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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

There's No "P" in Hamster

OMG This sounds so fricken familiar!!! LOL!! There is a story on Twitter of a young worker, who is in her late 20s, and she was asked to write something by her boss at work. The writing required the young lady to write the word hamster. You know, those little rodents that look like mice with no tail. Personally, I hate hamsters. I think the world can do well without them. I prefer rats. But this 20-something year old worker was supposed to spell the word hamster in something her boss asked her to write. Carol Blymire tells the story from where she works. This story is not only funny and familiar to me, but also sad. Sad in a way this is where the millennials are heading. Sad, but not surprising!

Here is the full story...

Here is a hopefully short synopsis of something that happened this week that I still don’t understand (1/?)
In office space near a client, a young woman was meeting with her boss. She was (by my estimation) in her late 20s.
The boss (also a woman) was giving her feedback and reviewing edits she had made on something this young woman wrote.
They had been speaking in low tones, but their volume got louder toward the end of the conversation because the young woman was getting agitated about a particular edit.
That particular edit was correcting the spelling of “hampster” to “hamster”. Apparently she had used the phrase “like spinning in a hamster wheel” in this draft (presumably) speech or or op-ed.
The young woman kept saying, “I don’t know why you corrected that because I spell it with the P in it.” The boss said (calmly), “But that’s not how the word is spelled. There is no P in hamster.”
Young woman: “But you don’t know that! I learned to spell it with a P in it so that’s how I spell it.”

The boss (remaining very calm and professional), let’s go to

and look it up together. 

(mind you, this is a woman in her late 20s, not a 5th grader)
The young woman insists she doesn’t need to look it up because it’s FINE to spell it with a P because that’s HOW SHE WANTED TO SPELL IT.
The boss says, “Let’s look over the rest of the piece so I can explain the rest of my edits.”

They do, and I can see the young woman is fighting back tears.

The boss is calm, cool, and handles this with professionalism and empathy.
Boss says, “I know edits can be difficult to go over sometimes, especially when you’re working on new kinds of things as you grow in your career, but it’s a necessary process and makes us all better at what we do.”
Boss gets up from table and goes to her office and the young woman can barely hold it together. 

She moves to another table in the common workspace area, drops all her stuff loudly on the table top, and starts texting. 

A minute later, her phone rings.
It was her mom. She had texted her mom to call her because it was urgent, and I’m sure her mother maybe thought she was in the ER or something.

She bursts into tears and wants her mom to call her boss and tell her not to be mean about telling her how to spell words like “hamster”.
The mother tells her that her boss is an idiot and she doesn’t have to listen to her and she should go to the boss’ boss to file a complaint about not allowing creativity in her writing.
The young woman kept saying, “I thought what I wrote was perfect and she just made all these changes and then had the nerve to tell me I was spelling words wrong when I know they are right because that is how I have always spelled them.”
She then went on (still on speakerphone) to tell her mom I’m very great and office-inappropriate detail about how hungover she was and what she and her friends did with some guys the night before. Mom laughed and laughed.
The colleagues in and around the workplace kept looking at one another and some even put earbuds/headphones in/on. It appeared as though this was a regular thing with her.
She ended the conversation asking her mom how she should bring this up with the boss’ boss. “I mean, I always spell hamster with a P, she has no right to criticize me.”

She walked to the office kitchen for the rest of the call so I don’t know what happened next.
I don’t know what to think about this whole thing. If the young woman is neuroatypical, it seems as though the editing process might be something to approach in a different way.
But I don’t know what her situation is/was. Based on the way her mom spoke to her and they way they spoke to one another, it seemed as though his young woman had never been told she was anything but perfect by family.
And that kind of child rearing is quite difficult on people when they grow up, and frustrating for professors, teachers, bosses, and colleagues of people who were raised that way.
I don’t have any great summary or call to action on this, other than to say it was odd to witness and made me feel sad (I don’t know if that’s the right word) for this person as she loves through life.
Getting edits and corrections on things at any stage in your career can make you feel insecure and dumb, no matter how long you’ve been writing.
Her boss seemed as dumbfounded through the conversation as I was in overhearing it.
I think I was most perplexed by the insistence of wanting to spell something the way she wanted to because SHE WANTED TO, ignoring the fact that there are rules and dictionaries.

And seeming offended that anyone would suggest the use of an outside resource as reference.
This happened earlier in the week and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.
Again, if there is some sort of learning challenge or if this is someone who requires a different kind of coaching, that’s one thing. And I hope she gets it.
But it seemed more like someone who has never been told no, or that she is anything other than 100% perfect and amazing and can do no wrong. And that is going to be exhausting for anyone in her orbit.
I asked a colleague about it, and he relayed a story about the time he gave an early 20something feedback on a writing assignment. 

The young man quit the next day and had his parents call to tell him what a terrible boss he was for “correcting work that didn’t need corrected.”
I worry about how kids are being raised sometimes. I really do.
Anyway, that’s all on that thing that happened. I hope she gets the help she needs because life in Washington, DC is going to be very hard for her if she wants to argue about hamster being spelled with a P.
And, again, I want to be clear: if this woman is neuroatypical or has learning differences, I truly hope she is given workplace coaching that will help her succeed and thrive.

But if she was just raised to think she’s always right? Hoooo, lord.
Again, I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this! This almost 30 year old woman called her mom to settle the differences between her and her boss??? Now, I really cannot say much, at almost 50, I still seek my mom for advice on some things. But she's had more experience with people than I have! And she's smart enough to give very good advice. But I don't go to my mom because I can't spell a word and my boss is trying to correct me. A normal individual does not do that! And I haven't gone crying to my mom since I was in 4th grade. This woman spelled hamster with a P, because she wanted it to be spelled with a P. And she didn't care what the dictionary, or professionals, or anyone else said about it, and the fact her boss was correcting her mistake, no matter how diplomatically, it still drove the young worker to tears.

The sad part is, the mom called the boss an idiot and told the 20-something year old to go to the boss's boss and file a complaint. The 20 year old woman asked her mom how she should go about filing a complaint. I wonder if that girl still even has a job. I mean, I'm sure the boss still has her job. But I would fire that worker for sure. She's too emotionally unstable. To cry over being corrected. This is what today's kids have become. And it is sad.

This reminds me of Sara, the little teenage girl I knew back in the earlier 2000s. She had this friend named Lindsey, who wanted to cross pomeranians with chihuahuas and sell the puppies. I told Lindsey how wrong it was. I was very diplomatic. I had nothing personal against Lindsey. But Lindsey reacted exactly the same way this worker in the story reacted to her boss correcting her on how to spell hamster. I'm almost tempted to believe this is the same person. Or maybe it was Sara. Sara would be almost 30 now. But either way, the attitude is exactly the same. And I am wagering it's probably for the same reason; because they were never really parented in their childhood. Just like in spelling, there is a right way and a wrong way to breed. Mixing breeds without just cause is one thing that should never be done. But no one who is mixing breeds today is doing it for a good reason. They're doing it for no other reason than to cash in on this hybrid vigor.

A few days after Lindsey left the chihuahua group, Sara developed a bad attitude as well, and she also began acting like this young worker in the story. Sara even went on to play Mcgillicutty on the Pluba forum. Obviously Sara was still butthurt. LMAO!! I flat-out called Sara a backyard breeder. Because she didn't want to learn. I was still learning at that time myself about how to breed the right way, and Sara and I were buddies then, and she did seem to want to do the right thing in breeding. So, I shared what I learned with her as well, by way of the group. But Sara got to a point where she didn't want to learn anymore. She thought she knew all there was to know about breeding chihuahuas. While she was good in picking up about health-testing, she was still breeding low-standard chihuahuas and getting her puppies from backyard breeders and puppymillers.

But there are right ways and wrong ways of proper breeding, and Sara and Lindsey just didn't want to learn how to breed the right way. Like the girl in this story, they wanted their method of breeding to be the right way, so they kept on doing it. But doing something over and over again does not mean that it will make it the right way. That just means you'll be doing the wrong thing over and over again. Like putting a 'P' in hamster. Spelling it with a 'P' over and over won't make it actually happen! Instead of changing the majority of people who spell hamster the right way, just change the way that worker spells it, until she is spelling it the right way like everyone else. But these millennials don't ever learn that! And it's the fault of the parents. In the case of this worker, my guess is it was the mother. Probably the same with Sara and Lindsey, as I doubt either one of them had fathers in their lives. At least, not the biological father. A father figure probably came along for them later on. But this is why a father is very important early in a child's life.

There's a line in the movie The Color Purple where it is stated "I've never known a child to come out right unless there's a man around. Children gots to have a pa." Makes little sense spelling it out, but the idea is correct. Someone like me, who has had her father in her life from the beginning, can honestly tell when I'm around someone who hasn't had a father from day one. Not sure if abusive fathers count. But anyways, we're today seeing the results of fatherless families in today's world. Kids are more angry and violent than ever before. Kids are more confused than ever in every aspect. And kids think they know more than the adults and professionals. It's sad and sickening.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Love It Or Leave It

Ilhan Omar is a stupid, whiny cunt! And no, I'm not just saying this because she's a muslim! I'm saying it because it's true! While yes, I do have a thing against radical islamic muslims, I dislike Omar because she is such a dumbass! It makes me wonder how she got elected into congress with her being so dumb! But then again, look at the kind of people who voted her in. No one but the dummycats would vote for something so brainless! If you want to get a good idea of what I am talking about, and more examples of how dumb the dummycats are, google Erica Thomas. She's about as dumb as they come. In fact, I made a video about what I think of her case. I can only hope that Eric Sparkes wises up and leaves the dummycat party soon. Maybe this incident with Erica Thomas opened his eyes a little. Baby-steps man. Baby-steps.

Anyways, Omar has now proclaimed "white man are the most dangerous people in America" and they are "to be feared". UGH!! I call complete and utter bullshit!! Omar will say any stupid shit just to get the heat off of radical islamic muslims!! But the fact of the matter is, white people today are nowhere near as dangerous as radical islams. Except for maybe the members of Antifa, who are now considered a terrorist organization. But the average white people you meet on the street, most of them are going to be decent people. Take note, I said most of them. Not all. I've known some white people I wouldn't give the time of day to. But one thing I can tell you I don't see very often, and that is white people doing drive-by random shootings. I don't see a lot of white people flying airplanes into skyscrapers in New York. Or any city for that matter. And it's the white people that are to be feared??? Give me a fucking break!!!!

Personally, I think this whole thing is nothing but jealousy at work. Omar is angry because a white man is now in power, and he's doing a lot to make this country great! He's keeping his promises. And the last president, Obama, was a muslim, and didn't do shit for this country in 8 years he was the leader. His only accomplishment was bringing in subsidized health care. And he didn't even start that! It was just called Obamacare because it came to fruition during his term in office. But it was actually Ronald Reagan (again, a republican) who originally brought up that plan. He just couldn't get it approved in congress during his term in office because of the dummycats in office at the time. And people think the dummycats are the more accepting and reasonable class! Well, really the only people who think the democrats are accepting and reasonable are other democrats! The republicans and libertarians can see right through their bullshit.

Ilhan Omar has done absolutely NOTHING in congress except complain and gripe about how awful America is and how "racist" we are. Omar's whole family was saved from the ravages and war in Somalia, and brought to America as refugees, and she is now a citizen. If she and her family hadn't come to this country, they could have been killed. But radical islamic muslims don't value life anyways. I guess Omar would rather be dead, judging solely by the way she slams this country. Well Trump, almost playing like Omar's babysitter, finally got sick of her bitching and moaning and said "If you hate America so much and you prefer another country, why don't you go there, fix their problems, and then come back and do the same for this country." Omar has had it so cushy in this country for so long, she's forgotten how great it is here, compared to where she came from. Maybe she does need to go to Somalia and see once again how rough it is there. Then see if she still complains about America being an evil place.

Well, Omar did not like even remotely being told to go back to her country. Just like all dummycats, she took that as being a racist remark. I personally do not feel that was racist for Trump to say. Only the dummycats will believe that's racist. But they call everything racist, so it really doesn't matter what they think. I think Omar's remarks about white people in general being dangerous, as well as all the shit she talks about America, is indeed racist! So, why doesn't she go back to Somalia and fix things there?? I used to hate America too. Then I got online and met some people from the country I wanted to move to, which was Australia, and I didn't much like them. Australia seems to me like a communist country. I'm not interested in moving there anymore. The only good thing about Australia it seems is the animals. And INXS. But that's it. I wouldn't go there for any other reason.

But why doesn't Omar go back there? I'll tell you why. Because she wants to turn America into Somalia. That's why! I say fuck that!! Leave Somalia in Somalia! I think there really needs to be much stricter laws in acclimating to American culture if you're going to live here. But to even suggest something like that today is considered "racist". Again, this is because SJW dummycats have colored people so convinced that Americans are inherently racist, they'll see it in things that are not racist. But if I were to move to Somalia, I'd do as the Somalians do. But I live in America, so I do as Americans do. So should Omar. So should ALL people who move here from other countries.

Right now, moving to Maine is looking better and better. Although I heard you can now get arrested in Pennsylvania for misgendering someone. Again, I say that's bullshit!!! I'd be happy in Maine as long as it doesn't become a part of Canada.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Good Bye To Johnny Depp?

I saw an article by a former fan of Johnny Depp. Here is the link: https://www.slashfilm.com/goodbye-to-johnny-depp/ Be careful about going there though. The page tried to download some files against my will. I didn't open them, but just to forewarn you all.

Anyways, this article is by a former fan who one day just decided she no longer wanted to be a fan of his. I read the article, and I tried desperately to find a good, plausible reason to consider yourself an ex-fan of someone you looked up to for most of your younger years. Now, I've never been a fan of Johnny Depp's. I never even watched any of his movies. He was in LA when I went the first time, for the movie Corpse Bride, but I didn't speak to him. I'm just not a fan of his by any means. To me, he is just another Hollywood pretty face. Nothing more. But I am even less of a fan of injustice. I read the article and most of the reasons given by the author for no longer being a fan of his is filled with nothing more than scandals and a string of bad movies that were most likely not Depp's fault they happened! I had to comment. This was my comment here: http://disq.us/p/23aw3j2

Depp cannot control the scandals that were built up against him. His wife claimed he beat her up, but recently it has been revealed that the wife was the abuser. Not Depp himself! So, to blame him for that is unfair. Then there was something about money laundering. How can this so-called "fan" blame him for that?? If you're a real fan, you get the facts before condemning. Admittedly, it took several years for the truth to come out about the wife-beating. But this is a rather new article and more facts have surfaced at the time the article was written. And I still say, if you want to blame Depp for the bad movies he was in, well, blame the woke SJWs! It's their fault!! Not Depp's! It amazes me just how much some fans blame the actor for the bad roles. The actor is just doing what the script tells him. The story writer and director are the ones to blame for a film not being good. It just amazes me how gullible some people are.

So, because of all this, this person is no longer a fan of Johnny Depp. That's completely silly. I didn't like INXS's last album, Original Sin. I thought it was [at best] uncreative. That's putting it mildly. However, I am still a fan of INXS's. I remember back when the album was released, I did critiques of the songs on YouTube. Some idiot, I think it was Lesley Siciliano/Aussierocks because the username on YouTube was almost exactly the same. Anyways it was some waste-of-turd-wipe on YouTube from some shithole in Australia. She commented on the video I posted saying "If you were a real fan of INXS, you wouldn't be saying bad things about their new album" or some kind of horseshit like that. I said fuck that! Because I am the truest of all fans, I'm going to tell them the truth! I don't give a shit if she likes my critique of the album or not. I'm going to tell it like it is! And that album SUCKED!!! Everything about that album SUCKED!!! From the cover design to the rehashing of the songs. It all SUCKED!!!!!!!!! But in Lesley's eyes, you're not a real fan unless you love and agree with EVERYTHING INXS does. But I cannot be that kind of fan. That kind of a fan is a bit on the creepy side. That's not me. That's the kind of person who will be nice to you to your face, then turn around in PMs and talk shit about you.

Honestly, I kinda feel sorry for Lesley. I think she has been hanging around with DonnaG too much. Her mind is warped. The sad fact is, DonnaG probably doesn't even really like her. She only made friends with Lesley because she's friends with Kirk from INXS. Even sadder is that DonnaG will never admit that to her. DonnaG's strategy all along was to sweet-talk people who are friends with INXS so she too could get close to the band too, so she could get in Jon's pants. That is what she revealed to me when we were in LA together. That's something she hides from other people too. But she shits on average fans like me. And Donna's dumb libtard friends will always stick up for her. But then again, they are dumb libtards. What do you expect???!!! Every day on this blog I post about how stupid liberals are! Trust me, there's no shortage of stories!

However, I will always be a fan of INXS. I forgave them almost immediately after the release of that album. I never bought the album. If I did, I'd have to throw away the album cover because it's ugly and creepy. There is no place for tigers in INXS! Or any panther, for that matter. But I love INXS. I always did and I always will. Nothing will change that. I even forgave Kirk for totally snubbing me at every meet and greet I ever had with him. I did it because I love these guys. That is what a real fan does. A real fan does not give in to scandal. A real fan does not let a few minor details get in the way of fanhood. A real fan is honest, even brutally honest, but still stands by their idol. I just gave INXS the equivalent of a pat on the back with a "better luck next time guys!"

This girl should have been the same with Johnny Depp. Now, I admit I tend to take rest periods from being a fan of INXS. I cannot be a loopy kind of roadie fan. But if I see INXS in my area, I'm going to go see them. I just won't follow them everywhere they go, or always go around backstage to stalk them. I'm not that bad off!! But I always go back to INXS. There's never been a time since 1990 that I haven't been somewhat of a fan, even if slightly. My advice to this girl, don't give up on Johnny Depp. Have faith, and forgive his past. With all your heart and soul. That's what I did. And I am a happier fan because of it.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Trump's White, "Aryan" Dog

OMGoodness! I don't believe this!! Well, I have some good news, and some bad (but not surprising) news. The good news is, Ivanka Trump got her daughter a dog. And it is an adorable dog!

Looks like a Klee Kai dog. Klee Kai is a relatively new breed, been in production since the 1970s, but just got released publicly in 1988. They are adorable dogs! I'd love to have one myself someday. They're supposed to be like miniature huskies. I like husky dogs, always have since I was a kid. But I would never own a full-sized one because they are notorious yard-wreckers and fence-jumpers. In fact yesterday, a siberian that belongs to one of my neighbors kept jumping out of her 2nd story window to chase Mya when I put her out. But I would love to someday have a Klee Kai dog, just like the one in this pic! A white one would be beautiful!! Frankly, I didn't even know the breed comes in white. According to AKC, it's not supposed to. But since there are other husky breeds that can come in white (it's a disqualification in siberians), I guess it's not too surprising if you can find a Klee Kai dog in solid white.

Anyway, the bad (but not surprising) news is the libtards are at it again! This time, they are complaining because the dog is white. I think this pretty-well proves that libtards are not happy unless they are griping and bitching about something. ANY thing! I mean, they don't have to comment. They could just walk away. But you know libtards! They have to open their mouths and spew shit even dampering a happy occasion like a little 8-year old girl getting a puppy!

Ya know, I saw a video about this today, I was like "OMG!! I just completed a story about a week ago about a group of animal characters who are walking through the streets of Portland when Antifa attacks them for having white fur." That's part of my Americana compilation, which I hope to get onto the UMG Productions website before the end of this year. When I wrote, or even got the idea, for this story, I never believed for sure that today's nazis would hold it against animals for having white fur. But here it is! MAN!!! Do I know people or do I know people??!! Sometimes I am so accurate in my predictions it scares me!

Well, I had a look at some of the libtard comments on Ivanka's daughter's puppy, and most of them wrote nothing but the same old boring hum-drum over and over. Others wrote shit about the dog being white and implied how racist it is that Trump's wife picked a white dog over (possibly) a black or brown dog. However, there were some rather interesting comments as well. I'll try to compile some of the best of the worst on this blog.

Sheryl Lynne is ragging on Ivanka because she cannot seem to let go of the Russian collusion theory, even though it has been thoroughly proven wrong...

 Lou just cannot seem to let go of the children being in cages on the border, even though those kids in cages did not cross with their parents, most of them were probably raped on the way here, and were rented by criminals who use them to claim asylum illegally.

To Tom McGrath, all I can say is "Why don't you ask Obama that? He had a dog too and it was his idea to put those kids in cages."

Nicolet Hoff gets 2 strikes!! A comment that includes a jab at the puppy, as well as bullshitting about the kids on the border who were rented out to criminals by their parents.

Catherine Anne also complains because the president and his wife travel around the world (just like every president throughout the 20th and 21st century has, but the libtards never bitched about it until Trump did it).

Judi Worthen, I must say I agree, I'm worried about this dog too, but probably not for the same reason you are. I'm worried about this dog because you libtards are such angry, hateful people (just like democrats have always been), you might steal that poor dog and do GOD only knows what to it just out of sheer spite against Trump and cussedness!

 Allison Winn Scotch, it's so hard to take you seriously when you put the "p" word (referring to feces) in your post. What are you? 12 years old? You're the oldest-looking 12-year old I've ever seen! But I guess that's just typical libtard ugliness. I might suggest plastic surgery.

Cyber4sharks is not only dumb, but blind. I have to wonder though, is he saying the dog is "ugly" because it's white? Or because it's a dog? Or because it's not his dog and he's just jealous? I'll tell you what is ugly, jealousy is ugly.

And I am saving the best for last! Of course no congregating of libtards would be complete without a fag bringing up the "adopt don't shop" bullshit! Nancy Lee Grahn does not fail to disappoint in completing this circle!

Monday, July 22, 2019

No More Handsome Men

I totally blame the libtards! We used to have handsome men. The men born in the 1960s and before were still very handsome. However, it seems there's been no men who were fated to be good-looking to be born between the 1970s to today. And today, it is even worse! Because you got men who want to be women, and women who want to be men. That's never good-looking!! I've never seen a trans person in my life that I would want to get intimate with. A good friend with, yes. But never get intimate with them. I totally blame the liberals for this! Its their idea to turn men into women and women into men. This is sad! Well! We still have the christian men and women.

You know most SJWs think "christian" is just a way people today are trying to cover up that they are racists and homophobes. That is so DUMB!!!! So dumb, it pisses me off!! But you know men these days have an incentive to turn into women. Because today, white, straight men are hated and persecuted. So it's like if they want to survive, they have to become women. And I think that's terrible! The so-called "progressives" (which, BTW are the most UN-progressive group on the planet) are the ones who are pushing that propaganda on others. They say "You can't be a straight white male in today's world. But you can be a transgender "man" and be OK". I never thought I would live to see the day this would happen.

I remember back in the early 1980s, I used to look at ma's magazines, and I would see where people would post pics of their adorable babies. I used to see those pics and wonder what those beautiful babies would look like in 20 years. Well sadly, beautiful people these days are a rare sight. Most people today are either gay, trans or fat. I know I'm fat, I shouldn't say anything about it. But I don't think fat is beautiful. At least not on me. Trans people are never good-looking. And gay people may be good looking, but it does no good to say so, if you're a woman looking at a gay man. So, it looks like I've got my answer what those adorable babies look like now, 30+ years later. Very few people now are very good looking. In fact, the most handsome man I've ever seen born in the 1980s is Kit Harrington! He's about as handsome as they come! But he was the only one. And at least he's cute without being gay! Plus, he's a dog-person! LOL!

And I'm slowly beginning not to like trans people at all. They are so pathetic!! Pathetic at every turn! They want us all to accept them. Well, how can we when they can't even accept themselves?? The majority of trans people are nothing more than children who survived sexual molestation. Thus they grown to become child molesters themselves. There was a recent article out of Canada, where a trans "woman" goes into a beauty parlor for WOMEN, I mean REAL women! And it asks for a wax between it's legs. The name of this thing is Jessica Yaniv, I don't know what its real name is, only it's pretend name. It walks into a salon for a wax. The beautician was uncomfortable with waxing a man's penal hair and said no. So, Yaniv takes the business to court and has the whole salon shut down.

Yaniv apparently has a history. I found this quote by one of it's followers on Twitter...

And this kind of thing is what makes me absolutely HATE trans people! And fear them a little. I've always been afraid this would happen. I've always been afraid that some men will claim they identify as "women" just so they can slip into a women's locker room and mentally "rape" them without repercussions. I'd bet anything, the only reason Yaniv went to this beauty parlor was for the exact same reason. So he could ogle naked women getting a wax. And Marcia De Silva, who Yaniv wanted to do his wax job, is an attractive young woman. I believe wholeheartedly he just wanted to have her touch his genitals so he could have a secret fantasy about her. He does all this shit, claiming to speak up for the rights of all people. I call bullshit!

I heard Yaniv went to the parlor for a Brazilian wax for a pool party he was holding. And guess what. He sent invitations to a lot of people, inviting people aged 12-24 only, and NO parents are allowed to attend! That's not only sad, it's fricken scary! The scariest thing about it, there are plenty of parents (mostly libtard SJWs) who will let their children go to Yaniv's party! I'd never do that! I'd have been suspicious right away with the "no parents allowed" part! You know why he said that in his invitation. Because he wants to have his way with them. Probably touch them in places he shouldn't.

In researching for this post, I also found another article someone wrote who knows Yaniv. Check this out... https://mirandayardley.com/en/jonathan-yaniv-is-a-predator/#comment-3173

Call me a bigot all you want to. Call me a transphobe. But that is gross! And he is not the first (or only) trans person I've known to do something like this. Remember DesmondIsAmazing? He dances in gay bars for dollars. He's dancing half naked in front of a bunch of gay men. It's sick! It's sad! And his mom is OK with it. She needs to be horsewhipped! With an inch of her life!

This is all that is so wrong with "getting woke". One person's rights end, where someone else's begins. And that someone else takes FULL advantage of it too! I know we have to make some exceptions for mentally ill people like the trannies. But hey! Trannies are starting to take it too far! Give them an inch, they're taking a mile. And they will continue to take more miles as long as people let them. But why play favorites for one group of mentally ill people? Why not give some way for depressed or anxious people? Like me? How about a bit for schizophrenics? If they want to kill someone, are we now going to let them? Hell, let's just get rid of asylums altogether! Let the mentals out and about to harm all other people. If a tranny can take someone's business and livelihood away, why can't schizos be free to rob, rape and murder people?

Thursday, July 18, 2019

The Little Libtards Who Cried Wolf

OMG! I am hearing a lot of stuff about who the libtards are targeting now. They are going after Chris Pratt for wearing a Gadsden flag t-shirt. For those who don't know what the Gadsden flag is, it's the flag that looks like this...

The leftists hate this flag. Well, the leftists hate everything! But now they are ragging on Chris Pratt because he wore a shirt that has this image on it. The leftists are calling him a "racist" and "xenophobe". Oh my GAWD!!! They think this flag represents racism. Just like they think everything represents racism!! But you know what? The right-wingers have had enough of everything being labeled "racist". I heard now even owning a dog is considered racist! Black people made that up because they complain white people get dogs to keep black people off their property. Well DUH!!! You're damn right we do! But it's not just targeted to black people!! I'd expect my dog to keep invading white people away too! I don't give a shit what color your skin is! If you're an intruder, you're an intruder!! My dog is going to sense your presence before I do, I'm going to expect her to do her job! Bottom line is, if I don't know you, or don't trust you, you're not going to be welcome on my property!! So, don't come to my property with bad intentions and then cry "racist" because I defend myself and my home! That includes my dog too! She belongs here. You do not!

Nowadays EVERYTHING is racist. The real Americans are getting sick of it too. The libtards have cried "racist" too many times now, most of us on the right are just poo-pooing it now. It's like the story of the boy who cried wolf. You do it too many times, people are going to stop believing in what you say. Really, unless someone uses colored words, nothing is racist. The leftists are just using that phrase now to get their way. They learned most people will cave if someone calls them racists. Well, I hope Chris Pratt does not cave to the SJWs! I say keep wearing that shirt! Wear it till it melts off! Piss off those damn libtards! I'm sick of seeing right-wingers give in to SJWs!! I'm beginning to lose respect for my fellow patriots!! They should do what I started doing; stop caving in to SJWs and start flipping them the bird instead! Because if we keep on caving in to them, incidents like this are going to keep on happening, and it'll get worse. I'd hate to see that happen.

It's like last week, when Mexican illegals (along with Antifa) lowered and defaced the American flag and put up a Mexican flag in it's place. I think that is pretty much proof those people are not immigrating to our country because they like it. No. They are the ones who say they hate America. They are coming here because they want to take over. They want control. I've been saying all along this whole thing is all about control!! I've been saying that for the past 2, almost 3, years now. And I haven't changed my mind about that yet! I saw the same behavior in the mods at the Statue For Michael group on Facebook. As well as the MH and His Life fan page on Facebook. Both groups are run by communists, and moderated in a very communist kind of way. Again, it's all about control! The only reason I didn't voluntarily leave those groups was because I had friends in those groups I wanted to see every day. But now, that wouldn't matter because all the INXS fans I ever would want as friends now are all among my Facebook friends. That's all I need. I'm even thinking of cleaning that out again. There's some who say nothing, and since I don't trust the fans anymore (specifically those I don't know) I don't know if they're only there to spy, or whathaveyou! But I get a little bit suspicious now if they ask to become my friends and then don't do anything.

It irks me that even as recently as when my dad died, I was still a liberal. That's why I thank the INXS SJWs for opening my eyes to the way liberals and SJWs are. There's been so many times I should have learned my lesson, and didn't! But I am grateful for that last time. At the time it happened, I wondered what good was going to come out of that! Usually I can turn any negative into a positive. That one took a while because I had just lost my father. But it did work out eventually! I don't always learn my lessons in a timely manner. But I do eventually learn them. It's just that every situation is different, and I understand that. Maybe I understand it a little too much! So much to a point it's to my own detriment. I like to give people a chance, and I believe everything happens for a reason. In a way, I kindof became a bit of an SJW myself, but in a good way. Now, I judge everyone based on others I've met like them, and trust no one.

But I did used to be a liberal. Even when I was a kid. You know what's funny? I remember when I was in my last year in middle school, and we said the pledge of allegiance every morning before actual school began. I stood up, but I did not put my hand on my chest. The teacher, Mr. Hagbo, yelled at me because of it. And this kid who sat next to me; a big, fat, lispy, dopey-looking dude named Lance, told the teacher in a mocking way "She's a commune". Well, back then I thought he was saying that I am Russian. Which I'm not. At least, not 100%. LOL! And I got mad at him for saying that. But now I look back on it, having gotten to know actual communists, and I think "Yeah, I did act like a communist myself!" And now to see some dumb illegal immigrants take down our flag and replace it with the Mexican flag, it actually makes me very angry!!!! But you know what else is kinda funny? Thinking that probably today, Lance is actually among those leftists that hate this country. The worst attacks I've ever got in my life were by what would be considered today leftist liberals. They were never by right-wing type people. Even other people I know of who have converted from the left to the right have seen the difference. The left is all about hatred for the right, and the right is all about truth, honesty and love for this country. The right respects the people who gave their lives so we could all live a cushy lifestyle. The left respects no one but themselves.

It is very sad to see what this country has become! But I am glad I am not on the left to destroy it any more.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Scarlett Should Have Known Better!

Well, the SJWs have done it again. Scarlett Johansson wanted to play a part that is that of a transgender "man". She said she should be able to play any part. Personally, I don't think she's manly enough to pull it off, but then again, this is the movies. Who says it has to be perfect? But anyways, the SJWs got their feathers ruffled when she said that. No, they want a real transgender "man" to play the part, and are now shitting on Scarlett Johansson because she believes she should be allowed to play the part. Seriously, who the fuck cares if she plays the part or not?? And how many real transgender "men" are in the movies??? Maybe they want like a real man to play a transgender "man". Which I can understand, but why get so angry at Scarlett Johansson just because she wants to play the part??? I have yet to really see a transgender "man" that was as convincing as a real man.

Anyways, when the SJWs started lashing out at her, she issued an apology. Oh man!! She should have known better than to do that!! You NEVER apologize to liberals and SJWs!!!! The last libtard SJW I ever apologized to was Roger, and if you'd read this blog back in 2012, you'd know how that turned out. I apologized to Roger for something bad I did to him, and he said he accepted my apology. His mouth said he did, but I think his heart and mind still held a grudge. Well, it wasn't until after I left Bozeman that it came out. Well, not that anything he said was really insulting to me, it wasn't anything I haven't already said about me myself. But it was the fact that he waited until after I was already gone and he said he forgave me that it came out. I didn't get angry at Roger, but his actions were enough to tell me never to trust giving an apology to a libtard again. So, he was the last non-family member I ever would apologize to for anything. I should have learned my lesson with Viergacht and JohnFaa back in 2009, they were both a couple of gay libtard SJWs. But back then I too was a liberal, just like them. Only I wasn't gay. I didn't see that liberal SJWs were like that back then. I thought they were just a couple of jerks. Not the norm of what libtard SJWs are. I was as blind as Antifa is today.

Well, on a side-note, Viergacht did push me to do better without even knowing it. He kept throwing every insult in the book at me, saying that I "can't do this" or "can't do that". But it's funny! Every time he said I can't do something, I always did it! LOL! He gave me the gumption to do it, and do it better! Even going so far as to get an interview with Dougal Dixon. Which I am sure had Viergacht grinding his teeth in anger because he didn't think of it first. But that's what his rhetoric did for me. LOL!! I wasn't going to let some  angry, gay, retarded prick dictate to me what I can and cannot do! No damn way! I just wish I could have seen the look on his face when I did everything he said I couldn't do. LOL!! I bet it was hilarious!!! Well, I was sure laughing all the way.

Even when the INXS SJWs were shitting on me, I never apologized. I only apologized for the confusion, because I could see where they would misinterpret what I said. But I did not apologize specifically to Kelly for nothing. Nor was I ever going to! I'm still not! If she thinks I'm going to grovel at her feet, she can just think again! I have zero interest in making amends with her or any of her SJW clown-ass friends!

This is the kind of attitude all people should have! You should never apologize to SJWs. Because they are not interested in your apology. Well they are, but only because they want to use it against you. I learned my lesson, and I will never apologize to an SJW again! EVER!!! It took a couple of instances with different SJWs, but I learned my lesson. I hope everyone else can too.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Stormzy Vs. Mozart

WHAT?!?!?!?!! I've got to look into this! Apparently according to this article, British schools want to replace the study of Mozart with the study of Stormzy. I've got to say a big "WTF???" I can't wait to see what's going to be next. I wonder if this also means Peter Schaffer's movie Amadeus is going to be remade in Hollywood again, and turn Mozart into a black man? I wouldn't be surprised. Of course I don't know, Tom Hulce, who played the original Mozart (and did a great job), was openly gay. But I think it was that characteristic that made him pull it off well. I mean, that laugh! LOL! When he laughed in the movie, I laughed! I've seen Mozart played by a straight man before and he could not pull off that laugh very well at all.

Well anyways, let's break down the two composers. Well, the only real composer is Mozart. Stormzy is just a piece of junk!

Subject #1: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Born in Salzburg, Austria on January 27, 1756. Taught himself to play piano at 3. Wrote his first opera at 4 years old. Has inspired many musicians since his time. Not to mention also inspired several very popular cartoon characters as well. He also inspired my Michael apparently. The majority of his music is still played today and studied in the finer universities. He is the epitome of a child prodigy. He produced all his own music, all his own words. None of which promoted violence against anyone. In fact, it is proven Mozart tried to promote peace and love in a culture where love was laughed at and an era where peace was faltering. He used his own real name in crediting his music.

Another thing about Mozart, back in the 1990s, I once saw a news clip on TV that said pregnant women who stream Mozart's music to their unborn babies have a greater chance of giving birth to babies that themselves become child prodigies. Now, I don't know if that is true or not, but it is an interesting study I heard about. And if true, proves there is just something about Mozart's musical genius that rubs off on whomever listens to it. I used to listen to Mozart when I was a teenager. My sis and mom thought I was crazy to, but I think it did me wonders. And some of Mozart's music was way ahead of it's time! Some songs were even good enough to boogie to! I could definitely see Mozart coming into the 1980s and fitting in, creating good old rock n' roll. In fact, I once wrote a story based on that concept. It was an obscure story, probably won't make it into UMG Productions in the foreseeable future. But I might reconsider. This story had Diana the mongoose in it, and I've been asked for more stories with her in them.

Subject #2: Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr. (AKA. "Stormzy")

Born on July 26, 1993 in Croydon, England (a suburb of London). He admits to being a naughty child, but got A's in school. His genre of music is known as "grime" (wtf--again!). He calls gays "fucking fags". Yes I know that was some time ago, but the leftists ALWAYS look at things said in the past. I heard his song "Shut Up", and I couldn't understand a single word he says, so he has no musical talent whatsoever. He's just another one of those "grime" stars who wishes he had talent. He writes songs that glorifies gangs and gang violence, and killing cops. Is very vain and self-absorbed. He also uses a LOT of profanity in his songs. He apparently goes with the flow instead of thinking for himself.

Here's another thing...

Famous Mozart quotes:

Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius.

I pay no attention whatever to anybody's praise or blame. I simply follow my own feelings.

One must not make oneself cheap here - that is a cardinal point - or else one is done. Whoever is most impertinent has the best chance.

Famous Stormzy quotes:

When I'm good at something, I always try to be the best at it and claim that throne. Even in school, I never let anyone say anything to me; I would always be the smartest.

Fuck the Government and fuck Boris

You read a book, write a detailed review as proof you’ve read it, and they give you a badge. That’s where my competitive nature came out. Give me the badges! I would sit in the library all day, not ‘cos I loved reading, just because I needed those badges.

Boris, BTW, is London's former Mayor Boris Johnson, a conservative man and wanted to apply some conservative leadership. Note the difference? OK, I am totally on team Mozart. I've always been on team Mozart. He should never be replaced with a self-centered, idiotic rapper who worships gangs and gang violence and smoking pot. I looked at the lyrics to his songs, and well I am not surprised! He sings lyrics that are no different from any other rapper's lyrics. That's why rap, hip-hop and "grime" can never take the place of the classics. I can't even believe schools these days are downing the classics! Who cares that no child will likely download Mozart's music onto their Spotify account?! Mozart wrote good music, from the heart. He was trained by no one but GOD. He had no leads to follow. He was his own inspiration. Stormzy followed the lead of other bad rappers. There's no such thing as a good rapper. None of them can sing. You notice all rappers do is nothing but talk with music in the background. RnB singers at least do a little better. But today's RnB is nothing but crap! You can't even dance to it unless you like slow dancing. I don't.

Here's the final word on the subject; If you don't want to cause anymore problems in your country, then don't get rid of the classics!!! Get rid of Stormzy! He's teaching kids it's OK to kill cops, and kill other people, and to be narcissists! Mozart was all about giving back to his community. Stormzy is all about giving to himself.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Party Like It's 2011! **With Update**

LOL!!! Ya know, I think I'm getting slammed by a monstrosity. LMAO!!

Anyways, this comes courtesy of a video about free-range children. That's about children who are being unschooled (not home-schooled). I saw how those kids were acting, they are staying home day after day, and have no parental guidance at all! The parents don't believe in setting boundaries for kids. The kids have absolutely no math skills. no reading skills, one child can bake, but has no knowledge of numerics. I don't know how he bakes anything without that! They cannot read, nor do anything. Basically the parents turn them loose and leave them to their own devices. Well normally, I would think this would hinder the chances of the children having decent jobs as adults. But the one and only thing those kids have going for them is the parents own their own business. As long as they can cut a board, the kids might have a chance at something. But they can go to sleep and wake up any time they want. It makes me think of the already declining quality of humanity going on today. This was a comment I posted on that video...

Well, this post is about a different thread on that same video. For the most part, veganism is dead! But there are still some soy-boys who cling to the hope that someone out there will make a convincing argument in favor of the vegans. One of those is something that calls it's self CutesyFace McGee. I call it an it because it doesn't look like either a man or a woman. I'll get to that in a minute. Anyways, no one knows what has happened to those kids since the video first came out back in 2010. That was one of the things Face was commenting on...

This thing said the only good thing about those kids were if they follow a vegan lifestyle. But that is not a good thing. Recent studies have shown (by non-biased sources) that veganism is not as good as it's hardcore followers made it out to be. So, I would only hope the kids did not grow to become vegans. Though I must say, the kids' mom already looked like she was a vegan. The father too, as he looked like a wuss. And only a vegan would think to unschool their children. The mom looked spacey and not quite all there during the interview, just like vegans typically do. It comes from a lack of proper nutrition. She also looked dirty, like vegans usually do too. So, my guess was those children (and parents) are already vegans.

Anyways, the person this thing was addressing responded the way I would have...

Makes total sense to me, kids should never be forced to be vegan. Just about 2 months ago, a baby was born to a vegan mother and the baby died because the mom was a hardcore vegan and did not have all the proper nutrients to pass on to the baby. So, meat is needed. At least fish and chicken, as well as milk and beef livers. Anyways, this thing replied to the poster that responded to it...

Well, I half agree with this, but I don't agree where it says it's "pretty sure they weren't raised that way." Well, I whole-heartedly believe they were. This thing has succumbed to vegan propaganda and sensationalism. But vegans are almost always unstable people. The only ones who are not are the closet omnivores. That is to say, vegans who eat some meat on occasion.

Oh man! And to think, I called MsPearlsGirl a closet omnivore. Well, her mental pitfall told me she wasn't! My sincerest apologies to the omnivore community for insulting them by implying that deranged maniac was one of us!

Well anyway, I just noticed the post it made yesterday. This was my first time viewing this video. So, I decided to set it straight about vegans...

Well! For the most part, it's true! A lot of the vegans I've known in the past (especially those who used to comment on my videos on YouTube) always seemed along the lines of someone who is autistic, even schizophrenic. Anyway none of them seemed to be on the level. That's what drove me away from being vegan. I did not want to become like them. If you still deny vegans are mentally unstable people, just look at some of the hardcore vegans like Freelee the Banana Girl and VeganGains. They are extremely mindsick people.

So, suddenly I am back in 2011! LOL! It had something to say about my comment...

Again look at the videos of the people I posted, tell me those people are "normal". VeganGains is so bad, he even filmed his grandfather having a heart attack, and was laughing about it. I think only psychotics do that. Then again, there is also MsPearlsGirl. I have a video of me reading off a list of things she said that was equally as psychotic. Then there is Freelee. She even always has a psychotic look in her eyes. I know that's only 3 people I can name off the top of my head right now. But that's enough to present a case that something is not right in these peoples' brains!

Anyways, let's continue. I responded again, the way I always do...

Hey! It's upfront and to the point! One case would have been easy to excuse. But if you have one person who commits the same crime 3 times, you start to believe there is a connection between those crimes and something is wrong with that person. Most especially when the case expands across more than one individual. And those individuals all have the one thing in common; they are vegans. So, there is obviously something wrong with that lifestyle. Anyways, it decides to get cynical with me (just like all vegans and psycho-sympathizers)...

Well, it wants to play games. So, I decide to play right back with it...

Hehehehe! Funny! Well, you are not going to believe this, I probably wouldn't have believed it either had I not seen it with my own eyes! This was the response it gave me...

LMAO!!!! OMG!!! I can't believe this thing said this! It's funny!!!!!! If you'd seen my troll comments video, you'd know how long I laughed at this comment! And what an opening! Actually, I have nothing against ugly people. I'm ugly myself, and proud of it! But the way this thing practically admitted it, in the middle of an argument, without me even asking!! It struck me funny!! LOL! Anyways, this was my cutesy response...

Well, I wanted to see just how ugly it is. I don't think I've ever heard anyone else admit they are ugly before, besides me. But I know I am. LOL! But I say it with glee! So, I looked on it's channel and got a good look at it's picture. This is what I saw...

OMG!! Is THAT what I am talking to now??? LMAO!!!!!! OK, let's break it down. First, look at that donkey-like face. That's not even counting the buzz-cut. Or mohawk hairdo, and eye-shadow. And what's inside that bra? Must be tissue paper. Or rocks. Because it doesn't look like there's actual boobs in there. Unless they're made of silicon. And something that looks like a rainbow flower, or butterfly tattoo on it's chest! UGH!! Dude! That's a dude! Look at those shoulders! It cut out it's bottom half probably because it doesn't want the world to see there is a penis between those skanky legs!! So, I am talking to an it! Not a man, not a woman. An it!

Well, after getting a heaping dose of this sight-killer, I responded yet again...

Ya know, like calling a big man "Tiny", or calling a bald guy "curly". This ugly thing calls it's self "CutesyFace McGee". Of course McGee could be it's real name too. But it calls it's self that because it's ugly. I get the joke! LOL!!! Well, it responded back, and let me tell you, I can just hear it's voice rising in a feverish, feminine pitch, like a spoiled little girl...

Well, you know I am going to retort! Whatever it doesn't like, I'm going to do to it just to piss it off. Just like the freaking libtards do. So, here goes...

So far, it hasn't responded back yet. But I will keep you posted. There's so many different ways it can respond. I'm going to see what form it takes. Either way, I can tell it's going to be hysterical! I say hysterical, not because it is funny, but because it is pathetically uninspired. So far, it hasn't said anything I haven't heard before. It's funny, but at the same time, rather dull and boring!!

Oh man these dumb trannies!! LOL! And this one is an insult to legit trans people!!

******************************UPDATE!! 7/12/19********************************

I heard from it again! I wondered if I would hear from this thing again! LMAO!! Well, I must say it took it long enough for it to respond to me! This was the last post I made...

Yeah, it's been a couple days. Notice it says 2 days ago right after my name. It's still hilarious! Well, this was the comment I got this morning...

I kinda have to wonder, why did it take this thing 2 days to respond? Did it need an extra charge because I was too harsh? Ya know what I think? I think this thing is in love with me. Well, I would be flattered, but I am not attracted to transgenders. Sorry. I don't want to get together with someone who is not even secure in their own gender. Not gonna happen! I don't need 2 confused people running around in this house! One is enough, and that's me! In fact, I am writing a story now about dating trannies. It's part of the Americana compilation book I am writing for UMG. The one where Brittney is tricked into dating a woman who thinks she's a man. I'm writing that so people reading it will especially know that it's OK to reject a transgender date. It's not transphobic. It's so villainized now. But it is unnatural. Our goal should be reproduction, and filling the next generation's head with truth and facts. Not with this tranny garbage libtards are trying to push on them!

Anyways, I told this tranny what I was thinking...

And yes, I provided it with a link to this blog post! LMAO!!! I wonder if it responded now because it missed me? LMAO!!! Anyways, I am totally expecting it to hit me with "you're a transphobe!" next time it comments. See if I am not right. I'll keep you posted!