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Friday, July 31, 2009

Hijacked Picture

I know Kirk and Layne had plans to get married, but now that has been put on hold. Apparently someone that KP considered a "friend" double-crossed him by selling a pre-marital picture of him and Layne to a newspaper. Not that I care that much about Kirk, but I know how that kind of thing feels. He said it sucked! And I don't blame him. It happened to me. I dare say it was probably by the same person, or the same kind of person at least. This article I read says he has no plans to take action (Kirk, you are too kind in that department), but I'm sure he feels violated. You can't trust anyone these days!! And now that INXS fans are getting to be just as bad as people who sit in jail and on death row, you can't even rely on the fact that you and the other person share a common interest. Hey! It's true!!! Laugh if you want, but it's true!! I don't trust anyone anymore either!!

Back in the days of the INXS Web chat room, INXS fans were so much friendlier. I normally don't group all people into one category, but for the most part INXS fans were friendly to one another. It seems since INXS did the TV show Rockstar, all fans seemed to go bonkers! Some divided into a lynch mob that say "HUTCH FOREVER!" and cans the rest of the guys and HATES JD!! I don't know how many of that lynch mob I used to consider friends back in my chatting days, but recent events have forced me to look at all INXS fans in a new light--that is to say, I treat everyone now as if I just met them, even though some I've known for quite a long while, some I remain cautious of, but all in all if someone is nice to me, I'll be nice back, and a lot of fans I find now just don't care. They don't care anymore that we share a common interest. I mean, I have been called immature because I am not a Michael fan and I refuse to join the witch hunt to get rid of the remaining guys. As I have said before I am a fan who likes to make her own decisions based on my personal experiences with the guys. Tim is gorgeous and he's always been very sweet to me! I'd never do anything against him!! I surely would never have done to him what this so-called "friend" did to Kirk!! I wouldn't have even done that to Kirk. I think it's a shame that someone like that values money over friendship! If you notice my track record, I have never been known for posting someone else's pictures or any other personal info without their permission! I don't care if it is public information or public figures! If I were Kirk, I'd use my instincts and then never speak to that jerk again!!!!

Well everyone, even public figures, has a right to their privacy. And if this is a picture that Kirk did not want circulated around the media, then this person whom he considered a friend, should have respected that. People like that piss me off!!

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Anonymous said...

For gods sake, who even cares about a photo of Kirk and Layne, they are B Grade celebrities, and we've all seen lots of pics of them.
Why would a silly photo stop them getting married, Isn't marriage about love and commitment to each other.
Weird, maybe there is more to this.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Well, I don't care much for Kirk, but I wouldn't call them B grade celebs. INXS are still A-1 in my book.
As for there being more to this well honestly, its none of my business.