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Thursday, October 3, 2019

OK Sign Is OK

The Anti-Defamation League is now saying we cannot make the OK symbol with our hands, and we can't have our hair cut in bowl cuts. Now, they are regarded as "symbols of hate". Oh my GAWD!!!! Ya know, I posted this on my Twitter. I said "Fuck that! I'm gonna make it anyways!" I live to troll the left. It might get me kicked off of Twitter, but I don't give a shit! This is going too far!!! I also accompanied the tweet with this picture...

The ADL is controlling all this shit today. They are a very far-left-leaning organization that is working to suppress our free speech. Well I don't give a shit what the ADL has to say, people have been using this symbol for as long as I can remember to say "OK". It's only in the imagination of the leftists that this is some kind of "white supremacist" symbol. When I first heard that, I was like "WTF???" That is so dumb!! This whole thing is stupid! Leftists are really seeing hate everywhere where there is no hatred. The OK sign is not a symbol of hate. Up until some whiny leftists decided it was a hate sign, it was actually a friendly sign. But just because the NZ shooter used this sign during his court case, now the ADL has labeled it a "hate symbol".

This is getting WAY out of hand! Pretty soon, we won't be able to do anything if the ADL keeps getting their way. Everything a white person does, a colored person is going to see as being a "hate symbol". All they have to do is whine like the martyr they are, use words like "traumatized" or "shaken", and be colored and all of a sudden BOOM! It's a "hate symbol". Personally, I don't use the OK sign that much. I've always used thumbs up when saying "OK". But pretty soon, the ADL is going to call thumbs up being a "hate symbol". Personally, I can't see how, but then I couldn't see why the OK sign is considered a "hate symbol" either. I've been seeing people use it all my life. I never once thought of it being a sign of hatred. But I will tell you what is hatred; calling everything a "hate symbol" is hatred. Seeing black people beat up white people is hatred. Seeing people object to a real family consisting of a real man, a real woman, and children is hatred.

If we don't stop this, cancel culture is going to make everything illegal. White supremacists sleep. Is sleeping going to be considered a "hate symbol"? A white person eats a biscuit. Are biscuits going to be considered "hateful"? I even heard now owning a dog is considered racist. Because white people get dogs to keep black people away. I say fuck that! I love my dogs. You can't pry them out of my hands!! Fuck what the black liberals think of me owning dogs. Stop committing crimes and we won't have a problem! Now, I will admit some things that happen to black people should not happen. I heard a story of a woman who walked into the wrong apartment, thinking it was her's, saw a black man sitting on a sofa, eating ice cream, and she thought he was an intruder and shot and killed him. I heard that and thought it was sad! And terrible! That poor guy!! The woman didn't even have any business being in his apartment. But she thought it was her's. I've seen people make that mistake before. That happened to me recently. Someone thought my apartment was their's and was trying to open my door. Thank GOD it was locked. I just opened the door and told her this is my apartment.

I felt terrible for the man when I heard that story. Well, the woman got convicted of murder and put in prison. But black people have to face it, because they do have a violent history, there is a stigma about them. Candace Owens even says we need to discuss getting black fathers back in the home, and she's right! That's how all this got started. In the 1960s, welfare gave black women money to leave their husbands, and that was wrong! Children need both a man and a woman in their lives. No matter what color they are. It's racist IMO to imply black children don't need a father. That's what makes criminals happen.

Well anyways, back to the OK sign. Someone has now been fired for putting their fingers in the OK sign. And guess who is griping about it. Yes, a black liberal woman and her husband. On a trip to Universal Studios, a person playing the character Gru from Despicable Me, was posing with their daughter (who is autistic, they say in the video because it's a "reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally important point") and he had his fingers in the OK sign on the kid's shoulder. Months later, when the mom was watching the video, all of a sudden she noticed it after it has been deemed a "hate symbol". She questioned why someone would have that symbol while his hands were on her daughter. Take a look at this video...

And just look at these people...

They look like the classic leftist liberal, both are ugly asf! Why the fuck do leftists always have huge glasses with big rims??? The man is bald, with an earring in one ear. Kinda looks like Elmer Fudd. Both are fat. The woman doesn't look so great either. I betcha they have at least 3 cats and no dogs running around the house. If they do have dogs, they're probably shelter pit bulls. But more likely no dogs, just cats, which is probably why their daughter is autistic. They got upset because of this picture...

The picture is dark, but you can see the man's hand is held in the OK symbol. And for this, the guy was fired from his job. That's sad! I'm sure when the video was taken, he wasn't thinking at all about the position his fingers were in. Sometimes people just move their fingers without thinking about it. I don't think he meant it as a sign of hatred. That's what makes me mad about all this! I typically move my fingers into positions unconsciously. I have no idea if I am making the OK sign or just wrapping my fingers around a person's shoulder. Of course I don't touch people. I've never been a touchy-feely kind of person. That used to piss off my mom too, because I wouldn't hug her. But touching makes me uncomfortable for some reason. I'm just not a people-person. Though through the years, I've been getting better, I at least let family hug me now.

But I really don't think this guy should have lost his job. Not over something that happened months ago, that he probably doesn't even remember doing, and was not reported when it actually happened. But this is clown world! HA! Apparently, we're not allowed to call this "clown world" because that is also "hate speech". But fuck that! I'm going to call this clown world anyways, because that is what this is! The goons and clowns are winning this world, sadly. So, this is clown world! I'm sad to see this happen in our country. We really do need to fight back. And these parents are dumbasses who do not even deserve to have a child! I feel sorry for that child! It was only after the OK sign was falsely designated a "hate symbol" that these parents decided to become traumatized by this video! I'm sure the kid didn't care! If you ask me, this is nothing but the parents seeking an easy 15 minutes of fame. Fuck them!

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