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Sunday, February 12, 2023

How Did We Get Here?


This girl is 100% correct! But she forgot something. The left also believes in raising black voices, unless they're black conservatives. I'm talking about the case of Eunice Dwumfour, who was shot and killed in her SUV last week. This happened in New Jersey. It's a very sad event that should not have happened. I don't think anyone has ever found out if the attack was motivated by politics, because she was a black conservative woman. I also heard she was an angel of a person. Very warm and outgoing, and loved everyone. So, it's a shame her life was cut short at the age of only 30.

Until the attacker is found and questioned, no one can say for sure if the crime is a political attack. But the conservative side of me wonders if this would have happened to her if she was a dumb black liberal woman. If it was indeed a political attack, then I whole-heartedly blame Maxine Waters and Lori Lightfoot. They are the ones who are always calling for violence. I cannot believe the liberals cannot see that. They think Donald Trump is the only one who ever calls for violence. The one and only person who was recently in any stretch of congress who has NEVER once called for violence! Only the leftists believe he has because they're dumb. To them, anything that comes out of Trump's mouth sounds like a call to violence.

I don't like liberals. Not at all. They are mindless, soulless robots. I have known some liberals to convert to conservativism. If you're as observant as me, you can literally see a difference in the eyes of liberals vs. the eyes of conservatives. Ever seen the original 1966 version of How The Grinch Stole Christmas? The part where the Grinch is waiting on a hilltop to hear the Whos crying boo-hoo once they realize all their Christmas items are gone. But instead, the whos all gather once again in the center of Whoville and sing happily together. It was then the Grinch realized Christmas still came, even without all the decorations and presents. Remember then, it was when the Grinch changed radically. His eyes opened wide, his big frown turned into a big smile and his heart grew almost too big for his body. He became full of love and happiness. That is what I liken to liberals vs. conservatives. The leftists are the Grinch before, who is always angry and offended by Christmas, and has a small, shriveled up heart. And the conservatives are the Grinch after, full of happiness and love and lots of spirit.

So how did we get here? One word answer: Obama! I blame him for all the shit going on in the world today. Obama was like the "godly-tier" individual who planted the seed, and then it was his followers who just took it from there. It was Obama who brought back the idea of slavery and that white people should be blamed for everything. It was under Obama's watch that BLM was formed. It was Obama who told black people that they were being unfairly hunted by police. It was Obama that dug up old bones about white colonizers coming to this country and how evil they were. It was Obama who kept complaining about slavery, even though it's been over for 150 years and he never experienced it! It was Obama that made gay marriage legal. I still have nothing against gays marrying each other, but it's what it lead to that bothers me. Once gays were accepted into society, the trannies were next. Now they wanted to be accepted, and once that happened, our whole society was turned on it's head. Now you have liberals who can't even define the word "woman", let alone believe women have any right to change in the women's locker room without prying eyes of men who just think they're women. That was the beginning of the division in this country! It's becoming like the 1920s all over again!

Once gays and trannies were accepted, now we have them trying to sexualize children as young as 3. The schools are teaching kids they can magically change their sex. They have drag queen story hour. Men are competing against women in women's sports. And on the way, we have pedophiles who want acceptance into society. Don't tell me that's not the next thing! Changing their name from pedophiles to MAPs is the first step in the process. But I don't care if they are called pedophiles, or MAPs, or Rumpelstiltskin!! I'll NEVER accept them! I think, first of all, just talking about sexualizing small children is disgusting! It hurts them in the long run. I believe, with all my heart and soul, this is why people today want to sexualize children. They want to prepare them for the sake of pedophiles, so it can look like the kids are consenting to sex with them. But kids cannot make that choice! They cannot be expected to make a choice like that.

And don't give me the "Obama inherited these problems from George W Bush" or that all this shit was started by Trump. No! Don't give me that shit! These are all problems that started with Obama, alone. And this is why I hate Obama so much! I won't accept any excuses made for Obama. Just like I don't accept any excuses made for Joe Biden. This is all on them! Not Trump. Not Russia. Not Bush. It's all Clinton, Obama and Biden who ruined this country. Obama was just Clinton 2.0 and Biden is Clinton 3.0.

Why villainize white Christian men? I'll tell you why they do that. Because they want to make gay the norm as fast as possible. They want the new generation to think straight white men are the evil sin of this world. This is a tactic the left is using to make gays more accepted. And what better way to make gays the more dominant entity than to villainize straight white men. I used to see the exact same pattern of behavior on the Pluba forums with the Dirty Dozen mob. Remember Mcgillicutty? She made it seem like she was the one being truthful by calling me a liar, and stupid, and any other bad name you can imagine. But especially when I found out who Mcgillicutty really was, I figured out why. Because she was a puppymiller. She didn't want the Dirty Dozen mob to know about the real unscrupulous behavior she was committing behind closed doors. So she told them not to believe a word I said. It's a "get her before they get me" mentality. I even recently saw a video of a gay guy, who demands straight people bow to him, and obey him. He said he was our "superior". I said to him "go suck your own dick! I will not obey you!" NO ONE can make me obey anybody or anything! I only give that kind of respect to people that earn it!