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Friday, July 31, 2009

Hijacked Picture

I know Kirk and Layne had plans to get married, but now that has been put on hold. Apparently someone that KP considered a "friend" double-crossed him by selling a pre-marital picture of him and Layne to a newspaper. Not that I care that much about Kirk, but I know how that kind of thing feels. He said it sucked! And I don't blame him. It happened to me. I dare say it was probably by the same person, or the same kind of person at least. This article I read says he has no plans to take action (Kirk, you are too kind in that department), but I'm sure he feels violated. You can't trust anyone these days!! And now that INXS fans are getting to be just as bad as people who sit in jail and on death row, you can't even rely on the fact that you and the other person share a common interest. Hey! It's true!!! Laugh if you want, but it's true!! I don't trust anyone anymore either!!

Back in the days of the INXS Web chat room, INXS fans were so much friendlier. I normally don't group all people into one category, but for the most part INXS fans were friendly to one another. It seems since INXS did the TV show Rockstar, all fans seemed to go bonkers! Some divided into a lynch mob that say "HUTCH FOREVER!" and cans the rest of the guys and HATES JD!! I don't know how many of that lynch mob I used to consider friends back in my chatting days, but recent events have forced me to look at all INXS fans in a new light--that is to say, I treat everyone now as if I just met them, even though some I've known for quite a long while, some I remain cautious of, but all in all if someone is nice to me, I'll be nice back, and a lot of fans I find now just don't care. They don't care anymore that we share a common interest. I mean, I have been called immature because I am not a Michael fan and I refuse to join the witch hunt to get rid of the remaining guys. As I have said before I am a fan who likes to make her own decisions based on my personal experiences with the guys. Tim is gorgeous and he's always been very sweet to me! I'd never do anything against him!! I surely would never have done to him what this so-called "friend" did to Kirk!! I wouldn't have even done that to Kirk. I think it's a shame that someone like that values money over friendship! If you notice my track record, I have never been known for posting someone else's pictures or any other personal info without their permission! I don't care if it is public information or public figures! If I were Kirk, I'd use my instincts and then never speak to that jerk again!!!!

Well everyone, even public figures, has a right to their privacy. And if this is a picture that Kirk did not want circulated around the media, then this person whom he considered a friend, should have respected that. People like that piss me off!!

BTW, I've added a rating system for each post. Please rate these as you read them!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kidnapped by INXS!!!

So INXS is now "kidnapping" singers? I can't sing but they can "kidnap" me any time they want!! LOL! Ah! What would INXS want with an ugly, broken-down old woman like me who can barely talk! Let alone sing!! Seriously, I am losing my voice! It SUCKS!!! But I am not sure what to do about it. Anyway, some article I saw posted on a group I am a member of (don't worry, I don't post there much), and in the article, the writer posted that Ja Rule is cancelling his tour in Australia. He joked that Ja Rule is scared that he heard INXS is "kidnapping" singers for their new album. Seriously though, why would INXS even consider "kidnapping" a dude who only specializes in singing rap songs? I know the writer was just trying to be funny, but I have to ask that!! INXS has never done a rap song that I can speak of. Though I heard Timmy did a little bit of a rap at the end of one song. I love how Timmy raps! Well heck, I love how he does anything. In my eyes, Timmy is super talented! He doesn't deserve to have people shit-talking him the way I saw on that group.

I'm always the first one to say that everyone has a right to their opinion, and I still believe that. And I do feel for this anonymous poster on INXS Alive. This person wants JD back. Truth to tell so do I. But what's done is done, and honestly it's not all INXS's fault. It's their old manager turned new. I'm sorry to say, I know INXS loves the guy, and they have been successful with his leadership as their manager. But CM's feelings about JD is all wrong! JD's a good singer, and if he says he is quitting the drugs, perhaps he is. Give him a drug test if you want proof. That's fair enough. My thing is I don't want to see INXS give up their career. I'd do and say anything to keep them from retiring. It wasn't fair that their career with Michael was cut short because Michael died/killed himself or whatever. It's not fair that they cannot have JD as their lead singer anymore because CM doesn't like him. I don't want INXS to quit just yet. I'll miss having my Timmy-fix every day (though I still have my pics on my bed and on my walls, hehe!) My room is still very full of Timmy-pics. But I loved hearing everyones' new stories of their experiences during the tour. Some were funny, some were just plain cute. I'm not one of those kind of fans that expects any of the men from INXS to take her out for drinks, but I am also not the kind of person who would make fun of any fans who dream of that either. I'm the kind of person who always believes stranger things have happened. I don't like having a closed mind. I like to keep my mind open. I only speak out when a fan goes so far overboard that they seem to have escaped reality. Like when someone believes they can get one of the guys to marry her instead of someone they already have an established relationship with. I love Timmy, but I can honestly say I've never wanted him to leave his family and marry me instead. In fact, I've always said if Tim was single and looking, I still wouldn't want him! For 2 reasons: 1) because he has very little time to spend with the family he already has. And 2) Because he deserves better than me! I'm fat, ugly, worn out, dumb as dirt, too clingy, and beaten down. Let's be honest here!! He deserves the prettiest girl alive, with intelligence and far more active than I'd ever be!! He doesn't deserve someone like me who would wear out on trips, have to explain everything to, and that he'd have to defend against lanky-ass teenagers who get a thrill out of shit-talking someone else's appearance.

Even with all that, I still love INXS. It always bothers me when former INXS fans that I knew so well, and have met them, and were always treated so kindly by them, have turned on the guys now that JD is no longer with them and with this new project they have decided to work on. I always want to say "Come on people! Give the guys a chance!" They may just turn out to love this new project. Anyway, here's the article I spoke of. Like I said, INXS can "kidnap" me if they want to! LOL! I'm not scared at all!! hehehe! It's not scary to me, I love these guys!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So Glad!!!

I am so glad I moved here to the ocean! I heard last night and today that the rest of western WA is sweltering! With temperatures in the 100 range. My stepfather was working at his job in Olympia (where I used to live) and he said everyone there was HOT!!! One person tried to find a fan and finally found one at Walgreens. Just ONE was left!!! Another worker could not find one at all. So ma offered to sell her old one to this worker. We don't need fans out here! Before I moved out here, I sold all my fans at a moving sale. I knew I would not need them. Sure enough, we haven't needed any fans since we moved here! I love it!! I hate heat, it always puts me in a rotten mood.

I had heard last night on the news that the temperatures were going to rise high in Olympia, Tacoma and Seattle, and I woke up saying "I am so GLAD I moved out here!!" However, I do feel for my pa, he's still living in Tacoma. But you know what? He's from the tropics, so he's used to heat. And Kathy his wife (my stepma) will not leave Tacoma. I'm the opposite. You couldn't pay me to live in Tacoma!! Been there, done that, didn't like it!! I hated the town, I hated the people, I hated the traffic. The only thing I loved about the place was this little doughnut shop that made such fantastic doughnuts it'd put Krispy Kreme to shame!! They had the most unique flavored doughnuts of anywhere in this state! They had orange-frosted, cherry-frosted and lemon-frosted. And their doughnuts were so crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside, they melt in your mouth!! I never went there much, but every time I did it was a wonderful experience!! I still go there once in a while just to get doughnuts. I just go a lot less often than I did when I lived there and Olympia. In fact I think I've only been there twice since I moved here. But the first time was when we had that power outage and I was staying with ma when she lived in Olympia. I only made the trip out there once just for the doughnuts. I'm going to try and replicate their recipe here at home, and when I get it perfect, I'm going to market those out here!! The only doughnuts we have out here are sold at the local grocery store, and they are not that great!

Speaking of which, when I had my MSN blog, I used to have "Cooking With Timmy's Girl". I've been thinking of trying that again, with a seperate blog, and post up some of my favorite recipes. I'm a pretty darn good cook. And I love to bake. Who knows?

More To Love

This is actually a new reality show. It's like a dating service for overweight women. I think it's a cool idea for a series! Not many overweight women get that chance. I know, I've come across it, and my sis Eva has too. Though my sis Eva hit paydirt after high school when she met the man she soon married, and he is a very good, articulate, and well-educated man! Most other people who went to school with Eva, all they saw was a fat girl. Nevermind that she was a decent, kind human being. No! All they saw when they looked at her was a fat chick. Unfortunately that's all a lot of people see. Because they aren't smart enough to look beyond the surface.

I'll tell you one thing, there is nothing on this planet more pathetic than one fat person making fun of another. It's one thing when a skinny person does it, but when one fat person makes fun of another, that is purely pathetic!! It seems to happen more often with boys. For some reason, a fat boy doesn't seem to see himself as a fat boy! So he turns around and makes fun of a fat girl. Probably to draw everyone else's attention away from the fact that he himself is a fat ass. I can only imagine how insecure a person who would do that really is. I remember one time my sis Anna and I were at a local Denny's. It was pretty crowded that night. Well we were seated in a section away from the bar, and it was kindof in another room. Well, usually before I eat in a restaurant, I like to get up and go to the restroom to wash my hands. When I did that, I noticed in the bar area there was a group of older teenagers, and one of them kept snickering and laughing every time either I or Anna walked by, and at one point he went "MOOOOOO!!" The funny thing about that was, he was about 5'-10" (approximately), with long, straight blond hair, blue eyes, glasses, and weighed about 350 pounds! And he was the only one in his group doing the laughing and making jokes. He was MUCH fatter than both me and Anna put together, and he was cracking jokes about us being fat. His level of insecurity was just overwhelming, and I felt sorry for him. In a strange twist, I found out he was a taxi driver, and one night Anna and I unwittingly got him when we called for a taxi cab. But we never said a word to him, Anna and I just talked amongst ourselves. But even then, he was still as rude and hateful as he could be!! I think mostly he was just angry because Anna and I were talking to each other and not to him. We didn't even talk about him at all! I just pretended like he wasn't even there.

But anyway, that's how people like that are. That's why I've come to know that you cannot trust people who make fun of fat people! They're always ignorant, stupid, insecure dumbasses. All they see is a fat person, they don't see that maybe that "fat person" is a decent person who could be a very ideal friend. I mean, these were some very attractive and intelligent fat women on there last night!! Yet a lot of them said they never have had a boyfriend. They go out with their skinny friends and it seems everyone only wants to talk to them. It is really hard to find a person who loves you for who you really are. And those guys who only go for the skinny, attractive girls, they aren't even worth anyone's time. Because the instant that skinny, attractive girl starts to lose her looks (and it does happen), that man who supposedly fell in love with that skinny, gorgeous girl when she was skinny and gorgeous, will go off and find himself another skinny, gorgeous girl and leave her flat. No pun intended!

They were right on that show last night, everyone deserves to have that love story in their lives. Those who want it. I've had my share of loves and some I've lost, for various reasons. But I make sure the man I am with loves me for WHO I am, not for what I look like. Believe it or not, I was once very attractive!! And it's not just me saying that, that is what I used to always hear from men. Kinda sad that I turned into what I am today, an ugly old hag!! I remember when I was 22 and working for the Salvation Army ringing bells and collecting donations in the front of the grocery stores at Christmas. A couple of older men one time came up and one of the things they said to me was "Santa Clause is getting prettier and prettier every year!" Made me giggle. Sometimes I wish I could go back to those days, but I cannot and I've learned to live with who I am. Part of it was because of my sis Eva. She taught me how to be secure even though I am fat. Believe me I am very secure now!! It tends to drive everyone around me crazy, but screw them! hehe! As long as I am happy that's all I care about. That's why it takes a lot to bring me down. I don't need help from my friends and family but they offer it and who am I to say no. I just try not to let them get too involved, especially when something is my problem and not their's. Eva has learned that when the DDM start talking shit about me to step away, I don't need her help. I just wish Katrina would learn the same thing!! She's still talking about Viergacht on her blog!! LOL! Not that I have sympathy for Viergacht at all (he did threaten me with physical harm on his blog) but this isn't Katrina's fight. But she loves to harass him so I let her.

I can honestly say no one has ever threatened me with physical harm before. So that shows the morale of Viergacht and the kind of people he calls friends. Of course now I know most of them are just people from the SE forum. Thanks to Katrina. Gotta love that little woman!! hehe! But yeah, Eva learned to step away and I really wish Katrina would! Eva said sometimes it's hard for her to step away, but she does it because I asked her to in the beginning. She told me when CrystalK and Sheltieluvr started shit-talking me on the Pluba forum, she really wanted to step in and give them their asses! I know she would have too!! She's tough!! As tough as CK and SL can be! Maybe tougher, because I've seen Eva when she's pissed!! I wouldn't want to tangle with her and I can be pretty tough myself if I want to!! She's nowhere near as tough online as she can be in life, a lot of that NYC attitude rubbed off on her over the years, and you know how they are there!

Oh well anyway, I like that show. I kinda wonder if I can enter and what would happen if I did. But I think I want someone more within my age group. Nothing personal against the man they have on there now, I'm sure he's very sweet and well-educated and could make a girl very happy, but he's too young for me. I have stories on my shelf that I wrote that are older than him! I could have babysat him when he was a baby and diapered his behind. That's why I want a man more in my own age group. Boy! That one babysitting job I had when I was 18 really scarred me for life!!! LOL!! Thanks a lot Patti and Chris Schultze!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

INXS And Rob Thomas

How do I feel about INXS teaming up with Rob Thomas for their next album? I say if that's what INXS wants to do, I'll support it all the way! I am trying to imagine Rob Thomas singing Never Tear Us Apart. I like Rob Thomas's voice alright, but can he sing INXS? Is he going to make the song his own, or is he going to sing it the way it was originally sang by Michael?

Oh boy! I am watching Hell's Kitchen tonight and Joseph was actually challenging Chef Ramsay! I've never seen that kind of shameless insubordination in my life!!! After watching how he was shitting on a master chef like Gordon Ramsay, does he really think anyone is going to want to hire him to work in their kitchen? Oh my GOD!!!! I don't like that character! You aren't supposed to challenge someone who knows better like that!! You just don't do it if you want to get anywhere in life. He got his butt kicked out! Thank GOD!!

Anyway, back to INXS. As I have said many times before (and meant it) I will always support INXS. I am just happy that they are still making music. I love these guys. I wonder how much longer it will be before they finally release this upcoming album? I wonder how much longer it will be before INXS.com comes back on the air? I'm kinda tired of going to the site and seeing "Under Construction". I am SOOOOOOOO glad that I did not sign up for another year on inxs.com!! I'd have been pissed if I had paid for a year's membership and this happened. I don't know what it is .com is waiting for!

Anyway, it sure will be good to see INXS releasing another album. Though it may be bittersweet. It may signal that this is their last album. I don't want to see INXS stop making albums!! What'll I do to get my Timmy fix if that happens?? There is no other band in the World like INXS. No other band has Timmy!! LOL! But I know about Rob Thomas, I used to like his music when he fronted Matchbox 20. I've got quite a few of their songs on my little MP3 player. I'm just trying to imagine him with INXS. I hope he does good.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sarah Palin A Quitter!

I didn't vote for president this past year because I didn't like either candidate. I didn't trust them at all. I remember earlier when I heard about Palin OK-ing the shooting of wolves, and the killing of wolf pups. That was a major turn-off to me. I admit the way the HSUS talked about the incident where government workers took some wolf cubs out of the den and killed them was more on the corny side (as it always is with those animal rights groups), but still!! I like wolves! They have a place in this World too. And her reasons for having Alaskan wolves killed was stupid as well! So hunters would have deer to hunt and keep as trophies. What a total waste!! And Palin is a total waste of breathing air for the rest of us!

Well, I saw this article this morning about how she is stepping down her position as governor of Alaska and giving it to someone else. Some people want her as our next president. I don't!! Small wonder this country is going to Hell, we always have nothing but losers running for president!! I still don't like Obama either! And the more I hear about him, the more it seems his prejudice nature always seems to come out. Every week, it seems Obama says something new and offensive in one way or another. His big ego clouds his judgment. But Palin for president that would be a laugh!! While I would like to see a woman become president, NOT THAT ONE!!!!! But why the Hell not? The World is going to end anyway in 2012. I was looking in on a clip of Hillary Clinton and I notice she said she believes in white supremecy! Oh my GOD!!! How the heck did I ever miss that quote?? After hearing that I don't want her running again either. But it's almost hard for me to believe she said that and meant it, considering Bill Clinton (her husband) is such a goody-two-shoes!!

But this article should give you an indication of Palin's morale. She quit her position because she was losing popularity. I've lost a lot of popularity too, but it doesn't keep me from being who I am. And I don't whine about it, believe me!! Most of the people I lost popularity with I never knew them in the first place. So you think it bothers me these people don't like me? Think again!! Takes a lot to bring me down! This old gal is like a rock!!

Anyway, here is the article:


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Commercial Icons

I've been spending my last few days watching a lot of the old commercials on YouTube (as well as some other things). I notice they had something in the old days that they don't have anymore. Those cute little icons. Maybe it's just because I don't really watch kids networks anymore but I haven't seen commercials that have those cartoon characters anymore. Like the Trix rabbit, or the Coo-coo Bird who goes coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs. All those icons are gone now. Know why? I think I once heard that the cereal companies are dropping them because they were too attractive to kids, and the foods they stood for were deemed too unhealthy. So now the advertisement companies want to elaborate more on healthier foods and possibly create cute icons to promote things like fruits and veggies. Actually we did have some cartoon icons advertising those kinds of things when I was a kid too. They just didn't play them that often. But you know what? Everyone ate those sugary cereals when I was a kid, and it was hard to find fat children when I was growing up. They were much rarer then than they are today.

What the advertising companies and food industry doesn't seem to understand is that changing the cereal icons is not going to make much of a difference. The reason kids today are not as healthy as they were when I was growing up (in a World where there were cartoony-cereal icons out the wazoo) is because these days, kids are not safe! They are living in a World that video games dominate, and computers and internet. Kids don't go out and play, ride their bikes, or even walk to their friends' houses anymore. Parents are paranoid that their kids are going to be kidnapped, raped or murdered if they are left on their own. And most kids these days just prefer to sit in the house and play video games until they get tired. That is why there are so many overweight children these days! It's got nothing to do with the food! We're eating the same way now as we did when I was little. And when I was little there were very few fat children. And I mean VERY FEW!!

I also managed to find a program that I have not seen since I was a kid. It was a program called Pinwheel. I found bits and pieces of the program, the theme song and some of the cartoon skits they used to play. I sure do miss that show! I know I am too old for that now, but I sure would love to see that show again. Made me feel good finding some of the old bits they used to play. I tried to find that show on DVD. One of the posters said they had that show on DVD, and I tried to find it, but I couldn't. That was the OLD school Nickelodeon. That was back when Nick was cool! Now, it just SUCKS!!! Nick toons are nothing but shitty bits of bull, that teaches the kids nothing of life or educational value. Only how to be disrespectful and crude. Ya know, I was never a fan of Johnny Depp, but when I heard he was participating in the new Spongebob movie, the last little bit of respect I had left for the man just went totally down the tube!!! I couldn't believe he would agree to do shit like that!! Totally ruined his image for me!!!

Ya know I'm probably the only woman on the planet that does NOT think Johnny Depp is all that great looking. He's not my type. He's just too skinny. I like men with some meat on their bones. I love Tim Farriss!!!! The closest celeb in my age group that I think is as handsome as Timmy is a man named Chris Pontius, from Jackass. Now he is what I call CUTE!!!! But the reason I think he is so cute is because he just reminds me so much of Timmy! And he looks simply delicious with his hair long!! I even loved it when Timmy had long hair. But Pontius is just what I like. He's got that "dangerous" look in his eyes. He's not too skinny, just the right amount of meat on his bones. He's got nice, long, curly hair. He's got terrific buns, and he likes to show them off!!! The only thing I don't like about him is he's a vegetarian! UGH!! I hope to GOD he's not a PETA supporter!!

Speaking of which, would you believe PETA has gotten over 7000 signatures for their "sea kitten" petition??? I was amazed!! I was amazed there are actually 7000 stupid dipshits in this World!!! Geez! No wonder we are having the worst time electing a good president! All the good people are dead!! With 7000 or so signatures on a petition like that, doesn't make me too comfortable knowing we live in a society like that! Speaking of PETA and the president, now PETA is pissed off at Obama for swatting a fly on television during an interview. HA!! They even call that animal cruelty. Geez man!! Get over it!! If a fly gets in my house the one thing I'm going to be guaranteed to do is everything I can to kill it!! I hate flies!! Flies are carriers of some nasty diseases, and they get on your food and puke up their last meal (which most likely was animal droppings or the remains of a nearby roadkill). Flies deserve to be swatted!

Anyway, PETA being pissed off at Obama may be a blessing in disguise. Now he won't vote for their ridiculous campaign to end pet ownership! haha!!! PETA roped themselves out of that one but good!!!

Anyway, have any of you viewers even seen those ridiculous sea-kitten stories? Apparently, according to PETA, fish are secretly in their underwater homes, plotting revenge against land kittens and us for living such comfortable lives free of violence. LOL!! Oh my! Is there no end to the lengths these people will go to to make themselves look ridiculous?? I can't even believe PETA even still has supporters! Only the dumbest of the dumb clucks would support PETA. Me? I just like to laugh at them.

Colossal Jerks!!

Ever come across someone like this?

I know I have, and every time I have, I just want to find the bastards and pull them out of their car, and say right to their faces "Say it to me again?" Then give them the smackdown!!! People who shout insults from a moving vehicle are nothing but cowards, plain and simple! That's why they only do it from inside their car, because they're scared of what the person they're insulting will do to them. It catches up with them eventually. I found another video of a man who was so pissed off by an insult that he caught up with the boys who were doing it. I mean really, fun is fun, but this is just plain stupid!

I have had some people do the strangest things this way. One time my sis Anna and I were waiting for a bus and some guy drove by and just pointed at us. Didn't say a word, just pointed. Another time we were waiting for the bus at a bus station, and some guy gave us what sounded like a Tarzan yell! LOL! I shouted to the guy "You think you're Tarzan?" And Anna told me to be quiet cuz she thought he had a gun or something and was going to come back around and shoot us. He didn't! After I said that to that asshole, he and his friends drove away and we never saw them again. Well, here's the video I found of the guy who caught up with some of these kind of idiots, and he confronted them angrily. Notice the morality of the drive-by insulters. They were like "We didn't do it!" when they know they did (it's in the introduction).

I think more people need to catch up with guys like that, and confront them. I wouldn't have let them off like this guy did! If that guy would have said to me "It wasn't me, it was the guy in front of me!" I'd have said "Bullshit!" and then I'd have pulverized all of them, I don't care which one was actually responsible. hehe!

Seriously though, I'm not going to do that in real life, but I always feel like it when I come across someone like that! They need to be confronted more often. I give kudos to this guy. Only kids and teenagers think this kind of BS is funny. Few of them carry this kind of behavior into adulthood. I always say there are 3 kinds of people you should NEVER trust: 1) people who do drugs. 2) people who enjoy child pornography. And 3) people who make fun of fat people. I've seen it happen over and over again. Those people absolutely can not be trusted, no matter what. The only thing that isn't illegal now is people who make fun of fat people, but anyone who does, there is no telling what else that person will do. You cannot trust them at all! They may seem nice to some people, but anyone who would do that I've noticed, are usually very angry and negative people, and I've come across several who were just plain nuts. No telling what else they will do. And I tell you, I barely trust people who drink. I cannot say I don't trust them at all because I have friends and family who consume alcoholic beverages on a daily basis. Though none of them drink excessively, they all know when to quit. They never let it get to a point where it impairs their judgement.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Classic Commercials!!

Oh boy! I have been hooked on YouTube for the past week, and in doing such I found a bunch of classic commercials I haven't seen since I was a kid. Many of them bring back such awesome memories! Even something as simple as a station identification commercial now is a prize to me from way back then! Many of them are not even played anymore and to hear them now they sound so different. They sound innocent. Nothing like the commercials we have today. You notice something, there are NO commercials for prescription medications!!!! I like that! What I favor are the Christmas commercials. They used to be so good back in those days. Today, they barely capture the spirit of the season. Maybe it's because I was a kid in those days that that is how I saw them. I don't know, but it seems that today's commercials are not as fun and innocent. They all have kids on skateboards moving to heavy metal or rap music. It SUCKS!!!!

This is what Anna and I are trying to do. We have a few old commercials from the mid-to-late 80s and early 90s, and we are trying to preserve them on DVD disks. I even have some from the late 90s. Back then, all my shows always came on while I was still asleep, so I had to record them commercials and all. It wasn't until 5 years later that I realized how much fun it was to watch commercials that turned out to be classics! Especially the ones you don't see anymore. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that one commercial (for Foldier's Coffee) that ran back in 1999 is still running today!! I have the original version (it's changed just slightly enough to notice). Some commercials I guess are timeless. One commercial that is a classic that I hope I never see again is that damn commercial for tootsie pops!! The dumb one where the kid goes up and says "Mr. turtle, how many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?" And then the turtle directs him to Mr. Owl. It was the owl who discovered it only took 3 licks. Anyway that commercial SUCKS for a classic!!! I've had to view that damn commercial every year, and every commercial break throughout my life!! I hate it!! But last night I did see some commercials I enjoyed. Many I haven't seen since I was a kid!! Some I even remember how they got their icons! LOL!

Well, here's a few samples of commercials I've found. This first one is a collection of commercials from the 70s, 80s and today:

Here's another set of commercials from the 1980s:





These are a series of commercials from 1986. Kinda long.

From 1987:

From Christmas of 1987:

From 1989 (or 1988):

From 1986:

From 1988:

From 1989:

Also from 1989:

Commercials from 1987 to 1988:

From 1988:

From 1988 (I'm no tiger!! Except when it comes to being lazy!)

From 1987:

From 1986 and 1988:

From 1987 and 1988:

From 1987:

From 1987:

From 1987:

From 1987:

From 1987:

From 1987:

From 1989:

Now for some earlier commercials:

From 1983. "Timtarts", now I have a new nicky for Timmy! hehe! He'd probably hate me for this one! LOL!

From 1983. Sorry, there is no embed feature:

Now for some of my favorite Christmas commercials:

This one ran from 1987 to 1989, and then I never saw it again:

This one began in 1990, and I found out it still comes on to this day!

This is actually from the 70s, and ran until the early 80s:

What a stroll through memory lane!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Geez! I was so happy to see that Hell's Kitchen is running for another season this year. I did miss it a lot. But this season is just full of jerks! 2 different guys exploded, both were 27 year olds. They both just show a total lack of respect for anyone! What is with the youngsters of today? As if I haven't asked that so many times already. So this is what playing video games, watching Rugrats and the Simpsons does to a child's morale! Oh well Hell, I used to see it all the time on the Speculative Evolution forum. That's why I hate forums!! Especially teen forums!! But I remember on the SE forum, those kids admitted they definately were modern anime, cartoon and video game fanatics, and their attitudes were just like I saw in these two jerks on Hell's Kitchen tonight! I remember one person on that forum even admitted he was glad that his generation is no longer considered innocent. And it's true! You'd be hard-pressed to find an innocent kid anymore. I think it's sad! When I was a kid, I was like Dennis the Menace! There is no such thing anymore. I'll tell you though, when I was a kid, if I had done any of the things I've seen kids doing today, the only thing I would have got out of it was a slap in the mouth!! I sure as Hell would never challenge Gordon Ramsay!!!! Reminds me of this girl from my old chihuahua forum who thought she knew more than the more experienced breeders. Even laughed at show breeders. I only laugh at show breeders who think they know everything about me, when it is proven what they think is not even close. LOL! I'm too complex to be figured out by people like that.

Also, what is with the new obsession over guinea pigs in the movies? You never used to see them at all, not even as the performers' pets. Seems now there is always a new movie with guinea pigs. This time it's a movie called G-Force. Guinea pigs are cute, but the only guinea pig I've ever seen that I liked was one my sis had named Charlie. He was the sweetest guinea pig you'd ever meet!! After him, I've never seen one I liked. I personally like rabbits better. I once had a rabbit that'd lick your face! Even Charlie wouldn't lick anyone's face. I remember my sis got him for free in the newspaper. I didn't want a guinea pig in my house, but I met Charlie and he was a sweetheart, so I welcomed him with open arms. :)

Personally though if I were going to go for any kind of small furry exotics, I want a ferret. I like ferrets. In doing my research, I found that the only thing stopping me from getting a ferret is that I've heard some conflicting opinions on how to take care of them. On one website, it suggests babysitting a friend's ferret before actually getting one. My problem is I don't know anyone with a ferret! There is a thing that any new ferret owners have to do and that is to ferret-proof the house. That means I cannot have any cords lying around! And this is for the life of the ferret! Not like the first year and then after that you can leave the cords around again. Ferrets are like puppies that never grow up. Some may get lazier in their old age, especially if you spay or neuter them. But then there is something else: Ferrets are very prone to adrenal disease and something called Aleutian Disease Virus, which is like parvovirus in dogs, and there is no cure. Ferrets, like cats, have a tendency to hide their symptoms, so by the time the ferret starts looking and acting sick, it's too late to save it. I hurt bad enough when I lost my Groucho, I'm not sure I want to go through that again!

Yeah, I know, sometimes I can be a pussy! But I don't want to deal with all that. Those are the only things stopping me from getting a ferret. If it wasn't for those, I'd be happy to get a ferret! Ferrets are illegal in California, not that that affects me, but still. It could happen here. All it takes is a population of loose feral ferrets and boom! We've got a problem in this state. And you know who is responsible for those kind of things happening? You got it! Irresponsible people! Nothing in this life annoys me more than irresponsible people!!! That's why I did my research, and have not yet gone out and bought a ferret. I'm still in the thought process. I'm not like the DDM wants to think I am. I may think of getting something, but that doesn't mean I'm going to just go out and just get it. I like to put quite a bit of thought in the process. I like to look at the pros and cons and weigh them carefully. I learned my lesson about impulse buys back after I lost Hutchess in 1998. Believe me, it won't happen again with this old gal! LONG story there, and one I don't want to get into here. In my defense, I was only 24 and still learning how the World turns. And the way I raised myself is very different from the person my parents (and my sisters) made of me.

I remember back in 2005, I was thinking about getting a kitten. I was craving a kitten. I don't know why, it just happened suddenly. But I mentioned on my old MSN blog that I was thinking about getting a kitten, but I also mentioned that I have a hard time bonding with cats and thinking of them as real pets. That's how I am! Like it or hate it, that's how I am about cats. I don't really like them near me. But I like kittens. All of a sudden, the DDM were flooding my blog, and snapping at me like a bunch of loud-mouth, yapping, pekingese dogs. Of course I say everyone is entitled to their opinion, but these dumbasses were acting like I had already went out and got a kitten. Not just the DDM, but also some people from the Switchboard were joining in on bashing me. LOL! It was almost hysterical!! I know who they were. She said, "It's interesting that someone who sees herself as a good breeder of chihuahuas is thinking about getting a kitten when she knows she's just going to throw it away." I said "If chihuahuas were a breed of cat, I'd say you had a point." Honestly, what the Hell does my feelings for chihuahuas have to do about my feelings for cats?? Absolutely NOTHING!!! Chihuahuas are not cats!! That individual was just trying to justify a deep resentment she obviously had for people who do not like her favorite animals. Well, I still don't bond well with cats. That will likely never change!

And just for you readers out there, I never did get that kitten, and my decision had NOTHING to do with the dim-wits who griped on my blog! Though when we had rat problems in the house I came pretty close to getting a cat to eliminate the rats. But I thought it over hard, and said "No. I'd get a jack russell terrier before I'd ever get a cat!" I'm not even really that fond of JRT's! But I like them better than cats!

I don't hate cats. There's a big difference between hating something and just not liking something. Some people don't see that difference, but there is a difference. My problem with cats is I just don't like them in my house! If they're in someone else's house, that's different. I'll pet them, play with them, give them a little affection. That's as far as it goes though. In my house, all I ever want to do is get away from them.

And speaking of "you know whom", so much for nobody caring about these blogs!!! Over the past 2 months, I've gotten more than 2000 views!!! I just haven't had much time these past few weeks to post on this blog. Still planning a nation-wide tour. Some people make their way up by using people who have already gotten up. I'm not like that. I'm working hard to get this site going! The tour is just the first step. There's lots more to do! I'll try to have announcements made on the UMG site about what will be going on, and where we will be showing up at.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Horses.........and More Horses!

All weekend this weekend, I've been working on a book about horses of the world. I'm stuck on the ponies section (I'm trying to go down the line). It's fairly easy, except for finding any info on some of the really remote breeds. And there are some breeds of horse that are so rare, and most of them come from the Orient. I'm still looking for some info on some breeds. Of all the breeds of horses there are, I think I like the Falabella best of all! It's the smallest horse in the World, and it looks like this:

Like small dogs, small horses also tend to have a "baby doll" face! I like that too! It's what made me get into chihuahuas in the first place. That's why I don't go for the Taco-Bell lookalikes. They're ratty-like things. Give me a chihuahua with a sweet, saucy, baby doll expression any day of the week! Well, also like the dog book, I am trying to keep things professional. I don't get prejudice when talking about things I dislike. But then again, what is to dislike about a horse? I'm a horse lover. I love them better than dogs! I just cannot have one out here and it sucks!! Oh well, you cannot really cuddle with a horse like you can with a chihuahua. And they have to stay outside.
Looking at the work I have ahead of me, I hope I can get this done in time. I have 2 weeks now to finish. Or at least half-way finish! I hope I can get it done. I am so proud of that dog book I wrote, I want to feel the same way about this horse book. I've never written a horse book before! I love horses but I've never written a book about them before. So, I want to do this one right. It's tough writing a book for the first time. When you write it a second time, things are different. You can then see the mistakes you made with the first writing. Like the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20. It worked well with the dog book, this was the second time I wrote that book, and I noticed a lot of things I missed from the first printing of that book. Besides the fact that most of the pics I used sucked. But they were probably taken back when cameras were not as good as they are today.
Well, I have an advantage with the horses. This is my first printing of this book. Of course both this and the dog book will be updated periodically, much like Walker's Mammals of the World. They have a new printing about once every 10 years. I'm hoping to do the same with these books because new breeds are being recognized all the time. I have to keep up. With the dogs, I wanted to have at least one pic of each breed. I'm finding that is pretty tough with horses. I have several picture sites I buy from and stuff, and they don't have every breed available. Some breeds are just too remote, or are only known from a few specimens.
So I wonder what everyone is thinking of Obama now? The man is making friends with countries that hate us. Who knows what he is plotting with them. He's got to have a reason for making friends with them. Plus, he's using the government funds like he's a boy with his own little piggy bank and he wants to get all the money spent as fast as he can. I knew this would happen! Hopefully it'll get better. Now, talk about delusional!?!?!! LOL! Yes I know I am a bit delusional putting all my hopes in a president with the mind of a high school student, and having very little to no experience. But since he is now the one running our country, who else am I going to put my hopes in? I have no choice. I'm still thinking of leaving the country. A few things are stopping me though. First, WA state is the perfect place, I don't want to leave it. Ocean Shores is like no other place on Earth! This week, while Seattle is swealtering in the heat, we are going to be nice and cool here. We're always 20 degrees cooler than Seattle! There are no poisonous snakes or spiders here, though all spiders terrify me to death! I love it that just across the road from our house is the ocean! There's just no place like this place! If I moved, I'd have to leave all this behind.
One of the places I want to move to so badly has some of the worst beasts to put up with. Australia has some of the most venomous snakes and spiders of any country. I'd be scared to leave my house! I'd be constantly cleaning, with thick gloves on (preferably iron gloves) so not to get bitten because I'm telling you, I've never seen a worse nightmare than those funnel web spiders!! I can't stand them!!! I'd feel so much better if things like that were wiped off the face of the Earth. Snakes I can handle. At least they are bigger, and I can probably see them in time before they can get me. But spiders are too well hidden and they could crawl under my covers and I'd never see them until it's too late. Might hurt my babies too. Though I heard funnel web spiders are not as venomous to dogs as they are to humans. But still. I don't want to see my babies bitten! The only other place I'd move to would be the UK, and the crime rate is so high there! I don't want to deal with it. Besides all that, my family is here. Oh Lordy, what to do!!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Anna got accepted to Bozeman's chapter of Montana State University! She was so excited she ran out the house screaming "I GOT ACCEPTED!!!" I am so happy for her! I am not surprised however, I knew she'd get accepted!! There was no reason for her not to, she did make the dean's list of honor roll students this year. MSU would have been foolish not to accept her! LOL! Well, it's Anna's day to shine, and I feel good for her. Looks like both of us got something big this month. I got my stereo and Minnie and Anna got a CD she always wanted and acceptance into Bozeman's University. Awesome!! Maybe for once things are looking up. It's about time life started throwing some bread crumbs our way!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Syndication Sucks!!!

I hate to dwell on the negative, especially now that I am going for a complete change, but I've got to say this, syndication SUCKS!!!! Who the Hell thought that one up? It's so annoying! Whoever thought up syndication needs a good, swift punch in the nose! My sis Anna paid over $75 for the entire series of Alf. Only to find out the versions they have on those disks are the syndicated versions, not the full versions! We checked out Mama's Family from Netflix, only to find out the same thing! After watching the Alf disks, Anna called the company that manufactured the disks and asked if they would ever come out with the full versions of the series, and their response was all that is available is the syndicated versions of the shows. That SUCKS!!!! Especially when we still have some of the full versions (recorded on video tape back in the late 80s) and I only notice that bits and pieces of each show on these DVDs are cut out!! And for what???!!! I can see it happening on television so they can make room for commercials, but why cut out pieces and scenes from the DVD copies??? That doesn't make sense to me. Mama's Family is the same way. Their disks only contain the syndicated versions. I have some of the full versions on audio cassette, so I know what scenes are taken out. It's so annoying and frustrating!! If I am going to pay good money for a DVD disk of any series, I want the FULL versions!! Not some stupid, cut-off, lame excuses of the series designed for nothing more than the tv stations (or the DVD manufacturing companies) to make money from commercial advertising!

So if you are thinking of getting the Alf or Mama's Family series on DVD, be forewarned, you'll be paying good money for something you can basically get for free if you just record it off the television yourself!! I'm sure some channel somewhere still plays those series. Don't waste good money getting the DVD's!!! You'll be very sorry! Believe me, my sis is sorry she ever got those DVDs of the Alf series, and she likes Alf!! Now, not all series on DVD are like that. The Cosby Show, Little House on the Prairie, and Punky Brewster on DVD are all equipped with the full versions. I know this for sure. My sis still has Punky Brewster and the Cosby Show still on VHS that she recorded when the series first ran on television back in 1984 and 85. And we are going down the line for Little House and I notice scenes on these disks I've never seen before. So I know these have to be the full versions. It's much better to pay good money for these.

Well, this is another step in our downsizing program, getting rid of the VHS tapes and recording them all onto DVDs. Some we are just recording for the commercials. Some of the commercials are from the mid to late 1980s and so they are commercials you don't see anymore. They are worth recording. I like to watch old commercials and say "I remember this!" and then take a brief stroll down memory lane. Back in the mid-80s, I noticed commercial breaks were no more than a minute long! Now, they are 5 minutes long. And some stations put commercial breaks in the dumbest places!!!!!! I've seen some stations put commercial breaks right in the middle of a sentence! Like someone on the show could be talking to someone about something, then right in the middle of a sentence (sometimes even right in the middle of a word) Boom! There's a damn commercial break!!! These TV stations really need to plan their commercial breaks better! I don't mind commercial breaks, but don't put them in the middle of a sentence in the show! Or in the middle of action! Like one time I was watching a show, and a man was making advances to a woman, and the woman threw the man on the bed, there came a commercial break, right in between the time she grabbed him and when he landed on the bed! It was a dumb place to put a commercial.

But this is one of my biggest pet peeves, syndication! Why pay good money for a series on DVD where all the series is nothing more than the syndicated versions of the show, when you can get all that for free recording it off the television? Of course if you want to spend the money on the DVDs, that's your choice to make! Personally, I might as well save the series that we recorded off the TV. At least some of them are the full versions and have old commercials to go along with them. Of course, I wouldn't record any of today's commercials!! All that ever seems to come on anymore are commercials for medications that you cannot even get without perscriptions (and I've had enough of those as spam e-mails!! I don't care to see them on TV!) or are 10-minute long infomercials!! So, today's commercials are stupid and worthless!!

Friday, July 10, 2009


What the Hell is a Polanese dog???? Ya know I really wish people would stop using these stupid mutt names for mixed breed dogs. The names "Labradoodle" and "Cocker-poo" were bad enough, but what the Hell is a Polanese??? These names get wierder and wierder every year! Yet these mutts still look like mutts. No two are alike, so they are still not true breeds. For me, there is still no substitute for just calling mixed breeds what they are. Like I think of a "labradoodle" as simply a labrador and standard poodle cross. At least I know what that is! But I have no idea what a Polanese is. I cannot even take a guess. And I know dog breeds pretty well.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Happy Camper

Well, a long-time dream has come true today, I got myself a Bose Wave Music System!! I've always wanted a stereo from Bose, I've heard so much about them! Most of what I've heard is you can get big stereo sound, and it's not much bigger than an average clock-radio. It's not much bigger, but believe me, it's a lot heavier than it looks! I had to have one to see for myself. I sold my bigger stereo last weekend at the yard sale, I'm trying to downsize now since we live in a rather small apartment. Getting this stereo from Bose was another step in my downsizing program for this house. I love it too! When those commercials say you can get big sound, believe me when I say they ain't kidding!! The sound is like nothing I've ever heard before outside of a commercial movie theater! I love this stereo, I ordered it the day I sold my old stereo, and I just got it tonight. Fast service if you ask me!! Less than a week. The sound is so crisp and clear, it attracted Odessa's attention, and my old stereo couldn't do that!

I made a big, stupid mistake with selling my old stereo though, I forgot to include the damn remote control!!!! UGH!! When I saw that remote on my bed, where it always layed, after I had sold the stereo, I was like "Oh NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" I feel so bad, and the worst thing is now I have no way of getting in touch with the person who bought that stereo! I don't even have a clue if that person was a resident of this town or a visitor! Well, she cannot do very much without the remote control. I can only hope if she is a resident that she comes back and tries to get the remote from me, or if she was a visitor to this town, that she comes back again next year or something. The remote is now sitting in our hall closet, waiting to be reunited with the stereo, if that buyer ever decides to come back for it. I feel so bad! The night before I kept telling myself not to forget the remote when I set my stereo out! I kept saying it over and over again! And what happens? I put the stereo out and completely forgot about the damn remote!!! Well, it is still here, and it will always be here. Until that buyer comes back to claim it, or I just get tired of looking at it. I only wish I knew where she was from at least!

Well, I finally got my Bose stereo, and I couldn't be happier. This has been a great month for me. First I get my Bose stereo that I've been wanting for years, then along comes Minnie! Minnie is the latest member of my little "pack". She's an ex-breeder papillon dog, and I love her to pieces!!! She's got some champion lines, so she's a good-looking papillon! I love the breed! She's registered as a red and white, but she looks more lemon and white. Her red is very pale. I don't know if paps' colors dull with age like with some chihuahuas, but Minnie looks more lemon than red. I love her ears!!! I had the option to buy her as a breeder, but Anna and I said no. I don't care to do that again. Anna won't let me anyway. LOL! I just got her as a loving pet. Minnie is younger than Odessa, only 4 years old. So she has a lot of good years left in her to just be a lap top friend.

Now, I am thinking about getting a domain name for this blog. Maybe next month. I've been thinking of it for some time. We'll see though. I was putting some of my old home movies onto DVDs and I happened to noticed that I put on film one of my old pics of INXS, one of my favorites! I had to throw that pic away recently and I felt so bad about that too! Timmy looked so handsome! But it got faded (too much time in the sun I guess). It was the same pic as this:

I miss that pic! Timmy looks so good there! I miss his "cowboy" look. hehe! But I had to throw it away. I cannot even find it on ebay dammit!! Another thing I noticed, I was STUCK on Michael back then! Much more so than I am now. Oh well. Times and people change.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Who'd Have Thought?

Who'd have thought that MJ would still be the main subject in every headline and online conversation a week after his death? LOL! Frankly I still don't give a shit. I was sure Michael Jackson will be missed by some people, but I am not one of those people. He used to be really cute, before he had those darned plastic surgeries!! He should never have done that! Even without that, he was never among my favorite singers. Everyone else loved all his songs, thinking they were all great. Me, personally I can only think of 3 songs he made that I liked. Only 2 I liked good enough to put on my MP3 player. One of those 2 I really only liked because it made me think of another video I found on the internet that made fun of him changing from a black guy to a white guy.

I'm still completely convinced that he was a child molester. I was looking in on a video on YouTube, and one person commented about Jackson and Farrah Fawcet dying on the same day. His quote went something to the effect of "When Farrah Fawcet died, GOD told her that she lived such a good life and as a reward he was going to grant her one wish. Farrah said she wanted all the children of the World to be safe. So GOD killed Michael Jackson." That is so feasible, I'd bet it's true! LOL! It could explain why Farrah and Michael died on the same day! LOL! of course I know the person was joking! But it is so believable!!

Well, we spent this weekend having a yard sale, and we sold quite a bit! Yesterday, Anna and I made over $44. Poor ma though she only made about $2. I felt bad for her, so I said a prayer for her last night that today she'd do better. Sure enough she did. She made more than $30, and Anna and I made more than $23. I can now get my dream stereo!! I've always wanted a stereo from Bose, and now I am finally going to get one! I've heard so much about their stereos, and the small size saves space! So, I'm a happy camper now. And ma and John are officially moved in now. Going to be a lifetime of fun from here on out. Well, either way, ma said the next time she moves out I get her antique china hutch!! I can hardly wait. I think I'm going to have it restored. The lock worked at one time, but it doesn't anymore, so I'm going to get that restored. I found grandma's old jewelry box, when I get ma's china hutch, I'm going to put grandma's jewelry box in it too, along with all the other things ma has in there already. She showed me the set of glasses that her grandma and grandpa got on their 50th wedding anniversary, so they are REAL antiques. I'm so fascinated by antiques! So I'm pretty excited about getting this china hutch from ma. She said she just doesn't want to move it again, so she said if it ever comes down to her moving, I'm going to get it. So it won't hurt me that bad if she and John decide to move again. But I really don't want to see that happen soon. Ma encountered some turbulence with John just before he moved here, so I was beginning to think it was over before it even got started. But he's calmed down now. Which is good.