Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Delusional Kathy

 I hesitated to write this for a week. I heard the news when my mom arrived here from Reno and it made me laugh so hard I split my side! It hurt but it was still pretty cool! Though it pissed off my mom and sister, I think it's hilarious! But I hesitated to write this because, in the off-chance that Kathy were to see this post, I don't want her to think I really give a damn what she thinks. But anyway here it goes.

Apparently Kathy wrote another obituary for my father, who died of cancer back in 2016. She wrote it on ancestry.com. She made it out like her whole family was related to my father. She put down that her daughters were my father's biological daughters, and that my sister was their real sister. But Kathy left one most important person out. Me! 😁😁😁 She didn't put my name down at all on my father's ancestry line. I thought it was so funny! I laughed when I heard it. Believe me when I say my feelings are not hurt at all. Like Kathy herself would say, I'm not gonna flinch an inch. LOL!

Kathy is just butthurt that I called her daughter Stephanie a fat-ass idiot! Stephanie was the one who wanted the truth! So I gave it to her. Jennifer is no better either! Jennifer is crazier than a loon! Both of them are just as ugly as Kathy is. Inside and outside! All of them have those big, round, bulging eyes, and sags under their eyes that look like George Soro's. My dad didn't have that. My dad is more proportionate. So is me and my sis. So Kathy is jealous and bitter.

Before Kathy got butthurt, there was an obituary written by them that was made in honor of my father back in 2016. That one did mention me. But after Kathy got butthurt, she decided to leave me out. That's OK though. It just proves correctly what I've been saying about Kathy all along. That she is a grown woman who never grew up. She never speaks for herself. She always gets her daughters to do it for her. And her daughters are nutty asf! Kathy is petty, a coward, an overgrown baby, and very obviously a hardcore leftist. She doesn't think her daughters can ever do anything wrong. I told Kathy that Stephanie started the whole thing. She not only disrespected my mom, but she also disrespected my sister and me. And that was uncalled for! All my mom wanted was dad's Jesus on the cross necklace, the one that his mom gave to him. Dad had been promising that necklace to me and my sis for as long as I can remember. Now it's gone. But that too is OK. Kathy and her family will be the ones who will have to answer for it when they try to get into Heaven. I don't think St. Peter is going to let them through the pearly gates with stealing, loathing and lying on their record. I'm sure my father will have some questions for them as well for how Kathy and her family treated me and my family after he died.

Well, Kathy's kids can do wrong, and have done wrong for as long as I've known them. Stephanie has 2 kids out of wedlock, which is evil in GOD's eyes. That's sure not going to get her into Heaven! And Jennifer sucks as a mother. Last time I saw her daughter Madison, she wasn't even 18 yet, and already had tattoos all over her arms. Plus, she has run away from home before and stayed gone for a week or two. Jennifer did not even go out looking for her! It was like she didn't even care about the fact that Madison was gone. And Kathy was going out, getting drunk and partying with her pathetic friends no more than a week after my father was dead. No doubt using his money to do it with. I would not be surprised if that was the real reason why my sis and I never got any money from our father after he died. I didn't say anything about it because I figured the money he left Kathy would be used to pay off my father's medical bills. But now, I am getting the feeling that Kathy drank all his money away. I'm as positive as the day is long that Stephanie and Jennifer got a share of my father's money too, and drank it away themselves.

Oh well! It's Kathy and her kids who will have to answer for that. My mom was worried how I'd feel knowing Kathy left me out of my father's ancestry. I told her I really do not care. I know the truth. My mom and sis knows the truth. GOD knows the truth, and so does dad. And whether she wants to face it or not, Kathy and her kids also know the truth. Unless Kathy is delusional on top of all those other things I said about her.

So these things are clear; Stephanie and Jennifer ARE NOT my father's biological kids. My sister Anna and I ARE HIS KIDS. Kathy is NOT my mother (thank GOD). Fran Clark IS my mother. Stephanie and Jennifer have a father of their own.

Geez! I don't know what I'd have done if Kathy was my real mom! I can't even imagine. She's such a big baby herself. I'd have probably had to raise myself.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

OK So the Catfags Won

 Y'all happy now?!

These are the two newest members of the family. Yes, they are kittens. I know that! But having Venom here kinda made me fall in love with cats. I wanted one just like her. So, her sister had kittens back at the beginning of April, and the owner allowed us to bring them home. I got one for me and one for my sis. Dahlia is the black one, and she belongs to me. Yes, she is a licker too, just like Venom. Though not as much as Venom was. She's more of a rebel. Like me. Petunia is the white kitten with gray spots, and she belongs to my sis. She's the more even-tempered and social one. She is also a licker.

Don't worry. I am still more of a dog person. But we cannot have anymore dogs until we get our own place. Bummer! Though there are people upstairs from us (incidentally the same people who gave us these kittens) who have 4 dogs in their unit. But I cannot take that chance.

I believe another thing that changed my mind was when I had all those pets here. I learned to love animals of all kinds. Even kitty cats. Well, they're a damnsite better than humans, that's for damn sure! I didn't want to get rid of my animals, but I had to when my sis moved in. I love my sis with all my heart and soul, and I could not let her go back to an uncertain future. And family comes before pets in cages. So, what else could I do. But these kittens don't require cages. When they do something wrong I have a squirt bottle to get at them with. They don't take up very much room either. So, they're OK here.

In other events, I heard Russia is going to create a city for American conservatives to live in. Those of us who want to escape the rapid fall of the country we once knew and loved, Russia is setting aside a small area outside of Moscow for us to move to, where there will be no blm/trans/gay/pride bullshit allowed. There's only one problem. It sounds too good to be true. If I were to move there, I'd like to think I would not be disturbed by any government procedures at any time. I'd just want to go there, live, have my animals, and not be bothered. I don't want to be woken up one night and have a guard with a gun in my back telling me I'm going to be executed for whatever reason. Or bombed in my bedroom. Besides, I don't trust that Putin.

I saw this in an article last week, but today when I did a search for it again, I couldn't find anything recent. I did find that Russia is giving land to people who want to move to the Arctic. But it's very remote land. No amenities. So no. But since the USA is falling apart, I'd like to find somewhere in this world to move to. Somewhere where there are no naked, gay men dancing in the streets, waving their genitals in children's faces. Somewhere where inflation does not exist. Somewhere where there is no Biden or Harris lousing things up. My ma was recently visiting, and she tells me in Canada and the Netherlands, a parent can choose to have a child aborted at up to 12 years old. I thought she was kidding, or misheard something. But no. It's true. But so far, it's only true for parents whose kids are terminally sick or injured. And that's just in the Netherlands. Canada is so messed up though, they allow anyone to kill someone who is simply depressed, instead of giving them meds.

I'll tell you right now, I hate that Justin Trudeau!! His brain is warped! I suffer depression, and I don't want to die! Even in my earlier days, I would never have killed myself. I ain't that depressed! Especially with family around me now, and my pets. And looking forward to more pets!

Friday, May 12, 2023

A Goal I Never Hoped For

 I've been very popular on Facebook lately! As of this afternoon, I am up by almost 900 friends. That's a margin I've never reached before. And it grows daily. That's a margin I've never even reached with the INXS fans! Well, let's face it, not many of the INXS fans really liked me that much. I think I always kinda knew that. It was not because of something anybody said. I'm just always a bit antsy about people. I think of everyone as an enemy until they prove differently. I know I am an abrasive person. Not a lot of people like that. They would rather be lied to and treated with kindness (or what they perceive as kindness) than to hear the truth. Especially when it comes to other people they consider friends. The INXS fans didn't like me because I didn't like people they considered friends. Even though the people they considered friends were real jerks. Like that dumb ol' Matt Burney goon! What they didn't know was that ol' Matt started shit with me. I did not start anything with him. He could not accept the fact that I just don't like Paula Yates. But again, that's what liberals do. They think everyone has to agree with them. I'm not that kind of a person. I call them as I see them. I've been hated throughout my life for that. So, it doesn't bother me that the INXS fans felt the same way.

I still have a few INXS fan buddies on Facebook, but they are the rare good ones. You can tell how rare people like them are by seeing how few friends I have that are INXS fans. Even though I am a fan of the band. A MEGA-fan! I have maybe a dozen INXS buddies out of almost 900 friends. I'm happiest this way. I love my buds, and I am gaining literally hundreds more. I don't feel as on edge anymore like I did before. I always felt a wee bit nervous before when I had like over 400 INXS buds. Mostly because one thing I've noticed over the years is that INXS fans gossip! And since most of them are leftists, they won't ask for your side of the story. They'll just shun you and turn their back on you. Leaving you to wonder what it was you did wrong. In the cancer incident, it wasn't until one of my friends spoke up to me that I learned the reason why that day I was losing friends left and right. All of them were INXS fans. None of them knew me very well. And all of them were being led by a nitwit. But the friends I've been making there now, I feel good about. These are people I actually have a lot in common with. People I can learn from. People I wouldn't mind going out with for coffee or a soda or something.

Now, I can say anything I want to. I can curse Paula Yates and no one will give a care. Though I don't want to curse her too much. She was a dog-lover, and she bred that into her children. So that's like one good thing about her. But that's it. I can talk about dogs and my favorite cat breeds and have people answer me back. I can even still talk about Michael and Timmy and how cute I think they are. I can even talk about how I think Kit Harington is the best pick for playing Michael. How he looks more like him than anyone else. More than Luke Arnold, and especially more than Aiden Turner. I've never been one for numbers. I never really cared how many friends I've had on Facebook. But I've just never had this many before!! It's a bit exciting, scary, refreshing, all at the same time. I never felt this before!

Anyway, remember Tux? Or Venom? I need to start referring to her by her real name. It's just I have such a huge block against the word venom. Especially for a sweet cat like her. Well, her sister had kittens, and the owner has offered to let me and my sis have one. I loved Venom so much! I actually agreed to take one of the kittens. I especially fell in love with a little solid black kitten that crawled up on my shoulder while I visited them. My sis fell in love with a little white kitten with gray spots. Not tabby. Just gray. I wouldn't accept a gray tabby. I still don't like them. So my sis and I decided to take both of them. We're just now waiting for them to be weaned. Katrina, who still hates cats, said to me when I told her "Boy! You've changed!" I said yes. Tux (Venom) and Mya changed my mind. Mya has always loved cats. She always runs up to them wanting to play. And remember I said Venom was about the sweetest cat I ever met. So, I am hoping these kittens will be just like her. And I have always loved black cats. I've always found them to be the friendliest. I never believed in the superstition that they are bad luck. And also, I miss my bunnies. So, having a kitten will be sort of like having my bunnies back. I had to let them go when my sis moved here because there was no longer any room for them and their cages. Plus all my sis's things. But we have room for a couple kittens here. It's not like we'll be keeping them in cages.