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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

RIP Mike Splan

 This is very late in coming, but I found out recently that he passed away! Mike was married to Deb, who became the apartment building's secretary while I was living there. I like Deb, even though she thinks I don't, and no doubt she hates my guts too, but I don't care. LOL! But I did not like Mike as much. He was the one whose friend committed suicide back in 2011 when I was living there with my sis. He drove all the way to Albuquerque, NM to attend his funeral. I remember giving him my condolences, even though I did not know his friend at all. Deb did not go with him. I don't know why, I guess she did not know him either. When Mike came back, he was a totally different person. I did notice a bit of a change in his attitude. But I mostly attributed that to him being in mourning. So I paid no attention, and just maintained my cheerful disposition towards him.

Well, over the following months, I noticed he started looking at me and my sis with disgust. No one else, just me and my sis. I couldn't understand why, because we'd never done anything bad to him at that time. Then when Hobofart introduced him to this blog, Mike got pissed because I said he was acting like an asshole. He started yelling at my dogs. And not even yelling at them in a loving way. He was yelling at them so hatefully that it made me a bit afraid he was going to physically lash out at them. I did not like what he was doing. He was indeed acting like an asshole. There was just no nice way to put that. But you can tell how kind and gentle a person is by the way he treats small dogs. And the way Mike was acting, did not point to him being a kind and gentle person. Serial killers are the ones who are rough with small dogs. Or with any small animal.

One day my sis and I were at the dog park and Mike came in and pulled out his cigarettes and started smoking. My sis gave a lecture on how cigarettes stink and cause diseases. Mike was kinda laughing as he said to her "OK! So leave the smokers alone!" I then turned to my sis and said "Right! If he wants to get lung cancer then let him!" I say that about all smokers. It's their choice. Well, I recently found out Mike actually passed away. He's dead as a doornail now! When I found out, I said to my sis it'd be so ironic if he really did die from lung cancer. Not saying it's a good thing! Just saying it's ironic. Because when I mentioned that in front of him, he just laughed at me. Well, he's sure not laughing now. I actually don't know what killed him. But I do know he's dead and rotting in Hell right now. He died back in 2018, but I only just heard about it recently.

Well, I cannot make this all negative, as I do still like Deb. I don't have a problem with her. So, I will extend my condolences to her and the rest of Mike's family. I know what she's thinking though--"Take your condolences and stick them up your ass!" But yes, I do genuinely mean that. I'm saying it fully for concern for Deb. Even if she thinks otherwise. I've come to expect nothing less from people who live in Montana, and are originally from California. Even pure Montanans. They're actually worse.

Well, yelling at my dogs, growling at me and my sis, calling my sis names from inside his apartment, those are all one thing. But after I moved out, Deb revealed the real reason why Mike's attitude towards us changed. Apparently Mike blamed me and my sis for his friend's suicide in 2011. I was like "WHAT??!?!?!" Neither me nor my sis knew his friend at all. We'd never met him. I never even knew before his friend died that Mike used to live in Albuquerque. And neither one of us has ever even visited New Mexico. I asked what have we got to do with his friend committing suicide??! My sis told me that Deb told her that it was because we were fat. I asked "What's that got to do with anything???" Seriously! LOTS of people in that building are fat. We were not the only ones. But he picked us to blame for his friend committing suicide. That's about as dumb as the leftist INXS fans telling someone who'd just met Michael to go out and buy a cat!! Neither one has anything to do with the other. That's like me saying Mike was responsible for my grandma's death in 2001 because he's stupid! I swear! People wonder why I hate people so much! It's because of stupid shit they do like that!