Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Things I Did This Morning That I Hate

LOL!! I thought this would be an interesting subject. Things I did this morning (alone) that I truly hate! Well, I didn't do them actually, they were things I saw this morning that I hate. So, revamp the title a bit. Anyways, these are some things that I would absolutely love it if I never had to see them again in my lifetime. But unfortunately I don't think any of these things are going anywhere, just going to become more popular.

1. Videos that you have to read!
I hate these!!! They are videos people on YouTube make that have loud music and you have to sit close to the screen in order to read them. And unless the videos are done by professionals, the words are never up long enough for anyone to read them!! I have one video like that myself, but out of literally over 160 videos, it's the only one, and I did it for UMG Productions. But I am a pro. I put the words up long enough for people to read them. This is the kind of thing that should only be done by a professional video editor. Not by the average Jo-Blo who can have an account on YouTube! Unless you want your video to be seen only by speed readers. But not all of us are speed-readers.

2. Donald Trump
No, I did not "do" Donald Trump! I hate that guy!!! I can't stand him!! I don't ever want to see his face again as long as I live! But unfortunately it looks like he is fated to become our next president. He's ahead of everyone in votes. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with America??? Why are we only drawn to the worst possible candidates we can ever encounter for president???!!! We haven't had a decent president since Jimmy Carter. I guess for the same reason that stupid grumpy cat and the Kardashians are so popular, because everyone now loves things that don't deserve love. Things that do nothing for fame except just being famous and having their ugly faces plastered everywhere! Geez!! It's a sick world we live in!!

Well shoot! I thought this was going to be a long post, but I guess I was wrong. There really isn't much I hate. Sorry Dirty Dozen Mob! LOL! Oh fuck 'um! Everything else I saw today I loved. Some pics of Michael and Timmy, and a video of a movie that I've never seen before that played Never Tear Us Apart (the song). The movie was not even about INXS! It's wonderful to see INXS being used now in other movies and TV shows. I'm also stocking up on cookbooks, ha! I know I don't need them, but there are some I would love to have back, so I am getting them again. I'm still waiting for one that I ordered to show up. Then my collection will be complete. I think I even found a book that shows how to make truffles like the Sweet Shoppe does in Phillipsburg, MT. I LOVE their truffles!!!!! I could get a whole box of them and be happy! Now, I think I've found out how they make them. That's good! Now, I can make my own here at home.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Is My Group Invisible??

I dunno, I feel kindof insulted by my buddies on Facebook! I have this wonderful group where anyone can go to view unique pics of INXS, pics I've had floating around on my hard drive for years for some of them, unseen by the public. The group is set to closed, so not just anyone can view these pics. I started this group for fans to come in and admire the beautiful men of INXS. I also work hard to keep my group going strong. Well, I kinda flecked off during the holidays. But I am back in the game now. I allow everyone to post whatever they want, I allow freedom of speech on my group. Every post that was ever made on that group is still up today. Well, with the exception of a post made by a troll who hacked a member's account. But that post was obscene and had nothing at all to do with INXS. It was a picture of some chick sucking a horse's penis. If it had been a pic of some chick sucking Michael's or Timmy's dong, it wouldn't have bothered me at all. At least it has something to do with INXS. But there are only a few people posting! Including myself. Most posters all go to the other groups and post and don't even give any concern about the members in my group. And these are people who are members of my group too. It's not like they're not in the group. So, I feel insulted!

At first I thought they were not posting because of the "for sale" feature that I used to have on my group. I know a lot of people complained because they could not figure out how to post without that feature popping up. So, I turned that feature off to help make things easier. But most of these people are STILL going to other groups and posting, instead of in my group. I just cannot understand it. I cannot force people to post there, and I won't try. But when I see people who are members of my group bypass my group and post their pics and stories in other groups, well it makes me kinda sad. It makes me think perhaps I am doing something wrong. But I don't know what, and no one has the guts to tell me. I'm like "Come on people! This is a forum of free speech! I won't ban you for saying what you want to say. Why don't you like posting in my group?!" The only thing that would make me ban someone is if they are just coming in to spam or troll. I don't tolerate that.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am a member of several groups, and I do enjoy them. But to keep my group alive takes up all my time. And why should I comment on other groups when I am trying very hard to keep my group alive and well? That is why I have stopped commenting too much in other groups. I am in the Australian INXS/Michael Hutchence group, but frankly, I do not like their rules. I love the group and the mods, so don't get me wrong. But they don't even allow people to post links to other groups on there. That's kindof wrong. This isn't supposed to be a competition. I am also on the INXS/Michael Hutchence Fan Fiction group, and I do post there sometimes, when it is about INXS fan fiction stories. That is, after all, what the group is all about. I don't post there at all unless it is about one of my INXS or INXS-related stories. But to look at and admire pics of INXS, that is what my group is set up for. That is why I call it "Tim-Hutch Love", because it is about loving and admiring these handsome men and the work they put into their music. So, when I see someone going to other groups to post things that my group was set up for as well, and completely ignoring my group, yes it does make me feel kinda sad. I feel like something is wrong with my group that I am not seeing.

When I first started this group, one of the things that I feared the most was that it would whither and die after a few months and nobody would come in anymore. Sometimes it feels like I am right. The only thing I can do is keep trying to keep it alive. Even if it means completely giving up the other groups I am on. I'd hate to do it! I really would. But if it comes down to that, I may have no choice. I want to keep this group alive, even if it takes every last bit of strength I have left in my body. It's very important to me. I do thank the people who have continued to post to my group and help keep that place going. All I can say to those who do not post, or rarely post, and have never started a post, is tell me what am I doing wrong that you don't want to post to the group anymore? Why do you not like Tim-Hutch Love? Tell me so I can improve the group. Well, I do have a plan for when I finally reach 500 members. When that happens, IF that happens. A very special, big surprise!

Well, I want to do this INXS compilation book if I can. It'd be great! It would be nice to be able to include the work of other people in that compilation as well. I even sweetened it with a reward for those whose work(s) we choose to use in the book. But so far, no submissions yet have been sent. But we have until the end of May. And if no one submits anything, then that is fine too. I will just continue with that compilation book as planned using my own work. No big deal. Then at least the reward all goes to me. hehehe!

Judge Not

HA!! The Young Turks on YouTube has just answered a question (or maybe just confirmed) that has been burning in my mind for many years, ever since I began associating with dog show breeders. LOL!! I know I talk a lot about show breeders and how much I despise them as people. This video had nothing to do really with show breeders, it was about religious kids. But it spoke of why religious kids are more judgmental and less forgiving than non-religious kids. But these are qualities I have also noticed in a lot of show breeders I have encountered. They are always judgmental, and not at all forgiving. One thing I noticed when dealing with show breeders, they are very good at carrying grudges. Once you have clashed with them, they never forget it.

Well, several years ago when I began this campaign against show breeders, I theorized that the reason show breeders are so judgmental is because they get judged by the dogs they breed, so they think it's OK to go around judging other people on little things. It's the same mentality The Young Turks mentioned is the reason christians are so judgmental towards others. GOD judges them, so they think it's OK to judge others. I admit to judging people too, we all do! Let's face it, it's human nature. It's a survival mechanism. Part of it is instinct and part of it is experience. This is also true for show breeders. But the difference between how I judge someone and how show breeders that I have seen judge someone, I have an open mind. I don't completely form an all-ending opinion of someone based on one single meeting with that person, or their online personality, or something someone else has told me about said person. Show breeders I have seen, both online and in person, are very much the opposite.

For example, I met Rio Bellon through someone who bought a puppy from me back in 2001. That puppy was sold as a pet to the person who introduced me to Rio Bellon. On the first introduction, I greeted Rio pretty much like how I greet everyone; with a smile and a hello. She however, was quite standoffish and somewhat aloof. As time went on, I learned she resented me because of the pet-quality puppy I sold to the person who introduced me to her, even though I did not have the female who produced that puppy anymore. She had been spayed and adopted out. But Rio continued to carry that grudge, even when I asked her for mentoring. That alone should have told her I wanted to do breeding better, but she turned me down, again because of that one puppy that was produced by me in 2001 by a female I didn't even have anymore. I bet if I was to meet up with Rio again today, even though it has been 14 years since that puppy was produced, and 12 years since I adopted out the mother of that pup, I bet you all, Rio would still be bringing up that puppy and thinking that I am producing bad-quality chihuahuas. Even though I have not bred any dogs at all since Vegas was born back in 2006, 9 years ago. I would try to tell her that, but everything I say to her seems to go in one ear and out the other immediately. Nothing sticks to her brain. She's like the first computer my grandma bought back in the early 90s. It had a keyboard and screen, and you could type on it, and the words showed up on the screen, but it had no memory, no hard drive. So, anything you type on the screen would not be saved. That's what it's like talking to Rio Bellon. Poor old fool, she probably has the early stages of that Alzheimer's disease.

Anyways, she was a great example of a show breeder who was a good breeder, but sucked as a person, and was far too judgmental. I still remember how she jumped to the conclusion that my sis and I went to one dog show with both Groucho and Odessa in heat, looking for stud service. Not 100% true. Yes, I was looking for stud service for Groucho, but Odessa was already pledged to have stud service done when we got there. We were just unable to find the person who was supposed to take her because unbeknownst to us, she was showing a different breed in a different ring. I was going to breed Groucho another time. She just happened to be in heat at the same time as Odessa, don't ask me why. Ask mother nature. But the reason I had both Groucho and Odessa with me is because I didn't want to take one and leave the other one at home alone. No point in that. But Rio continued to judge me and my sis because of that. She thinks that was the only dog show I'd ever been to. She couldn't have been more wrong. I went to several, in Washington AND Oregon. But she was not always there when I went. So, she can stop believing whatever falsehoods got set in her brain because she refused to listen to facts.

Another example of a show breeder who was judgmental, there was this other breeder from Memphis who called herself Amberleigh. She had nice dogs, but as a person, she sucked!! I remember her telling the story on the Pluba forums about a meeting she had with a person at a rest stop, as she was walking her own dogs around, this woman with extreme Taco Bell dog lookalikes was walking towards her, and asked Amberleigh what kind of dogs she had. Amberleigh told her that she had chihuahuas. The other woman doubted her and said her Taco Bell dog lookalikes are "what chihuahuas are supposed to look like". Amberleigh said she lost it and the only other thing she remembered was her husband pulling her back in her car and driving off. I thought to myself "How is that helping educate someone?" Funny thing about Amberleigh, she was once judgmental against me, when Bischis brought up my name on the anti-merle chihuahua forum. And then she tells that story, and I think she sucked in the way she handled that. I sure wouldn't have handled it that way. I would have asked that woman "How many show wins has your dogs had?" and "Has your dog been analysed by a certified AKC show judge?" If the answers to those questions was anything like "I don't need an AKC judge to tell me my dogs look like chihuahuas. My vet/customers/neighbors/kids in school/little old lady in a grocery store motorized cart tells me my chihuahuas are the cutest they've ever seen and they all want one like them" I would remind that woman that those people are not reputable sources, and to look at the chihuahuas on AKC's website for comparison. I'm glad I never met Amberleigh! If I did, I think I would need to carry a baseball bat!! Not the wooden kind either, one of those heavy aluminum bats, in case she tried something like that with me! LOL! But more likely to happen would be I'd ignore her and just admire her dogs.

But anyways, those are some examples of the mentality I have seen in show breeders. They are loony!! Well, there is something wrong with them. I can't figure out what. I can't see any reason to attack a random person at a rest stop just because that person was uneducated. Or, I don't see any reason to keep digging up dirt on someone over a single breeding that took place years before, but had since wanted to improve her results, and then turn around and not help that person just because of a single breeding with a female that person doesn't even own anymore. I kinda wonder how these people are with their families. I can kindof imagine it being like Sophia and Dorothy on the Golden Girls. For example...

Let's say Rio has a daughter named Heidi. At 4 years old, Heidi draws a picture of a green elephant. Rio yells at her and says "Elephants are not supposed to be green! Do that picture over again and do it right or I'll send you to your room!" So, Heidi does what her mom says and draws a big, gray elephant on a piece of paper. Rio looks at it and nods, "That's better!" 16 years later, say Rio and Heidi are visiting a zoo and sees an elephant. Heidi says "That is such a majestic looking elephant!" Rio says "And he's not green. Is he?! You think he's green though!" Then when Heidi is 40 years old, she is visiting Rio and they sit to watch a documentary on TV about elephants. Rio turns to Heidi and says "Now look at that! That is how an elephant is supposed to look. They are not green! Got me? Stop thinking elephants are green!" Heidi says "Mom! I haven't thought elephants are green since I was 4 years old! Why do you keep bringing this up every time we see an elephant?" I would put an answer to this scenario here, but I have no idea what Rio's problem is. All I know is that this is what it's like talking to her.

And what about Amberleigh? LOL! Oh my GOD!! Let's say she has a daughter named Amy. Amy wants to read a story she learned to Amberleigh, it's called the Little Engine That Could. She opens the book and begins to talk... "Once upon a time there was this bear cub who wanted to pick a flower in the forest and asked some friends to come and help him. So he went to the house of this chicken, and then went to the house of this rabbit and they all went into the woods..." Amberleigh says "This is not what the book says! Why are you making this up? You are not reading the fucking book! You need to stop making shit like this up and read the damn book you little moron!" and starts hitting Amy over the head with the book. I mean really! People usually tend to treat strangers better than their own family, as most of us don't want to make enemies. But not show breeders! Show breeders, at best, seem very anti-social. And I never have met a more judgmental group of people in my life.

But it's not just show breeders. Rescue people and even backyard breeders are very judgmental too. Backyard breeders are just a little bit less judgmental than the other groups. I still remember the little quarrel I got into with the people on the Craigslist pet forums. I was called names, judged harshly, accused of doing things I never said I did, never even implied I did. Yet I still managed to keep my cool. They totally lost it though. But that's how animal people are. Or so I have noticed. And once these people get that idea that you are that certain way that they don't like, they hold on to that forever! It's like the federal government! You cannot pass gas in front of them and not expect years down the road they are still going to bring that up to you. Even if you present them with facts, and possibly character witnesses, they still believe you are a certain way and they hate you for life because of it. Even if what they are thinking is as far from the truth as the sun is from Uranus.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Celebrity Smack-Down

I should have wrote this a few days ago, but I've been busy working on a different kind of video I want to put on YouTube. It's not a videobook or a vlog. It's Eva, the Trollinator. hehehe! It's going to be my new way of calling out trolls and dislikable people on YouTube. It's going to be a semi-animated series. I know I didn't ever want to give the trolls any more attention on YouTube, but sometimes a troll comes along that is so incredibly stupid it makes me laugh so hard, I just have to give them some kind of notification. This one will talk about some piece of work who calls himself SMDTURBO. He's probably the dumbest troll I've seen on YouTube in a long time, and this video will explain why. It should be up within the week.

Anyways, the reason I am writing this blog, I want to give a shout-out to Garry Beers of INXS. The poor man was cornered and stomped by a big, dumbass bully whose name is Robert McGuigan. It's all because of Garry's dog getting loose from his collar and getting into McGuigan's yard and greeting his dog. Because of that, McGuigan kicked my Garry in the face, and I don't like that!! I hate bullies!! I just hope Garry is OK. Garry, as I understand it, tried to calm the situation down, but McGuigan would not hear of it, he just kept punching and kicking my man!! If I had been there, I would have slammed down hard on McGuigan, believe me!! Garry did manage to get his dog back on the leash, and he walked off, to my knowledge, he did not touch McGuigan. Just got his dog and walked away, and you'd think it would have ended there. But no. Because McGuigan is a dumbass bullshit bully, now I heard he is stalking Garry, threatening him with further harm, driving by Garry's house, shouting at him with all kinds of obscenities. Seriously, a normal person would have just let this go. But then again, a normal person would not have gotten so outrageously angry just because one dog wanted to greet another dog. I don't know what McGuigan's problem is!

Well, I wish McGuigan would just leave Garry and his family alone!!! Why does he feel the need to carry on, stalking and harassing my Garry? Garry is such a nice guy, he was always good to me when I met him. And before McGuigan reads this, IF he happens to, and gets some kind of horseshit idea in his pea-sized cranial-glob, I just want him to know that Garry and I are not close! He did NOT put me up to this! He just happens to be the former member of a band I still love very much, and I don't want to see him hurt!! So, my advice to this McGuigan character: LEAVE MY GARRY ALONE!!!!!! JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!! YOU MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS AND HE WILL STAY IN HIS CORNER, FAR AWAY FROM YOU AND YOUR WRETCHED KIND!!!!!!!!! I wish I was able to get down to LA myself, if I hear of this idiot harassing Garry again, I'd make my way down there and I'd sit on McGuigan until he turned blue!! You don't want a fatass blob of a woman sitting on your damn face do you?! If so, then keep on harassing Garry and I will eventually! If not, then just leave him alone!!

As for my words to Garry Beers himself, don't blame yourself man, this is not your fault. From what I read, it was just an accident. I guess the thing they got going around now where they say you should leave 2-fingers width between your dog's neck and his collar is not good enough. A dog can easily get it's head through that. I was taught when I walk a dog, especially a big dog, to use a choke-collar. Though the animal-rights activists seem to be against that. I'd never leave that on them, I'd only have it on to walk them. With little dogs, you don't really need it, but bigger dogs would because they are so much more powerful than an average person. I do so hope that Garry is OK. I hope that he stays OK. I'm going to be looking out for this story, if there's anymore details that come up, or if there's any new developments. But my prayers are with Garry that he and his family stays OK. He has a restraining order against McGuigan, but it does not seem like McGuigan is honoring it. Poor Garry was torn up so bad by his encounter with McGuigan, he cannot even go to rehearsals with his new band. I feel so bad about what happened to him. I don't want him living in fear, or having to worry every time he steps out of his house that some psycho savage twat is going to jump him. I want Garry to be happy. Right now, that would make me so happy. Even though INXS has disbanded, I still love these guys so much. I lost my Michael. I don't want to lose another one. I will keep praying for GOD to keep his safety angels with Garry and his family until I know everything is safe for them.

I love you Garry. Keep on doing what you've been doing. I wish you very well with your new band. I hope to see you performing someday. GOD be with you all!

In other, more exciting news, my Michael was the #1 top trending subject on Facebook for his birthday!! Ohh, I am SOOOOOOOOO happy about that!! It does melt my heart that new fans are popping up everywhere. It's good to see that INXS is still very much appreciated. I still love these guys so much! I always will. Like one of my friends pointed out this morning, if I live to be 95 years old, I will still be bopping my head to their music with enthusiasm! I love them all so much!!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Michael Turns 56 Today!

That's right! My beautiful Michael turns 56 today! I love him and miss him so much! He was my world, he was my inspiration, he was my joy, my soul, basically he was my everything! I know this is beginning to sound like a cliche coming from me, but I loved that man with all my being. All my heart and soul. I never loved any man as much as I did Michael Hutchence. I heard when a woman meets the right man, she knows it. Well, I never felt the sparks I did with Michael with anybody else. Not even Timmy. Though I do still love my Timmy, today is Michael's day though. But yes, I do still love Timmy with everything I got left. He means everything to me. But today is my Michael's day. It is merely the 21st here in the USA, but in Australia, where Michael was from originally, it is now the 22nd.

Well, I've basically said most everything I've had to say about Michael. I just wanted to give him a shout-out for his special day. I love him so much, and I will always love him. I will always live for him. I wish he was still here. But he's not and it's all thanks to Paula and Bob. GOD I hate those two!! The band may not want to blame them, Michael's remaining family members may not want to blame them, but I will forever believe Paula and Bob were the cause of Michael killing himself. Why else would Paula kill herself and leave Lily to fend for herself? She was feeling guilty because she realized she was the cause of Michael killing himself. I say she should feel guilty! That is why I now refer to Paula as "the savage beast", because she killed my Michael.

A lot of people say not to blame her, because it would have happened had Michael been with any girl. But I do not think so. I truly believe Paula did something to him. I don't know what, but she did do something. He looked more miserable with her than he did with any other woman he was with before her. Even Helena, and he was with Helena for a long time after his accident. He still looked happier with her than he did with Paula! Paula was the one being unfaithful to Bob too. Not that I truly care, I mean, that's none of my business as I am not even a fan of either one of them. But to drag Michael into her affair just because she wanted to tout him like a trophy, it's sick! Makes me sick to think about it! Had he stayed with Helena, he'd probably still be here, probably living happily ever after. Think about it, Helena's little boy could have been Michael's. Probably would have inherited his luscious curly hair and talent, then we'd have another Michael in the world to love and admire once again. As long as he didn't go emo. Or Michael could have been with me, we'd have a dozen kids and we'd be happy together. I know I would be. But I wouldn't even let him look at another girl. LOL!

Anyways, Michael baby, I love you so much! I miss you so much! I wish you were still here with us. Happy birthday!!

Michael and his Lily-bud.

I'd swear this is one of Chris Cuffaro's pics.

I always love his hair!

Rest well in Heaven my beautiful! I'm such a nurturing person, this picture just makes me want to give him a nice, tender kiss on top of his head.

To quote my other former favorite band, He's got the look!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Video Story Books

I have a new thing available now at UMG Productions' website, videobooks! I enjoy making videos as you all know, and lately have become quite versed in creating videobooks. They are books that are still stories, but not in basic book form. Basically all I do is read the stories over my computer's mic, and put pictures from the story in the video. I've done 2 already. Actually 3, if you count the Christmas story I did with Eva, Katrina and Davy. But that is not an official story on UMG Productions. It was just my first attempt at one of these video story books. I think this is a great thing to have, it would be great for people who cannot read, but still enjoy hearing a good story. Or for kids who want a nice story read to them, with pictures. Or for people who cannot quite yet grasp the idea of how to read graphic novels, which is what most of the books on the UMG Productions website is. I have also used this technology to put pay-per-view videos on the website.

All of the videos are either for rent, or download, though download costs a lot more. It's cheaper to rent, but you only get 48 hours of rent time, and you only get to run the video 2 times. I just finished completing one story, Gracie's Odyssey. I did all the voices and everything. I never realized how talented I am at creating different voices! It was exciting to try!! When you hear the story, you don't think it's me doing all the different vocals, but it is! LOL!! I even got the baby's voice perfectly!! I couldn't believe it myself! It turned out to be a great videobook! I could watch it over and over! It's probably the closest I will ever get to seeing that story in animated form in my lifetime! I always said it would make an awesome movie! It's probably my favorite story. It is classified as a UMG masterpiece! It's almost 30 minutes long too. Well, I just put it up on the website, so it is now available as a videobook.

I also did One Day In November... as a video storybook. That video turned out to be nearly an hour long, but it is the whole story, with words, pictures and music. I did put only one clip (under the fair-use act) of Need U Tonight within the video, but just a clip. I wanted to talk about the opening riffs that attracted me to the song, as it mentions in the story. I also created a few pictures for the sake of the story. I put a couple pictures of that night I went to that concert to see Michael perform, unfortunately they are only drawings, but I did not get any photographs from that night. So, I put my memory to work and conjured up some drawings that best describes what took place that night so many years ago. But the story is a good one! I suggest checking the video out. I have fun creating these video books. It's fun seeing all my ideas come to life (somewhat) for the first time! I'm enjoying this! I'm going to create more video books! If you'd like to check out what I got so far, go to the category of video books on the UMG Productions website: http://www.umgproductions.com/search/label/Videobooks Or, you can also view some of our movies directly on the site: http://www.umgproductions.com/search/label/Video%20Movies

Of course we still have the traditional ebooks and paperback stories available for purchase too, but I am constantly trying to think of ways to make the site better.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

How I Feel About Otherkin People

I've been watching some videos lately that discusses the subject of otherkin. Those are people who think that they are not only not themselves, but also think they are another species of animal. Like when I described Andy back in Bozeman, acting like an ape in front of people. He was one example of an otherkin. Or this one boy, whose name was Joel that I used to see at a friend's house back in Lakewood, that would bark like a dog sometimes and call himself a chihuahua. He was an example too of otherkin. Though some kids grow out of that. I'm not sure he did though, he was always so adamant that he was a chihuahua, I think it may have just sunk in deeper as he got older. But anyways, do you think it's natural for a person to want to be another species? I always thought it was crazy. Though sometimes, the desire to get out of the human race fascinates me because humans are so corrupt. Animals, at least, are easier to understand. Humans, I will never understand.

I think, to some degree, it is natural for a person to feel like they are some other species. To a certain degree. Now, I love lemurs. I would love to be a lemur. I could see myself gracefully leaping from one tree to another. But I totally identify with the fact that I am not a lemur. But the idea of getting out of the human race and becoming a lemur does sound intriguing. But the desire to become another species is not the same as becoming that other species. I read about this man named Dennis Avner who lived in San Diego, who was told when he was a teenager that his spirit animal (he was native American) was a tiger. Well, he wanted more than for that to just be his spirit animal. He actually wanted to become a tiger, and actually killed himself to become one. That is when I think the desire goes too far. This once attractive young man took steps to change himself completely into a tiger, to the point of not only getting tattoos of orange and black stripes all over his body, but also having whiskers and shit implanted on his face and wearing cat-eye contact lenses. By the time of his death in 2012, he was completely ugly, just like that evil beast he was trying to become physically and spiritually. Now, he did go too far.

However, there is a difference between what he did and what say, the furries do. Ever seen furries? They even go so far as to wear costumes of the animals they portray in their lives, and most of them don't even talk. You ask them something, all they give you is a bunch of grunts and whimpers, like a bunch of dogs. As most of them are either dogs, cats, or wolves. If a person wants to be a furry, then be a furry. But if you are going to get into my face, then talk dammit!! I don't like furries who get in my face and just make animal noises. I used to deal with people like that back when I was in middle school and some in high school. Even on the bus to the vocational school when I was going there in 1989. I came across kids who literally barked like dogs and meowed like cats. None of them even wore the animal costumes. That was weird enough. But I think they did it to tease me because I always said I liked animals better than people. I kinda wonder if today's animal lovers in middle school and high school also have to deal with the same thing? Though I think people nowadays are becoming a little more understanding with why there are more people who prefer animals over other people. More of the world is becoming animal-lovers. Or cat-fags. I could definitely see catfags going around saying "meow" all the time. Maybe that is what these kids were; catfags and dogfags. LOL!

I learned about something new today too, I learned about bronies. Those are extreme fans of My Little Pony. Now, I used to hear about My Little Pony in the 80s and early 90s, and they were pretty cool then. Although now they seem to have turned them into anime cartoons, and I am not into that at all. Bronies want to be My Little Ponies. So, they go around believing they are My Little Ponies. Now, I think it's one thing to want to be another animal, but to become a cartoon character, that's a person that I believe may be ready for lockup in a mental institution!

Well, people are usually uncomfortable around anything that is strange or different to themselves. So, a lot of people are uncomfortable around furries and otherkins. I personally am all for freedom of expression, but again, if you are going to do that stuff, then remember that you are a person, not an animal. You are not a dog or a cat or a lion or a wolf. When I say hello, I don't want to hear "woof" or "meow". If you do that, it's just going to want to make me walk away from your loony ass! It was scary enough encountering kids in school who did that shit! I sure as hell don't want to meet someone like that in my adult world!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Woman Gets Slapped So Hard That When She Drops.. Well Look At Her Flip F...

Well, this is going to be an unusual day! A double-posting day! Well, in contrast to the last post I made this morning, I ran into this video last night. This is of a big man who strikes a woman in a store. Apparently she touches him and he doesn't like it and hits her hard and knocks her down. A lot of people say he should not have done that. But let's face it, the woman was getting in his face and she put her hands on him first. He warned her not to touch him too. This is a small girl, and the man is BIG!! Well, I'm probably bigger than him, but anyways, there are some ways I agree with what this man did, and some ways I don't agree. Oddly enough, coming from a woman.

Well, it all boils down to the damn feminists! They demanded to be treated like equals. So, by their logic, if a woman strikes a man, he should be expected to strike her back. Even though two wrongs don't make a right. But I bet it sure makes the man feel better! Much better than just standing there like a sitting duck, and taking it from an abusive woman. When Patti cornered me in the kitchen that third night I spent at her place, I let her do it. For only one reason; because I wanted to try and make that roommate deal work out. If I had known what the next day would bring, I would have just given up and slammed Patti. Believe me, I really wanted to do that!! I wanted so much to punch her in the face! To this day, I wish I had! Punching her would have made me feel so much better! And I would not be kicking myself so much now! But Patti told me her ex-husband was a beater. Well, after that night with her in the kitchen, I quickly understood why he beat her! She probably provoked it! I'm not normally in the habit of blaming the victim, but in the case of Patti and her ex-husband, seems HE would have been more the victim, not Patti. Believe me, I didn't do anything to her to cause her to go off on me like that. She just got it in her mind that night to tease, torment and harass me. Oh yeah! Giving her a good sock in the jaw would have felt so good that night!! LOL! I can't even begin to tell you how close I came to doing just that.

Well, I always say a real man should never strike a woman. But then again if the woman, like Patti, provokes it, or in any way instigates it, he doesn't have to sit there and take it from her. Far too many women just lash out because they believe "He's a man, I'm a woman. A man never strikes a woman!" Some women seem to always take advantage of that. Believe me, gentlemen are rare these days. Probably again because of feminists. If a woman hits a man, he shouldn't have to take it. He should not be expected to just let it go. But if a woman is just speaking her mind, and the man does not agree, and gets violent because he doesn't agree, then that's different. That should not happen! That is no reason to hit anyone. I would only really lash out if someone puts their hands on me first. I'm a big girl too! LOL! But I don't think I would knock someone out. But I could put them in a chokehold until they turn blue, then sit on them. I've done it before. If Patti would have put her hands on me, believe me when I say the outcome of that night would have been totally different! And I probably would have been jailed. But there was no real reason for me to strike her, as all she was doing was speaking her mind. I just felt like doing it. LOL!! All I would have needed to put Patti in her place was for her to just touch me, and that would have been the end of it. LOL!

Well blame it on the fags. The feminists wanted sexual equality, though in my personal opinion, I don't think a lot of women are ready for that, judging by what I have seen these days. The vegans want us to stop eating meat, which again will take away our rights to choose. People wanted racial stereotypes to stop, so they cut, edited, or completely took away any cartoons, or old TV shows in their original form that "fed the stereotypes", even though the stereotypes they want censored are usually there for a reason. You know, pretty soon we won't have anything! This world would be a boring place to live in. Anyway, here is the video of a man smacking down on a woman...

I Hate Animals

So I got this message from another fag. She said because I hate cats that I hate all animals. She said if I didn't hate cats, then I would be an animal lover. While I agree in some ways, there are other ways I do not agree. I am an animal-lover. I always have been. I gave her the disclaimer that I am "an animal lover with limits". I don't like cats, spiders or cockroaches. All for mostly different reasons, but I hate them all. I find spiders terrifying, but also in some ways fascinating. I think cockroaches are repulsive, but again, I find them fascinating in some ways. They are incredibly smart for insects! Now cats are a totally different story. I've had cats before, and while we got along OK, that is to say I never had a cat attack me, or run away from my house, I just don't like cats. My house felt dirty when I had them. So, I find cats to be the most disgusting thing anyone can have in their home. That's why I won't have another one.

When we had those persians, I had to get rid of the carpet because they would mess it up totally. And this was a time I only had cats. No dogs at all. The carpet stunk constantly!! They would smear shit all over the carpet instead of going into their litterbox. They would cough up hairballs all over the carpet. I had to shampoo that carpet many times a day because of those doggone cats! So, I got rid of the carpet. But guess what. The house still stunk!! So, I got rid of the cats and the smell eventually went away. So did the feeling of disgust I had when they were around. I swear I had gotten to a point where I wouldn't even touch the cats. What's the point in having an animal roaming around your house that you cannot even stand the feel of? You can't pet it. It still makes me feel disgusted to even think of petting a cat, which I won't do! It felt so gross to touch them! So, I call myself an animal-lover with limits.

Well, last night this girl brought that up again, and I reminded her once again that I have my limits, I told her I don't like cats or spiders. Then she brought it up again saying that if I am an animal lover I wouldn't hate cats. Note the entire focus was on the fact I said I hate cats. Again I reminded her that I am an animal lover with limits. And then I asked her "So why aren't you bellyaching because I don't like spiders? Or is it just cats that count?" This is how big of hypocrites cat people are. To them, if you don't like cats, then you are a big animal-hater. But yet, they turn around and hate some animals themselves. Technically, a spider is an animal. So is a snake, so is a scorpion. If it eats, breathes, and grows, it's a living thing. Not like a rock or something. So, if someone hates spiders, they should be labeled an "animal-hater".  But you know what? I don't think spider-fags exist. I've never met one. I've met people who love spiders, but I've never seen anyone who's attitude was like "if you don't like spiders, then I don't like you!" In fact, the only animal-people I've ever seen whose attitude was like that has been none other than cat-people. And panther-fags too. They do make hating cats and panthers so much easier though, I will hand them that.

Oh! I got an especially evil one yesterday on my videos, I don't remember his name, all I remember was it had "Ozzy" in the name. He came on my videos, saying "You like to troll kids you old cunt?!" LOL!!! I troll fags, I don't give a care about the age of the fag. If they are old enough to say "if you hate cats, then I hate you" then they are old enough to handle being hated (and trolled) back. And don't be surprised when you are! Then he went on to call me things like "fatass old ugly cunt" and blah-blah-blah!! LOL!!! I just laughed at him. I know he was meaning to be hurtful, but he wasn't. He was trying too hard! Those types ALWAYS make me laugh!! You know a person is exhausting themselves trying too hard to hurt someone else's feelings when the only insults they can really conjure up are cuss words, and words like "ugly", and making fun of a person being fat, or the color of their skin. Believe me, I've been called much worse by people I respected far more than that fag!! He hasn't said nothing I've never heard before. LOL!! So, his words did not affect me at all. I went back and trolled the same kids all over again after his visit.

Well another thing this "Ozzy" said, he said "No wonder you have dogs, you're a lonely, fat, ugly cunt. Even cats reject you. No one else will have you." LOL!! Too funny!! First of all, I've never had a cat reject me before. EVER. They always come to me. That's why I find them annoying. They come to me and I don't want them to come to me. So, I really wish they would reject me like he says!! Then I don't ever have to look at them, or have them touch me. Second of all, lots of not-so-lonely people have dogs. I go to the docks all the time to walk. I see a lot of very athletic-looking people out there, some are quite attractive. And what do they have with them? DOGS, DOGS, and MORE DOGS!!!!! That's why I enjoyed going on my walks there. LOL!! So, "Ozzy's" theory about that is totally unfounded. He probably never leaves his own house. Just sits on his ass all day, playing video games, watching anime cartoons and masturbating with his cat. And as for nobody wanting a person with dogs, well, a lot of the people I see at the docks with dogs are couples. Besides that, I will show my partner what this dude says. Show him and let him answer this kid whether people don't want a woman that has dogs. Again, "Ozzy's" beliefs are very wrong. Just like any cat person, his instincts and perceptions of people in general, suck! On the other hand, who always winds up living alone, getting old, anti-social and ugly? The crazy cat lady, that's who! LOL! At least if they have a dog, they can take that dog for a walk once in a while. Even one of my friends, who was once one of those that became an anti-social cat-lady, admitted when she got rid of the cats and got a dog instead, it helped her to become more social. She was glad it happened.

Oh yes! And I'll wager you that "Ozzy" is one of those fat, blobby, twinkie-and-potato-chip-stuffing teenagers that does nothing but play video games all day long. Even his parents rejected him! LOL!! I do know this, he didn't have a picture on his profile, nor any videos of himself. That says enough to me. So, screw that shit! LOL! Well, I deleted his comments, I was just about tempted to respond to him. So, I deleted his comments to get rid of that temptation. It's happened before. Well, I was kinda kicking myself for deleting his comments, because I hate doing that!! So, if he comes back, I'll leave his comments next time.

Well, I haven't heard from the other girl yet. But I also had another one yesterday yelling at me because I don't like cats. Believe me when I say I am having fun!! This is a great mind-stimulant!! This girl must have been around 11 years old or something. Anyways, this was the conversation:

Madelynn Burgess
Yesterday 1:05 PM
+Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan YOU ARE PROBABLY THE WORST PARSON ON EARTH I MEAN REALLY HOW STUPID ARE YOU CATS ARE AMAZING 1. cats can sense earthquakes 2 cats can digest food that hasn't been chewed
3 They tolerate heat really well
4 In egypt cats are worshiped and dogs run from them on instikt
5 Last but not least .. They made Hello KITTY not hello dogyy
I don't hate dogs i just really prefer cats
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Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan
Yesterday 1:13 PM
+Madelynn Burgess
1. I'm not a parson at all, I never claimed I was. LOL!
2. Cats are fucking USELESS!!! Me taking a nap is more amazing than a dumb cat tearing up my furniture and coughing up hairballs and getting their big,stinky feet on my kitchen counters.
3. Dogs can sense earthquakes better than cats. But ALL animals can sense natural disasters That is NOT unique to cats!
4. Dogs can digest food that hasn't been chewed too. So what? How is that helpful to anyone except a dog or cat?
5. Dogs can tolerate heat just as well as cats.
6. So what? I'm not an Egyptian. And the ancient Egyptians also went extinct. So apparently worshipping cats did not save their civilization.
7. Who gives a shit??!! I NEVER liked Hello Kitty!! Not even when that shit was popular in the 80s!!
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OMG! She uses "Hello Kitty" as an excuse to like cats???? OMG!! That only shows how very ignorant she is!! I wouldn't use that as an argument unless the other person you are arguing with actually likes anime, which I don't!! I hate anime!! I hate Hello Kitty. I don't even like typing those words!! To me, the more favorable phrase would be "Goodbye Stupid Cat". Or more like "GetLost Stupid Cat". LOL! Look at the older cartoons, like the old Tom and Jerry and Warner Bros. cartoons from the 1940s and 50s. Cats were portrayed the way they should be; as the bad guys, or are dumb and dopey. I pay no attention to modern animation portrayals, or internet crazes. I go with what works for me, and that's it. Anyone who doesn't like it, oh well I don't give a shit if they don't like it!!! End of story! LOL! :D

Monday, January 11, 2016

Another One Bites the Dust

The first celebrity death of the year, I think. Oh GOD! I don't even know why I am writing this! I don't even like the bastard!! It's fecking David Bowie. UGH!! Some of my hardcore buds are probably going to hate me for this post, as I should be more understanding having lost Michael. Well, for my buddies, it's more about the music than anything else, as it really should be. Especially in his case, because Bowie was as ugly as a cat's butthole! But as for me, Bowie meant nothing at all. I do not like him. I don't even like his music! Every song that came from him sucked an octopus's garden of ass! I hated that one song "Let's Dance" that came out in the early 80s. I still cannot listen to it! It hurts my ears! I had it on a compilation album and I kindof expected it to sound like technopop. But it didn't. It just flat-out sucked! But then again, we're talking about 1982. Between 1980 and 1983 was when some of the suckiest, corniest, stupidest songs of the 80s came out. By about 1984 was when music began to sound a bit better. Except from those British bands. They were still on the corny-disco kick.

I don't even know why Bowie called the song "Let's Dance". It's like, you hear the song, and you can't dance! It sucks too much to dance to. All that song makes me want to do is fast-forward to the next song, as long as it's not one of Bowie's! I have never bought any of his albums, I have absolutely no songs by him on my MP3 player, and whenever I hear him on the radio, I turn him off if at all possible. I just don't like him, not even a little bit. I can't even stand to look at him, he's such an ugly dude. His face looks like he overdid it with the botox, then deflated it too quickly. Well, a lot of my buds like him, and I let them have this moment now that he is gone. But I have nothing more to say about this. He meant nothing to me, so I am not grieving over him myself. I am sad that my friends feel sad though. But I am not sad myself about Bowie's passing.

Face it, I don't put a lot of emphasis on the life or death of any celebrity, with the exception of INXS. I am just not as fascinated by celebrities as a lot of other people are. I hear a song from a particular group or singer, and I like it, and I may listen for more good songs. If I like them, I may say about the band "They're pretty cool." But that is as far as it goes. For me to say something like "They are awesome and I love them!!" They would have to have more than one or two good songs, and have great-looking men, like INXS. Back when I used to be in love with Roxette, I probably should have just said I was in love with Per Gessle. Not Roxette. Because he was really the one I liked out of that group. I hardly looked at Marie Fredriksson at all. Even though she did the majority of the singing. I know it may sound silly, but I don't take to female singers at all. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because I like ogling men more than women. I'm not a lesbian. Not even close. Though I do prefer drawing women as opposed to men. I learned how to draw women early on, and I just do it better than I do drawing men. But I think that came about because I used to use myself as a model for my drawings.

Well, bands like INXS are nearly impossible to find nowadays. We don't have good-looking men anymore like INXS. There will never again be another Michael Hutchence. Not with his good-looks, talent, and voice all in one package. Add that to the list of things we will never see again. These days, all the kids want to look emo, and I think that look is disgusting!! Nobody has the combination of soft, brown eyes and long, curly hair and nice pouting lips anymore. Michael had those latin good looks. These days, men either want to be bald, emo or are gay. Which isn't fair!! Gay men don't usually seem to know how to treat women with respect, and that was one of the things that made Michael so fascinating. Not only was he so handsome, he knew how to treat a lady like a lady. Well, not all gay men are like that, I have some gay friends and they are genuinely nice people. But most gay men are not gentlemen. I've seen gay men (and even transsexuals) who did strike, harass and disrespect women. And gentlemen are rare these days, even among straight men, and I think it's because of these damn feminists. Either that, or it's all because of single parents raising children the wrong way.

Some great examples of gay men who are disrespectful to women would be spkenn36, JohnFaa, Viergacht, and Hoboczarandco. Yes, I found out he is gay too! LOL! That's why he harassed juggalos. I heard he was angry because the men of ICP are not gay. Who cares anyways? I don't even like ICP. I never did! I don't know who's idea it was that I was a juggalo. I can't stand rap music. I like old school rap, but I hate this modern rap-crap. And the men of ICP are not even good looking!! With or without the make-up, they're all ugly as shit!!! And fat too.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Bullying Sucks!!

Well, any kind of bullies suck! I've been bullied for most of my childhood, mostly because I was not a big talker. Those are the kind of kids bullies seek out, because they know they won't do anything to them. I've always stood tall, but I never wanted to hurt anyone. No matter how much they deserved it. Looking back now, there are times I wish I had given some of the bullies from my past a very good rap on the head. But again, my first thought is that I don't want to hurt anyone. No matter what. Nowadays though, I am so unpredictable, I don't know what I'd do if I was faced with a bully again. I wanted to punch Patti in the face when she had me cornered in the kitchen one night. She was indeed a bully. To this day, I wish I had punched her. But my instinct wouldn't allow it. My primary concern was just to try and get along. And I did try HARD to get along. I think if I would have hit Patti, that would have been the equivalent of just giving up, and I couldn't do that.

That is when the bullying is worse, is when it is done by someone who is older, and should have known better. I don't know what got Patti started in her little bullying campaign. But I am not here to discuss Patti. I am here to discuss bullying in religion. We've all seen and heard of the muslims bullying the world with their terrorist acts. It is because these are the majority of what is shown in the media that we have a lot of islamophobes today. I am one of them. I admit it. Unless muslims learn to clean up their act. It's hard for me to hear the word "muslims" and "terrorists" and not think "who are they bombing today?" I know that's a stereotype, but it is something I cannot help thinking of. Stereotypes are not here because something never happened. Stereotypes are here because the media blows events like this out of proportion. Ya know, that is why I see the old 1940s cartoons from when they were still played in their original form back in the early 90s, and I look today and all the good stuff is taken out because "it presents a stereotype". Well, don't they think those stereotypes mostly exist because they were true?

Well, there are some stereotypes I saw from those old cartoons that I do believe are unfair. Like where African American people were presented as looking like monkeys. I know this kind of BS is harmful. But like on the early 1940s Tom and Jerry cartoons, there used to be this maid, and she had this thick accent. I used to like her! But they've either cut her out of the cartoons, or I've noticed they have changed her voice to sound a lot less with the accent. But the fact of the matter is, a lot of African-American people really do have that thick accent. That's not "just a stereotype". It's truth. I like their accents. I think it sounds cute on them.

But to be bullied for the sake of religion. That's terrible! And muslims wonder why we hate them! But it isn't just muslims who bully for the sake of religion. Almost every religion does it. Catholics are very big bullies! I recently heard the story of a man named Richard Kuklinski, better known as "the Ice Man". He was a notorious serial killer in the mid 20th century. He was from a religious family. But his parents used to beat him for the sake of religion too. He was also sent to a special school as a child, a Catholic school, where he was also beaten by the nuns. The funny thing about that is, I remember reading somewhere that Richard Ramirez was also from a highly-religious family too. Don't know though if he was bullied in the name of religion. Ramirez is also known as "the Night Stalker", and killed 20 people in Los Angeles before he was 20 years old. I don't know if he was bullied because of religion, but I am pretty sure he was forced to go to church as a child. I think when a parent forces anything on their child, especially something as controversial as religion, it just makes the child hate religion even more.

I remember when I was younger, my mom forced religion on me and my sis. We would be bullied if we spoke out against the religion or even against going to church. And GOD forbid we did the slightest thing to act out in church!! We'd receive the beating of our lives when we got home. I remember one Sunday after going to church, my mom kept threatening to spank me when we got home, but she never really told me why she was going to spank me. She just said "You know what you did!" whenever I asked her why. We were with Tara and Brenda in the car, and Tara was giving me ideas of how to get out of it. LOL! Typical children. But I still didn't know what I did to have this weight brought upon me. I didn't remember acting out in church or anything. And that is why I learned to hate religion and going to church. Because of lashings like this. Well, ma never did spank me that day, but she never did give me a straight answer as to what it was I did to make her threaten to spank me. All I knew was that it had something to do with church, and things like that just made going to church a lot less enjoyable. And ma always wondered why I never wanted to go.

It wasn't just the lashings and bullying that made me not like going to church. It was the fact that religion was forced on us in such a way that we had to give up things we love. Like my sis's music collection. She took months to create that collection, and even I enjoyed listening to her music. But because of some stupid thing said by a stupid show--namely the 700 Club--my mom went into my sis's room one day while she was at school, and just threw all her music away in the trash. My sis was so angry when that happened, she even threatened to kill mom. And I never did forgive The 700 Club for what they made my mom think to do!! To this very day, just hearing the name of that show pisses me off to no end! It was just the fact that religion was being forced upon me and my sis. I had to go to school all week long, and going to church on Sundays, the only day I would have off was Saturday, and I liked to relax on weekends. I would have done it more often if I could have. But to me, going to church was worse than going to school, because I had to wear a dress. I hate wearing dresses!!! It's just not my style. I still hate wearing dresses. I never got over that. But I think I've noticed a pattern, when something is forced upon a child, it just makes them angry, and it makes them turn into resentful people. I think it happened with me. I'm no serial killer, but I do hate people and I do tend to resent people a lot. I show it a lot too.

And my mom knows how it feels to have something forced on her. Grandma used to force her to learn how to sew. Mom hated sewing as a result. Well, I was forced to go to church, and I learned to hate going to church as a result. I think a decision like that should be left up to the child. Not the parent. The parent can guide the child, and say to them "Here is what I would like for you to do, and why I would like you to do it." But forcing something on a child is only going to make them angry. If the child goes to church, and likes it, and continues to like it, that's fine. By all means, take them to church. But if they try it, and find they don't like it, then the parent should not force that child to go if they don't want to. That only turns the child into an angry, bitter adult.

Now, don't get me wrong, I do believe in GOD, and HE has blessed me in many ways. But I don't think I have to go to church just to prove I believe in GOD. Church is just a building. I can just as easily do my worshipping at home as I can in a big, fancy building surrounded by strangers.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

2015 In Review

Well, it was quite a year. I must say that. Though I find I hardly watch TV anymore, I learned most of what I learned through trends on Facebook. But some of the most ridiculous stories I've ever heard were told in 2015. I think among the silliest was people trending what color one person's dress was. Seriously, has our sickening society really come down to this?? I thought the fags groping a stupid, deformed cat was bad enough. But people were seriously up in arms about the color of some model's dress???? Are you fucking serious???? Like we have NO other problems in this world and the most important things on the planet is a dumb cat and a stupid dress?!?! I guess it is true humans are becoming stupider. It's very sad. I think this hardcore rap and anime cartoons and video games is turning our brains into mush.

Another stupid story of the year was the death of a dumb lion. I hate lions anyways. Cecil was no more special to me than any other damn lion. And the panther fags were all bent out of shape because this stupid lion was killed, and people were sending death threats to the guy who did it. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger was speaking out against it. I used to have respect for Schwarzenegger. That is until I found out he was a panther fag. Now, I want nothing to do with him! I lost all my respect for him. Well, the guy who killed Cecil was found not guilty! So, haha!! Take that you dumb panther fags!! A lion is NOT more important than a person! I remember one of my vegan buds said she wondered why people were so uptight about a lion being killed and not about prey animals being killed for food and I told her that it's just another propaganda ploy brought on by the panther fags to glorify panthers. I said to just ignore it and it will end.

Well, this was also a year for terrorists. I was looking back on a post I made last year about muslims crucifying pets, and when I heard of terrorists invading christian gatherings this past year, I have the feeling the person who crucified those animals was now putting his plans to action against people. It's terrible. I also remember this past year that Nick Cave lost a child. And Nick Cave was a friend of Michael's. That's why that news interested me. Not that I know Nick Cave myself. I never met Nick myself, never had any desire to. I know next to nothing about his music, except what the guys of INXS talked about. I've never even heard him sing. But it is sad he lost a young child. Very sad. Well, I also got to see my babies this past year. I got to spend a week with them and my sis.

In my own experience this past year, I found that I really cannot stand fags. And I do NOT mean gay people!! I mean the radical fans. After my experiences with fags this past year, I despise them even more than I ever did before. Oh yes!! I think the big Yatesfags have finally put me on ignore. People like Rubia Suicida (which I really don't think is her real name), and Maria How. LOL!! Oh well! No skin off my nose! It just proves my point more and more that fags are wussies. You know what they should do? They should put EVERYONE who truly loves Michael on ignore. Because, in my experience, those who truly love Michael and care about him are the people who hate Paula Yates the most. Believe me, this is true. I've spoken to many people who have actually met Michael, and spent time with him, and they all agree with me that he should NEVER have gotten together with Yates. He was truly happier when he was not with her, even after his accident.

In light of this, I've even begun referring to Paula Yates as "the beast". She killed my Michael! I will never ever forgive her for that!! I don't care what anyone else says. Michael is my main concern. I truly believe if Michael were here today, and heard me saying all those things about Paula, after finding out she has been backstabbing him, his attitude would have been like "Wow, she really cares about me. Maybe she's right, I should dump Paula." Even though the Yatesfags would think differently. But they are biased. Just like all other fags. They think Paula was an angel and they don't believe she was backstabbing Michael. They don't like Michael. They aren't real INXS fans. They just like Paula and the fact Michael had a child with her.

Oh! Speaking of fags, I've been having some more fun with the catfags on that video. For the past couple of days, I've been into a hot one with this kid who calls herself Kamtheman. She has both a cat and a dog. She likes the cat, but hates the dog. She says she finds the dog annoying because he gets in her face, licks her, steals her food, and begs for attention. She says she hates that dog with a passion. I told her that if she treats everyone who likes her the same way she treats her dog, then I am glad she is not my friend! I told her flat-out that I do not like her. Under no uncertain terms! GOD forgive me for this, and I hate to say to a kid "I don't like you". That's usually not my style! But I really do not like Kamtheman. She thinks I don't like her because she hates dogs, but that is not the reason at all. I don't like her because she has a dog, and instead of taking the time to get to know that dog, she just automatically takes the lazy and easy way out and pours out hate on the dog. She doesn't take any responsibility for the dog's behavior.

Yes a dog is going to lick you. That is how they show you that they love you. They don't shake hands like people. They can't say "hi" like a person. So, they show affection in the only way they know how. By licking. It's better than a cat rubbing up against your legs. She says her dog steals her food all the time. Again, that is her fault. Not the dog's. Dogs steal food to establish dominance. She needs to take on the role of the pack leader, or the dog will continue to steal her food. I used to lay my dogs on my bed all the time, and I even would sometimes put my food out on the bed, right where my dogs could get to it if they wanted to. But they never did! They knew better, because I was their pack leader and they knew it. The pack leader eats first in canine society. And if she is giving the cat attention and not the dog, then I don't blame the dog for getting in her face and seeking attention. The dog obviously sees some good in her somewhere. Even though I don't, I haven't met her in person. In a wolf pack, the leader gives all members of the pack attention. This is also how social hierarchy is established. The alpha wolf gives the beta wolves attention first, and lower-ranking animals get the attention last. Her dog wants to know where it stands in it's "pack", so it seeks for her to give it to him.

It's sad that people today understand cats more than dogs. When I was a kid, people who liked cats were lower-ranking people in society. I'm serious! The other kids on the playground would not play with me because I liked cats. They even used to make fun of me because I liked cats. It was the same story for everyone who preferred cats. I did have other friends, but they were generally people like me, who also liked them. All the popular, rough-playing kids all liked dogs. I look at people today, and I always wonder where those people were when I was 7 years old and a cat-lover. You know, I've found the same is true now for Mac products!! LOL!! In a totally unrelated subject!! I'm finding more products now are being invented for Mac products than for PC products. My very first computer I ever bought was a Mac computer! That was back in 1996. It was impossible to find anything for that computer, except at specialized stores, of which there were not many. That's why in 1997, I got rid of the Mac and went totally PC. I still use a PC to this day. But I am finding not a lot of products are coming out now for PC computers. I don't think tablets will ever take over the world. At least, I hope not. Seems silly to me to use a phone to surf the internet. And they are slow! I once had a tablet, and the damn thing would slow up after a few hours of use!!! I couldn't even do a chat because the screen would freeze and I'd have to shut the thing down. Besides, you cannot do all the things with a tablet that you can with a computer. You cannot burn disks. All you can have is videos streamed to your tablet or phone. And I don't want an iPhone anyways! Nor a smartphone! I don't want to pay $100+ per month for services I can get practically free on my computer. Or with only a one-time purchase fee.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Cat-Fight Continuance

Oh boy!! LOL! I love when this happens and I am proven right. Remember the video I talked about where it shows people who hate cats are introduced to kittens for the first time. Well, I keep getting notices from that video, someone somewhere comments on the things I say. I prove basically why dogs are indeed better than cats. It's true!! People today deny it, but it is true. A cat will never be born that is better than a well-maintained dog. Well, I compared cats and dogs to like-minded people. I mean people who have made careers of these things. The things that make them comparable to dogs and cats. I said "If a cat can be compared to a person, they'd be serial killers. If a dog can be compared to a person, they'd be soldiers." Which I've always found to be true. I compare dogs to soldiers because they are trained to obey, they aim to please, they're hard, tireless workers, and they protect their leader. The very things a soldier is supposed to do.

Cats, on the other hand, are a TOTALLY different story. They are the very definition of a serial killer. Though the catfags try to deny it. The reason why is the reason why I compare cats to serial killers. I compare them to serial killers because they are everything a serial killer is. They're quiet, they work mostly at night, they manipulate people with charm and grace, they lure you in with kindness or friendliness, and they torture and kill en masse for the sake of pleasure. I don't think I've ever made a more accurate analogy of both species in my entire life. Both are very true! Though I don't think cats are charming and graceful at all, but it seems that is how they manipulate those who like them. I personally see right through their little scheme. I've had years of practice at it!

Well, someone on YouTube, who calls himself Spectreofwar (I shortened his name to "the war guy") gave his own completely distorted views of what I said about dogs being soldiers and cats being serial killers. As a catfag, he obviously doesn't agree with me. LOL! But that is OK. Looking at his post, it's easy to see he does not completely understand dogs, or cats for that matter. Here is the whole conversation:

8:24 AM
+Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan What? If cats would be people, they'd be politicians and businessmen (the very affluent type that thinks the world revolves around them). If dogs would be people, they'd be teenage gang members, always looking to impress someone regardless of what it is they do, susceptible to terrible habits and bad behaviour, and not above being total assholes.
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Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan
10:15 AM
+Spectreofwar LOL! Not sure how you figured that analogy, but it is perfectly obvious you don't know dogs. I never have had a dog that is anything like you describe, and I've had a LOT of dogs! In fact, the way you describe dogs is more like the behavior I've seen in cats. Not dogs. LOL!
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12:35 PM
cats don't try to impress people and I had about 2 dogs that acted like that.
Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan
1:40 PM
+TaraSobiki Then you agree, cats are definitely NOT like businessmen or politicians. Both are ALWAYS trying to impress people. That's what they are about. And if you had 2 dogs that have acted the way the war guy describes, then it can be blamed either on yourself, or the person you got the dogs from. Bad dogs are the products of bad breeders and bad owners. Dogs don't do it by themselves. Cats, on the other hand, are evil by nature. So, I don't like them.

Well, sorry to say, but the war guy is wrong in his views of both dogs and cats. If a cat could be compared to a politician or a business man, it'd be one that is either a total asshole or an unsuccessful one. Since cats do not "try to impress" and do not aim to please. Any politician or businessman that is like that cannot be very successful or affluent. It's obvious the war guy's comparison is based solely on prejudice, not fact. And look at his comparison of dogs!! LOL!! Totally, TOTALLY WRONG!! And it seems as if his opinion is focusing entirely on the negative side of dogs. The side that is only the result of bad owners. Not bad dogs. In fact, like I said, his comparison to dogs is more like what I've found cats to be like. This is another reason I really do not like fags.

Well, not everything the war guy says is totally wrong, I mean, even soldiers can be complete assholes. But nowhere near as big of assholes as serial killers. The difference is that serial killers hide it behind kindness and manipulation; just like a cat. And cats do think the world revolves around them. But they would not be very affluent if they don't aim to please or if they don't impress anyone. And yes, dogs do look to impress, it's a part of their nature, they aim to please their leader. That's what makes dogs so wonderful, and better than cats. At least in my eyes. I've always been a very good doggy-mommy. My dogs have always been well-behaved. Nothing like the "teenage gang members" that the war guy describes.

This is the part of the story where I praise responsible breeders and responsible owners. Yes, I know I hate show breeders, though I am trying to work on that!! But I like them much better than the irresponsible breeders who just breed to whatever they think is "cute", or what will create "cute mongrel puppies", or because someone looked at their dogs and said they wanted one like them. Those are NOT good reasons to breed!! You have to study their personality, as well as their lines to see how well they mix up, and know what you are doing before taking the plunge into breeding. That goes for when you want to breed only once, or if you want to make a hobby out of it. Those things are essential. I still don't like the show breeders who choose to be assholes, and believe me, there are many!! But I have also met some nice ones.

Well, I still stand by my analysis of cats and dogs. I never had a dog that behaved the way the war guy describes. The trouble is people match themselves up with the wrong breeds, then blame the dog because it does what it is either programmed to do by the nature of the breed, or what it is trained to do by the owner. This is why I now keep chihuahuas and papillons, instead of pit bulls or golden retrievers. I know chihuahuas and papillons very well. I know how to handle them, and control them. I know how to train them, and I would never get one from an irresponsible breeder. Shoot! I may get some hate-filled comments because of this, but this is also why I don't do rescues. Though I wouldn't mind fostering. But rescues come with a lot of problems. I dunno, maybe if I found the right dog at a rescue shelter, I'd adopt it. But it hasn't happened lately.