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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Thug Dies That's Two!

This morning I heard a member of Antifa in Portland was run over by a guy in an SUV. He died at the hospital. The story goes a guy, who was a well-known member of Antifa in Portland, was coming out of a bar, that is a well-known hangout for Antifa members, and as he was crossing the road, a big SUV came ramming down the road, and struck the guy. Then the SUV was shot at, probably by the victim's friends, and raced off, hitting the Oregon Democratic building on the way out. The police are still looking for the guy in the SUV. No one really knows who he was. The police are considering it a hit and run homicide. But this is the second known killing of a member of Antifa this year. Now, this is how it was described to the police.

Let me break this down my way. I have no clue who the person in the SUV was. He may turn himself in, or he may not. I can't even say for sure if he is guilty of a crime. The Antifa guys came out of a bar. They may have been drunk. People are mean when they get drunk. Especially if they are pre-programmed to be mean, like the members of Antifa are. We've seen the violence Antifa causes. We've seen the carnage. This SUV drives down the road as the Antifa members are crossing the road. The SUV hits one of them, the others shoot at the SUV. That part may or may not be true. But knowing Antifa the way I do, they probably were not doing the shooting. So far, no members of Antifa have ever shot at anyone. But I have been saying for a long time now, they are going to mess with the wrong person one day, and they'll get their asses kicked. My first story in my Americana compilation (which has not yet been published) is all about that.

Well, while I do believe the person in the SUV who did this should at least be brought in for questioning, and I am sorry for the victim's family, I'm not going to pretend to be mourning over the death of an Antifa member! Antifa works overtime at being violent, despicable, hateful people. They ruin businesses, and hurt innocent people everywhere! They don't even care who they hurt. There's a viral video going around now of Antifa members blocking the path of an elderly woman on a walker, and yell in her face "Off our streets Nazi scum!" That little old woman is not hurting anyone. Nor was she ever going to. She was barely able to walk. Yet there was Antifa, harassing her and calling her a "Nazi". There was an Antifa uprising in Minnesota last week at a Trump rally. They were slapping, kicking, hitting innocent people for no reason other than they support Donald Trump. They even stole the MAGA hats off peoples' heads and burned them on the ground. Then when the smoke settled, one of them put a sign on the ground saying "Fuck Trump". Nooooooooo. My heart does not bleed at all for the Antifa member that was killed!! I was glad when Bin Ladin was killed, and I'm glad to see another Antifa member killed. This is the second one this year. I say, go out and kill more!!!

Since Antifa does not believe in GOD, I can picture this guy's descent to Heaven. I can imagine when he got there it was like this...

St. Peter: Hello. Welcome to Heaven
Antifa guy: Wow! I never knew Heaven existed. I always believed it was a myth.
St. Peter: No. Heaven exists, and it is a wonderful place. But before I can let you in, tell me how you helped your fellow man on Earth.
Antifa guy (if he was to be honest): I beat up people who believed in GOD, and people who supported Donald Trump and called them Nazis, racists and homophobes. All for anti-fascism.
St. Peter: So, you acted like a fascist, to prevent fascism. Right?
Antifa guy: I never thought of it that way. I was only doing what George Soros and Ted Wheeler wanted me to do.
St. Peter: Yes, we know all about George Soros and Ted Wheeler. We will deal harshly with them when they get here. But it sounds to me like you beat up innocent people down there because they supported Donald Trump?
Antifa guy: Yeahhhhhhhh! Donald Trump is a bigoted, racist, Nazi, homophobe, transphobe and he cheated to become president. And his supporters are just as bad.
St. Peter: We know Donald Trump, and he is none of what you describe. It sounds like you beat up innocent people because you just disagreed with them.
Antifa guy: Well yes. My parents always gave me everything I wanted. I never learned to agree to disagree.
St. Peter: Well, with a record like that, you cannot get into Heaven.
(St. Peter pushes a button)
St. Peter: Enjoy your new home. Down in Hell.

That's probably how it went as well with the last Antifa person who died in Tacoma a couple months ago when he tried to blow up an ICE building. Ted Wheeler is mourning the loss of this Antifa member, naturally! But this is what he created in Portland. If he doesn't do something to stop these thugs, don't be surprised when more conservatives decide to fight back! I personally think this case should be treated the same way the police treat attacks on conservatives by Antifa; "Yeah. You ran over an Antifa guy with your SUV? OK, we'll get someone down there as soon as possible." Waits 3 hours before he sends a police man to the driver's house. It'd serve Antifa right if they did. But knowing Ted Wheeler the way I do, he won't let this wait. The minute the driver is found, Ted Wheeler is going to be waiting with his hands getting ready to punch the driver, no doubt will have the guy shackled down so he can't fight back. I can picture Ted Wheeler's response now.

Policeman: We found the person who drove the SUV that killed that Antifa member.

Ted Wheeler:

And I bet whenever a conservative gets mauled by Antifa, it goes like this...

A white, conservative man wearing a MAGA hat is walking down the street when a mob of Antifa thugs decides to jump him. When they are done, he is bleeding with some broken bones and he can't get up. He calls the police...

Conservative man: I was just attacked by an Antifa mob! I need help.

Ted Wheeler:

So Ted Wheeler only cares if it's someone who agrees with him that is attacked. Not when it's someone who does not agree with him politically. What a dunce!!!

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Spongebob Is A Dangerous Colonizer

OMG! Just when I thought I heard it all. Now, SpongeBob is being accused of being a "violent, racist colonizer". And guess who is doing the accusing. It's a University of Washington "professor" by the name of Holly M. Barker. Seriously! She makes me ashamed of being from Washington state! SpongeBob apparently turned 20 years old yesterday. So, with this celebration going on, leave it to liberals to do something, or say something, to ruin it for everyone! Now, I will admit SpongeBob is ugly. But just because he's ugly doesn't make him dangerous. I'm ugly and I am not particularly dangerous. This Holly Barker is ugly too...

Well, I won't say she's not dangerous. In fact, she is very dangerous! She is a leftist. Leftists are extremely dangerous today. Just from the ideas they share they are dangerous. Now, this woman is accusing SpongeBob of being a racist colonizer because he lives in Bikini Lagoon in the Marshall Islands. I never watched SpongeBob before. I never desired to watch SpongeBob. I always thought he was too ugly. But I have seen how much kids today love SpongeBob. They don't know any better. All cartoons today are ugly! It's a shame kids will never grow up with the classic, cutesy cartoons. But this lady would no doubt say those cartoons were "racist". (actually by today's terms, they are. But they were still fun!)

Anyways, this article was presented in an academic journal that was written by Holly Barker. So, let's look at this...

She says

"SpongeBob Squarepants and his friends play a role in normalizing the settler colonial takings of indigenous lands while erasing the ancestral Bikinian people from their nonfictional homeland,"

I'm sure no kids watching this are even thinking about "colonial takings of indigenous lands". This is a cartoon that appeals to children whose age ranges between 2 and 10. It's made for people that age. Although I know of some adults (who must be out of their minds frankly) that also enjoy SpongeBob. But I don't think anyone watching this cartoon is even thinking about that. It's just a cartoon. Cartoons are supposed to be for fun and entertainment. Only the really dumb, gullible people grow up living their lives as cartoon characters. And even if they did think about colonization, these are ANIMALS!!! Sea sponges are literally millions and millions of years older than the first humans. They were in the Marshall Islands LONG before there were even monkeys. Even lemurs! If this woman were a real anthropologist, she would know that. Humans took land from the animals. Even so-called "indigenous people" stole land from animals. If every human lived indigenously, like the liberals want, then black people would all still be living in Africa, while every white person would still be living in Europe. And they griped when Trump told Illhan Omar to go back to Somalia and fix things there.

Stephen Hillenburg was the creator of SpongeBob, and he passed away last year, which vamped up SpongeBob's popularity. This also caused fans of the show to take to social media and express their sorrow. But in all that, Holly Barker can only resent the fact that no one wrote about the "normalization of colonial and military violence engendered through his cartoon depiction of Bikini Bottom". Some kind of extant horseshit like that. It's the same kind of BS I always used to hear from vegans who argued that we should all not eat meat because their hearts bled for some prey animals, when at the same time, they kept cats in their homes that would kill other animals for fun. It's like I've always said, leftists are the biggest hypocrites.

Let's move on. Barker also stated in her article...

as an "American character" allowed to inhabit an area that natives had no choice but to leave, SpongeBob showed his privilege of "not caring about the detonation of nuclear bombs."

UGH!! There's that word again! "Privilege". That's a word I am really getting sick and tired of. Sometimes it makes me want to fricken kill myself I hear it so much now. And I am beginning to hate it! Calm down! I'm not going to actually kill myself! I wouldn't give the leftists the satisfaction. They'll have to wait for GOD to take me down. Which admittedly, I hope is before things get much worse! Sometimes I'm grateful my dad didn't live to see this shit going on today. He's really the lucky one. I have to live through this stuff. And my head hurts from the constant facepalms I do every time I see bullshit like this being put out there.

And I must ask, why is it so important that SpongeBob "cares" what happened to native people??? A sponge is a SEA CREATURE!!!!! For Christ's sake! A sea creature that doesn't even have a brain! I bet if you went up to a real sea sponge under the ocean, and you ask it "Do you care that indigenous people were driven from their homes here on the Marshall Islands?" The sea sponge would not even respond. Know why? Because he DOESN'T CARE!! He cares nothing about you, or any people at all. All he'll care about is his own survival. That's how nature is. I dare this Holly Barker to go into the ocean off the Marshall Islands, and ask a sea sponge if it'll care that native people were driven from this island. Call me when you get a response from it. Hell! Go ask a starfish the same question. Or ask a squid. Or a jellyfish. Or a crab!! Ask any of those creatures and let me know when you get a response. I'll call Ripley's Believe It or Not. Or I'll call the woopee squad!

Barker also complains because most of the characters in SpongeBob are male characters. I think some time back, the LGBTQ people wanted to make SpongeBob and Patrick (the starfish) gay lovers. Seems I remember that being mentioned somewhere. Though I might be wrong. Anyways, SpongeBob is by far not the first, or only, cartoon to have mostly male characters. Let's face it, male characters have more......well...….character! There are some cartoons that have some female main characters, but most of the main characters in cartoons are male. Look at Loony Toons. Look at Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy. All males. All main characters. Even in my own stories, there's male main characters. Uncle Martin is a male character, so is most of his "gang". Though I've also had a lot of female characters as well, the males for some reason, are easier to work with.

Either way, I'm shocked this kind of shit is being taught in school. Particularly in a university! I'm like other people. I can't imagine paying for a child to go to a university where things like this is being taught. It boggles the mind! And the schoolboard wants to eliminate conservative teachers. Ya know, I was watching a little bit of Jaclynn Glenn today, which is rare for me. I don't really like her. But she is still an atheist. She grew up in a catholic family, but because of bullying (which seems to always happen in catholic homes) she became an atheist. I must ask, how can anyone who knows the Bible be an atheist in today's world? You notice, a lot of the prophecies in the Bible are coming true. It's happening all over today. If you don't see it, you must be a snowflake!

Friday, October 11, 2019

Joker Is As Joker Does

I went to see that Joker movie yesterday. I had planned to for several days. I went to nearly every Batman movie ever put out there, so now that the Joker has his own movie, I wanted to see it. Well, I admit I haven't seen the most recent Batman movies, because movies are pretty much ruined because of SJWs. And I probably won't see the Batwoman movie, because she is apparently a lesbian woman, again thanks to SJWs. I don't care to see any movies that are out there to satisfy the SJW crowd! They're never any good. But anyways, I had plans to go see the Joker movie.

I was going to go on Wednesday. But as I was walking Mya to the fairgrounds for her "to do" trip, my leg collapsed real bad! I nearly hit the ground this time! By the time I managed to straighten it again, it hurt so bad! I had to walk home in that condition. Mya was pulling me along, and I was hurting! I couldn't walk that fast! So, by the time I got home, I was ready to give up for the day. I couldn't go to that Joker movie then. I saw it as a sort of bad omen. So, I didn't go. But yesterday I was a little better, so I decided to go. I first drove to Fred Meyers to pick up some goodies. I always love having goodies when I go to the movies. I found Hazelnut crème M&Ms!! They were AWESOME!!! I'm gonna go back and get some more!

I parked my car at Safeway and walked the rest of the way to the theater. It's only a block away. When I got there, I decided to order a soda pop. I got a medium sized soda, thinking it wouldn't be that big. But I was wrong! It was the size of a large at McD's. But that's OK. It lasted me all through the movie! Along with my goodies I got. I'd heard other reviews from YouTubers about this movie. They were mixed reviews. Some people said it was the greatest movie of this generation. Others said it was "eh!" I can tell you this, it was a little confusing until you really think about it. It's about a delusional man who lives with his mom and takes care of her. She too is delusional.

He works as a clown and at first you see him working and carrying a sign in front of a store. Then he gets jumped by a gang of teenage hooligans. The teens steal his sign and he valiantly goes after them. They knock him down to the ground and beat him up. It's kinda sad, but he starts laughing. Throughout the movie, he tries to be nice to people. But apparently he has this condition where stress makes him laugh. I kinda wonder if I have the same condition? LOL! Anyways, it tends to freak people out when he laughs. There's a lot of classic music throughout the movie too. It's really cool!

There was this one scene where he is in a subway, or train or something like that. He's riding home. There are these 3 bullies in the car with him, and they were at first harassing a young woman, throwing hot dogs at her. She gets up and leaves when the Joker starts laughing and the bullies turn their attention to him. They ask him what is so funny, and he's dressed like a clown. They approach him singing "Send In The Clowns". He tries to explain why he laughs and hands them his card. They snatch the card from him, and drag him to the floor and start beating him up. When the bullies seemingly step back to laugh about what they did to him, I must admit this part was quite satisfying. He pulls out a gun and shoots the bullies. Should I be ashamed of feeling relief in seeing him get vengeance on those bullies? Probably so. But as a bullied person myself, I must say, it was satisfying. And understandable. Though I would never condone that in real life.

Well, towards the end, he kills his mom and then takes on the identity as the Joker. During the whole movie, he has admiration for a talk show host, and desires to be on his show one day. He even dreams about it. Then one day he is surprisingly on his show, when the talk show discusses failed stand up comedians. In which a failed act of the Joker's was played on the show. And the only time the audience laughed was at the jokes directed at the Joker's lack of humor. Ya know, this is why I don't go around trying to meet my favorite celebrities! I always heard NEVER try to meet your idols. You never know how they'll treat you. I didn't even really want to meet INXS. It basically just happened! Mostly by chance. But I don't talk much, therefore I'm a tough person to get to know, and even hard to like sometimes. No one can really know what I am thinking because I am so closed-mouthed. I can't even explain myself very well. Most of the time, I don't even try to explain myself. I just do what I do. But most people don't like that.

Not that I want anyone to see me as a victim, because I'm not trying to be. I don't blame anyone for feeling the way they do about me. I understand totally! But I just saw so much of myself in the Joker in this movie! I see so much of myself in a lot of Batman's nemeses. I'm surprised I haven't gone out and started killing people!! I think really the only thing that has stopped me from doing that is that I don't want to go to prison! Prison life is way too structured and controlling for me. I don't like being controlled! My parents were good to me (for the most part). But the abuse I suffered at the hands of my peers is probably what has made me such an angry, hateful, nasty old cunt! If my parents had been like these modern "progressive" parents, I'd probably be a murderer right now. But thankfully I learned to have that "fear of authority" early on in my life. This is why discipline is very necessary! Think about this, parents!! This is why we have so many kids in gangs now, and Antifa, and such a high crime rate these days! Spank your kids! It does more good than you realize.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Greta Thunberg Hung?

Before we go on, Greta herself is OK. She did not hang herself. But I am going to say this story pisses me off. Now, I am not a fan of Greta in any way, shape or form. But I also know she did not come to this lifestyle choice on her own. She is a puppet of her parents and George Soros. I do not blame Greta for this, nor the perpetrators really. This is the sole responsibility of her parents. Some protesters in Rome, Italy decided to make an effigy of Greta Thunberg and string it up over a bridge. As much as I believe Greta is nothing but a mixed-up child whose parents ruined her, even she does not deserve this...

Come on guys! She's just a child! She has no control over her life yet. However, I truly believe this is why Greta's parents need to be publicly horsewhipped!! They brought this on their own child! If anything like this happens to Greta Thunberg, it'll be because of her parents. They put this pressure on her. Thus they are bringing this outrage against her. If I only could, I would whip her parents myself. But that isn't up to me. If anyone should be scolded for this, it's her parents! They are rotten, evil parents who deserve nothing more than to have that little girl taken away from them!

Greta at least has some sense. She was caught wearing an Antifa shirt, and realize she shouldn't have worn it at all. That was a good notion! She should never show any support of a fascist group who claims to be "against fascism". All Antifa is is the new KKK. Only this time, they are playing against white people. But if Greta even realizes Antifa is evil, then that's a step in the right direction. I must say I am glad she came to that conclusion. Antifa does not deserve any admiration or support! They harm hundreds of innocent people and businesses every time they go out. And they are such cowards that they won't even show their faces.

I never wanted to bash Greta Thunberg. It's not her fault she's being used as a pawn in this imaginary game of climate change. It's her parents' fault. I swear! Rich people make the worst parents! They abuse people around them, they judge the poor and working-class people. Then they use their kids as objects to fight their battles for them. I've seen it happen before. It's like rich people are as big of cowards as Antifa. Well, not all rich people mind you, make lousy parents. But it seems per capita, they are the worst of all the classes. I guess because they really only care about one thing; money. Nothing more.

This whole climate change rhetoric is getting silly. Now, we have a Swedish professor saying we need to start eating other people instead of cows. OMG! Sweden has lost it's collective mind!!! I kinda wonder what Per Gessle is saying throughout all this bullshit? But now, someone has come before AOC and is talking about eating babies! UGH!!! That is too messed up!! But the subject of another blog post. Personally, I think that person was trolling AOC. Kinda poking fun at her for this "Green New Deal" and talking about how the world is going to end in a few years due to cow farts. I think that was just a troll mocking her. Well! AOC deserves to be mocked. She's silly. But she's taking the woman who told her that seriously. It obviously never crossed AOC's mind that this woman was trolling.

Well, that's about all I have to say. It's early and I need to get back to bed. But I still say if you want to blame someone for Greta's message, blame her parents. Not her. She's nothing more than a puppet on George Soro's hand!

Friday, October 4, 2019

Leave Free Speech Alone!

I will always love my free speech rights. Don't let our soldiers die in vain! I know the leftists want to let that happen, but I don't. I love my free speech and my freedom to choose. I've been seeing something go around Facebook today, where Justin Beiber is giving PETA a big middle finger. Well, that's one good thing he's done. I still don't like him. He tells PETA to leave his "beautiful cats" (YUK) alone. Well, I hate to tell him this, but his cats are not "beautiful". In fact, they're downright ugly! But it doesn't surprise me Justin Beiber is a cat person. He's ugly, he always looked gay, and he is not a nice person (so I heard). And I don't think he's the least bit talented. But I must say, I do admire him for flipping the bird at PETA. Very few celebrities actually do. Probably because most celebrities are liberals these days.

PETA has recruiters they hire to go around to different venues, get backstage, and force PETA propaganda on celebrities. Then intimidate them if they don't accept. Typical leftist tactics. I know one time I heard about a couple of INXS fans who got backstage and forced PETA bullshit on JD Fortune. Unfortunately, he gave in. That is how I know PETA is recruiting people to go to different celebrity hang-outs and force their propaganda on them. I'd be willing to bet the people who went backstage to push that stuff on JD were not even really INXS fans. PETA has this idea that if a certain celebrity supports PETA, then so will their fans. That's all that is all about. Sadly, it worked with INXS fans. I used to know several INXS fans who were PETA supporters. But PETA does not like animals at all. I heard some PETA representatives kidnapped a little girl's chihuahua dog, and killed it. For NO REASON!!! They are so sick and deranged, they think when they kill a pet they are "saving it from human imprisonment". So, it's not just animals that are surrendered to them. They were even taking animals out of peoples' yards and killing them. I do hope JD Fortune stopped supporting PETA!

Well anyways, the leftists are now saying that we need to end free speech, that it is actually damaging. I say the left can go fuck it's self!! We need to in fact get rid of some of the laws being pushed on our society that is limiting free speech. You know now in New York, you can be fined for misgendering someone? That is so stupid!! One teacher now has already been fired because of it. A student in his class with a mustache and beard told the teacher he identified as a girl. LOL! I'm sorry, but if I see someone with a thick mustache and beard, I am surely not going to call that person a girl!! I don't care how it identifies. And I refuse to run down the list of '1000 genders' just to know what some twisted person wants to identify as!! Never going to happen! They can pull that shit with the leftists, but it won't work with me. You want my respect, you have to EARN it!!! If you're someone standing in front of me with a thick, heavy mustache and beard, and a deep voice, and you're whining when I call you "sir" and not "ma'am", then that is your problem! Not mine! I won't hurt you as long as you stay away from me, and I won't allow someone to hurt you physically if I can help it. But if you want me to call you "ma'am", then you should look, talk and act like a ma'am. And I don't mean just wearing lady jeans, long hair and makeup.

It's really sad that people are actually encouraging this behavior now. And it's even more sad that the leftists want to silence us. It isn't speech that is causing all the problems in the world. It's people who use speech to actually call for violence. Riley Dennis said in one of his videos that speech against trans people leads to violence against trans people. No it doesn't! Speech alone does not lead to it. It's the people who actually say "Go out and kill a tranny" that could contribute. But most often, it's ignorance. It's the people who hear someone say "Go kill a tranny" and actually go do it. It's not unlike Antifa saying "Go punch a Nazi" and then actually going out and doing it, or encouraging others to do it. There's no difference. Antifa should be punished for that, and so should anyone who encourages someone to go kill trannies. I admit trannies are annoying, but even they have a right to life.

The funny thing about the leftists is they want to shut down free speech. But when it's their turn for free speech, if you try to shut them down, they'll whine and cry for their rights back. So, it's just the right they want to stop from speaking. But I will never give up my free speech rights. And I always encourage everyone to do the same. If someone has something to say to me, as long as you're not hurting anyone, I say go ahead and spill it! My feelings are not easily hurt, believe me. I may gripe a lot on here, that's what this blog is for. But really, my feelings are very rarely hurt by anything. I can handle a lot of things because I've heard it all. But I will always practice my rights of free speech. I may lose friends over it. Believe me, it's happened many times before. LOL! But it doesn't stop me from saying what I feel. I don't post what I do for the hundreds of people who hate what I have to say. I post for the one or two people who say "Thank you. I needed to hear that." Or "I was hoping someone would say that". Believe me, it happens more often than you think! And it makes even the loss of former friends all worthwhile. The phrase "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" always comes to mind. LOL!

I believe more people need to speak up. Even if it means you lose friends in the end. I've always said it's better to lose friends than lose our rights. And I always speak up for my rights. Most of the time I've lost so-called friends is because I always say what I feel. But I'll never stop. I'm not a masochist, I don't think! But I don't go for being silenced. And I will always stand up for what I believe in. If we don't stand up for what we believe in, then the leftists win. The wrong people will win, and take away all our rights. We cannot let that happen as a country. That is why I am with Trump. He's fighting harder than any other president we ever had to keep our country free. Unfortunately, as always happens, the leftists are marring his efforts. While Trump is trying to make this country great, the leftists are doing shit to ruin it. Look at what happened in California. The leftists want all of America to look like that. And if Kamala Harris gets into office, I fear that is exactly what will happen to this country! Some of the big-wigs in the INXS community (including Tina Hutchence and Richard Lowenstein) want Kamala Harris! I say fuck that! I don't want her! And I am shocked Tina (who lives in California) would want her! Can't she see what the entire country would be like if Kamala Harris took over? All of the USA would look like Skid Row!! And really, as much as I like Richard Lowenstein, he has no room to talk! If Kamala Harris gets in office, he won't be affected because he lives in Australia! I live here, in the USA. And I say Fuck Kamala Harris!! Impeach her!! Before she does too much damage! And fuck Nancy Pelosi too! And fuck Elizabeth Warren too! You know those three look like triplets?!

Well, Skid Row did get cleaned up. By Trump supporters. LOL! Not by democrats. But how long will that last really? Trump needs to get a little more aggressive I think. I'm not ready for him to leave office. I think Trump should just ignore the dummycats and just do the clean-up of the country like he promised. So many things needs to be changed. We need stricter immigration laws, and need to have them more aggressively enforced. We need to take care of the homeless problem in big cities. We need to stop organizations like Antifa from turning our streets into war zones! So many things need to be done. And if all we do is just sit on our asses with our mouths shut and let the leftists silence us, it's not going to happen!

Thursday, October 3, 2019

OK Sign Is OK

The Anti-Defamation League is now saying we cannot make the OK symbol with our hands, and we can't have our hair cut in bowl cuts. Now, they are regarded as "symbols of hate". Oh my GAWD!!!! Ya know, I posted this on my Twitter. I said "Fuck that! I'm gonna make it anyways!" I live to troll the left. It might get me kicked off of Twitter, but I don't give a shit! This is going too far!!! I also accompanied the tweet with this picture...

The ADL is controlling all this shit today. They are a very far-left-leaning organization that is working to suppress our free speech. Well I don't give a shit what the ADL has to say, people have been using this symbol for as long as I can remember to say "OK". It's only in the imagination of the leftists that this is some kind of "white supremacist" symbol. When I first heard that, I was like "WTF???" That is so dumb!! This whole thing is stupid! Leftists are really seeing hate everywhere where there is no hatred. The OK sign is not a symbol of hate. Up until some whiny leftists decided it was a hate sign, it was actually a friendly sign. But just because the NZ shooter used this sign during his court case, now the ADL has labeled it a "hate symbol".

This is getting WAY out of hand! Pretty soon, we won't be able to do anything if the ADL keeps getting their way. Everything a white person does, a colored person is going to see as being a "hate symbol". All they have to do is whine like the martyr they are, use words like "traumatized" or "shaken", and be colored and all of a sudden BOOM! It's a "hate symbol". Personally, I don't use the OK sign that much. I've always used thumbs up when saying "OK". But pretty soon, the ADL is going to call thumbs up being a "hate symbol". Personally, I can't see how, but then I couldn't see why the OK sign is considered a "hate symbol" either. I've been seeing people use it all my life. I never once thought of it being a sign of hatred. But I will tell you what is hatred; calling everything a "hate symbol" is hatred. Seeing black people beat up white people is hatred. Seeing people object to a real family consisting of a real man, a real woman, and children is hatred.

If we don't stop this, cancel culture is going to make everything illegal. White supremacists sleep. Is sleeping going to be considered a "hate symbol"? A white person eats a biscuit. Are biscuits going to be considered "hateful"? I even heard now owning a dog is considered racist. Because white people get dogs to keep black people away. I say fuck that! I love my dogs. You can't pry them out of my hands!! Fuck what the black liberals think of me owning dogs. Stop committing crimes and we won't have a problem! Now, I will admit some things that happen to black people should not happen. I heard a story of a woman who walked into the wrong apartment, thinking it was her's, saw a black man sitting on a sofa, eating ice cream, and she thought he was an intruder and shot and killed him. I heard that and thought it was sad! And terrible! That poor guy!! The woman didn't even have any business being in his apartment. But she thought it was her's. I've seen people make that mistake before. That happened to me recently. Someone thought my apartment was their's and was trying to open my door. Thank GOD it was locked. I just opened the door and told her this is my apartment.

I felt terrible for the man when I heard that story. Well, the woman got convicted of murder and put in prison. But black people have to face it, because they do have a violent history, there is a stigma about them. Candace Owens even says we need to discuss getting black fathers back in the home, and she's right! That's how all this got started. In the 1960s, welfare gave black women money to leave their husbands, and that was wrong! Children need both a man and a woman in their lives. No matter what color they are. It's racist IMO to imply black children don't need a father. That's what makes criminals happen.

Well anyways, back to the OK sign. Someone has now been fired for putting their fingers in the OK sign. And guess who is griping about it. Yes, a black liberal woman and her husband. On a trip to Universal Studios, a person playing the character Gru from Despicable Me, was posing with their daughter (who is autistic, they say in the video because it's a "reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally important point") and he had his fingers in the OK sign on the kid's shoulder. Months later, when the mom was watching the video, all of a sudden she noticed it after it has been deemed a "hate symbol". She questioned why someone would have that symbol while his hands were on her daughter. Take a look at this video...

And just look at these people...

They look like the classic leftist liberal, both are ugly asf! Why the fuck do leftists always have huge glasses with big rims??? The man is bald, with an earring in one ear. Kinda looks like Elmer Fudd. Both are fat. The woman doesn't look so great either. I betcha they have at least 3 cats and no dogs running around the house. If they do have dogs, they're probably shelter pit bulls. But more likely no dogs, just cats, which is probably why their daughter is autistic. They got upset because of this picture...

The picture is dark, but you can see the man's hand is held in the OK symbol. And for this, the guy was fired from his job. That's sad! I'm sure when the video was taken, he wasn't thinking at all about the position his fingers were in. Sometimes people just move their fingers without thinking about it. I don't think he meant it as a sign of hatred. That's what makes me mad about all this! I typically move my fingers into positions unconsciously. I have no idea if I am making the OK sign or just wrapping my fingers around a person's shoulder. Of course I don't touch people. I've never been a touchy-feely kind of person. That used to piss off my mom too, because I wouldn't hug her. But touching makes me uncomfortable for some reason. I'm just not a people-person. Though through the years, I've been getting better, I at least let family hug me now.

But I really don't think this guy should have lost his job. Not over something that happened months ago, that he probably doesn't even remember doing, and was not reported when it actually happened. But this is clown world! HA! Apparently, we're not allowed to call this "clown world" because that is also "hate speech". But fuck that! I'm going to call this clown world anyways, because that is what this is! The goons and clowns are winning this world, sadly. So, this is clown world! I'm sad to see this happen in our country. We really do need to fight back. And these parents are dumbasses who do not even deserve to have a child! I feel sorry for that child! It was only after the OK sign was falsely designated a "hate symbol" that these parents decided to become traumatized by this video! I'm sure the kid didn't care! If you ask me, this is nothing but the parents seeking an easy 15 minutes of fame. Fuck them!