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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Expensive Lesson Learned

Well, this past week has been very trying. I ordered some tropical fish through the internet. I figured I once tried it with snakes and so I thought I would try doing the same thing with tropical fish. I thought it was going to be a great experience! That way, I could get some fish that I could never get around here! Tropical fish stores are so rare here in Montana! The one that I work at, they deal 90% in saltwater fish. Their freshwater section is VERY small!! And it mostly consists of very common, run-of-the-mill type fish, like goldfish, zebra danios and cichlids. All the rest are saltwater fish. I love marine fish just as much as the next person, but I like having freshwater fish. I will probably always have nothing but freshwater fish! A saltwater aquarium would be nice, but a freshwater aquarium gives me the opportunity to have more. You can only have so many saltwater fish in an aquarium. And if you spend $50 or more on one saltwater fish, and it dies 2 or 3 weeks later, then you're out a LOT of money!! I'd be pissing blood if that happened to me!! So I don't care to take that kind of chance, and I stick with the freshwater tropical fish. There are some of those that look really pretty!

So anyway, I ordered some fish off of thatpetplace.com, and I know it's a good store. Most of what I ordered was rainbowfish. I got some Celebes rainbows, some Madagascar rainbows and some Pacific blue-eyed rainbows, and paid about $88 for them, including shipping costs. These were some beautiful fish. I actually originally ordered swordtail tetras, African ground tetras and a whiptail pleco, but by the time my order went through, those were out of stock. Which was a bummer!!! Swordtail tetras are very rarely available! So that sucked not being able to get them! So, instead I got the rainbow fish. They arrived the next day, and I was so happy and excited, I could not wait to see them in my tank! But I knew I had to acclimate them to the aquarium. So I did that for about an hour before releasing them. That is what you are supposed to do. First, you put the unopened bag into the water and let it float, then you gradually mix the tank water in with the bag water. Simple enough procedure. Well, by the second day after I had got the fish, they started dying, one by one. I could not understand it. First, it was the Madagascar rainbows, then the Celebes rainbows, and then the Pacific blue-eyed rainbows. All those fish are now gone, all but one Madagascar rainbow! He's in quarantine now though, because he appears to have what looks like Ick. I was certain those fish brought something with them! Which is why all but one is now dead. It suddenly started to attack some of my other fish, I lost 3 bleeding heart tetras and one congo tetra.

Well, the tank is being treated now. I got some cure-all medicine and put it in the tank to take care of the fish. it stinks, but it's supposed to get rid of anything. And I must say, I learned a very expensive lesson! NEVER order fish through the internet!! Such a shame too! That's the only way now I can get some really exotic species. Out here in Montana, if you are not into saltwater fish that much, you're screwed!! Because all the freshwater fish they carry out here is all common stuff. Nothing unusual, exciting or exotic!

I notice I've been cantankerous lately! LOL! Well, before I moved here, Katrina told me not to let the Youtube trolls walk all over me. So I noticed, I've been especially rough with them lately. That is so not like me! I should have stuck with just ignoring them. No matter how much a person deserves it, I hate being mean and nasty! I don't understand why I am that way. People don't seem to care if they are nasty to me. I don't know why I care if I am nasty to them! I guess it's because I know better. I was brought up to treat other people with respect. It's hard though when they totally disrespect me. Most of the time, I am nasty to them because it's funny. (SHHEEESH that makes me sound like Hobofart!!) But I've noticed lately I've been REALLY nasty!!! What is it with me?? I know Katrina wants me to bash back at the trolls, and they do deserve it. I should not let people walk all over me. But I actually felt better when I was just ignoring them. Is it really worth going against what I know is better just to bash back at the trolls and get a few minutes of pleasure? Not sure. I guess that is for my inner self to decide. Trolls are humans too (I think). They deserve human rights. Among those, the one I am most familiar with, freedom of speech.

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