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Friday, October 18, 2019

Hitler Is Their Hero

The leftists are always griping about Hitler's genocide, and then calling everyone around them "Nazis". They liken Trump to the second coming of Hitler. They act like Hitler was this horrid person. But you know what? Everything the leftists today are doing is what Hitler did during his time in this world. So, in essence, Hitler is the leftists' hero. They deny it, but actions speak louder than words. Hitler changed the school curriculums to teach kids how to hate. Well, the exact same thing is happening today. I just saw an article last night about a teacher in a North Carolina school who embarrassed students in her classroom who were white and Christian. She made them stand up in front of the classroom and actually apologize to the other kids for being white, or being Christian.

The story is from 2017, but it's not like it hasn't stopped going on today. People today are being made to feel embarrassed for being white or Christian. It used to be that Christians were the most accepted class of people. They do good and [usually] help other people out. But today they are being persecuted by leftists. I still think the WBC had something to do with these harsh feelings going around today about Christian people. Even though a lot of what they said was true, I just didn't like the way they went about sending their message; holding those stupid signs and protesting other peoples' funerals. That is so wrong!! That's what pissed me off about the WBC. And Shirley Phelps was so snarky, sometimes I just wanted to slap her! Take that big, stupid grin off her face! But a lot of the Bible's prophecies are coming true. The minute GOD was taken out of the schools, this country started going downhill. It started off slowly and has grown quicker.

The leftists are using the same techniques that Hitler used to kill the Jewish peoples. Today, they are even turning little boys into little girls. Meagan Fox has a little boy that she constantly dresses up in frilly dresses, and he is always getting bullied in school. But she said he loves wearing dresses. So, I guess to him, the bullying is worth it all. And I used to have some amount of respect for Meagan Fox! She is a beautiful woman. And she could have such beautiful children. Her little boy could have grown to be such a handsome man and now she's RUINED him!!!! She ruined him by making him want to become a girl! She claims that he came to that conclusion on his own, when he was 3 years old. I say she's full of shit! I'm sure he did want to wear dresses at one time on his own, all kids are curious. But I have the feeling it's more because she groomed him to wear dresses. I don't believe for one second, at 6 years old, he still wants to wear dresses. And no doubt wouldn't do it anymore if his mom hadn't told him "It's normal for a boy to wear dresses." and she probably told him he looks good in one.

The sad thing is, she's not the only parent that was confusing her own children. Lots of parents on the left indoctrinate their little boys to wear dresses and be all girlish. This is why I am all for abortion if the parent is a leftist. We don't need anymore confused children being born to leftists. But that's one of the only times I am pro-abortion. But then again, so are the leftists. They hate kids. Antifa will attack children if they are seen with Trump supporters. Hell, they'll even attack Trump's own children and grandchildren. Now, you can say what you want about Trump, but he throws some beautiful children and grandchildren! I saw a pic of his granddaughter Chloe (even though I hate that name), and she is a living doll!! She is adorable!! Now, I don't like children much myself, though I will say some are adorable. But I would NEVER hurt a child. Never intentionally. But the leftists don't care.

Well, today's leftists are becoming Hitler. Only they are doing it with this PC/Cancel culture. Beto O'Rourke is even saying he will send the police out to peoples' homes to steal guns. Ben Shapiro said if anyone comes to his home to steal from him, they are going to be met at the door with him and his gun. But then Beto O'Rourke is a fricken idiot!! But he is the most dangerous kind of idiot. He's the kind of idiot who doesn't know he's an idiot, but always thinks he's right about everything. No doubt at all if he gets in office, he's going to try it. It'd be too much to hope for that the leftists won't vote for him, but the sad fact is, they most likely will. Either him or Kamala Harris. And I hate her too. I hate how she was pandering to this little tranny kid who got up on stage and started asking about her guaranteeing "transgender safety". You want transgender safety, you stay at home! Or stay in California. Don't go pushing your PC bullshit in all our faces.

The way the leftists are pushing kids to be gay or transgender, it's going to cause all of us to despise gay and transgender people once again. It's like how they hate it when Christians preach GOD and the Bible to them. They hate it when it is forced on them. I hate it when gay rights and gay history is forced on me, or on today's kids. And if anyone speaks out against it, they are deemed a "homophobe". Gosh! Using their same logic, could it be they don't like us preaching about GOD to them because they know their lifestyle is a sin? You think that's why they don't like us preaching the Bible to them? GOD is never wrong.

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