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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Manliest Men

Ya know something? There is this guy who lives upstairs from me, I often see him walking this big, white, pit bull type dog, I don't know his name though. I've only just started seeing him around here. But I think he has the hots for me. LOL! There's a few problems though. First of all, he's way too young for me! He looks like he's in his late 20s, and early 30s. I cannot get close, in that sense, to someone that much younger than me. It goes against my nature. I can be friends with someone that age, but never lovers! It's never been my thing to fall in love with younger men. I always preferred them older. Look at who my idols were when I was a kid. They were always older men. Like Ray Walston, Bill Bixby, Harpo Marx, and of course, INXS. I never even went for idols close to my age. I never would have fallen for Justin Bieber if I were a child today either. So, falling in love with a man younger than me would just never happen. All I can think of is that I may have changed his diapers when he was a baby.

Another thing that bothers me, he has a thick beard. I never liked men with beards. Not the long, thick ones. A little stubble is fine. Like Michael had in the video for The Stairs. But a long, thick beard just is not what I care to see in a man. That's funny too because I remember there is this guy on YouTube, who calls himself Red Pill Philosophy. He's a total dickhead! LOL! He always has a thick beard, and even advertises for beard products. He says the most manly thing a man can have is a beard. But I never thought so. A man with a thick mustache and beard, to me, looks more like he's hiding something. Like he's really an insecure man who only wants to look manly, and the only way he can think to do that is to grow a beard to hide his insecurity. You'll notice they are almost always men who have no respect for women. Kinda like Mike Splan from Bozeman. You remember, Deb's ex-husband. Now, I am not saying women should have more respect than men. But I've just noticed a pattern that men with those long, thick beards usually are the types that have no respect for women at all. Not even enough respect to treat them like equals.

Another thing about this guy, I think he may be the owner of all these dumb stray cats around this place. Even though he has a dog, I think he also is the owner of these dumb cats that keep getting into my porch that I have to chase away. I don't like men who like cats. They're almost always wimps. Well! Really it's different if they just like cats, I can handle a man like that, as long as they don't want to be surrounded by them. Or they don't own any cats. But this guy I think has tons of cats, which is not allowed in this complex. We're only allowed to have 2 pets per household. I opened my door today and saw someone had placed a plate that had cat food on it, to welcome those dumb strays to my front door. I think it was him. He's seen me yell at the cats around here to get out of my yard. I took the plate and tossed it. But I think next time I walk out there and see something like that, I'll fill it with a little surprise of my own. hehehe!! I'll keep you updated with that.


katrina said...

be careful. he could be some kind of a psycho. don't accept a date from him until you know him really well.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Don't worry Katrina, I won't.