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Sunday, March 8, 2015

It Rhymes With "Muck"

LOL!! I like that!! hehehe! This was quoted from one of my Facebook friends. I like it! It has to be the funniest and most creative quote I've ever seen on Facebook!! Made me laugh anyways. She said that after an encounter with one of those all-too common INXS fans that uses their friendship with Michael as a status-symbol to look down on us "mere fans". Believe me, not all INXS fans are friendly and innocent. Just that per capita, most of us are friendly towards newcomers. And yes, there are even some of those who were friends of Michael's that are good, and not uppity. It's the uppity people you have to watch out for. Those are the people I don't like, and want nothing at all to do with. I don't care if they were friends of Michael's or not!

I don't know why it is that these people even exist! But they think that just because they were friends of Michael's, or ANY member of the band INXS, they think their shit doesn't stink. The majority of them probably only had a few short encounters with Michael and the band, or forced themselves on the band, and they think that is being friends with the band. Mind you, not all people who were friends of Michael's are like that. I'm not saying that. I'm just saying the majority of these people are. Michael was such a beautiful, humble man. No ego in his body and mind whatsoever. I would think he'd be totally ashamed these egotistical people are calling themselves his "friends", and ashamed of how they treat other fans who were not friends of the band (in an intimate way). I kissed Michael once, but I am not his friend. Not that I wouldn't be if he wanted me to be his friend, just saying I am not his friend. I never claimed to be. I met Timmy several times, but I am not his friend. To me, Timmy is an acquaintance. Not a friend. He's a sweet guy, but he's not my friend. I never said he was. Again, it's not that I would not like to be his friend, it's just that it hasn't happened yet. And if it does, I would seriously hope I would not become like these people I've seen who claimed to be friends with the band, and use that little fact to look down on other fans.

I am very specific in what I believe a real friend is. Friendship to me means exchanging phone numbers, addresses, going to that person's house for a visit, turning to them if one of them needs someone to talk to, helping each other when they need it, being there for that person, going out together and having fun, accepting each other's faults, and liking that other person for who they are, and letting them know that nothing will ever break that bond. Now, for some people I consider friends, I realize there is a space barrier there. Some of them live many miles away from me. But still, there are other ways of communicating. I actually have very few good friends, but they are the most loyal people on the planet, and all the time, the bad ones get weeded out, and I like that. My grandma always said if you make one good friend in your life, you're doing fine. Well, I do have at least one really good friend. So, I guess I am doing fine.

There are ways you can tell who the bad INXS fans are. One of the ways I always look for is if they are friends of DonnaG. They seem to see DonnaG as some kind of god, as Donna herself does. But chances are, if that person is friends with the band, then they are also friends with DonnaG, as she never makes friends with anyone who is a mere fan. And those people, if you say one word against DonnaG, they will attack you like a swarm of army ants, and carry that grudge for the rest of their born days! So they are not good people. And DonnaG herself is no good either. She's very pushy and is something of a bully. A lot of people I know who have had dealings with her will vouch for this fact. She loses her temper at the drop of a hat, and then loses her mind with anger. And she admitted to me the fact that she is using people to get in good with the men of INXS, especially Jon. Most people who are still friends of Donna's (and friends of INXS) don't realize that either.

Now, I do have a few mutual friends with DonnaG, not many but a few. But they are the people who do not get involved in Donna's little sick game of vengeance. I don't know if she purposely charges her little clique out to harass people who do not like her (so far, they've mostly left me alone), or if they just do it on their own because they want to harass people who don't like DonnaG. My guess would be a little bit of both. They haven't bothered me in a long time, perhaps they know that to harass me for a stupid reason such as that I don't like DonnaG, does nothing with me. It sure as hell wouldn't make me like Donna any better. In fact, knowing her friends did this in the past, only makes me despise her even more.

Another thing, the bad INXS fans always boast about how they were friends of the band's and call everyone else "mere fans". Like this: "You're a 'mere fan', you wouldn't understand". This is because these people can't get down from their "god tier" long enough to remember that they were once nothing but "mere fans" too. Sometimes I just want to slap those people! Or throw a brick at their face! Something to knock that "godly complex" they have out of their minds! It kinda makes me think that I'm in one of those movies about the ancient Greek gods who say "You mere mortals will never understand!" Like that Ben Hur movie!

Another way to tell the bad fans from the good ones, the bad ones are always too serious. The only time they laugh is when it is at the expense of one of us "mere fans". Personally, I don't care if they laugh at me, but people have been known to kill themselves over being bullied this way. And yes, it is bullying! I don't care what they call it. But if you tell them someone has killed themselves over something like this, they will have the attitude like "Well then that person deserves to die!" Or if you show any hint of sadness or depression over what they say, they will display an attitude like "Aww are we too mean for you?! Awwww poor baby! AHAHA! Get over it!" Kinda like the delusional mods and their dumbass friends! Their attitudes were all like that and they thought they were being funny. But they weren't funny. They were just a bunch of cock-suckers. They would have LOVED it if someone ever killed themselves over anything they said on their forum. They would have spent days, even months, laughing over it. To them, that was funny, people feeling depressed and committing suicide. They thought that was funny stuff.

Well, you know what I heard this morning? One of my Facebook friends posted something interesting that said if you tell someone to go kill themselves, it's a $20,000 fine. And if that person actually does kill themselves, that's a manslaughter charge. I didn't know that. I would think that violates our freedom of speech rights. It's not something a person with good morals should say under any circumstances, I know I would never tell anyone to go kill themselves. But I have heard people say things like that. Even other INXS fans. But I have the people who said things like that, or support people who do say things like that, blocked from my Facebook page. Except I haven't blocked DonnaG. Because I want to know who is friends with her so I can watch them like a hawk! LOL! At least for a little while so I would know if they are friendly or not, despite being friends with DonnaG, who does make a mockery of depression and suicide.

Another way to tell the bad fans from good ones, if the bad ones don't agree with everything you say or everything you do, or if you have any opinions that differ from their's, they hate you for it. I once knew of someone (not a friend) who was one of INXS's official photographers for the Switched On Tour. Well, she also came on the INXS.com forum, and her signature said it all; "If you don't like what I like, you suck!" Whatever it was she liked, I knew I was not going to like, because I don't like people like her not even slightly. And I would be willing to bet she was friends with DonnaG! I'd bet my life on it at gunpoint! I think she was from Seattle too.

There is another group of bad INXS fans I like to call "the stalkers", or "the watchers". Not to be confused with "The Watcher", who was Rhonda from the Pluba forum, and did not like INXS, only liked herself. Too much! LOL! I don't really know what is wrong with these fans, but they only talk to certain people. Probably, like the last entry, they're always people who agree 100% with them. But anyone they don't agree 100% with, they will say nothing to. Just sit back and watch them. Some of those people may go so far as to "like" some of your posts on Facebook, but as time progresses, you notice they never speak directly to you. I like to give people a chance, so I don't always notice this right away. But if I say something to these people and they never respond to me, or they never say anything at all to me, I begin to get suspicious after a while. And I do know a few people like this on some of the groups I am on. One person I've recently stopped speaking to altogether. She always likes my posts, or almost always, I was always nice to her, and she talks to everyone else, but has never said anything to me. So I finally just said "OK fuck you. I won't speak to you either." And I haven't since. LOL! These kinds of fans are actually kinda creepy! Kindof like a peeping tom, who watches your every move, but never says anything.

Well, that's my take on what makes a good INXS fan vs. a bad one. Most of us fans are nice though. And some of the kinds of people listed above can seem nice at first. My advice though is just watch out for them! They may seem nice at first, but they can turn on you on a dime at the slightest difference.

And one last word I want to add to those people who claim to be such close friends with Michael; if that's so true, where were you on November 21-22, 1997 when Michael needed someone the most to talk to? Did he call you? If not, then you're not really his friend!


mikessa said...

Isnt Donna G the one you went to LA with? You know the whole time you were with her, I was worried. First of all, you were going with practically a total stranger who you really never knew outside of an INXS chatroom or something like that. Second you were going someplace where gangs take over and I was worried that you would get killed. It wasn't easy when dad asked me where you were at because he doesn't even know what or who INXS was. You know him, he lives in the dark ages. And I also didn't like it when she dropped you off at the house and acted like she wanted to get rid of you. I had the idea that she was a jerk from the beginning.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

That's the one. Ma was uncomfortable with me going with a total stranger too. So was Eva and Katrina. Everyone was worried. I will say at least she brought me home. She didn't leave me abandoned out there in LA. But while I was there, I did notice some irrational behavior coming from her. It worried me, but I never said anything to you guys while I was there because I didn't want you to worry.