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Sunday, April 20, 2014

INXS Thinking About Touring Again

Well good! I am so glad that INXS is thinking about more tours. I do hope they come back to this country. They haven't since 2011, and then I had to move to Bozeman. I remember I even went so far as to purchase tickets, and had an awesome seat assigned to me. I thought I was not going to have to move to Montana until August of that year. But my sis wanted to move in June, so I wound up missing the concert. That made me mad! All I can hope now is that INXS will be touring the USA and we will both be in the same city at the same time. Or at least the same state. I miss these guys. Even Kirk, and I never thought I would say that in a million years. I still have not forgotten the way he snubbed me when I met them in Portland. In a sense, so did Tim. But it was so hot, and I had on so much hairspray, I didn't blame him for not wanting to stand and talk to me. I didn't even want to stand near myself that day with all that hairspray on. Why should I expect Tim to feel any different?

Well, apparently the miniseries, Never Tear Us Apart, breathed new life into INXS's popularity. I haven't seen the show yet, I don't think it's been aired in the USA yet. Now, Richard Lowenstein has announced on his Facebook page that he will be working on a movie of his own about INXS. I told Mr. Lowenstein I cannot wait to see his version. He and I sort of became buddies after that. He likes my spunk! I told him I heard of 3 different directors who want to create their own INXS movie, and I told him I will be watching ALL of them if possible. I want to do a little comparison watching. See which version I like best of all. Some fans said they would only watch Mr. Lowenstein's version, which is understandable. Richard Lowenstein is the one director that made most of the INXS videos throughout their career, and possibly is responsible for their popularity. But me, being the curious, and critical person I am, I want to see all creations of the INXS movie. Luke Arnold really resembled Michael and I would have fallen in love with him, had I seen the movie. But I haven't seen it yet so I don't know how well he portrayed Michael. I hope to see it someday and find out.

Well, this time if INXS does tour the USA again, I hope I am there to see it. I'll either be here or in OR. Not sure they can return to OR, and if they do, it'll probably be in Portland. Great!! Not that I believe Catsredrum or any of them will show up, I think after JD Fortune got dissed, they are no longer interested in INXS. I wouldn't think. But then I don't know. They always badmouthed Michael, saying he's just a dead guy. I don't think of Michael that way. It seems kinda disrespectful to me to say Michael is nothing but a dead singer. I think of Michael, and I think of all his accomplishments and the lovely sounds he brought into the world.

Speaking of which, Peaches Geldof passed away while I was visiting my sis back in Bozeman, and I said GOD is punishing Bob for being so hateful to Michael. Either that, or Michael is up there getting even with Bob Geldof for taking Lily away from him. I said RIP Peaches Geldof. She was 25 with a husband and child. She was also a model and an actress. But I still say Bob Geldof is being punished! I said that on Facebook too, and some of the weaker people who couldn't handle the truth deleted themselves from my friends list. I don't really care though. I still say Bob is being punished by GOD and Michael! I will always believe that. If I lose a few people who can't handle hearing that, then that is just too bad. That's what I believe, and I've never been known for giving up my beliefs for anyone. It's not like I'll miss those people, we probably hardly ever communicated to begin with anyways. And everyone who befriends me on Facebook knows I do not like Bob Geldoff!! I hate him forever for taking Lily away from Michael, which caused Michael to kill himself, which is why INXS is having problems now finding the perfect frontman for their band! Bob may love Lily, but the way he plotted to get her and keep her away from Michael, makes me mad!! I feel Michael's death was all his fault, and NO ONE can make me believe otherwise!

Actually, Peaches is the lucky one. She is up in Heaven with Michael. She's in a much better place with someone who loved her as his own. It is sad that her child will be growing up without it's mama. But I don't believe death is a totally bad thing. I used to think that when I was younger. But at my age, I see death as being just a step between this life and a new life. Like stepping on a curb between the road and the walkway.

Well, in other news, Minnie is doing fine. My sis and Minnie are still getting used to each other, but Minnie is such a good girl, she should get along fine with my sis and her friends. My sis told me she took Minnie to Yellowstone, and Livingston. Minnie loves car rides, so I am sure she had lots of fun. Roger is complaining though. Minnie does tend to bark at little noises, so we have to figure out a way that she will keep quiet, short of getting another dog to keep her company. Normally, I don't give a shit what Roger thinks, he's a lunatic anyways, and he's a dumbass. But I am afraid more people will complain about Minnie and get my sis kicked out of there, and she has nowhere else to go. But we are going to speak to the new landlord, and hopefully get this straightened out. I am going to expose Roger as a discredible person, who has been at war with my sister for years now. He is trying to make her move out, and we are not going to let that happen. The landlord should be made aware. She's new there, she has no idea of Roger's scheme to try and get my sister to move out. I could wait for the dirty dozen mob to foreword this blog to the new landlord, but they may not do it soon enough. So I am going to call there tomorrow. Minnie is my dog still, so if there is a problem with her, I should be the one to talk to the landlord about it.

**************************************EDIT to ADD**********************************

I was wrong when I said that a couple of my friends deleted themselves from my Facebook after I said Bob Geldof is being punished by GOD. It wasn't a couple of my friends, it was only one person. A woman named Julie Arsenault. And to tell you all the truth, I don't even have any idea who she was! LOL! She probably didn't know me when she asked to be added to my Facebook friends. She probably just saw I was an INXS fan and added me for the numbers. And yes, we never communicated with each other. So, Good riddance Julie!! Glad to be rid of one weak-minded individual from my friends! If others follow her, that would be great! I would rather keep friends on Facebook who know they may not like everything I'm going to say, and allow me to say it anyways, than to keep so-called "friends" like Julie and have to watch what I say every time in front of them. I don't like people like that.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Telescope and a Nosy Dumbass

Well I am back in Bozeman for a visit. My sis lost Odessa a few weeks ago, and I could not stand to think of her all alone in this little apartment with no company. I felt bad for her so I made a huge decision. Though it is breaking my heart, I have decided to let my Minnie-Muu come and stay with my sister for the rest of her days. Minnie is an active dog and my sis is an active person, so they should get along fine together. Minnie is a healthy, bouncy girl and I'm sure she has a lot of good years left in her. She should last my sis for another 6-7 years at least. She's a dog that my sis can put a harness and leash on and go for a good walk with, instead of having to put her in a buggy and walk that way.

Well anyways, I am also here with my ma, and we are going to have some fun with my sis. As my ma and I were driving in, I was looking up at my sis' window, and I happened to look over at her neighbor's window. My sis' neighbor is Roger Melvin, and he's a dumbass. He's the guy who is not happy unless he is bitching about something or someone. Well when I looked at his window I noticed he has a telescope positioned in his window. My sis said to me "You know what he does with that thing?" I answered "Spies on people?" my sis responded "You got it!" I told her I don't doubt it! That nosy-body was born to snoop. My sis told me he takes pictures of people with that telescope. He probably also uses it to snoop on people across the street in their own homes. I would not put it past him.

Yesterday when my sis and I went shopping, I saw that thing in Roger's window and I said to my sis while we were standing out there that we should really give him something to take a picture of. If he had been at his telescope at that moment, I was going to have both of us stand there and flip him off with both hands, let him take a picture of that! LOL! Or both of us stick our tongues out at him. hehehe! Either way, I was going to mock him having that thing to spy on people.

My ma is also here and she told me not to say or do anything to these people because I am here as a guest. I reluctantly said OK. But it's going to be hard! Especially in the case of Andy. If he comes near me, and he stinks as bad as he did on my last day here, it's going to take a lot of restraint not to say something that will embarrass him! Or if he growls at me or my ma, it's going to be hard not to make fun of him. I told my ma it's going to be difficult if Andy acts like an animal not to treat him like one.