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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Curse Continues

LOL!! To the literal folks: that's just a joke! Don't mess your underpants over that! Seems I have to tell people that something is a joke or a figure of speech as well. Otherwise they take everything too literal. UGH! People! I got one idiot last month, named Andrea Jones, who said "You need help if you think you have the ability to cast spells or curse other people!" LOL! I told her it was just a figure of speech. So for dumb fucks like her, I guess I have to spell out that when I mention the word "curse", it's almost always a joke, or a figure of speech. Unless she actually did think I do have some kind of special powers. I know I look like Super Woman. Maybe she thought I am her! LOL! 😂

Ah well fuck her! Anyways, this month I got "the curse", the curse that hits a lot of people during this time of the year. It's the reason I hate taking the bus! I need a car of my own! I don't even really like going out anywhere at this time of the year because of this curse! I had an opportunity to ward it off and I didn't take it, because I haven't been bothered by it for several years. But this year, I managed to catch it. Yes! If you guessed the "curse" I am talking about is "the flu", you got it right!! I got the bug!! It's my new companion. That too is a figure of speech, BTW. I got it and I hate every second of it!! I haven't had an attack like this since I lived in Reno. I remember when I first moved to Reno, I moved right into Donna's house, and about a week later, she brought home a mild case of pneumonia, and I caught it. It was then I discovered why pneumonia is sometimes a killer! It was difficult to catch my breath sometimes. Even a mild case of pneumonia is bad! Yes, I discovered that then. I'd never had pneumonia before in my life! It was a shocker. I always thought it'd be more like a bad cold. But no, it was worse!!! 😟

Well, yesterday I woke up with congestion in my throat and chest, and my glands were swollen and painful. At first, I had something of a scratchy throat, then it progressed into a sore throat. I also had a bit of a fever yesterday. As the day dragged on, I got weaker and weaker. Last night, I went to bed early. Got up this morning pretty early too. My throat is still sore, and swollen, still feverish, still pretty weak, some congestion, but it's just getting started. It still has quite a number to do on me yet! Most of my day was spent cuddling in bed with my Michael and Timmy by my side. hehe!! Well, they make being sick kinda fun. It feels good to wake up and see their faces. I think I need to turn the radio back on for background noise too. I did that for a while back in Astoria, but then I would hear one of INXS's songs and I would wake up and start head-bopping. Most of the time, when I would hear one of their songs, it was Need U Tonight. Though one time I heard New Sensation!😘💗

Well, on my YouTube channel, I've been asked to do more cooking videos, so I have. I think I'm going to start making that a Christmas tradition. Every year, Dee TimmyHutchFan is going to make Christmas cookie videos. My latest video is about different ways to tweak chocolate chip cookies. And let me tell you, they came out AWESOME!!!! I made Turtle cookies, with pecans and a dab of caramel concealed inside the cookie. I also made mint chocolate chip cookies, and they were good too! I also made red velvet chocolate chip cookies, with white chocolate chips. It's like a red velvet cake, and it too was awesome!!! Well, I can say I got all the Christmas colors there! The mint cookies are green and the red velvet cookies, of course, are red! The turtle cookies though are just a plain color. 🍪

Well, I can say some good is coming out of this, I lost 8 pounds! This time, I'm going to keep on going, not stop no matter what! Well, I have no intention of moving soon, so keeping a regime of losing weight will be a lot easier now. As soon as I can get a car, there is a gym in town I want to join. I can use my treadmill still, but only for about 30 minutes at a time. I can't get on and run the whole hour and a half anymore. Bummer! 💪

My ma called me yesterday, she said that I called her yesterday morning. But I know I didn't. Oh well! It was nice talking to her anyways. She asked me why I left Facebook and I told her all about what happened. She knows I would never think cancer is a joke. But my ma has always been smart. She knows me. She wants me back on Facebook. I have been debating it, creating a little account that only close friends and family are on. That way, I can stay in touch with my family and close friends. But let's see. This would only be for family and my closest friends. Not INXS friends or anything like that. Though I might still include my dog breeder friends. I actually got kinda close to them. Before I left, I told one of them that she restored my faith in show breeders again. Well, she's a lot of fun! She recently went to a Duran Duran concert, she likes rock n roll music. I just wish I had been there with her, I'd have taken her backstage to meet up with those guys! Then we would have really had a blast! Hey! I've done it before! 😉


mikessa said...

I'm gonna go back to the gym too. I kinda had slacked off my diet since pa died, and with the holidays and my birthday here, well who could lose weight?

I hope you get over your flu soon. The last thing I need is to get a cold while I'm on my trip. I did that 10 years ago in Vegas and my trip was cut short because of that. Try drinking orange juice.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Unfortunately, I don't think orange juice is going to help me much. What I need to do is just relax, and get some lysol before you get here.

mikessa said...