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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cooking With Timmy-Hutch-Fan

I am thinking of starting my own cooking video collection. I made a video this year of myself cooking Christmas cookies, and I like it so much, I might do more videos of me cooking other things as well. Instead of having an account in a recipe sharing  website. Why not? I got some cute cooking ideas. Not just cookies, but I also make great dinner dishes as well, some are easy and cheap to make, and I can pass these ideas on to other people via Youtube. Of course I know for sure I am going to get the usual BS from trolls, bigots and haters, the usual "You're fat!" and "You shouldn't be eating so much, you're too fat" and "You're too fat to cook!" or "No wonder why you're fat" or some other kind of comments I know some people are going to make in regards to me cooking and being fat. I expect that kind of BS!! But I am at a point in my life where I say "Who gives a shit!?!" It's MY channel!! I should be able to put whatever I want on it. Fuck the trolls and they can shove up their ass anything they have to say! I'm fat because I do enjoy cooking. In fact, I'd even like to try this recipe I got from my sis yesterday where you cook up spaghetti squash and fry up some chicken and some sauce. I would like to show people how to make homemade pizza. I would like to display some cute snack ideas. Maybe I will even cook a whole meal online someday, show people how to make a turkey properly. Or a prime rib, or my famous pot roast. Or even better, my potato-leak soup! There's so many things I could do with my own cooking show. I could even try new products and tell people how they taste.

Of course I don't eat everything I cook right away. I mostly cook up enough to last me for a week or so, put it away and get what I need out when I need it. Like say I were to make fried chicken. I could make up 4 pieces, cook them one day, eat one piece one day, put the rest away, and that's dinners for the next 3 days. Same with these cookies. Since it is just me here, I can make up a batch, chill the dough, and take some out when I want to have a cookie, and put the rest back in the freezer. I don't have to bake up a whole batch of cookies, only to have one or two a day, and by the time I get to the last 5 or 6 cookies, they are already stale and icky!! So, chilling the batter is the best solution. My cooking show is going to be full of all kinds of cooking tweaks that I have figured out over the years. Plus some recipes that I have learned on my own. Anyways, stay tuned! I'm going to do this no matter what.

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