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Monday, August 1, 2016

Hillary Or Bust

Oh GOD! I think one of my friends has lost it. Honestly, I don't know what this friend is thinking. Actually I hate both Hillary and Trump and I let her know this last night. I'm not voting for either one. They are both the sorriest-ass excuses I've ever seen in my life for presidential election. This is what we are down to in our choice to run this country, two of the worst people any one can ever hope for. We got Donald Trump who is a misogynist and a bully, and Hillary who wants to let hardcore muslims in this country that want to kill us and our pets! Remember that post I made about muslims stealing pets, skinning them and tying them to crosses in Malta? You want to bet they are going to do that shit here? I don't want anything happening to my babies! And if it does, and it's because of damn-fucking muslim shit, I'm going to blame Hillary!!! You can bet your britches she's going to get a scathing email from me!

Oh wait! She'd probably just delete that too. Fuck her!

Anyways, this friend said that if anyone of her friends vote for Trump, then she wants them to delete her. She didn't want to be their friend anymore. I still like this friend, and I told her I hate both Trump and Hillary. So I am not voting. It reminds me of the turmoil I had with the Yatesfags earlier this year. I told her how a lot of them deleted me because I don't like Paula Yates. The good thing about that is at least I never have to look at them again. The bad thing is, well, I don't think there was a bad thing about it. But I told her I did not tell them to delete themselves. They did that on their own accord. I did not tell them I wouldn't be their friend if they like Paula Yates. In fact, most of the people who deleted themselves from my friends, I never knew they were Yatesfags until after they deleted themselves. They never acted like fags until then.

But the fact of the matter is, I consider Paula Yates an irresponsible parent and a MURDERER!!!! She killed my Michael!!! I will forever hate her for that!!! But I do still have friends who are fans of her's. The point is is that that does not bother me. I can be friends with people who are fans of hers. I just cannot be friends with the fags. No way! And I'm sorry, but if this friend does not like Trump, and she wants people gone from her friends list who do not like Hillary Clinton, well that makes her a Clintfag. But I am going to wait and watch carefully before I decide if I want to delete her or not. I mean, I still like this person. Don't get me wrong. But if she does not like people who do not vote for Hillary Clinton, then this will never completely work out. Because if it's not "I don't like you if you like Trump!" or "If you don't vote for Hillary Clinton, then I don't want you as a friend!" then it'll be something else down the road. That is why I am so glad the fags deleted me from their friends. There's always going to be something, somewhere that's going to set them off and keep the friendship between us on the rocks.

I don't need friends like that. I had friends like that throughout my school years. I want more mature and stable friendships in my life now. Nothing else. Well, a lot of people dropped this friend, I saw their messages to her, some of them even said they were not voting for Trump, but deleting her because of the childish post stating that she wanted all Trump supporters off her Facebook. I have to agree. For someone to say "if you vote for someone I don't like, then delete me from your friends". I asked her "Don't you think that's just a little bit childish?" Now, I wouldn't be surprised if she deletes me from her friends. A lot of people do when you point out the truth to them.

I'll tell you, I don't know what this world is coming to. All this fag bullshit! People hating each other because they don't like the same things. Makes me want to hate people even more than I already did! UGH!!! I guess this proves we are nearing the end of our world as we know it. I heard some time ago that this will indeed happen. But once it is over, we will enter total world peace. I'm just hoping that time comes soon. I'm sick of meeting someone, getting to know them, getting to like them, building up that trust towards them, only to have them turn out to be radicals. I'd been friends with this woman since 2011. I invested a lot of emotional support into her. Sent loads of prayers, worried with her, chatted with her, everything. I don't want to just drop her. 5 years doesn't sound like very long, but for me to have a friend in that short amount of time that I trust implicitly, is very rare. I don't want to just say sionara to her.

****************************UPDATE 8/2/16******************************

Well this woman deleted me from her friends. I told you all I wouldn't be surprised if she did! LOL! But really, I am not as upset as I thought I'd be. Like I said, it just proves she's a Clintfag. I don't want anything to do with any fags. I never even said if I was voting for Trump or not, which I am NOT! I still hate that evil bastard! Katy deleted me saying "I hope I never have to see you again, I never knew you were that pathetic!" I kinda wonder what she means by "pathetic"? Does she mean "pathetic" because I am not a democrat? Or "pathetic" because I think she's acting like a child? Or "pathetic" because I hate Paula Yates? Well, I ain't a republican neither. I'm a libertarian. And I still think she's acting like a child! And I still can't stand Paula Yates!