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Monday, April 2, 2012

Sis's Attitude

I am hoping Anna does see this. A lot of people have been complaining about her attitude. I know Anna has an attitude problem, I've known that for years. I guess you could say I've gotten used to it. I hate it when Anna responds to everything with an attitude. When we were in Idaho Falls, we went to Sam's Club, and the guy who greets people at the door, we were talking to him, and whenever Anna spoke, she did it with a lot of attitude in her voice. I was so embarrassed! Anna just never smiles when she talks. So I guess with her, talking must seem like a chore, and her tones seem to change. I thought maybe she was tired that day, because she had such an attitude in her voice. And the poor doorman, he looked at her like he wanted her away from him right then. I felt so bad about that! I wanted to apologize to that man on behalf of Anna, because I don't know if Anna knew she had such a rude tone in her voice!

That's not the first or only time Anna has had a bad attitude. She's been fired from jobs because when she gets frustrated, she cops an attitude with everyone. I don't know if she even knows she's doing it. I heard about the incident when she worked at Target back in 2006. Someone threw away some soup that Anna took to work to have at lunch time. Apparently that was their day to clean up completely, but Anna said they didn't have a sign anywhere stating that on that day, all things in the refrigerator would be cleared out and thrown away. Well, when Anna found her soup missing, and someone told her it had been thrown away, Anna threw a fit. She told me she kicked the chairs around and pounded on the tables. Well, someone reported Anna's little shit-fit to the manager and Anna got fired. I hated it that she did that, but that's how she handles things, by getting all pissed off and throwing fits. It's wrong, and Anna needs to work on that. Last week, Anna got a message that a local grocery store that she has been doing demos at, does not want her to work there anymore. They said she got pushy and rude when she could not find her demo table. I didn't see it, as I was not in the room when she talked to them. I don't know what happened, but I know Anna very well, and based on what I saw at the Sam's Club in Idaho Falls, there was little doubt in my mind that Anna did lose her temper and got pushy. Anna asked me that day if she really is like that, and I had to say yes.

And it isn't just at work. She loses her temper around here too. Remember the story of Raymie? Apparently she said something about Odessa, though I am not sure she really meant it for Odessa. But Anna got so pissed off that she told Raymie if she ever touched Odessa, that Anna was going to do something terrible to her. I really wish Anna hadn't said that!!! It's one thing to stick up for Odessa. But what Anna did was threaten to harm this woman. And Raymie could not do anything to Odessa! She could barely walk! Let alone break a tiny dog's neck, like she said. I sure would not have handled it that way! Instead, I would have put the ball in Raymie's court and left it there. I would have asked Raymie how she would like it if someone threatened to break her kids' (or grandkids') necks. I'd never do that, but Odessa is Anna's kid. So in her eyes, it would have been the same thing. And Andy teases Anna all the time. The only reason he does it is because he knows she will always respond to him! And she does! She needs to stop it. I always hate it when Anna responds because she develops an attitude toward others, and it is by that that everyone here judges her by.

Anna was like that even before we moved here. I remember one day we went to Point Defiance park, and we were both walking down the pier. A couple of 10-year old boys on bikes were causing some trouble for the people on the pier that day. When they got to us, they pretended like they were going to run over us, but stopped short of doing it. I didn't even pay them any attention. I just walked around their bikes and kept on walking. But Anna just had to give them this evil glare of her's! If she had just ignored them, my plan would have gone perfectly. I heard one of the boys shout "What are you looking at?!!" and go on with name-calling, which I did not pay any attention to. I don't even know who that kid was talking to. There were so many people on that pier, and from what I saw, they had been causing trouble for all of them, which is why I chose to ignore them. But Anna shouted back at them, and I wish she hadn't!! But being Anna, she just had to ruin the morning by giving those kids the response they were after! Anna shouted "The same to you! Ugly dudes!" Then one of those boys shouted "Shut up, fatso!" Luckily for them, they were not my kids! I'd have slapped them! But no doubt their parents never heard about them going around being disrespectful to adults, and causing problems all over the pier. Or if they did know about it, they must have been some bad parents, and I mean BAD parents!! I often have to wonder what kind of people raise kids like that. Probably they don't. My guess is the kids more likely are the ones raising the parents, and telling the parents what to do. It's a sad day when little kids are the ones bossing their parents around, and people wonder why America is going to Hell. But still, Anna should have just done like I did. In the back of my mind, I say "fuck them!" And I refused to give them the attention they were craving.

I don't know why for some reason, Anna always thinks she has to respond to bullshitters! I tell her not to do that, but she does it anyway, and it makes her look bad all the time! Even our friend Karen said she does not like Anna's attitude. Anna is a nice person, but I really wish she would just learn to let things go! I do. I don't cop an attitude when someone is bullshitting me. I get hateful comments all the time, I never get pissed off at any of them. Like tonight, this guy on youtube, who calls himself music22727358, he thought he was going to piss me off by continuing to call me "fat bitch" as if it were my name (although that is what I say in my YouTube profile page), and saying shit about fat people in general. But no. I didn't even feel the slightest bit pissed off. In fact, I laughed at him! His spelling was reminiscent of a 6-year old child, even though he claims in his profile that he is 26. I doubt it though! LOL! I told him to contact me again when he learns how to spell like an actual 26 year old person, then MAYBE, I will probably take him a little bit more seriously. Probably. But not likely. LOL! But see, I did not give him the kind of response he was hoping to get from me, and I feel wonderful! I had a big grin on my face all night because I was so proud I kept my cool with that bozo. Besides, he's from the UK. What should one expect from them? Anna could learn a lot by watching my responses, or sometimes the lack of such. Although I did like Anna's responses to the idiots on my I Hate Montana video, which I still have yet to see that first donation from those "campaigning to get all idiots out of Montana". Like I said, he should begin with himself, not me. LOL!

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