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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Black Fragility

 It's been a while since I wrote something on this blog. I think in my old age, I'm beginning to lose interest in blogging. But once in a while, I hear of something that makes me so mad I must post about it just to get it off my chest. There is something I've been hearing about for the past 2 months now and it just makes me sick! There is a dumb, leftist woman named Robin DiAngelo who wrote a book that she calls "White Fragility". I haven't read it yet, but I have heard from other people who have and they say it is probably the worst, most stupidest book in publication. I believe them! Normally, I would watch or read something myself before I pass judgement on it, but I don't want to put money in this woman's pocket. It's bad enough she has a lot of businesses convinced that their workers absolutely NEED to read this book and take DiAngelo's $10,000 workshop. I can just imagine what that workshop is! Judging by what I heard about the book, this "workshop" isn't anything that common sense won't tell you! Why pay a dumb woman who wrote a stupid book $10,000 to tell you something that you should already know.

Her book is so stupid, it tells white people that if they have black friends, they're racist. She said because white people often use black friends as a trophy or something like that, to convince others they are not racist. I can't really word it myself correctly because it doesn't make sense. DiAngelo also states that black babies should be afraid of white babies. That is so stupid!! Unlike her, babies are not born to hate. That is something that is learned from society, parents and people like DiAngelo. I was 5 years old when I made friends with Tara and her family. Never once did I judge her by the color of her skin! I liked her because I thought she was a nice girl. I never saw her as some kind of "trophy" friend or anything like that. I don't make trophy friends (whatever the hell that means!) I make friends with people I genuinely like. There ain't NOBODY who is going to make me think any different! Believe me, if I were interested in "trophy" friends, I'd have a lot more INXS buds than I have now. The few I do have, NONE of them are leftists. If there ever are any leftist INXS fans on my friends list, they don't last long.

Anyway, I wonder what DiAngelo would say if someone wrote the same kind of book she did, only in the reverse? That's why I titled this post "Black Fragility". I'm going to explain what I feel black fragility is...

1. If you have to blame white people for all the wrong things going on in your life, you have black fragility.

2. If you think the answer to all your problems is to beat up white people, you have black fragility.

3. If you hate America and believe it is a racist nation, you have black fragility. Not to mention, you are DUMBER than a bag of amputated dicks!

4. If you think you are being held back by something that happened to your ancestors 150 years ago, you have black fragility.

5. If you have to rage and riot with a terrorist organization like black lives matter, you have black fragility.

6. If the word "racist" pops into your head every time someone says a black person is wrong in their ideas, you have black fragility.

7. If you are not doing anything constructive to help out a poor black family, you have black fragility.

And the list goes on. But there is a way out of the entire black fragility complex. And Dr. Dee TimmyHutchfan is here to tell you that you can be healed! And I ain't even going to charge you guys $10,000 to tell you how! Here goes...

1. STAY IN SCHOOL!!!! Do your best in school. Don't go there just to fight with the teachers because they are trying to get you to learn. Actually sit there, shut your mouth and listen.

2. Get rid of the attitude! I see so many black people with a nasty attitude. It's no wonder nobody likes you people. Start learning to act like human beings and not like animals.

3. Stop having babies out of wedlock! I cannot stress this enough. Women need to stop having one-night stands with men they have no intention of marrying.

4. Fuck slavery! That ended 150 years ago. Most of us were not even around then. GET OVER IT!!!

5. Fuck black lives matter! ALL lives matter. That's what GOD said, that's what HE wants us all to believe. And fuck that slogan "No lives matter until black lives matter". That's bullshit!! And I think it leads black people to believe that their lives matter more than others.

6. Just because someone disagrees with a black person, does not mean they are racist. Get over that shit. People can have different opinions. And just because you are a black liberal it does not mean I am obligated to agree with you! If you don't like other peoples' opinions, that is solely your problem. Either take it like an adult or shut up!

7. #7 is exactly why I hate this organization "black lives matter". They have received billions of dollars in donations over the past 3 months. Not one cent has gone into helping a single impoverished black family. Not one penny has gone into improving schools in predominantly black communities. Not one penny has gone into making predominantly black neighborhoods safer. Not one cent has gone to improving employment programs for poor black families. Not one cent has gone to scholarships to help a black graduate attend college.

I was actually called a racist now (TWICE) for saying I don't like black lives matter. But I don't care. I consider it a badge of honor. Some people on the Purebred Snobs Uncensored forum have called me a "racist" and tried to shame me as well when I told them someone who supports a terrorist organization is crazy. But I do not feel shamed at all. I just sat back and laughed at them. I stand by what I support. They thought they could make me feel guilty by making fun of the fact I support Trump. I'm not ashamed of that at all. In fact, I'm more ashamed for those people that they don't support Trump. Because Trump is the only thing stopping this whole country from going under. But people like them don't believe that. They believe Trump is causing all this chaos. Unfortunately for them, people like me know better. It's the dumb democrat senates in these states that is causing all this chaos. And fortunately, a lot of people are getting sick of all this and beginning to see that the democrats are nothing but a bunch of bullshitters.

I always believe everything happens for a reason. George Floyd died for a reason. He died so more people can open their eyes and see how bad the democrats are for our country. It wasn't even the policemen who killed him! I've said it all along, it was the drugs in his system that killed him. I knew that. I knew that since the day the autopsy report was released. And this newly released footage of his arrest proves it. He was saying "I can't breathe" before the police even had him on the ground. Yet the black leftists have made George Floyd some kind of deity. Shoot! I even heard of leftist baptizing their kids at George Floyd's grave! UGH!! That is the stupidest of the stupid! How is George Floyd going to save those kids' souls??? Only one person can possibly be our savior, and it's NOT George Floyd!!! He was nothing but a violent thug!