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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

There Are Some People Out There

Well, I've become a bit of a regular on the Craigslist forum. LOL! Not just the pet section, but the pet section is the one I think most about. Even though some of the people can get downright nasty. I think they've taken to ignoring me there though. Which I am absolutely fine with! I still continue to talk! I haven't got pissed at anyone yet, but I must say, there are some people on that forum I would just love to meet in person! Mostly for the reason that I would love to follow them through a day walking on the streets and see if they get as cocky with people there as they do with people on the forum. Then when they do get cocky with the average person on the street, I'd like to see what happens to them. Do they get ignored? Or do they get a lot of people punching them in the face?

Some of the people on that forum I would love to follow around just to see if this happens to them are of course gsdlady, LuvsMyChis, ColliesRock and BobbyTheClown. BobbyTheClown is a special kind of troll. He gets pleasure out of trolling. I believe he very carefully plans his posts. He has a pit bull, yet he hates them so much. He said they should all be destroyed. He even readily admits he cannot wait for his pit bull to die. In terms of his personality though, he reminds me a lot of Devil Doll in the old INXS forums. That is, everyone on the Craigslist pet forum has a sort of love-hate relationship with him. You either love him or you hate him. Every forum has one like that. They just jabber on, they don't care if they are loved or hated, or even listened to. They just talk. And they never get ballistic. For the INXS forums, it was Devil Doll. If Pluba had one like that, I don't remember who it was. Henny I think. On Craigslist, it's BobbyTheClown.

ColliesRock is one I haven't told you all about yet. She's HORRIBLE!! She is the most negative person on that forum, even worse than gsdlady! In fact, she makes gsdlady look like a saint! In the time I have been in that forum, either as a lurker or a participant, ColliesRock has done nothing positive for anyone. She reminds me of a PETA freak gone mad! She thinks the worst of everyone no matter what. And she never posts unless it is to bitch about something. I'd like to meet her though. She once said herself on that forum that good manners are for people who try to hide the truth. I want to see ColliesRock unarmed, and put in the center of a badass motorcycle gang, and see if her opinion of having good manners still holds up.

Well, gsdlady and LuvsMyChis I would like to meet for obvious reasons. I'd like to see if they are as cocky in peoples' faces as they are at people on the forum. It's so easy to be so brave on a forum. But when you are out on the street, being that cocky can be a whole different story. I would be shocked if they were like that in person.

I was reminiscing about Rio B. who is a reputable show chihuahua breeder here in WA state. She was a total jerk online and even over the phone! But face to face, she was a different person. She was actually kinda nice to my face. Not that I was that much fooled by it, especially after I got to know her online personality. Just makes me wonder, is it the internet that makes people have the ideas and personalities they really have? Or is it a release for their innermost feelings? Or is it that people just feel more brave talking from behind a computer screen? I try to always treat people the way I myself would like to be treated. I try to. But even when I can't, I never say anything, not even on these blogs, that I would not say to someone's face. In fact, I always invite everyone to this blog to read! Especially if I write about them. That gives them a chance to respond if they want to. If they don't want to, then it is no skin off my nose. That is fine with me too.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Timmyfan vs. Craigslist Pet Forum

Well this has been an interesting day! I got in on the Craigslist pet forums. If there was ever a place I would think there would be no, or at least fewer, judgmental people, it would be on Craigslist! Craigslist it’s self has a pretty bad reputation. Though I know it’s only because irresponsible people use it. Well, as with all pet forums that I have been on, any thread about breeding automatically warrants the wackjobs to come out and immediately start bashing the poster. I think people should be allowed to ask something without the threat of getting bashed or judged harshly, so when someone comes in and asks for anything, if I can answer, I generally do. It may not be what others want to hear, but it’s in my nature now to be kind.

So, when I got home from church, I was browsing that forum. And there was a poster who called herself ParkerIRL, a newbie, and this is what she asked on the forum:

Aussie breeding question?

My Australian Shepherd Parker is really a fantastic dog. :) He's a working dog, and has fantastic drive. He loves me and is quite protective of me, and he's great with the new baby.

Now a woman that lives a few miles down the street haws an equally awesome female with fantastic drive. She approached me one day while Parker and I were out and about, and brought up the idea of breeding Parker and Bee to create the best working pups ever. This seems like a good idea, since she offered me a puppy AND a stud fee. I'm not concerned with the money, but having a puppy like Parker would be fantastic.

I do have a question, though, since I can't get ahold of her.
Is it guaranteed to have a litter of high-drive Aussie pups if both parents are active workers with great drive?
She has homes lined up for at least 10 puppies, since both of us would be taking one.

Thank you!

Another poster, named BeauChien, was the first to respond, and his post was about the nicest of the posts on this thread, besides mine.

You don't know pedigrees well enough

You have to know the bloodlines and the health of the dogs as well, you need some health testing on both dogs. I would get a copy of both peds and ask experienced Aussie breeders for input FIRST

Then there is the common types on pet forums, the type that start off picking at the posters and sounding hostile toward them. People like gsdlady:

Nothing is guaranteed.....except that

if you do this, you will be become another Back Yard Breeder. Neuter your dog, please.

Obviously the show-breeder type. She chimed in all over the thread about titles and health testing and shit. While I do agree with health-testing and genetic testing, I don’t see the point in titles. It’s all a big game to me! I know show dogs usually look better, but it’s still nothing more than for attention-seeking snobs, for the most part. Though I know not all show breeders have a sucky attitude, I would bet anyone my bottom dollar that gsdlady fits that description of the snobby show breeder type. Last night, I even remember seeing her poking fun at, and mocking, someone else on the forum that had a mental disability! She’s not the kind of person I want anywhere near me, because I would tend to want to punch her in the face if she makes fun of disabled people around me. But that’s the kind of deplorable person gsdlady is! A dumb-ass and a half! She’s a troll, but a different kind of internet troll. The kind that stays on a forum, and is accepted by all others. Makes me sick!

Anyway, this was my response to ParkerIRL:

I would say

if both parents have a good drive to work, chances are pretty darn good that the pups will have this same drive. At least about 80% of them will. Every pup though will have it's own personality, and you may get one that will be a laid-back "couch potato" (as Aussies go). Anyway, that was my experience when I had aussies. But you should still have both parents health tested. An aussie isn't worth anything if it has HD. Just saying. Good luck to you, and hope Parker turns out some nice pups! :)

You know I was just stating my opinion. I have bred Australian shepherds before. It was a project I did with a former boyfriend, but I did it with him for close to 10 years. Well, from 1992 to 1999. Though we split up in 1995, we remained friends and I continued to help him out. He didn’t breed them with the intent to show. He bred them as farm workers, which is what Australian shepherds were originally bred for. He takes part in no agility trials, nor obedience trials. Again, it’s basically all just a game! As long as he does the necessary tests on his dogs, I am fine with that. I gave an opinion based on my own experience. But then maybe it wasn’t genetic. I kept the pups until they were 12 weeks old, so perhaps a lot of what my pups had was more nurture than nature. But there were some pups who were lazier than others anyway, and they had just as much time with their mom.

Well, then someone who calls themselves “LuvsMyChis” came in and stated about me:


So, Rorix09 asked LuvsMyChis:

seemed like an honest opinion..how that trolling §

I agreed with him. Everyone on that forum thinks if you don’t agree with their way of thinking, you are a troll. But the real trolls, like gsdlady, get excused, even though she mocks people who cannot help the way they are. And then another poster named Moss comes in with his warped wisdom:

Because it

appears a careless attempt at thumbing his/her nose at the actually knowledgeable people around here :).

True, I hate show breeders and know-it-alls. But I have just as many rights to post there as these people do. Then LuvsMyChis continues with this argument:

Because look at his handle history

All he does is incite arguments. He knows NOTHING about this subject.

I’d like LuvsMyChis to show me ONE thread where I have intentionally incited an argument. She cannot because I haven’t. I try to be nice to everyone. I prefer not to get all ballistic on forums, I usually like to let the other posters do that. I like to maintain a graceful and dignified nature.

Well, another poster named “1cat1dog” challenged LuvsMyChis:

I see no such thing in the HH §

I thank her for that post, because it seems that LuvsMyChis is pulling threads out of the sky or something. Surprised to see this kind of behavior from another chi lover! But then that’s showbreederism. It’s a disease. Hehe! It’s one that alters your brain. They’re born nice and friendly. But then something happens to them when they get that first show dog, start showing and start breeding.

Well, I like BeauChien, he seems to tell it like it is. He says to LuvsMyChis:

Knowing nothing doesn't mean he can't post here

There's no disclaimer on this page "ONLY THOSE WHO KNOW WHAT THE HELL THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT MAY POST" It's Craigslist. Not a troll, get off it

Apparently LuvsMyChis thinks it’s LuvsMyChis’list. So she snaps at BeauChien:

Well thank goodness youre defending

his comment to produce BYB dogs. Neat.

It was at this point I thought I should set this person straight. Actually I had scrolled down and was engrossed in other threads than this one. Once I refreshed, I noticed all the posts responding to my post. I said to LuvsMyChis:

I just don't believe

in alienating people the way you do. What purpose does that serve? The more hostile you are to people the more likely they will be to shut their eyes and ears to you. You are the reason I hate show breeders so much. So please, if you hate my posts so much, get lost. And don't ever read my posts again. Believe me; you are not hurting my feelings. :) Thank you.

I believe in “education, not alienation”. And I was giving the person who began this thread an idea of what could happen if she bred her dog to another dog, with a high herding drive. And it was based on my own experience. So Moss jumps back in and stated to me:

But you were not educating in this situation.

Your response was anything but that.

I do agree that sharing knowledge (if one has it) is often the better route.

I still believe my response was spot-on! Maybe Moss has had different experiences, that he can share. But what I posted was my own experience, and I was sharing without alienating the poster. So gsdlady comes back into the picture:

I guess you've never seen a litter of HD

puppies from OFA'd parents, heh? There are NO guarantees....it is a crap shoot, truth be told. We, as humans, try to educate ourselves as much as possible to move the percentages in our favor, but NOTHING is for sure when breeding. Too tell a novice that they will get 80% ANYTHING is terribly irresponsible and blatantly shows your lack of experience.

I decided to give gsdlady an example I’ve seen on television recently, about a group of students who bred some laboratory rats. I thought it was a good example that sometimes characteristics are inherited:

A few weeks ago

I saw a documentary about a group who took some labratory rats, some had good temperaments and were very sweet and tame, some had more flighty temperaments. The students bred the gentler, more tame rats together and created rats that had puppy dog temperaments. While the more high-strung rats had babies that, even with just as much socialization as the tamer rats, still had a very wild temperament. That will explain the temperament issue. I would say the same holds true for dogs. One dog with a high herding drive, bred with another is much more likely to produce pups with a good herding drive.

"I guess you've never seen a litter of HD puppies from OFA'd parents, heh?"

Depends on what the OFA results were. If they were clear on all tests, the pups should be fine. Shouldn't they? :)

So gsdlady chimes back in:


But they did this with MULTIPLE generations! The OP doesn't have a clue about the temperaments of the siblings or grand parents....probably not even the parents of both the sire and dam of this future litter.

I know about the phenotype issues with breeding a litter. I am not blind to that. What I gave the poster was just an estimate. So I stated:

"But they did this with MULTIPLE generations!"

And I never said they didn't. :)

Smart-ass! But that’s a show breeder for you! They put words in other peoples’ mouths! Seems to be a common practice among those unfortunate people with showbreederism. Nothing to do but feel sorry for them. So here it comes, one of the symptoms of this disease, childish ranting, demonstrated here by gsdlady:

So what does that have to do with the OP?

This is a completely unknown, blind, outcross breeding. You have no idea what these dogs are going to produce and I still think your 80% number was pulled out of your ass. Why encourage a potential BYBer by quoting made up stats?

Total-ass jerk! I guess she’s never heard of something called a “ballpark figure”, which is what I was giving the OP (original poster). She hangs on to that “80%” as if it’s some kind of lifeline for her. She’s beginning to sound like the dumbasses on YouTube. Yet, I tend to still want to maintain my calm position. I counterattack her comment with a completely cool, reasonable debate:


"I still think your 80% number was pulled out of your ass."

Think whatever you like, it doesn't matter to me. I base my opinions on my own personal experiences. Not what you read in books or magazine articles, or whatever it is you read from. :) In a litter I had of 7 puppies, from parents who both had a good herding instinct, only 2 came out couch-potatoes.

That should have explained it. I admit I gave one example of a litter that turned out that way, but I did not feel the need to run down my entire life’s history with gsdlady. She is simply not that important to me. And later on, I would tell her so. So just then, LuvsMyChis comes back! I thought I gave her the option to ignore my posts, but she just keeps coming back for more. She said about my example:

So that one litter makes you the expert?

wow. You sound more ignorant the more you post

And yet another symptom of showbreederism, they think they are the funniest people on the planet. They’re not. They’re actually nothing but crotchety dumbasses. And this post of gsdlady’s proves it:

Like I always say....just give 'em a little rope

They'll hang themselves. LOL!!!

I swear, I could use gsdlady in a dictionary to describe snotty show breeders! People like her is the reason I hate them so much. Yet, they think they are doing all good. But I just want to slap them sometimes, as hard as I can! Perhaps harder. So I respond to LuvsMyChis:

Hmmm, I thought you were

not going to read my posts anymore. Oh well. hehe! :)
"So that one litter makes you the expert?"
Who said I only bred one litter?

Gsdlady was not through yet. Again, she thinks she’s the funniest person on the planet, when she couldn’t be more wrong. She needs to get laid I think! She retorts in childish tones:


You're basing your stats on ONE litter? I'm sorry I didn't realize what an expert you were....what was I thinking?

I said to her again, who said I bred only one litter? In fact, I bred several. Not a dozen, but quite a few. But again, I believe this was some kind of attempt by gsdlady to get me to tell her my whole life’s story, and I am not going to do it! But I stayed silent for a while longer. I wanted to see how far she would take this.

So the symptoms of Showbreederism are apparent here in this post by LuvsMyChis, where she is putting her own words in my mouth. One of the biggest and worst symptoms of the disease:

So youre a byb encouraging a potential byb

And youre the one who quopted the statistics of that ONE LITTER as the AUTHORITATIVE measurment by which ALL litters should be judged.

And I’d like to know where I said ALL litters should be judged by that. If she had read my post correctly, she would know that I said “ABOUT 80% OF A LITTER” Key word is “about”, in this case, meaning the same as saying “approximately”. It’s a guess. Meant to be taken as nothing more than such. But like gsdlady, LuvsMyChis hangs on to that like some kind of desperate salvation.

Well, since I like doing things the old fashioned way, and not get caught up in shows or agility trials or any of that BS, I thought I should inform this person:

I believe in doing things

the old fashioned way. I was brought up on a farm, that's my beliefs. Sorry if you don't like it.

Again, that’s what aussies were bred for. Most people who get any dog do not care if the dog has champion titles or anything. A dog can be just as good a pet without any titled parents or grandparents in it’s background. And a title does not guarantee the dog will have a good temperament or be good at herding sheep or goats.

So anyway, LuvsMyChis comes back again:

Excellent. Raised on a farm therefore makes

you an expert. NOT!! At least we all(including OP) can now know that you were talking completely out of your ass

At this time, I am still maintaining my cool. I haven’t even called her or gsdlady names. I’ve been letting them run off with that. Doesn’t mean I didn’t want to choke this person, just means I have kept my calm on a forum, and that is what my goal was here. So gsdlady gripes about the fact that my example spoke of only one litter:

What difference does it make?

You are using one litter as your example. One litter means nothing, absolutely nothing.

So finally, I decide to ask her what her angle is. I know she wants to hear my life’s history, and if she was someone I know, or whose opinion I value, I would gladly have given it to her. But she’s not. So I tell her:

What do you want?

For me to run down the line of all the litters I've had and known that have turned out the same way? If that's really what you want I will give it to you. I'd have to go back 16 years to find all the paperwork though, call all those people who bought pups from me, hope that they aren't at work or something (they do work in the winter months), contact their vets and all that to get the proof you want. And honestly and quite frankly, if I was going to go to all that trouble, it'd be for someone I consider WAY more important in my life than you or LuvsMyChis (Who I will bet you does not even have a chi). :) So sorry if you don't believe what I say, but that's your prerogative.

OK, so I decided to take a little tug at LuvMyChis’ leash! LOL! I didn’t really think she didn’t have a Chihuahua, I was playing a bit of tit-for-tat to teach her a lesson in manners. As for my last sentence, basically I was telling gsdlady that I don’t give two shits what she thinks, and that’s true. She has her views and I have mine. And she’s not going to change me. So she sings me a song-and-dance number:

If you truly cared about this subject,

you'd have records you could pull out. Kind of like when I'm doing research on a particular bloodline and OFA every puppy in the litter. I guess the old fashioned, farm mentality can't wrap their head around that.

I’m pretty sure that last sentence was said with a lot of disparagement. Kindof like she is saying all farmers are stupid. Another symptom of Showbreederism. I always felt what is said between myself and my clients is sacred, and I never reveal any information to the average Joe Blow on a forum for that reason. Gsdlady has given me no good reason to show her any information about dogs I have or dogs I have bred. Except that it might change her personal opinion of me. I am not there to change anyone’s views of me. Gsdlady can think what she wants about me, and continue to do so. I don’t care. My life does not revolve around what she, or any other person stricken with Showbreederism, thinks of me. I try being nice to everyone, but when some dumb show breeder like this gets in my face and tries to pull me down to their level, I’m not gonna give! So, I stated to gsdlady:

Then maybe

I just don't care what you think. Sorry. I don't even breed anymore (in case you missed that post), the 3 dogs I have now are all spayed/neutered. Like I said, I could pull out those records, but I'm not going to. Not for you. If you were a former client of mine, I would gladly do so. But you aren't. You've formed your opinion of me, and that is fine. I can move on from there. :)

So anyway, back to LuvsMyChis, from when I stated I didn’t believe she had a Chihuahua:

Oh yes genius... I have 2 chis

wow you really are a moron

Childish name-calling, another symptom of Showbreederism! LOL! And you will notice I never once called her any names. Guess the Timmy fans and us “dumb farmers” are better than show breeders after all. Hehehe! But I continued to toy with her a bit more:

I doubt it

Thank you :)

She gives me the kind of response I had hoped to see come from her, she asks me (name calling included):

Why would u doubt what I have

other than the obvious fact, that you are a troll looking to start SHIT. Its my handle name that i chose for an obvious reason: I have chis. Like its soooo hard to believe? They are among the most popular breed in the country idiot. Mine were adopted from the HS where I volunteer 2 times a week to helpo all the BYB dogs that people like you have created. You really are a sad little person with no life aren't you??

I was hoping she would ask me that! This was my response to her:


How does it feel when someone judges you and doesn't believe you? I am not a troll. At least not in the manner you are thinking. I try to be nice to everyone. Even you, though you have lashed out at me, called me names and judged me, yet you know nothing about me. And BTW, I too have chis. Vegas and Odessa (both are FIXED). I know how popular they are. I never claimed to be an expert on chihuahuas (or Aussies for that matter). YOU said I claimed to be an expert. I was just giving someone an idea of what *could* happen, based on my own experience. Open their minds to all possibilities.

Honestly, I didn’t give a shit what LuvsMyChis thinks of me either. I just didn’t want everyone believing what she said about me. What if someone I know and like is on that forum? And they happened to believe that LuvsMyChis knows even the slightest thing about me? Even though she doesn’t, what if they believed her? She seems to be the one who just cannot let go of the fact I gave the original poster an estimate on the temperament of the pups. Just because it’s not based on published reports, does not mean that I didn’t experience it. But sadly, the final symptom of Showbreederism, they never believe anything unless they can see it with their own eyes. That is so unfortunate. If you share a personal experience with anyone, you risk being ridiculed by the show breeders, just because they were not there to see it for themselves. It is apparent in this comment made by LuvsMyChis:

"At least 80% of them WILL" sounds like you

are the one claiming to be an expert. I quote you here:

"if both parents have a good drive to work, chances are pretty darn good that the pups will have this same drive. At least about 80% of them will."

You are the one claiming knowledge you don't have, trying to argue the point throughout the thread tho you were outed as a bullshitter very eaqrly on, and in general just being argumentative.
 And then you signed off with a sweet little "good luck BYBing!" **GAGGING

She was confused, so I set her straight:

OK, Here's what I said

"At least about 80% of them will".

I said "At least *ABOUT 80%*". Meaning it could be more or less. If I said it in the way you thought I did, then I can see your point.

"in general just being argumentative."
 No, I was not argumentative. I was stating an opinion. That is all. If you had taken it for what it was worth, we would not be in this confrontation now. Sorry, but you were the one who started off being argumentative with me, by telling the poster "IGNORE this TROLL!!" when you knew nothing of my situation. Thank you anyways for your opinion. Hope we can meet again on friendlier terms. From one chi-lover to another, Thank you. :)

Sure, I was being argumentative. I was not the one who called you names and judged you harshly. But my last sentence was indeed sincere. Like I said before, I never wish ill on anyone. So then LuvsMyChis finally gets a clue how she appeared to me. Wow! That’s unusual for a show breeder. But she seems to not be able to temper it without harsh judgment.

I did start snarkiness, I was just so shocked

to see that you would so clearly encourage a potential BYBer to begin BYBing. As everyone else was using LOGIC and FACTS to support their resounding "NO! NO! Don't breed!", you chime in with "GO ahead, it'll be 80% awesome!" then have defended it with unfounded ridiculous statements. I apologize for calling you a troll. The correct term is uneducated hobby farm BYBer who attempts to speak knowledge that you don't have in order to encourage other BYBers. Is that more accurate for you?

I think I was helping someone who wanted to breed her dog for the possible purpose of farm work. There are good ways to do it. And I don’t believe you can make anyone see your way by being snarky or cruel. I was never that way! I just tell someone how to go about breeding the proper way, and then let them take it from there. Sure I have been accused of being cruel, but it was generally by people whose egos got in the way of them learning. So, I respond to her last question and comment:

Well, let's look

"The correct term is uneducated hobby farm BYBer who attempts to speak knowledge that you don't have in order to encourage other BYBers. Is that more accurate for you?"
"hobby farm BYBer"

I guess it depends on how you look at it. I did show chihuahuas a couple times. Or I tried to. So at least when I was working on them, I made some attempt in conformation competitions. I did grow up on a small farm, so I'd say yes to "hobby farmer".

My idea of what a BYBer is is someone who does no health testing, and sells the pups for profit. Since I did do tests on their thyroids and patellas, etc, and yes I sold some pups, but made no profit whatsoever, not sure if I qualify as a true BYBer. And in the 7 years I did chihuahuas, I only bred 3 litters, only 1 of which was from a not-so-good female, but I still kept in contact with those who got pups from me, and even offered a "reward" for those who spayed/neutered their pups to prevent them from breeding. This last litter, only had one pup, and I kept him (Vegas) because that was my intent all along. And I even neutered him. He could have been shown, I had a mentor evaluate him and said he was good enough, but I decided I no longer wanted to go that route (due to complicated issues), so I neutered him and said so long to the show ring.
 Now, uneducated I think that's a different matter. A matter of your own opinion. Just because I don't believe in alienating newbies does not mean I am uneducated. I think instead of alienating people we should just tell them what it takes to breed, and then let them decide for themselves if they want to go through it. Like I said, Aussies and other herding breeds have been being bred by small hobby farm BYBer's for many years, no agility or obedience competitions were needed. Assuming this person is simply raising dogs for herding on a small town farming community, I answered her question, based on my own experience in Aussies (which I, and a former boyfriend, bred for 10 years). He's still breeding them, I'm not. I'm no longer with him. Though I keep in contact because he is also just my friend. And yes, he does the necessary testing. Like I said an Aussie with HD is useless in herding, and he breeds his for no other reason, but for herding sheep, goats, etc.

Sorry I got long winded there.

That’s the sign of a person with showbreederism, they call everyone they don’t agree with “uneducated”. Why I keep going in those forums is beyond me! I guess for the entertainment value. I mean, let’s face it, drama is entertaining! I haven’t really been a part of a forum in quite a while now. Since 2008. There are a few I do occasionally go into, but not often. I’m actually kinda glad this happened on this forum. Going into a pet forum and being able to keep your cool, that’s a test in and of it’s self! A lot of their responses consisted of a lot of mock-sarcasm (Katrina calls it “blowcasm”), so I generally prepare myself for that every time I go in there. I thank GOD I have friends I can talk to and visit when the actions on that forum get to be a bit much. But even with this incident, I haven’t experienced anything I cannot handle.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

You're Delusional!

LOL! I have to laugh at this comment. So, what is delusional? That word seems to be resonating a lot throughout the INXS community now. I have been called "delusional" a lot. But the people using the word against other fans, do they even really know what that word means? Or are they just using it for the lulz? Like some kind of label against fans that have had good fortune in their lives. I know that there are fans who have met their favorite bands many times, and they are so selfish, they seem to get angry when someone meets the bands they know and love as well. Almost like they are being possessive of that band, and they don't want anyone else to know that band except themselves. Which I think is weird. I don't know if that is classified as being delusional, but it is certainly strange behavior, and I see it a lot in INXS fans who have met the band members many times, especially those who have met Michael. I met the guys several times, and even had a chance to kiss Michael (sort-of). But I don't think I own INXS! I am usually happy for those who have met the band, as long as they have been respectful to the band members. Now, I know of someone who has met the band, not Michael, but the living members of INXS, and I would have been happier for her, but she can't meet them without kissing them in the mouth! YUK! And I think that's an invasion of their space! I wouldn't want to have any of my fans kiss me in the mouth without my permission! That is, IF I were one of the men of INXS. But that's what I mean about respecting them. Even when I "kissed" Michael, I didn't kiss him in the mouth! I didn't even kiss him directly. I kissed my hand and touched him with it. I didn't get in his face, I didn't appear in a threatening or belittling manner, he probably didn't even know I did it. When I touched him, it was on his arm, not his face.

The funny thing is, this person, who cannot meet INXS without kissing them in the mouth and invading their private space, has recruited a bunch of her friends together on a private forum, to make fun of me and other fans they think are delusional. I don't think they really even know the meaning of the word "delusional". Because if they did, they would see that their ringleader is far more delusional than I could ever be! I'm not the one who kissed the bandmembers of INXS in the mouth, gave them all colds (which endangered their tour), nor was I the one who wanted to take Jon away from his established girlfriend. That's not who I am. I think the only reason they established that forum was because I no longer liked their ringleader. But that was nothing new. I knew that friendship was not going to last! I knew that before we left LA together. I've been in enough failed friendships to be able to see the red flags, and there were far too many early warning signs in that one to be a coincidence. Only reason I stayed civil was because I wanted to get home. My friends and family were worried enough about me going to LA with a total stranger. Now, I wouldn't even consider it! But then I wanted to go so bad I let my guard down. I was younger, and yes, stupider then. LOL!

Why this kind of evil is going around in the INXS community now, I have no idea. INXS fans used to be the greatest to each other. That was back when the internet was still new, and we all met in chat rooms and got to know each other. Now that the internet is really big, and everybody has it, it seems we have all forgotten how to get along with each other. I was watching this news clip on YouTube where some trolls were e-mailing the families of deceased teenagers. Not only that but also creating Facebook pages to mock the teenagers who were literally bullied to death. It's sad! I see stuff like that and it makes me feel terrible! What has the World come to? I remember a long time ago, there was a website up that even made jokes about Michael Hutchence killing himself by hanging. I remember some of the jokes that were made on there, were something to the effect of "I heard Paula called Michael just before he died and asked if he was coming home that night. To which Michael answered 'No, I'm gonna hang around here for a while.'" And another that went "If Princess Di had the belt instead of Michael Hutchence, they'd both still be alive". Very VERY sick jokes, if you ask me! But that was the kind of shit written on that site. I don't think that site is even still up, but I remember leaving a very angry comment on that page, because I thought his humor was in very bad taste! I can't even call it humor! It was just in very bad taste. Made me angry to see the kind of things that person said.

And it's all gotten worse these days. But it is probably the lowest of the low when someone makes fun of another person's misfortune. It's a sad commentary to what the internet has made of people today. Very sad! I get on the internet a lot, and I have never made fun of anyone! I don't go around making a mockery of people who have killed themselves, or teens who die in car crashes. I could never do that!! I wouldn't even wish a bad car crash on my worst enemy! Heck, I never wish ill on anyone! Because the rules of karma are whatever you wish on others, comes back to you 3 times worse. So believe me when I say I wish well to everyone, and it isn't a front! I actually mean it when I wish someone well. A lot of people say it, and don't mean it. But I'm not like that! Whether I like the person or not, I am always sincere. I believe even if you say it, if you really don't mean it you can still feel the wrath of karma! It is because of all this that I truly believe the world is coming to an end very soon!

Most people will never know how connected they are to this world. Everything that happens, happens because of what we do and how we are. The fact that people are hurting each other in whatever way, and getting enjoyment out of it, I just know that the end is coming really soon. And by hurting each other, I don't mean people eating meat and all that. I mean people who get on the internet and think they're being cute by shit-talking someone else anonymously. That is actually now a felony. If you do it, you have to tell people who you are. Think I'm joking about that? No. Some states have not actually approved that law, but it is coming into effect. Pretty soon it will be accepted everywhere. Since everyone knows by now who I am, I have no worries! But I usually hide nothing. People can ask me anything, and I'll tell them. I can't guarantee they will get a correct answer though. hehe! I make some things up, but not a lot. Just some things that I think is nobody else's business but mine. :) Or some things that I don't want anyone else to know. We all have secrets. Most of us like to keep them that way. Mine are not really bad secrets, but little things that I want to keep to myself. Though a lot of times, I just don't even bring those subjects up on the internet! But especially on the internet, there's always going to be those immoral types that hide behind public information, and dig up whatever they can to find to use against someone else. Those people I always feel sorriest for. They have no lives, and are deeply contributing to this growing problem on the internet. Just because something is public information does not mean that it should be posted without that person's permission. I personally would never do anything like that. But then that's me.

Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm Dying!!

Oh boy, I caught my sis's cold, and she ran away to Bozeman! LOL! Well, I know eventually she will read this, all I hope is that she does good! MSU is one of the best universities in the country, so my guess is they set a very high standard with their students. I know Anna can make it. She's a hard worker and does very well with her studies. My prayers are with her. By now she and my father and nephew are probably going through the passes in Montana. If they got an early start that is. I hope Anna is enjoying herself. She loves going through the mountains and stuff like that. She and I have an agreement to once in a while meeting up in video chat. But I am not going to be able to do it this week. I'm dying!!

This is a bad cold I have, and I was going to use some of this time to go to the pottery shop here in town and get some of my little creations made. They are allowing me to use their equipment for only $5, which is awesome! But I can't go until I am over this cold. There are times when my nose and throat are so clogged, I can barely breathe. I'm sweating a lot, so I must have had a fever. I can barely walk now. I can't even eat. I cough almost until I puke. I think I am dying. hehe! Oh well, serves me right. I didn't catch a cold this bad last year, so I think it's trying to make up for it this year. It sucks! I have to keep taking showers, because first of all I hate the smell of sweat! Second, it keeps me warm. I still look like crap. I mean, even more than usual! I think I am also getting an ear infection. I noticed it last night. One of my ears is sensitive, and leaking. That sucks too. I haven't had an ear infection since 1984. It hurt like Hell, that's about all I can remember about it. This one is just getting started.

So that's why I think I'm dying. hehehe! Even in the midst of all that, I still try to be funny. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Usually it depends on who is listening.

I think I have become afraid of listening to INXS. hehehe! With this new album of their's, I don't know what to expect anymore. One of my old buddies on Facebook posted that she cannot stop listening to the new Devil Inside. I haven't heard it yet, but I looked on the site and I noticed that it is sung by that Nikka Costa chick. I will never forget how she murdered Kick, which is my old theme song. I didn't like how she sang that song at all! So I said after hearing that, I'm not sure I want to hear the new Devil Inside. Maybe I am happiest not knowing how it sounds. Probably sounds like shit, just like the new Kick. That may have been Timmy's favorite track on the new album, but that doesn't mean I have to love it. This old buddy said she can't help but bop to it. If it's anything like the new Kick, I don't know how she can bop to it!! There is no rhythm at all in the new Kick. I'm truly afraid to hear this song! I want to stay an INXS fan. Anyway, this old buddy was not amused! hehehe! Oh well! We can't all like the same things. I think Nikka Costa sucks tiger balls! I can't stand her! These other people can like her if they want to, that's their deal. I prefer good singers that rock!

Well I have to confess, writing that has gotten my mind off this cold. Though temporarily. I just cannot wait till it's over and done. How much longer do I have to wait? I've had it now for almost a week, and it's just now reaching it's peak. Well, I once had a cold that dragged on for 3 weeks! My sis had to stay at grandma's until it was over. Nothing to worry about now though, Anna's going to Bozeman! We said our last goodbyes to each other yesterday before she took off. She has my video camera, and I hope she takes really good care of it. I still have my webcam though. So as soon as I get better, I can make more movies. Maybe even some more critique videos. So far, there has only been 2 songs from this new INXS album that I like. I cannot say truly. I like Rob Thomas, but the song he sang on this new album it's not bad, but it's not great either. The only song I can say I truly loved was Drum Opera.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Timmyfan Has the Power!!!

I have the power to shut the Lukas Rossi fans up and make them cringe!! hehe! I was watching the chatroom on this new Facebook group the other day. The group is devoted entirely to INXS. I still have the magic touch! hehe! I knew when I posted something in chat, that the Lukas Rossi fans were going to shut up, and that is exactly what they did. Which is awesome! Lukas Rossi fans are nothing short of annoying anyway. I can't stand Lukas Rossi! I never did like him. There are 2 things in this world your eyes should never have to endure; direct sunlight, and something that looks like Boy George with a mohawk! The latter is Lukas Rossi. I swear, if I was going to describe him to someone who has never seen Rossi before, that's what I would say. He looks just like Boy George with a mohawk. I still say he is the ugliest person I've ever seen in my life. And the Lukas Rossi fans hate me because I think that. hehe! Which, like I said, is perfectly awesome! At least I got them to shut the hell up about him in the chatroom! I don't want to hear how "cute" they think he is. I don't care to hear how some one met him drunked up in a bar, or another person saying how he left a New Year's message on her Facebook page! I don't care about none of that. I don't go into an INXS group to even think about Lukas Rossi! He has nothing to do with INXS at all! He's not even a guest singer on their new album. So I think to bring him up in a chatroom devoted to INXS is stupid, and pointless.

I didn't even want to join in the chatroom, but I got sick of hearing about Lukas Rossi. So I figured if I said anything (knowing how the Lukas Rossi fans hate me so) it would shut them up. Thank GOD it did!! It's a shame to hear someone as good as the moderator of the group call someone 'lucky' because they met Lukas Rossi. That's not lucky. That's sad! Has our music industry really been degraded to this? To think meeting up with one-timer, has-beens-that-never-were is something lucky, or great? That's sad! Downright sad! Like I would never feel blessed to meet Justin Timberlake or Justin Beiber! Neither one has anything to offer me, and I think they're both homely. I can't stand Justin Timberlake's music or singing!! And I think he's homely as shit! And Justin Beiber has no talent, and very little sexual appeal. Let's face it, rockstars either don't exist anymore, or they are now seriously compromised. They have no character! Why? I don't know. Most of them being born now in the 80s, you'd think something from that generation would have rubbed off on them. But no. Everyone now does their music with absolutely no rhythm, crappy vocals, and slow, drawn-out words! It perplexes me why people even listen to the crap that is around today. After years of listening to 80s rock and 90s grunge, I cannot see any character in today's music at all.

It all started innocently enough. Back in 2005, I still heard some very good songs with lots of rhythm. But at the same time, I could also tell that the crappy RnB and rap method was overwhelming the more rhythmic, classic-style rock n roll. In short, all music today sounds the same. There's no beat anymore and no rhythm. The music seems to go in all different directions at once. It used to be you could only hear music and no words. Now, you can't really hear either. After the first few bars of listening to modern music, I completely lose interest! I used to be able to say I was a music-lover. Now, I can't. Unless you're talking about the old method of music. I still have a lot of songs on my MP3 player. But nothing later than 2005. And nothing that I perceive as being rap or RnB! Unless it's old school style. Now, rap and RnB were different things in the 80s and early 90s than they are today. You could not pay me enough to sit in a room and listen to nothing but Justin Timberlake all day! I'd be out of there like a bull through a china shop in less than 3 minutes! Add a wall-sized photo of Lukas Rossi's face in that room, and I'll put the time down to 1 minute. Though I might stay longer if a picture of Tim Farriss was put on the wall! Though the music would still be annoying!

I will admit there were some slow songs in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. But for most of that time (until about the mid-90s) even the slow songs still had some good rhythm! In fact, I got to like a lot of the slow songs from those eras better than a lot of the fast songs! Actually, I like songs with music and singing about mid-tempo. Nothing too fast, and nothing too slow. By 2000, I could tell slow songs were getting worse. Especially when I saw an Eddie Murphy movie! Eddie Murphy is a great comedian! I love him a lot! But, I always dreaded the music on those movies! Or how about the music on Osmosis Jones! Great movie! But the music SUCKS!!! There were still some great slower songs in 2000, but that was the turning point in history where the songs began to totally SUCK!!! In the 90s, the worst singer was Alannis Morissette! I heard her music, and that's why I knew she sucked. But she was the worst of the 90s, IMO. A lot of people can disagree with me if they want to, I don't care. I think she SUCKED!!! She sings worse than me on my bad days, which would be today, because I have a rotten, miserable cold! LOL! Oh well. It was bound to happen.

Well, Anna will be going to Bozeman here in a few days. I hope she likes it there! Though we really should be looking into moving to Billings instead of Bozeman. Though Bozeman is a more animal-friendly community. We had less trouble finding apartments that would allow us to keep all 3 of our dogs. However, Billings it may more likely be for us. The job market there is better, and I wouldn't feel like I was living in a cauldron during the winter months. My father has offered to drive Anna all the way to Bozeman! That was the very last thing I ever expected him to do! Neither one of us even dared ask him, he volunteered! I am glad though. Anna has no experience driving in wintery pass conditions, so it's a welcome relief to hear my father will be driving her there. Funny thing, for a month I was secretly praying that another way for Anna to get there would come up, and she would not have to drive there herself. I kept imagining her going over a cliff or something. My father has a lot more experience, and he's a damn good driver. Well, Anna's a good driver too. I was just afraid if she began to skid that she would panic, and lose control. Anna is not the best in stressful situations. But I am glad that this came about. She will be on her way Thursday.

Well, on my Facebook page, I am going to have a lot of fun this year. One of my friends is doing a new picture for every day of this year. Well, I cannot really do that, but I have decided, as part of my New Year's resolution, that I would post a different animal picture up on my profile for every week this year. GOD willing! I may not get to do it as much right after I move, but for most of the year, changing my pic should be easy.