not normally think getting all orgasmic to the sight of animals killing one another is funny. But the way AlexDraco put it, just made me chuckle!! I loved that reply!! It's one of the funniest I've ever seen on YouTube!! WTG Alex!!!

Yup, just another typical day on the internet.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

An Apology to Michael

I love Michael, I would never do anything to hurt or offend him. I know he's not in this world and cannot read this, but I feel compelled to write out an apology to him, as well as to Lily (no, I don't think she's looking in either). I'm basically just doing this because I want to go on with a clean conscience. The other day I read something someone posted in a group I am in. It was an excerpt from a book by a woman named Belinda, who wrote about Paula and Michael. Now, don't get me wrong, I still don't like Paula, and still feel she was not right for Michael. But for years, on here and elsewhere, I've been saying that Paula had Lily to trap Michael. Sometimes sluts do that, and Paula was obsessed with Michael, everyone around her knew that. Apparently even Paula herself admitted that.

Well, according to Belinda, Michael signed an affidavit that stated it was not Paula's idea to have Lily, and he did not want the press to write things like that and have Lily growing up believing them. Michael stated in his testimony that NOBODY wanted that baby more than he did! This made me think of something that Christina (Michael's sister) wrote on another website where she said something to the effect of he used to watch her kids growing up and he had a look in his eye that showed he really wanted to have kids of his own. Even though his mouth would say different. LOL! Michael was a complex person, I always knew that. But I thought for years Paula had Lily just to trap Michael. I have a hard time believing Paula had fertility issues, and had to see a fertility expert before having Lily. But if it is indeed true that nobody wanted Lily more than Michael did, then I owe him an apology. Sorry Michael! Luv ya baby!

I still don't like Paula. I truly believe she did something to Michael. Michael was miserable the whole time he was with Paula. I know the tabloids may have had a hand in pushing Michael over the edge, but from what I heard from reliable sources, Paula would tip off the press to where they were going and what they would be doing. She loved drama, and I think she just liked parading Michael around like a trophy. I truly believe that! I could also blame the accident he had in 1992 for his downward spiral. But he was with Helena for several years after that accident and even then he still looked happier than he ever did with Paula! So that is why I will always hate Paula.

I'm not saying Paula is stupid!! I'm not mcgillicutty! I don't say someone is stupid just because I don't like them, or I don't agree with them. No, I think Paula was very intelligent! Like a fox!! She was smart enough to trap Michael in her web!

Missing Michael

I miss him so much!! Sometimes it brings tears to my eyes how much I miss him! Almost anything can set it off. For the past week, I've been running my Beavis and Butthead series, and well this morning I played the last episode in the series, the one where Beavis and Butthead are dead. It made me feel sad. Not for Beavis and Butthead! But because the one thing I remember about that episode is that it aired around the same time Michael died. Since I've been grieving all over again for Michael for the past year or so, watching that episode just brought back some painful memories, and it made me feel sad. I felt sad that Michael is gone, and he won't be coming back. That episode ends with I'll Be Seeing You sung by Frank Sinatra, who Michael also admired. It's a beautiful song too! He sings it like this:

"I'll be seeing you in all the old, familiar places
That this heart of mine embraces all day through
In that small cafe, the park across the way
The children's carousel, the chestnut tree, the wishing well

I'll be seeing you in ev'ry lovely summer's day
In everything that's light and gay
I'll always think of you that way
I'll find you in the morning sun and when the night is new
I'll be looking at the moon but I'll be seeing you"

Ya know, I don't think that episode has ever been aired since! I haven't seen it. It was supposed to be the last episode ever of Beavis and Butthead. But back in 2012, they actually came back. Though it was only a few episodes, still it was good to see Beavis and Butthead make a comeback. Unfortunately the same thing cannot be said for Michael. There will NEVER be another Michael. I think I found his lookalike though when I discovered Kit Harington! I swear he looks exactly like Michael. Though how good his song-writing skills are, I have no idea. But this has kinda given me an idea.

When other people hear that last theme song from the final episode of Beavis and Butthead, they simply think of the closing images of them from over the previous seasons. But today, when I heard the closing theme of that last episode, this was what went through my head:

And that made me feel sad. Even tonight, just now as I was working on this, it made me feel sad. I just miss Michael so much! I totally regret only seeing him live once! I wish I had never gotten that job with Patti and Chris! I may have still been a fan of INXS enough to go see them more often in the mid-90s. Yes I did use the closing theme to the last episode of Beavis and Butthead in this video, that's the exact same song they closed the series with. But today, because I've been thinking of Michael more often lately, it made me think of him today. I remember this was big news on MTV, the same week Michael died. So, I started thinking of him the moment this episode began.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

What If I Did?

What if I made up things like this Amy Lee whom I wrote about here a month or two ago. That woman whose blog is full of crap that she actually believes she did. One thing I will say for her, she is creative! One has to admit that! She has to have a lot of imagination to be able to bring events together that would seem to be connected, but really are not. I like that! I go to her blog now and then to read it for the entertainment value. One of her latest blogs talks about the death of Kurt Cobain, which happened on April 5, 1994, and how it was somehow linked to the death of Howard Hughes some years earlier. Apparently on the same date. This Amy Lee is delusional, but she is really good at seeking out patterns in things that are in no way related!! I have to hand her credit for that!! LOL!! I'm a creative person and even I cannot do it to the degree she does! She could make a bundle writing fiction novels.

You know a lot of the things Amy says are lies, and I'll tell you why. She talks a lot about spending a lot of time with Kurt Cobain as early as 1983. Well, I commented once on Amy's blog (a comment which was rejected, naturally) asking how was it that she spent all this time with Kurt Cobain in 1983, when he grew up in Hoquiam, WA and she grew up in Birmingham, TX? That's a long way to go every day just to meet a boy who was not even famous in 1983! And apparently, she was only 14 in 1983, not old enough to travel on her own. I know when my sis and I were 14, my parents didn't let us travel a lot, especially not as far as from Washington to Texas!! Well, Amy has to approve all comments on her blog, and she does not approve those that opposes her blog posts in any way. She doesn't want her regular fans to read them and discover the possibility she is lying.

She can hide behind clever little patterns she's found. She can excuse her lies by making a quote by Napoleon, who is one of history's most notorious liars. I realize this is the internet and a lot of people make up things to sound important or make themselves sound special. I do it sometimes too. Who doesn't? But Amy Lee cannot hide behind facts. I know a lot of the things she says, especially about Kurt Cobain, is nothing but a bunch of lies. She may have seen him in concert, and maybe even met him. But I don't think she had the closeness to him that she displays in her blog. I would love to have been close to Michael Hutchence and Tim Farriss myself. But I'm not. That's life. Accept it and move on.

But what if I did make up some stories like her's? What could I say? I'm not sure I can make something up that she hasn't already about someone I'm most likely to be close to in the entertainment industry. I'm not a fan of Kurt Cobain. Don't get me wrong, I thought he was very talented, and I like a few of his songs, but I am not a Nirvana fan whatsoever. I don't see them the same way I did INXS. You won't find a single Nirvana song on my MP3 player. I like a few songs, but not enough to hear them every day. But I could make up some believable bullshit like "On April 5, 2004, a memorial statue that I suggested to the town of Hoquiam, went up in honor of Kurt. It was made in Hoquiam, but I told them they should put it in Seattle, where Cobain put on his first famous performance, and they agreed. I called MTV associates and told them what was going on, and they agreed to fund the project, and came to honor Kurt on the day the statue went up. When the statue did go up, a lot of rock stars were in attendance that day, as well as Kurt's parents and other relatives. They thanked me for suggesting the statue and kissed me with tears in their eyes."

Well, that whole story was bull! It doesn't even sound believable to me! LOL!! But it was a fun story to write. I get a lot of pleasure out of writing my stories. I don't mean the stories on this blog, I'm talking about my stories like what I got up on my UMG Productions website. Maybe writing stories like this gives Amy Lee some pleasure. Like I said earlier, she's got quite an imagination. She really should consider writing fictional novels. I think she'd be great at that!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Michael's Hispanic Features

Well, while the cat-people are comparing Michael to a panther, which I still think is dumb (not the people, the fact they still think Michael was a panther of some kind), I look at the person Michael was. Like I said in my last post, I knew Michael was Hispanic all along. Comparing him to my own father, when he was younger, their features are quite the same! When my father was younger, he was quite a handsome man! I have to say! I have to be somewhat respectful too, because he is my father! But if he wasn't my father, and I was a young woman at the time he was in his 20s, I would have been in love! LOL! I've always heard that women often fall in love with men who remind them of their fathers. Not all, but most women. That was likely the case with Michael. I also have a lot of pics in my now extended collection that very well shows off these Hispanic features of his! I'll post them here.


With the little moustache, he looks exactly like my pa did. Only my pa never let his hair get this long. But if he had, Michael probably would have looked like his twin! LOL! Also, my pa has black hair. But in these pics, you can really see Hispanic features in Michael's face. Of course the British in him subtles the Spanish features, like it does on me. But definitely, you can see he does have Hispanic features in his face in these pics. It is these pics and other images like these that made me fall in love with Michael in the first place!!

Of course not all people with Hispanic features are attractive. I remember ol' Craig Pajares when I used to go to the voc school, he was also Mexican, Irish and English, and frankly, he was ugly as shit! Nowhere near as beautiful as my Michael!! Not to mention he STUNK!!! So he was a good example of someone who had Hispanic lineage, and was not attractive at all. Of course I know I may be blinded by Michael's beauty. I seem to lately only have eyes for him and Timmy. Apparently Richard Lowenstein is still planning this movie, he titled Michael, about the life of INXS. The fans keep on saying they want Aiden Turner to play the part of Michael. I still say he's too ugly! Even shirtless he looks ugly! I don't find his figure attractive at all! His ribs are weird. And his belly is concave. Yeah! I know, I'm a perfectionist!!! I say Kit Harington could play Michael much better and be much more convincing. He has a much more innocent look than Aiden Turner.

He was also voted one of the sexiest men of 2014! When I first saw him, while flipping through a magazine, I had to do a double-take because I thought I was looking at a picture of Michael in a magazine that was talking about the sexiest men of 2014!! LOL!! In 1994, Michael looked just like this! He has the same shaped head as Michael did, his hair, his hairline, his eyes, his nose, his chin, even the semi-innocent look in his facial expression! He even has Michael's lips!! Somewhat pouty, but not too pouty. Aiden Turner's lips are not pouty at all, not even a little bit! Aiden Turner's jawline is also more square than Michael's. Aiden Turner does have a cleft in his chin, but it's more pronounced than Michael's was. I dunno, I look at Kit Harington and I think everything Hutch! I look at Aiden Turner, and I see a serial killer. He's that ugly to me. If he is picked to do the part of Michael, I will refuse to see the movie. To me, Aiden Turner just wouldn't be convincing enough.