Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Phony Holiday

Well, it's another "Juneteenth" day. The day the blacks wanted to commemorate their freedom. Bully for them! Or should I just say Bullshit for them! This is nothing but a bullshit holiday that some dumb old fogey forced on this country because another phony organization demanded it. And Blow-boy is too much of a coward to resist them. I don't know about Trump, but seeing what I have seen on this day for the past 4 years, I would totally delete this so-called "holiday" from the calendar if I were president!

Have you seen Google's doodle for today? It looks like this...

That's a picture of some black kids jumping rope. They seem to be happily playing together. Well, that is misleading. This has not been how these thugs have celebrated this day over the past 4 years. Today's doodle should look more like this...

That is more accurate. All the black thugs have done since they got this stupid holiday is fight, kill each other and destroy private property everywhere! And they do that every day anyway! Remember last year when some thug shot up a whole neighborhood, and killed a couple of black kids? That all happened last year on this "Juneteenth" day. I said that kind of stuff out loud the other day in front of a business that said it would be closed today in honor of Juneteenth. I called it a phony holiday. Because all black people have done to celebrate it is kill each other. I don't call that celebrating. I got some pretty hard stares from an old woman who was standing near me. I just thought to myself "You can give me all the dirty looks you want to! But it's true!" This "holiday" needs to be eradicated!

Black people, most especially the black leftists, are not ready to have their own holiday. This whole slavery thing was revived because of Obama's big, fat, disgusting mouth!!! Racism in this country was almost dead until Obama and his tranny wife kept bringing it up over and over again! Now, people who have said they've never been racist before, have suddenly turned racist. All because now that they've been reminded of days LONG past, and ancient fires have been stoked again, black leftists just cannot let it all go. And I whole-heartedly blame Obama for that. He's the one that hammered it into peoples' minds that they still need to be angry about slavery. Even though Obama was not alive for those days, and barely was old enough to remember the days of Jim Crow.

I'll tell you, I'd be more capable of taking black people seriously with their grievances if they weren't so short-sighted today. I'll tell you, the same people who demand equity and inclusion and more representation, are willing to completely erase Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben from the boxes of products made by them. It doesn't make any sense to me. And what's to complain about? Both Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben look like happy people who made wonderful products. Their pictures should be put on the box covers. But no, black people cry the images are too stereotypical. Well, I say maybe they are stereotypical. But if I were black, I'd much rather be renowned for making good food than the modern stereotypes people have of black people today. You notice they never cry and whine about being perceived as criminal thugs. As long as they don't have to go to prison.

Another thing the black leftists whine and cry about, is black conservatives. They say they're "not really black". No wonder they didn't go into a tizzy when Joe-Blow said "If you can't decide whether to vote for me over Trump, then you ain't black!" Only the conservative blacks knew what that really meant. But it seemed to flow right over the heads of black leftists. That's because conservatives, black or white, are generally not stupid! Our beliefs are based on facts. Unlike the leftists who only know personal feelings. I'm not saying feelings are a bad thing. There are times when feelings should be taken into consideration. But not for everything in this world. And I personally feel that black leftists are not ready for a Juneteenth celebration. It's obvious they cannot handle that kind of notability.

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Felony Pride

Can you imagine this? Pride flag images are being painted on the roadways of America, to honor "pride month". They don't paint them on the sides of buildings, they don't paint them on canvases, they paint them right on the roadways, where cars run and people walk. Well, now a couple of towns are getting bent out of shape because people are using the roadways these pride flags are painted on the way they should be used; as roadways! There are a couple of incidents of skid marks on the pride flag paintings, one in St. Petersburg and the other in Spokane. The gay leftists are calling this "acts of hate and bigotry". The governors of each state has now decided to make it a felony to "deface" the pride flag. I say "Get over it!" These dumb leftists think way to highly of themselves. No one cares if there's skid marks on a stupid road with a stupid flag painted on it! The only ones who care are the gay leftists and their sympathizers, which is actually a dwindling breed now.

I told you all this would happen! You give people like the gays special privileges, it only builds resentment among those in society. That's true if you give any one group of people special privileges! So now, the governor of WA state wants to make it a felony to drive over the pride flag painting on the road. I say he's dumb as dirt! If something is on the roadway, it's going to eventually get skid marks. You know why? Because tires run on the roadways and sometimes they tend to leave skid marks!!! Here's a public service announcement for Gov. Imslee; if you don't want skid marks on your pride flag paintings, then DON'T PAINT THEM ON THE ROAD YOU DUMB BASTARD!!!!!!! Any moron with an IQ higher than that of a cat should know that!!! Why is it hard for a twit-brain like Imslee to understand that cars are going to run over anything painted on the road. And yes, tire tracks will accumulate! So what happens if a person is carrying something and accidentally drops it on the pride flag painting? Are they going to be arrested too? Or what if a bird overhead takes a dump on the pride flag painting? Are you going to have the bird arrested for a "hate crime" too? Well, in Spokane, the mayor wants to have the teenage boys who were riding on scooters over the painting arrested for a "hate crime". They were just kids doing kid things! But the gay community in Spokane are whining and griping about the tire tracks from the kids' scooters all over their "precious" pride flag painting.

The mayor wants them jailed for 5 years, for running over a stupid painting that should not be on the road in the first place! The judge set their bail for $15,000, because he said that's what repairing that painting will cost. Bullshit!!!! They were more realistic in St. Petersburg when they said painting over the skid marks would only cost $1100! How can it cost $1100 in Florida, and $15,000 in Washington?! Sounds to me like the mayor wants to make a profit off this arrest. Fuck him! When I get there, I'm voting him OUT!!!! Him and Imslee!!!! I don't know who the mayor of Spokane is, but I hate him already. Probably some repugnant gay leftist himself!

Leftists need to start learning from conservatives. I've never met a gay conservative who was stupid. I think following any group of leftists turns a person's brain into powder, and their bodies into zombies! A sad way to live! I thank GOD I got out of the left! I haven't looked back either!

In other news, apparently Trump is not going to do any jail time. I don't want to say whether it's really true or not, as I don't know myself. But everybody knows Alvin Bragg is corrupt. All these so-called "felonies" he has against Trump, as I have said before, are nothing really but misdemeanors. And when you look at all 34 charges he's being accused of, it's mostly the same charge repeated 34 times. So basically, he's being jailed for NOTHING. But somewhere I heard he's not going to have to go to jail. I hope not! We need him. But in an interview, Biden was asked how he feels about Trump's conviction, and this was his response:

He just gave the reporters an evil grin. Look at that! I've never seen a more evil grin than that! You know what this could mean? That Biden is behind all these charges against Trump. At the same time, I heard Hunter Biden is now standing in court for his drug-related felonies. Joe Biden claims if he goes to jail, that he won't bail him out or pardon him. I'll believe that when I don't see it! I believe the only reason they're now finally charging Hunter Biden with a crime is because they want to "prove" to America that they are not running a 2-tiered justice system. That's what they want to make it look like. Once Biden is voted out, he'll pardon Hunter Biden. Mark my words on that! Come back here in November and see if I'm not right!

Sunday, June 2, 2024

Trump Convicted!

 I saw some coverage of the trial on Dr. Phil's Primetime show. Everyone with a brain larger than a molecule knew this was going to be a rigged trial because Alvin Bragg was the one behind this trial. And he demanded the judge and jurors all be hardcore leftists who hate Trump. Those kinds of leftists are never fair and impartial. I know! I dealt with those kinds before. That's why now I don't talk to leftists. But now, they should be happy, because Trump is going to prison. At least, that's what they say. Granted, this was a totally unfair trial. I understand Trump did not even get to have his lawyer with him, and he wasn't allowed to speak up in his defense. So how did the jury come up with a guilty verdict on all 31 accounts? Simple! They judged him based on their own feelings. Since they were all leftists, they all wanted to see Trump go to prison. So this was their one chance to get him there.

See! I told you all, I knew the democraps were going to try something underhanded like that! I never would have put it past them! I've seen how leftists work. Remember how I told you all the one thing they haven't tried with Trump is assassination? Well, I was wrong about that. Did you all hear about the whistleblower who recently came out and said when the FBI invaded Mar a Lago, Biden gave them orders to use deadly force on Trump and his family if necessary? Knowing how Biden and the leftists work "if necessary" would have most likely meant if Trump woke up and walked out of his bedroom to see what the fuss was about. The one thing that saved Trump and his family from being killed by the FBI that day was the fact that they were not at Mar a Lago when the raid happened. Thank GOD for that!

The scary thing is, there was no point in my life where I didn't think the leftists would try such a thing. Never! I knew they would try to kill Trump. I've only known this much about leftists since 2016, and I never doubted they would try to kill Trump. Biden won't tell anyone he did try to have Trump killed. But this whistleblower did. Now, I have no doubt that Epstein didn't kill himself. I also have no doubt that Obama's home chef did not accidently drown on his property. I believe wholeheartedly that the Clinton's had Epstein killed. And I also fully believe Obama had his chef killed too. If he didn't do it himself. Just hearing that Biden tried to have Trump killed brings a whole new light to this case. Or maybe a not-so-new light. Not to me, anyway. I always told you all, I am a good judge of character. Even over the internet. I've had people try to tell me my guesses are "way off" about them. Perhaps in a few cases they might have been. I don't claim to be clairvoyant, I am only human. But I've been studying animal behavior for years (including that of humans). I know a lot about what human nature is like. I judge people based on that. Because even though people try to deny it, human nature is the same in everyone.

Well, I don't care what the democraps say or do. I'm still standing with Trump. I'll vote for him this next election, prison or not. If he has to run the country from a prison cell, well, then I guess he just does! He can still do it. He can run the country from a dungeon and still be a better candidate for this country than Biden or any of his cohorts ever would be! I hope he keeps a lot of security around him so he can get out safely. I don't want anything to happen to Trump. I really even don't want him to go to prison! But if that's the way it has to be then I guess I gotta just accept it. But I wonder, did Trump actually admit that he did those things with malicious intent? I don't believe he did. I think that's just how the jury took it with their little leftist feelings. Besides remember, Trump was not allowed to speak up in his own defense. He couldn't have admitted he had malicious intent. Which means he is being put in prison for no reason at all. Which again, I wouldn't put it past the leftists to do! It wouldn't matter to me anyways, I'm still voting for Trump!