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Sunday, June 2, 2024

Trump Convicted!

 I saw some coverage of the trial on Dr. Phil's Primetime show. Everyone with a brain larger than a molecule knew this was going to be a rigged trial because Alvin Bragg was the one behind this trial. And he demanded the judge and jurors all be hardcore leftists who hate Trump. Those kinds of leftists are never fair and impartial. I know! I dealt with those kinds before. That's why now I don't talk to leftists. But now, they should be happy, because Trump is going to prison. At least, that's what they say. Granted, this was a totally unfair trial. I understand Trump did not even get to have his lawyer with him, and he wasn't allowed to speak up in his defense. So how did the jury come up with a guilty verdict on all 31 accounts? Simple! They judged him based on their own feelings. Since they were all leftists, they all wanted to see Trump go to prison. So this was their one chance to get him there.

See! I told you all, I knew the democraps were going to try something underhanded like that! I never would have put it past them! I've seen how leftists work. Remember how I told you all the one thing they haven't tried with Trump is assassination? Well, I was wrong about that. Did you all hear about the whistleblower who recently came out and said when the FBI invaded Mar a Lago, Biden gave them orders to use deadly force on Trump and his family if necessary? Knowing how Biden and the leftists work "if necessary" would have most likely meant if Trump woke up and walked out of his bedroom to see what the fuss was about. The one thing that saved Trump and his family from being killed by the FBI that day was the fact that they were not at Mar a Lago when the raid happened. Thank GOD for that!

The scary thing is, there was no point in my life where I didn't think the leftists would try such a thing. Never! I knew they would try to kill Trump. I've only known this much about leftists since 2016, and I never doubted they would try to kill Trump. Biden won't tell anyone he did try to have Trump killed. But this whistleblower did. Now, I have no doubt that Epstein didn't kill himself. I also have no doubt that Obama's home chef did not accidently drown on his property. I believe wholeheartedly that the Clinton's had Epstein killed. And I also fully believe Obama had his chef killed too. If he didn't do it himself. Just hearing that Biden tried to have Trump killed brings a whole new light to this case. Or maybe a not-so-new light. Not to me, anyway. I always told you all, I am a good judge of character. Even over the internet. I've had people try to tell me my guesses are "way off" about them. Perhaps in a few cases they might have been. I don't claim to be clairvoyant, I am only human. But I've been studying animal behavior for years (including that of humans). I know a lot about what human nature is like. I judge people based on that. Because even though people try to deny it, human nature is the same in everyone.

Well, I don't care what the democraps say or do. I'm still standing with Trump. I'll vote for him this next election, prison or not. If he has to run the country from a prison cell, well, then I guess he just does! He can still do it. He can run the country from a dungeon and still be a better candidate for this country than Biden or any of his cohorts ever would be! I hope he keeps a lot of security around him so he can get out safely. I don't want anything to happen to Trump. I really even don't want him to go to prison! But if that's the way it has to be then I guess I gotta just accept it. But I wonder, did Trump actually admit that he did those things with malicious intent? I don't believe he did. I think that's just how the jury took it with their little leftist feelings. Besides remember, Trump was not allowed to speak up in his own defense. He couldn't have admitted he had malicious intent. Which means he is being put in prison for no reason at all. Which again, I wouldn't put it past the leftists to do! It wouldn't matter to me anyways, I'm still voting for Trump!

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