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Saturday, December 19, 2015

So Now Everyone Knows

Now everyone knows why I am so fat, the secret is out! I love cooking and eating!! LOL!! Well, I never denied that I love eating. My biggest battle with bigots was them saying that I go to McDonalds every day 3 times a day and stuff each time. I always said "No I don't!" Seriously, those dumbasses have been watching Supersize Me too many times, I think it's gotten to their heads!! To this date, I have not been to McDonalds since I moved here a year ago. The last fast food place I went to was KFC, and that was back in May, and it was a special occasion. I'm not going to cook for myself on my birthday. Someone else is supposed to do that for me. LOL! But in general, I rarely eat out. When I do, I don't order the biggest items on the menu either. I never go supersize. Or king size. LOL! But seriously, why should I go to a fast food joint when I can make my own dinner and I know what is in it? Fast food places put that doggone pink slime in their burgers, and it's derived from ammonia. I don't want ammonia in my body! I can't even stand the smell of that stuff!! Why would I want to eat it!? Bigots are so fucking stupid!! And you wonder why I hate bigots so much?!! And they flavor their food with MSG, and that stuff is supposed to be bad for you. When I cook at home, I know what I am putting in my own food, and I don't use ammonia or MSG.

MSG, by the way, is that 11 herbs and spices KFC claimed to put in their chicken back in the 80s.

I also don't eat like I should. I only eat once a day. That's not good either. I know I shouldn't do that, but usually I am just not hungry in the mornings when I wake up. But you are supposed to eat breakfast. You're supposed to "break" that "fast" that accumulates overnight. It speeds up your metabolism. If you don't, your body goes into starvation mode. That means, it starts to store everything you eat through the day as fat. The bigots don't know that. They just assume a person is fat because they simply eat too much. But then, that's why I say bigots are dumb. Because they don't know as much as they think they do. And they state it like it's a fact.

Well, one thing, I don't drink sodas anymore. I don't even have flavored waters. Because they almost all have sugar or some kind of sweetener in them, and it's usually aspertame. That stuff is indeed bad for you, and a lot of flavored waters and diet sodas have it. I also found a lot of yogurts have it too. I've had to be very careful buying yogurt! I have one rule, if animals won't touch it, then neither will I. And most animals will not touch aspertame or anything that has it. It's highly toxic. My ma, unfortunately, does not pay any attention to this, and continues to drink diet sodas that are high in aspertame. I've tried to talk her out of it. It has already done things to her mind. She is suffering now with paranoia. I heard that's one of the symptoms of aspertame poisoning. I don't even know why they have diet sodas!! Most of the people that I have seen drinking that crap are almost always big people. Not all of them, but almost all of them. But it's like substituting butter with margarine, you think you're making the healthier choice, but basically all you are doing is putting crap in your body. It's best to just drink non-sugar free sodas and only have one a week, IF that often. I haven't had a soda in many months! So many, I don't even remember when the last time was I had a soda! Probably while I still lived in Reno. I'm just not a soda drinker. I drink plain old water. Nowadays, I look at someone drinking a soda, and it literally disgusts me.

Well, I do love the sweets, but I don't cook them all at once. I cook what I want to have one day, and chill the rest. It's all better that way. When I used to make whole batches of cookies in one day, they would rapidly get stale, and there is nothing more disgusting than a stale cookie!! So, it's best to make the batter up and chill it for later. I should even do the same exact thing for cakes and brownies, as soon as I learn how!!

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