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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Adopt Don't Shop Vs. Adopt OR Shop

OK, in light of my last post, I decided to create a post explaining why I believe more in the Adopt OR Shop movement as opposed to Adopt Don't Shop. This may get a bit racy so if this kind of subject bothers you, I suggest you move on to another post.

I found this site yesterday and I had some fun with it. It's called Quora. People online post questions and other people online answer those questions. I posted one today about how can you change my mind? I said I believe in Adopt OR Shop. Not in Adopt Don't Shop. I'd like to express why I posted this question.

First of all, the hardcore "Adopt Don't Shop" (or ADS) fags are some of the most annoying people I've ever met in my life!! And no, I am not using "fag" to make fun of gay people! I don't ever use the word "fag" in that context! Like I said before, the word has more than one meaning. I want to make that clear now. Anyway... Whereas some vegans are truly good people who do not care if you become vegan or not, ADS people will slam you for buying from breeders instead of adopting from the local animal shelter. And anyone who knows me will know that the harder you push me to think your way, the harder I will try NOT to believe in your cause. When I was a kid, I feared the consequences of not agreeing with the masses. But those days are over and I am over 40 years old. If I want something, I'm going to get it regardless of what others think.

The problems I have with adopting from shelters:

Now, I don't deny that there are MANY wonderful adoptable pets out there just waiting in a shelter for the right owner to come along, and I am certainly not going to talk anyone down from their beliefs of going to a shelter to adopt a dog or a cat. But there is just also several reasons I choose not to adopt from a shelter. Some of the main reasons are:

They come with problems. Why do you think the dog/cat ended up in the shelter in the first place? I'm sure it's not because they were perfect little angels. And although I know there could be other reasons (i.e the owner died, or moved and couldn't take the animal, or the family found out their kid was allergic), the fact of the matter is I've heard a lot of horror stories about rescue dogs attacking their new owners. I'd say it's about a 50/50 chance the dog (or cat) you get from a shelter is going to be untrained, unsocialized, not housebroken, or has attacked another person or animal. I don't want some uneducated person's baggage coming in my house by way of their poor, unwanted pets.

It's so limited! Dogs come in so many wonderful breeds, and I love dog breeds. The fact that they exist at all is a tribute to how wonderfully diverse the species is. It's such a shame that ADS people think the only option out there is to go to shelters. Most of the ADS fags I've ever met were mutt-people anyways. They don't know the truly joyful experience it is to own a well-bred purebred dog. To me, it's like comparing a manual-drive car to an automatic transmission car. Most of what I find in shelters is pit bulls and pit bull-type dogs, and mongrels, and I am not interested in either, personally. I don't want a pit bull, and I've never favored mutts over purebreds.

Most of the dogs that go in shelters are too old to be trained. That's why I'd want a puppy if I were to get a new pet. I want to be able to train it to my specifications. Not someone else's. I have no idea what that dog's former owner trained it (or didn't train it) to do. I have a rescue, Minnie. And she still has accidents in the house, despite constant training and taking her outside to do her thing, she still does it in the house! She was rescued from a puppymill, so she spent the first 3 years of her life taking a dump anywhere she wanted to. She brought that philosophy to our household and was never able to be trained out of it completely. That's the kind of thing you run into with shelter dogs.

Besides, I've never seen a shelter that carried birds like finches, or fish or reptiles, and I love those pets too. Those are basically the ones I plan to carry in my store.

Now, I am certainly not like the ADS fags. If you want to adopt a pet and not go to a good breeder to buy a puppy or kitten, go for it! More power to you. It's not in my nature to try to sway people to think my way. I can only give reasons why I choose not to do it. I'm all for saving lives. In fact, when my pet store opens, I've chosen to allow rescues to advertise dogs/cats they may have available, but I haven't given up the idea of also allowing breeders to advertise. My only conflict is should I really charge rescues to advertise on my "breeder's board" like I will breeders? Rescues don't usually do it for the money. They are usually non-profit organizations. I don't think they'll have the money to post. But that's also part of my business. I have to make money somehow. I know one thing I won't allow, I won't allow them to write up their own ads, because knowing the ADS fags like I do, they'll put somewhere "Adopt Don't Shop" on their ad, and I cannot allow that. At first I was going to allow them to hold monthly adopt-a-thons, but then I thought this idea would be better.

Several breeders on a group I am on say "If breeders stopped breeding, then where would the shelters get their dogs and cats from?" I admit that does sound a little silly. LOL! But I used to believe that way. If irresponsible people stopped breeding, there would be no need for shelters in the first place, so most of them would shut down.

Now what I hate about ADS fags:

They're very pushy!! If you don't agree with the ADS mantra, they think you are the most evil person on the face of the planet. And believe me, they come at you like you killed their entire family! Like that one woman on the Tillamook Community group on Facebook who threatened to picket my store (basically a bird and fish store). She was the very definition of an ADS fag! She was nasty and hateful, basically what I've always known fags to be! She even griped about how dog breeds were created for snobbery and contribute to the killing of shelter animals. LOL! Crazy fag-cunt! I don't remember her name right now, but I think the first name was Michele, or something like that. I know it was like Michelle, only spelled differently than average. But not only was she threatening to picket a fish and bird pet store, there were other things she said that was just catshit loony.

Another thing I don't like about them; they lump ALL breeders into the same category. Including responsible breeders who spend a good part of their lives improving their breeds. You try to tell them that there is a difference between a responsible breeder, a backyard breeder and a puppymill, and they just won't believe you. They have a fixed mind, and too many are fixed wrong.

But that is the reason I don't like ADS fags. Just like some vegans, they try to always force their propaganda on others. And when the other person doesn't relent, they want to treat that person like as if they were the most evil creature in the world. I don't go for that. That's likened to being a communist. I don't do that to them, although I could! But I choose not to because I'm an adult. I'm not in this world to change peoples' minds or make them think my way. That's not how I am built.

Now for Adopt OR Shop:

What I like about Adopt OR Shop is that it is wide-ranging. You have the freedom to choose either to adopt from a shelter, OR to buy from a breeder. Good breeders are pushing for this right. But I always caution people to be careful who they buy their puppies or kittens from. Make sure the person you are buying from knows what they are doing, has done proper pedigree research and has done all the necessary health tests on the parents. Yes they will cost you more, but it's well worth the money! That is what makes a breeder responsible.

What makes a breeder irresponsible? Well one way you can tell a breeder is irresponsible is they are purposely mixing breeds. They are the ones who want to create some more of these designer mutts that the ADS people complain litter the shelters. The breeders who are irresponsible create these puppies and sell them for money, and do not have a buy-back policy on their contract. In fact, none of them have a contract at all. If they do, it's to protect them, not their dogs nor the customers. They just sell to whomever comes along with the money first. Irresponsible breeders also do not have a health guarantee. I came across one on YouTube, back when I lived in Bozeman who said she could tell a dog was healthy just by looking at it. She was full of shit too! She bred for 25 years and said she knew everything. What she didn't know is that she spent 25 years learning the wrong things, which made her an idiot.

Well, I would put down what I don't like about Adopt OR Shop, but there simply is nothing I don't like about it. I love having the freedom to choose what I want without being treated like a convict. I happen to like purebred dogs. Fuck those who hate me for it! The only complaint Adopt OR Shop people have is just be careful who you buy your pet from. Don't support irresponsible breeders!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Well, I Got What I Wanted! LOL!

I'm still doing some research into opening up a pet store. Part of my research is asking people around town what they think of the idea of me opening up a pet store. I post that in as many places as I could, because I wanted opinions. Of course for my time on Craigslist, I knew it was going to be an unpopular post. But I must say, it did get a lot of attention! I posted it on 2 different groups on Facebook, and I began my post with "If this is not appropriate for this group, please feel free to delete, but I am just looking for some opinions..." I wanted peoples' honest opinions here. I wanted to hear from those for and against. I was willing to absorb each and every point of view.

Well, I must say I got bombarded by a hell of a lot of libtards who were the "Adopt Don't Shop" type people. But one of the things I mentioned in my post was that I personally was not going to sell puppies and kittens in my store, but instead allow breeders a space to advertise themselves. Yes, that also goes for rescues. But I wanted to see how people would react. Naturally, the "Adopt Don't Shop" people got butthurt because I wanted to allow breeders a space. I would actually say the reactions I got were about half-and-half. Half the people wanted to see a decent pet store in this town, the other half were the "Adopt Don't Shop" group, and they didn't want to see a pet store in this town. One guy from the ADS group even called me names, and I had to put him on ignore. One really weird woman even went so far as to say "Consider me not one of your customers and potentially someone who will picket your store every day." Now, I could have got a little sarcastic here and said to her "Am I supposed to be concerned? Oooooh I'm SOOOOOOOOO SCARRRRRRED!!!" LOL!! But that would have been childish, and I am the professional here. But trust me when I say I really wanted to say that! LMAO!! This woman was wacky to be honest. She must have been a PETA supporter because she had an attitude like "Dog breeds are not natural. They are man-made objects created for the sake of snobbery and cause the deaths of thousands of innocent animals!" Seriously! That's what she said! LOL!! I just laughed at her. Only a PETA supporter would really say bullshit like that.

I don't care if she pickets! Truly, I don't. Once my store goes up and I get regular clientele, I'll let my reputation speak for it's self. Besides, not sure who would care since I already stated that I was not going to sell puppies in my store. I think she was especially butthurt because I said I don't like the "Adopt Don't Shop" type people. Well! I don't! They're as annoying as vegans! They're as annoying as nazis!! They're annoying liberals! Some guy thought he would "get even" with me by saying "I don't like breeder type people because they are responsible for the deaths of thousands of adoptable animals". I told him he's thinking of backyard breeders and puppymills. I think about responsible breeders. He thought he was going to piss me off. But I am not like the ADS crowd. I don't care if he doesn't like breeders. My feelings are not hurt by that at all. Not by him or that crazy woman either saying they don't like breeders or dog breeds. That's their opinions. They have a right to them. I told them I have a lovely girl, a sheltie, I got her from a breeder when she was a baby. I wouldn't trade her for nothing in the world. And yes, I would buy from a breeder again before I would go to an animal shelter. All they have in shelters is pit bulls or other big aggressive breeds, mixed breeds, and dogs with problems. I live in an apartment, I can't have some breeds. And I am not a mixed breed lover. I love all dogs yes, but for me, myself, to have a mongrel, well, it just wouldn't be enough to satisfy me. And I don't want a grown dog. I'd rather have a puppy that I can train to do what I want it to do.

I'll tell you, I was bombarded by the ADS people!! If I had been an egg, I would have been scrambled by now!!! LOL!! But, I kept my cool. I did not lose my head and call them names. I preferred to just sit by and let them lose their cool. Just a couple people I had to block because they got too childish. And that is the problem with ADS people. That's the difference between them and responsible breeders. Well, MOST responsible breeders. I won't say I haven't met my share of childish responsible breeders, that would be lying. But they've been NOTHING compared to the ADS people. ADS people tend to get more catshit loony. Breeders at least tell you the truth. They recognize their job is to improve the breed and keep dogs and cats out of shelters by offering a buy-back contract. And most of the responsible breeders I've met recently were all for "Adopt AND Shop", which is cool. ADS people don't do that. They lump ALL breeders into one category, the bad people category. Whether they are talking about backyard breeders, puppymills or responsible breeders. Just like freakin' vegans!! I learned to ignore vegans. I can learn to ignore the ADS people too.

Well, a couple said that I should go to the shelter and see what they're like. One person even suggested I meet with this one woman I think her name was Natasha, in one of the rescue groups. I said I'd think it over. I had to put Natasha on ignore because she was one of the ADS people who got a little too childish. Another person said that I probably lost about half my business when I said I don't really like the ADS people. Well, those people who were offended by that statement already made up their minds before I said that that they were not going to come to my store. Which is fine with me. Again, my feelings are not hurt. The pet store is not even up yet, it's still in the visionary stage. But I'm here in town, I'm gonna have what they want. I plan to carry items no other store in this town has. If they don't want to come into my store to get it, they can go to Portland and get it. I don't care.

I've been thinking of some awesome ideas for my store. I want to start online though. I want to carry the best pet food brands there are, including the kind I get for my own baby girl. You can't get that brand in the stores out here. Believe me, I looked. I've even thought about having delivery service in town, aquarium set-up, assembly and troubleshooting since I am so good at that, custom bird cages, fresh-baked dog treats, etc. I'm the only store in this town that would have them. If those ADS fools don't want to come, hey! That's fine. Go to Portland and get your pet's stuff for all the fucks I give. It's a long drive and kinda hectic in the winter though! LOL!

Well, I've got to say, I didn't say any of that in the Facebook group I posted that in. I kept my cool, remained very professional, mostly sat back and watched as the ADS people lost their heads. Most of them. But since this is my blog; my ranting place, I'll state it here. But you know what? For all the cool I displayed in that post, I was the one who was kicked out of the group! LMAO!!!!! I find that so hysterically funny!!! The group owner must have been another ADS person. See what I mean about ADS people going catshit loony?! LOL!! I was the one who kept her cool and yet I was kicked out of the group!! I even mentioned at the beginning of the post that the manager could delete the post if it's not allowed. I didn't care! The ADS people were the ones who lost it and I was kicked out because of it. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!! I love it when liberals can't handle the truth. But hey! I got what I asked for. I wanted other peoples' opinions, and I got it. I'm not angry or upset in any way because I did want opinions. It was just a bit surprising that I was the one who maintained my professionalism and yet I was the one who was kicked out of that group. LOL! Makes me laugh!!😂😂😆😆

Monday, June 11, 2018

"Asshole In Training"

As you know, I'm new to this new philosophy I have now of being an asshole to everyone. So, I need practice. I've practiced a little on libtard INXS fans, but they are not that great. My goal is to be so bad ass, my name becomes a household word, spewed with anger and hatred. Well, like I said before, people didn't like me being nice. At least if I am mean to everyone, it'll give them a real reason to hate me. I'm sick of being so nice, sweet and giving to people, only to have them shit on me eventually. Like the old saying goes; No good deed goes unpunished. So, I'm not doing good deeds for anyone in the INXS community anymore. I don't even post any of my INXS pics anymore. Not in the groups. The reason for that is I don't want to be giving anymore. Fuck that! I'll keep my pics to myself!

Well, I consider myself to be an "Asshole in Training". I'm new to this lifestyle, so I need practice. Well yesterday, I got some of that practice with a vegan fag who considers himself to be an asshole. He admitted it in the beginning. This dude's name is Matthew Brosnan. It started on a vegan video, where some dumb vegan chick talked about the "real" reason we eat meat. Vegans don't know why we eat meat. But what I really love is how they think we don't know where the meat comes from! This was my quote:

The next day, I've found little mister Brosnan had replied to my comment. This is what he had to say...

When I woke up that morning, I saw this comment in my inbox for YouTube. Since he admitted he's an ass, I decided to see if I could now stand up to another asshole without feeling bad. I've always spoken my mind before, but it was usually to help people back then. Nowadays, I don't do that anymore. Now, I wanted to practice speaking my mind to match his attitude one for one. This was how I responded...

I've quoted the Gin Blossoms before on here. Always because of liberals. I was having fun with this character. It felt awesome to treat a vegan like the human trash he is! Well, he didn't keep his word, he wanted to try and "educate" me anyway. I didn't listen though. I only gathered enough to make him look stupid. He said...

It actually made me crack up when he said "Where have I shown evidence for me being a fool". LOL!! Oh GOD!!!! So he's a fool and doesn't even know he's a fool! So much so, he has to ask me for proof!! Classic stupid libtard behavior! Well, I had to respond to him...

He said he liked being an ass to assholes. I responded with "So do I". Funny thing is, I'm new to this asshole thing, and I seem to be better at it than he is!! I guess because I'm older and have a thicker skin. With this layer of blubber underneath. LOL! And in the end, he displays the same behavior I've seen in many vegans before him. That same "I am superior to you" complex! I see it over and over again in vegans! Think about this, if he was "superior to me", he wouldn't be bothered by me eating meat. And he'd probably be eating it himself. I called him a blind sheep, because he is. And I called him stupid, because that's what blind sheep type people are. They can't think for themselves (just like the blind sheep libtard INXS fans), so I call them stupid! LOL!

Anyway, he responded this way...

I say LOL all the time!! Because I was loving this. It actually made my day! I'm not bothered by vegans calling me names anymore. As an asshole in training, I cannot allow that to happen. So, I am not bothered by anyone anymore. This was how I responded, and this was too long to capture with the screen printing on my computer...

"Lol, you get baited so easily." Baited? Nooooo. I'm just having some fun on you. LOL!! "Sadly, everything you said was just a straw man/ad hom " So is your so-called "logic". Again, nothing no other vegan hasn't said before you toots. And just like the others, you're really not worth listening to. "with you jerking off yourself saying LOL at the end. " Yeah. So what?! I'm loving this, because you're so dumb you're funny! LOL! I'll say it again and again, just because you're so fricken loony and ridiculous.... "LOL!!" " You didn't even clear up my only point on the nature fallacy" Because I cannot make a point on something that has no point. Cannot argue with nature. LOL! "so you've already lost." I guess that makes two of us then. LOL!! :) "Not that much fun to refute something so weak sadly. " Hmm, that's funny. I guess you're not an experienced asshole. Because I'm having fun refuting you, and you're weak. LOL! :) "Takes a sentence where I'm basically already repeating myself." And that is what makes YOU stupid!! LMAO!!! I never asked for your petty opinions. I'm just having fun. You're just providing the material. LOL! " you have to answer my questions though" HAHAHAHAHA!!! I don't "have to do" shit for you! I'm the adult. You're the child. But I will yet again, explain why for one more stupid vegan who will never get it just for the hell of it. LOL!! :) "otherwise you'll always be stupid, okay?" Yah yah yah, keep on typing that dude. LOL!! No matter how many times you type it, it doesn't make me any more stupid than you are. LOL!! I've heard it all from vegans. In the end, they prove to always be the stupidest beings in the world. "How about you tell me why you eat meat?" I eat meat because I like it. It makes the meal. To you, that may be stupid or pathetic. To me, it's life. LOL! "any info you provide I can probably fuck you with so go for it." You probably can try. But I'm not a libtard and I'm not a hippie. I may be "easily baited", as you think. But I am not easily convinced. Like I said, I've heard it all from vegans before you. There is NOTHING you can say I haven't heard from others before. It has NO impact on my life. I'm just having fun because I am an asshole in training. So, keep it coming. You've been excellent practice. LOL!!!! :) And I'll say it again, LOL!!! LMAO!!!!! KMFFA!!!!!! :) ;)

For the record, KMFFA means "Kiss my fat, funky ass". LOL! This is where I call myself "an asshole in training". My newest title. I also said he's not an experienced asshole. I guess this is new to him too. I wonder if he's an asshole for the same reason I am? Because he spent his life giving, being nice, and kind to others, only to have them shit on him in the end? In that case, I cannot blame him. That is why I fricken HATE people!!!!!! Anyway, he actually kinda softened up by now. This was his response to me...

Again he says "So if I eat you and your family..." And again I say that is exactly why normal people tend to threaten vegans. Every vegan I've ever met has said that, or something to that affect. Personally, I say if you like the taste of human flesh, go for it! But always remember, you could get in serious trouble. Humans have rights. Animals don't. Where animals are concerned, it's everyone for themselves. Vegans still don't get that. They want to change nature. This was my response to him...

Even animals that are supposedly herbivorous are not completely herbivorous. Somewhere on YouTube, there is a video of a cow eating a bird. Do you think that cow cared if the bird wanted to live? Do you think the cow was thinking "Well if I eat this bird, it's going to be cruel because his life will be gone so I can get sustenance"? Do you really think the cow was thinking that? No, it wasn't. Cows are not even carnivores. But they do eat meat occasionally, because grass and other vegetation is not really as nutritious as vegans like to portray. They have to supplement (just like us) by eating meat.

I may be fat, but I am doing something right. My blood pressure is perfect! I have no affects of diabetes. I am rather active, as much so as I can be considering I have other things I work on. The only thing wrong with me is that I am fat, and this is all water. It can be sweated off.

Friday, June 8, 2018

I Want To See Proof!

Ya know one thing I'll never understand about people? They always want to see proof of everything! No matter what it is. That is why we have so many atheists around today, because they all want to see proof of GOD existing. To them, if there is no tangible proof that they can see or touch, then it doesn't exist, or it never happened. It's really sad that that is what people today have become. No one bases anything on pure and simple faith anymore. We live in a society where everyone wants to see proof of everything. Reminds me of the early days of Sesame Street, where no one believed the Snuffleupagus was real, and every time Big Bird would bring him up, they always called him his "imaginary friend". I still remember the episode where Big Bird finally got so sick of everyone saying his friend was imaginary, that he took a stand, and some of the people on Sesame Street started to believe Big Bird was telling the truth. That's one episode they never ran on Noggin!! But I remember it. It ran some time in 1984.

People today are the same way! Only worse. They want to touch and see actual proof before they believe anything is real. And it sucks, because even on YouTube, when you tell someone about an experience you have, especially the panther fags, they always say "Show me the video, or it never happened!" I get that a lot! There is a video of a jaguar getting attacked and eaten by a South American crocodile. They are very rare and very large crocs that have been known to take prey larger than jaguars. The crocodile in the video, his head alone was as big as the jaguar! And yes, it was a full-grown jaguar. There is also another video of a jaguar attacking a small caiman and killing it. Of course I really don't know if the jaguar kills it, as the video only shows the jaguar grabbing it and carrying it off. The rest was cut off. It is a small, approximately 7-foot long caiman, the jaguar was probably bigger and heavier than the caiman was!

Now, you may believe this or not, but EVERY damn panther fag on YouTube believed for sure that the jaguar was capable of killing the caiman. Well, of course! Caiman are small, and not nearly as aggressive as crocodiles! They are easy prey for something like a jaguar. But the video where a jaguar was attacked and killed by a crocodile, every panther fag totally believes the jaguar had to have been drugged in order for that to happen!! UGH!! People (especially panther fags) are SO DUMB!!! Seriously! They've got to be the dumbest people on the face of the earth! And they call ME dumb! Not saying they're wrong nor nothing, but panther fags are so dumb, they don't even know how dumb they are!!!! They think just because they love panthers, that they're smart. LOL!! They want to see proof the jaguar was not drugged for that video! Yet they did not ask to see proof if the caiman was drugged in that video where it is attacked by a jaguar. And now, EVERY panther fag uses that video as proof that any panther can kill any crocodilian. I'm always saying "Uhh no. Show me a video where a jaguar attacks and kills a 15-foot long South American crocodile. Then we'll talk!" A South American crocodile is NOT the same as a caiman!!

I have a friend who has lived in Nairobi with her family for many years, and she tells me some wild stories. But even she says she's never even seen grown male lions defeat full grown Nile crocodiles! This same friend described to me back in the late 1980s of an experience she had where she witnessed a full-grown male leopard being attacked, killed and eaten by a 15-foot long African rock python. She even showed me pictures she took of the whole attack. Unfortunately I didn't keep any of those pics, but I do remember seeing them when she showed them to me.

Well, I told about this experience to some panther fags in another video, and one of them said "I believe your friend is full of bullshit!" Immediately identifying him as one of those panther fags who denies everything against panthers, I just told him to keep on trying to convince himself of that. Another one actually said to me that he wanted to see proof! I asked him what kind of proof he'd like to see? He wanted to see an actual video! LOL!! I told him that I would love to have shown him the video, but that took place back in the late 1980s, and we did not have YouTube back then. Besides, she didn't have video, she only had her own eyes and some still pictures to prove it. But you see, everyone wants to see video proof, or they say it never happened! These people never would have survived back in the days before Google, or before YouTube!

Well, I was grateful for this friend, because she proved to me that felines are WAY overrated!! Today, they are even more exaggerated than ever before with the internet and all. People believe panthers cannot be beat. The problem is most people don't want to post videos where panthers are defeated. I remember some years back on YouTube, someone who was a professional nature photographer, told a story of one of his friends, who was also a professional nature photographer, filmed a wolf attacking and killing a cougar. He had the video, but he did not want to post it because he loved cougars and didn't want to show one being killed by a wolf. When I read that comment, it made me think. I wondered how many other nature photographers have videos out there of some kind of feline being killed by another predator, but did not want to post those either. Either because they loved the feline too much, or because they were afraid of backlash from other panther fags out there accusing the photographer of "drugging" the feline? There's probably miles of unseen video out there of panthers being attacked and killed by other predators that are themselves not felines. It boggles the mind!

I've also told some people of my experiences with GOD. I've actually felt HIS presence. I cannot prove it in a way that would be acceptable to anyone who does not believe in GOD, but I did feel HIS presence before. But a lot of people now are dropping the concept of GOD, because they have not yet been touched by HIM. Most of them are vegans, who don't believe anything anyways. I just don't try to explain my experience anymore, because atheists are already people with a fixed mind. You can't change their minds no matter what. They want actual proof they themselves can see and feel. They don't want to hear about faith. They want to see photos or videos. Well, since faith is something that you feel, not see, it's impossible to make a video of someone actually having faith in something.

My mom once posted something about a first grader being asked by her teacher why she believed in GOD, because you can't see HIM. Well, the little girl turned to the class and stated "Do you see the teacher's brain? No you can't. So he must not have one." I don't know if that actually happened, but it does prove a point. Maybe the atheists don't have brains, because you can't see or touch them. And you can't film thoughts, so maybe it's true the atheists don't have brains. That's using their logic. So, I guess, think about that next time someone tells you they want to "see proof". I agree there are some things that should have proof, like if you're going to accuse someone of a crime you should have enough proof to convict them. But for something that cannot be seen or felt, but is just there, one should not have to be provided with proof in order to believe. But that is what the world has become now.

Monday, June 4, 2018

People Are Phony

I may have used that in a title before on here, but it's true. People are fucking phony! I don't know what is wrong with people. On my INXS site, I was trying to share the video with one of my buddies on Facebook who did not get to see it. Of course I know the video was supposed to only be for November, but still! I tried to show it to her and she could not play it. It always worked before. Then I tried to play it myself and it still would not play! UGH!! I could have just thought about maybe I have the wrong player, as Google Drive only allows a select number of apps to run the files. Not all of them work properly unfortunately! But no, it's just not running at all.

Well, I have no proof of it, but I think I know who the hell is behind that malfunction. I bet it's that big-mouthed asswipe Rosanda Herbert who reported the video to Google. I truly believe this friendship she has with that twin Vincent Lamaro, and this aim to get a statue dedicated to Michael Hutchence may have driven Rosanda just a little bit mad. Well, not even just a "little bit mad", more like "Madder than a March Hare", LOL! I can remember a time when she was actually nice. I don't think it would be safe to mix the words "nice" and "Rosanda Herbert" in the same sentence anymore, even if I did still like her. Shoot! I'm glad we're not friends anymore. Besides, I think she hates animals. Not that that makes someone a better person, as I've found out over the years of being on the internet. I think if Michael were still alive, she wouldn't even like him anymore, if not for his music.

Yeah, to her it's "all about the music". And while I do agree Michael's music is nothing short of miraculous, I can only remember when I was a teenager and people would make friends with me only because I could draw animals good. Today, kids are so stuck on this shitty anime-style art that that would never happen now. But back in those days, people liked and appreciated any kind of art, even my cartoony-style drawings. I remember particularly this one boy who was in my class in middle school, his name was Donnie Duncan. I liked him at first, we became friends there for a while when he discovered how well I drew animals. I was always nice and kind to him like I was to everyone, and always drew pictures for him when he would ask me to. Then, this big boy named Otis moved into the school. He was never nice to anyone except his own kind. At the risk of sounding a bit racist, I will say this; yes, he was african-american. He only really associated with his equals. To everyone else, he was MEAN as an angry rattlesnake!

Well, in the beginning, Donnie made friends with Otis, and I tried to make friends with him too. But he was so mean, he would usually just creep me out. His voice was always monotone, and he never smiled or laughed. He was even nasty to Donnie, but Donnie never saw it. I could see it in his eyes though, Otis did NOT like Donnie! He never liked Donnie. He never liked anyone who wasn't like him. Well, about the time he took to regularly talking to Otis every day in class, I began to notice a little change in Donnie. Donnie began looking at me in disgust. My attitude towards Donnie did not change at all, I still tried to maintain our friendship. But as his days of friendship to Otis went on, he began to cast me aside like yesterday's dirty underwear with tiretracks in the seat! LOL! I still tried to carry on with him as if we were still buddies.

Finally, one day it happened. As Donnie was telling Otis about how well I could draw animals, Otis deprecated by saying he drew dragons, and pulled out a piece of paper and began drawing some dragons to prove it. Now, back in those days, I did not know how to draw dragons. I hadn't learned that skill yet. I mostly specialized in drawing different dog breeds and horses. Now, I will hand Otis this: he did draw dragons pretty good. I liked his drawings. I still didn't like him though, as hard as I tried to like him. But he did draw dragons better than I could back then. But that was the beginning of the end with me and Donnie being friends. I almost knew it from the moment Otis said "What's so great about drawing dogs?!" and Donnie responded with "I know it!" Like the blind sheep. I was stunned he said that! He always loved my drawings before Otis came along, and now here he is, saying he agrees with Otis saying my drawings were not so great. Normally, that did not bother me. So he preferred Otis's drawings to mine? No big deal! As long as his preferences didn't cause him to become destructive towards me. Ohhh but they would! That would come a little later on.

I clearly remember the next day, when Otis and Donnie were sitting in the classroom chatting with each other. Donnie was sitting next to me, as he usually did up to that point. Donnie and Otis chatted all through the hour of that classroom. I decided at that point to "test the waters". At several points, I tried to join them in their conversations with each other. But every time I did, Donnie would look at me like I had spiders crawling out of my mouth! Yeah yeah! I'm pathetic, I know! But keep in mind, I was only 12 years old at that time. My instincts were not fully in place like they are today. I didn't really understand that meant Donnie didn't want to be friends with me anymore. But it wasn't long after that that Donnie began calling me names and insulting me every chance he got.

Anyone besides me notice a bit of a pattern here? I mean, take away the Facebook factor, Rosanda and Donnie are so much alike, one would almost think they're brother/sister.

  • I was friends with Donnie. I was friends with Rosanda.
  • I was nothing but nice to Donnie. I was nothing but nice to Rosanda.
  • I thought Donnie was nice. I thought Rosanda was nice.
  • Donnie liked me because I drew him pictures. Rosanda liked me because I was nice.
  • Donnie changed when he met Otis. Rosanda changed when she met Vincent Lamaro.
  • I was the cast-off in both cases. Though I tried to maintain both friendships as long as I could by continuing to be nice to, and communicating with, both. Even after I knew it was all over.
  • Donnie found out Otis could draw better dragons. Rosanda found out Vincent played music.
  • I didn't draw dragons back then. I don't play music now. I just listen to it.
  • Donnie dropped me when he found out Otis didn't like my drawings. Rosanda dropped me when she found out Vincent Lamaro doesn't like me.
  • I attribute both to wanting something from me, and when they don't get it or don't get enough of it from me, they took it as I am no good to them anymore.
  • Donnie believed Otis when he said my drawings were crap. Rosanda believed Tess Obrien when she said I made fun of someone who [didn't] have cancer.

Geez! With all this shit going on is there any wonder why I want a wall built around me? But I am new to this "wall-thing". It still kinda hurts me to be so mean and indifferent to people. I think though, with time, I'll get better at it. The only difference between Donnie and Rosanda is 1) I knew Donnie personally. He actually later proved to be a jerk to everyone. 2) I was only 12 years old when Donnie and I were friends. He was just slightly older.

I kid you not. Donnie turned out to be one of those kind of guys who would start fights, and throw insults at others, and cry when they would punch him because he got too cocky. I even had to beat the shit out of him once. My second year in middle school, one day Donnie went full-nutso on me. He would take things from me, call me names, get other kids in the class to call me names, pretend like he was going to beat me up, just generally harassed me all through the hour of class. He made me so upset, I could not finish my work. No matter how hard I tried. I was 13 years old at this time. At the end of the class period, when we were all expected to turn in our work papers, I had to tell the teacher I did not finish my work. I didn't say why. I didn't want to say it was because Donnie and his buddies in class would not leave me alone. I didn't say anything until Donnie stepped in and told the teacher the reason was because I was "drawing pictures". Well, Donnie knew full-well that was not the reason I didn't finish my work. But by that time, I was beyond PISSED!!! I looked at him, probably with a look on my face that resembled that of a bear that had been prodded through his cage one too many times, I took the load of school books I had in my hands and slammed Donnie over the head with them.

I really wanted to do more than that. But the teacher was right there, and I don't like to fight anyways. But I did that without even thinking. I'd had enough of Donnie's bullshit by that time. Thankfully the teacher didn't say anything to me about hitting Donnie. But Donnie stood behind me in that [not-so] tough, manly stance, saying "I would hit a girl!" I looked at him angrily and dared him to try. I think I was so mad at that point, I would have flattened him! I have the feeling Rosanda is exactly the same way. She's probably one of those types that starts shit with people, and runs home crying when someone slaps her because she gets too cocky too. I'm pretty sure Tess Obrien is like that. I hate to blame the victim, but I have the feeling that's why her ex-husband beat her up. She probably got too cocky with him and told people lies about him too. I'd even wager now, her ex-husband probably never beat her up at all. She probably made that whole thing up so idiots on Facebook would give her sympathy and special treatment. Women who've been through spousal abuse don't usually do things like what she did, and they usually lack confidence. Tess Obrien does not present the picture of someone who has ever been abused. Especially at her age. But IF she was abused, and that is a big IF, I'd be willing to bet she was the one who instigated the beatings. Not him.

I do know for sure though, Rosanda squeals on people like a schoolroom sissy! One of my friends got reported to a photographer by her for using one of his pics. I told this friend I was not surprised at all that it was Rosanda that reported her. Rosanda betrayed me. There's no doubt in my mind she would betray ANYONE behind their back. Better watch out, to those who are still friends with her! She is evil! Rosanda is the devil himself. Fuck calling a back-stabbing bitch "a Jezebel"! From now on, I'm going to call them "a Rosanda"! LOL! I'm glad I am not her friend anymore. In fact, I have her ass blocked on Facebook. Fuck her! Fuck her and her stupid friends.