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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Here Or There

Good GOD how I hate show breeders! And I am beginning to hate rescue people almost as much! Geez!! And to think I used to think people who love pets are all the same, or all like me. All they would be interested in is knowing what kind of dog a person has, is it friendly, or how cute it is and how it loves to play. But no, these people do not think of that. Nowadays all they want to know is is your dog a rescue or did you buy it from a breeder. I get on Craigslist and see the ads people put up there for their dogs, and next thing I see is a total war breaking out! Nowadays if you get a dog off of Craigslist, the Craigslist police complain because the buyer is supporting backyard breeding practices. And the griping just never ends! I totally hate getting into discussions like this! It's not my place anymore. And really people should just keep their mouths SHUT when it's not their business.

Backyard breeders will always be there. No matter how hard someone argues. If a person wants a pet, they cannot rely totally on show/responsible breeders. As beautiful as it would be if everyone got their pets from a responsible breeder, it isn't going to happen. I am always taken back to this friend on the INXS website, and the experience she had with a show cat breeder. That breeder refused to sell to her because she lived in an apartment with no fencing, which I thought was a stupid reason for not wanting to sell her a kitten. But that's how those kinds of breeders are. And it is because of instances like that that backyard breeders will always be around. She went to a rescue and got herself a kitty eventually, but if she'd had her heart set on getting a specific breed of cat, that show breeder would have left her no choice but to go to a backyard breeder. And that is what I am trying to say. I remember bringing up this subject in the Craigslist pet forum, and within seconds got all kinds of "down-thumbing". I told them they can down-thumb me all they want to, but it's the truth! I look in shelters sometimes, but I never see anything I want. Most of what they have are large dogs, or mongrels, and I don't particularly like mixed breeds. I am not saying they cannot be good pets, I'm just saying I don't particularly care for them myself. With purebreeds you know what you are getting.

Anyway that is why I feel there will always be backyard breeders. That is why I hate show breeders! I always look at the bigger picture. Not just what is immediately in front of me. My experience with show breeders has always been they will not help you at all unless you have shown at least one dog. Or cat, I am sure. But then you have to get that one dog (or cat) first that is show-worthy. How do you do that if no show breeder would ever sell to you? If you see someone is in need of help, you should help them. If you see someone is drowning, you don't just stand there and let the person drown. If you have a heart, you jump in and save them. If show breeders would do that more often, they would be awesome! Yet show breeders who do that are always frowned upon and ridiculed. I've seen it happen before. People say they breed for the love of the breed, but I don't think that's the reason show breeders breed. From what I have seen, they breed and show to get more attention. Its the same senario as bullies beating up other kids on the playground, they do it for nothing but attention and respect. If show breeders and responsible breeders really did what they do for the love of the breeds, they would be a lot more helpful, and far less assholes, to newbies.

This was what I had to face when I was breeding and looking for a mentor. I was told by the ECC to contact a local show breeder, Rio, who has been breeding chihuahuas for a long time. I lived in Olympia at the time, and she lived in Rochester, which was only 30 miles away from me. I'd seen her dogs before, and I thought they looked nice, and I had met her before too and she seemed OK. Not cool, but OK. Well, I called her and the first thing she did was put words in my mouth. She claimed I was calling her to purchase a pup from her and I said no. I said I am calling because I need a mentor and I was referred to her by the ECC. I spoke to her the way I speak to all my friends, I was as polite as I could be, considering she was being pushy and nagging. I told her that I had just bought a dog from Will O' Wisp, and she suggested I look to them for mentoring. But there was a problem. Will O' Wisp was 300 miles away from me in Spokane. Rio was only 30 miles away from me. It would have been hard to have Will O' Wisp as a mentor when they lived so far away from me. I just never asked them. A couple weeks later, Rio called me again and asked if I had ever contacted Will O' Wisp and I said no. I saw no point in it. So I looked for as many books as I could find about how to breed show dogs, read them and absorbed them. That was how I got mentored.

Well, a couple years later, I "met up" with Rio again on an e-mail forum. It was a forum of all show breeders. I thought I could learn a lot about how to breed properly from them. So I got on there and asked questions. As any newbie should, I did keep an open mind. But every time I sent in a question, I either did not get a response, or I did not get a direct answer to my question. Just the run-around. Show breeders treat other show breeders like they are some kind of deity. And outsiders and newbies get treated like shit. I remember I crossed one person just because I responded to a questionnaire that they said was not directed at me. I thought it was a public questionnaire, and I always had fun filling those out on MySpace, and it gave my readers a chance to get to know me. So I filled it out, not knowing it was supposed to be for someone else to fill out. Well this guy John Cippolina (Jack Nipplemama in my story) got PISSED!!! He started bitching up blue streak! LOL! And this was a guy who everyone said gives a lot of his time to help newbies. I could not believe it. If he got so bitchy and pissy because I filled out a questionnaire, that I had NO idea was meant solely for someone else, then I was so glad he is not my mentor!! I don't know if he was just being bitchier than usual because he was behind a computer screen and could just get away with it easier, or if there really were some underlying anger issues there. I could just sit there and picture the veins in his forehead popping, one by one. I never showed him any disrespect until he just about pushed me to the limit. It takes a lot to make me mad, but once I get mad I can blow. But I did not blow. I did ask him who pissed in his Cheerios. LOL! Next thing I know I have show breeders that people on that group hadn't heard from in months riding all over me. And I don't even feel that I was at fault. John was the one who started bitching at me. I didn't bitch at him. Yet all those dumb show breeders were taking his side, simply because he had been breeding dogs for 30-something years. That's another reason I hate show breeders. John was being an asshole, I wasn't. Even after he pushed me almost to my limit, I still did not bitch at him. Though I do believe that if we had been standing in the same room and he came at me with that attitude, I might have lost it and scratched his eyeballs out. LOL!

Well, the next thing I know, Rio is telling me things about myself that I didn't even know. Like I had been breeding chihuahuas a lot longer than she has. I started breeding chihuahuas in 2001, she's been breeding since 1996. This told me that Rio was hearing misinformation about me from somewhere, which led me to believe that show breeders gossip. I tried telling her the truth, but even after explaining myself about 100 times to her, she still did not get it! Which led me to believe that show breeders don't believe anything that anyone says except other show breeders. The trouble with listening only to gossip, and not getting actual facts for yourself, gossip gets jumbled from one person to another. Especially where show breeders are involved I would assume, because their brains are smaller than those of an average person. Either that, or they are simply voice-activated robots that can only take in little bits of information at a time. I could really sit here all day long and say this kind of stuff about the show breeders I saw in that forum. This is how I saw them. They made me basically feel the way I do today about show breeders. These things, if an average person had done them, that person would be considered rude, judgmental and no one would ever want to be around that person. But show breeders seem to be able to be that way because other show breeders will always forgive them, not because they are right, but because they've been breeding and showing for 20 or 30 years. That seems to automatically make that person right, and the newbies wrong. You can say a lot of things about me as well, but one thing you can never say is I am unfair. I meet new people with an open mind. I don't let what others say about someone get in the way of how I feel about that person. I even gave Patti a chance to prove herself! And she too turned out to be bitchy. And I did nothing to make her that way, on purpose. Coming up in my next book. :) From that you can judge for yourself.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

This Christmas Season

Well, any Christmas spirit I had was lost now. The only family I have living near me are my dogs. My sis is living in Montana, my ma is planning to move to Reno. She just sent in the security deposit yesterday. My father still lives in this state, but Kathy, his wife, is bugging him to move to Arizona. If he ever decides to give in to her, I will lose all my family. Rats! I may have no choice but to move back to Montana. But NOT Bozeman!!! I'm going to do what Anna and I should have done to begin with, move to Missoula! It would be funny if I were to beat her there. LOL!! Maybe I can find a rental home that the both of us can afford. It beats living all by myself. Now, my sis cannot make me believe that she does not at least miss living with me and the dogs! That would be ludicris. One of the reasons she even returned from Yellowstone is because she missed the family. I would have a hard time believing that she totally enjoys living by herself. Well, I am expecting her some time before Christmas. Don't know exactly when though. I have a surprise Christmas gift for her. But it will be a gift with certain strings attached, which I will discuss when she gets here. :) Something I got for free, but I don't need, but I know she would get a kick out of.

Well, my road to this place has been rocky, but the important thing is I am here. I am personally glad to be home. I missed it here so much! I did not even think I would like living in this area. I can tell you all, it gets cold as a bitch here! I had so many adventures moving to this place, I cannot even fit it in a short 15-minute video. Not even an hour-long video! So I have decided to write a book about my adventures in moving. I am going to tell EVERYTHING!! I am even going to reveal some things in this book that I have never revealed to anyone before. Things that I have never even written about in this blog. And you know how wild my blogs get! There are some things that I have kept private all these years, I even had to lie to keep them private. Yes, lie! I admit I've been an online liar. But I think it's OK to lie online to keep your privacy. Some people, like the dirty dozen mob, are too nosy. But the things I don't want them to know they will never find out. Not unless they read this book. I mean, anyone can get your address and phone number, even your real birthdate, but there are some things that I have never revealed online. They are mostly things I don't want people to know. Like, do I really have tatoos or not? What did I weigh when I was 19 years old? What made me put on all this weight? What really happened during that 4 days I lived with a roommate? What color are my eyes if I did not wear color-changing contact lenses? Well, most people that know me personally know the answer to the last question anyway. But those are just examples.

I've titled the book the same thing I titled the movies, Adventures in Moving. It will become available on the UMG Productions website. As soon as I can get it up! I am thinking of having my partner do the site all over again. He said he would do it for free. He never started it though. I need to ask him about that.

I can tell you, coming to the library to work on these blogs and stuff is interesting. Just now as I was sitting here, a man got into an argument with a woman right next to me. They exchanged words and called each other names and shit, and these were 2 grown people. Kinda makes me sick when adults act like teenagers. I stayed out of it though. It's none of my business! But it just further puts into prospective that the people of this town are not very friendly. Sometimes I get nervous here. Last night, I heard what sounded like someone throwing something at my door. I think I need to buy a gun! I'd hate to though. We are so close to Bellevue and Bellingham that I think we are getting the scoundrels from there up here. It worries me.

Well, I must wrap this up. I will be putting up the new UMG Productions site soon. Stay tuned!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Another Month Passed

I know it is not very often I get to post in here anymore, I just come in occasionally to give the world the bit of an update now and then. I still do not have a computer, just the tablet, so my time on here is limited. I sent out Christmas cards last week to those who wanted them, and to family and friends. They automatically get them! LOL! But I ask my Facebook friends if they would like to do Christmas card exchanges, and sometimes they say yes, sometimes they don't respond. Those that do not respond I assume they are not at all interested. So I don't send them a card. I ask every year though. Well, I have officially gotten my Christmas present from my sis. I'm getting along great with it too.

Well, another month has come to pass, and I am still loving my RV. I am just getting used to it. I spent the last 4 nights watching Rockstar: INXS. You know I did not even watch that series once the whole time I lived in Bozeman? It's better enjoyed when I don't have to cut in hour long breaks to go to the dog park and let my babies go potty. They keep me in too much suspense for that! LOL! Even though I have seen the series many times, the suspense is still there. The last time I tried to play that series, I just could not get into it. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that INXS chucked JD Fortune out of the band. That whole summer I feel was wasted! But it wasn't a total loss. I watch the series mostly for the music. I still am spellbound by the way Marty Casey sang Wish You Were Here. It still brings tears to my eyes! I love it. I just cannot believe that INXS wants to end it this way. In the series, JD was looking forward to writing songs with INXS for the next 20 or so years. I look back on those words now and I think "INXS didn't even last another 10 years!" And it's funny, the Rolling Stones just celebrated their 50th anniversary this past week. Surely if they can go on, then so can INXS. But INXS decided to give up. I'm kindof in a recessive period with INXS. I just don't get that excited about them anymore. It has nothing to do with their retirement. It's been building for quite a while. They're still my most favorite band, but I just don't get as excited about them as I did back in their touring days.

These recessive periods come and go with me. Sometimes they last a few days, sometimes a few months. Sometimes they even last a few years. I know that sounds strange, but it keeps my life interesting. I switch gears from one favorite subject to another. Now that I am home, I find I am getting more into the subject of Mount St. Helens, and other natural disasters. They can be scary, but they are also very fascinating. But to me, Mount St. Helens will always represent our state. It was because of that I always loved living here.

So what do you all think about 12/21/12? Do you think it will be the end of time? Everyone says it will be the end of time AS WE KNOW IT. Like there could be a lot of changes made to our world and some things will not be the same as we've always known. Maybe they will be good changes. I don't want to think they will be all bad. We already have war going on, and Obama is back in office. Those are enough to scare anyone into believing the end is near. I knew Obama would be back in office. It was inevitable. I don't even know why anyone held any doubt about that at all. Obama's supporters are so gullible, they believe he is the best candidate. Now, marijuana is legal in this state. You know what is going to happen, now all the druggies are going to move here and the crime rate all over this state will skyrocket!! And I live close to one of the crimecenters of this state. Bellevue is not too far from here, and they have the highest crime rate I believe in this state! It scares me to go out at night, even if it is just in my back yard. The other night, there was a woman just outside the fence, and she saw me and the dogs, and she was raging around all over the place. Sounded like she was stood up for a ride and she was pissed off because of that. She kept shouting "I need a ride!" and "Wanna give me a ride?!" But she sounded either like she was drunk or high on drugs! It was the middle of the night, I wasn't even coming close to giving her a ride anywhere! I just let the dogs talk to her. They barked at her. She didn't come near me then. hehe! In her stoned state, they probably looked like pit bulls to her.

Anna said that is the main reason she won't move back here. I told her that with Obama in office now, it won't be long before Montana legalizes marijuana! Anna said when that happens, we will move out of the country. I told her living in Australia would be nice. But I don't know. It gets hot there and I do mean HOT!!! Maybe Canada would be better. I used to want to move to the UK, but after seeing some of the wacked out people that live there (from YouTube), and hearing stories from people I know who have lived there about the crimes committed against them, I don't think I would like the UK very much. But I've always enjoyed Canada. BC is really nice. I've been there several times. Victoria Island is only 20 miles away from me, I haven't been there since I was in middle school. I'd love to move there. I remember the island was kindof old fashioned. They even had horse-drawn carriages. I got to ride one when we visited there and I enjoyed it. I'd never move to a place like Toronto, most people do, but I think I'd like to stay in the northwest. We have the prettiest mountains here. And some of the people I've met from the Toronto area (not all mind you, but some) were nasty and rude people. No different really from New York. But I liked BC. Might be fun living there.

Then there is the pet problem. Anna and I each have dogs, neither one of us are willing to give either of them up. People are not willing to accept a family that has 3 dogs readily. Though I was skimming the Craigslist pet forums one day and I saw someone posted that they managed to find an apartment in LA that allowed her to have 5 dogs (one of which was a pit bull) and 2 cats. I would have been very interested to know how she found a rental place like that! That is unheardof as far as I know. Unless that person exaggerated, or even lied. I cannot imagine any landlord that would be willing to accept a tenant that has 5 dogs and 2 cats. Its hard enough trying to find a landlord that would let us have 3 tiny dogs and no cats. Let alone 5 dogs, and one of which being a pit bull! I just don't really believe that person's story. I've looked far and wide, and most landlords will only allow either no more than 2 pets, or no pets at all. Even if they are tiny pets. If I were a landlord, I would sooner allow a tenant to have 3 tiny dogs than one cat. Cats are just as destructive as big puppies are. In their own way, but they are still just as destructive. That's one of the main reasons I don't have a cat. I get turned on by kittens as anyone (except for gray tabbies), and I may say I want one, but I've never gotten one yet. Fact of the matter is, I don't really want a cat. They're too destructive. Every time I used to have cats, they always tore up the house, and dirtied up everything. I even once had a cat that smeared it's shit all over the carpet! And this was a small cat! It was very fortuitous that I had a carpet shampooer at that time, and I was able to clean it all up. But after that I never wanted another cat again. I had a 100-pound german shepherd dog then too, and it was cleaner and a lot less destructive than that tiny cat was!

I see ads where landlords will accept a family with a cat, but not with a dog, and I say "My dogs would probably do a lot less damage to their house than someone's cat would". My dogs basically do nothing but eat and sleep. Minnie occasionally has accidents, but they are not that big, and they're very easy to clean.

Well, that's my views on that subject. I'm already tempted to move out because of the wave of crime that I am sure is coming my way. But I have to stay. Well, this area is nice. We'll discuss my moving sometime down the road. I'll just have to think about it. Never having lived in an RV before, there are some things about this that I am not aware of. I'm going to hit my share of snags and I understand that. I just hope that none are fatal.