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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Did You Miss Me?

 HAHA! No. I bet not. I haven't written a blog post in a while because I've been working on other things. I finished a few videobooks since my last post. They are probably the best ones I've done yet. Once I found out I could hire session musicians on Fiverr, there was no stopping me! It's OK to borrow music clips from Sounddogs and various ripped CDs, but it's even better when the music is made to order! My last videobook that I completed, Davy's Little White Lie, was EPIC!!! No fooling, you can literally hire an entire orchestra to do your music for a low price! So, that is what I did. I like classical music, and I love orchestral music! I also redid some older videobooks, and added new music, and even new voices in one case. Make sure it says in their bio that they use REAL instruments! I don't like synthetic music personally. So, I make sure the people I hire are indeed using the real things, and not synthetic sounds coming out of a keyboard or computer or something like that. Usually if they are using real instruments, it will say in their bio, or you will see pics of what they use. If in doubt, you can always ask them.

Ya know now BLM is saying classical music is "racist"?! OMG those people are so dumb!! This is why I don't care if I am called a 'racist', because those people believe EVERYTHING is racist! That word is so overused now by the leftists, it doesn't mean anything anymore. Well, I say too fucking bad! Cry me a river. I like classical music. Movies sound better with a bit of classical music in them. I use classical music in all my videobooks. I'm never going to use this modern rap/RnB crap! Not going to happen! Because I feel that music gives off negative vibes, and I don't want it associated with my stories. I don't even want it associated with my website! Ever seen the antique cartoons of the 1940s? The music sounds good in the background. They almost always used classical-style music. It makes you feel a certain way. Nowadays, people use too much rap and RnB style music in their movies and cartoons. I refuse to watch them! That music sounds ugly in the background. I want to set a peaceful, calm atmosphere to my viewers, so I use classical music. You can get classical music to set any kind of mood in the world.

Well, we all know now the democraps are getting desperate. They've even begun killing people who are Trump supporters! The left has been killing people they disagree with ever since the Civil War. Who created the lynch mobs that killed hundreds of black men, women and children in the late 1800s and early 1900s? The leftists did. Who ran around killing republicans and free-thinking whites? The leftists did. Well, they haven't let up. They are still doing it today. Trump is doing everything he can to stop it. But the leftist mayors and governors are preventing him from stopping it. I hear leftists saying all the time "Trump is the one who is causing all this chaos!" No, he's not! He's tried over and over again to get the leftist politicians to get off their butts and do something about it. They wouldn't, so Trump deputized the local police force for the FBI and they are rounding up these thugs! Several antifa members have been arrested. Thank GOD!!! It's a shame it wasn't in time to keep them from murdering a few Trump supporters. We need all the support for Trump we can get!

You want actual proof of how delusional and demented Antifa is? In Portland, a man named Aaron "Jay" Danielson was killed by Michael Forest Reinoehl, a member of Antifa. Reinoehl shouted "We got another one here!" and then shot at Danielson, who was a member of Patriot Prayer. In an interview he did with Vice, he said he was "surrounded by far-right-wingers". He wasn't! He said he felt like they were all coming to get him. That's not true either! He said he thought he saw Danielson take out a gun or a knife and was going to kill him. All Danielson took out was a cell phone!! This Reinoehl person is a real dim-wit! And the worst thing is, all his retarded, leftist friends were cheering him for killing Danielson. One fat, ugly black bitch even said "I am not sad that a 'fascist' was killed tonight!" When I heard her say that, I was thinking "of course you're not! Your people love violence and death!" Well, Reinoehl got what he deserved. He was killed by police a few days later! And no, I am not sad a real fascist was killed by cops! Thank you cops!! One less thug on the streets of Portland!

Ya know, it's strange. I was thinking about Catsredrum the other day, wondering how she's liking the violence going on in her town. LOL! I have no doubt in my mind, she is out there committing these criminal acts along with antifa. But she wouldn't be doing it for anyone's rights any more than antifa is. She's lying if that's what she's saying. She'd be doing it just to cause trouble. Just like she did when she had that stupid forum of her's up. Well fuck her! She also proves cat people are nasty, hateful people.

I also watched the presidential and VP debates over the past couple of weeks. In the debate between Trump and Biden, they both acted like bratty children. I didn't like Trump's attitude anymore than I liked Biden's. But I am still going to vote for Trump. That's never going to change. The VP debate was also a big disappointment. But it also showed why Kamala Harris is so universally hated. Pence was a real class-act. He handled it calmly and efficiently. Kamala Harris took more time than she needed and demanded more, constantly saying "I'm speaking!" Just like any annoying black leftist! The biggest highlight of the night was the fly that landed in Mike Pence's hair! LOL! One second he wasn't there, the next second, there he was! I thought it was a glitch in the TV. Or I thought the fly was on my screen. But no. There it was, in Pence's hair! I sat here saying "Is that a fly in his hair!" Then I got a closer look. "Yep! That's a fly alright!" Now, it is the most famous fly in history. It even has it's own gig on cameo.com! Check it out! https://www.cameo.com/5f7e7d33d8db8c001f4b7e5c

You know who that fly will be voting for! LOL!!