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Monday, December 5, 2016

A Non-Credible Source

I get people a lot saying things about my blog like it's a non-credible source. Well, I am here to say that I never claimed it was. LOL! Kinda silly to look upon my blog as anything resembling a credible source. It's only credible when it is talking about me. But what's the point really? Does everything you read really have to come from nothing but a credible source? Your life must be pretty dull. This is not the evening news, it's just a blog. An online diary. A forum. You want credible? You visit CNN or ESPN's websites. You want to read one woman's opinion on world events? You come here. But here you'll only get one side of the story. MY side. But if you're looking for anything about me, chances are good, you'll find it here. This is where I spill out all my innermost ideas and feelings. That's what a diary is for.

In fact, I will tell you what I am thinking right this minute. I am thinking the people upstairs must have feet like Jeison Rodriguez! Or they must all be fatter than Jonah Hill! The one thing I hate about living under someone else is you can hear every move they make! If they have kids, it makes it much worse. Kids are always running, especially boys! But I am sitting here typing and I can hear every single step being made in the apartment above me. And it sounds like thunder sometimes! Like nearby thunder. Another thing I am thinking of, yesterday I took out a load of trash and could not open the dumpster to dump it. So I had to leave it out. I tried and tried to open the door of the dumpster and the key would not work! I don't know what happened! It's always worked before. I'm thinking I need to talk to the manager about that. And I will! But it's been raining all night long, and my garbage has been sitting out there all this time, it won't be pretty!

Well, those are my thoughts for today's blog. That's typically what I write about. Something that I think is interesting comes into my head, I share it with friends and family. Mostly family. It's mostly my family are the ones who I hope read these blogs. The fact that outsiders take an interest in my thoughts and ideas, that's just extra gravy. And I might as well get paid for every visit. I made more money last month than the month before. I saw my stats. Though last month, it was for a not-so-amiable reason, still the visits were numerous and I made some money on that. There's always a bright side to everything. Just have to find it. But I am still upset about people thinking that I think cancer is a joke, and that I would have thought it was funny I lost my pa. UGH!! 

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