Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Monday, April 30, 2012

No More Anonymity

I've fixed this blog so I no longer allow anonymous posts. Now, you MUST sign in with a Google ID or an OpenID. I allowed anonymous comments for a while, but as usual, irresponsible people abuse the privilege. Those being the fanatical vegans. Now they must sign in using either a Google ID or OpenID, which covers a wide range of social networks. I should suggest to blogger to allow people to use their Facebook or Twitter IDs. Those would be good! But from now on, NO more anonymous comments. People wanna say something on my blog, then at least have an identity! Don't be a gutless wonder! LOL! :)

This should also aid in keeping out spammers too. Try it!

Dinner At The White House

I was reading yesterday about the Correspondence Dinner at the White House. A lot of politicians were there along with several journalists. But also among the guest list were many modern day celebrities. If you can call them "celebrities"! Apparently the Kardashians were there as well. One has to ask what the Hell got the Kardashians invited to the White House in the first place??? They're not really even celebrities. Everyone knows who they are, but that does not make them celebrities. The only reason the Kardashians are even on TV is because their family lived next door to OJ Simpson and they were friends with Michael Jackson. That's what they confessed to Oprah. That's the ONLY reason these people won a place in the public spotlight! No other reason in the World! They sure have no talent to speak of. None of them are even really attractive! I think Obama just wanted to get a piece of Kim's ass. Kim has a thing for dark guys (much like me). But apparently her last boyfriend was not satisfied with her. Obviously her performance in the bedroom must be as substandard as her "talent" on TV! I knew that marriage would not last! In the one picture I saw when Ray J proposed marriage to her, she looked happy, but he didn't.

The "happy" couple.
Ray J looks more like he's counting the days on his fingers that he has to pretend to be in love with her. Apparently there is a story behind this marriage. She cheated on her first husband to be with this guy. That's kinda sad! But that's the scandal. She's really not the first celebrity to cheat on her husband for another man. Who knows? Maybe that is what made Kim Kardashian famous? She's not even attractive! Take away the years and thousands of dollars in plastic surgeries that she's obviously had, she'd probably look like me!

So I guess all one has to do to become a celebrity these days is live next door to an even more famous celebrity who has real talent. You don't need your own talent, just do like the Kardashians, sponge off the talent of someone like OJ Simpson and Michael Jackson, and the misfortune of Nicole Simpson. LOL! Well if that's the case then move me to the elite area of Beverly Hills! Or New York City!! I have potential for making movies, but as of now, I could benefit from some improvement. But I guess if I lived next door to a celebrity, I could just become famous from that. I could tell everyone that I live next door to George Clooney, and that he and I played together as children. LOL! That's fucking bullshit, but if I lived next door to him, I could pretend it's true just to become famous.

What has happened to the World today??? People used to have real talent. Look at INXS. There was a group that had exceptional talent. I loved them for it. Compare them to someone like Justin Beiber today. Beiber has no talent whatsoever! What he has is highly-payed sound alternators and talented sound engineers who work hard to make Justin Beiber sound better than he actually does. Nobody has talent nowadays. They have technology instead. It'd be great if we could actually lay off some of the modern technology and let the person's talent take over instead. I guarantee you, Justin Beiber would be laughed off the stage if his fans heard the voice he really has, I betcha. I could get on stage and sing, and probably sound better than Justin Beiber does! And I sound like broken bottles rubbing across rusty nails when I sing! But if I had the same sound mechanics and engineers that Justin Beiber has, I could sound like an angelic choir!

I was thinking about this not only because of the White House Correspondence Dinner, but also because I was watching the Three Stooges last night. Funny bunch of guys! I loved them. They seemed to be really popular in the 30s, 40s and 50s. Those were the days when people had real talent! And I mean REAL, raw talent!! Something that is totally bred out of people today. Even on television. I was remembering when I was a teenager and had a big thing for old movies and old movie stars. I remember back then I HATED the Three Stooges! I don't know why! Looking at their shows now, I often wonder why I hated them back then. Maybe I saw them as some kind of competition for the Marx Brothers, who was what I really loved back then. Actually by comparison, the Marx Brothers, except for Harpo, were relatively boring compared with the Three Stooges. If it weren't for Harpo, most of the Marx Brothers movies would not even be worth seeing. Especially after they left Paramount Pictures. Among their pictures, Duck Soup and Horsefeathers were probably my favorites. They came up with some cute quips in those movies. But the Three Stooges always put a lot of comedy action in their films! I loved it when they always smacked each other. I always find myself mimicking Curly, LOL! In a funny way. But he made it look a lot funnier than I can. He can growl and bark like a dog and make it sound cute. When I mimic him, I just sound stupid. In fact, no one makes it sound as cute as Curly did! I remember a lot of people back in Lakewood would sure try, but none of them sounded as cute as Curly did. I don't know what it was with that town. People there liked to act like dogs for some reason. I used to see it all the time. And all of them looked stupid doing it. I'm glad I never joined in with them. LOL! They did it all on their own.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

GOD Is Great!

First of all, Atheists, stop reading now! This is not to change anyone's opinions of GOD.

I remember one time some dumbass said that I was cursed by a GOD because I was the ugliest thing he's (not GOD's) ever seen. LOL! Well, that comment was made by a dumbass teenage vegan fanatic. I don't think GOD gives half a bird's shit what a vegan teenager thinks of me. HE has been very good to me throughout most of my life. If I were cursed, that teenage vegan fanatic would have lived closer to me instead of all the way in Ontario, Canada. Ya see what happens when a country bans corporal punishment! You get kids like this fanatical vegan who never learned to treat people with respect. If he were my kid, teenager or not, I'd have smacked him, and smacked him GOOD!!!! That's what he needs. But there is no chance of him moving close to me. Montana is not a place for vegans! People here hunt animals for food and sport, it's a way of life here. They fish for food and sport. Basically most everyone here is tough and rugged, not the type I've seen among vegan fanatics. I've never seen any vegans here in fact. The closest I've seen to fanatical vegans here is cat people. But as far as I know, the cat people do not go hunting or fishing.

According to this teenager, all you have to do to be cursed by GOD, is to be the ugliest thing that kid has ever seen. LOL! Personally, as long as I have known GOD, being ugly is not a curse. Because GOD does not think any of HIS creations are ugly. But if being ugly were truly a curse, more ugly people would be victims of rape and murder. But that actually rarely happens. Unless the ugly person is a prostitute or something like that. But so far, GOD has been very good to me. I came close to being raped once, but that was when I was young and beautiful, and the dude who tried to rape me was so inexperienced, he was almost comical. If he had really wanted to rape me, he would have forced me into the bushes and done it. But he had no weapons (except maybe a 5-inch rock), and he wasn't forceful enough. So, I left unharmed. If I were really cursed, that guy would have had a much more formiddible weapon and would have force-raped me.

The Westboro Baptist Church says everyone is going to Hell and that they will be the only ones in Heaven. I saw another clip where Shirley was asked what if one of her children wanted to join the military, and she said she would NEVER allow it! Because none of her children would ever go overseas and fight for what she calls "a fag nation" or "a doomed nation". She would however allow her children to become lawyers and defend citizens of this "doomed nation". One way or another, that family is defending a country that they hate the most. It just doesn't make sense to me. I don't even understand why they want to even live in the USA. If I hated the USA as much as they do, I would surely leave here! But I don't. I hate the UK even more. LOL! I don't mean the scenery or the towns. I mean the people. Except maybe my friends, and I do have friends in the UK. Fred Phelps was a lawyer, and he was barred from being one because he once called one of his very own clients (the people who put money in his pocket) a slut, and told a lot of lies about someone that were proven not to be true. It's obvious he's a redneck! I also saw a video of a 4-year old girl in that extended family singing one of their stupid songs, and at the end of the song, I noticed even that little girl has that psychotic grin that the Phelps all seem to breed. Well why not? That's what inbreeding does. It works in dogs and cats. You inbreed to breed true. That's what happened to the Phelps family of the WBC. Sisters bred to brothers and cousins and perhaps Fred himself mated with his daughters, to produce that psychotic grin in all their descendants. They're the only kids on the planet that are born to hate.

UGH! Thank GOD I am not one of them. If I were truly cursed, then the WBC would look attractive to me. LOL! But no, I hate them as much as anyone. Watching a video of an interview with Fred Phelps, I wanted to scream at that man to just shut the fuck up!!! The man just never stops gabbing! Like I said, he reminds me a lot of my neighbor. I guess you could say I am cursed living next door to her, but it won't be for long. I'd only be cursed if she moves to the coast with me. I doubt though that would happen. I think she's one of these "native" Montanans (I don't mean the Indians, I mean the white cocksuckers) that hates people from out of state. She seems like it. But there is one good thing about her, she tends to tune me and Anna out when we're at the dog park. So we have a mutual admiration society, she leaves me alone, I leave her alone. But I still call her "motor-mouth". But that's because that's what she is! Back home, we have a name for people like her. We call them "attention-whores". She only goes to the dog park because no one else in this building will give her the time of day. So she seeks attention from my buddies, whom I go there specifically to see.

Well, the WBC can say what they want about me, say I am going to Hell, and all that bullshit. But GOD has been very good to me. If HE hadn't, believe me, I would have been dead now. I survived a great deal more than anyone will ever know! I've survived many bad spills. I've survived madmen. I survived living in Lakewood, WA. I survived Mount St. Helens' fury. I survived suicide attempts. I survived several bad illnesses. I've survived evil neighbors. Yep, GOD has been good to me throughout the years. And I thank HIM for that.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Booby

Vegas had to go to the vet today, I rushed him to the one vet in this town that was open today that would let me postpone a check (having end-of-the-month money problems again!) I took a nap with him and Minnie, and when I got up, I was petting him, and when I got to his behind, he started to growl a little bit. I knew something had to be wrong, usually when we all wake up from a nap, Vegas likes to have a little scratch on his backside. I thought nothing much about it again, until I had to put him outside to go to the bathroom. I looked and he was bleeding from his butt. I looked at him and shouted "VEGAS!!!" I could not do anything about it right then, but I knew I had to do something as quick as I could. But first I needed to find a vet that would allow me to postdate a check. So I came back in and called around until I found one. Thank GOD I was able to find a vet fairly quickly. My usual vet is not open on weekends, and apparently does not have emergency services. So I rushed Vegas over there as fast as I could. I knew what was wrong, he had a ruptured anal gland. It happens to small dogs a lot. The vet cleaned it out and gave me some antibiotics to give to him. Vegas HATES the medicine!!! I also have to soak his rear end in warm water and epsom salts.

You would think with the economy the way it is that more vets would accept alternative payment plans. But no. Most vets are just interested in getting their money. I wish more vets would do their services for the love of the animals, but they don't. Especially not emergency services. That is why I had to call around. I didn't want this to go untreated. What if it became septic and I'd lose Vegas? I'd really feel terrible then! Sometimes I'm not even sure he gets his meds. I have to cut up each pill and give him half. I put the pill half in his mouth and try to hold it shut, but he keeps moving! But I just wish that more vets would actually help their patients regardless of the owner's ability to pay right away. After all, there are human hospitals like that. I don't see why veterinarians are not like that too. Maybe it's because having pets is considered a luxury. Most peoples' attitude is if you cannot afford pets, you shouldn't have one. But can't the same thing be said about having kids?? A person does not have to have kids. And look at how many are out there having them only to have the government pay for their care! I don't have kids, and really don't want any at all. I don't even want to get married! I've been there before and didn't like it. My dogs are my kids. If that sounds bad or twisted to some people, then that's just too bad for them! I like dogs better than kids. Dogs never back-talk you, and (almost) always obey you. A lot more than kids do anyway. Little dogs cost less to feed and you don't need to spend any money buying clothes or diapers for them. I think I should have the same rights as any person who has kids. Somewhere someone needs to create a vet hospital that will give the owner's dog care regardless of the owner's ability to pay.

If it weren't for most vets' inability to help an animal regardless of the owner's ability to pay for it right away, my Groucho might still be alive. The first vet I took her to was an emergency vet in Olympia. I waited in that waiting room for 30 minutes for the front desk secretary to ask the doctor if he would even look at my Groucho even though I only had $35 in my pocket at the time. I was willing to do ANYTHING to save my baby! I said I'll give them a postdated check, take down my credit card number, sign a promisory note, anything! But they would not even look at her. And thanks to that fraudulent "school" I went to, I don't qualify for Care Credit. So I could forget about that! That was 30 minutes of precious time wasted, time I could have had spent saving Groucho! But that dumbass doctor would not even look at her. Instead they sent me to another all-night hospital 30 miles away. That was about another 20-25 minutes wasted! But thankfully that vet looked at her. But could not save her. Anyone near to me would tell you how badly Groucho's death affected me. Katrina was here, Anna was here, my ma was here, my pa was too. It was Katrina and Anna who tried to get me to eat something one night, after I had not eaten anything for 3 days. It's just as bad, if not worse than, losing a child! Many parents would argue that I didn't carry that dog inside me for 9 months. I say SCREW THAT!!! Groucho and I were spiritually connected since before she was born. I cannot really explain it, but there was a spiritual connection there. And everything that dog did was cute! No matter what it was. My favorite thing was when she would jump on my bed when I was lying on it, make her way up to my arms that would be folded in front of me, crawl in between my arms, get on her back, kick up her feet, and lick my ears! That was so adorable!!! I wish I had gotten a video of her doing that because now, I sure do miss it! Vegas doesn't do that. Neither does Minnie. Minnie barely lets anyone pet her, let alone crawl up and cuddle in my arms!

Ironically, I got Minnie to help me get over losing Groucho. Vegas alone just was not cutting it. I don't know why! But when I got Minnie, I started being able to get Groucho out of my mind better. I stopped crying every 10-20 minutes and began to smile again. I've been tear-free now for almost 4 years, since I got Minnie. But Minnie is not as lovable as Groucho. She was raised by a breeder who obviously did not love her, just had her as a puppy-producing machine. So Minnie came to me not really trusting anyone. She's gotten a little bit better, but she still acts a bit scared when someone holds her.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Most Hated Family

Well, you all know I have been talking about the Westboro Baptist Church for a while now. I swear if there is one thing I hate, it's fanatical christians like them! They'll even take their own beliefs about GOD over their own children, that's how far they go. I guess this strikes me hard because when I was a kid, I always thought my ma put religion over me too. I constantly watch videos of these people on YouTube, trying to gain some understanding. What they say about the Bible is true, but it's not the whole truth. What they do is they take all the negativity and hate mentioned in the Bible and exaggerate it beyond recognition. I even watched a session that had Shirley Phelps talking in a classroom to a bunch of college students, the whole thing was filmed. Someone asked her about this child she had out of wedlock, to which her answer to him was "That's none of your business!" I agree with her there, that should be left in the past. My biggest concern with that comment coming out of Shirley's mouth is, since it's obvious she was able to repent and ask GOD's forgiveness for that, and put that behind her, why is it OK for her and that dumb, so-called "church" she goes to, to poke their noses in another person's business and shout out loud "GOD hates you!" and "You're going to Hell!"?? If I were a passer-by on the street, I would say exactly the same thing to them.

They claim they have rights to free speech, but I don't think that should include things like telling the families of fallen soldiers that their family member is in Hell now. That's like biting the hand that feeds you. But then again, that's what has made them famous. Sometimes I think for the Phelps family, they are not doing this to "warn" anyone of anything, they are not doing this to become "messengers of GOD". I think they're doing it for only one reason: For fame and acknowledgement. But there is a difference between becoming famous and becoming infamous. I'm myself kindof on the line between the two so I know what it's like to be there. But I am not running a "church" of any kind. I'm safely in my home. I have websites, but none of them have my phone number up. I've seen several videos on YouTube where people have prank-called the Westboro Baptist Church. Now, when you call them, all you get is an answering service. I even saw a video where someone called the Phelps' lawfirm, requesting to speak to one of the Phelps. He told them he was having problems with some demons. Well, they kept hanging up on him, so he even got his friend to contact them and the manager of the lawfirm told him never to contact them again or they were going to turn them in to the police. LOL!

You know what that all means? It seems to me that the members of the Westboro Baptist Church have become scared of their own actions. Now that they have all the fame they could ever ask for, even though for the most part, it's not good fame, they have become scared of their actions because people now are starting to fight back, and fight back hard! Like a gang of wolverines. Personally, if I were so scared as to hang up on people who called my workplace, or have only an answering service handle all my phone calls (with 9 options no less), I just would not keep doing what I've been doing. A person would have to be pretty sick in the head to do something that has gotten them that much negative attention, and keep on doing it. Especially where religion is concerned, and pushing their beliefs the way these people do. You will never see me picketing anywhere because I just don't believe in pushing my beliefs on others. My ma used to picket a lot! But only businesses that did her wrong. Not the innocent funerals of fallen soldiers. I mean, the WBC travels all around the country just to picket these funerals! I'd never go that far, I would be embarrassed if I were them! They've been banned from going to places like Canada and the UK. Seriously! They travel all the way from Kansas to the UK just to picket a soldier's funeral and push their beliefs on others???!!! That just goes to prove how nutty these people are!

In one clip I saw, Shirley gave reference to Noah and the ark. Well, GOD did not banish anyone from boarding the ark! HE just gave them a choice and most of the people back then chose to ignore them. Some even laughed. The WBC has banished a lot of people from their church. Including their own children! And they condemn to Hell anyone who disagrees with them. Well, I don't totally disagree with them, I know all about GOD's wrath. I just don't believe HE hates anybody like these people love to point out, as if that's the only thing GOD feels for HIS people. That kind of belief system is what makes the members of the WBC look stupid! Not to mention Shirley's psychotic grin. Her children even have that same grin. I see that grin, and it makes me want to slap the daylights out of them!

Well, I am actually glad to see they are becoming scared of their own actions. That's good! Perhaps it'll make them stop to think about the pain they are causing others. I heard Fred Phelps even makes videos. I saw an interview someone did with him, and the man just never shuts up! He reminds me a lot of my wacky neighbor. I call her "motor-mouth" for a reason. Because she just never shuts up. She keeps yakking even when no one is listening. So does Fred Phelps. He can say I'm going to Hell all he wants to, it doesn't mean it's true. Ultimately the only one who can make that decision is GOD. GOD has been really good to me so far. I mean, I ain't dead yet! I haven't met up with any psychos, but then again, I haven't met any of these fanatical vegans face to face yet. LOL! They're just like the members of the WBC! They're psychotic, they're brainwashed, they push their beliefs on others, they condemn you if you don't agree with them. Pretty much everything the Phelps do, only their religion is veganism, and they worship prey animals instead of GOD. I think I found out why most vegans are cat-people. Katrina and I were talking the other day, and she said, kindof jokingly, that that is how these fanatical vegans get their blood-lust. Cats torture their prey before killing it, people naturally love to see drama. Vegans like to speak out against drama against animals. Unless another animal is doing the torturing (seems fanatical vegans have forgotten that people are animals too). So vegan fanatics like to hide their lust for seeing something killed by getting a cat and letting it kill and torture small animals for their delight. You can never get me to believe that fanatical vegans are in any way "compassionate"! No way! No matter how many times they say it, it doesn't mean it's true! Like I said, I have more compassion than they do in one eyelash!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dogs Aren't Perfect

I've been reading some of the posts on the Rants and Raves Forum on Craigslist, and there are a couple of different people who came in and said there was some old fart who goes jogging in an off-leash dog park, and has even kicked at some of the other peoples' dogs. Now why someone, who does not own a dog and apparently does not like them, would want to even go jogging in an off-leash dog park is absolutely beyond my realm of knowledge. Because if I didn't own a dog and I didn't like them, the last place I'd ever even want to go would be an off-leash dog park! For one reason, a dog off leash is definitely going to approach me, and I know it would, that's just how dogs are. They are sociable animals. Another thing, your chances of stepping in dog crap is also very great. Not to mention the possible fleas that would get on you and other parasites that some peoples' dogs may be carrying. If I didn't have a dog, or even didn't like them, I sure as Hell would not walk through an off-leash dog park. I cannot even imagine why this man would go jogging through that park unless it is just to be an asshole and piss off dog owners. Some day, he may anger the wrong person by kicking at their dog and that dog's owner might punch the man in the face, or blast his brains out. One of the reasons I don't even take my dogs to an off-leash park is because most people around here own nothing but big dogs, and I'm afraid my dogs might get carried away and wind up being attacked by one of them. Vegas likes to attack and chase after bigger dogs. Some bigger dogs may not take it from Vegas and crush him.

Some people were complaining because dogs come up to them and poke their noses in that person's butt or crotch. I admit I hate that too! If someone's dog does that to me, I would not hesitate to back-kick them. Usually gently, but firmly. The kind of dogs people own around here, like hunting dogs, are very notorious for that! That is why I do not like being approached by big dogs. And when they do approach me, I carefully keep my eyes on them. I try very hard not to let them sneak up behind me because that's usually when they like to poke their noses in a person's behind. That's one reason I don't like strange dogs coming up to me. I remember I once saw a clip from a show about funny home videos, in fact I've seen this twice, with different dogs. Someone turned a dog loose in a park where people were sunbathing, and the dog goes up to them and pokes it's nose in their butts. I can't even believe there are people out there filming things like that and thinking it's funny. It's NOT funny! To me, it looks like rape. Rape is not funny in any way, shape or form. I know it's natural for a dog to sniff another dog's butt. It's when the dog crosses the species barrier and does it to anything besides another dog, that's when it looks like rape. When I see clips like that, I can sometimes understand why there are people in this world who don't like dogs. One of the biggest, most legitimate complaints I hear about dogs is that people hate it when dogs poke their noses where it doesn't belong. I say I hate that too, and I am normally a dog lover. I guess dogs just aren't perfect. If it wasn't for their butt-sniffing behavior, they could be the world's most perfect animals!

Dogs are just that step away from being perfect. They love us, they look up to us, that makes them great companions. Dogs have done so much more than that too. They actually helped us build civilizations. Cats didn't have much of a hand in building civilizations, except during the black plague, that was the one and only time they played any part in building human history, and that was just in Europe. But in my research for this dog book (which I am trying to make better), I found that it was actually the domestication of dogs that made humans what we are today. If it weren't for dogs, we would not be here at all. Dogs helped early humans with hunting, which made us more intelligent and social. Dogs herded prey animals like deer and ox so early humans could either eat the animals or use their strengths and abilities to help build farms and towns. Dogs helped us in that aspect in domesticating cattle, horses, even sheep and goats. We rewarded them by sharing our leftovers from the hunt. Dogs transported humans and their goods from one place to another on migrations, long before horses came into playing that role. Thus humans were able to adapt to the climate and could live basically anywhere they wanted to. Simply put, humans would not be humans if it weren't for dogs. But understandably for some, it's just hard to look past their crotch-sniffing behavior.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

What To Charge To Rehome Pets?

Sometimes I get annoyed by some of the people who want to rehome their pets but also want to charge astronomical prices for them. I look on Craigslist and I see it all the time. Not that I am looking for a pet, but I do just like glancing at the ads. Maybe someday I will get to adopt some of the pets I find in the ads. LOL! Craigslist does not allow pet sales, and it seems a lot of people do not understand that. Craigslist only allows you to post ads and offer pets for a "small adoption fee". The problem with that is it's open to interpretation. Anyone can charge whatever they want as long as the other viewers don't think of the actual amount as the equivelant of a sale. But I have seen it before, people charging hundreds of dollars for a pet that should only cost no more than $100.

For example, tonight I saw an ad for someone wanting to sell a yorkshire terrier puppy. The pup is quite young still and rather small--what backyard beeders would regard as a "teacup yorkie". The title line of their ad reads that they want a small adoption fee. I can only imagine what the amount of this "adoption fee" is. Knowing some of the people who advertise on Craigslist just to save money, and knowing what some dumbasses want to charge for a runty yorkie, this poster's idea of a "small adoption fee" just might be as high as $1600, maybe more! That is NOT a small adoption fee. That is a monstrous selling price! I don't like people who charge so much just for runty pups anyway. It's dumb! Most pups that are too small are that way because they have health issues. Like they were born not getting enough nutrition from their mother. It causes them problems later on in life.

If I were the average consumer, I would watch out for anyone who wants more than $300 for a runty puppy. In fact, NO reputable breeder would sell a runty puppy for ANY amount of money! There's just too many health problems attached to that pup. Most good breeders prefer to keep those pups, mostly because they know the chances of that puppy dying are at least 50/50. I once knew someone, it was the person I got Bambi from, and back then I knew nothing about backyard breeders and the effects dwarfism has on dogs. Bambi had a little brother, that was less than half her size, yet the same age. Well, I saw him there when I first went to look at Bambi, and he was so tiny! I thought he was a rat! He was MUCH smaller than Bambi. One thing I remember about him though, his head looked almost too big for his body. I asked the breeder if they were going to sell that puppy, and the woman said no, she'd like to keep him.

Well, a week later, when Bambi was old enough to come home with me, her little brother was nowhere in sight. I asked the woman what happened to him, and she said that he died. He was fine one minute, jumping around, wanting to be played with. Then she turned her back on him for just a minute and when she came back to him, he was dead. The woman theorized that that pup's head was so big, when he jumped to try and get to her, he must have fallen backwards, which was how she found him, and because his head was so huge, it likely caused his neck to break when he hit the ground. That was sad! But that's what happens when people breed these undersized pups. And don't trust anyone who says their runty (or "teacup") pups are very healthy! All undersized pups will have some bad problems that are very likely to be very costly in the future. And in some cases, even fatal! Just don't risk it. Odessa was only 3 pounds for a long time, and we got her from one of the most reputable breeders in WA state! She still has some problems. Finding a dog food that she can eat without getting the runs is darn-nearly impossible! She can't have any of the cheap grocery store brands. Not that we give our dogs that junk anyway. Minnie is the same way! She's smaller than an average papillon, and though in my eyes, she looks like a good quality dog, in reality, she isn't. She is a poorly bred papillon, and there is some things I cannot give her either without her getting sick.

The problem with ads like this, if a dog is purebred, people think they can get away with charging high adoption fees for them. And I am not a mutt person. I understand those people who are, but I personally do not like mongrels. I'm not saying they can't be good pets, I'm just saying that I would never take a mongrel over a purebred dog, good quality or not. I would rather have a poorly-bred purebred dog than a mixed breed any day of the week! That's just my preference. Except when it comes to chihuahuas. With Chihuahuas, I simply MUST have good quality because I can't stand those Taco Bell dog lookalikes! I'm happy that Vegas came out as good as he did! He could have been shown, he's so good! But not anymore. He's done been neutered and I'm not into dog shows anymore. I could never have been separated from him for long anyway. He's my baby boy.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

1000-Mile Walk

I wanted to do it! I still want to do it! It's something I've never done before. I wanted to go on a very long walk, a walk that would have probably taken us weeks to complete, but it would have been so much fun! I talked at length with Anna about it, we were going to go on a walk all the way from Bozeman, MT to North Dakota. Montanans go on long walks like that all the time. So I figured why can't we do the same? I see those lonely hikers on the side of the freeway all the time, almost every time I go on the freeway. Most of them look younger than me, but still! I'd like to do something like this. It'd be a very rough existence, but really, it'd be a lot cheaper than taking the car to North Dakota. It'd be the adventure of a lifetime. If I had kids, I'd say this would be an adventure to one day relay to grandchildren! LOL! We were going to pack the dogs in their buggies, and just go and have fun, walk 20 miles each day, and where ever we found ourselves was where we would make our camp and stay for the night.

I wanted to do this. But Anna reminded me that our schedule is too tight right now to do something like this. She wants to go back to school, and she has a surgery scheduled for the beginning of June. I have to take her for that. So it's like BUMMER!!!!! I really wanted to do this. And I betcha we would have lost plenty of weight by the time we got back home. At least 50 pounds of it. Anna said we may even have made the news! Probably. It was a choice between walking or boating to North Dakota. I've never done either! Anna said "I'll take you camping one day." But for me, it's not just the camping that would have made this trip special, I've been camping many times before. It's the 1000-mile walk that would have made it special, going places we've never been before, seeing things we've never seen before, in a way that I've never seen them before. Anybody can view anything from a moving vehicle, but to see them on foot, walking by, in sort of a way, it allows you to interact with that thing. The only thing I would have worried about on a trip like that would be highway men. But I would have carried weapons to deal with them. They would also be easier to avoid if we took the back roads.

Ya know, I think this is why Americans are so fat! Because our schedules are so busy no one has time to work off what they eat. That really sucks! We would be able to go on this walk if only Anna's upcoming schedule was not so busy. I was going to keep a video diary of the walk, and Anna was going to bring along her trip journal, which she always brings every time we go on a trip. She writes about the fun we have and everything.

Anyway, I've got some good news about Brandi, Lois is getting her some training with a professional canine behaviorist. Hopefully with the proper training, Brandi won't be so aggressive anymore and will leave Minnie alone. She usually does when I am in the dog park. Because she learned after the first attack on Minnie, that I'm not going to take any of her shit! This last time she attacked Minnie, I wasn't in the park, I couldn't keep Brandi from her. Well, let's hope and pray for the best. I'd really hate to see Lois lose Brandi! But as of now, Brandi is a big threat to a lot of dogs. And Minnie is so tiny, I'm scared to death Brandi is going to kill her one day!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Rats, Rats, Rats!

LOL! You know what I find most hilarious about some people? Any animal that is small, that a person has no idea what that animal is, they think it's a rat. Recently, I've even seen someone say on a TV show, that a lemur is a rat! I sat there thinking "In what way does a lemur resemble a rat??" To me, a rat is a tiny creature with naked ears, a long, naked tail, squat legs, beady eyes, and naked feet tipped with claws. Lemurs hardly fit the description. Most of them have hairy ears, large eyes, long legs, and a furry tail. Of course not all rats are as I described. One of the beautiful things about rats is that they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of them look more like squirrels than what the average human perceives as rats. Of all the small, non-rodent animals I've seen, the only ones I can think of that remind me of a typical rat, are the opossums. Check out the resemblance:

Typical rats
American Opossum
To me, there is a resemblance. Opossums are of course much bigger, and they don't have the incisors like rats and all other rodents do. But outwardly, there is a resemblance. Their legs are short and squat, the eyes are dark and beady, the ears are teardrop-shaped and naked, the tail is long and naked, and the feet are naked and tipped with claws. All the same characteristics that most people think of when they think of a rat. But opossums are not rats. They're not even rodents. They are marsupials. But a lemur resembling a rat?? Some of the tiny ones I could see somewhat (??) resembling rats. That's how they got the name of "mouse lemurs", because they somewhat resemble mice.

Mouse Lemur
But any other kind of lemur, I would have to seriously disagree resembles a rat. I just don't see the connection, or how anyone could make such an observation. In fact, most lemurs look no more like rats than a cat does! I look at lemurs, and to me, they look more like cats! Not rats. Or maybe like a cross between a dog and a cat. Take a look at these varieties especially:

You know why I think a lot of people say any small animals resemble rats? Its because they're not looking at a lion, or a tiger, or an elephant. They don't know what they're looking at, all they know is that it's a small animal with fur all over it, so they call it a rat. To a lot of lazy-ass people, it's easier to just look at a small animal and say "that's a rat" than to get educated and learn what the difference between a small animal and a rodent is. I learned! I learned the difference in no time. It used to drive my ma CRAZY too!!! It was hard for her to realize I wasn't that young, gullible child anymore who agreed with everything she said, but someone who is well-educated about animals and takes that knowledge very seriously. It took ma a LONG time to finally figure that out. I was relieved when she did too. I can remember one morning we even got into a fist fight (which she started) just because she misidentified something and I corrected her.

As someone who has studied animals for the majority of my life, I learned not to look at animals on the surface. Appearances are oftentimes deceiving! To me, lions look more like dogs than cats. The only thing that looks cat-like on a lion is the whiskers and feet. Hyenas also look dog-like, but they are not dogs either. They just look like dogs. So you can't really tell what an animal is related to just by looking at the surface of that animal. Rodents and rabbits are the only mammals that have the long incisors. And while the group of rodents is a very large group, it does not consist of all the small mammals of the world. Every group has variety.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bad Dog!

Well, this morning when I went to the dog park, there was another little problem. I put Minnie and Vegas in there, and grabbed the poo-scoop to pick up a mess Minnie made this morning that I was unable to pick up then. I went out to the area around the building where she did it, and while I was there picking up Minnie's old droppings, I heard a commotion in the dog park. I heard Vegas going crazy, and Anna yelling. And it sounded like she was yelling "Brandie!!!" She shouted it several times. I raced back to the dog park, wondering what the Hell was going on. I saw Karen wrapping what I first thought was Vegas, in a blanket, and handing it over to Anna. Anna shouted "Come in here, quick!" So I rushed faster. As it turns out, it was Minnie, and Brandi had attacked her and pinned her down. I was livid! To say the least! I saw Anna point at Brandi and shout "BAD DOG!" Karen gathered Brandi up and took her back to the landlord's apartment. As they were coming out I shouted at Brandi. I said "BRANDI!! Damn you!!!" In the process of pulling Brandi away, Karen got bit by her.

Well I was mad at Brandi, and I still am! This is the second time she attacked Minnie! Fortunately Minnie was not hurt at all. She has no puncture wounds anywhere. But it may be a LONG time before either she, or I, trust Brandi again! Poor Minnie was so shaken up! I would have understood a little bit better if Brandi had attacked Vegas. Vegas after all has been asking for it for weeks now! But not Minnie! Minnie doesn't hurt anyone, and pretty much leaves Brandi alone. Of course I still would have been pissed if Brandi had attacked Vegas, don't misunderstand me there! But at least I would have had an answer why she did it, and hopefully would avoid such a confrontation again. But Minnie does nothing! So there are no answers. Did Brandi just have this pent-up anger because Lois is now away from home? I don't know. But why attack poor, innocent Minnie???

Well, Brandi's days may be numbered anyway. Rory went and opened his big, stupid mouth and blabbed on Lois! He told Animal Control that Brandi attacked his dog, Taz, one day in the dog park. But Brandi did not start that fight! Taz did. But I bet you Rory did not tell Animal Control that. Rory thinks his dog can do no wrong. What a dumbass!! But unfortunately, Brandi may get the worst of the consequenses because she is the landlord's dog. The landlord is not considered a tenant, and because of that, if Brandi were to get into another fight with any other dog or pet in the building, she's going to be taken away from Lois! And Brandi did it again today with Minnie. If Animal Control ever found out about this, Brandi would surely be taken away from Lois! Frankly, if Brandi were my dog, she'd have been GONE already! She's simply not safe to have around other dogs!

When we were walking out of the dog park, Karen kinda looked at me out the corner of her eyes and said "Would you dare to call Animal Control?" But no. That's not how the Timmyfan works! LOL! The last thing I ever want to do is get the landlord in trouble, or bring harm to another dog. I said though that all I want is for Lois to do something about Brandi! Either get her some good training, or send her to live with someone else! Lois's sister looked responsible enough, perhaps she could take Brandi. It's none of my business really, but then at least Brandi would still be in the family. I don't want to get Lois or Brandi in trouble. But having Brandi is a violation of the lease. The lease says that any pet that harms another pet or person will not be allowed to live in this building. Brandi has gotten into more than one or two fights, which she did instigate. Not just with Minnie, but also with Deb's dog Ziggy, and there are several others whose dogs cannot be in the park with Brandi because Brandi just automatically attacks them.

I'd hate to see Lois lose Brandi, but she has to do something! I'll have to talk to her tomorrow. I hope she's available. I must tell her about Brandi attacking Minnie again. I don't want to not go into the dog park, that's the only time I really get to chat with my friends. But what can I do? Karen comes in with both Brandi and her own dogs. Lois does not take Brandi to the park. She's too busy. And Karen once told me that Brandi is MUCH worse when Lois is around. But I don't want Minnie killed. If Minnie ever gets hurt really bad, I'm going to have no choice but to report Brandi.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Just Shut Up About It!

I've said it before, people are dumb! Especially over-obsessed fanatics. At least though I now know I am not the only one who thinks fanatics are annoying. I don't even like INXS fanatics, that should say a lot. And I used to be one of them, LONG ago. But that was then, this is now.

I bring this up because I watched (and favorited) a video about how annoying fanatics are to one person. He talked about religious fanatics, vegan/vegetarian fanatics, and homosexual fanatics. I added a few of my own that I hate. I hate panther fanatics too. I wish that African panthers movie had never been made! Because of it, panther fanatics are now more pushy and annoying than ever before. But then again, that may be because people today are just dumber than they've ever been before. That's why I never let society or the media tell me what I can or can't like. You don't see many movies about lemurs do you? I don't love lemurs because of some popular movie I saw in the theaters. Choosing lemurs as my favorite animal was my own choice. No one else's. But I am not a fanatic about them. I hate fanatical people.

I saw some vegan comments on that video too. And another one I watched after that. Vegans need to find some new heros. The one they have now is getting boring! I always hear the same dumb comebacks from vegans!

Vegan comment #1: If we were meant to eat meat, I want to see you chase down a squirrel using nothing but your bare hands, legs and teeth, kill it yourself and eat everything including the bones, eyes, brain, intestines, etc.

Rationality lesson #1: Even a lot of natural predators do not eat bones, brains and eyes. Some predators, like the leopard seal for example, only eat the breast meat of their prey. Bones and all the undesirables are usually left to scavengers. And if you're going to bring up that we don't have claws or teeth to bring down our prey, you missed the best weapon of all: our brains. We're intelligent enough to make weapons for killing and are able to outsmart our prey.

Vegan comment #2: Our digestive system is completely like that of a herbivore.

Rationality lesson #2: No, it's not. Cows have 2 stomachs, humans only have 1. Purely herbivorous primates have 2, humans only have 1. Think about it, if a human's digestive tract were naturally like that of a pure herbivore's, then vegans would have pot bellies like all herbivorous animals do. And I don't mean a pot belly like mine that is this way because of an overabundance of fat cells. I mean a pot belly that is that way because the person has more than 1 stomach pouch, and many more yards of an intestinal tract than what a normal person has. Fact is, our digestive tract paralells that of a true omnivorous animal. Not a herbivore.

Vegan comment #3: Put a 2 year old in a crib with a bunny and an apple. If the child eats the apple and plays with the bunny, that means we are herbivores.

Rationality lesson #3: (with a facepalm) This is the vegan's most favorite excuse for veganism. It's been over-used, but it doesn't prove anything! Even a lion of comparable age (which would be about a 6-week old cub) will not attack, kill and eat a live animal sitting in front of it. Except maybe in play. But at that age, it hasn't yet grasped the concept of predator and prey and what they're supposed to do. I once had a Scottie dog, I got her as a puppy, and she didn't catch and kill her first rat until she was about 6 months old. Before that, she looked at rats with great indifference. Yeah, a 2-year old child might not kill and eat a live bunny rabbit, it may not even eat the apple, unless you cut and peel it for them. But take a pork chop, or even a burger patty, and a bottle of cow's milk, put them down in the crib with the same child, I guarantee that baby will eat those in no time. Maybe even before it eats the apple!

And when all else fails, fanatical vegans always resort to name-calling. Mostly because we omnivores are right and they know it. We struck a nerve! hehehe! Like I said before, there is NO conclusive proof that a mixed diet (containing both meat and vegetables) is unhealthy and that a purely vegan diet is healthier. A vegan may have a heart-attack. They may have a stroke as easily as I could. They never know. All it takes is a lot of stress. I have a lot of stress, I'm a very good candidate for a heart attack myself! LOL! It has really nothing to do with my diet. It's because of the stress that I am putting myself through on a daily basis with all the work I have to do. Stress causes your body to do a lot of things it wouldn't normally do. But vegans don't understand that. They think it's all linked to diet. While that may be partially true, it's not the whole truth. And the source that most vegans use is PETA. And let me tell you, PETA is NOT a credible source! They are nothing more than a fucking terrorist group. To say Ingrid Newkirk knows what she's talking about is the same as saying Bin Ladin knew what he was talking about. He didn't! Like Newkirk, his view was completely biased and boorish. Even I, as an animal lover, wouldn't listen to her!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Neighbor The Jinx

I was joking around with my sis tonight and I said my neighbor, Marie, must be a jinx. For the past 3 days, she's been in the dog park. The first day she was in there before either Anna or I arrived, so I guess that did not count. She left shortly after. But for the past couple of days she's been coming in after we arrived, and both days, Anna and I actually developed belly cramps within 20 minutes of arriving there. I think my neighbor lady might have a hex on us. LOL! I don't like her very much, and I believe she knows it. I don't hate her, but I am not fond of her either. Much the same way I feel about Sharon. When Marie is in the park, she pretty much ignores me and Anna. She's had a lot of practice at ignoring me. LOL! To me, that's a good thing. I could sit at the park and say out loud in front of her that her face looks like the ass-end of a donkey and she would probably never hear me. At least she is not griping about me anymore if she's ignoring me, and she's not pounding on my walls anymore either. She told Karen that I've been "farting around the house at night". LOL! So I don't care if she's learned to ignore me. But I need to learn to ignore her as well. But when she is at the dog park, she just never shuts up! She hoards the conversation! And I am not interested in hearing what she has to say. I go to the dog park to meet up with Karen and Kim, and possibly Deb. Not my wacky neighbor!!

I think I know why she's been going in there more often now than she ever has before. She doesn't have anyone else to talk to. Sharon stiffed her. Apparently Sharon asked Marie to look after Cora while she was away, and then one day Sharon calls Marie and tells her that she forgot to pay her rent, so Marie agreed to pay Sharon's rent for her, and said that she can pay her back when she comes home, and Sharon said OK. Well, when Sharon got home, not only did she not pay Marie back for paying her rent, but Sharon even accused Marie of stealing from her! Well, long story short, they had a big falling out, and now Sharon and Marie are not speaking anymore, and that was the last friend Marie had here, besides Karen and Kim, who are friends with everyone here. So Marie now goes into the dog park. That sucks! I haven't been able to talk to Karen or Kim since before that first day. I won't talk to Marie. Even though I know she tunes me and Anna out when we speak. LOL!

I don't like Marie because she's a drunkard. I have this block against making friends with drunkards. They're usually mean and they stink! So I want nothing to do with them. I think Marie senses that I don't like her, and so that's why she tunes me out. hehe! I really couldn't care less either. I just don't like her coming into the dog park. She doesn't even have a dog. She only goes in because no one else will have anything to do with her. Although I must say the "farting around the house" comment is a little bit creative. LOL! I've never heard that one before. I've heard the phrase "tooting around the house", but this is the first time I've ever known anyone to convert the phrase to "farting around the house"! LOL! We're not supposed to know who's been griping about us to the office, but Karen always reveals it anyway. I think Lois tells her or something. Or Marie probably has confided directly to Karen herself. But Karen always spills the beans. LOL! But I don't care. I have no plans to start a war with my neighbor. My mutual agreement with her is, she leaves me alone, I'll leave her alone. No war is necessary.

My father thinks I am a very negative person. But no, really I am quite positive. I just don't like it here. I want to go back to the coast. I really don't have many complaints against the people. At least I didn't until I found out what cocksuckers many Montanans are about this state. Like I said, they act like you're bashing their family or children. But for me, it's more like I just don't like this climate. I'm not used to it. I'm used to the marine air of back home. Pa has mixed feelings about me moving back. That's what he told Anna. Well, I told Anna he can have as many feelings as he wants about this, but my mind is made up. Moving here was a big mistake on my part. The only real reason I am here is because I could not stay in Ocean Shores without a car. I lived there without one once, and it was HELL! Now that they have upped the price of the shuttle, and eliminated bus transfers, it's going to be much worse! I might as well have just given my entire monthly allowance to the company that ran the buses and shuttles. I can't afford that every time I need to go somewhere. And have any of you tried to take groceries on a 25-mile bus ride? Especially if it's like 70 degrees outside. I worried a lot! It always took the bus 2 hours to run from Aberdeen to Ocean Shores, and another hour to wait for the shuttle, and then LORD knows only how long it would take to get from the shuttle station to our home. It was only 4 miles from the station, but on a busy day, it sometimes took as long as an hour because it had to run a certain route. So that would be about 4 hours wasted out of my day, and that's just one way! Plus the toll it had on my perishable groceries. I say the HELL with it!!! So that's why I could not live in Ocean Shores without a car. And that car belongs to Anna. She'll need it when she goes to school.

Well, I need a car if I am going to get back to the coast. Otherwise I am just stuck here. But one word to my father, if he is reading: PLEASE DON'T BUY ME A CAR!!!!!!!!! I'LL DO IT MYSELF!!!! I know the man means well, but his taste in cars SUCKS!!!! He bought this last car for Anna, and when he bought it, it was a piece of crap! It ran, but that was about all it did. Anna and I were the ones who had to put the money in to get that car to do more. Plus it's a damn Ford! Dad knows how I feel about Fords!! I hate them! I'll take anything but a Ford!! Dad always insists on putting us in Fords, and I hate it when he even suggests it! That's an insult! It's like he wants us to have nothing but cars that break down and give us nothing but heartaches and stress!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

All About Eggs?

Well, I have decided to rejoin this forum about birds. I was once a member long ago, and I had another name, but I forgot my password, so I just said screw it! I don't go in there much anymore anyway. I just don't care much for forums. Especially forums like this one, that take away my rights of free speech. But this time when I went in, my main interest was in completing this bird book. I am right now working on the chapter about pheasants, quails and partridges, and I would like to add egg dimensions for each species if I can. But there is one I have yet to be able to find, and it's the snow partridge of the Himalayas. So I went in there to ask about it.

Well my post sat in there for a whole day, it got a lot of views but no responses. I figured the people there would know about something like that. Well, today I got some responses. One person just asked why I want information like that. I wasn't sure at the time if I should have been telling them about this book I am writing, as I have been working on it for many years, and I am not even halfway done with it yet, and I have no idea of the outcome of this book yet. Yet, I was wondering why this person was asking me why I wanted to know information like that. It almost sounded like I had offended him or something. Well, another person told me that most people now do not like discussing Oology, which is the study of eggs. He compared it to being like trophy-hunting an animal. He said the study of eggs has proven to be detrimental to the survival of some rare species like the snow partridge. But I am not trying to be detrimental to any bird's survival. All I wanted was to know if anyone had this information. But at least I can say that he answered my question as to why no modern books carry this kind of info. But I still want to add this information to my book.

I want this bird book to be along the same scale as Walker's Mammals of the World. I want detailed information in this book. I believe the reader deserves it! I want to contain as much information as possible, and that includes egg measurements along with the description. The only problem is, I can't find such detailed information about some birds. They've not been so easy to find. For example, hummingbirds. There is no book out there with any detailed information about hummingbirds. The closest that I've been able to find is this book I have about birds of South America. And then it's just a physical description about each species. I have lots of books about birds, and more will be on the way. I just have to gather as much info as I can while I can. Hopefully someone out there can help me out.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Post-Party Fun Lingers

Well, I just got back from my landlord's birthday party, she turned 60. The party was actually for her and her twin sister. I had no idea whatsoever she had a twin sister. When you see them, you don't even realize they are twins. They must have been apart for so long, they stopped looking like each other. Her sis lives in California. I made Lois a clock with Brandi's picture on it (I made a video of how I made it and I will be putting it up on YouTube). It's a simple little clock that anyone can make! I'm just going to post it to share the idea. The landlord loved the clock! I knew she'd at least get a kick out of it. But I am glad she loved it. They aren't hard to make, and it's a cute, novel idea. One of the people who helped out for the party was a woman who lives here named Betty Warwood. I still don't like her. In fact, I've been bad-mouthing her all afternoon. LOL! I saw Mike Mayers here and I said to Anna that I didn't want that dickhead sitting next to me, so I scooted over closer to Kim, who was a couple of seats away. I don't like Mike either! He's an asshole who thinks everything of his is better than anyone else's and he's a fucking liar! Every time he opens his mouth you know he's going to spit out a lie! And his stories change all the time. I believe what he does is he hears interesting stories about everyone else's life and applies it to himself. Like one time he told Kim that his sister was really his mother. Well, I know where he got that story! That's the story of Jack Nicholson's life. But Mike tells it like it's his own story. Everyone knows it's not.

Well, little did I realize that by moving closer to Kim, I was also moving closer to Betty Warwood, and I don't like that woman! When someone mentioned Betty was going to be seated only 2 seats away from me, I was like "Oh GAWD!!!!" I said it out loud too. LOL! Other people down the row were looking at me funny, but I didn't care. I turned to Anna and said, "I can tell you I am not a people-person!" hehehe! It's true! But I wanted to be there for our landlord, no one else. Also, when food was being served, I was behind this one other tenant, who asked Betty if the macaroni salad was one that she made, and Betty answered "Yes." But she didn't just answer, she shouted "YES!" I told Betty it looks disgusting. I meant it too. The other tenants in front of me heard me say that, and I'm sure Betty did too (she was standing right there), but I didn't care. She didn't respond, but again, I didn't say it just to get a response. I said it because it did look disgusting! She put egg halves on top!

Actually when you get right down to it, I am not a big fan of eggs. I like omlettes with American cheese, and I like scrambled eggs and souffles. But things like fried eggs, or over-easy, or even boiled eggs, I don't like those. Deviled eggs make me sick, just looking at them! To me, deviled eggs look like someone puked up the yolks onto a half an egg white, and they smell that way to me too! I'm not a huge fan of cheese either. I love American cheese, and I like cheddar on some things, but no other kind of cheese. And I cannot just sit and eat a block of cheese, or take a handful of shredded cheese and put it in my mouth. I went to Costco once where there were demos for Irish-style cheddar cheese, and I tried it and it was disgusting! I'm sure it would more likely have tasted better on something, but by it's self, it was disgusting to me. I just cannot eat a block of cheese by it's self. But anyway, the fried chicken and rolls were awesome! That was all I had, and all I wanted. Then Lois opened her gifts and cards. She loved the clock I made her with Brandi's picture on it.

Later on we had cake. Watching the both of them try to blow out the candles was hilarious. Even with both their lung power, they could not do it. LOL! I got it all on film! I'm going to make a movie of this and give them a copy. The cake turned out to be a marble cake, and what I thought was white icing. But I was wrong. What I thought was actual white icing turned out to be cool whip! YUK!! The stores call it "bettercreme", I call it Cool whip! And it's disgusting on cakes! I think it makes the cake tasteless. I like white, vanilla-flavored buttercream icing! Especially on a marble cake. I remember Suzie's Cakes back in Aberdeen made some awesome marble cakes with white vanilla icing!! That was what I got for Anna's birthday when she turned 40, and had them make it into a volcano. The only problem with Suzie's is that they have this thing about always adding raspberry jelly to everything! Even when you ask them not to. I like cake with flavor, but not that much!! Raspberry is very strong in a cake, and overpowers the taste a bit too much for me.

Anyway, Anna brought up in context to our landlord's party that she should have a graduation party. I said "We'll see." I didn't want to say anything much right there, especially knowing Betty was coming around. I wanted to wait to talk to Anna about that at the dog park, but just as I was thinking of bringing up the subject, Rory comes in with his old dog, Taz, who turned vicious according to Karen. So we had to take our little ones and get out. I didn't want Taz attacking them! But I went out with Anna as she went to the bank to deposit a check. I spoke to her about it then. I told her that having the birthday party for our landlord is one thing. Everyone has to pay their respects. But Anna and I are not that well liked here. So, don't count on inviting anyone else except our closest friends to her graduation party. Ma and Katrina always laugh when I tell them that we are not well liked here. LOL! I'm not even trying to be liked in this place, because I simply do not care. I'm not going to be here much longer anyway. Anna feels the same way. We have our litte circle of friends, and that's enough. I adore them! They are few, but they are wonderful people!

But the reason I am not interested in making friends, and in many cases even glad to make enemies, is because my primary focus is on getting myself back to the coast. And my mentality on that is like a "win at all costs and screw everyone else" attitude. I want nothing more at this point than to get back to the coast. And the few friends I have here, it's going to be hard enough leaving them behind. If I made more friends here, I would probably never want to leave! But at the same time, I don't really want to spend another summer or winter here. Anna is the same way. She is not here to make friends either. She is here to avoid staying in the dorm and to go to school here. Like me, she has few friends here. I had hoped she would make more, because she is going to be here a lot longer than I am. But I guess like me, she's just not trying to win anyone over. But the friends we do have, I cherish a great deal. Karen thinks she's ugly, but I told her I don't think she is. I told her I enjoy seeing her come into the park. Besides there are people here who are MUCH uglier than she is! Like that fugly old fuck with the chocolate labrador! He's one of the ugliest people I've ever seen in my life! And believe me, I've been around quite a bit, and seen many people!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Don't Care

Well, I have tried to put this vegan shit behind me, but the fanatical vegans keep wanting to open the book, even though as far as I am concerned, the subject is closed. They are not going to ever convert me, but being the retarded dipshits that they are, they don't know the meaning of the word NO. See this is why I hate fanatical vegans. Actually ANY fanatics I don't like. They're like fleas, they're pests. I actually dreaded commenting on my vegan friends' Facebook pages, because I was concerned that the fanatics would take it as some sort of invitation to raid my life again. But you know, the more they push their beliefs on me, the more I rail against them, and the only thing they succeed in is making the steak (or burger, or porkchops) taste even better, and look so much more appetizing, just to piss them off.

They use the heart attack and cancer angles to try and intimidate me into turning vegan. But you know what? That doesn't work either. I'm not afraid! If I have a heart attack, then I just do! If I die from it, at least I die happy, and not with the taste of dirt, fungus and seaweed in my mouth. To me, that would be worse than the heart attack it's self. That would even be worse than the death, it's self! I would rather die at 50, and eat what I love than to live to be 100 and not be able to eat meat anymore. That would SUCK!!! But there is no definitive proof that someone who eats meat will die early of a heart attack. Like I said, my grandma's aunt lived to be over 100, and she was definitely a "meat and potatoes" person. But if I were to go vegan, it would be only because of my friends, not the fanatics. But if the fanatics keep pushing, I'll just keep railing against veganism.

I bring this up because someone left a comment on my page asking me if I ever sat down to think why I enrage vegans. I said no, and I don't care either. If the fanatical vegans are going to raid my channel, then they deserve to be enraged. I'm all for them being enraged! Like I said, if they don't like my channel or my opinions, they can leave and never come back. Or I'll do it for them by continuing to block them, and report each one to YouTube for harassment. Maybe I should direct the fanatical vegans to my dead panther video. LOL! Again, just to piss them off even more. But I dunno. Maybe I should just do like what is always suggested when trolls and haters are harassing you. They say to just stop, block and report. That's it! Don't respond to them, just block them. I have this natural urge to communicate with my viewers, but I need to get over it! I don't get like Purfect Dream always did on Pluba, she used to get crazy! But I do let them know I am laughing at them.

This guy said that instead of hurting the fanatical vegans by laughing at them, I could try to understand. I say Why? Why should I try to understand them, when they don't try in the least to understand me? It's not on me. The ball is in their court. Not mine. I didn't invite them in the first place to view my videos, that was their choice. I'm not the one who threatened their lives, but they always threaten mine. Even my dogs have been threatened by fanatical vegans. People who supposedly say they care for animals. The nicer vegans, I don't mind them commenting on my videos or my channel. But the fanatics who piss and moan about my lifestyle, and threaten me or my dogs, I usually block them and I still report them to YouTube for harassment.

This is why everybody hates vegans, and the word vegan has become somewhat synonymous with someone who is pushy, bossy, nosy and just a total ass. They're lucky I'm not in the same room with them, I'd probably want to sit on them. But then I guess that's why they do this stuff online. Because they wouldn't dare say any of their shit to my face. I may be fat, but I can move as fast and suddenly as a bear if I want to. LOL! I've done it before. But I still say any fanatical vegan who comes to my channel and watches my videos deserves to be enraged. I'm sure there is some "leading entity" that tells them about my videos, and if they don't like it, then don't come. Otherwise if they do come, they have no right to complain. Too bad the fanatical vegans are too dumb to see that! Maybe they've been vegan too long that it's eating away at their brains. And yes, it has been proven that if a person gives up eating meat for very long, that it does turn their brains into mush. Tofu and peanuts do not substitute very well either.

Well, I added another job to my already extended list. Now, I am cataloguing my DVDs. I have literally thousands of DVDs, and I am making a list of all of them, what is on them and everything. Now I am doing my compilation DVDs, which takes a lot of doing! I have to watch each one, write down numbers, chapters, positions and everything, and look up titles. Sometimes I make up titles, and that saves a lot of time. I know what they are. But I try to be accurate and just look up titles. There are titles out there. I think for this project, I should print the title lists.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Ever Wonder Why

Did you ever wonder why I don't really care if I am the most hated person on the internet and in this apartment complex? I admit it, I only have a few friends here, but they are great friends! I never cared to become "popular". I get negative comments on Youtube and they really do not bother me. Well, I got a negative comment this morning from a dumb vegan fanatic, but I warned them that if they bothered me that I was going to start blocking and reporting them from now on. Some get the message, others don't. Those that don't, I have to remind them who's boss of my channel. :) And it's not them! Most, if not all of them, are teenagers who need a good ass-kicking anyway. They probably come from meat-eating families, and never learned how to behave like a true vegan is supposed to (according to my friends). Ya know I used to not write to my vegan friends on Facebook, because I didn't want to, in any way, show any of their other vegan friends (in case they had friends who were fanatics) I was communicating with them. I would occasionally "like" their posts, but I never commented on their posts or channels or anything. But then I recently said to myself "screw them!" I'm there to converse with my friends, not with anyone else. So now I treat them as equally as I do all my other Facebook friends. Screw the fanatical vegans! hehe!

But anyway, forget about them! hehe! That's how my mind works, it can quickly shift gears from one thing to another. YouTube is usually the first site I visit when I make my daily rounds to check my messages and e-mails. Then I go to Facebook and visit my friends. Then I go to Craigslist to search for an apartment on the coast. By the time I get to Craigslist, especially if I see something I love, the negative comments from YouTube losers are all but forgotten. Just before I came here in fact, I saw a wonderful looking home, it allows pets and is only 2 blocks away from the beach. In fact, it has a 180-degree, panoramic view of the ocean! I want it!!! More than anything! It's not too far away from the Seaside/Astoria area either. I'd love to look into getting it. The only problem is now, it is not the best time to look into moving, especially here with snow on the ground. But it's always fun to dream! And who knows? Maybe it'll still be available in the summer, when I can possibly move. IF I have enough money saved by then, and a car.

Say, that reminds me! Where are the donations at? LOL! I figured with all those "people" wanting to campaign to "remove all 'idiots' from Montana", that the donations would just be pouring in. Shoot! That's what I would do if an idiot Montanan moved to Washington or Oregon, and decided it was a mistake to move there and wanted to move back to Montana! And I opened up my big mouth like that CaptnHowD guy did and said I was "campaigning to remove all idiots from Oregon and Washington". LOL! I would have given them a generous donation to get started getting out. But then again, when I have a hobby, I see it completely through! I don't just say I'm going to do something (I wound up here, didn't I! LOL!) I do it! Without any donations, all those in this "campaign" can only hope someday soon, I win the lottery. The only reason I am here is because 1) I wanted to come and support my sister. And 2) because I didn't have my own car in Ocean Shores. It'd have been tough living in Ocean Shores without a car. That is the one thing I need now to get back to the coast. I thought I could make it here in Montana, I'm usually a tough and rugged girl myself. But let's face it, I'm just not cut out to live here.

Some people love the mountains, some people love living in deserts, or jungles, or in caves, and even underground. Me? I'm a beach-comber. I'm just not happy unless I am living near water. BIG water! And I don't mean a lake! You couldn't give me a lake-front home! It very definitely has to be a beach home. I used to be a mountain girl back in the days, but now that I've had a taste of living near the ocean, I find I love that sooooo much better! So anyway, that is one reason I don't care if I don't make friends here, because I know I won't be here much longer, and I really don't care to have friends here. I have a few, and that's it. That's enough. It's going to be heart-breaking enough leaving them behind! Maybe we can write to each other after I leave.

Another reason I don't go all "Jessi Slaughter" over hate comments (hehe) is because I just don't have time to! I'm trying to work on another edition of this dog book that I completed in 2009, so that hopefully I can release another edition that has more updated information, maybe I'll get to release the latest edition by 2015. I'm finding new breeds to write about all the time. Plus, I am working on a book about tropical fish, which I just added another chapter to yesterday. That will also become available on the UMG Productions website when it is completed, as will the dog book. And guess what, I've also decided to finish the bird book that I started back in 2004. Actually, the idea for that bird book began in 1988, and I've been working on it since then. But then when I moved to Ocean Shores, for some reason, I stopped working on it. I don't know why, and when we moved from Ocean Shores to here, I even threw away all my folders and information about birds. Now, I am mad that I did, but I am trying to regain my interest in finishing this work. I only hope I can! And I need to finish all this before I pass on! I can't do like Jessi Slaughter did about her hate comments! I simply don't have time to! I barely have time to sleep, let alone cry, sob and have emotional breakdowns over some nameless, faceless persons who don't matter to me anyways on the internet! Maybe she should try that! You get busy enough, you don't even think about anything else!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I Found Out!

I totally found out this morning who the "person" was that left that nasty message on my sister's door. I cannot tell Anna who it was, but I heard who is responsible for it through the grapevine. This person apparently told Roger that (s)he was going to do it, and Roger told Lois. No one wants Anna to know because they feel she'll open up another can of worms. But when it was told to me, I was shocked! Yesterday, when Karen, Kim and I were talking about it, I said to Karen that I hope the culprit is not another fat-ass themselves. Karen almost died laughing. Well, guess what! It is another fat-ass! In fact, the person is a LOT fatter (and uglier) than Anna is, and I could not tell Anna who it was, but I told her to take comfort in the fact that the person who made that sign is MUCH fatter than she is! It's not at all any of the people I thought it was, but definitely someone I didn't like at all. And now I hate that person even MORE because that dumbass made me blame an innocent man and say things in a letter that I would never normally say to anyone! Including not signing my name to the letter! I'm not like that, that made me feel like a coward, and I hate that feeling!

I'm not normally a people-person, but the person who did this to Anna, I never liked him/her from the very first time I saw them. There was something about this person that just bothered me from the start. Now I know what it was! Am I a great judge of character or what??!! HA!! I remember Karen one time wanted me to get in the elevator with this person (LONG before the note incident), and I refused to do it! But she made me anyway! I hated it! It gave me goosebumps and made my skin crawl just being in the elevator with this person. I'll tell you, I don't like this person at all!! The fact that the culprit is a fat-ass themself, and a coward, it almost made me just burst out laughing! Well, that and the fact that I sensed there was something evil about this person from day 1. It's like "hey pot! Meet kettle!" and "she's black!" But this person is FAT, ugly, and I never see them out going on long walks either, so is very lazy as well! MUCH lazier than Anna!

I told Anna that I would tell her someday, perhaps after she moves out of here. But I just cannot tell her now. Either I will tell her in an e-mail, or a letter, over the phone, or on this blog, but one way or another, some day I will tell her. I just cannot tell her as long as she is living in this complex, because I don't want her to cause a ruckus over it. By that time, I'll probably be living on the coast. But I know Anna reads this blog, so she'll get the message.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Well, It's All Done

Well, I thought I would write an update. I apologized to Roger. Anna and I went downstairs and he was there waiting for the mail to arrive. I asked to see him, and he asked me what for, and I told him it was something very important, and I didn't want to say it in front of the other people sitting there. So we went outside. I told him that I was the person who posted the hateful message on his door, and I apologized most sincerely. I thought he was going to rant and rage and call me every name in the book. But he didn't. He took it surprisingly calmly, and said he accepted my apology. Believe me when I say I felt like shit after I found out the truth. But I must also correct something else too. Actually 2 things:

1. Lois told me that the note left on Anna's door said "you're a fat, lazy mutt. Why don't you go move to the dog pound!?" I didn't know someone had referred to Anna as a "mutt". She didn't tell me that! That could mean it's anybody. If the person had called Anna a bitch, that would have been one thing. Mostly men are the ones who call women bitches like that. But a "mutt" could have been anybody, man or woman. Besides the fact that that sounds incredibly stupid! It's the first time I've ever seen anyone call someone a "mutt"! LOL! I wish someone would call me a "mutt". I like dogs. I wouldn't mind.

2. That the culprit could not have been the woman I said earlier was fatter than me and Anna. That woman even gave us a Christmas card last year. Somehow I didn't think it really was, seeing as she's fat herself. But it could have been done to throw us off the scent.

Lois knows who the culprit is, but she is not saying. She did say it's someone who is old, but immature, and thinks they're perfect. And it has to be someone who is on this floor, and most likely down that hallway. And they are a coward! Even Lois agrees the person is a coward. So unlike what Karen said this morning, the person does not "pack a punch", unless they are talking anonymously behind closed doors. But anyone can do that! It doesn't take a tough person to do that at all. At least I can say neither Anna nor I are cowards! I actually confessed to Roger that I wrote the note on his door. That is what a mature person does, who is not afraid of taking responsibility for their actions. When I am wrong, I am wrong, and I admit it. I have no problem admitting it. One thing I can never truthfully be accused of is being irresponsible. But a coward, in my eyes, is the same as being on the level of irresponsible, and there is nothing I hate more than irresponsible people!

Well, the one person on this floor that I believe thinks she's perfect is Betty Warwood. Like I said in several previous posts (here and on in prizon), she's stuck-up! And she had just returned from some trip the day before. She is one of my top 2 suspects right now. It's a toss-up between her and Dan, the ugly dude. I don't even talk to Betty anymore. Not since that last time I thought she was talking to me and she wasn't. But she walks around here like she believes she's perfect. Sometimes she still talks to me and looks at me, even though I don't want her to!! But this person who, like a cowardly little bitch, left that note on Anna's door, I hate him (or her)! I don't care who this person is, or who their friends are, I hate him (or her) anyway. Not just because of the note they left on Anna's door, but also because they made me accuse an innocent man of the crime! If I find out who it is, I'll scratch their eyes out! Irresponsible people make me SICK!!!

Feeling Like Shit!

Well, this morning I feel like shit. I was at the dog park with our buddies, Karen and Kim. Anna was not there. After Andy and Mike left, Karen started talking to me about the note I left on Roger's door, and said that Lois is PISSED!!!! She said Lois was one pissed off woman. But she blamed Anna for the note. I promised myself that if Anna got blamed for that note that I would completely confess to writing it. Karen told me that Lois knows who the culprit is, and it's NOT Roger. When Karen told me he didn't write that letter to Anna and said that Lois knows exactly who it is, I really felt like shit! I got this lump in the pit of my belly. I said to Karen that I have a confession to make. Karen knew right away what I was going to say. She said "You did it!" I said "yes." I said that Anna had nothing to do with that letter. I feel just awful!! I said some shitty things in that letter. Calling Roger things like "retarded" and "spineless". Now I feel I have to explain everything to Lois, and apologize to Roger. I feel like shit! Poor Roger he got the worst end of the deal, and he didn't even have any idea what it was all about. Karen began making pranks about the whole deal after I confessed, but even her jokes could not cheer me up. I just feel like shit! I don't even care that this whole issue is ruined now, I feel bad because I thought Roger did it, and I blamed him for it.

What else was I supposed to think??? After this shopping cart war going on! And Roger saying the note on Anna's door was stupid, I figured he'd stoop that low as to put a message like that on Anna's door. I was just sticking up for Anna, I thought I could by giving him a taste of his own medicine. Or so I thought that's what I was doing. I said if Roger did not do it, then it must have been Andy. But Karen said that Andy does not have a computer or a printer. Besides, he would have used the word "cow", not "bitch". But he has called Anna a fat bitch before. I heard him. Kim spoke up and said that it's most likely the last person you'd expect, and I thought about that actually last night. I said to Karen and Kim that all I can hope is that the person who wrote it is not a fat-ass themselves. Kim said it could be someone who is usually quiet, but can pack a punch. I don't know about the "pack a punch", but the one person I know of on this floor who is quiet, and always gives me dirty looks is a woman who is MUCH fatter than either me or Anna! I saw her yesterday morning smoking a cigarette out front. She seems to be quiet, and she always looks depressed. As far as I know, she only talks to a few people here. She does not seem to have many friends here herself, and she's a lot fatter than Anna is! She's even fatter than me! Why would she call Anna fat names when she's even fatter than the both of us?

Then there is this guy Dan, I call him "that ugly dude", because he always looks so mean and ugly. I figured from day 1 that he could even be the one pushing the shopping carts in front of Anna's door. Karen said he doesn't have a mean bone in his body, but I always figure that to be wrong, because he always looks so mean. He's also quiet, and seems to have a problem with me and Anna. Of course I always call him "the ugly dude", and I swear sometimes he hears me say it. LOL! But Anna never says it. And Dan himself is fat, at least as fat as Anna. Though I don't think he's lazy. Dan kinda looks like Paul Casler from back in WA, who always gave me and Anna trouble since we were kids. His mom was a whore. Really! She was! Everyone in the neighborhood knew his mom spent her nights downtown, prostituting. Paul, and both his sisters all had different fathers. Neither one of them had the same daddy. Dan, besides always having that ugly look on his face, is quite ugly physically himself. I just never have anything to do with him. He looks too mean. So I stay away from him. And I like it a lot better when he keeps away from me.

But still I feel like shit! I'm going to tell Lois I wrote the letter, and then I have to apologize to Roger. And I will. He's going to be pissed off too. Well, I wouldn't blame him if he did! I deserve anything he can ever say about me. That's how low I feel! I just feel effed right now!

Sis's Attitude

I am hoping Anna does see this. A lot of people have been complaining about her attitude. I know Anna has an attitude problem, I've known that for years. I guess you could say I've gotten used to it. I hate it when Anna responds to everything with an attitude. When we were in Idaho Falls, we went to Sam's Club, and the guy who greets people at the door, we were talking to him, and whenever Anna spoke, she did it with a lot of attitude in her voice. I was so embarrassed! Anna just never smiles when she talks. So I guess with her, talking must seem like a chore, and her tones seem to change. I thought maybe she was tired that day, because she had such an attitude in her voice. And the poor doorman, he looked at her like he wanted her away from him right then. I felt so bad about that! I wanted to apologize to that man on behalf of Anna, because I don't know if Anna knew she had such a rude tone in her voice!

That's not the first or only time Anna has had a bad attitude. She's been fired from jobs because when she gets frustrated, she cops an attitude with everyone. I don't know if she even knows she's doing it. I heard about the incident when she worked at Target back in 2006. Someone threw away some soup that Anna took to work to have at lunch time. Apparently that was their day to clean up completely, but Anna said they didn't have a sign anywhere stating that on that day, all things in the refrigerator would be cleared out and thrown away. Well, when Anna found her soup missing, and someone told her it had been thrown away, Anna threw a fit. She told me she kicked the chairs around and pounded on the tables. Well, someone reported Anna's little shit-fit to the manager and Anna got fired. I hated it that she did that, but that's how she handles things, by getting all pissed off and throwing fits. It's wrong, and Anna needs to work on that. Last week, Anna got a message that a local grocery store that she has been doing demos at, does not want her to work there anymore. They said she got pushy and rude when she could not find her demo table. I didn't see it, as I was not in the room when she talked to them. I don't know what happened, but I know Anna very well, and based on what I saw at the Sam's Club in Idaho Falls, there was little doubt in my mind that Anna did lose her temper and got pushy. Anna asked me that day if she really is like that, and I had to say yes.

And it isn't just at work. She loses her temper around here too. Remember the story of Raymie? Apparently she said something about Odessa, though I am not sure she really meant it for Odessa. But Anna got so pissed off that she told Raymie if she ever touched Odessa, that Anna was going to do something terrible to her. I really wish Anna hadn't said that!!! It's one thing to stick up for Odessa. But what Anna did was threaten to harm this woman. And Raymie could not do anything to Odessa! She could barely walk! Let alone break a tiny dog's neck, like she said. I sure would not have handled it that way! Instead, I would have put the ball in Raymie's court and left it there. I would have asked Raymie how she would like it if someone threatened to break her kids' (or grandkids') necks. I'd never do that, but Odessa is Anna's kid. So in her eyes, it would have been the same thing. And Andy teases Anna all the time. The only reason he does it is because he knows she will always respond to him! And she does! She needs to stop it. I always hate it when Anna responds because she develops an attitude toward others, and it is by that that everyone here judges her by.

Anna was like that even before we moved here. I remember one day we went to Point Defiance park, and we were both walking down the pier. A couple of 10-year old boys on bikes were causing some trouble for the people on the pier that day. When they got to us, they pretended like they were going to run over us, but stopped short of doing it. I didn't even pay them any attention. I just walked around their bikes and kept on walking. But Anna just had to give them this evil glare of her's! If she had just ignored them, my plan would have gone perfectly. I heard one of the boys shout "What are you looking at?!!" and go on with name-calling, which I did not pay any attention to. I don't even know who that kid was talking to. There were so many people on that pier, and from what I saw, they had been causing trouble for all of them, which is why I chose to ignore them. But Anna shouted back at them, and I wish she hadn't!! But being Anna, she just had to ruin the morning by giving those kids the response they were after! Anna shouted "The same to you! Ugly dudes!" Then one of those boys shouted "Shut up, fatso!" Luckily for them, they were not my kids! I'd have slapped them! But no doubt their parents never heard about them going around being disrespectful to adults, and causing problems all over the pier. Or if they did know about it, they must have been some bad parents, and I mean BAD parents!! I often have to wonder what kind of people raise kids like that. Probably they don't. My guess is the kids more likely are the ones raising the parents, and telling the parents what to do. It's a sad day when little kids are the ones bossing their parents around, and people wonder why America is going to Hell. But still, Anna should have just done like I did. In the back of my mind, I say "fuck them!" And I refused to give them the attention they were craving.

I don't know why for some reason, Anna always thinks she has to respond to bullshitters! I tell her not to do that, but she does it anyway, and it makes her look bad all the time! Even our friend Karen said she does not like Anna's attitude. Anna is a nice person, but I really wish she would just learn to let things go! I do. I don't cop an attitude when someone is bullshitting me. I get hateful comments all the time, I never get pissed off at any of them. Like tonight, this guy on youtube, who calls himself music22727358, he thought he was going to piss me off by continuing to call me "fat bitch" as if it were my name (although that is what I say in my YouTube profile page), and saying shit about fat people in general. But no. I didn't even feel the slightest bit pissed off. In fact, I laughed at him! His spelling was reminiscent of a 6-year old child, even though he claims in his profile that he is 26. I doubt it though! LOL! I told him to contact me again when he learns how to spell like an actual 26 year old person, then MAYBE, I will probably take him a little bit more seriously. Probably. But not likely. LOL! But see, I did not give him the kind of response he was hoping to get from me, and I feel wonderful! I had a big grin on my face all night because I was so proud I kept my cool with that bozo. Besides, he's from the UK. What should one expect from them? Anna could learn a lot by watching my responses, or sometimes the lack of such. Although I did like Anna's responses to the idiots on my I Hate Montana video, which I still have yet to see that first donation from those "campaigning to get all idiots out of Montana". Like I said, he should begin with himself, not me. LOL!