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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Story Ideas

I was just reading the biography of the author of the Harry Potter series of books, JK Rowling. It says she was at a train station when she thought of Harry Potter, and the train was 4 hours late. I thought I might discuss some of the crazy story ideas I've had and how they got started. I think the only real reason my stories have not sold is because I have not done much myself to distribute them. But I do have plans for the future, which will come into fruition soon. I've been told, even by people who hated my guts, that my stories are good. I saw the smiles as they read the stories, and heard the wow's, and saw the instant look of pleasure on their faces as they read my stories, so I know the potential is there. I just have to get these stories out into the general populace. Not just via the website, but other ways too.

Well, really there is not much to say about the subject. LOL! Most of my story ideas I get when I just let my mind wander. Like when I am out walking around and having fun, I can derive a story idea from that. A lot of my stories are based on my own life experiences. There's been several of those. One thing I always remember when writing, people LOVE drama! So a lot of my stories are based on very dramatic points in my life. Some are only symbolic in their meanings. Like, you'd never know the story Gracie's Odyssey is based on my feelings after Michael Hutchence died. But it is. You don't really see it when you read the story, unless you knew me at that time. It was a very lost and confused feeling, and well I don't want to give the story away too much. LOL! Me and my buddy Cairo both wrote that story. He said I was in a deep funk. We joked around for a while about it, then he got the idea for that story. I've told y'all, I could write a whole novel about what I was thinking when I heard the news!

Most of my story ideas come to me when I am listening to music. Those are the best ways to get ideas. Music makes me think. That's why I love it! My mind is never more active than it is while I am listening to music. I mean, while I am walking most of what I am thinking about is the walk, and where I am going, and worrying about if I am going to step in that big pile of dog shit lying ahead of me on the path! LOL! But sometimes I let my mind wander and have fun. Some stories I get an idea of and get stuck in a certain point, and it can remain unfinished for years. Like this other story I called To Work or Dress. That story I originally began in 1997, but it sat unfinished for years before I finally decided how to finish it. I finally completed it in 2011. That BTW is another story based on personal experience. I added some creativity to it because who wants to hear "I was looking for work, and one of the places I went to was a strip bar"? No one. So I tend to add a little more color to the story, some details and shading. That makes it exciting and worth reading.

That story I got the idea one evening when I was at work on a temporary job. I had just quit a job telemarketing, where I was not treated very kindly, and the pay was lousy! I'm not the kind of person to push herself on others, and if you do telemarketing you have to be. This is also why I do not have many friends on Facebook. Going around asking people to become my friends is just out of my character. Those that I do ask can consider themselves lucky, because that means I really like that person, or I REALLY want to get to know them. I'm not a people-loving person, so not many people can claim that status. Anyways, I don't want to give away too much of the story, but it is on the UMG Productions website. One of the characters in the story is based on one of the people I had to work under while doing the telemarketing job, and she was an asshole!! She is in the story too. But I remember her name was Karen, she was fat, her hair was usually greasy and she often smelled bad. Besides that, she had a bitchy attitude. She was the unfortunately stereotypical picture most people have of fat women. I hated her! I remember when I first started working there, she was nice. I even remember wishing her a happy birthday, she was just turning 53, the same age as my father. Then after I was granted a vacation from there for 2 weeks, when I got back there, Karen was as mean as she could possibly be! I didn't know what caused the sudden change in attitude. But that is somewhat the basis for the story's climax.

I turn every negative into a positive! LOL! That's how I am. I don't like always focusing on the gloomy side. I even wrote a story about my job at the Puyallup Fair, when I worked for a woman named Tracy. Only in this story, I call her Stacy. She was a dyk. She also treated the workers like crap. Some bosses seem to think just because they are paying someone to do a job for them that they can treat the workers like crap. Basically taking advantage of a person does not work either way. I've had jobs I enjoy, the employers did not treat me like crap. I would never treat a working dog like crap, let alone a person! If you want people to work for you, you should be making the working environment a pleasant one. Even if it is temporary employment. Of course, back when I worked at the fair, I had no idea that people always treat temps like they are garbage. But temp or not, there's no excuse for the boss to have such a crappy attitude like Tracy did! That was the worst job I ever had in my life!! Partly because I didn't want it in the first place! But I did write a story about it, and the title is just what the job was; Dead End Job! Instead of me and my sis facing off with Tracy, I had Mushmouth and Kathy face off with her.

Mushmouth was a character I really glorified back in the late 80s and early 90s. Even I was in love with him!! So was everybody else. LOL! I publicized him very well! If we'd had the internet back then, Mushmouth would today be more popular than cats! That's how well I publicized him. I capitalized on that in this story.

I have several stories right now that have not left my head. I have yet to put them down on paper. There may be several reasons for that. Either I am having trouble thinking of a way to start them off, or they have no point to them (yet), or maybe my mind is tossing around ideas and they keep getting jumbled like a deck of cards thrown in the air. Some of these stories I am on the verge of starting, as I think I have pieced them together in a way where they would be enjoyable for the readers. One of them I have already started, I just need to keep it going. If it is good enough, I'll put it on the website.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

50% Michael

OK, on to a better subject, INXS. Yet again! LOL! Lately, I've been noticing Michael all over again. This time it's coming on stronger. Of course I have always loved the band members each in their own way. But lately, I've been eyeing Michael much more than I have over the past 10 years. Kindof like it was during the last couple of months before he passed away. Only then, it came on much more gradually than this. I've been at this for the past 2 weeks, and I don't know what's causing it! But then again, I never know what causes it! It just happens when it happens. Sometimes there is no cause. And this time, it is really strong. Usually after a rest from INXS fanhood, it is always Michael that reminds me why I am an INXS fan in the first place.

Last time I got heavily into INXS, Michael was responsible for sparking my interest, but it was Timmy I was more sweet on. I am still sweet on Timmy, but now my old feelings about Michael are coming back. Though I have yet to get really close to him, I think there is a block against it now. But I am gradually working on that block. It helps hearing my friends' stories about him. I have several friends who have actually met Michael. I don't consider what I had with him a "formal meeting". If he were to see me now, he would not recognize me at all. Back in 1991, when I kissed him, I was younger and thinner. He'd see me as this fat, ugly old crone and definitely would not remember me kissing him. If he noticed at all. He was looking at all the fans surrounding him. I remember. I'm not too sure I stood out very much. But I was like a schoolgirl kissing her favorite idol. Or like a puppy dog who was kissing someone she hadn't seen in months.

Oddly enough, I did not remember that experience until I went to an INXS concert with JD fronting in 2006. I mean, I remember Michael coming down the aisle, and I remember reaching out to kiss him, but I did not feel the giddiness I felt when I saw INXS again in 2006. Or I didn't remember feeling it. It could also have been because INXS was not my favorite group in 1991, Roxette was. I still loved INXS, but Roxette was my favorite group back then. Now, not any more, and I find myself constantly going back into and out of INXS fanhood. I don't know, this is just me. This is who I am.

Well, all those old feelings I used to have for Michael are beginning to come back. They have been creeping up on me for the past 2 weeks. I saw some clips on YouTube with him in them, and that was perhaps the beginning of it. I even found the clip where Oasis called Michael Hutchence a "has-been". UGH!!! Made me so mad I wanted to smack them good!!! Michael was so nice, treated those miscreants like royalty! And this is how they repay him. I don't want to sound like a radical INXS fan, and I am trying hard not to, but I HATE Oasis!!! They suck! And I think they are jealous in that clip because they don't even look half as good as Michael did! But unfortunately that was the beginning of the end. Michael, as I understand it, was so sensitive and humble. That remark just broke him. There was one song up for nomination that same day, and I would have loved to seen that one win first place award! Not fucking Oasis!!! I hate them!

I heard the next day a friend of Michael's made a joke about him being called a "has-been", and Michael did not like that joke either. He didn't laugh. Clearly, he was disturbed, and someone should have taken notice, and maybe done something about it! Like kick the two men of Oasis in the teeth for saying that!

Ya know all this comes at a shock to me, and probably lots of other fans. I once said on the old INXS.com site that I may never become a Hutch fan again. I guess the old adage that says "Never say never" is true! LOL! I always avoided getting close to him again before because well, he is gone from this world. As sad a thing as that is to say, it's true. A fact that cannot be denied. But thinking back throughout my history, that kind of thing has never stopped me before. I've always been an admirer of Dian Fossey, even am now in the process of writing a story with a character based on her. I still am an admirer of her's. Been an admirer since around 1988. She's quite a person to look up to. But she's also been dead since 1985. Harpo Marx too, my most favorite actor of all time, I've been an admirer of his since around 1983, and he's been dead since 1964. I also still love my grandma, who has been dead since 2001, and my Groucho. I still call her my baby. She's been gone since 2006. So, just because someone has been gone for a long time does not mean I should stop loving them for what they do or who they are. Or were. Same should go for Michael.

It helps that I joined these groups on Facebook dedicated to Michael, and now am seeing pics of him I've never seen before, and love intensely!!! Not only that, but hearing other peoples' stories of him and the first time they saw him, or met him. A lot of them are much more dramatic than my own. Like this one friend I have who went to a concert and Michael gave her one of his water bottles. And another friend who tried to shake hands with Michael, and he wouldn't shake hands with her so she flipped him off. And she said he laughed after she did that. LOL! I think that is the one story that has begun to bring me to this point now. That's the Michael I would have figured he was! To laugh at himself like that. Not the angry, depressed man who appeared in his last year to have this wall built around himself. But that was caused by a dumbass who thought it would be a good idea to kick Michael to the curb, which cracked his skull and caused him to lose his sense of smell and taste permanently. That caused his depression, and then his life took on a downward spiral from there.

And that's not even the end of it all. Then the deal with Bob Geldof taking his daughter away from him. I cannot believe how many people say that Michael stole Paula from Bob, which is insanely untrue!! Paula left Bob to trap Michael! The whole thing was her fault, not Michael's! But Bob kept Michael's baby from his family, even after he was gone. For that reason, I hate Bob Geldof!! When Peaches died this past year, I said Bob Geldof got what he deserved! Karma at it's finest!! People may hate me for saying that, or may think it's a horrible thing to say, but I say tough nookies!! It's true! Bob kept Michael's baby girl from him and his family, so karma came back and bit Bob in the ass, HARD!!! Bob Geldof, if he had been smarter, would have seen this coming sooner or later.

Now, the last thing I ever want to do is sound like a fanatic, I won't become that! But when I see people blaming Michael for what happened, saying things like he stole Paula from Bob, I have to speak up! Bob got his feelings hurt I am sure, but there were strong feeling all around too, not just Bob.

Well, I would say I am about 50% a Hutch fan now, I still love Timmy a lot. I just cannot bring myself to kiss my pics of Michael. Not ready for that yet! LOL! If I were 100% a fan, I'd have done it by now.

Monday, July 28, 2014

The Return of $am

Well, I finally heard back from Sam, who wrote to me a couple weeks ago saying he has some old books of mine from 1988. I had to write to him 2 times before I finally heard something. I still am not certain who this guy is. I have my hunches, but I am not 100% sure. He knows I do want these books back, but he says they won't be free. UGH!!! I knew he was going to say something like this. Even my ma knew he was going to say something like this!! I can offer to pay for the shipping to send the books to me, but I cannot offer much else. So if Sam asks me for $100 for each book, I'm going to tell him he's out of his fucking mind! LOL!!! Well, I know he rescued them fair and square, but still.

I mean, I really don't need these books back. I got all I need out of them already. Plus Trisha has copies of her own of those stories. I can always get them from her for free. So, Sam really doesn't have to send them to me. Besides the fact they are outdated. But it would be nice to have them back for my own personal collection. Not Trisha's. LOL! Like I said, she already has copies of the important stories. So, I won't feel bad if Sam asks me for $100 a piece to tell him he can take that price and stick it up his ass. LOL! They aren't worth that much!! It's not like I am dead now! Though the O'Hara's have moved away. Now, I can give him $25 for each book, that's no problem. That's about what the sketchbooks cost anyways. But anything higher, I'd have to tell Sam to stuff it. LOL!

Trisha only knows Sam has contacted me about these old books. She doesn't know he is asking for money for them. I know I don't really need these books. It's not like my world will come to an end if I don't get them. But to have them back would be a nice thing. Trisha would not really like me giving money to this guy at all. But I say hell with it! I do have a limit though. I'll just have to wait and see what he says. But yeah, if he asks for too much, I'll have to say no. Much as I would like to have these books back, it's not a necessity now, so I'd have to say no. I hope Sam would understand.

Well, I did some things I haven't done in a long time! I made a few more video advertisements for a couple more stories. I really have not worked on anything like that since 2008. These are not easy to do! But they are fun!!! I love putting video ads together for our stories. The trick is finding music that tells the story as well as the words and pictures. I like to use classical music because I think it speaks the loudest. Classical music tells the story in a subtle way, yet it tells it in a manner that is understandable, even though a lot of modern people don't realize that. Well, I made presentation videos for The Mountain is Exploding and Timmyfan in Montana. They are near the base of the page. Hope you all like! I think I did these better than any other video presentation I have on that site. And several stories do have them.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Timmyfan AKA ...?

Well, I have decided that I'd like to write a post about all the online names I have gone by over the years. Since the dirty dozen mob accuses me of "hiding behind" nicknames! LOL! Yeah! Like they NEVER do the same thing! HAHAHAHA Bullshit! All except for CrystalK, they ALL hide behind anonymous names! They don't mind giving out other peoples' real names, but most of them hide their own identity ALL the time! Although I found out Eddie's Mom's real name is also Rosemary. hehehe! I also have her real address too. I kept it all these years. But if you ask her what her real name is, she'd never tell you. Most of the DDM won't. At least everyone knows who I am. The reason they hide behind anonymous names is because they know they can get sued, because they are fully aware that they slander more people than I do! At least what I say is true. And the people I talk about, if they are going to be honest about it, will vouch for it. The only reason the DDM accuses me of slander is because they don't want anyone to know the truth about them.

Anyway, I began getting on the internet in 1996, and the first social site I went to was the online chat rooms. I mostly went in there to meet up with my ma. It was a site called Pirch, and it was an IRC chat community. Though I recently tried to look for Pirch, and now it's an online dating site. I don't know if it was derived from the original chat community, or if the domain name was bought by a dating site. But it is not the same Pirch I knew back in 1996 and 97. I typically went into the Babyboomers chat room to chat with ma there, and several other people. This was my first online social experience. The people in that chat room were so nice. Back then, I went in under the name "Catcraze". And this was LONG before cats became such a huge thing on the internet! This was back when we had those Persians and were going to breed them. Everyone on there got to know me by the name Catcraze. I stayed on that chat room for several months, then ma said we were actually too young to be in that chat room. Everyone else that was in there were babyboomers. So, after she said that, I felt she didn't want us going in there anymore, so I left.

I went into another chat room, my second one, but I only went in there a couple times. This chat room was not through Pirch, this was just a regular online chat room, I don't remember how I found it, but it was rather early in 1997 then. I don't even remember what the subject of the chat room was, but most everyone in there were teenagers, and teenagers are not very friendly people! Especially online. Well, in that chat room I used the name "Vulcan", because at the time I was working on the Tribute to Mount St. Helens story. There were these two teenagers who were talking publicly amongst each other, and kept calling each other "nigger". I asked them to stop because it was disturbing me. Back then, I had no idea that teenagers always called each other that in affection. One of them voiced up saying "Fuck that!" he said he was talking to this other guy. Someone else asked them to take it into private chat and they did. Thank GOD!! Well, I had to stop using the name Vulcan because someone thought I was a Star Trek fan, and I'm not. I didn't want everyone thinking I was. So I tossed that name.

Throughout most of 1997, I went in and out of chat rooms, just for the fun of it. I remember I investigated one chat room on Pirch and it was owned by this guy named Greg. I was back to calling myself Catcraze then. Greg and I got really into it then, he didn't like it that I had my WAV downloader on and told me that if he sees me with that on again, he was going to ban me from the chatroom. I was so angry at him for that, I never thought I could feel that much anger towards anyone online. I yelled and screamed and cussed him out! Everybody in there was trying to calm me down, but I refused to calm down and I said I was leaving and I won't ever go into that chatroom again. I didn't even feel that much anger towards those two teenagers who kept calling each other niggers. But that was the first time I think I was ever personally attacked online. Anyways, that was the first time I felt personally attacked. And I got pissed!!

I decided after that to stay out of chat rooms for a while. It was not easy, because I rather enjoyed it when I found someone I could converse with. Then I began working on my Metazoic Checklist. Before all this started, I had a Macintosh computer, which I got rid of because I could not find any programs to go with it. My Metazoic Checklist was on one of those Mac disks, and before I got rid of the Mac, I had printed out what was, at that time, the most updated list of Metazoic mammals. I wanted to keep the list accessible on the computer, so I typed up the list on the new computer so I could put it onto a disk. It was during my work on this list that I got the news that Michael Hutchence had died. I was right in the middle of working on that list when I got the news. My world stopped right there. I think my heart stopped too! I was definitely in shock. That night, I wanted to continue working on the list for a while longer. It wasn't until I took a shower that night that it hit me, and hit me HARD the fact that Michael was gone. I could not stop crying then. I've never cried over the death of any celebrity before, ever! Michael was the first one. And so far, has been the only one. I've felt sorrow for other celebs who've passed, but not like the total melancholia I felt when Michael died.

Anyways, after he passed, I gathered all my pics of him and kept myself surrounded by them. Then my interest in INXS began to deepen again. I thought about going into chat rooms once again and maybe finding one whose subject was about INXS. I couldn't find any on Pirch. So, I looked on the internet. I found one on a site called "An Excess of INXS". The first time I went in there, I went in under the name Catcraze. The first few times I went in there under the name Catcraze. But then I got sick and tired of people calling me "cat". By this time, I had begun to get tired of those Persians we had! They'd messed up my house, torn my furniture and screens, coughed up hairballs everywhere, spread disease all through the family, and I had just had it!! I was looking for a new home for them by this time. So, I didn't want to become known as "cat", so I looked for myself another nickname. I thought since this is an INXS related chat room, I should call myself something related to INXS. So I called myself "Kick Cat". I was hoping everyone would take the hint and start calling me Kick, which is my favorite INXS album. But no! Everyone still kept calling me "cat". So, I completely dropped the "cat" and just called myself "Kick". But someone told me that name was already taken by a regular. So, I thought for a while, then decided to call myself "Kick87", after my favorite INXS album and the year it came out. And that name stuck with me for the rest of that year going in that chat room.

About a year later, I decided on a bit of a change. I had gotten myself a black, tan and white Chihuahua that I named Bambi. He was marked like a toy fox terrier, and a lot of TFT enthusiasts kept mistaking him for one because he did not have that babydoll face a Chihuahua should have. So, I went into the INXS chat room under the name Bambi. Well, I only went in there for a few months. It was worse in there at that time than it was when I was a regular visitor there the year before, all because of this guy named Nick. Nick was generally nice, but sometimes he could be an asshole too, and would F-bomb everyone in there. He may be the one responsible for running everybody off that chat room. I made quite a few friends in that chat room, even Nick. Even though he could be an asshole, when he was nice, he could be really nice. But the chat room was not the same place I remembered. A lot of my fondest memories on the internet took place in that chat room the year before.

Well, by 2000, I began to investigate other sources of entertainment. This was also the year the INXS chat room lost all of it's visitors. I tried going in there again this year, but no one was in there anymore. I learned of a new site, Napster. There, I could download music, and they had chat rooms set up, so I had a lot of fun on that site. But this was the year I learned about cyber-wolves. There were people who got on there and just wanted to get some nooky. My guess was because they couldn't get any in real life. I made a friend with a 16 year old girl whose nickname was something like gofunky. I was in the chat room under the name INXSgirl. Well, this girl was smart beyond her years. I remember one time I had a problem with my computer, and thankfully her uncle, as it were, was a computer technician, and she told me how to fix the problem. She also told me what 69 meant! LOL! I had heard it in relation to sex before, but I didn't know how. She told me. LOL! There were also some who were not so friendly. The first time I got into the chat rooms in Napster, there was this cyber-wolf who called himself something like "Sweetchick" looking for cyber sex. I said none for me, and he went ballistic!!!! LOL! Cussed me out, called me every name he could think of, including "fat ass". LOL! I wasn't even fat then! I weighed about 110 pounds. For me, back then, that was fat, but not for everyone else. No one else except maybe sweetchick. But after talking with him for about 5 minutes, I could understand why no girl wanted him in real life.

Well, that was back when Napster was free. I don't go there anymore. I only saw this gofunky girl a few times, but I looked forward to our visits. After a while I didn't see her in there anymore. So, I stopped going in. I think those were the last chat rooms I became a regular in. I didn't even go into Pirch anymore. That was when I discovered forums. Forums are more permanent than chat rooms. Things get posted up on there and they stay there. People on forums, if you piss them off, they never let you forget it! LOL! The first forum I went into was actually pet related. It was the USDA forum. But they had different beliefs than I had. I used AKC when I register my pups, but they were more fans of APRI. Until I went into that forum, I'd never even heard of APRI. Then later on I found out it was a bogus pet registry set up for puppymillers who didn't want to deal with AKC's DNA standards.

I first went in there in 2001, just after my grandma had passed away. My Chihuahua, Bambi (not the same one I had before that looked like a toy fox terrier) had just had puppies, and I made a big announcement on several forums. The USDA forum being one of them, and the AcmePet forum being another. The USDA forum was more accepting than the AcmePet forum, but for some reason I stuck with the AcmePet forum. I guess because I believed more in their ethics about breeding. I know Bambi was not a good specimen of a Chihuahua, but back then I knew nothing about backyard breeders or puppymillers or even show breeders, and what makes an ethical breeder. But I was not treated very kindly on the AcmePet forum. I called myself Bambi on that forum, after my dog. It wasn't until later on that I found out people linked the name Bambi with someone who is a dumb blond bimbo. One person mentioned it, and since she did, I was sure everyone believed that. I think I stayed on that forum for about 5 months. I started going in there in April, after Bambi had her pups, and stopped when 9/11 happened. I got sick of the people in there tearing me apart, and tearing everyone apart too. So, I dropped that forum.

I tried going into the forums at An Excess of INXS, but there was one person in there, who called herself Mystify, that kept on accusing everyone of being someone called Cherry Baby! UGH!! She even accused me! I didn't even know, and still don't know, why those two hated each other so much! I never asked because it was none of my business! So, I didn't stay in that forum for long.

In 2002, I learned about MSN groups, and started going into a few of them. But I could not find any that I fit in well with. There were several that was run by the same person, all about Chihuahuas. She did not like having people around who disagreed with her, and kicked several people out. I think her name was Sandra. She even kicked me out of her forum once. Not just me, but several ethical people too. Then, I was going under the name Luvapuddy, which was our kennel name back then. I had taken on breeding Chihuahuas, and I named our home Luv-A-Puddy Chihuahuas. Later on I changed it to TG's Babies. I was thinking of taking on another breed, so the Chihuahuas would not have fit.

Well, the MSN groups were dull and boring! So, I looked for another forum, that was when I discovered the BuyBelowCost forum, now called the Pluba forum. When I first went in there, I called myself Luvapuddy. Later on, after I got Groucho and was so proud of her, I changed my handle to Grouchosmommy. I remember Tanya used to call me "Grouchosdummy". LOL! We didn't get along well back then. But it wasn't so bad. If I could be a slave to my Groucho, or in essence, her "dummy", I would have! I loved my baby. I'd do anything to spoil her! LOL! For a short while, I went under the name MuffN'Mose, because of a couple of Chihuahua puppies I was going to get, but never did. I should have got them anyways! Just to see what they would have produced! I was going to name one, a blue and white female Muffin, and a small cream male Moses. But when I showed a pic on that forum, someone told me they looked unhealthy. So, I changed my mind about getting them. To this day, I regret that! Especially after I lost Groucho in 2006. So that name did not last long on that forum. I went back to being Grouchosmommy.

Well, after that incident with Pal, I left that forum. I had gotten back into INXS and found the INXS Fan Forum, and loved it in there. The people were much nicer than the people on the BuyBelowCost forum! So, I said "Sayonara suckers!" to them and just went to the Fan Forum. The first time I went into that forum, I called myself LAPchis, after my kennel. Then someone posted an awesome pic of Tim Farriss and I was in LOVE with him at that point. There were people in there who called themselves Garry's Girl, and Hutch Girl, and I think there was someone who called herself "Jon's Girl", so I took the name Timmy's Girl. I didn't see any harm in it. A few months later, after I got over the business with "Pal" on the BuyBelowCost forum, I went back, and I kept the name Timmy's Girl there too. I went in with a new attitude. I said I was no longer going to let the things those people did get to me anymore, and I was going to try and get along with everybody there. At least show them what real internet friendship is like! LOL! I took all 1000 of my Timmy pics there with me too. For me, posting Timmy pics when someone annoyed me was like the equivalent of counting to 10 to cool off. It helped me keep a positive attitude. But those people were so asinine, it was very hard to keep a positive attitude toward them! They could not go one day without attacking someone else. So, I left again.

After a while, I decided I did not like the name Timmy's Girl. Because I am NOT Timmy's girl! Only one person in the world should have that nickname, and that's Tim's wife, Beth. That's how I felt about it. So I dropped that name and called myself TimGal, which is basically a shortened version (and more accurate) of Timmy's Girl. Sometimes I call myself TimmyGal too. But lately I've stuck mostly with Timmyfan, because that is all I am, just a fan of Tim Farriss. Nothing more. I'm nobody to him. Just a mere fan, and I like it like that. So, I think I am going to stick with this name for as long as I am a fan of his, which may be a LONG time! So, get used to it. And to the dirty dozen mob, if you don't like it, then tough nookies!! Go screw yourselves!!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

What I Love & Hate About Reno

As many of you may know, I moved to Reno back in January, and sometimes I regret it, and sometimes I just love it here!! Reno, like most large towns, has it's good points and it's bad points. It is a big town! Not anywhere as big as Las Vegas or even Seattle, but it's a big town that has a lot! My ma moved here in March of last year, and it was her that invited me to move here back in January when I had to live in that trailer for 3 days without any running water. It was difficult. But that was the final straw that made me decide it was time for another move. I didn't say much about it in this blog because it was really a last minute decision. As much as I miss WA state, I decided to move here until Noah calls me from Oregon. Then I can get out of here, and start looking for a place to move to there. From that point on, I am going to become an Oregonian. I'm probably never moving back to WA state again. Though I cannot really say that, I love WA state. It's where I spent the majority of my life. So, who knows?

Well, before I made the final decision to move here, I sat down and made a pro and con list of things that I knew about Reno. The biggest con was the heat. I know here it gets to above 100 degrees in the summer. But honestly, I didn't think I would be here that long! I actually thought I would be out of this state by now! And if I had been in this state by now, I would have thought the place I got stuck in would be air conditioned. Well, Donna has a swamp cooler, and now it works, but it didn't when the heat outside got to over 100 degrees. Then again, she said that is a fluke because it worked very well last year. So I don't know. But now that she has fixed it, it works great! That was one thing about living in Bozeman, at least that apartment was air conditioned. In the summer, that was great!!

There is a pro to this place, well sort of!! LOL! If you get hungry, and it's too hot to cook, you can always go to one of the many restaurants in this town. I've been to several! But since I am going for a lifestyle change, I cannot eat out too much! But the food in most of the places in this town is very good!!! My favorite place to go is the Peppermill. I was hooked on their mashed potatoes there for a while! It had a flavor like I'd never tasted before! As a great cook myself, I think I detected what flavors they used. I think they use a little garlic and parmesan cheese in their recipe, and it was AWESOME!!! They were the very best mashed potatoes I ever had anywhere! Let me emphasize, they WERE the best! They are not anymore. They must have hired a new chef because the first time I had their mashed potatoes, right after I moved here, they were smooth and creamy and the flavor was just right. Now, they're lumpy, crusty and seem to have lost that good flavor. Last time I had their mashed potatoes, they were not as good as they were when I first had them. It's sad!!

Looking for an apartment in this town was not easy! All the apartments I could afford were in areas that were loaded with garbage, probably had mice and cockroaches. Then I found Donna in the Nickelsaver ads. I thank GOD every day that I found her! I almost didn't want to call her because of the bad experience I had moving in with Patti, another stranger who was looking for a roommate. But Patti didn't know what she was doing. Donna does. I will say that my experience with Patti has made me much more alert, and before even consenting to an interview with Donna, I asked her what she is looking for in a roommate, and she told me. One of the things she elaborated on was that she is a loner and she doesn't want anyone who is going to hang out under her feet. This is why I get along so well with her. Neither one of us is in each others' business. I'm a loner too. One thing I never do is poke my nose in someone else's business. I just go about my daily routine, and that's it. If I feel Donna needs help, I help her as much as I can. Like yesterday with the screens. She was having trouble putting the screens back in place, so I helped her out.

One thing about Donna that bugs me, she won't let me help her out in the yard. Every time I ask her, she says she doesn't need any help. But I feel so bad when she does all that work by herself. She is very spry!! LOL! She has a lot of get-up-and-go for someone her age. I like that! But I just feel bad when she does all that work herself. But I guess she's used to being a do-it-yourselfer. That's good for her. But it makes me feel bad not doing much around here to help. For my daily exercise, I go to the fitness center, and I do love it! Since I've started, I've lost around 35 pounds. I only started 3 months ago. My sis is still my inspiration! I'm not calling this a diet. I don't like to use the word "diet". I'm calling this a change in lifestyle. I haven't changed what I eat, I've changed how much of it I eat. Before I started this change, I used to could eat 2 hot dogs in one sitting. Now, I can't anymore. One hot dog fills me up very well. The only time I splurge is when I go to the buffet, and that really is not very often. But then again, if I am going to pay $10 to go to one of those places, I am going to make it worth the money!! A person pays more than that for a good prime rib dinner in a restaurant. So, yes, I am going to splurge when I go to a buffet. I just limit how often I go to those kind of places to maybe once a month. IF that often! But I find I still lose weight, even after going to a buffet!

Well, one of the things I hate about summer, knowing both Donna and I are loners, I have to sit out in the living room to work on my computer. I cannot just do it in my bedroom. The living room is where the cooler is, and the cool air does not reach to my bedroom very well. I feel bad because I feel like I am invading Donna's space. Of course I did warn her that when summer set in, I was going to be spending a lot more time in the living room because of the cooler. I can't stand heat. Too much heat makes me cranky! So I am hoping to be able to move out soon. Though it's going to be a dark day for Donna! She says I am the best roommate she's ever had. And I am going to miss her besides! I don't want to leave her in a bind, but when Noah calls me, I have to be there, no matter what! I don't know if they are going to allow me to give Donna 30 days notice. But I do hope she can find a good roommate just like me that will treat her well and pay their rent on time. That's one thing I always make sure I do is pay my rent when I am supposed to. I may not pay much else, but I always pay my rent.

Another bad thing about Reno, the damn traffic!! Yesterday was HOT as Hell!! And I got caught in traffic. Vegas was with me, and he was panting, poor baby. But both of us were stuck in traffic in that damn car! Nothing I could do about it. Just comfort Vegas and give him some water. He was the one who was mostly in the shade though, I was the one who wound up getting sunburned! LOL! But thankfully we got home and everything was OK. Vegas was fine. I will say I have met some nice people in this town. One time I was walking Vegas and a couple of guys pulled up and offered me and him a ride where we needed to go. At first I said no because we were almost home anyways, and that was where I was headed. But they said it was OK anyways. They felt bad for Vegas because poor baby, he looked tired. So I accepted. The people here don't appear to be as helpful as they were in Port Angeles, but some people here do seem nice. And that is good!

Well, those are some reasons I like and some reasons I hate this place. I know no place is perfect.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Amy's Baking Company, The Sequel

OMG the crazy woman is back!! LOL! And yes, she is crazy. Some guy said she acted like a cat with her claws out and all she had to say about that was "meow". She is definitely crazy! It's a shame she does not see that. But then again, cat people can never see how crazy they are. Some admit it, but Amy will not admit it. You can't admit something you don't acknowledge. For that reason alone, I would never eat at their restaurant! I wouldn't eat anything made by some cat-fag! She'd probably put a hairball in the food! I used to hate having to pick those damn things up! Let alone have it put in my food. That's why I don't have cats and don't want cats either. Though I wouldn't mind a Siamese or a hairless cat. No hairballs to cough up. Having Persians, they cough up hairballs several times a day. Ours did! Siamese, well let me put it this way; I had a Siamese for 3 years, in that time, he never coughed up a hairball.

Well, as nutty as Amy is, she's nowhere near as bad as her husband, Samy. Samy is the one with the big mouth. Not to mention he is greedy and unprofessional. They both made an appearance on Dr. Phil, and Dr. Phil had someone, who was an expert in business consulting, come in and give some advice to Amy and Samy. One of the things he suggested is to give things away for free. It's one way to pique the curiosity of new customers. Samy sat in the chair shaking his head. He absolutely opposed the idea of giving anyone any discounts or free samples of anything. Like I said, he is greedy! He said something to the effect of "If they wanna come in and try the food, they can afford to pay for it!" That's all Samy thinks about is the money! Not the customers! Meaning money means more to him than people. I wouldn't have married him! Besides, I think he's a bad influence on Amy.

Amy told Dr. Phil that she can't eat, she can't sleep, all because she gets death threats and offers from people who want to fuck her. I remember a LONG time ago, I used to let things like that bother me. But not anymore. I remember I lost 60 pounds once because I was angry over some things that happened on an internet forum. I got myself down to about 90 pounds! I was anorexic, believe it or not! LOL! Then I thought to myself, what the heck am I doing?? Why am I allowing an incident that happened over the internet to get to me this way? Though part of it could have been because I was vulnerable after losing my grandma, as it happened about the same time, also because I was young and didn't know how to handle situations like that yet. I was also rather new to the internet and message boards. Those piled up together may have been contributors to why I let things like what happened do physical harm like that to me. Things that today, would not affect me at all.

This business consultant also told Amy and Samy that they need to give up this urge to read every post on their Facebook page, and Yelp, and Twitter, and just focus on those that love their business and are loyal customers. Now, there I totally agree with him! On UMG Productions, we are not allowed to respond to customers who leave feedback. We have staff who reads each comment posted, and if it is irrelevant to the story they are commenting on, the post gets deleted. But I, as a simple author and contributor, am forbidden to read any of the comments, or respond to them. Like Dr. Phil says in this episode (and my supervisor always said the same thing) sometimes the comments are poison! Some can be a learning experience, but only from those who have actually read the story (not the free samples). So, I do not read comments on there. That's for another team of workers, not me. I barely read the comments posted on this page anymore! LOL!

But most of the reason my supervisor does not let me read any comments left on the UMG site is because I could get the urge to respond. Though I have now had years of practice at not responding to negative comments (and not even really reading them), she doesn't even want me to be tempted. So, I don't read the comments. My supervisor wants both the customer and contributor to have a good experience with the website. Unlike at Amy's Baking Company, where if you don't like the food, you get cussed out. My supervisor wouldn't stand for that at all!! Not from any of us! She'd have my head on a platter if I did that!! But Samy has such a big mouth, he cannot stop himself from responding to negativity. Amy thinks if she doesn't respond, the trolls win. Well, that's not true at all! If you respond to trolls, which is exactly what they want you to do, the trolls win, and you've just shown you are weak and vulnerable. When a troll or hater posts a negative comment on one of my videos, I don't really look. I give a quick glance and look for a few key words, and if I see those words, I don't read anymore of the comment and pass it by and ignore it. Just move on to something else. I never let it get me down. Not anymore! Life is so much more pleasant when you just knock over the trolls and haters and go on with your own day to day life! It's kept me smiling all this time! And the trolls get butthurt when you stop responding to them, and sometimes that is even funnier than what they were trying to accomplish.

I still say Amy needs to do 3 things in order to succeed in life. Since Dr. Phil's staff gave her cooking 100% thumbs up, all Amy has to do now is get rid of Samy, get rid of the cats, and grow a thick skin. Ignore the haters, and listen to legitimate complaints from people actually trying her food. Not just the compliments.

Anyways, this is the video where they go on Dr. Phil and ask for help with their business. Notice how Samy acts throughout the whole show. Also notice Dr. Phil's reaction to Samy's doubting.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

More Excess of INXS

Yesterday was Lily's birthday, she is Michael's little girl. Well, that little girl is not so little anymore! She's 18 now! A grown woman. She had better get herself out there now and look for a boyfriend, if she doesn't already have one yet. She should do her part to carry on Michael's genes. He's got some good ones! He had a lot of talent, and he was handsome to boot! Lily looks just like him! She's sure to have beautiful children, if none of those ugly Paula genes show up!! GOD forbid!!

Anyways, I kinda celebrated by watching an INXS video I put together myself from videos I collected about INXS. One of the videos I collected was a series of interviews of the men of INXS. I saw Timmy again for the first time in a long time! Ya know, my love and fascination for Timmy has now been dormant for a couple years. But seeing him again last night on TV, I remembered why I love him so much! Not only is he talented, he is also really funny! When he pointed out his "incredibly awesome ass", as he put it himself, I laughed! I said "Well at least he acknowledges it!" LOL! Well, I always thought that myself! LOL! He does have an incredibly awesome ass! I love his buns! It's what made me notice him in the first place, back when I first fell in love with INXS back in 1990. Actually it was Michael who first caught my attention, but it was Tim who kept my attention going.

I never actually formally met Michael, I did see him perform live only once. And I did kiss him! LOL! Well, I was a teenager then. Teenagers don't care about personal space. I didn't. Any parent of a teenager certainly knows that! Since the last time I saw INXS perform live on stage, I even forgot how it feels to see them perform live! I was reminded last night, which is why my first INXS concert back in 1991 did not stand out in my mind. At that time, there were other groups that I actually liked better than INXS. Especially this one Roxette. I had a huge crush on Per Gessle. And yes, I did see them live too, that same year in fact. Well, I am no longer such a huge fan of Roxette. I actually stopped crushing on Per Gessle in 1992 when that incident with this couple named Patti and Chris happened. A long story! And I think I have told that story on here before. But thankfully I was not as into INXS as I was into Roxette back then, or INXS would have been extinct in my mind too.

Well, between 1992 and 1997 I didn't even much think about INXS. I was taking a bit of a rest from INXS fanhood. And any rock star fanhood I believe! I still liked music, but there were no bands that I particularly liked in that time period. None that I can think of. I remember in 1995 I had a dream that I married a famous rock star. Guess who that rock star was. It wasn't Michael, Timmy or Per Gessle. It was not MC Hammer or Richard Marx. It was actually Tom Petty! LOL!! I don't know why I had a dream like that. While I like a few of Tom Petty's songs, he is not among my most favorite musicians. He's not even really all that great looking!! He kinda looks like a lanky version of John Denver. But in '95 I wasn't even looking at any rock stars at all.

I probably never would have gotten back into INXS except in 1997, something happened. It was a couple months before Michael passed away, and for some unknown reason to me, I began to look at my pics of the guys again. Little by little, day by day, I would stare more at my pics. By the time Michael passed away, I was just enough into INXS again to take notice. And for it to have an effect on me. I remember I cried. But not right away, because I couldn't. When I first heard the news, I was working on my Metazoic checklist. I didn't have time to cry. But it hindered my accuracy. There are probably some animals from the original list that I never got to transfer to this current list, and are now completely lost somewhere in cyberspace. I cried that night in the shower and when I went to bed, I cried myself to sleep, thinking of Michael.

For several years after, even hearing Michael's name made me cry all over again. That must have went on for about 4 years. Then in 2002, I took another break from INXS fanhood. In 2005, for some reason, I woke up from a sound sleep, thinking about INXS, and started looking all over the internet for INXS things. That was when I discovered the Fan Forum. That's also when I discovered a nudie pic of Michael, which made me fall in love with INXS all over again! LOL! Well, that only lasted a couple weeks, then someone posted an incredibly awesome pic of Timmy, and I saw him in a whole new light!! I had loved Tim before, when I acquired some INXS videos in 1998 and found out how funny and spontaneous he was. But I never really thought he was handsome (aside from his cute buns) until I saw this pic posted on the INXS Fan Forum. Then, I fell completely head-over-heals for him!! I even liked him better than Michael! In the pic, he was standing looking so sexy in a most sexy pose!! And after seeing that pic, I was in absolute fucking LOVE!!!!! Too bad the Fan Forum is no longer up! I don't trust the Switchboard!

Well, for the past week or so, I have been looking once again at Michael a lot. I even kissed his pic yesterday for the first time since 2005. I did it without even thinking! It just happened! But I remember I said to myself "Hey! I haven't done that in a long time! And it felt GOOD!!!" Maybe I will do it more often. LOL!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Why I Hate the Westboro Baptist Church

Another "Why I Hate" article, this time I will be discussing the WBC, which are a group of religious fanatics. They are known for picketing the funerals of fallen soldiers, using politically incorrect terms like "fag", "whore" and "cunt". They are glad when people are killed in disasters like 9/11 and the tsunamis in Asia and Japan. Basically, they make GOD look evil! They preach all the wrong stuff, and someone who does not live by their standards they claim is in Hell, or is going there. I wonder if they have now said that their leader, Fred Phelps is now in Hell? I was always taught that GOD is not the evil one, that HE is the one who loves us. Satan is the one who is supposed to be the bad guy. But not in the eyes of the WBC.

Now, I will begin by saying that there are some things I do admire about the WBC. Yes, you read that correctly....admire!! Anyone who comes from one of the most hated groups in America and is brave enough to stand on the corners of this country and preach hate the way they do, has got to be some of the bravest people on the planet!!! For that reason I admire their gut and grit! But there are more things I hate about them than admire. Their bravery is probably mostly derived from the old instinct that there is safety in numbers. Plus, they employ the local police to stand by them at every corner and protect them. So, I guess their bravery is not really brave. If it was, they would have no need for police protection.

The #1 reason I hate the WBC is they are no different than the dirty dozen mob. They do shit to people, but hate it when the same thing is done to themselves. Some of the members' own children who have abandoned the church have even stated that the members of the church don't hold themselves up to the same high standards that they hold the public up to. They expect strangers to be better people than they are, which makes them kindof hypocritical. If not wholly hypocritical! I expect nothing of strangers, because I just don't give a shit about strangers. People are just people to me. If I am a certain way to a person, or a group of people, I expect them to be the same way to me. Or maybe I was that way to them because they were that way to me. But if someone is going to do shit to me, expect to get the same treatment back! And don't act like a pussy when I do. Actually I get more angry when someone disrespects my family than if they disrespect me.

Another reason I hate the WBC, they think being gay is the worst sin a person can be convicted of. I will admit there are some things about being gay that I just don't understand, but I don't think it's the worst sin a person can commit! If being gay is so bad, why did GOD create gays in the first place? HE must have a decent plan for them if HE created them. I just cannot see why GOD would create something just so HE can destroy it, that doesn't make sense to me. A person would have to be totally insane to create something only to have it destroyed! Or would have to be working for a television company! And I don't think GOD is doing that without telling us! I think personally that by creating gay people, GOD is trying to send a better message to the world that we need to learn to get along and live peacefully, no matter what differences we may have.

Now, I am probably going to receive some hateful messages because of this, but I have to admit, transvestites do scare the crap out of me! They are the only ones though. I have to admit, there is something creepy about a man who dresses up like a woman. And what if I fall in love with a guy only to find out the guy I fell in love with wasn't a guy??!! And if a transvestite wants to use the bathroom, which one do they go into? I'd feel rather uncomfortable if a man, who is dressed like a woman, came in the bathroom while I'm trying to take a wizz. How would I know if that person is a transvestite because he is really mixed up with his sexuality, or if he just wants to come into the ladie's restroom to get a glimpse of something he should not be glimpsing? He could just be a pervert using the female apparel to go into restricted places that he should not be going for all I know! I am not saying a true transvestite has no right to live, and I don't feel hate towards them, I'm just saying that there could be those who are perverts, phonies and fakers, and it's just hard to tell who is whom.

I remember there was a woman like that at Optiva when I worked there. I think she was a woman with the mind of a man. A perverted man! She was in her late 40s, or early 50s, was German I think, she was also fatter than I was, and rarely did I ever hear her speak English, but she communicated with the Asians there very well, so she must have been bilingual. Anyway, I caught her trying to look in on me in the restroom one day. I saw her little eyeball peeking in the crack of the stall's doorway where I was. I almost flipped the bird at her too. LOL! I wish I had! But she scared me sometimes when she did things like that. She seemed to be obsessed with me too.

Another reason I hate the WBC, they make Christians look bad!! A lot of people these days are turning to atheism, and I have the distinct feeling that the reason for that is because of the hate the WBC spews, especially about gays! We're turning into a friendlier, more accepting world, and the WBC hates it. They think we should all hate gay people just because they do and that they should be put to death. Another group of people the WBC spreads hate about are Jewish people. I have to ask, what the fuck is wrong with the Jewish???? Why is every religious group so against them?? I don't get that at all!! They are the best doctors, the best cooks, even the best comedians! I don't see anything wrong with Jewish people at all! Why is the WBC so against them?? It just doesn't make sense to me.

That's probably just part of their ridiculous notions. The WBC is full of them. Another reason I hate the WBC, they live their lives by the Bible's Old Testament and think that is OK by today's standards too. They seem to have forgotten that GOD sent Jesus to Earth to die for our sins. All we have to do is ask for forgiveness and HE will grant it to us. And I understand that in order to be forgiven, you have to repent and not do the same thing over again. But if GOD created gays, that does not mean they are living in sin! They are doing what comes natural to them. They are doing what GOD intended them to do.

Another reason I think the WBC is ridiculous, they don't believe in having boyfriends or girlfriends or dating. Their philosophy is "One man, one woman, and the marriage bed is sacred". Well, how is a man or a woman supposed to know that is the person they want to be with, if they don't shop around? I'm not going to take the first man I see, he could be a jerk for all I know! A woman can't be too careful these days. Back in the days of the Old, OLD Testament, that might have been an easier rule to follow. But today, you just have to shop around to find the perfect soulmate. If I took the first roommate I ever had the way the WBC wants everyone to take the first man/woman they find, I'd still be miserable living with Patti!! I would not have wanted that!! I'm glad I shopped around, and found Donna. She's a good person. Nothing at all like Patti!!  Donna even did a video chat with my sis, and that was cool. My sis is glad she never met Patti, and I am too!! Patti might have said some awful things about my sis. She would have surely found something bad to say about her, whether it was true or not! Of course then I would have had a good excuse to shut her up by slapping the shit out of her! I wouldn't stand for her being disrespectful to my sister!

Another reason I hate the WBC, they rejoice in disasters that kill people, as I mentioned in the opening paragraph in this blog. Some of the disasters they have praised was 9/11, the Asian and Japanese tsunamis, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, etc. They think we need to thank GOD for ALL HIS righteous judgments. Especially those that kill people. They say when people die, that is an act of GOD. Yet, when something bad happens to one of them, the people who committed the act are nothing but "rebels", or basically bad people. Excuse me, but if a 20-year old messed-up man enters an elementary school and starts shooting at small children, that is NOT an act of GOD! If it happened to them, the WBC would have called that shooter a "rebel", not someone who was sent by GOD. So, if he would be a rebel if he attacked the WBC, he was surely a rebel attacking a school with small children! There is no difference there! But to them, there is, because it did not affect them in any way. Refer once again to my #1 reason for hating the WBC.

Anyways, this is the reasons I can't stand the Westboro Baptist Church. They're a bunch of pussies who act tougher than they really are and spread hate and half-truths. And as long as it doesn't directly affect them, they love all the evil in the world and blame it all on GOD. When I get to Heaven, I am going to ask GOD what HE really thinks of the WBC going around the country making HIM look evil.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Why I Hate Vegans and Vegetarians

Everyone knows by now about my plight against vegans, I have made numerous blog posts, videos and Facebook posts about why I hate vegans and vegetarians and why I do not agree with them. Well, the dirty dozen mob has now begun to accuse me of "slandering" vegans. HAHAHA!!! As if they've never done it themselves! And if vegans had their way, everything the dirty dozen mob stands for wouldn't exist! But that's the trademark of the dirty dozen is bitching about other people doing the exact same things they do. That's why I can't stand them.

Anyways, here I have decided to discuss why I can't stand vegans and vegetarians. Now, I do have a number of vegan buddies, and I like them as much as I do my other friends. But they are the ones who respect me as a non-vegan. They all already know there is going to be no converting me, and they accept that. Well, when they accepted my friendship, they accepted the fact that I am never going to go vegan. I've heard all the vegan arguments, and I know about animals as I have studied them all my life. Vegans and vegetarians claim they do what they do for the animals. Vegans don't want anyone eating animals or animal by-products, they don't want us owning anything made of animal skins, or other body parts of animals. Many of them don't want us to own pets. Unless it's a rescue from a shelter. They hate it when we think of animals as "property", they condemn zoos, circuses, pet stores, even breeders. They also don't want any animals used in medical tests or product tests. Vegetarians are much the same, except sometimes they eat eggs and dairy.

I remember a couple years ago, I came across a rogue vegan who called herself MsPearlsGirl. Boy! Was she angry!! LOL! She belonged in prison! Not on my channel! She used cuss words and threats against me and my family in an attempt to get her point across, which brings me to the #1 reason why I hate vegans and vegetarians; they think just because we eat meat that it is OK to threaten a member of their own species. But threatening their own species is a crime! You could actually get up to 5 years in prison for that, so I heard. That's why I say MsPearlsGirl belongs in prison and not on the internet.

 Another reason I hate vegans and vegetarians, they tend to believe animals (especially prey animals) have the same feelings humans do. There is actually a word for this kind of thinking, it's called anthropomorphism. It's a mental illness. Prey animals do not have the same feelings humans do. They don't mourn over lost herd members. They don't know they are being raised to be slaughtered, and if you tell them, they are not going to know what that means. You can say to a pig "someday you will become bacon" and the pig won't have the slightest clue what you are talking about. Nor would they care. Animals live in the "here and now". They don't have future hopes and dreams. Vegans equate prey animals with humans, saying "So why don't we kill all 3 year old children (or younger) because they don't have any hopes and dreams either?" Well, the parents of that 3 year old child the vegans want killed may have hopes and dreams of their own for that child. Cows, pigs and chickens don't have that for their babies at all. And it's not like the babies will grow up to dream of their future plans either. They're fricken animals! Not like the animals you see in movies or stories. They're just animals. In fact, most herbivores live their lives knowing someday a predator will take them. In human civilization, humans create hopes and dreams for their future. Cows, pigs and chickens don't have any capacity to do that at any time in their lives.

Another reason vegans disgust me is because they want us to go against nature. I can't, and I won't go against what nature intended! Humans did not get where they are today by being strictly herbivores. If we were meant to live our lives the way cattle, pigs, sheep and chickens do in the wild, we would not form close family bonds like we do. We would not be bonding as well with other humans the way we do. We would not care if one of our own family members get killed by a predator, or dies naturally. We would not be as social as we are. Antelope live in herds, yes. But it's more of a safety thing than a social thing. There is safety in numbers. Safety from predators. Living in large herds ensures the strongest antelope make it to the feeding grounds and breed, where the weaker individuals feed the predators. It's not a compassionate way to live, but that's how nature is. But the vegans want the world to live like a Disney movie, where everything is easy, harshness does not exist, and everyone is singing Kumbaya with each other. Including the animals.

Another reason I hate vegans and vegetarians, their arguments are silly!! I remember one vegan telling about how she went out with a friend, and this friend ordered a roast beef sandwich and asked if the beef had been humanely slaughtered. Then this vegan ordered a roasted puppy sandwich out of nothing but spite. The waiter did not have a roast puppy to serve her, but I am sure that vegan got some hard stares! How they can bare to show their faces in any non-vegan restaurant, I'll never understand!! I mean, who has tried to eat a "roast puppy"?? Not me! I imagine dog meat does not taste very good. Cat meat either. I would have been embarrassed if I'd been with that vegan. But beef is awesome!! I think it's the herbivorous diet that makes cows taste so yummy!! Whereas a carnivorous diet might make cats and dogs taste terrible!

Another reason I think vegans are weird, they think prey animals deserve rights. Well, rights do not exist in nature. This one guy I saw on YouTube put it in a way I couldn't. He said "rights are a product of civilization. Those who want them fight for them." and on and on. Something to that effect. Domestic animals have whatever rights we give them. They have yet to fight for their own rights. This guy went on to say that rights do not exist naturally. A cow does not have the right to live if a predator, like a tiger, decides it wants to eat that cow. The tiger does not care about the cow's rights. All it knows is that it is hungry. Same with humans. If a lion decides it wants to eat a human, it's not going to care about that person's right to live. To a lion, that right does not exist. Same with cows, pigs and chickens. If a person is hungry, that prey animal's right to live does not exist. All the person is going to think about is "Hmm, that ham sure looks good! I want to eat it!" In nature, everything is fair game.

Another reason I hate vegans and vegetarians, they think just because we eat meat that we cannot be animal lovers. This is complete and utter bullshit! Just because I eat an animal does not mean I hate it. I hate spiders, I would never eat them. I hate panthers of all kinds, I would never eat them. I actually think cows are cute, pigs are kinda cute, and I love birds of all kinds. I don't eat these animals because I hate them or I think they're ugly. I eat them because they taste good, and their meat makes the perfect centerpiece for the meal. To equate me eating meat to being an animal hater is a fallacy! It's just ridiculous! I just cannot say I love prey animals the same way I love my dog.

This brings me to another reason the vegans annoy me. They're always asking how I can love my dog and have compassion for him and not have any for a bunch of prey animals. They think ALL animals are the same. They are not. My dog is a member of my family. That is how most people see their dogs and cats. But no one sees cows, pigs, sheep or chickens as members of their family. So it's not so bad when we eat them. And if humans, dogs and cats are equal to pigs, cows and chickens, I wonder why PETA made this poster that spoke out against testing on animals that had a picture of a banana and said that humans are no closer to a rat than they are to a banana. Something like that! Anyways it was implying that we should not use rats for experiments for human medicine because biologically we are no closer to a rat than we are to a banana. Vegans say that, and yet they compare us to being closely related to pigs, cows and chickens. Or our dogs and cats being close to cows, pigs and chickens. So, in one instance that helps their cause, we are not close to being like rats. And in another instance that wouldn't help their cause, our pets are closely related to prey animals. Leave it to vegan logic!

Another reason I hate vegans and vegetarians is because of PETA. I hate PETA. The vegans and vegetarians think PETA is doing all this good for the animals. They don't know that PETA kills more animals than they save. But the die-hard PETA supporters are very skeptical of that. But the proof is in the pudding. PETA has been caught killing thousands of adoptable dogs and cats over the years. The PETArds are just in denial. PETA just doesn't want people to know about these pets they kill each year. And another reason I hate PETA is ads they put out like this one:

Yes I realize that's a drawing, but it shows how PETA lacks class and integrity. And they wonder why their ads have been banned from public networks. I've seen Ingrid Newkirk get into a debate with the head of the Fat Acceptance movement, and she could not debate without throwing insults at the other person. And Ingrid Newkirk is no Queen of Sheba herself! She's ugly as fuck!! But she is proof that you don't have to be fat to be ugly. PETA also turns kids against their parents by sending out books like these to kids in school:

I think the much more appropriate cover would be this one, at least it's more honest:

Yeah PETA hides under the guise of protecting animals when they are really behind the backs of their donors killing animals. They piss me off!!! That is hypocrisy of the highest level! These are why I always say if I ever have a child that becomes a vegan or a PETA supporter, I will disown them! In fact, the threat of learning that is enough to make me want to not send my kids to school. I'd rather homeschool them.

I've been watching nature shows all my life, I was watching them while other kids my age were watching Sesame Street and the Electric Company. I'm used to seeing lions killing buffalo, or hyenas disemboweling wildebeest, or African wild dogs play tug of war with a gazelle's innards. Nothing about killing animals for food disgusts, or surprises me. The vegans hate me for it too! LOL! After seeing scenes like that all my life, I can totally watch a cow get it's throat slashed and bleed out, and it won't have any affect on my emotions whatsoever. Believe me, the way animals kill other animals in the wild is no different!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lost and Found!

Last night I got a very interesting email from my supervisor. She forwarded this message to me that someone had some old sketchbooks of mine from 1988 and asked me if I wanted them back. The emailer, I'll call him Sam for the sake of this post, must have been someone I knew from the voc school, because that was the last time I ever saw those sketchbooks. Though I got all the stories I needed out of them, those sketchbooks have some of the first prototype stories that I wrote (or helped write) from those years. The ones I got can be viewed on the UMG Productions website, among them is the story How Martin Met Genny. That was the first story in which Genny Genet made her first appearance. It was my friend Cathy who actually created Genny at first. She told the story, I drew the pics.

How "Sam" possibly came about these sketchbooks is a long story it's self. I know he must have them, because he said they were written in sketchbooks, and no one knew that except the people who knew me back in the late 80s. Plus, he said another one of the author's names, Martin O'Hara. For a while there I was trying to remember who that was. Then it dawned on me, it was Katie's brother, and he used the name "Martin". His real name was not Martin, but Michael. Katie passed away from a kidney disease in 1986, she was just entering high school then. Anyway, I haven't spoke of Katie's younger brother (who was the inspiration for some of her short stories) in years!! Her family moved away in 1995, and I haven't seen or heard from any of them since. So, there is no way Sam could have known about "Martin O'Hara" unless he really does have those books.

I often wished I could get those old books back! I wrote back to Sam and told him "Yes, I do want those back!" And I gave him my address. Though a lot has changed since I first wrote those books (back in those days, Mushmouth was an elephant seal) it would still be so cool to have them back, for record purposes. Or just for the sake of having them again. They are old! A piece of UMG history! Some of my most commonly used characters got their start in those books!

Back in 1989, the voc school had an art fair, and the prize for the best art work was $100. I could use that money, but there was no way I could enter. I didn't have time to think of an idea and prepare it properly. Then the librarian suggested that I enter those old sketchbooks of mine. I didn't think that was a good enough entry. Most other people around the school entered single-pieces of art. Not whole sketchbooks. Well the librarian told me to just enter them and see what happens. I did not expect to win, honestly! Some guy named Kenyon won that competition. Though I did not expect to win, I could really use that money! Kenyon was very likely from a rich family, and didn't need that money as much as I did. Well, I didn't want to drag those books back home, and it was the librarian's idea to enter those books, so I offered them to her. I asked her to take them and she didn't want to. I told her if she didn't take them, they would just get thrown away. She said I should keep them, and I didn't think about how I would feel about them in the future, so I just chucked them into the garbage can. For many years I wished I hadn't done that!! I never dreamed anyone would actually dig them up, take them home and keep them. Until Sam contacted my company.

I keep trying to think of who Sam could be. I knew a lot of people by that name. I know for sure he must have gone to that voc school I went to, not sure if it was someone I knew very well, or if maybe he was not even in my class. But I knew for sure he must have went to the voc school. I hope Trisha never reads this blog, I am not even supposed to discuss things like this from the UMG site on here! Unless I am discussing a particular book. But I cannot discuss e-mails or comments received on the UMG site on here. My supervisor wouldn't stand for it. But it's just this is such a neat thing! I never dreamed I would see those books again! But I haven't got them yet. I just hope Sam got my message!! I know sometimes our emails tend to go into peoples' junk mail folders.

Well, more shameless advertising! For a limited time, I've got the revised version of Gracie's Odyssey on the UMG site. Its in full-color. It's expensive, which is why it's only available for a limited time. A shame though I wanted to offer both the 1998 version, which is the original, and this revised version as well. For all time to come. But it's not possible! It's the printer's prices that make this impossible to offer on the site indefinitely. I mean, who really wants to pay $65 for a children's story?? Even though it is a good story! It's one of our company's masterpieces. I remember working on this revised edition. It was 2004. I was finishing up the last pages, coloring, erasing pencil marks and all that good stuff. I sent my sis out to go cruising  with the dogs. When she came back, I read the story to her and she liked it. Keep in mind, this story had been written and re-written probably more times than the Bible!! I had all kinds of versions laying around the house. I just could not satisfy myself with the proper ending. Even with Cairo's help, and he is the one who originally wrote that story! I'm just bad at endings! Well, my sis liked this version from 2004. The very next day after I finished this story, the tsunami hit southeast Asia. It was ironic because my sis had taken a cruising trip to Ocean Shores just the night before. Had we been anywhere in SE Asia, she and the dogs would have been swept away! UGH!! But anyways, it is a good story, and won't be available for long. Not the revised version anyways.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Why I Hate Irresponsible (or Unethical) Breeders

Well, I spoke about why I hate show breeders, so here I am going to discuss why I hate irresponsible breeders. They are usually the people who are breeding dogs and cats for money, not for the bettering of the breeds. Usually they fall under the titles of puppymillers and backyard breeders. While puppymillers cause legitimate complaints, I really don't like throwing around the phrase "backyard breeder" too much. To me, a breeder does not have to show their dogs or cats in order to be good. As long as the breeder is getting good dogs (or cats) from good sources, studying the breed they want to work with, producing babies that are as close to that standard as they can get, doing their health-testings on the parents, and not breeding solely for the wrong reasons, I think that person can be a good breeder. But if someone is breeding only to make money, cross-breeding, not doing health tests on the parents, and just breeds to whatever they think is cute or what sells, then that person is not an ethical breeder.

I also despise the notion that backyard breeders are making money off the backs of show breeders. While I will admit this is true in some cases, I don't think all backyard breeders do this. Puppymillers, maybe. I have actually met some backyard breeders who had potential to do good by their breeds, but stopped short of doing that good when they accuse me of 'harassing' or 'slandering' them. As someone who was trying to do good by her breed, all I saw was me exchanging helpful knowledge. I was not as knowledgeable as some reputable breeders who had been in the game longer than I have, but I had some knowledge to share, and I shared it. This brings me to the #1 reason why I hate irresponsible breeders; they seem to think all the responsible breeders are out to get them. While I will admit a vast number of show breeders cannot seem to give information without it seeming like a personal attack, not every responsible breeder is like that. I tried very hard not to be like that. I'd met the "stuck-up" show-breeder types before, and I learned early on that that is something I did not want to become.

Another reason I hate irresponsible breeders is because they breed only what they think looks cute, or what ever is trendy. Chihuahuas are a very difficult breed to breed, and if you don't do it right, you will wind up with Chihuahuas that look like the Taco Bell dog. Personally, I don't like those kind of Chihuahuas, and I think they should all be eradicated. Leave only the show-stopping Chihuahuas. But puppymillers and unethical backyard breeders LOVE those types because they sell better. People buy those types thinking that's what a true Chihuahua is supposed to look like. It's really up to the breeders to inform people that that is NOT what a good Chihuahua is supposed to look like. But unethical breeders don't mention that, because it could take away a sale from them.

What I think should happen is there should be breeding classes people should take, given by an established show judge who has been breeding and showing for many years and knows the breed standard, instead of having people take their dogs into a ring, and give them limited info about what they are doing, right or wrong. This would make breeding so much better, without having to get into the ring to prove their dog is good or not. What one judge likes isn't necessarily what another would like. Doing something like this might also prevent bad breeding practices, because who really has time to get into the ring, groom their dogs, or cats, trot around the ring, all for nothing but political and snobby purposes!? If breeding classes were taught, one can avoid that kind of hassle, and can get the info they really need to breed dogs the right way. But show breeders always want to make everything so political! And getting the right mentor is very difficult, and sometimes I've seen it lead to frustration and heartache! Either create these classes, or teach show breeders how not to be so snooty!

I remember a long time ago, Rhonda got onto the Pluba forum and said that I sway with Tanya (of Tanya's Toys) because I am a "spineless person". LOL!! I figured she was jealous because I liked Tanya and not Rhonda. Yes, I am going to "sway" with Tanya because she had the wins in the show ring. She knows what she's talking about. And at that time, Rhonda had no wins in the ring. If you were striving to show, who would you listen to? That's why I "swayed" with Tanya. That's why Rhonda was jealous, and that is the #3 reason why I hate unethical breeders; Any newbie trying to improve their breeding line, the unethical breeders get jealous of their impending success. Well, Rhonda was unfortunately jealous of me anyways, because she thinks I am prettier than she is. LOL! I could have shown Vegas, he's good enough! But because of things that were building up in my life, like my UMG Productions website, I didn't have time. But Vegas could have been shown, I could have given him to a handler and let them take over from there. But I couldn't stand the thought of being away from Vegas for weeks, or months, at a time. He was all I had back then. I'd have died if something happened to him while he was in someone else's care. Incidentally, that was the same reason I did not renew my membership at inxs.com, because I knew I was going to be busy with the UMG site. Didn't make sense to me to put out $50 and not have time to visit INXS.

Another reason I hate unethical breeders, they have placed it in the public's mind that there is such thing as "teacup" animals. There isn't! That's a term unethical breeders have created so they would be able to sell runty animals at outrageous prices! It always irks me to hear people using the terms "teacup" Chihuahuas, or "standard" Chihuahuas. Someone once asked me if Vegas is a "teacup". I told them "A teacup is a cup that holds tea or coffee. Vegas is a Chihuahua, a living thing." Another person asked me if Vegas is a "standard" Chihuahua, and I told them "Yes, as Chihuahuas go, he is up to AKC standards. He is a smoothcoat." Where Chihuahuas are concerned, there is only 2 separations; longcoat and smoothcoat. Other than that, there is male or female. No "standard", "tiny-toy" or "teacup" sizes among ethical breeders!

Another reason I hate unethical breeders, they think they are doing no wrong! I once came across a puppymiller on YouTube, who said she has been breeding for 25 years, and she thought she knew what she was doing. Even if you have been breeding for 40 years, if you've been doing it wrong all those years, it doesn't mean you have complete knowledge of what you are doing. I saw her Chihuahuas, and they did not look like anything I would have added to my family! They were downright ugly things! They had beady eyes, long muzzles, floppy ears. In short, they looked a lot like the Taco Bell dog! I asked her if she's ever been to a dog show before and she said she didn't need to go to shows, because she "knows what's trending". I asked her if she did health tests and she said "I don't need to do health tests because I can look at a dog and tell instantly if it's healthy or not". Gimme a break!! That's the typical response I hear from unethical breeders all the time! And I bet a lot of people who have bought dogs from her are battling with dogs that have bad temperaments, hip dysplasia, luxating patellas, and hypothyroidism, among many other diseases and ailments. And she probably doesn't know about them because she won't let her clients get in touch with her after they buy dogs from her.

Another example of unethical breeder logic, they breed mongrels and think that's perfectly dandy. They don't know the dangers of breeding mixed breeds on purpose and they argue with ethical people until they are blue in the face. There's a lot of dangers in mixing breeds. Mixed breeds are not as innocent as unethical breeders like to make them sound. Some of the worst dog attacks I've seen on people were committed by mongrels. So, that pretty much blows the theory that mongrels have better temperaments than purebreds. Now, I am not saying no purebreds have bad temperaments, but an ethical breeder is not going to lie about it. Whereas unethical breeders do lie about it. Some breeds have been so overbred by poor quality breeders that they can develop a bad attitude. Like Labradors and golden retrievers.

Everything about breeding mongrels bugs me. That puppymiller on YouTube said that you'll never find any small mixed breeds in the pounds. Surprise! Look on PetFinder.com! You'll see PLENTY of small mongrels on there. Then there is the use of those stupid mutt names, like labrad-oodle, or gold-oodle. Stupid names!! At least breed names should have some meaning, mutt names have no meaning, and unethical breeders teach people to use these names, and think of them as official breeds. Unethical breeders always lie about these mutts too, saying things to the effect of "a labrad-oodle doesn't shed". Well, yes they can! A dog does not begin to shed its hair until it is about 6-8 months old, and it sheds it's puppy coat then. Unethical breeders do not understand this because they are just breeding puppies to sell. Not to create a real breed. So labrad-oodles don't have any set qualities or characteristics, and sometimes I just want to slap the person who says "So-n-so should get a labrad-oodle. I had one and it was the best dog I ever owned!" I always tell that person, "how do you know someone else's 'labrad-oodle' is going to be just like yours? There is no set personality for those mutts!" It's misleading!

Another reason I hate irresponsible breeders, they take NO responsibility for the puppies they produce. I still take responsibility for the pups I produce to this day, even though the last pups I sold was in 2003. If I hear there is a problem with one of them, I always ask the owner if there is any way I can help. Believe me, I cannot offer much help. But these are pups I produced, and I feel it is my personal obligation to take care of them and look after them. Even years after they have left me. My buy-back policy is always open. Its just that everyone who has bought a puppy from me loves it so much they don't want to give them back. I'm always getting compliments about how intelligent they are! That's because I let mama and babies decide when to stop nursing. The longer the pups nurse, the more intelligent they are. Unethical breeders, once you buy a puppy or kitten from them, you are on your own, completely. They often deny their babies have any diseases or ailments, and will argue with you until you "leave them alone". Therefore, the pup or kitten you get from them winds up in the pound! But the irresponsible breeder doesn't care! They got their money, that's all they care about!

Well, that's why I hate irresponsible breeders. All I ever ask of anyone who breeds is do your research and don't produce less than good quality babies! But I think also reputable breeders should be more helpful than they are! If they were, there would be a lot less of the unethical breeding practices around.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Artists Are Different

As an artist myself, I know how the artistic mind works. I didn't used to, and wondered for many years what the heck was wrong with me. I also wondered how other artistic people did not mind being called "crazy". Now, I understand, all artists are crazy. There are many forms of artistic talent, besides the average drawing, painting and sculpting style that everyone associates with being an artist, there are also those who produce music, song lyrics, comedians, photographers, writers, entertainers, even people who breed dogs and cats for show can be considered artists. The only thing is, if you tell a show breeder he or she is crazy, they get butthurt and insulted and will accuse you of slander. They have not yet learned how to see themselves as artists. But yes, even that can be considered artistry. Art forms are not limited to drawings and sculpting.

When I was a kid, I used to get offended by people calling me crazy. Not so much anymore! Now, I take it as a compliment because I am an artist. I am an illustrator and a writer, I am trying to learn to be a comedienne. I still have some practice to go through before I can be good at that. But I am a writer and an illustrator. My drawings may not be up to everybody's liking, but that's my style. Every artist has their style. Some are universally adored, some like mine, are in favor of myself and my friends. My style is more the cartoony-type drawings. But not anime or manga style. More like the old-fashioned Bugs Bunny/Disney style drawings. Those are what I favor. But not everyone likes that style and that is OK. I do what I am comfortable doing, just like all artists. It's different if someone commissions me to do say an anime-style drawing. I won't promise it'll be perfect, like what you see in anime cartoons, because it is not my usual style. I'm not saying I cannot do it, I'm just saying I prefer not to.

In order to be an artist, you have to be able to visualize what you want in your mind and make it come to life. You have to pay a lot of attention to details. This requires a lot of thinking, doodling, and at times, getting your mind to wander. This takes your mind into places you never thought possible. It makes you see things differently than the non-artistic person. It requires a lot of imagination. Some artists are self-taught. I was drawing pictures when I was only a year old, and making them look like the creatures they were supposed to look like. I even drew a picture of myself when I was 3 years old. Most kids made their heads round as a circle, but I knew I did not have a perfectly round head, and made it in the form of a real person's head. That was normal to me. The other kids scoffed, saying my picture was ugly.

People have tried to insult me by saying my drawings are not that good. But I always say in my mind, well, that's your opinion. I figure maybe they just don't like my style of drawing, and move on. I refuse to change my style, I don't want to switch to doing anime or manga style. So if people don't like my drawings because of that, that's fine with me. My style makes me who I am as an artist. If I change my style, I might as well change my whole identity too. I admit in some circles I do need more practice. Like I'd love to be able to do caricatures like you see in old cartoons. The first time I tried it, I messed up completely. I still don't consider myself a great caricaturist. But I just need a little more practice and I'll be perfect. Like in one story I wrote (from 1997), I had to do caricatures of dead celebrities (not Michael H, he was not gone then; so to any MH fans, he is not in this story). But I was not that great at it. I had done a few celebrity caricatures before, but they never came out that great. I still cannot do them very well. But I sure do try. In fact, I made Eddie Cantor look more like Desi Arnaz! Of course I have since fixed that error just because I was uncomfortable with that mix-up. My friend and supervisor said they don't have to look just perfect, but I was just not comfortable with that mistake being put out there. One person has bought the story, and he/she is probably thinking the same thing I did.

Artists always see things differently than most people. Most people see the world in basic colors, like red, white, black, blue, green, etc. Artists see the world like this: jet black, charcoal, slate, gray, navy blue, blue, cyan, turquoise, sky blue, sea blue, teal, forest green, emerald, green, sea green, etc. We don't see basic colors because we are very detail-oriented. We don't see the world in basic anything! That is why we are perceived as being crazy by most people. Sometimes, even other artists can seem crazy to me. Know about Mozart? He was one of the greatest composers ever! Wrote music that is still being performed today. But you know what his fascination was?? He was fascinated by crap. Beavis and Butthead would have had a field-day with him!! One of Mozart's most famous songs was titled "Sniff my ass", and I recently heard how he used to write to his mama about how he loved the smell of his own farts. Of course he was a kid then. Kids are naturally fascinated by things like that! He was a teenager when his mama died. But he was a great musician, and a lot of musicians today look up to him. I know Michael H was a great admirer of his. So was I in high school. While other kids in my class were listening to rock music, I was listening to Mozart and other classical music. But Mozart was indeed my favorite, and still is! I still love his music. The fact that he was fascinated by his own ass does not sway me from how wonderful I think his music was, because I understand about artists. That's why I don't go around downing anyone else's art work. I can look at another person's art and think it's beautiful just as much as I can say so about my own art.

I've never said anything about any one else's art work that I wouldn't say about my own. That's because I don't let my ego get in the way. I also don't let the fact that the artist is crazy dilute my view of their work, because then no one would like any forms of art. ALL artists are crazy, that's what makes them artists. If we weren't crazy, we wouldn't be real artists because our minds couldn't wander. We wouldn't be able to see the different things non-crazy people can't. Shoot, I've even met artists I didn't particularly like as people, and I don't mean show breeders either! LOL! I mean like this one boy I met in middle school. His name was Otis, and he had a bad attitude! He was mean! I didn't like him at all! But I will admit, he drew dragons better than I could back then. Of course I have gotten better at drawing dragons now, and may even do them better than he could! But back then, I thought his dragon pics were beautiful!! The best I could do in middle school for a dragon was make a dinosaur, and that is mostly what mine looked like, a cartoony-type dinosaur. LOL! Well, I am a lot better now. I've had many years of practice.

So, if you are an artist, and someone calls you "crazy" or "delusional", don't take it offensively! Those people are just saying you are a very fine, artistic person who deserves the title very well. That's how I see it!