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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Stop Kanye West!

Oh GOD!!! Did you know there is a petition available online to stop Kanye West? Oh man! Well, I don't know if the music gurus will listen. I hope they do because I can't stand Kanye West!! I don't know why it is he is so popular!! We all know how outspoken he is about music. He thinks no artist in the world deserves to win the grammys more than Beyoncé. UGH!! I don't even like Beyoncé! She's a phony! She's what I call a plastic-label musician. She never writes her own music, she has a team of writers write for her. She has a hired team of musicians (not connected to her at all, except that she pays them) make the music for her songs. She has people who use computers and synthesizers to make her voice sound good. She has no talent of her own. Yet, Kanye thinks she is the only person on the planet that deserves any musical award.

I remember back in 2010 when Kanye made an ass of himself and got on stage at the grammys and took the microphone away from Taylor Swift because he thought Beyoncé should win the award. Made me so mad!! That was her moment! Not his!! He should have left her alone! Well, he did it again this year with another musician named Beck. Again, it was because he thought Beyoncé should win, and she didn't. Kanye just doesn't get it. The whole musical world doesn't give a shit what he thinks!! Well, unlike Taylor Swift, whom I am sure was not expecting such a rude intrusion from Kanye that night, Beck was better prepared. Beck did not let Kanye steal the mic from him. He held his hand out and kept Kanye from getting his hands on the mic. Kanye, for the first time I can recall, took the hint and backed off. A lot of people hate Kanye. I know I do! The man is nothing but one big ego. Face it, the only reason he intervened is because Taylor Swift and Beck were not African-American. That's it!!

Some people on the petition are calling Kanye "scum". I don't think scum is a strong enough word for Kanye. "Scum" is someone like me. I speak my mind yes, and some people may not like it when I do, but at least I am respectful to a point. Kanye has no respect, especially for non-blacks. Now, I am not racist myself, I personally couldn't give a rat's posterior if Beyoncé is black, or Beck is white, or Taylor Swift is Chinese, I don't care! Kanye sticks up for music only if it benefits his people. That is what I don't like! He makes me mad! He is not "scum". Kanye is the shit-smear that is stuck to the toilet paper when I wipe my ass after releasing a 5-pound dump! Kanye is the dingleberry that dangles from a persian cat's behind! Kanye is the nucleus of an e-coli bacteria. Get what I am saying? That is how low Kanye is. He is not scum. He is worse than scum! He's slime!

If I think that about him after he's insulted 2 musicians I personally don't care about, you don't want to know what I'd be saying now about Kanye if he had ever done something like that to my beautiful INXS guys!! Oasis did that to Michael and I want to scratch their eyes out!! I hate them with every ounce of my being! Especially Noel. I want to kick his butt so hard that he tastes his turds for a year!! I get mad just thinking about him. So I say yes, let's stop Kanye! Don't buy his "music"! Don't buy his merchandise, don't buy anything he endorses. Don't have anything to do with him. We need to get this parasite off the wavelengths!
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