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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Michael's Hispanic Features

Well, while the cat-people are comparing Michael to a panther, which I still think is dumb (not the people, the fact they still think Michael was a panther of some kind), I look at the person Michael was. Like I said in my last post, I knew Michael was Hispanic all along. Comparing him to my own father, when he was younger, their features are quite the same! When my father was younger, he was quite a handsome man! I have to say! I have to be somewhat respectful too, because he is my father! But if he wasn't my father, and I was a young woman at the time he was in his 20s, I would have been in love! LOL! I've always heard that women often fall in love with men who remind them of their fathers. Not all, but most women. That was likely the case with Michael. I also have a lot of pics in my now extended collection that very well shows off these Hispanic features of his! I'll post them here.


With the little moustache, he looks exactly like my pa did. Only my pa never let his hair get this long. But if he had, Michael probably would have looked like his twin! LOL! Also, my pa has black hair. But in these pics, you can really see Hispanic features in Michael's face. Of course the British in him subtles the Spanish features, like it does on me. But definitely, you can see he does have Hispanic features in his face in these pics. It is these pics and other images like these that made me fall in love with Michael in the first place!!

Of course not all people with Hispanic features are attractive. I remember ol' Craig Pajares when I used to go to the voc school, he was also Mexican, Irish and English, and frankly, he was ugly as shit! Nowhere near as beautiful as my Michael!! Not to mention he STUNK!!! So he was a good example of someone who had Hispanic lineage, and was not attractive at all. Of course I know I may be blinded by Michael's beauty. I seem to lately only have eyes for him and Timmy. Apparently Richard Lowenstein is still planning this movie, he titled Michael, about the life of INXS. The fans keep on saying they want Aiden Turner to play the part of Michael. I still say he's too ugly! Even shirtless he looks ugly! I don't find his figure attractive at all! His ribs are weird. And his belly is concave. Yeah! I know, I'm a perfectionist!!! I say Kit Harington could play Michael much better and be much more convincing. He has a much more innocent look than Aiden Turner.

He was also voted one of the sexiest men of 2014! When I first saw him, while flipping through a magazine, I had to do a double-take because I thought I was looking at a picture of Michael in a magazine that was talking about the sexiest men of 2014!! LOL!! In 1994, Michael looked just like this! He has the same shaped head as Michael did, his hair, his hairline, his eyes, his nose, his chin, even the semi-innocent look in his facial expression! He even has Michael's lips!! Somewhat pouty, but not too pouty. Aiden Turner's lips are not pouty at all, not even a little bit! Aiden Turner's jawline is also more square than Michael's. Aiden Turner does have a cleft in his chin, but it's more pronounced than Michael's was. I dunno, I look at Kit Harington and I think everything Hutch! I look at Aiden Turner, and I see a serial killer. He's that ugly to me. If he is picked to do the part of Michael, I will refuse to see the movie. To me, Aiden Turner just wouldn't be convincing enough.

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