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Monday, December 14, 2015

My Michael Is NO DAMN CAT!!!!!!!

UGH!! I hate that! People always comparing MY Michael to a damn cat! He's no cat! Now, I don't want to go insulting the people who say this, because they are my friends after all, and I love my friends. But to call MY Michael a "cat" it makes me mad!! My sis asked me why yesterday, because I posted this up on my Facebook page. Someone on one of the groups said he moves just like a cat and then said "MEOWWW" as if she was proud of what she said. She is a sweet person, but I had to set her straight. Most people who say that are thinking of their cats at home, or the panthers they see in the zoo. But Michael is not like that. That's not what I see anyways. I have a more scientific mind than most other INXS fans. I have said this before too, I know I have. This is not really a subject I like repeating, as I have explained it too many times before. But to me, when I look at cats, or when someone mentions cats, I think of a lazy, useless, ugly beast that does nothing but sleep all day long. When it does move, it's slow, lumbering, almost looking like forced movement. Not graceful like most other people think. That's not the Michael I see on stage. It's like saying lions are the king of beasts, its only claimed by fags and wussies.

Someone compares a person to any animal, the first thing that pops into my mind is "OK, what are the well-known (scientifically) qualities of that animal". Take for example, a chicken. Most of society, when they are called a chicken, they think of it as being a metaphor for a coward. But that is not how I see chickens!! In fact, chickens on average are very much the opposite of a coward! They're tough! And I have known people who have been chased by chickens. They don't give up either. They are truly miniature Velociraptors!! Or when someone is referred to as a "dog". What are a dog's biggest qualities? Most people, if they are called a "dog", they think of it as a metaphor of being ugly. LOL! Not sure where that came from, as I have seen many more beautiful dogs than ugly ones. In fact, I can't really think of any dog right now that is ugly to me. Even bulldogs are awfully cute to me!! The Taco Bell dog, as chihuahuas go, was ugly. But as just a plain old dog, would have been cute. But if someone calls me a dog, it means to me a creature that is brave, loyal, intelligent, and descendants of a great survivor!! Much better survivors than the felines!! That means it's a tough animal, with a lot of determination and will-power. Those are awesome qualities! So, I don't mind if people call me a dog.

I remember back in Bozeman, stinky Andy used to call me a "cow", hoping it was going to insult me. Well, what he didn't count on is that I like cows. I think they're cute.They are also quite graceful animals for their size, and they too are very tough. I wouldn't mess with an angry cow! I'd have been more insulted by someone saying I look like Andy, than being called a cow. Andy stinks! He's ugly but thinks he's "all that", and he beats up women, which means he's a coward. And he hates animals. I'm glad I am not him! ANY man, who beats up on women, or harasses people half their age is definitely nothing more than a coward. Anyone with any sense knows that.

But what are a cat's qualities? People think of cats as being "sexy", which is really just plain silly, and there is no scientific evidence to back this up. There is nothing "sexy" about any of the felines. The only real qualities felines have is that they are lazy, sodden-brained, ugly, lumbering beasts. That does not describe MY Michael! Plus, felines hate everything. They even hate other felines. Michael was not like that! He was a gentleman, nice to everyone that I could think of, and he could sing. None of the felines can sing. Birds can sing. Whales can sing. The primates can all sing. Wolves can sing. But none of the felines can sing, and isn't singing what Michael was all about on stage? When the panthers vocalize, their voices sound more like a toilet flushing than singing. When cats vocalize, to me, it sounds like someone running their fingernails on a chalkboard! That's not how MY Michael sounds to me!! So, when someone says Michael was "feline", and I hear it or see it, it makes me mad! It's that person saying they think Michael Hutchence was ugly, lazy and useless, and could not sing a note!! It doesn't matter to me what they think they're describing! Because they don't have the scientific mind that I have. All that matters is what I believe they are describing, whether they are conscious of it or not. So basically it boils down to this: This person said "Michael was all feline". In my mind, she was really trying to say "Michael was ugly, lazy, stupid, and could not sing worth shit!" And it made me angry.

Whenever someone says something like that, I say to them "NO he wasn't! He was NOT a feline!!" I feel like I am defending my man! How dare they compare the man I love the most to a creature I hate the most!? Cats have never given me any reason to like them, let alone "love" them. So it pisses me off when someone compares MY Michael to a cat!! I took to my own Facebook page and posted the same pic and said "MY Michael is NOT A DAMN CAT!!!!!! Stop calling MY Michael a cat!! Michael Jackson, maybe. Michael Moore, definitely! But not MY Michael Hutchence!!!!!" Every time I hear someone referring to Michael as a cat, that is what they're going to get! I'm gonna tell them he is NOT a damn CAT!!!! They can argue with me until they're blue in the face, I am not going to stand by and let them insult my man's memory!

Well, comparing other guys to a cat, Michael Jackson could at least sing. And he was indeed good in that department! Unlike a cat. But MJ was also a child molester, just like a cat, and a manipulator, just like a cat. And he was also ugly, just like a cat too!

Michael the cat.
And Michael Moore, definitely feline qualities! He hates everything, including the country he lives in! I think of someone with cat-like qualities, I would definitely think of Michael Moore!! He looks just like a fatass cat too!

Michael Moore without his make-up.
But there is nothing feline about MY Michael! The Michael Hutchence that I fell so madly in love with on first sight. And I don't believe his moves were ever inspired by any felines! He just had his own style, as one of my other friends pointed out. A style he created on his own.

In a closely resembling, yet unrelated, story, I heard a true story about someone who was befriended by someone from the deep web. He said one of the reasons he liked her was because she was a cat-lover. He added "That's a rare thing these days". I had to laugh at that!!! Unless he's been hibernating for the past 20 years, and he had just woken up, or maybe this happened before this internet cat-craze. But cat-lovers are a dime a dozen!! You cannot go anywhere without meeting someone who prefers cats over dogs now!! It's dog-lovers that are becoming increasingly rare! Probably mostly because of these misconceptions about dogs going around now. Or the internet has not capitalized on the beauty of dogs the way they have the ugliness of cats. Or maybe people today just plain love what's ugly!

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