Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dog Lovers Are Antisocial

Hmm, now there is a question. Are dog people antisocial? Hmm. I recently saw a video on YouTube about people who hate cats meeting kittens. A lot of catfags commented on that video saying they hate people who hate cats. I hate cats. I tell them so too. The funny thing is, cats don't seem to hate me back! Every time I go to someone's house that has a cat, that cat always begs me to pet it. Sometimes I will, but I don't like to. I generally don't like touching cats because I think they are totally disgusting creatures. I don't even like kittens. Kittens are worse than grown cats because they get their dirty feet everywhere. And a kitten can have your house completely torn apart before you manage to get them to understand that no means NO!! By that time, you're already infected with their parasites and don't care.

Puppies are cuter than kittens because they give you the big smile and the sad eyes. Those tricks don't work as well on kittens. Even kittens still have a somewhat sinister look. Not the cute, friendly, playful look that puppies give you. Believe me, I have had cats before. I understand them. But it's because I understand them that I don't like them. The catfags *think* they understand cats and those of us who do not like cats simply don't understand them. I see that a lot too. I always say don't knock something until you've tried it. I know people who don't like chihuahuas either. One guy I came across on YouTube says he didn't like them because he's been around them. But he's never had one of his own. He was going by what his friends' chihuahuas were like. Or acquaintances chihuahuas, which is even dumber, because with an acquaintance, you have really no idea how that dog has been raised. I was told Minnie was housebroken by the person I got her from. But I had no idea how she was really raised. The person I got her from was an acquaintance. Not a friend. He said Minnie was housebroken. He said Minnie would be bathed when I got her. He said he always took her on car rides. He said Minnie went into the house quite frequently. NONE of which turned out to be true! An acquaintance can tell you their dog was housebroken. They can tell you they crate trained. But it doesn't mean it's true. So that is why I say don't knock something until you've had it. I never do. All I could say to that guy who hates chihuahuas was I never had any problems with mine.

Well, I would not be hating cats with such passion if I'd never had one before. But it's because I have had them that I don't like them. It is because I understand cats that I don't want them in my house. I understand them far better than a lot of the catfags I've seen on YouTube! None of them have said anything I didn't already know. Believe me, there is nothing any cat can do now that will make me like them anymore. They're just not for me. And people who say "I hate you because you hate cats", I hate them too. They're fags! That's the very definition of a fag. I don't hate people who hate dogs. In fact, I've never seen any dog lovers say "If you hate dogs, then I hate you!" That's probably because owning cats causes dementia. It's true. Toxoplasmosis causes brain malfunctions that eventually lead to dementia. It's not good. And it's not funny or cute. Cats need to be totally outlawed. Unless the government props up more asylums.

But are dog lovers antisocial? Hmm. On that same video, one person who called herself Incc Ognito made an interesting comment, which I cannot seem to find anymore. Usually, I tend to ignore people who call themselves anything relating to "incognito" or "anonymous" because they are usually cowards, as I am sure this person was. But she said something that I have thought about once before myself. I do notice that cat people do seem to be more social and outgoing than dog people. Even though the fags often say things like "if you don't like cats, then I don't like you". But again, they say that because they are fags. Fags, as I've once pointed out before, are just insecure people who haven't come to terms with their own interests yet. They don't know yet how to handle differences of opinion. Well, this Incc Ognito said something to the effect of "I like to watch pathetic dog people try to socialize. Their attempts make me smile because it's always disastrous." And for many years I thought it was just me. The funny thing is, I was not born shy. I used to be very outgoing too, and I've had dogs and cats, and learned to love them both. When I was in 3rd grade, I had a cat, and my attempts at being social were nothing short of unsuccessful. In 4th grade, we didn't have a pet, and I was bullied mercilessly. By the time I was in 4th grade, my last pet had been a cat with kittens. I became less and less social though.

In 5th grade, I had an interest in dogs, and owned several. I was very well liked in my school then. In 6th grade, half and half. Half the kids were OK with me, and I had learned to socialize better, and half the kids either wanted nothing to do with me, or just liked to bully me. Middle school, I had 2 dogs. Again, it was the same story as was in 6th grade. Some kids were OK with me, some were not. I'd grown much more shy because of previous experiences, and my social skills were farther from my mind than they were in 6th grade. I don't think the pet I owned had much to do with my socialization skills. In fact, I found with my dogs by my side, I was more social than I was when I walked alone. Andy, my papillon, was quite a looker, and all kinds of people would always stop me to tell me how beautiful of a dog he was. Except in 1993, when I met an ice cream woman who did not like dogs and was even going to run Andy down with a grin on her face. But said my sis's cat was adorable. She exclaimed "I am totally a cat person." The funny thing was, that woman had a loony look in her eyes that was almost reminiscent of a hateful, almost psychotic, redneck. That's the kind of crazy expression I'd expect a hardcore cat person to have.

Well, I don't know what it is that maybe makes cat people more social than dog people. Mind you, I am going by my own actions. I think though I was just as shy of a person when I had cats as I was when I had dogs. I don't think in my case it was the pets. It was the result of a years-long battle with bullies. I'm more cautious, much more jaded than the average person is. People are always giving off little clues about their personality, probably without even knowing it. Even those who try to hide it. I can pick up on those pretty quickly. Sometimes I do let my guard down, like right after I moved to Bozeman and was desperate to make friends.

Well, I cannot explain the reason for real why cat people are more social, but if I were going to put a theory about it out there, I would probably say it's because of Toxoplasmosis. Look at what it does, Toxo is a parasite, parasites have to breed. They breed in rats and cats. Toxo causes rats to lose their fear of cats so they can get caught and eaten. Thus the life cycle of the parasite can continue. I think this is maybe why cat people socialize better than dog people. They have no sense of danger, just like the infected rats. So, they feel completely comfortable going up to anyone and just talking up a storm. One bad side-effect of this disease though is that you have no instincts. You lose the ability to feel fear of other people. Dog people are just the opposite. We can have great instincts. It's kept me alive for many years. I don't think I'm going anywhere else soon either.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Myths About Australia All Americans Believe, Except Me

I was watching a video this morning where someone went around and asked people in Australia what they thought of Americans' beliefs about Australians. Several people they spoke to said the same thing, and I wanted to get my 2 cents out there about what was said. My most prolific stereotypes about Australians has always been good-looking men, great music, and friendly people. Yes, that's true. That is what I always believed about Australians. Though I have found that to be less and less true these days. Some of the older folks from Australia maybe, but the younger generation I've found to be just as rude and vile people as they think Americans are! You know who sparked those stereotypes about Australians in my mind? It was INXS. Having met all the guys, and seen them and fell in love with them on first sight, plus them being the first Australians I've ever met, they were the ones that fixed my ideas about Australians. But some of the beliefs Americans have about Australians are downright ridiculous. I decided to cover some of those in this blog.

1. Australians are all cowboys.
Fact: OK, I admit Timmy was the one who stuck this idea in my head, not that it's a bad thing. I thought he looked awesome in his cowboy outfit! But Australia is not all cowboys and countryside. There are a lot of cities too. Big cities. Like Sydney.

2. Australians ride kangaroos to work/school every day.
Fact: I'm not quite sure how this myth got started, but a lot of Australians complain because a lot of Americans believe this. Shoot! Even I think it's silly!! This is not true! It can never be true! A kangaroo, even the largest kangaroo, cannot support the weight of a grown person on it's back. And kangaroos are not made for being ridden anyways. They're NOT HORSES!!!!! So, Americans can stop believing this fairy tale!

3. Australians are the friendliest people in the world.
Fact: Again, I think that was true in the old days, and may still be true for some of the older folks (people born before 1970). But it is definitely not true for the younger generation. Leastwise, not for the majority. I may get a lot of hatred for this, but the friendliest people I've seen in the world were the people I know from India.

Now some facts about America Australians need to stop believing...

1. Americans are lazy.
Fact: I hear this a lot! Most Americans are good workers. We have the biggest companies in the world. So, obviously we are doing something right. We cannot be too lazy. I think the people who believe this have maybe seen too many documentaries about Americans who play video games, watch TV and play on their computers all day. Not true for all Americans.

2. Americans are fat.
Fact: I hear this a lot too from people from many other countries. We are the fattest country now, although I heard the UK is quickly catching up with us. But is that really a reason to hate Americans so much??? Like Australia has absolutely NOOOOO fat people anywhere??? You expect me to believe that?? LOL!! Whoever started that needs to get over themselves. And pardon me, but fat people have better personalities than thin people anyways. So don't knock fat people!

3. Americans are rude.
Fact: OK, I heard this from a guy this morning, his name escapes me at the moment. But he was looking at hotels all in a line, and said "Americans are fat, lazy, stupid, and very rude." I wondered if, since he had a fixed idea in his head about Americans before he visited this country, maybe he had approached several Americans with an attitude like "You are ugly, fat, and stupid" and they were just being rude back to him, and that set his ideas that Americans are rude. I'll tell you, you approach someone with a bad attitude, I would not be surprised if they match your attitude with one of their own! I'd be surprised that you would be surprised!! If you're rude, especially to my face, you're going to get it back! If you're polite, you will get that in return. And I believe that is universal. It's the same no matter where you go.

Now, that's not to say all Americans are like that. I don't know what it is, but there are some Americans who actually do get their kicks by just being rude to random people they see. But they are just a few bad apples in the bunch. Most of us have been brought up properly by parents who cared, and we are not rude in any way. My advice, if you are visiting with a fixed idea about Americans in your head, is to just treat people the way you want to be treated. Most people will appreciate it. And if someone turns out to be rude to you, then just screw them and go on to the next person.

Monday, December 28, 2015


This SUCKS!!!! I smashed my finger this morning as I was putting up my bed sheets. I clapped my hands together, and my 4th (ring) finger on my left hand was apparently sticking out, and I hit my other hand with it at full force! It hurt like holy HELL!!!! It;s the same finger incidentally I got caught on a ride back when I was a kid and twisted. It never completely healed, and is permanently crooked. Well, when I hit it this morning, it got red and warm and began to swell up. I thought it was something that would pass. So, aside from the pain, which I took care of with some Tylenol, I really thought nothing more about it. That is until this afternoon after I completed my workout. That was when I noticed my finger had really swollen and began to turn black. My first thought was "oh no!"

I began to worry, I thought maybe I really had broken it. I took to Facebook, hoping one of my friends may have some kind of idea of what to do. Keep in mind, I have no money, I live in an area that has no busline, no dial-a-ride, no shuttle, the only thing I can use to get around would be a cab, which is a $20-each way ride. My car is still dead!! I had no other idea. Well, my sis heard about a cab driver that would give people free rides to the hospital if they had an emergency. But that is in Montana, where few people live anyways. I told her I would try that with the cab companies here. I called 2 reputable companies in this town. I told them my situation, and they said they would try to ask any of the drivers if they would do a charitable ride. But none of them would. The second company really wanted to help me, but the one guy they had available said he'd recently been burned by someone who he did that for, and vowed he would never help another person in need again, no matter what!! I don't see personally how he could be burned taking someone to a hospital that already stated she doesn't have any money. Not even for an emergency.

Now you understand why I absolutely HATE irresponsible people!!!! They are the cause of all the grief in the world!! I told the dispatcher I wasn't looking to burn anyone, I just needed a ride to the hospital and back. I was now scared and frustrated. My biggest fear at this point was I wouldn't be able to get to the hospital, and my finger is broken and it would get infected. That is how my grandma died. She broke her arm, and did not get to a hospital in time, and it got septic, and it eventually killed her. So that dispatcher told me to call 911. My ma had said the same thing on Facebook. So, I did. I felt I had no other choice. I told 911 that this is not a huge emergency, but that I think my finger is busted and I have no other way of getting to the hospital. The operator was sympathetic, and contacted the hospital who sent the paramedics. Followed by the ambulance. I thought having an ambulance take me would be too much, but how else would I get there? The paramedics could not take me. The ambulance would take me, but not bring me back home.

Well, I had a choice. I could have either stayed here, bandaged my wounds and taken my chances, or take the coming ambulance to the hospital and find out for sure if my finger was truly broken or not. I picked the lesser of the two evils and caught the ambulance, it was already on it's way anyways. I figured worst case scenario would be I'd be stuck sleeping in the ER waiting room until morning, and then call this medical transport service which they were all telling me about. They had told me about it, but also said because it was after 5 on a Sunday, they might not be available. Well, it was either that or walk home. In the summer months I wouldn't have minded it. But it's winter and bitch-ass cold out there!!

Well, the attendants in the ambulance were nice people, and kept me smiling. I got to the ER and was greeted immediately by one of the doctors. They prepped me for an x-ray. While I was waiting for the results of the x-ray, another doctor came in, I remember her name was Paula, and she had a look that resembled an old english schoolteacher. She had the classic beady eyes, mushroom haircut and big-lensed glasses with the big, thick rims. Kinda dyk-ey looking. I think I'd had her before, and she was not very friendly then. She wasn't very friendly tonight either. She started to give me grief because I took an ambulance there. I told her I felt I had no other choice. I had to get there. She began asking me where I work and I told her I don't. She asked me how I survive with no money, and I told her my secret. But what made me mad was she started talking at me like I was a 10 year old just playing around with the system. I wanted to wring her neck!! She said "The ambulance is supposed to be used for emergencies only. You could have stopped someone getting one who was maybe having a heart attack."

Well, the last thing I wanted was to cause a heart attack victim to die, or not get help in time, but I did what I believed was right for me at the time. Another thing that pissed me off about this woman was she said my finger was not broken before she even got the x-ray pictures. When I found that out, I was like "How do you know if you hadn't seen them yet?" And the coup-de-gras of insults, this so-called doctor had gone all around the ER telling others that I had taken an ambulance there, and even made fun of it. I found that out when I went to the reception area and told them I need a way to get home, and they asked me how I got there, and this Paula was sitting beside the secretary I was talking to and mockingly said "She's the one who took an ambulance here for a smashed finger." The secretary followed that up with "oh" in a tone of voice that was like "So that's the person you were talking about!" I could not confront the doctor because I wasn't positive at the time. But it hit me then that this woman had gone around spreading shit about me. She doesn't even know me!! She can't say things like that about me! She was saying I should take a cab, I told her "If you can find one that will take me home even if I have no money, I'd be glad to! Good luck in that" I had already tried.

Seriously, I don't really like this hospital. Most other hospitals I've been to have had mostly friendly doctors. This one is just the opposite. Well, at least where that Paula chick was concerned, she sucked dirty tiger balls!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Another Christmas Story

Well, this is my very first attempt at a video storybook. I did the drawings all in one day, believe it or not!! I recorded a story I wrote and put them together in this one video. It seems to have done well on Facebook. If it continues to do well, I might even begin a channel where I post nothing but video storybooks.

Well, why not begin making video storybooks? I think people would love that. It's a different way to see books these days. We already have ebooks, we have audiobooks, so the next logical thing is to create videobooks. It'd be nice to be able to make them interactive too. But that cannot be done on YouTube. Vimeo might have that ability though.

Anyways, here is my very first videobook, The Year Christmas Was Saved.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Myths About Chihuahuas People Need to Stop Believing

Here are some of the common stereotypes about chihuahuas that surprisingly are still being thrown around these days. As someone who has owned many chihuahuas for the past 15 years, all with different personalities, I can honestly tell you I have found NONE of these stereotypes to be truthful. Most that are true are the result of bad breeding practices and the dogs were the product of puppymills and backyard breeders or simply uneducated owners.

1. Chihuahuas never properly housebreak.
Fact: This is untrue. I began training my dogs early, as early as 6 weeks (for those I bred) and by the time they were 4 months old, they were completely housebroken. Accidents were few and far between. If you request it, a good breeder will begin housebreaking long before the puppy goes to it's new home. The truth is, the earlier you start housebreaking, the less time it will take to complete.

2. Chihuahuas are too high-strung.
Fact: This may have been true in the old days when people kept chihuahuas in their home and did not socialize them properly. Chihuahuas, like all other dogs, must be socialized early. That means, taking them out to meet new people. Dog shows and pet supply stores are great places to take them to meet different people.

3. Chihuahuas are "shakers".
Fact: Chihuahuas have 2 official coat types, smooth and long coat. Sometimes the smooth chihuahuas don't have the protective undercoat, which causes them to chill easily. Though most breeders nowadays are going for the "plush" fur type, which does have a protective undercoat. In the past, NONE of my chihuahuas have been "shakers".

4. Chihuahuas are "yappers".
Fact: I have never had a chihuahua that was a "yapper". My dogs only barked when they heard someone at the door. But mine were not constant "yappers". "Yapping" is a product of a poorly-bred, poorly-socialized dog. This should be blamed on the owners, not the dogs.

5. Chihuahuas are stupid.
Fact: Actually, chihuahuas are pretty high on the list of most intelligent dogs. Though Cohen ranked them at #67 (and Australian shepherds at #42), my chihuahuas have all been very trainable. I've been told my chihuahuas are incredibly smart by people who have bought dogs from me. My secret is I let them nurse on the mother until she can no longer produce food for them. Which means my pups usually would suckle until they were about 8-10 weeks old. This is said to produce more intelligent pups.

6. Chihuahuas are not dogs. They're rodents.
Fact: Ahhh, the old "chihuahuas are rats" comment I typically get from the low-class, uneducated redneck kids who think a dog isn't a dog unless it weighs over 40 pounds and can bring down a bobcat. Chihuahuas are indeed dogs. They walk like dogs (not like rats), they bark like dogs (not like rats). In fact, rats cannot bark at all. And it is physiologically impossible to cross a dog with a rat. So, since there is no "in-between" classification, chihuahuas are indeed true dogs.

7. Chihuahuas are ugly.
Fact: Well, I cannot truly address this, as it is a matter of opinion. But my advice to people who say this is go look at chihuahuas at a dog show, and not in a typical uneducated family home that just got a chihuahua because they think it's "cute". Chihuahuas should have sweet, babydoll faces like this:

And not like this with the long nose, big ears and bulging eyes:

8. Chihuahuas are the worst dogs you can own.
Fact: Chihuahuas are not for everyone. Certainly not for the faint-of-heart. They are also not recommended for families that have small, rowdy children. But for adults with no kids, or elderly adults, this dog makes the perfect cuddle-buddy and are great for a chuckle, as I have known chihuahuas to have more character than most people.

9. Chihuahuas are mean.
Fact: Again, this is a product of poor breeding practices, such as people who breed for color and not for the bettering of the breed, and bad owners. In the 15 years I owned chihuahuas, only one I had was what can be called "mean", and it was because she came from a person who bred solely for color (for blue chihuahuas) rather than for quality. She would snap, but once she got to know someone, she would not snap at them anymore.

The fact of the matter is, all dogs will defend their owner from what they believe is a threat. Even the smallest dogs will, with everything they got. They're not like cats, they don't run from potential threats. Much like ants and bees, they will defend their 'leader' with as much might as they can muster. Even if it means they die in the process. This instinct can make any dog seem "mean". But in reality, they are doing what nature programmed them to do, aided by human nurturing.

Well, those are some of the biggest myths I've seen people believing about chihuahuas. Hopefully, it will help some look at chihuahuas in a different light. They get a bad rep, like a lot of other dogs, and they don't deserve it. I've never had a problem with my chihuahuas, and I've even recently chatted with someone online who said he hates chihuahuas because he has been around them, but the paradox was, he said he'd never owned one himself. I always say, don't knock them until you've owned one. Don't go by what a chihuahua owned by someone else you knew was like. You may or may not have any idea how that dog was raised, or if it was acquired by a decent, reputable breeder. People don't know this, but yes, breeding practices make ALL the difference in how a dog will behave.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

So Now Everyone Knows

Now everyone knows why I am so fat, the secret is out! I love cooking and eating!! LOL!! Well, I never denied that I love eating. My biggest battle with bigots was them saying that I go to McDonalds every day 3 times a day and stuff each time. I always said "No I don't!" Seriously, those dumbasses have been watching Supersize Me too many times, I think it's gotten to their heads!! To this date, I have not been to McDonalds since I moved here a year ago. The last fast food place I went to was KFC, and that was back in May, and it was a special occasion. I'm not going to cook for myself on my birthday. Someone else is supposed to do that for me. LOL! But in general, I rarely eat out. When I do, I don't order the biggest items on the menu either. I never go supersize. Or king size. LOL! But seriously, why should I go to a fast food joint when I can make my own dinner and I know what is in it? Fast food places put that doggone pink slime in their burgers, and it's derived from ammonia. I don't want ammonia in my body! I can't even stand the smell of that stuff!! Why would I want to eat it!? Bigots are so fucking stupid!! And you wonder why I hate bigots so much?!! And they flavor their food with MSG, and that stuff is supposed to be bad for you. When I cook at home, I know what I am putting in my own food, and I don't use ammonia or MSG.

MSG, by the way, is that 11 herbs and spices KFC claimed to put in their chicken back in the 80s.

I also don't eat like I should. I only eat once a day. That's not good either. I know I shouldn't do that, but usually I am just not hungry in the mornings when I wake up. But you are supposed to eat breakfast. You're supposed to "break" that "fast" that accumulates overnight. It speeds up your metabolism. If you don't, your body goes into starvation mode. That means, it starts to store everything you eat through the day as fat. The bigots don't know that. They just assume a person is fat because they simply eat too much. But then, that's why I say bigots are dumb. Because they don't know as much as they think they do. And they state it like it's a fact.

Well, one thing, I don't drink sodas anymore. I don't even have flavored waters. Because they almost all have sugar or some kind of sweetener in them, and it's usually aspertame. That stuff is indeed bad for you, and a lot of flavored waters and diet sodas have it. I also found a lot of yogurts have it too. I've had to be very careful buying yogurt! I have one rule, if animals won't touch it, then neither will I. And most animals will not touch aspertame or anything that has it. It's highly toxic. My ma, unfortunately, does not pay any attention to this, and continues to drink diet sodas that are high in aspertame. I've tried to talk her out of it. It has already done things to her mind. She is suffering now with paranoia. I heard that's one of the symptoms of aspertame poisoning. I don't even know why they have diet sodas!! Most of the people that I have seen drinking that crap are almost always big people. Not all of them, but almost all of them. But it's like substituting butter with margarine, you think you're making the healthier choice, but basically all you are doing is putting crap in your body. It's best to just drink non-sugar free sodas and only have one a week, IF that often. I haven't had a soda in many months! So many, I don't even remember when the last time was I had a soda! Probably while I still lived in Reno. I'm just not a soda drinker. I drink plain old water. Nowadays, I look at someone drinking a soda, and it literally disgusts me.

Well, I do love the sweets, but I don't cook them all at once. I cook what I want to have one day, and chill the rest. It's all better that way. When I used to make whole batches of cookies in one day, they would rapidly get stale, and there is nothing more disgusting than a stale cookie!! So, it's best to make the batter up and chill it for later. I should even do the same exact thing for cakes and brownies, as soon as I learn how!!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Timmy-Hutch-Fan Reviews: Are Cheese Slices Really Bad?

My very first video reviewing a product I typically buy when I go grocery shopping. Not sure if this will have an impact on my future love for cheese slices, as I have always loved this stuff. But it is a very interesting test.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Should You Love Yourself?

I saw a video tonight where this guy talked about is it right for you to love yourself. He said there are these campaigns now going around that say you should love yourself, and he said he bet it was started by "fat people". Looking at him though, he doesn't have room to talk, as he looks chunky himself, and he also mentioned in this video how he loves video games. A-ha!! Isn't it mostly video gamers who are the ones that go around places like YouTube and say fat people are stupid, disgusting, useless, and I'd bet if I went to their homes, 99.999% of the time, I'd bet my life they own a cat! The most useless and disgusting creature on the planet! And there they are dissing fat people. This guy, whose name is Rob Dyke, I usually like his videos and I am subscribed to him. But he kinda lost brownie points with me because of this video. He said "Maybe you shouldn't love yourself" and I just cannot whole-heartedly agree with that.

He said something to the effect of when you love yourself more than you love other people, then that is bad. I cannot say I agree with that. My life has become a lot happier now since I have learned to completely ignore and not care what others have had to say about me. In order for me to care what someone else says about me, I would have to like that person. Or once liked them. But if someone I like decides to turn against me, I find it's a lot easier for me to get over it and not dwell on it if I just plain do not care. And so that's what I do. It works for me. It's always worked for me. Its just that I've only recently learned to completely ignore the trolls and haters. I spent most of 2012 and all of 2013 training myself to ignore those people. I find that when I respond to them, it may get my videos more views, but also you're letting them win. That's why they say their shit. They're miserable people and they want you to respond negatively to them. In their mind, that shows them that you're even more miserable than they are and it's because they believe they have hurt you. That makes them feel powerful. And that's one thing I absolutely will NOT do! Is give a troll, or a bigot any power!! So these days, when a troll, hater or bigot says shit on my blog or videos, or even on Facebook, I just laugh at them, tell them (offscreen) to kiss my ass and move on. Believe me, I don't lose sleep over it!! And how is this possible? Because I don't care about people. That's how. It makes life a lot more enjoyable when I don't.

Now, don't misunderstand me, I love my friends, and I do care about them. But when you've had so many people pretending to be your friend, only to slash you in the back later, you learn to let go very quickly. Though I would never EVER go back to being on friendly terms again with someone that slammed me behind my back, unless there was real repentance. But I am a good judge of character and I would have to feel like they are truly sincere. But once that friendship bond is broken the first time, a lot of trust in that person goes down the drain with it, and it can never be revived. Not with me. So, if someone decides they don't like me anymore, but later decides they want to be on friendly terms again, I may be nice to them (when I feel like it), but a lot of trust I once had in that person is gone for good! And my friendship with them is never the same as it was the first time around. That's just how I am. I've been burned too many times growing up. It's a defensive mechanism for me. I may seem to be friendly with them again, but believe me, not as friendly as I would have been with them if that friendship had never been broken in the first place.

That's one of the things I love about myself, my loyalty. I have never ever stopped liking anyone because we may not like the same celebrities, or the same animals, or the same foods, or we may not have the same living styles, or the same jobs, unless they are fags and not fans. It's generally the fags I don't like at all. But I have never been known to disrespect anyone for things like that. It was always THEY who decided they wanted nothing to do with me because of things like that. That is why I love my loyalty. It's the kind of loyalty that is rare in people these days. I guess I learned it from living with dogs all these years. And I guess that is why it's rare, because dog-owners are becoming rare. I guess these people are learning to stab others in the back by watching their cats, or by living with cats for too long. Now, over the past year, joining these INXS fan (and fag) groups, I have learned to get along with people all over again. But this year, as we saw with those stupid Yatesfags, I've learned that people have not changed. People still judge you by what you like, and I don't like Paula Yates!! LOL! Believe me, I am still laughing at the stupid fags who said I am "jealous" of a dead woman! LOL!! Anything Paula could do, I could have done better. And have done better. Only difference is I am not (and really don't care to be) on national TV. And if Michael had been with me, he'd still be alive today. The real fans all know that too.

That's another thing this guy brought up, that you should not envy someone because of what they have, and I don't. Or I try not to! LOL! These INXS fans who have now purchased this book by Richard Simpkin, yes I do envy them! I want that book more than anything! It may have to wait though until I can drag my tired old butt to Australia! But I don't envy them to a point where I hate them. No, they're my friends! I'm happy for them that they were able to get that book. I truly mean that. There are people that I wish I could give more to, and there are people that I hate the fact that they are evil people with only good things happening to them. But I don't think that's the same as envy. I know sooner or later those evil people will get what's coming to them. Karma can be a bitch too!

There is a reason I don't envy anyone. There's really so little that I want. I am happy with what I have. My apartment may not be the greatest, but it is a roof over my head, and I know someday I shall get a better one if I work at it. My car is old and broken down and doesn't run worth shit! But again, if I work at it, I can get a better car. Maybe when my partner and I get together. Who knows? But I am where I want to be, by the ocean. I converse with nature every day. The only thing I am without is a dog! Or any kind of pet I want. But that too will come in time. So, there is no reason for me to envy anyone. I truly believe we all get what we want when GOD wants us to have it. And if we don't get it, well then it wasn't meant for us. Whether it be for our own good, or for the good of someone else in our lives. If only Michael had been a little bit more patient, he could be alive now, living with someone he really loves, and feed Paula to the wolves.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cooking With Timmy-Hutch-Fan

I am thinking of starting my own cooking video collection. I made a video this year of myself cooking Christmas cookies, and I like it so much, I might do more videos of me cooking other things as well. Instead of having an account in a recipe sharing  website. Why not? I got some cute cooking ideas. Not just cookies, but I also make great dinner dishes as well, some are easy and cheap to make, and I can pass these ideas on to other people via Youtube. Of course I know for sure I am going to get the usual BS from trolls, bigots and haters, the usual "You're fat!" and "You shouldn't be eating so much, you're too fat" and "You're too fat to cook!" or "No wonder why you're fat" or some other kind of comments I know some people are going to make in regards to me cooking and being fat. I expect that kind of BS!! But I am at a point in my life where I say "Who gives a shit!?!" It's MY channel!! I should be able to put whatever I want on it. Fuck the trolls and they can shove up their ass anything they have to say! I'm fat because I do enjoy cooking. In fact, I'd even like to try this recipe I got from my sis yesterday where you cook up spaghetti squash and fry up some chicken and some sauce. I would like to show people how to make homemade pizza. I would like to display some cute snack ideas. Maybe I will even cook a whole meal online someday, show people how to make a turkey properly. Or a prime rib, or my famous pot roast. Or even better, my potato-leak soup! There's so many things I could do with my own cooking show. I could even try new products and tell people how they taste.

Of course I don't eat everything I cook right away. I mostly cook up enough to last me for a week or so, put it away and get what I need out when I need it. Like say I were to make fried chicken. I could make up 4 pieces, cook them one day, eat one piece one day, put the rest away, and that's dinners for the next 3 days. Same with these cookies. Since it is just me here, I can make up a batch, chill the dough, and take some out when I want to have a cookie, and put the rest back in the freezer. I don't have to bake up a whole batch of cookies, only to have one or two a day, and by the time I get to the last 5 or 6 cookies, they are already stale and icky!! So, chilling the batter is the best solution. My cooking show is going to be full of all kinds of cooking tweaks that I have figured out over the years. Plus some recipes that I have learned on my own. Anyways, stay tuned! I'm going to do this no matter what.

Monday, December 14, 2015

My Michael Is NO DAMN CAT!!!!!!!

UGH!! I hate that! People always comparing MY Michael to a damn cat! He's no cat! Now, I don't want to go insulting the people who say this, because they are my friends after all, and I love my friends. But to call MY Michael a "cat" it makes me mad!! My sis asked me why yesterday, because I posted this up on my Facebook page. Someone on one of the groups said he moves just like a cat and then said "MEOWWW" as if she was proud of what she said. She is a sweet person, but I had to set her straight. Most people who say that are thinking of their cats at home, or the panthers they see in the zoo. But Michael is not like that. That's not what I see anyways. I have a more scientific mind than most other INXS fans. I have said this before too, I know I have. This is not really a subject I like repeating, as I have explained it too many times before. But to me, when I look at cats, or when someone mentions cats, I think of a lazy, useless, ugly beast that does nothing but sleep all day long. When it does move, it's slow, lumbering, almost looking like forced movement. Not graceful like most other people think. That's not the Michael I see on stage. It's like saying lions are the king of beasts, its only claimed by fags and wussies.

Someone compares a person to any animal, the first thing that pops into my mind is "OK, what are the well-known (scientifically) qualities of that animal". Take for example, a chicken. Most of society, when they are called a chicken, they think of it as being a metaphor for a coward. But that is not how I see chickens!! In fact, chickens on average are very much the opposite of a coward! They're tough! And I have known people who have been chased by chickens. They don't give up either. They are truly miniature Velociraptors!! Or when someone is referred to as a "dog". What are a dog's biggest qualities? Most people, if they are called a "dog", they think of it as a metaphor of being ugly. LOL! Not sure where that came from, as I have seen many more beautiful dogs than ugly ones. In fact, I can't really think of any dog right now that is ugly to me. Even bulldogs are awfully cute to me!! The Taco Bell dog, as chihuahuas go, was ugly. But as just a plain old dog, would have been cute. But if someone calls me a dog, it means to me a creature that is brave, loyal, intelligent, and descendants of a great survivor!! Much better survivors than the felines!! That means it's a tough animal, with a lot of determination and will-power. Those are awesome qualities! So, I don't mind if people call me a dog.

I remember back in Bozeman, stinky Andy used to call me a "cow", hoping it was going to insult me. Well, what he didn't count on is that I like cows. I think they're cute.They are also quite graceful animals for their size, and they too are very tough. I wouldn't mess with an angry cow! I'd have been more insulted by someone saying I look like Andy, than being called a cow. Andy stinks! He's ugly but thinks he's "all that", and he beats up women, which means he's a coward. And he hates animals. I'm glad I am not him! ANY man, who beats up on women, or harasses people half their age is definitely nothing more than a coward. Anyone with any sense knows that.

But what are a cat's qualities? People think of cats as being "sexy", which is really just plain silly, and there is no scientific evidence to back this up. There is nothing "sexy" about any of the felines. The only real qualities felines have is that they are lazy, sodden-brained, ugly, lumbering beasts. That does not describe MY Michael! Plus, felines hate everything. They even hate other felines. Michael was not like that! He was a gentleman, nice to everyone that I could think of, and he could sing. None of the felines can sing. Birds can sing. Whales can sing. The primates can all sing. Wolves can sing. But none of the felines can sing, and isn't singing what Michael was all about on stage? When the panthers vocalize, their voices sound more like a toilet flushing than singing. When cats vocalize, to me, it sounds like someone running their fingernails on a chalkboard! That's not how MY Michael sounds to me!! So, when someone says Michael was "feline", and I hear it or see it, it makes me mad! It's that person saying they think Michael Hutchence was ugly, lazy and useless, and could not sing a note!! It doesn't matter to me what they think they're describing! Because they don't have the scientific mind that I have. All that matters is what I believe they are describing, whether they are conscious of it or not. So basically it boils down to this: This person said "Michael was all feline". In my mind, she was really trying to say "Michael was ugly, lazy, stupid, and could not sing worth shit!" And it made me angry.

Whenever someone says something like that, I say to them "NO he wasn't! He was NOT a feline!!" I feel like I am defending my man! How dare they compare the man I love the most to a creature I hate the most!? Cats have never given me any reason to like them, let alone "love" them. So it pisses me off when someone compares MY Michael to a cat!! I took to my own Facebook page and posted the same pic and said "MY Michael is NOT A DAMN CAT!!!!!! Stop calling MY Michael a cat!! Michael Jackson, maybe. Michael Moore, definitely! But not MY Michael Hutchence!!!!!" Every time I hear someone referring to Michael as a cat, that is what they're going to get! I'm gonna tell them he is NOT a damn CAT!!!! They can argue with me until they're blue in the face, I am not going to stand by and let them insult my man's memory!

Well, comparing other guys to a cat, Michael Jackson could at least sing. And he was indeed good in that department! Unlike a cat. But MJ was also a child molester, just like a cat, and a manipulator, just like a cat. And he was also ugly, just like a cat too!

Michael the cat.
And Michael Moore, definitely feline qualities! He hates everything, including the country he lives in! I think of someone with cat-like qualities, I would definitely think of Michael Moore!! He looks just like a fatass cat too!

Michael Moore without his make-up.
But there is nothing feline about MY Michael! The Michael Hutchence that I fell so madly in love with on first sight. And I don't believe his moves were ever inspired by any felines! He just had his own style, as one of my other friends pointed out. A style he created on his own.

In a closely resembling, yet unrelated, story, I heard a true story about someone who was befriended by someone from the deep web. He said one of the reasons he liked her was because she was a cat-lover. He added "That's a rare thing these days". I had to laugh at that!!! Unless he's been hibernating for the past 20 years, and he had just woken up, or maybe this happened before this internet cat-craze. But cat-lovers are a dime a dozen!! You cannot go anywhere without meeting someone who prefers cats over dogs now!! It's dog-lovers that are becoming increasingly rare! Probably mostly because of these misconceptions about dogs going around now. Or the internet has not capitalized on the beauty of dogs the way they have the ugliness of cats. Or maybe people today just plain love what's ugly!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Going For An All-New Look!

I have decided it is time for a change. Though I will still occasionally roast, I cannot stop doing that because sometimes it is fun! Even if someone does it to me. So what I did was I completely changed the whole background look. That green all over was kinda dull after a while, so I wanted to go with something completely new and exciting! Well, this is it. This is the change. I actually like this new look! It's beautiful! Now, if only Blogger would let me put my own background picture on here, it'd be totally awesome!!

Also, I now have a little store on the premises, where I sell INXS items. I actually have fun making those things!! Putting the guys' images on some items that are unusual. I even have thermal mugs, which I think are fascinating. They're called "morphing mugs" and they are in the store. You get them, and they look totally white until you put a hot drink in them, then the image appears on the mug. I also have keychains and necklaces, watches, clocks, lamps, all that good stuff, there's even cookies with images of the guys on them. I love those!! Some day I am going to adorn my own home with these knick-knacks. I am working on a whole room devoted entirely to INXS. Everything in that room is going to be ALL INXS. I even intend to put another Boze radio in there, with a multi-disc CD changer, and have it play nothing but INXS music all day every day. I've already gotten started, by getting my first canvas. Check this video out! And I am gonna get one of each of the guys.

My next canvas is going to be Timmy. Then everything will just expand from there. I plan to have all kinds of INXS stuff you cannot get anywhere else. Unfortunately all the official INXS items are only available in Australia, and those that are not is simply nothing more than their logo, which is cool. But I'd rather have images of the guys themselves on an item. I love looking at them. They are my favorite guys! They make me feel happy. Makes me happy to see their faces. If I could hear their voices, that would also make me happy. But unfortunately I was never as close to these guys as I would like to have been. So, having pics of my favorite men is the next best thing. Now that they are retired, this is all I got. Damn that Michael!! It's all his fault!! No wait! Scratch that. It's all that Paula and Bob's fault!! I hate those two!!

Anyways, the store is hosted by Zazzle.com, which is a great platform because they have other sellers contributing to the items you can customize and sell. I was amazed they have a person selling custom lamp shades!! I sure cannot wait to see that in my INXS room!! I got one in my own store with an image of Timmy on it. Oh! I can't wait to see that!! I want to get a multi-color silk screen machine. I found one available from a reliable dealer for only $500. That is cheaper than I thought it would be!! When I get that, I'm going to do my own silk screening on T-shirts and other items. I'm learning how to do those things on YouTube, and I have some awesome ideas that I think would be great. I'm just waiting now to hear from someone who also does designs. I sent her a friend request on Facebook, I am hoping to strike up a deal with her. I saved a design she did with Michael. I like it! I'd like to have her do something like that with all the guys. Maybe cut her in for a share of the profits. Like I said, I have some ideas of my own that I think will make a t-shirt like that totally riff!!! Keep watching here! When I have them available, I will post them in my little store here. To visit my store, go to the blog links at the top of this site (under the title) and click on the button that says "Shop INXS Stuff". Everything I currently have is right there, under each of the categories.