Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rikki Tikki Tavi

This is the story of a mongoose. One of few (if not the only) cartoons about mongooses. I used to love mongooses when I was a teenager, they ranked right up there among my most favorite animals. I still like mongooses. Just not as much as lemurs now. LOL! Anyway, I recently saw this movie again, and it brought back a lot of memories. Mostly of a time when I collaborated with a friend (now deceased) to help create a story that she originally wrote. It was called "The Mischievous Mongoose". It was also about a mongoose, doing what mongooses do, which is kill snakes. Well, I remember when the story was completed, I took it to school with me and showed it off to the other kids. One of the most common remarks I got about the story was "It's too much like Rikki Tikki Tavi". Boy!! Was that frustrating. Rikki Tikki seemed to set the ground for mongoose stories! No one else could build on top of it or around it. So, what did I do? Well, with the permission from Katie's family, I rewrote the story in 1994. Instead of having a small, weasel-like mongoose, as Rikki Tikki is, I made the main character a mongoose from my Metazoic checklist. I used Tarboailurus smilus. It's a very large mongoose, and if it were around today, could very easily kill a full-grown anaconda! It's kindof a sabre-toothed mongoose with a long, stiff tail and reaches a full adult size of about 18-20 feet long. That's something Rikki Tikki could never top! So if you were to check out this story on our UMG Productions site, you would be getting the updated version. I'm sure Katie would have been proud! Of course she is still doing what mongooses do best. But she does it on a greater scale, and I took out all the overtones that would make it sound too much like Rikki Tikki Tavi. Just the fact I have the story made about a 20-foot long mongoose should be enough to drown out any similarities! LOL!

Well, Rikki Tikki Tavi is not perfect it's self. At least not the version Chuck Jones made in the 70s. There are numerous errors made in the movie. Check out this picture of a cell from the original movie:

One of the things I don't like about this picture is that Jones gave Rikki Tikki rodent-like teeth. It's misleading! No mongoose ever has had, or ever will have, rat-like teeth. Mongooses are NOT rodents! In fact, mongooses are feliformes, which means they are related to cats. So Rikki Tikki should be displaying cat-like teeth. It is because of this picture that Katie and I made this mistake too. In fact, it seems Jones made Rikki Tikki look rat-like in almost every way! Except the tail. It's really misleading.

Another thing I don't like is here Rikki Tikki is battling what appears to be a small sand viper. Mongooses usually only attack cobras. In fact when I found out that mongooses only attack the slower-striking snakes, like cobras, I was unimpressed. They almost never attack faster moving snakes, like vipers. I still like mongooses, even though I am not really impressed with their snake-killing abilities anymore. I like them because they are just so darn CUTE!!!!! And so much potential for the Metazoic! Perhaps in the Metazoic, mongooses will become fast enough to take care of snakes like the vipers, which are deadlier than cobras. Now, none of this means I don't like snakes! Don't even think it! But I understand the importance of an ecosystem with balance. If there were no mongooses, or other snake killers, the world would be overrun with venomous snakes, and it wouldn't be safe to walk outside anymore. But I am more impressed with this guy than with a mongoose as snake-killers go:

And anyway, at least mongooses always eat what they kill. Not like on Rikki Tikki Tavi, where the snake is killed, but never eaten. It is shown being thrown away. Or like lions who kill hyenas and never eat them. They just kill them for the fun of it. That's why I don't like lions at all. Well, that's one reason. Another is they're so fricken ugly I can't stand looking at them.

Anyway, it was fun seeing Rikki Tikki Tavi again. I'm trying again to rekindle my childhood. Though here I don't much feel like it. When I still lived in Ocean Shores, it was fun to do that. Here, it's not as much fun. Well anyway, the story brought back some good memories!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mysterious Mr. X

So who is INXS's new lead singer? If you had gone to the INXS site, you would hear their new track "Tiny Summer". Andrew said that the singer for that song is some young Irish bloke. Almost all the INXS fans think it's Bono. When I heard the track, my first thought was not Bono! Then when I read Andrew's message, I knew I was right! He said it's a YOUNG Irish dude. Bono is not young! Bono is an old fart. And besides, that does not sound like him at all. So I don't know what is wrong with the fans that believe wholeheartedly that that's Bono, but I can tell you it surely isn't him. I don't have a clue who it is, but I do know it is not Bono. I never thought for one second it was. Well! Let me rephrase that. At first I expected to hear his voice, because other INXS fans said it was him. So for the first 1/2 second of the singing, I thought it was him. Then after hearing the following 5 seconds of singing, I knew it was NOT Bono. But some other INXS fans believe it is with all their heart and soul and won't let up. Well, that's on them! Not me. They'll eat crow when they find out they are wrong.

My big question is this: Why so secretive now??? INXS used to be an open book. Now, it seems everything with them is so hush-hush. And why the Hell every time they put up a new album do they change their website???? It's getting to be annoying. I realize that is their right, but I'm getting sick of this constant change. I cannot even view the tour comments anymore. That sucks!! Not that I went in there that often, but still! It's getting to be annoying. I really wish INXS would keep their site up and stop taking it down every time they get a new album going. I didn't particularly care for INXS's last album. Maybe that's why they had a tiger illustrating their last album. They wanted people to know they are being lazy, and putting a tiger on the front cover would be the best way I can think of to get that kind of message across. Tigers are the perfect symbol for laziness! I couldn't think of a better animal to represent that. I hope their next album turns out better. But if that dumb tiger is still on that cover, I probably won't buy that album either. Because that pic would still be telling me that INXS are being lazy again, and I won't support laziness. Still LOVE Timmy though! To me, he's still the most handsome man I've ever seen.

Now, what happened to JD????? Why is he not still with INXS? That doesn't make sense. They hired him, took them a whole summer to announce he was right for "Our band, INXS". So what's the beef? Why is JD canned now?

That young Irish bloke has now been identified as Ciaran Gribbin, also known as Joe Echo. Apparently he will also be touring with INXS later on. I think it'll be next year. But so far, no plans are in place to come to the USA. Let alone Montana. Heck Timmy doesn't even know this state exists!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Haven't Posted For A While

I just don't have time anymore. My life now is so busy it is unbelievable. I haven't even looked in on this blog in a few days. Well, tonight I noticed my blog has got a lot of attention from the Craigslist forums. Especially the post about my incident last winter in the CL Pet forums. I actually have more than one post about that forum, you'd have to look back a few months to see them. I haven't even had much time to get in that forum in a long time. In fact, this past week was the first time since I moved here that I have even posted on the pet forum. But once I posted, I didn't go back for days. The people in that forum are just so uppity, they make me sick!! So, going back there is not a priority for me. I posted once, then didn't go back for a few days. Then posted again, and I haven't been back since. I don't even remember what I posted. Well, I posted to one person about box turtles. I remember I had one when I was 15 years old. I named her Shelley.  And this poster asked about how to hibernate them. I told the poster about my experience in hibernating Shelley. Usually when I post there, the posts disappear so fast into the archives, I don't have time to go back and read any responses, and I don't ever activate the button that says "email responses". The one time I did that, my mailbox was FULL of responses. So full, it jammed my inbox. So I never did that again.

Well, at least now I understand why my views on this blog have jumped! I think that's awesome! It not only made my views go up on this blog, but also on my AdSense too!! I get paid each time someone opens this blog, so I don't mind if the links are posted elsewhere. The more views I get, the more money I get!! :) I don't even ask anyone to view this blog! But it's awesome when they do. Especially when they go whining to their cronies that I was saying nasty shit about them. hehehehe! That gets me more views than anything! I just hate pet forums. Simple as that. The people are always such assholes. You may find one or two nice people. But mostly, if the forum is crawling with show breeders, the majority of them are likely to be asinine jerks. In that forum, I disliked more people than liked. Not saying there weren't a few nice people, but the majority of them were assholes. I just don't go in much anymore (I noticed their views only in my online "spy" device. hehehe!) If someone posted a link to this blog, I wouldn't know who it is. Unless it was me. LOL! I expect the threats of lawsuits will begin pouring in at me now. LOL! Now that I understand a little more about free speech, it can't faze me anymore.

Funny thing! I love pets, and if there was ever a group I would think I could talk to on a friendly level, it'd be other pet-loving people. But that is totally NOT the case! Pet people, especially if they show, are some of the WORST people I've ever met anywhere!! But since I don't go into any pet forums anymore, that's all water under the bridge. But I hope they enjoyed that post! hehehe!

Well, on another note, I finally did that interview with one of my vegan buddies. Nice guy! And the interview came out great. I enjoyed it! I'm still not a vegan and have no intention of becoming one in the forseeable future. But it was fun to be interviewed. My first interview. I wonder how many more will follow. Well, he said he hopes that I get to know more friendly vegans, and get better comments. I said I hope so too. But honestly, I don't expect any nice comments to come from vegan fanatics. They're just fanatics! Fanatics are all lunatics. So, I expect nothing more than shitty comments from them. I got a comment from one of them this morning. He started off being rather nice. I didn't agree with him, but at least he was OK. At first! He said humans are closest in relation to gorillas and bonobos, and I told him that we are actually not related to bonobos, but to chimpanzees. I was nice about it! Believe me I was. But since he is only 18 years old, he's got a LOT of growing up and maturing to do. 18-year olds NEVER like it when they are told they are wrong, and being a fanatical vegan makes them much worse. So the next time he posted, he was nastier. MUCH nastier. He even told me to shut up. LOL!!! I get that alot from fanatical vegans! I always give them the same response! I said "You can't make me shut up on my own channel. But I can make you shut up if I want to!" I don't know why the dumbass vegan fanatics think they can shut me up on my own channel! LOL! It's funny when they think they can!

This kid thinks he knows more than me. He's only 18, and like all vegan fanatics, he has a closed mind. You know what is funny about that statement? I've been told I have a closed mind (also by other fanatical vegans). When I noticed they are the ones with the closed mind. Not me. They still believe the bonobo and human relationship theory, which has been debunked 4 years ago. We only share 97% of our genes with bonobos. Even less with gorillas (around 90%). Gorillas are the only purely herbivorous apes. I read even bonobos hunt for meat sometimes. But we share 99.9999% of our genes with chimpanzees (that's Pan troglodytes). But that's the vegans last desperate hold with the vegan vs. meat eating argument. Even though it's already been debunked, they still cling to it like it's their last lifeline. But little do they realize that it makes no difference. According to proper studies, bonobos eat just as much meat as chimpanzees. Though the fanatical, closed-minded vegans will tell you that bonobos are strictly herbivore/frugivores. My friends in the science field will tell you that they are not. So, this 18-year old can go screw himself. :) I told him that I have been studying animals AND evolution for more years than he has been alive, then I blocked his butt, just to prove a point. That he cannot make me shut up on my own channel. On HIS channel, he can. On MY channel, he cannot. I don't tell people to shut up unless I actually can make them do so. Doesn't make any sense otherwise. LOL!!

Oh! And MsPearlsGirl came back! LOL! She came back under a different name, but I recognize her style anywhere. She thought she could fool me by creating another account (and hiding it from public view) and giving it another name. But I saw right through her evil ways! LOL!!! I know evil when I see it, and I blocked her immediately! hehehe!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lest We Remember

Well, tomorrow will be the 10th anniversary of the attack on NYC's Twin Towers. I always felt terrible about that happening, and about the numerous people who suffered in that attack or that died in the attack. It was terrible. Today at the dog park, we did a little bit of reminiscing about what we were doing when we first heard the news. Well, I remember I had just woke up, and I went into the living room to watch my usual early morning TV shows that I liked back then. That was back when TV was still good. Not crappy like it is today. Well, when I tried to change the channels, all I saw was this disaster posted on every channel. My shows never did come on. But I somehow did not care, because this was a big deal!! I watched it, I could not take my eyes off it. I remember some scenes of firemen going into the building some time before it collapsed to help people get out. I also remember seeing people falling out of windows and being squashed on the pavement like bugs on a windshield. It was horrible!! And sad! That was a sight I will always remember.

I remember thinking that this decade was going to be a bad one! I quoted that in 2000 in my journal. I still have the journal too. I look back at it and think how eerie it was I said that then. That was more than a year before this tragedy happened. Unfortunately, 9/11 was only the beginning. It was a very sad day in our history. Of course my heart goes out to those who lost friends and loved ones on 9/11/01. My prayers will always be with them. Even now, 10 years later. I do happen to know some people who had lost friends and family in that incident. So this day is going to hit them hard I'm sure. It's hard to imagine it's been 10 years since that happened. And so far, as far as I know, they have no plans to rebuild the World Trade Center there. Though I do remember Obama wanted to build a mosque there for the muslims (the very people who caused that disaster). I could not believe him!! That's like a total slap in the face to those who were killed by those people!!

Well, in honor of 9/11, and those who were lost in the tragedy, I will be putting a candle on this page. It's a candle of rememberance. Feel free to pass it around!

In other news, I have ALWAYS wanted to do this!! I was just waiting for the right opportunity! I always get some crackhead skanks on YouTube who act like they know my every move, when they really don't know the first thing about me. Well, tonight, it was someone who calls himself chorn000. It was so funny!! He said and I quote:

"You know those snakes never came out of those tubs"

So I responded, rather sarcastically:

"@chorn000Oh yeah, tell everyone how you showed up at my house while I was unpacking those snakes, and my 12-foot tall pair of rottweilers hated you so much, they gave you a wedgie and put you over the outside banister, and then President J.F. Kennedy came to my neighborhood and saw you hanging there and pointed and laughed like a child and my ma's pet unicorn came down from the Heavens and kicked your jaw loose that very same day (off camera). LOL!"

LOL!! I have always wanted to do that with these people who think they know it all! hur-hur-hur!! :D The funny thing is, there is no way he could ever know what I did with my snakes after that film was made. Just like there is no way President JFK could ever have visited me in my neighborhood. Or any way rottweilers are 12-feet tall, or that my ma really does have a pet unicorn. I'm just matching his story with another one. Mine is more truthful than his though. LOL!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Expensive Lesson Learned

Well, this past week has been very trying. I ordered some tropical fish through the internet. I figured I once tried it with snakes and so I thought I would try doing the same thing with tropical fish. I thought it was going to be a great experience! That way, I could get some fish that I could never get around here! Tropical fish stores are so rare here in Montana! The one that I work at, they deal 90% in saltwater fish. Their freshwater section is VERY small!! And it mostly consists of very common, run-of-the-mill type fish, like goldfish, zebra danios and cichlids. All the rest are saltwater fish. I love marine fish just as much as the next person, but I like having freshwater fish. I will probably always have nothing but freshwater fish! A saltwater aquarium would be nice, but a freshwater aquarium gives me the opportunity to have more. You can only have so many saltwater fish in an aquarium. And if you spend $50 or more on one saltwater fish, and it dies 2 or 3 weeks later, then you're out a LOT of money!! I'd be pissing blood if that happened to me!! So I don't care to take that kind of chance, and I stick with the freshwater tropical fish. There are some of those that look really pretty!

So anyway, I ordered some fish off of thatpetplace.com, and I know it's a good store. Most of what I ordered was rainbowfish. I got some Celebes rainbows, some Madagascar rainbows and some Pacific blue-eyed rainbows, and paid about $88 for them, including shipping costs. These were some beautiful fish. I actually originally ordered swordtail tetras, African ground tetras and a whiptail pleco, but by the time my order went through, those were out of stock. Which was a bummer!!! Swordtail tetras are very rarely available! So that sucked not being able to get them! So, instead I got the rainbow fish. They arrived the next day, and I was so happy and excited, I could not wait to see them in my tank! But I knew I had to acclimate them to the aquarium. So I did that for about an hour before releasing them. That is what you are supposed to do. First, you put the unopened bag into the water and let it float, then you gradually mix the tank water in with the bag water. Simple enough procedure. Well, by the second day after I had got the fish, they started dying, one by one. I could not understand it. First, it was the Madagascar rainbows, then the Celebes rainbows, and then the Pacific blue-eyed rainbows. All those fish are now gone, all but one Madagascar rainbow! He's in quarantine now though, because he appears to have what looks like Ick. I was certain those fish brought something with them! Which is why all but one is now dead. It suddenly started to attack some of my other fish, I lost 3 bleeding heart tetras and one congo tetra.

Well, the tank is being treated now. I got some cure-all medicine and put it in the tank to take care of the fish. it stinks, but it's supposed to get rid of anything. And I must say, I learned a very expensive lesson! NEVER order fish through the internet!! Such a shame too! That's the only way now I can get some really exotic species. Out here in Montana, if you are not into saltwater fish that much, you're screwed!! Because all the freshwater fish they carry out here is all common stuff. Nothing unusual, exciting or exotic!

I notice I've been cantankerous lately! LOL! Well, before I moved here, Katrina told me not to let the Youtube trolls walk all over me. So I noticed, I've been especially rough with them lately. That is so not like me! I should have stuck with just ignoring them. No matter how much a person deserves it, I hate being mean and nasty! I don't understand why I am that way. People don't seem to care if they are nasty to me. I don't know why I care if I am nasty to them! I guess it's because I know better. I was brought up to treat other people with respect. It's hard though when they totally disrespect me. Most of the time, I am nasty to them because it's funny. (SHHEEESH that makes me sound like Hobofart!!) But I've noticed lately I've been REALLY nasty!!! What is it with me?? I know Katrina wants me to bash back at the trolls, and they do deserve it. I should not let people walk all over me. But I actually felt better when I was just ignoring them. Is it really worth going against what I know is better just to bash back at the trolls and get a few minutes of pleasure? Not sure. I guess that is for my inner self to decide. Trolls are humans too (I think). They deserve human rights. Among those, the one I am most familiar with, freedom of speech.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Angry People Piss Me Off

There is a site called angry.com and it's kinda like this blog, only public domain. It's a place where anonymous people go to rant about things in their lives. Well, I saw some posts from there (via Google) where a bunch of whiny-ass thin people were griping about us fat people. Well, that's normal really. Thin people gripe about fat people all the time. That is nothing new. What gets me is the thin folks who gripe about fat people and then have the nerve to say that fat people are rude to them. I mean really!! What do you expect? You go up to a fat person and start calling them names, giving them the evil eye, or point and laugh like we are monkeys in the zoo or something, and then bitch because the fat person you are harassing does the same thing back at you?! How fair does that sound? Not at all. In fact it sounds just dumb. Oh and here's a pip I love the most: Thin people thinking fat people are giving them the "go-to-Hell" look because we're "jealous of their thinness"! BWAH!!! That one makes me laugh every time!! Those same people who were making that gripe probably were standing around harassing some fat person, and the fat person sensed the thin person was talking shit about them, and that is why the fat person gave the thin person the look.

Well, I can tell you something, I am NOT "jealous" of your "thinness". LOL!! I am happy with who I am. I may be fat, but I am no fool. I've accepted the way I am. If you are a thin person and you don't like it that I am confident in myself, well that's your tough luck! I am no more "jealous" of you being thin than you are of me being fat. Let me put it that way. And don't tell me that you hate fat people because we are "unhealthy" and "unmotivated" and all that gibberish. What do you really care about our health or motivation!? I'll tell you now, I have a lot more respect for someone who says "I hate fat people because they smell bad" or "are rude" or "are just disgusting" than I do for someone who says they hate fat people because we are "unhealthy" or "unmotivated". Stop acting like you care about our health or motivation!! Because you don't!! I agree that some fat people do make excuses for the reasons they are fat, which is why I refuse to ever discuss my condition with anyone. But some people are fat because they have a legitimate problem. Here's a newsflash for you: Slow metabolism is a big problem in some people. For those unfortunate people, it takes a lot for them just to get out of bed in the mornings.

And this one about how fat people blame thin people for everything. Bull-fucking-shit!!! I think you got it backwards. The way I've seen it, it's the thin people who blame fat people for everything. But then I don't know. Maybe it's just me. I never blame anyone for anything. If I have created a problem, I don't blame some random thin stranger for it! If I have a problem, I don't blame anyone unless I feel someone else really is to blame. But it's not just a random thin person I blame. Or even ALL thin people! Because that's a lot of bull! Now, thin people are taking a lot to blaming fat people for healthcare insurance costs. I still believe that's nothing but a bunch of bull! I think it is nothing more than inflation that is causing insurance rates to go up so high. Everywhere you look, people are going to try and find something or someone to blame, and it's so easy to blame fat people now because fat hate is the only really acceptable prejudice there is now. I think those people are spineless jellyfish for not revealing how they really feel. They should just go ahead and say it: "My insurance rates have gone sky-high because I am (or once was) a smoker" or "a drinker" or "a drug abuser". DUH!!! No, they won't admit it. So they made up this thing that fat people are the cause of insurance rates going so high. And I'll wager you most of those griping do not even have any insurance of any kind! Most of them are teenagers.

And the fact they say fat people could never get a decent boyfriend, and those guys who love fat women are "freaks". Excuse me! One of my previous boyfriends lifted weights that weighed more than most of these skinny curmudgeons, and he fell in love with me while I was fat. He was no freak. He was an A and B student in school and smart as a whip! He was even working to become a lawyer. We are still friends too.

Well, I may be fat, but walk a day in my shoes, you might actually be surprised. I've always prided myself on being UNlike everyone else. For one thing, I don't hardly ever go to fast food places. Only VERY occasionally. But no, it's not an "every day, 3 times a day" thing for me. It's more like a "once in a 6-month period, or when I'm far away from home" type thing for me. And no, that is no lie. Thin people like to believe all fat people lie about their lifestyles. I readily admit I indulge in chocolate more than once a day. But in the same breath, I say I almost never go to fast food places. And I only drink sodas when I need to. My problem is I usually do not eat breakfast. So, my body is in starvation mode. But that is only part of the problem with me. The rest I will not talk about. As for fat people who smell bad, well that is not me either! I can't stand body odor any more than the next person! In fact, if I think I smell too bad, I don't leave the house until I have got rid of the problem.

As for me being a rude fat person. The ONLY time I am ever rude is when someone starts it with me. I'm not going to just stand back and take someone else's shit. I don't go out into the World, saying to myself "Hmm, I think I will give every thin person I see the evil eye today." No way! That's not how I work. I can be very, very sweet. But it depends on how you behave around me. If you are rude, then expect to get your shit thrown back at you by me. If you are nice and polite, I will give you the same kindness. But don't come up to me, giving me your bull, and not expect to get it back! And if I do give it back to you, don't go saying "The big, bad, fat woman was mean to me! Oh, woe is me!" And then accuse all  fat people of being rude, when in fact YOU were the one who started it! I'm not going to just stand there and let you walk all over me. I did too much of that when I was a little kid, and I'll be damned if I'm going to let anyone do it to me now that I am an adult. I've been known to make peoples' lives miserable that I don't like. Ask this idiot Andy who lives in this complex. Ask him how he's getting along here. You will see the results of my work.