Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year!

Well thank GOD 2016 is closing. But it could not seem to resist taking one last 80s icon before it closed. It took George Michael on Christmas day. Katrina was saddened by it because she likes him. I'm a little upset about it too, but not devastated. So many celebs fell victim to 2016, this year will always be remembered as the year we lost many celebrities. For me, it wasn't the death of the celebrities that mattered. I stopped crying for dead celebrities after Michael died. After that, no other celebrity death meant anything to me. Michael was my world! My everything. But it was the death of my father that tore me up the most this year. I'll never forgive 2016 for taking him from me. The only thing I am grateful for is that this year did not claim my Timmy!! I was worried though!

I read there was a GoFundMe campaign going on that someone set up to pay this year to leave Betty White alone. Oddly she was the oldest of the Golden Girls, but she is also the only one who is still alive. She is in her 90s though. She just might make it to 100. Maybe even beyond. I miss my pa though. I knew holidays without him was going to be the hardest. It was! The pain was a bit eased up with my sis and the dogs here. Especially the dogs! I even made a video of our holiday! I made it into a movie. Check it out! https://youtu.be/x2pbgkAZzsU

I hope to also make a video when I get my puppy. Like the one I made when my sis got her puppy back in 2000. Only better. But a lot of that will also be up to the breeder I plan to visit. I don't want to include scenes with the breeder, or their house, unless he (or she) is OK with it. I'm not that kind of filmmaker! But I can include scenes of just myself, and later on I can put the puppy on film. I plan to make a weekend of it. It'll be fun! I hope! I don't want anything ruining it! Now, I can hardly wait to get my pup! I can be a happy girl again!

This year has also taught me who my real friends are. I've found most of the people I met on Facebook are not that at all. But then again, most of them were liberals. I hate to say it but a lot of INXS fans are liberals. Well, I know I am probably the most hated INXS fan out there now, but you know what? I really do not care. Truly, I don't! I've been told all my life that I am not very popular, and when I was a kid I admit it, that did bother me. But believe me, it doesn't anymore. I actually like it that not a lot of people like me. I'm happy to say that most of my friends are non-humans. Hey! At least animals do not judge you, they don't turn their back on you when you're in mourning, they don't do what the "popular crowd" is doing just to fit in. The only animals that are likely to stab a person in the back is a cat and I don't have any cats! No plans to get one either. I keep watching videos and movies of people who are betrayed by their human friends, and I've had it happen to me more times than I care to remember, so believe me, I am happy that no person likes me. I just don't like them going around telling everyone that I think cancer is a joke when they are fully aware I lost my pa to cancer! UGH!! Stupid people!

Seriously! Do you think a hyena is upset because it's the most hated animal on the savanna? Do you think a tiger is depressed because the other animals in the jungle hate his guts? Do you think naked mole rats are sad by the fact that humans think they are ugly? My guess to all these would be no. No animal is upset by this kind of thing. It may be traumatizing to a child, but not to me. Of course these animals would not be upset by false rumors being spread around about them either. We tell stories to our children with these animals all the time, the animals don't care. A person can learn a lot from watching and studying animals. In a lot of ways, animals are indeed smarter than humans.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Day After Christmas

Twas the day after Christmas, and all through the house. Not a creature was stirring, Especially not a mouse! Because I'm gonna tell you, if I saw a mouse in here, I'd really get medieval on the landlord!

Well, we had an interesting Christmas. I got at least one really good gift, my sis gave me a 43 inch TV set! I always wanted a bigger screen TV! I need one. I am having some trouble reading the menu on the smaller one I had. Well, thankfully my sis gave me one. It was the best gift I have received so far this year! I love it! The sound is so crisp and clear! So is the picture! It sure beats the crap out of the other little gifts she gave me. LOL! I love my sis, but she has a habit of getting me some of the shittest things, unless I am there to tell her what to give me. Now, I love lighthouses and I like to paint. I'm no damn good at it, but I do like painting on occasion. But the dragon my sis gave me is a plastic-rubber toy made for kids! What am I going to do with it? LOL! I can't even put my real dragon family up. Hopefully someday I will be able to, I need a curio cabinet first. I guess then I will put this little plastic dragon on display. Why not? LOL!

One of the things that was brought up was my father's will. My ma has been hounding us about that since our pa died. I knew the subject was going to come up! I brought it up while I was there, because I knew it was going to come up sooner or later. I know my pa did have a will. I just don't know what has become of it. I also know bringing it up then was bad timing on my part, but I knew the subject was going to come up sooner or later. I would like to have something of my father's! As it is, I got nothing now. I'm not even sure Kathy has anything that was his. But I don't know what he had that I could inherit. But I'd just like to have something of his back. Apparently he was buried in his uniform, so I don't think I'd be getting that back. LOL! But that's OK! I'd want him to be buried with dignity, not naked! Kathy and her family seems to forget that he was my father before he was her husband. He will always be MY father.

Aahh!! Ya know I never thought this would happen in my family. This is the kind of bullshit that you read about in mystery novels!

I remember while my sis and I were visiting Kathy and my dad, one of Kathy's friends came over, I think her name was Robin or something like that. I did NOT like her! Not even a little bit. She looked so stuck-up and full of herself! She really seemed like a snooty asshole! I'd be shocked my dad would make friends with a person like that. But that's my dad! He wouldn't see that she is snooty. Kathy tried to introduce her to me and my sis, and she didn't even want to meet us. Nevermind that we were Kathy's husband's real children. This Robin just brushed me and my sis off like we didn't matter at all. No condolences to us about our father dying, not even so much as a hello from her. All she said about us was "Yah-yah, I've seen them on Facebook". But she said hello to Kathy's children. Even Anna noticed that. I would excuse it if this Robin was an introvert or something, but Kathy does not make friends with introverts. Kathy does not even like me much, because I am a no-nonsense person. When I say something, I get right to the point. I don't beat around the bush and I don't sugarcoat anything. I say exactly as I feel. LOL! I don't know this Robin at all. I've seen her posts too on Kathy's Facebook wall, but I don't know her and I don't pretend to know her, as she pretends to know me and my sis. But I can tell you, when I did see her at Kathy's home, what I saw from her I know for sure, I don't like.

Frankly, I don't like a lot of Kathy's friends. They're all liberals. I've had enough of liberals, which is why I really do not want any INXS buddies right now. There's some I still email, I enjoy them. But one of the reasons I left in the first place is because I am sick of the fake friends that liberals make. I still have things that need to be resolved. But I am planning on getting a puppy, and my sis has agreed to help me out with that. That's one of the biggest steps in my own rehabilitation. I need to have this puppy!! Some of my friends are urging me to go to a shelter and rescue. Well, I would if I could, if I could find a young pup in the breed I want (I don't do mixed-breeds), but first of all, there is no shelter in this town. Second, I can never find a puppy the age I want in the breed I want right now. So, I am going with a breeder. I want a puppy because I want it trained to my specifications. I figure it'd be the best birthday gift my sis could give me, and she agreed to help me out. Thank goodness! I'd never be able to do it by myself.

All in all though, this Christmas was pretty good. It would have been a lot better if I wasn't so doggone sick!! But I pushed myself, sometimes beyond the limit! We went to the mall on Friday and I almost collapsed, I was still feverish and weak. But I carried on like nothing was going on. We even went to Red Robin and had dinner. It was good! They still have pretty darn good milkshakes! The next day was Christmas Eve and I told my sis to take the day off and I would go shopping myself and get the things I needed. She needed at least one day to relax. While I was out, I snuck in a visit to the hospital, because this sore throat of mine has lasted a month at this point! I never had a sore throat that lasted a whole month! So I wanted to know what was wrong. I did have a fever, and my glands were swollen, so they gave me some medication for that and I am currently still taking it. The doctor wanted me to climb up on the examining table and I said to him "I can't climb up there!" I was way too weak. I took his seat instead! LOL!

Well, the meds he gave me are helping. I feel better today. But I am still weak, so I spend a lot of my time in bed. Still got my Michael and Timmy, but I miss my dogs!!! Vegas is a big licker! I miss his licks and kisses. Minnie does not lick much, but she does give me kisses too. I miss them both! I bawled like a baby when they left the day after Christmas. I miss them so much!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Store Closed

In case you haven't noticed, the INXS store I had on here for a while is now closed. Zazzle, who was the provider, kept rejecting my designs, so I saw no reason to keep the store open. I might try again later on with some drawings of the guys I've made. They cannot really object to drawings. Such a shame! They were good ideas too! But like I said, I might try again with drawings. Better luck with that hopefully. I opened the store because I wanted to see more INXS items available in this country. I'm not talking just about items with the INXS logo on it. I'm talking about items with pictures of the guys on them. I love these guys! I always will! Never again will I allow the actions of other INXS fans to determine my love for these guys. I'll always love them. I'm just going to be a silent fan from now on. No more conversing with other fans, or with outside people. I need to try what Katrina suggested. I need to stop getting so emotionally involved in people online. Kinda hard for me. Even though I am not a people person, it's still in my nature to help others and try to make them feel good. I need to stop that!

Well, I am back on Facebook. I've found it really is the best way to communicate with my family and closest friends. But I am not accepting any INXS friends. Not now. Maybe later. I'm also using a very different moniker, which I won't reveal now. But I am no longer Dee TimmyHutchFan on Facebook. Feels kinda strange not having an INXS related name anymore. I'm just not ready to accept strangers in my life right now. I still need time to heal. So, I only want to surround myself with real friends and family. Yes, I did get to really like some of my former INXS buddies. But I am just not ready for anymore contacts from that side of the fence. I hope they understand that. Again, maybe someday down the road. But I won't ask any of them to become my friend again on Facebook. If they want to be friends, they can ask me. I can't even have a username on Facebook! UGH!!

What's worse is I've still got this confounded flu! It just won't go away! I was hoping by Christmas, I'd be all better. But so far, I'm not. Well, most of the worst of it is gone, I'm just dealing with the after-effects. A lot of coughing! I think I've coughed myself a new throat! Or at least enlarged the old one! It SUCKS!!! It hurts really bad! I've coughed my throat raw, I know that for sure. I used to get colds and flus like this back in the 90s, I haven't had anything like it since 2000. I'd actually forgotten what it felt like to have a flu like this. One time, back in 1996, I had what was the worst damn flu I think I've ever had in my life! It caused blisters in my throat. I've never known a flu could do that! But that one did! Talk about pain! You want to know what real pain is, get a flu like that one and it'll quickly show you pain! Now, I can't really talk. I need to make one more video for my Christmas Cookies collection! And I can't! Not without a voice! 😭 I'm thinking maybe I can just film it, and then add the vocals later on. I've done that before. I wasn't comfortable doing it because it's not normally my style. But I can do it. I'll probably have to. These peppermint meltaway cookies are too good to keep to myself!

Well, that's all that was going on. Not much! I cannot really go anywhere! I still need to go out and get a bed and chair for my sis when she visits. This isn't easy! Trying to get all this shit done and nurse a cold is not easy! I cannot even promise I'll find a chair. I didn't see one the last time I was at the thrift store. So, I don't know if I'll find one. But I can for sure get a bed.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Gracie's Odyssey (A Sample)

Another videobook sample. This is Gracie's Odyssey, it's probably one of my most favorite stories in our line-up. The reason I love this story so much is because it was begun shortly after Michael died. My buddy Cairo wrote the story based on how I was feeling about the death of Michael Hutchence. If you knew me back then, you would be able to see the connection between myself, Gracie and her baby in this story. I was sad at first when I heard the news, then angry. I hadn't yet come to terms with Michael's death at the first moment this story was written. I think if I had, I'd have had Cairo kill Gracie off in the story too. But then thinking back on that, I think that really would have hurt the story.

The funny thing about this story is there are 2 versions. There is an original, which is not what this one is, where Davy is taken to live in a group home for animals. It is the same group home Gracie actually lives in in the story INXS Goes to Mount St. Helens. But that story did not really set well with me. Though the idea is much the same. In this version, which is actually a much later version I thought up, he is still a baby when he leaves the zoo, and is taken to live with a man and his daughter. The daughter, named Lisa, becomes Davy's keeper, and his surrogate mother. That one is a bit far off from my feelings about Michael, and more based on how I believe Lily would feel, being taken in by Bob Geldof. She was indeed lucky he was there.

Well, the one scene that stays the same in both versions is the quarantine station. It happens to be my favorite scene. It's Davy's first night in the new zoo without his mom. It's a reminder of how lost I felt the first time I heard about Michael's passing. I remember I could not cry right away. It didn't hit me until several hours after I heard the news. Then I cried hard. Just like the baby in this story once he realizes his mom is not there anymore. Michael is everywhere in this story, without actually being in the story it's self. But his memory is there. How I dealt with his death is there too.

This story is merely a sample of the original videobook. To view the full version, go to this link: http://www.umgproductions.com/2010/05/gracies-odyssey.html

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Another Loss

I haven't been eating much this past week. I've been unable to swallow for the most part, so eating much was not an option. And this flu besides has taken away most of what was left of my appetite. I just wondered how much I may have lost this past week alone. So, I stepped on the scale. I managed to lose 10 pounds this past week. Normally, I would be excited, but I hate losing weight this way! 10 pounds in one week is a lot! Too much! But it's this flu. I'm trying to get over it. I had to go out today and get some lysol to spray around the house. My sis is coming over soon with the dogs and the last thing I want is to have her catch this bug! Believe me, she wouldn't want none of this! I also managed to pick up a few other things as well. Not much though. But I did get some wrapping paper. Other things can wait till my sis comes, we're going to Portland.

Well, usually when I lose weight, I lose it from my face first. But now, you'd never be able to tell. My glands are still so swollen, it makes my face and neck look bigger than it really is! So I look horrible!! That's why I haven't done another Christmas Cookie video. I still want to do at least one more. My sis loves my peppermint meltaway cookies, so I am going to do a video on how to make those. I got the ingredients for that too while I was out today. They are very attractive cookies when done. Before Christmas, I want to post all my Christmas cookie videos on my cooking blog. I did some last year too. Another thing I would like to try and make a video doing is making my homemade mousse. That's awesome. It's kindof a complicated recipe, but it's a great Christmas dessert.

Oh well, just thinking out loud here, for the world to see. Not much to say. I really should have stayed home today, but I couldn't. I had to get out. I'm feeling a little better, so at least I won't get sicker. I shouldn't. My biggest fear though is that there were so many people at the store today, I may have passed this flu anyways to almost everyone in this town!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Manliest Men

Ya know something? There is this guy who lives upstairs from me, I often see him walking this big, white, pit bull type dog, I don't know his name though. I've only just started seeing him around here. But I think he has the hots for me. LOL! There's a few problems though. First of all, he's way too young for me! He looks like he's in his late 20s, and early 30s. I cannot get close, in that sense, to someone that much younger than me. It goes against my nature. I can be friends with someone that age, but never lovers! It's never been my thing to fall in love with younger men. I always preferred them older. Look at who my idols were when I was a kid. They were always older men. Like Ray Walston, Bill Bixby, Harpo Marx, and of course, INXS. I never even went for idols close to my age. I never would have fallen for Justin Bieber if I were a child today either. So, falling in love with a man younger than me would just never happen. All I can think of is that I may have changed his diapers when he was a baby.

Another thing that bothers me, he has a thick beard. I never liked men with beards. Not the long, thick ones. A little stubble is fine. Like Michael had in the video for The Stairs. But a long, thick beard just is not what I care to see in a man. That's funny too because I remember there is this guy on YouTube, who calls himself Red Pill Philosophy. He's a total dickhead! LOL! He always has a thick beard, and even advertises for beard products. He says the most manly thing a man can have is a beard. But I never thought so. A man with a thick mustache and beard, to me, looks more like he's hiding something. Like he's really an insecure man who only wants to look manly, and the only way he can think to do that is to grow a beard to hide his insecurity. You'll notice they are almost always men who have no respect for women. Kinda like Mike Splan from Bozeman. You remember, Deb's ex-husband. Now, I am not saying women should have more respect than men. But I've just noticed a pattern that men with those long, thick beards usually are the types that have no respect for women at all. Not even enough respect to treat them like equals.

Another thing about this guy, I think he may be the owner of all these dumb stray cats around this place. Even though he has a dog, I think he also is the owner of these dumb cats that keep getting into my porch that I have to chase away. I don't like men who like cats. They're almost always wimps. Well! Really it's different if they just like cats, I can handle a man like that, as long as they don't want to be surrounded by them. Or they don't own any cats. But this guy I think has tons of cats, which is not allowed in this complex. We're only allowed to have 2 pets per household. I opened my door today and saw someone had placed a plate that had cat food on it, to welcome those dumb strays to my front door. I think it was him. He's seen me yell at the cats around here to get out of my yard. I took the plate and tossed it. But I think next time I walk out there and see something like that, I'll fill it with a little surprise of my own. hehehe!! I'll keep you updated with that.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Curse Continues

LOL!! To the literal folks: that's just a joke! Don't mess your underpants over that! Seems I have to tell people that something is a joke or a figure of speech as well. Otherwise they take everything too literal. UGH! People! I got one idiot last month, named Andrea Jones, who said "You need help if you think you have the ability to cast spells or curse other people!" LOL! I told her it was just a figure of speech. So for dumb fucks like her, I guess I have to spell out that when I mention the word "curse", it's almost always a joke, or a figure of speech. Unless she actually did think I do have some kind of special powers. I know I look like Super Woman. Maybe she thought I am her! LOL! 😂

Ah well fuck her! Anyways, this month I got "the curse", the curse that hits a lot of people during this time of the year. It's the reason I hate taking the bus! I need a car of my own! I don't even really like going out anywhere at this time of the year because of this curse! I had an opportunity to ward it off and I didn't take it, because I haven't been bothered by it for several years. But this year, I managed to catch it. Yes! If you guessed the "curse" I am talking about is "the flu", you got it right!! I got the bug!! It's my new companion. That too is a figure of speech, BTW. I got it and I hate every second of it!! I haven't had an attack like this since I lived in Reno. I remember when I first moved to Reno, I moved right into Donna's house, and about a week later, she brought home a mild case of pneumonia, and I caught it. It was then I discovered why pneumonia is sometimes a killer! It was difficult to catch my breath sometimes. Even a mild case of pneumonia is bad! Yes, I discovered that then. I'd never had pneumonia before in my life! It was a shocker. I always thought it'd be more like a bad cold. But no, it was worse!!! 😟

Well, yesterday I woke up with congestion in my throat and chest, and my glands were swollen and painful. At first, I had something of a scratchy throat, then it progressed into a sore throat. I also had a bit of a fever yesterday. As the day dragged on, I got weaker and weaker. Last night, I went to bed early. Got up this morning pretty early too. My throat is still sore, and swollen, still feverish, still pretty weak, some congestion, but it's just getting started. It still has quite a number to do on me yet! Most of my day was spent cuddling in bed with my Michael and Timmy by my side. hehe!! Well, they make being sick kinda fun. It feels good to wake up and see their faces. I think I need to turn the radio back on for background noise too. I did that for a while back in Astoria, but then I would hear one of INXS's songs and I would wake up and start head-bopping. Most of the time, when I would hear one of their songs, it was Need U Tonight. Though one time I heard New Sensation!😘💗

Well, on my YouTube channel, I've been asked to do more cooking videos, so I have. I think I'm going to start making that a Christmas tradition. Every year, Dee TimmyHutchFan is going to make Christmas cookie videos. My latest video is about different ways to tweak chocolate chip cookies. And let me tell you, they came out AWESOME!!!! I made Turtle cookies, with pecans and a dab of caramel concealed inside the cookie. I also made mint chocolate chip cookies, and they were good too! I also made red velvet chocolate chip cookies, with white chocolate chips. It's like a red velvet cake, and it too was awesome!!! Well, I can say I got all the Christmas colors there! The mint cookies are green and the red velvet cookies, of course, are red! The turtle cookies though are just a plain color. 🍪

Well, I can say some good is coming out of this, I lost 8 pounds! This time, I'm going to keep on going, not stop no matter what! Well, I have no intention of moving soon, so keeping a regime of losing weight will be a lot easier now. As soon as I can get a car, there is a gym in town I want to join. I can use my treadmill still, but only for about 30 minutes at a time. I can't get on and run the whole hour and a half anymore. Bummer! 💪

My ma called me yesterday, she said that I called her yesterday morning. But I know I didn't. Oh well! It was nice talking to her anyways. She asked me why I left Facebook and I told her all about what happened. She knows I would never think cancer is a joke. But my ma has always been smart. She knows me. She wants me back on Facebook. I have been debating it, creating a little account that only close friends and family are on. That way, I can stay in touch with my family and close friends. But let's see. This would only be for family and my closest friends. Not INXS friends or anything like that. Though I might still include my dog breeder friends. I actually got kinda close to them. Before I left, I told one of them that she restored my faith in show breeders again. Well, she's a lot of fun! She recently went to a Duran Duran concert, she likes rock n roll music. I just wish I had been there with her, I'd have taken her backstage to meet up with those guys! Then we would have really had a blast! Hey! I've done it before! 😉

Monday, December 5, 2016

A Non-Credible Source

I get people a lot saying things about my blog like it's a non-credible source. Well, I am here to say that I never claimed it was. LOL! Kinda silly to look upon my blog as anything resembling a credible source. It's only credible when it is talking about me. But what's the point really? Does everything you read really have to come from nothing but a credible source? Your life must be pretty dull. This is not the evening news, it's just a blog. An online diary. A forum. You want credible? You visit CNN or ESPN's websites. You want to read one woman's opinion on world events? You come here. But here you'll only get one side of the story. MY side. But if you're looking for anything about me, chances are good, you'll find it here. This is where I spill out all my innermost ideas and feelings. That's what a diary is for.

In fact, I will tell you what I am thinking right this minute. I am thinking the people upstairs must have feet like Jeison Rodriguez! Or they must all be fatter than Jonah Hill! The one thing I hate about living under someone else is you can hear every move they make! If they have kids, it makes it much worse. Kids are always running, especially boys! But I am sitting here typing and I can hear every single step being made in the apartment above me. And it sounds like thunder sometimes! Like nearby thunder. Another thing I am thinking of, yesterday I took out a load of trash and could not open the dumpster to dump it. So I had to leave it out. I tried and tried to open the door of the dumpster and the key would not work! I don't know what happened! It's always worked before. I'm thinking I need to talk to the manager about that. And I will! But it's been raining all night long, and my garbage has been sitting out there all this time, it won't be pretty!

Well, those are my thoughts for today's blog. That's typically what I write about. Something that I think is interesting comes into my head, I share it with friends and family. Mostly family. It's mostly my family are the ones who I hope read these blogs. The fact that outsiders take an interest in my thoughts and ideas, that's just extra gravy. And I might as well get paid for every visit. I made more money last month than the month before. I saw my stats. Though last month, it was for a not-so-amiable reason, still the visits were numerous and I made some money on that. There's always a bright side to everything. Just have to find it. But I am still upset about people thinking that I think cancer is a joke, and that I would have thought it was funny I lost my pa. UGH!! 

Friday, December 2, 2016

Stay Angrier

Sorry, I have to say this. One of my visitors yesterday said when I make posts spreading hate, it makes other people angrier. I said that's too bad for them. Far as I am concerned, those people can stay angry! Get angrier! Get angry enough to uproot hell if you want to. Get angry till it hurts! My apologies to my friends, but those who abandoned me, I hope they get so angry it keeps them up at night. I am already angry about them spreading bullshit they had no proof of. I think if they were in my position, they'd feel the same way. Once again, I never post anything on this blog as facts unless I have proof of it. I may speculate, and if a person is capable of reading properly, they will know I am just speculating. The dumbasses who take things I say out of context will think that I believe it's a fact and will get angry at me.

Well, I have absolutely no plans to go back to Facebook anyways. Not in the forseeable future. Maybe in the far-distant future. I have things I need to work out on my own first. But if I ever do go back, I won't go for any INXS fans. Not again. Next time I get on Facebook, I'll only ask family and close friends to join me. I'm sick of the fake "friends". I'm sick of being who they want me to be just to make them happy, and in a flash when I am being myself, they get so easily offended. You know what's funny? A lot of those people were Clinton supporters. I hate to drag politics into INXS conversations, and I hate putting republican-democrat labels on everything, especially INXS fans! But I noticed a pattern among those who unfriended me. The majority of them were Clinton supporters. Most of them wanted Hillary Clinton to win. I spoke with Katrina about this when she came over last week. I just happened to notice that pattern.

I just have to ask why? Why did they want Hillary Clinton to win? Just because she's a democrat? Or because she's a liberal? Or because she empathizes with minorities? She wanted to let people in this country that hate americans. They are the types that want to bomb us all off the face of the earth. You really want that in our country? Of course I have no idea if she really would have done that, but she once said she did want to allow muslim extremists to this country. We would not have been safe getting on buses or even our cars. They'd have planted bombs under your car too as you slept at night. Honestly, I do not want a president that wants to just help minorities. I want someone who wants to help ALL of us. I want someone who wants to treat everyone as an equal. I know for sure we are not likely to find that in Donald Trump. Which is why I did not vote for either him nor Clinton. Besides, I saw what Bill Clinton did to this country, and I don't like it. We got dumb kids now roaming the streets that cannot look at a map and find North America. We got kids all grown up now that were never taught a sense of moral values because they were never disciplined as children. So what do they do? They go out and commit horrific crimes!

Ya know, that's one thing that gets me angry now, knowing there are kids out there that have never been spanked in their lives. Sure, some kids can do well without being spanked. But I never will understand a parent "negotiating" with their kids. That seems to be the biggest substitute now for discipline and I think it's a bad mistake! You don't negotiate with kids as if they were adults! That's why so many millennials have this attitude of entitlement. They think the world owes them something. That's what kids grow up believing when they are negotiated with instead of told "no". They grow up thinking the world owes them, then they do things like kill police men, shoot up schools, rob stores, shoot up their workplaces, and just become a general nuisance. I would never negotiate with my kids! No is no. It means just what it says. NO! People need to learn that.

I keep thinking about this story I once heard about a mom whose little boy was invited to a birthday party of a friend, and she took him to the toy store and her little boy saw a toy he wanted very bad, even though they were there to buy the birthday kid a present. The mom told her kid no at first, then he pitched a fit and she gave in anyways, and they went home without a present for the birthday child. She said she did it because she didn't want her child to hate her. Someone like that does not need to even be a parent! She's too weak! Yes, her kid would hate her for a while, but he'd have gotten over it soon. Personally, if that were my kid, I'd have totally shamed him! I'd have sent him to the birthday party with a note telling the birthday child's mom that my child could not bring a present because he was selfish and demanded I buy him a toy he wanted instead. And Sorry for the inconvenience. Yeah, my kid would have gotten some harsh stares and maybe even harsh treatment at the party, but it would have taught him a lesson! It would have taught him how society treats selfish, greedy people. Maybe, and I would hope, it'd make him change for the better.

My worst crime is I speak my mind. LOL! Yes, it has lost me friends before, I've never gotten beat up or anything for it yet, though I am prepared if that ever happens. I'm pretty strong! But in the end, you find out who your real friends are. Sometimes even people who say they like you because you speak your mind, don't really mean it. Say something that they totally believe is immoral, whether it is or not, then see if they still like you. The ones that are your true friends will.

That's what I like about Katrina. I sometimes yell at her, we don't always agree, sometimes I even say things she does not like. Even things she has found disturbing. But, we are still friends. We love each other like we are sisters. Shoot, even my own sis and I don't always agree. But we are still family. I'll never stop loving my sis, nor my good friends. In harsh times, it's always good to know they are always around. I just wish they were closer. Katrina's the closest, and even she lives 150 miles away! That's why we don't see each other that much.😢

Thursday, December 1, 2016

New Month, New Video

I'm doing videos more and more these days. I can't explain it either. I'm not as angry as I was a week or so ago, but I am still miffed about people believing that I think cancer is a joke! I mean really! These people knew my father had died of cancer. They should have had the sense to tell themselves that because of that alone, I would not be making jokes about someone else having cancer. And don't tell me I need to get over it! To me, saying that I think cancer is a joke is like slapping my father in the face. I'll get over it when I am good and cured. I should just ignore them, I know that. But I cannot help it. It's still stuck in my mind. It's going to take a while to get over that because I am still mourning my father. This isn't something I can just easily let go of. I made a video about it last night with a message to those people. If you want to call them people. Oh well hell, I think they're about as "people" as a person can get. That's why I hate people so much! At least a dog would try to comfort me in my time of mourning, not judge me. Shoot! Maybe I should try to get another chihuahua, they're perfect little ambassadors!

Well, I am healing, but it doesn't help much. I gotta live each day the best way I can knowing there are still people out in the world, former "friends", who still think I think cancer is a joke. I'm going to wake up tomorrow with that thought in my head. Those people will wake up, and they will be able to call and hug their parents. But I won't. Not my father. He's in the ground now. That thought takes a heavy toll on me. I still have his phone number on my cell phone's contact list. The most hurtful thing about it is I can dial that number and get nothing more than an operator saying "This number is no longer in service". It hasn't been easy for me to get over losing my pa, and with this turmoil now in my life, it makes it even harder. But this too shall pass. The sun will still set tonight, and rise again tomorrow. Work will still carry on as usual. I am no longer on Facebook, so that makes things a lot easier. I am taking this time off Facebook to heal. Hopefully I can get a dog and my world will be brighter again.

Anyways, here is the video...