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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Should You Love Yourself?

I saw a video tonight where this guy talked about is it right for you to love yourself. He said there are these campaigns now going around that say you should love yourself, and he said he bet it was started by "fat people". Looking at him though, he doesn't have room to talk, as he looks chunky himself, and he also mentioned in this video how he loves video games. A-ha!! Isn't it mostly video gamers who are the ones that go around places like YouTube and say fat people are stupid, disgusting, useless, and I'd bet if I went to their homes, 99.999% of the time, I'd bet my life they own a cat! The most useless and disgusting creature on the planet! And there they are dissing fat people. This guy, whose name is Rob Dyke, I usually like his videos and I am subscribed to him. But he kinda lost brownie points with me because of this video. He said "Maybe you shouldn't love yourself" and I just cannot whole-heartedly agree with that.

He said something to the effect of when you love yourself more than you love other people, then that is bad. I cannot say I agree with that. My life has become a lot happier now since I have learned to completely ignore and not care what others have had to say about me. In order for me to care what someone else says about me, I would have to like that person. Or once liked them. But if someone I like decides to turn against me, I find it's a lot easier for me to get over it and not dwell on it if I just plain do not care. And so that's what I do. It works for me. It's always worked for me. Its just that I've only recently learned to completely ignore the trolls and haters. I spent most of 2012 and all of 2013 training myself to ignore those people. I find that when I respond to them, it may get my videos more views, but also you're letting them win. That's why they say their shit. They're miserable people and they want you to respond negatively to them. In their mind, that shows them that you're even more miserable than they are and it's because they believe they have hurt you. That makes them feel powerful. And that's one thing I absolutely will NOT do! Is give a troll, or a bigot any power!! So these days, when a troll, hater or bigot says shit on my blog or videos, or even on Facebook, I just laugh at them, tell them (offscreen) to kiss my ass and move on. Believe me, I don't lose sleep over it!! And how is this possible? Because I don't care about people. That's how. It makes life a lot more enjoyable when I don't.

Now, don't misunderstand me, I love my friends, and I do care about them. But when you've had so many people pretending to be your friend, only to slash you in the back later, you learn to let go very quickly. Though I would never EVER go back to being on friendly terms again with someone that slammed me behind my back, unless there was real repentance. But I am a good judge of character and I would have to feel like they are truly sincere. But once that friendship bond is broken the first time, a lot of trust in that person goes down the drain with it, and it can never be revived. Not with me. So, if someone decides they don't like me anymore, but later decides they want to be on friendly terms again, I may be nice to them (when I feel like it), but a lot of trust I once had in that person is gone for good! And my friendship with them is never the same as it was the first time around. That's just how I am. I've been burned too many times growing up. It's a defensive mechanism for me. I may seem to be friendly with them again, but believe me, not as friendly as I would have been with them if that friendship had never been broken in the first place.

That's one of the things I love about myself, my loyalty. I have never ever stopped liking anyone because we may not like the same celebrities, or the same animals, or the same foods, or we may not have the same living styles, or the same jobs, unless they are fags and not fans. It's generally the fags I don't like at all. But I have never been known to disrespect anyone for things like that. It was always THEY who decided they wanted nothing to do with me because of things like that. That is why I love my loyalty. It's the kind of loyalty that is rare in people these days. I guess I learned it from living with dogs all these years. And I guess that is why it's rare, because dog-owners are becoming rare. I guess these people are learning to stab others in the back by watching their cats, or by living with cats for too long. Now, over the past year, joining these INXS fan (and fag) groups, I have learned to get along with people all over again. But this year, as we saw with those stupid Yatesfags, I've learned that people have not changed. People still judge you by what you like, and I don't like Paula Yates!! LOL! Believe me, I am still laughing at the stupid fags who said I am "jealous" of a dead woman! LOL!! Anything Paula could do, I could have done better. And have done better. Only difference is I am not (and really don't care to be) on national TV. And if Michael had been with me, he'd still be alive today. The real fans all know that too.

That's another thing this guy brought up, that you should not envy someone because of what they have, and I don't. Or I try not to! LOL! These INXS fans who have now purchased this book by Richard Simpkin, yes I do envy them! I want that book more than anything! It may have to wait though until I can drag my tired old butt to Australia! But I don't envy them to a point where I hate them. No, they're my friends! I'm happy for them that they were able to get that book. I truly mean that. There are people that I wish I could give more to, and there are people that I hate the fact that they are evil people with only good things happening to them. But I don't think that's the same as envy. I know sooner or later those evil people will get what's coming to them. Karma can be a bitch too!

There is a reason I don't envy anyone. There's really so little that I want. I am happy with what I have. My apartment may not be the greatest, but it is a roof over my head, and I know someday I shall get a better one if I work at it. My car is old and broken down and doesn't run worth shit! But again, if I work at it, I can get a better car. Maybe when my partner and I get together. Who knows? But I am where I want to be, by the ocean. I converse with nature every day. The only thing I am without is a dog! Or any kind of pet I want. But that too will come in time. So, there is no reason for me to envy anyone. I truly believe we all get what we want when GOD wants us to have it. And if we don't get it, well then it wasn't meant for us. Whether it be for our own good, or for the good of someone else in our lives. If only Michael had been a little bit more patient, he could be alive now, living with someone he really loves, and feed Paula to the wolves.

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