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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Post-Party Fun Lingers

Well, I just got back from my landlord's birthday party, she turned 60. The party was actually for her and her twin sister. I had no idea whatsoever she had a twin sister. When you see them, you don't even realize they are twins. They must have been apart for so long, they stopped looking like each other. Her sis lives in California. I made Lois a clock with Brandi's picture on it (I made a video of how I made it and I will be putting it up on YouTube). It's a simple little clock that anyone can make! I'm just going to post it to share the idea. The landlord loved the clock! I knew she'd at least get a kick out of it. But I am glad she loved it. They aren't hard to make, and it's a cute, novel idea. One of the people who helped out for the party was a woman who lives here named Betty Warwood. I still don't like her. In fact, I've been bad-mouthing her all afternoon. LOL! I saw Mike Mayers here and I said to Anna that I didn't want that dickhead sitting next to me, so I scooted over closer to Kim, who was a couple of seats away. I don't like Mike either! He's an asshole who thinks everything of his is better than anyone else's and he's a fucking liar! Every time he opens his mouth you know he's going to spit out a lie! And his stories change all the time. I believe what he does is he hears interesting stories about everyone else's life and applies it to himself. Like one time he told Kim that his sister was really his mother. Well, I know where he got that story! That's the story of Jack Nicholson's life. But Mike tells it like it's his own story. Everyone knows it's not.

Well, little did I realize that by moving closer to Kim, I was also moving closer to Betty Warwood, and I don't like that woman! When someone mentioned Betty was going to be seated only 2 seats away from me, I was like "Oh GAWD!!!!" I said it out loud too. LOL! Other people down the row were looking at me funny, but I didn't care. I turned to Anna and said, "I can tell you I am not a people-person!" hehehe! It's true! But I wanted to be there for our landlord, no one else. Also, when food was being served, I was behind this one other tenant, who asked Betty if the macaroni salad was one that she made, and Betty answered "Yes." But she didn't just answer, she shouted "YES!" I told Betty it looks disgusting. I meant it too. The other tenants in front of me heard me say that, and I'm sure Betty did too (she was standing right there), but I didn't care. She didn't respond, but again, I didn't say it just to get a response. I said it because it did look disgusting! She put egg halves on top!

Actually when you get right down to it, I am not a big fan of eggs. I like omlettes with American cheese, and I like scrambled eggs and souffles. But things like fried eggs, or over-easy, or even boiled eggs, I don't like those. Deviled eggs make me sick, just looking at them! To me, deviled eggs look like someone puked up the yolks onto a half an egg white, and they smell that way to me too! I'm not a huge fan of cheese either. I love American cheese, and I like cheddar on some things, but no other kind of cheese. And I cannot just sit and eat a block of cheese, or take a handful of shredded cheese and put it in my mouth. I went to Costco once where there were demos for Irish-style cheddar cheese, and I tried it and it was disgusting! I'm sure it would more likely have tasted better on something, but by it's self, it was disgusting to me. I just cannot eat a block of cheese by it's self. But anyway, the fried chicken and rolls were awesome! That was all I had, and all I wanted. Then Lois opened her gifts and cards. She loved the clock I made her with Brandi's picture on it.

Later on we had cake. Watching the both of them try to blow out the candles was hilarious. Even with both their lung power, they could not do it. LOL! I got it all on film! I'm going to make a movie of this and give them a copy. The cake turned out to be a marble cake, and what I thought was white icing. But I was wrong. What I thought was actual white icing turned out to be cool whip! YUK!! The stores call it "bettercreme", I call it Cool whip! And it's disgusting on cakes! I think it makes the cake tasteless. I like white, vanilla-flavored buttercream icing! Especially on a marble cake. I remember Suzie's Cakes back in Aberdeen made some awesome marble cakes with white vanilla icing!! That was what I got for Anna's birthday when she turned 40, and had them make it into a volcano. The only problem with Suzie's is that they have this thing about always adding raspberry jelly to everything! Even when you ask them not to. I like cake with flavor, but not that much!! Raspberry is very strong in a cake, and overpowers the taste a bit too much for me.

Anyway, Anna brought up in context to our landlord's party that she should have a graduation party. I said "We'll see." I didn't want to say anything much right there, especially knowing Betty was coming around. I wanted to wait to talk to Anna about that at the dog park, but just as I was thinking of bringing up the subject, Rory comes in with his old dog, Taz, who turned vicious according to Karen. So we had to take our little ones and get out. I didn't want Taz attacking them! But I went out with Anna as she went to the bank to deposit a check. I spoke to her about it then. I told her that having the birthday party for our landlord is one thing. Everyone has to pay their respects. But Anna and I are not that well liked here. So, don't count on inviting anyone else except our closest friends to her graduation party. Ma and Katrina always laugh when I tell them that we are not well liked here. LOL! I'm not even trying to be liked in this place, because I simply do not care. I'm not going to be here much longer anyway. Anna feels the same way. We have our litte circle of friends, and that's enough. I adore them! They are few, but they are wonderful people!

But the reason I am not interested in making friends, and in many cases even glad to make enemies, is because my primary focus is on getting myself back to the coast. And my mentality on that is like a "win at all costs and screw everyone else" attitude. I want nothing more at this point than to get back to the coast. And the few friends I have here, it's going to be hard enough leaving them behind. If I made more friends here, I would probably never want to leave! But at the same time, I don't really want to spend another summer or winter here. Anna is the same way. She is not here to make friends either. She is here to avoid staying in the dorm and to go to school here. Like me, she has few friends here. I had hoped she would make more, because she is going to be here a lot longer than I am. But I guess like me, she's just not trying to win anyone over. But the friends we do have, I cherish a great deal. Karen thinks she's ugly, but I told her I don't think she is. I told her I enjoy seeing her come into the park. Besides there are people here who are MUCH uglier than she is! Like that fugly old fuck with the chocolate labrador! He's one of the ugliest people I've ever seen in my life! And believe me, I've been around quite a bit, and seen many people!

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